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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 7, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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find out what happened, but why it happen sod we can prevent it from happening again. >> the crew also continue to search for the voyage data recorder, similar to a black box on an airplane. it has 30-day battery life and begins pinging when it gets wet. the investigation into what happened could take over a year. the 41-year-old el faro was scheduled to be retired from duty and retro fighted in a few months. david? >> thank you. our other big story at 5:00, winthrop high school benched after a player videotaped a teammate inside the locker room. tonight we know one student has been suspended. friday night's game for fifthed, and -- for fitted and this is -- forefitted and this is the second scandal to hit in as many weeks. what have we learned here? >> reporter: it does appear that one high school player has already been suspended and there is also an active police investigation going on here in winthrop. the school superintendent calls
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>> it is a constant bad l with kids and technology, and it kind of overlap suppose the school. >> reporter: the winthrop high school program in turmoil and now at least temporarily suspended after a scandal involving some members of the varsity team. a student has been accused of taking a video of another player changing in the boys' locker room. >> we will not tolerate or condone this type of behavior and, therefore, we feel that at this time it is best for us to suspend this activity going forward this weekend. >> reporter: friday's game against gloucester has been canceled and all varsity football activities are on hold, students and parents quick to react. >> it stinks. i mean, i think it is hard to kind of get mad at everybody, you know. you can't really punish a whole team for something like that. >> so the kids are disappointed, do you think? >> yeah, i think so. i think they're pretty upset. >> it is a little bit of both, shock and disappointment. it is -- you know, you can't to
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to do and hopefully the right things happen. >> reporter: the sources tell wbz news at least one player will be suspended. the police are also investigating. >> the school department as well stays police department work diligently and in a cooperative manner to make sure that people take responsibility for their actions and they know there are prices to pay. roars tonight no criminal charges have been filed yet. in fact, the police chief is hoping that this is what he would call a teachable moment. but at the same time up to 10 other students are under investigation. live in winthrop, jim smith, wbz news. lisa? >> thank you, jim. nearly half the potential jurors in philip chose holm's murder trial have already been dismissed on this first day of jury selection. he is accused of killing colleen riser, his math teacher at school. beth germano is live outside now. beth? >> reporter: it was horrific
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school two years ago and now it appears the defense will focus on his mental state at the time. today a lengthy four pages of potential witnesses released, among them calling her parents and students. he was a 14-year-old danvers high school freshman when philip chisholm was charged two years ago with the bruisal murder and sexual assault of his 24-year-old math teacher colleen ricer na case that -- rise -- colleen riser in a case that shocked the school. after the police say it was discarded behind the school in a recycling bin. >> do you plan on using the insanity defense? >> i really can't make a comment during jury selection. >> reporter: his lawyers are hinting at an insanity defense, revealing plans to put a psychiatric expert on the stand leaving the jurors to determine if he is a cold-blooded killer or a confused teen who should not be held criminally responsible. his mother, diana, tried to shield herself from reporters
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on day one of jury selection. already the judge in the case will not allow his alleged confession to the crime to been teared as evidence. he reportedly told danvers police it was trigger from his teacher that prompted the killing saying, quote, after she insulted me. insulted me.(.ecl) that's when i became the teacher. chisholm is being tried as an adult but his attorneys are asking the judge not to allow him to be photographed because of his age. and the judge had not yet ruled on that defense request. now, the jury selection continues tomorrow in what is certain to be a very difficult and very emotional trial. reporting live from outside salem superior court, i'm beth germano, wbz news. >> thank you. people care a great deal tabata outcome of this case. we're going to be following the trial from start to finish. you can look for the live reports once opening statements begin. david? a city council candidate in keene, new hampshire accuse offed a cruel crime, killing a neighbor's dog. the police say that he was
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working on his rental property over the weekend, and the think what what mix walked into his yard and relieved himself. he is accused of then kicking the 17-year-old dog killing it. he is out on bail tonight and despite these charges, he says he will not quit that race. gun rights advocates in lowell outraged over the city's new firearm regulations. the city voted to change its permitting process for the first time in 30 years. so now gun owner also be required to complete a safety course before being issued a license to carry. and anyone who wants an unrestricted license will have to show more documentation to try to prove they're not a threat to public safety, including letters of recommendation. developing tonight, dramatic pictures of this dam collapsing in south carolina. one of nearly a dozen dams that have failed since the flooding started there almost a week ago. the flooding is unprecedented. 15 people have died. damage could top a billion dollars, and more dams are on
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the brink of failure. relief operations can barely keep up with the need. hundreds of national guard members are helping out in columbia right now, and chinook helicopters are dropping the sandbags and other equipment to still isn't over. >> i don't think we can give you a good assessment yet because a lot of the damage is yet to come because the water from the upstate has got to flow to columbia and eventually to the coast. andive these dams break, it they don't. >> the red cross has dispatched a dozen volunteers from our area to help aid in those relief efforts. sky eye now over a water main break in manchester, natch today. you can see it created a huge sink hole. the water bubbling up under the roadway as you might imagine. a whole lot of detours in that area right now. the repairs expected to continue right into tomorrow morning. well, it appears the battle between wynn casino in everett and the city of boston just took another ugly turn. the wynn resorts has now filed
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who has not been named in the suit, lied tabata company to interfere with their gaming license. who are they accusing? well, we do know that wynn is in a highly publicized legal bat until the -- with the mayor of boston over potential travel congestion that the planned resort could cause in charlestontown. let's talk about the weather now. today basically a 10, right? >> absolutely. >> it felt like it. >> unless you were inside in your office and maybe you downgraded it a little bit. the good news is it is also going to be a very nice weekend and we want to head out to wilson farm in lexington. look at this. and he found just the right day to be there. hi, eric! >> and good evening, everybody. i thought it was good afternoon for a little weather field trip. and one of those iconic fall farms here in new england. tops of produce still ongoing here. great afternoon, tons of sunshine. and dona was just loading up some of the shares here as we head into october so we brought the mobile weather lab out here to the sights, what happened
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you can do here through the month of october. today look at the high temperatures. just grand jurious outside. another one of the chilly mornings, you goat the afternoon, and many towns reaching or topping 70 degrees and the sun just feels so good. boston up to 71. the first time we have hit 70 in over a week in the city of boston. currently just falling off a little bit in a few locations, but still a great evening to be outdoors a little cooler air off to our north and west. the cold front will be moving through and it will usher in a shot of crisp air for the day tomorrow and tonight another chilly one. the 40s. overall mainly clear conditions and quiet weather. it has just been the story. we got rid of the clouds an we're back into that just quiet fall pattern. overnight. about 50 in downtown boston. as we head toward tomorrow, a cooler feel to air he in fact, the weekend is going to be off the a chilly note. i am going to show you the sights at wilson farm. lisa and david, we'll send it back into the studio.
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>> we look forward to more of that. thank you. the patriots are back on the field getting ready for this weekend's game against the cowboys. the cowboys banged up coming off of a very tough loss and the patriots are not taking them lightly. sports director steve burton joins us now. steve? >> reporter: the pats are headed to dallas for the first time since the cowboys opened up their new stadium, also known as jerry world, named after their owner, jerry jones. the last time they played in the big d, 2007. tom brady and his bunch are back on the practice field. well rested. meanwhile the cowboys are banged up. two of their best players, quarterback tony romo and dez bryant are sidelined with injuries. but the pats' quarterback still think dallas is a very dangerous team. >> and this team could easily be 4-0. they're playing at home. they have a lot of good players. a very talented team. last year they were one of the best teams in football. they're a very good football team.
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>> reporter: be sure to catch patriots' all access for all of the behind-the-scenes stuff you cannot see anywhere else. and start your sunday with patriots game day at 11:30. the pats and cowboys, they kick off at 4:25 here on wbz followed by the fifth quarter post-game show on my tv 38. tom brady, by the way, is 3-0 as a starter against dallas. guys, back to you. >> i love it. steve, thank you. they may be little, but their dance moves are bold. the milford mighty mights forgot they were playing football for a moment. they couldn't help dance. yes, that is rite. take a look at this. they just dropped what they were doing and busted a move. more than half a million people have seen this. coming up at 6:00, we're going to talk to the team with the fast moves. you don't want to miss it. >> i don't necessarily know my dance moves, but it may have been the whip and the nene. what do you mean you don't know the dance moves? battling become and beating the odds. >> the super hero send-off for
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a young boy who spent the last 13 months recovering from a virus that left him paralyzed. and to be heart healthy. not enough. dr. marshall weighs in on why a short-cut work-out is going to to work. would you drive hundreds of miles, wait hours in line for your favorite drink? many of the folks that you're about to see did. the new england beer that has people going the distance. #. closed captioning is
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6. he is definitely a special kid, for sure. last august christian was a
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vibrant, healthy, playful 2 and a half-year-old, but it all changed when he caught a common cold. his body went into overdrive. the doctors say his little body response. instead of fighting the cold, it went after his immune system cord. >> he couldn't swallow when we got here, breathe on his own. >> reporter: christian was put on a vent lay tar and spent months unable to speak, barely unable to move. his father constant by his side never left the hospital. the team at the hospital worked with christian to slowly get him breathing on his own, and then eating and now walking. it was all hard work but christian has a bright outlook on all of it. better. >> good job, christian! >> reporter: his battle has inspired many, including the hospital staff who sents him off today with plenty of fanfare. smiles and bubbles as he walked off of his hospital floor. christian has certainly left his mark on francis can.
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this year he had one of the biggest teams for the hospital's annual road race, nearly 120 people a sea of green showing their support for the strong little man. >> he is a wonderful kid, and he's pretty competitive. i think that will serve him better. spiderman! by the way, christian is coming home to some changes. he now has a new little sister who was actually born while he we wish christian and his family all the best as he recovery. that is the cutest little kid i have ever seen. >> and when the doctor was talking about his competitiveness, obviously he had a lot of help and that has to come from within. we know how strong he is. >> great work at the hospital, too. and let's get back out to eric. he is at wilson farm. he is enjoying this weather. >> we wish we could be there with you. >> you didn't invite us. >> you're bringing something back, i'm sure. >> i'm all for this heading out in the beautiful weather. we'll -- it will be good tv. it is gorgeous.
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it is one of the day where is it is tough to be inside. i took a field trip out here to lexington and out in the fields of wilson farm which has been here since 1884, over 130 years. we take a look at what they're working on for the weekend. columbus day weekend is a big one. kicking off on friday, the corn maze or i should say the hay maze is going to be opening up. kids. our photographer walked through there earlier on. we're going to show you that video at 6:00 a really cool tour inside the hay maze at wilson farm. let's talk about weather first, just spectacular. a high of 71 in the city of boston after many days that were in the 50s and 60s. the warm afternoon sun providing a warm average. the record high is 90. it can still get very warm this time of the seasonno doubt. our latest 90 on record is october 12th so it can still happen. sheer a look at the calendar for the month. still running more than four degrees below average. you noticed it most in the
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mornings with 30s and 40s pretty much every single morning morning. a lot of up and down miss . the forecast as we move through the next few days. let's talk about the set up. not a lot of active weather that will be impacting us here in the area. it will mostly be about changes in temperature. tonight we're in the 40s. 50 in downtown boston. just as cool as it has been for the past several evenings no frost concerns, which is good news. they are still giving out their shares of produce oh to everyone who signed up. tomorrow we're looking at highs that will be cooler. a more crisp feel to the air as you can imagine. a high of 62 in boston. mostly low to mid 60s with a few 50s across the higher terrain. the one day of active weather in the forecast is friday a stronger cold front with more moisture is going to be crossing. so more cloud cover. we'll warm back up into the mid and upper 60s. at this point anybody a rumble of thunder mixing in by friday evening. it doesn't look like any type of severe weather or wide spread thunderstorms. more showers and occasional
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downpour that might help you out if you're trying to reseed the lawn. the foliage track r, if you're planning a weekend trip, it is starting to get closer to peek, great color in the berkshires as well. very late this year because of all of that heat. more strongly. i think it is going to be one of the year where is a lot of it happens all at once in a shorter time frame and beautiful photo here. i think your best picture, considering the drought conditions are going to be near the water ways, the bogs, lakes and streams. and this one, you see around the river there, some beautiful red hues out there on the horizon. so taking a look at the forecast, if you are moving north, it will be a good weekend for camping and leaf peeping. 60s by monday. keep in mind at night, 20 this is weekend, especially on saturday night so you want to bring that extra thick sleeping bag if you're going to be camping out on saturday night or sunday night. day. columbus day weekend is all about moderation.
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we get to the cool start a little more comfortable on sunday intorks the 670s. -- sunday into the 60s, and otherwise we're back to the peaceful stuff here in new england. and back out here live, i don't want to alarm anyone, of course, talking about fall and great fall weather, however, i couldn't help but notice as we looked into the green houses here at wilson farm that those are all pointsettias getting ready. and david and lisa, i was talking to jason, one of the people who works here, and he says he is sending to the print they are week the holiday catalogs. we're not going to rush it, but some fines fall is already showing up here. >> well, he those be ready. the rest of us can wait. >> it is not that far. it looks like 80 day. >> right. >> thank you, eric. >> we appreciate it. boston, a proud city with a big heart and big talent and this, what you're about to see is the perfect celebration. >> big papi and gronk taking part in the globbies. the first ever award show and also honored this little guy, 9-
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year-old lee a.m. fitzgerald, also known as the bruins' fist bump kid. he was named the most inspirational fan. and the hero award for starting the ice bucket challenge. it looks like it was a pretty good event. >> a big crowd. and unlikely friendship, that is to say the least, and it is melting hearts across the country. >> meet the puppy and cheata cub. they're best buddies. they live at the metro richmond zoo in virginia and the zoo keepers there say they are inseparable. they eat, they play and even nap together. but you have to keep the claws trimmed. >> how long will that last? do you think at some point we probably shouldn't be friend ? >> no, no, i think if they made it so far it is all good. >> a children's book. still to come, very good news for pregnant women who are worried about getting the flu. >> what doctors are now saying about the safety of the vaccine. >> the potential danger out the petting zoo. e. coli kill as little boy
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what you need to know to keep your kids safe. do you see this massive blue billboard in back of me. is that a huge mistake or cutting edge advertising?
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so you certainry need 30 minutes an you work your way up. >> excellent. >> and we know you're going to be back at 5:30, talking about a very interesting blanket for infants that helps present newborns from other complications. we'll see you then. >> doctor, lisa, thank you so much. it appears the breakfast wars are on and they're being fought with crispy, tasty, bacon a day after mcdonald's began offering all daybreak fast, dunkin' doughnuts announced it is testing out a bacon lovers sauce an sandwich, a sweet black pepper bacon sandwich, and how about this, a doughnut with crumbled bacon
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and a maple glaze, and then 30 minutes of exercise definitely won't be enough. that sounds pretty good. the doughnut sounds pretty good. >> yeah. the doughnut sounds good. the playoffs aren't even over yet, but a member of the red sox is heading to the world series. plus, road trip anyone? the new england beer lovers driving hours to get their hands on special craft brew. and then a day at a county fair may have cost a little boy his life. still to come, how to protect yourself and your kids from bacteria at the petting zoo. that's amazing. it's amazing. this is amazing. that's amazing! real people are discovering surprising things at chevy. we're sold. it's so pretty. beautiful! it feels great. perfect. this is not what i would expect from a chevy at all. get more than you expect
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