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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  October 8, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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and lackey. did you see that? he went after that gatorade and he was mad. the news at 5:00 starts right now. >> developing right now at 5:00, a botched armed robbery in boston ends with three people stabbed. the new details we're learning overnight. >> a plan in oxford goes up in flames and why crews are monitoring the air in the area. >> a high school football player suspended for videotaping a teammate in the locker room and why the teen could be facing criminal charges. >> and calling off the search for a crew member of the sunken ship and remembering the massachusetts men on board. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: good morning, it's 5:00. thanks for joining us. i'm chris mckinnon. >> i'm kathryn hauser. let's get right to it.
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it's going to be a good day, just a little cooler, right? >> yes, another beautiful fall day on tap. no weather-related issues for your morning commute or evening 55 degrees right now. the dew point is in the upper 40s, wind out of the northwest at 9 miles per hour. temperatures are generally in the 40s and 50s this morning. norwood did just dip to 39. some 40s here. coolest north and west of town. orange sitting at 41 and 46 when you come back down to lawrence right now. we have a couple of scattered clouds out there. most of us are cleared. grab the shades. bright and cool sunrise coming up at 6:49. 62 by lunchtime. your classic fall day. sunny and quiet, sunset at 6:14 and temperatures generally in the upper 50s.
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let's get you on the roads, though. good morning, robi. >> reporter: good morning. we have a crash north of boston now up in methuen, 93 northbound before route 110. that's exit 46. no reports of any lane closures yet. the only good news is that's going away from the morning commute for most people, soo we'll keep you posted on that one. chris, kathryn? three people stabbed at a convenience store in west roxbury, including the suspect. this morning, that suspect is charges. the latest. good morning, susie. >> reporter: good morning, kathryn and chris. i do have an update for you. moments ago, the owner of the store just walked out. he has been discharged from the hospital and says his co- worker, who was also stabbed last night, is doing well. so that's a piece of good news. he also says that the store is expected to open up at 8:00 today despite the fact that
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around the front of it and up and down the block. this is a chaotic scene last night. the man went into the store before 9:30, got into a fight with the owner, then came back and had a knife. he attempted to rob the store. the owner was able to defend himself with the help of a co- worker. at this point in time, it's not known if the robbery suspect knew the owner or co-worker or what exactly motivated the stabbing that took place here. police do have him in custody, and here's how they describe the incident to us late last night. >> the suspect that came in probably a half hour prior to the incident had words about bringing the dog into the store. he left. the suspect returned back with a knife, went behind the counter and attempted to rob the store owner. >> reporter: that suspect will be facing multiple charges. again, we have good news. that owner has been discharged
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from the hospital. his whoa worker is doing well and set to resume normal business as soon as possible. susie steimle, wbz this morning. it is just about 5:04 right now. this morning, a massive fire at a plant is out, but environmental crews are monitoring the air quality because of what used to be inside of that plant. take a look at these intense flames. the fire started at the jar mack corporation in oxford around 6:00. the company refurbishes wood and before that, the building housed a chemical plant. besides hazmat concerns, just getting word to the fire is a real challenge. >> reporter: the initial problem with getting water on the fire, we are drafting water out of the pond just down the road from us as well as from the dam. the problem is, it takes time to get those resources in place and set up. >> there were air quality concerns. the fire chief says so far air testing is at safe levels so they do not believe residents
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are in any danger. officials aren't saying if the fire is suspicious, but they are canning anyone with information to call the arson tip line. a high school football player suspended for videotaping a teammate in the locker room. we have a closer look at what could happen next. nicole? >> reporter: chris, almost everyone has a smartphone nowadays, taking pictures, shooting video, and then sharing that material. it's that act that has an entire football team benched. a controversy at winthrop high school is brewing, leaving many with questions surrounding the varsity football team. >> we will not tolerate nor condone this type of behavior. therefore, we kneel at this time it's best for to us suspend the activity going forward this weekend. >> reporter: suspended after a player is accused of allegedly videotaping a teammate in the looker room. sources tell us the player has also been suspended.
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you do no matter where it is, even if you are in a locker room. >> reporter: it's believed the video may have been disseminated. police are also involved. >> the school department and police department worked diligently and in a cooperative manner to make sure that people take responsibility for their actions and know that there is a price to pay. >> reporter: still so many question marks. the future of the varsity program is one of them. we do know the game against gloucester that's scheduled for tomorrow has already been canceled. it's unclear exactly when the football team will take the field again. again, no charms have been filed and no arrests have been made. >> nicole, thank you very much. swastikas in dedham with five of the nazi symbols were
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yesterday morning, one was located near the endicott station. 5:07 on your thursday morning. among those missing on the ship that went down as the coast guard calls off the ship. an emotional vigil was held last night in kingston. close your eyes you can close your eyes it's all right [music] >> the crew members are presumed lost at sea now. mathias spent most of his life on the water. >> it's heartbreaking. the little one that's 3 will never remember his father. >> he had a bright future ahead of him. i think he got dealt a bad hand. >> the search has shifted to
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the voyage ship recorder. it has a battery life of 30 days after it hits the water. >> meanwhile, rescue crews are fighting time and nature amid severe flooding in south carolina. helicopters dropped bags full of sand and rocks in an effort to hold back water from the columbia canal. part of the canal has already collapsed, which means the water supply for 350,000 people is in jeopardy. 17 people have died and the cleanup bill has been estimated at $1 billion. jury selection continues in the trial of a teenage er accused of raping and killing his math teacher. phillip was 14 when prosecutors say he raped and murdered colleen ritzer at danvers high. nearly half the prospective jurors were excused yesterday. attorneys have hinted they'll use an insanity defense. oregon campus shooting. police are now describing what shooter.
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once before he stepped back into the classroom where he had killed nine people and then shot himself. president obama will visit roseburg tomorrow to meet with survivors and victims' families. meanwhile, the president is apologizing for the deadly u.s. air attack that killed 22 people. the president called the head of the doctors without borders and offered his condolences. nato and the afghan government is investigating, but doctors without borders wants an independent stress see if it convention. the vermonter is back on track and service resumed since monday's derailment. seven people were hurt. 5:09 is your time. coming up, the pats back on the practice field. >> what bill belichick has to say about the matchup.
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>> plus, the superhero send-off for a boy who spent more than a year battling a virus that left him paralyzed. >> temperatures on the cool side again. we'll come into the lower 60s today, so cooler than yesterday but enjoying the bright sunshine. what about the holiday weekend? i'll tell you. stay with us. verages, like the new pumpkin macchiato
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welcome back. a great moment at franciscan hospital for children as a young hero finally went home. >> woo! [ applause ] >> so this is christian caruso dressed in a spider-man outfit getting a great send-off. he spent 13 months in the hospital. much of the time was on a ventilator. he was unable to speak and barely able to move because of a rare condition, which caused now he is well enough to head home. >> i can't even begin to imagine what this means for him and what he can accomplish. >> it's amazing that a place like this exists and it's amazing that there are people in the world like the people that work here. >> christian turns 4 next week. he now has a new sister who was born while he was in the hospital. all of us here on wbz this morning wish him and his family all of the best and continued success on the road to recovery.
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i love the whole spider-man get-up. he's a sweet kid. >> feel better. we need to get a check of the forecast today. danielle is here with the bus stop forecast. how's it looking, danielle? >> it's looking good, i have to say. you get the cool mornings and i want to introduce to you my latest friend, third, fourth, and fifth graders at dracut. i had my first school visit of the year and these were the school. about joaquin. it was a blast heading out there to see you guys. thinks for having me out there. i love this time of the year. we get to go to school visits. meantime, you have to have the light jacket or the sweatshirts and long sleeves on this morning. probably a long sleeve towards the end of the day. it will be cooler than yesterday with temperatures topping out in the low to mid-
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yesterday, we touched lower 70s. a lot of 50s on the maps. upper 40s nashua and keene. mid-50s for most of us on the cape. satellite radar's pretty quiet, though. a cloud or two on the outer cape. that is it. not a lot of action towards the southeast. when we run into rain, coming through minneapolis and the back edge will be approaching green bay by the time we get through late morning. that wet weather is heading in our direction. no weather-related issues. i think we'll get a bit of side effects for eastern and southeastern massachusetts. notice the rain, though, off to our north and west. we get scattered showers as early as midday for most of us. notice the south shore, the cape is exempt until mid- afternoon. there will lickly be downpours here, too. one thing about tomorrow, it is
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going to be windy tomorrow. wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour. you may want to have the hood to be able to pop up tomorrow. by the time you get to the overnight, the skies clear out and our saturday starts out dry and the holiday weekend is looking fantastic. lower 60s for highs today. bright sunshines. mid-60s across the interior. right around 60 on the cape. increase. it will still be cool. similar to this morning, though. mid-40s in the suburbs. 51 downtown. with the gusty wind tomorrow, it's coming out of the south. we will manage to come up around 70 degrees tomorrow afternoon, but it will come with scattered showers. again, it will linger into the evening hours scatter in nature then clear out overnight. look at this holiday weekend. cool on saturday but bright sunshine warming up. low 70s for columbus day and a couple of showers on tuesday cooling us off for the middle part of the week. traffic and weather once again, robi.
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>> how old were the kids you visited yesterday? >> third, fourth, and fifth graders. they were awesome. >> they were well behaved? >> they were. when i first walked in, they were silent. at the end, i said you guys can wave and yell, too. >> don't you get geeked that they are into science? >> i do. still quiet out there except for an accident north of boston. the crash is up in andover, 93 northbound just before 10. total traffic network tells me the center lane is now blocked up there. the stop and go backup is to river road. it's 5:17 on your thursday morning. for the first time, m.i.t. is offering course credit for online classes. you can earn a micromasters
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students who do well during the online semester can apply to finish the one-year program. the courses are free but earning the micromasters degree will carry a fee. a new ad campaign is turning heads in and around boston. you may do a double take when you see the billboards because they are upside down. what's one that? the upside down factor is the whole point. the ads are meant to catch your attention and show that the prime motor corp is different. i thought it was a mistake, but that a's apparently the point of the ad. tonight at the garden, we'll be out there. i'm pumped. >> steve burton has your morning sports. >> are no tony romo, no dez wrong says belichick. last night, he couldn't say enough about the cowboys even though there are key players missing.
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brady and company were down at the practice field. they opened on a thursday night and didn't play for another ten days. week three was a normal schedule. qb 12 is red for normalcy. >> i think after this week, it starts getting into a normal feel. we've had a lot of long weeks, night games and weird weeks for those. so, so much is getting into a normal flow. it's football season so it's good to be in that. >> reporter: be sure to watch belichick go one-on-one with scott zolak tomorrow at 7:00. and on sunday, wbz starts you off with patriots game day. immediately followed by the fifth quarter post game show. thursday night football tonight, kickoff is at 8:25.
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wild card game between the cubs and fights of pittsburgh starts at the top of the third. crushing the second homer of the night. it's 3-0 chicago. move to the top of the seventh. cubs pitcher jake ariatta gets plunked and that empties the benches. look out. cooler heads prevail except for shawn who was tossed out of the game and then he beats up a gatorade bucket. meanwhile, a complete shutout as the cubs win to face st. louis in the nlds. finally drop the puck. the bruins open up the regular season tonight at the garden. that's sports for now. i'm steve burton. guys, over to you. up next, hillary clinton taking heat for flip-flopping. >> why changing her stance a.
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on one topic was necessary. >> self-treating mental illness, and how massachusetts is letting people screen themselves for depression
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campaign 2016. donald trump and hillary clinton still lead in the swing states. the poll focused on three states because no candidate since 1960 has won a
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winning at least two of these three states. this morning, clinton is facing tough criticism after switching her stance on a controversial trade deal. >> we'll look at how the move will impact her campaign. >> reporter: good morning. when you are in the middle of a tough political campaign, one of the worst things that could happen to you is to be labeled something nobody likes a flip- flopper. perhaps a resourceful politician like hillary clinton can find a way to avoid that fate after yesterday's spectacular flip-flop on the transpacific partnership or tpp how. there's plenty of damming video of then secretary of state clinton in 2012 claiming tpp sets the gold standard in the trade and now says the deal changed that undermine her matter.
5:23 am
clinton haters will find this move profound confirmation of without real conviction. a pol on the make, interested in only gaining real power. clinton backers will say no, she has principles but she has to win them over and has to make concessions like this. as always, the truth lies in between. politicians who want to wield their power properly always have to find the right balance between principle and it up. a key reason we have campaigns is they force the people who want the power to listen and react to volters. it is a key element of our political system when it works. so trash clinton for her flip- flop if you'd like or praise her for it, but understand that what she did is what all
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talk back to me at keeler on or via twitter -- keller@wbz-tv or via twitter@keller at large. an event in massachusetts today is letting people screen themselves for depression. >> plus, it's the most important meal of the day. the simple mistakes that can turn your breakfast that an unhealthy feast. danielle? >> probably bacon and sausage i'm willing to bet. meantime, checking out the holiday weekend looks fantastic. coolest on saturday. warming trend through columbus day. we have to get through showers first, though. i'll take you through the hour by hour forecast so you can plan out the week when we come
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developing right now, a botched arm robbery ends. >> and a nanny accused of
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stealing hundreds of thousands from the family she worked for. it's not her first run-in with the law. >> and a high school football player is suspended for videotaping a teammate and why the teen could soon face charges. good morning. welcome back. i'm kathryn hauser. >> i'm chris mckinnon. we appreciate you being here with us on this thursday, yesterday. >> yes, for highs today. this morning, it's not as cool as yesterday, but we're only going to top out at 62ish. >> i don't know if you are a big fan of this kind of weather, i love it. >> i wish it could stay like this all year around. >> whenever we need a day like this, i wish we could bottle it so we can whip it out. 55 degrees in boston right now. 45 in taunton. yesterday, some of the spots
5:28 am
little bit. 48 in bedford. lower 40s here in jaffrey. 40 in norwood after dipping into the upper 30s and 50s from the south shore to the cape right now with just a couple of clouds over p-town back to chatham. otherwise, we're mainly clear and in for sunshine. don't forget the shades as you head out. bright and chilly coming up at 6:49. sunny, cool, crisp air in place. looks like a beautiful midday lunch hour. dry and quiet as you head into your ride home. sunset at 6:14 and temperatures in the upper 50s. we'll time out showers on the way for tomorrow. it will be windy, too. how's it looking out there, robi? >> reporter: we have an accident north of boston now and slowdowns right here on the pike that crashes up in andover just before route 110. that's exit 46. total traffic network says the
5:29 am
the stop and go block of river road. then closer to town on the pike. a late-clearing work crew on the o'neal tunnel is slowing things down both directions on the pike. on the eastbound side, it's slow. it's 5:32 right now. our top stories this morning. three people are recovering from stab wounds and a botched robbery. police tell wbz a man got that an argument with the owner of a convenience store over his door on grove street. the man left then came back with a knife trying to rob the place. that man was stabbed as well as the owner and co-worker. the suspect is in custody. the winthrop high school football team is suspending its varsity program over a video. that student allegedly filmed a teammate in the locker room and may have circulated the video as well. the student has been suspended
5:30 am
police are also investigating this incident. a local nanny is charged with stealing almost $300,000. take a look at the mug shot from a previous arrest. prosecutors say she forged 65 checks between february 2013 and august of this year. they say she spent the money on preferring a diamond next lass to trips to the bahamas, aruba, and hawaii. whitey bulger's long time girlfriend will be pack in boston later this month to face criminal contempt charges. federal prosecutors say kathryn greg still refused to answer who also helped bulger hide. the charge could add prison time for her. a stoughton man accused of making bomb threats to schools is now facing federal charges. investigators say last year,
5:31 am
mail threats to several schools in norwood, chicago, and rhode island college. norwood police arrested him in june, but while he was free on bond, he made another threat to nc state. he could face up to ten years in prison. the massachusetts house approving a bill designed to crack down on a powerful narcotic often added to heroin. lawmakers passed legislation yesterday. it targets fentanyl, a drug heroin. it would make trafficking the drug punishable by 20 years in prison. they could only be charged with manufacturing, dispensing or possessing fentanyl. doctors will now have a new pill to help treat mental illness. a kiosk will be unveiled at the statehouse. you can treat six specific disorders then print your findings and bring them to your doctor. the device can be set up in
5:32 am
campuses, or other areas. an 800-pound man has been kicked out of a hospital for violating the health plan of the weight loss hospital. he is now living in his father's suv. for nearly three months, he was undergoing treatment to lose weight. after he ordered the pizza, the hospital told him to leave. >> it's an addiction. i realize that. it's a disease. i was supposed to stay there and lose all of my weight and get down to 550 to get the gastric by pass nap was their plan. >> steven's father says bringing him home will be a death sentence. now they are trying to find a hospital that will take him. breakfast may be your most rushed meal of the day, if you eat it at all. skipping breakfast wires your brain to eat unhealthy snacks. add a vegetable for fiber.
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public art came to life briefly on the rose kennedy green way. 12 dancers from boston bail lay created a human sculpture on the lawn in front of a small crowd yesterday. the dancers were promoting the first dance of the season which opens october 22nd. straight ahead a big strike that was averted. >> the tentative agreement between fiat chrysler and the united autoworkers and when they'll sign a formal deal. >> plus, you might want to listen up to this if you are planning to head to europe. we'll tell about you an airline that wants to offer flights to europe for as low as $69. danielle, weather watchers are up this morningp. >> a lot of weather watchers are up. it's great to see so many reports coming in. 45 degrees says eric in hopkinton. he says "nice viewing of the crescent moon." that is venus right there.
5:34 am
right now, you'll be able to see the beautiful sight in the sky. meantime, great day today. showers tomorrow. i'll time them out for you hour by hour when we come back. people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with
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cheap flights to europe. when and where you can catch a flight. >> let's check in with jill wag with today's money watch. good morning, jill. >> reporter: united autoworkers union and fiat chrysler reached a tentative deal announced at 11:59's strike deadline.
5:36 am
deal because it didn't go far enough to restore benefits that were lost in previous contracts. union leaders will vote on that deal tomorrow. flying to europe could soon become a lot more affordable. norwegian air plans to offer one-way tickets for 69 bucks. they would use the narrow body aircraft that would be able to fly into smaller, regional airports. the flights could start in 2017. more people are eating alone. open table says reservations for tables of one are up 62% in the past two years. it is the fastest growing party size. open table says the stigma of solo dining is done, and in boston, the most popular restaurant to dine solo is atlantic fish. have either of you guys been? >> no. >> my parents have been there and they talk about it a lot.
5:37 am
that's a party of two. >> oh sometimes my mom may say, eh, i'll go by myself. >> but then you have no one to share the food with. >> very true. coming up, a check of your traffic and weather together. >> plus a look at the day's top stories including a stabbing in a west roxbury store. >> plus, why crews are monitoring the air quality in the area. >> when you are on a crowded plane, does it feel like the other passengers are right on top of you? one aircraft-maker has designed a plane where people will literally be on top of you. a second level of seats above your head. we want to know what you think. it's our "daily talker." . we're sold. it's so pretty. beautiful! it feels great. perfect. expect from a chevy at all. get more than you expect for less than you imagined. the 2015 models are going fast. find your tag and get
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2015 vehicles in stock. or, get zero percent financing for seventy-two months on most remaining
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it is still fall out there, built some are bracing for winter. >> accuweather says it's going to be a mild season. >> but the farmer's almanac predicts a snowy winter. either way, it cannot get much worse than last winter. in that video -- >> i feel like after last year, any historic snowfall won't be too bad. this is a piece of cake. it's not 9 feet, right?
5:40 am
weather watchers, it will be cooler than yesterday, sunny, crisp, scattered showers on the way for tomorrow and a gusty southernly wind. columbus day weekend, near perfection. 55 in boston right now. 42 in taunton. a cool start not too bad. bright sunshine will be up once the sun comes up. you look back to the west and eventually you run into some rain. back edge coming through minneapolis right now. here. tomorrow. here. it doesn't mean a lot to us today. most of us. clouds increase tonight, but notice there's the time stampp. i do think there will be a
5:41 am
little bit of sunshine with the clouds picking up from west to east. there may be some downpours in there tomorrow. the winds will be gusty so the umbrella, yeah, you can have it on stand by. you want the hood to pop up because it will be windy. after midnight, clearing comes in and that sets us up for a fantastic weekend. here's the hour by hour wind gusts. notice the direction of winds coming out of the south. i wouldn't be surprised to see a couple of gusts top out around 40 miles per hour. it is going to be a windy day tomorrow. that wind dragging in some milder air, though. you will come up to 07 degrees tomorrow -- 70 degrees tomorrow afternoon.
5:42 am
low 60s in the monadnock region. overnight tonight, the clouds will be on the increase. 51 downtown. mid-40s in the suburbs and highs tomorrow topping out in the suburbs. the seven-day forecast, 10 degrees cooler on a saturday with an awesome looking holiday weekend. low 70s on columbus day. a couple of showers on tuesday will cool us off for the middle part of the week. traffic and weather together, robi. >> it's unusual to see slowdowns at this hour but a late clearing work crew creating problems in both directions. en the pike eastbound, delays on the mcclellan highway. and the crash north of boston is causing backups. 93 northbound in the andover methuen stretch just before 110.
5:43 am
an earlier accident backed up to river road. it is 5:47 right now. a high school football player is suspended for videotaping a teammate in the locker room. >> plus, three people stabbed in west roxbury. here are the top stories on this thursday morning. >> reporter: good morning, i'm susie steimle in front of la famiglia grocery. this is the scene of multiple stabbings last night, including the owner of the store himself. he was discharged from the hospital and says he is doing okay and that his co-worker who came to his aid during this incident last night is also expected to recover. thankfully, police have the robbery suspect and stabbing suspect in custody. they don't know exactly what escalated this incident but we will have details on how it all developed coming up at 6:00.
5:44 am
susie steimle, wbz news. air quality at a plant in oxford. it started around 6:00 last night. the company refurbishes wood but also used to be home for a chemical plant. the areas are testing at safe levels so they do not believe residents are in danger. police are asking for your help to find out who put these swastikas in this neighborhood. police tell us they don't believe any one person or family was targeted, but anyone with information is asked to call dedham police. i'm nicole jacobs live in win thrown where the varsity football team is suspended after action significants of inappropriate behavior in the locker room. a player is accused of
5:45 am
videotaping an unsuspecting teammate while he was changing clothes. the school superintendent says tolerate. as a result, this friday night's game against gloucester has been canceled, and it's unclear how the remainder of the season will go. we're live in winthrop, nicole jay cops, wbz news this morning. a 17-year-old girl jumps from a moving car to escape what police are calling an attempted abduction. this video shows someone jumping out of the car. police say it was the teenage girl who had been lured into a car and assaulted by a woman in her 40s. russian warships are scarying out a major assault in syria. the targets are supposed to be isis militants but the u.s. says russia is hitting sites
5:46 am
they are trying to take down current president bashar al assad. and testifying about emissions scandals. vw's new ceo says you can expect recalls to start in january. it installed software in as many as 11 million diesel vehicles designed to cheat u.s. emissions tests. a super pac that wants vice president biden to run has spent money to air a national ad. it's now time for our "daily talker." a lot of people already saying airline travel is uncomfortable. >> robi is here to explain. hey, robi. >> i'm sure you've been on jam packed planes where you feel like people are rhine on top of you. one aircraft is pushing the design where the fellow passengers would literally be on top of you. that's right.
5:47 am
a second level of seats on top of another airbus. one of the biggest aircraft makers in the world have signed a design to more efficiently use space in the passenger cabin. fliers would need to use a ladder or staircase to get to the seats. some would recline enough to allow passengers to lie down during the flight. that's not so bad. by the way, the idea to cram more of us on the plane comes at a time when more of us are getting fatter. they say they don't necessarily want to implement the plan but just want reaction from people like our viewers. joe on facebook says" the headline should actually read airbus looking for more money at your comfort." >> "where is the facebook dislike button?
5:48 am
ludicrous ideas i've ever seen." we'd love to hear from you. we'll read more coming up at 6:00. on the "late show" last night, stephen colbert once again breaking out new guidelines. >> any models who brag in the magazine that they can eat whatever they want will be force to the eat that magazine. [ laughter ] if you are in coach and you are dressed better than someone sitting in first class, you get their seat in first class. >> also on the show, federal reserve chairman ben bernanke. >> on tonight's show, actress cate blanchett and the dark college football dummy. you are probably going, huh, what's that? the virtual tackling dummy used by dartmouth can be moved around like a real player with a remote control. you can see the "late show"
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still ahead, the puppy who became an international sensation one year ago is all grow up. >> find out how he's doing with his training with the boston
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with
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5:56 right now. a puppy that was an internet
5:52 am
dynamic dog in training. >> the puppy named tugo in a bulletproof vest that was too big for him. yesterday you can see the out nicely. >> that picture of the puppy he's looking good. >> doing good work out there. this morning. our top stories are straight
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