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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  October 8, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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right now at 4:30, a stabbing at a boston convenience store. three people hurt, one man under arrest. the fight that may have led to the botched robbery. >> and chemical concerns this morning following a situation. >> and a player suspended because of a video recorded in a winthrop team locker room. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e-mail: good morning to you. great to have you with us. i'm kathryn hauser.
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>> i'm chris mckinnon. it is thursday, october 8. today is a lot cooler. >> what's going on, danielle? >> good morning to you, and good morning, everybody. it is going to be classic fall weather, though, today. 56 in boston right now. the dew point is in the upper 40s. the northwest breeze is at 10 miles per hour at logan right now. 10 miles per hour may be the strongest wind that we have. 56 again in boston. 40 in orange. 10 degrees cooler there. a lot of spots are running in the lower 50s this morning. there are some cooler pockets but not as chilly as yesterday. skies mostly clear except for a couple of clouds. we are in for a lot of sunshine today. look at this daily planner. bright and cool. no weather-related issues. a classic fall day. lower 60s today. a little cooler than we should
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the wind light and variable, 5 to 10 miles per hour. 59 for the ride home. we'll take you out for the holiday weekend and we'll tell you about the showers coming up in about ten minutes. police tell us three people were stabbed in a botched armed robbery. good morning, susie. >> reporter: good morning. i can confirm that the owner of la familia, one of his co- workers and the robbery suspect are all currently recovering in the hospital. you can see it's all quiet now on grove street, but there is still crime scene tape blocking off the scene. police say when they showed up, they found the robbery suspect bleeding on the ground from stab wounds, the owner standing in the street waving police down for help. this is how they say it went down.
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just before 9:30 last night a man went into the store with his dog, got into some sort of a verbal argument with the inside of the store. he left then came back with a knife. police say that man then jumped money. fortunately, the owner and one of his co-workers were able to the suspect. it's unclear if the men knew each other or what motivated night. all nonlife-threatening injuries at this point. we are expecting an update from police later in the morning. morning. this morning, a massive fire at a plant is out. environmental crews are monitoring air quality because of what used to be inside the plant. the fire started at the jar last night. look at the flames here.
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before that, the building housed a chemical plant. aside from chemical concerns, just getting water to this fire was a big challenge. >> the initial problem was getting water on the fire. we are drafting water out of the pond just down the road from us as well as from the dam. the problem is, it takes time to get those resources in place and get those resources set up. >> the fire chief says so far the air is testing at safe levels so they do not believe residents are in any danger. officials aren't saying if the fire is suspicious, but they are asking anyone with information to call the arson hot line. swastikas spray painted in dedham, and now police are looking for help to find out who put them there. one was located near the endicott commuter station. police tell us they don't believe any one person or family was the target. anyone with information should call dedham police.
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time and nature among severe flooding in south carolina. helicopters dropped bags of sand and rocks in an effort to hold back the water from the columbia river. parts of the canal has already collapsed, which means the water supply for 350,000 people is in jeopardy. at least 17 people have died from flooding in south carolina and the cleanup bill has been estimated at $1 billion. the coast guard is calling off its search for the missing cargo crew that went down during hurricane joaquin. it was an emotional vigil last night. [music] >> reporter: family and friends gathering to honor jeff ma theeis and keith griffin and the 32 other crew members presumed lost at sea. his family says the father of three was a great dad and great husband.
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>> it's heartbreaking. it really is heartbreaking. the little one that's 3 will never remember his father. >> he had a bright future ahead of him. i think he got dealt a bad hand. >> the black box is located 15,000 feet under water. it has a battery life of 30 days after it hits water. fiat chrysler has avoided a strike at 23 u.s. plants. so overnight, the car-maker and agreement. the ceo of volkswagen's american brand will be in the hot seat again today to explain why the company cheated on emission testing for years. michael warren will answer questions about rigging million vehicles. the "new york times" reports he knew about the problems in the spring of 2014 earlier than he first admitted.
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deadly shooting at an oregon college, senate democrats are pushing to expand background checks at gun shows and online. republicans blocked similar legislation back in 2013, just a few months after a gunman killed 20 first graders and six adults at newtown, connecticut. officers in oregon are describing in detail the standoff with the campus shooter. police say he fired back and police hit him once, and that's when he recreted back inside. a high school football player is suspended and could face charges for videotaping a teammate in a locker room. jim smith has a closer look at the criminal investigation and fallout in winthrop. >> reporter: winthrop parents arrived for an open house at the high school, the event previously scheduled but coming
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a player is in big trouble, suspended after he allegedly videotaped a teammate changing in the locker room. >> we will not tolerate nor condone this type of behavior. at this time, we think it's best to suspend this activity going forward. >> reporter: the video may have also been circulated to others. now friday's game with gloucester has been canceled and the varsity program suspended. students are quick to react. >> i think you have to be careful what you do no matter where it is, you know, even if you are in a locker room or something. >> reporter: an emerson marketing professor and agency president who's also an expert on social media says the landscape for high schoolers these days is totally different. >> the penetration markup even in high school is about 50%. that means one in two students walks around with an android or iphone that has the ability to snap photos or record video. that can get kids in trouble. >> reporter: for now there's no
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>> the school department and police department worked diligently and a cooperative manner to make sure that people take responsibility for their actions and know that there is a price to pay. >> reporter: once again, friday's game against gloucester is off and the immediate future of the winthrop high school football program is uncertain, pending the investigation. in winthrop, jim smith, wbz news. it is 4:39 right now. a rhode island man kicked out of the hospital over pizza. >> coming up, the rule he violated and why the man's family is now concerned for his life. >> and the nanny accused of stealing big money from a local family and wait until you hear what investigators say he spent it on. >> and offering deals as low as $69. we'll tell about you it when we
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welcome back at 4:42 on your thursday. one u.s. city considers ending paid family leave time. >> jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange with today's money watch. it is thursday, jill, that means little friday. that's what we call it.
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>> i love little friday or pre- friday. i'll take it. in the u.s., the dow is inching back up to the 17,000 mark. yesterday, the dow jumped another 122 points. the nasdaq gained 42. today, the federal reserve will release minutes from its september meeting. investors are looking for clues about when the feds could raise interest rates. they held off last month because of the economy in china. lawmakers in d.c. are considering a proposal to give local workers 16 weeks for paid leave for a serious family or medical issue. that's more than anyone else in the nation. that is paid for by private employers. the city would manage the fund. flying to europe could soon become a lot more affordable. norwegian air plans to offer one-way tickets between the u.s. and europe for $69. the airline would use a new narrow bodied aircraft that would be able to fly into smaller regional airports. they have less expensive
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landing fees, and that's how they could keep the costs down. the flights could start in 2017. chris, kathryn? >> jill, thank you very much. we'll check in with you in about an hour. public art came to life briefly on the rose kennedy greenway. >> 12 dancers create a human sculpture on the lawn in front of a small crowd of fans. the dancers presented the first of the season, which opens up october 22nd. we need a check of the forecast. yesterday was spectacular. >> yesterday was a great day to do the outdoor forecast. >> yeah, that worked out. i wonder about today. >> it will be another great fall day. temperature-wise, it will be 5 to 10 degrees cooler. sunny, crisp, cool, showers come back into the picture by tomorrow during the afternoon and evening. when you will notice tomorrow is the wind. it will be gusty coming out of the south.
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miles per hour in the afternoon. our columbus day weekend looks perfect. we're talking the coolest temperatures on saturday and then a warming trend as we head into sunday on columbus day. this morning, 56 degrees at logan airport. the dew point is in the upper 40s. the wind in the northwest should currently stay in the 5 to 10 mile-per-hour range. it's 53 in worcester, same in lawrence right now. 43 in taunton. middle 50s on the cape. it's not as chilly as yesterday. most spots running 2 to 6 degrees above where we were 24 hours ago. notice the satellite radar. still quiet, skies mainly clear. there's just a couple of stray clouds out there as well. we can see the rains pushing through minneapolis. these work towards green bay. this is our front that will come into the picture during the day tomorrow. today's nine. no weather-related issues for
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evening commute home as well. the clouds will increase. tomorrow morning there may still be sunshine in southeastern massachusetts. it will be steady. we get into scattered showers by midday. south shore back down to the cape. have the umbrella on stand by tomorrow. everything will be scattered in nature and will admittedly linger into the ride home. a couple of downpours in there, scattered showers and after midnight, clearing comes in. saturday morning, the sun is back setting us up for the great holiday weekend today. meantime today, we'll be in the lower 60s at the coastline. mid-60s inland. tonight, those clouds increase, 51 downtown, mid-40s in the coolest suburbs. highs tomorrow with the gusty southerly wind will manage to come up with scattered showers. 10 degrees cooler on saturday.
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a warming trend, sunday looking nice. tuesday there could be a stray shower. that cools us back off, you guys, for the middle part of next week. an 800-pound man getting treatment to lose weight has been kicked out of the rhode island hospital for violating his care plan. that violation was getting a pizza delivered to the hospital. steven is now living in his father's suv. for nearly three months, he was undergoing treatment and losing weight. after he ordered the pizza, the rhode island hospital told him to leave. >> it is a disease. i was supposed to stay there and gut down to 550 to get the gastric bypass. that was their plan. >> steven's father says bringing him home will be a death sentence, so now he and his father are trying to find a hospital that'll take him. a local nanny is being charged with stealing almost $300,000 from the family she worked for.
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this is from a previous arrest. stephanie fox allege lid forged -- allegedly forged 65 checks to buy jewelry, trips to the bahamas, aruba, and hawaii. a new campaign turning heads around in boston. you may do a double-take when you see the billboards because they are upside down. that's the whole point of these. prime motor group says the ads are meant to catch people's attention and show that the company is different. heading home from the hospital. >> woo! >> this is christian caruso dressed in his spider-man outfit getting a great send-off on his way home yesterday after 13 months in the hospital. he spent much of that time on a ventilator unable to speak and barely able to move.
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condition that caused his spinal cord to spell. now he's heading home. >> i can't even begin to imagine what this means for him and what he can accomplish. >> it's amazing that a place like this exists and it's amazing that there are people in the world that like the ones that work here. >> he has a new sister who was born while he was in the hospital. >> i can't imagine. having a little one, you know? >> and hey, the perfect outfit to go home in. >> i know. he's so cute. ahead, the dramatic video of a teen jumping out of a car. >> plus, why whitey bulger's long-time girlfriend is being called back to court in boston
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4:52 right now. morning. three people are recovering following a stabbing at a west roxbury convenience store. police tell wbz a man got into an argument with the owner over his dog. police say the man left and came back in with the knife and then tried to rob the place. that man and the owner were both stabbed as well as another co-worker who got involved. none of the injuries are life- threatening. the oxford fire department is asking anyone with
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fire to call their arson tip line. at one point, they were concerned the toxic chemicals that used to be in the building would make the air unsafe but all tests have come back safe. the trial of the teen accused of killing his math teacher is under way. phillip chism was 14 when they say he raped and murdered the teacher. more than half of the prospective jurors were released. his attorneys have hinted they'll use an insanity defense. whitey bulger's long time girlfriend will be back in boston on october 19 to face criminal contempt charges. federal prosecutors say kathryn greg still refuses to help answer who else helped him. a 17-year-old girl jumped
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they are calling an attempted abduction. you can see someone jumping out of the vehicle. look at that. the person gets up and run as way. police say it was a teenaged girl who had been lured into the car and assaulted by the woman in her 40s. in the year since the long island bridge was closed, many former residents have struggled to find new housing. that bridge was closed due to safety concerns and later demolished. the new shelter was built in the new market area of boston but today's globe reports many of the 700 residents ended up back on the streets and the city offered a former morgue and south end gym as temporary housing. amtrak's vermonter line is back on track. service returns today for the first time since monday's derailment. two cars slid down an embankment when a rock slide
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hit the train near montpelier. seven people were hurt. airplane seating could get a whole new look. airbus designers are filing a patent for split level seating. so it would look like this, passengers stacked bunk bed style with two rows of reclining seats. passengers sitting on the second level would climb up to their seats. in the paperwork, airbus says the design could help take advantage of unused space. >> let's hope it doesn't happen. >> i know, right? tom brady and his teammates were back on the practice field yesterday after a day off. they had a wacky schedule to start the season off and they say they are ready for normalcy. >> after this week, it starts getting into a normal feel because we've had a lot of long weeks. you throw the preseason games, night games and weird weeks for those. so so much is just getting into
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i think, you know it's good to kind of be in that >> sunday we get you started at patriots game day. kickoff is immediately followed by the fifth quarter post game show. you can catch that over on my tv 38. >> tonight, the texans hosting the colts. 8:25. wild card playoff. >> one player was taking shots
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welcome back. you'd think the cubs won the world series or something. >> look at this. fans lined up outside of the wrigley field after the team beat the pirates in pittsburgh in that wild card game. the cubbies haven't won a world series since 1908. there was tension on the field last night in the top of the seventh. jake who earlier hit two pirate batters gets plunked by a pitch. the pirates john was ejected for trying to throw a punch and he takes it out on the gatorade bucket because he is angry. the cubs will face off against former red sox pitchers lester
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and lackey.
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