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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  October 8, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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a stabbing at a boston convenience store. the fight that may have led to this botched robbery. >> and following a huge fire at a wood plant, the investigation into how it started. >> and a football game forfeited, the player suspended. the fall outfrom a video recorded in a winthrop team locker room. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: good morning. it's great to have you with us. i'm kathryn hauser. >> i'm chris mckinnon. we are in for a classic fall day, danielle. >> it's going to be beautiful today. a little cooler than yesterday
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degrees. nonetheless, another great one. lots of 40s and 50s as you are stepping out this morning. 47 in nashua. mid-40s bedford to beverly. the kids still need the long sleeves and fall jacket out there. notice norwood the past several mornings sitting right at the norwood airport. a little bit of a valley there. 37 degrees right now but 50s from marshfield to plymouth. mainly in the 50s on the cape right now. skies are mostly clear with fog that will burn off by mid- morning. solar glare may be the only thing we'll contend with today. bright and cool, sunrise at 6:49. pretty pleasant lunch hour. 62 degrees today. we should top out in the mid- 60s inland but lower 60s at the coast. 59 degrees for your ride home. i'm tracking showers on the way home tomorrow. i'll have the hourly hour time line on that. how's it look, robi some. >> we're seeing plenty of
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to the north, the earlier crash in methuens that traffic backed up between 110 and river road on the southbound side of 93 bogging down between 110 -- between methuen and woburn stretches. checking the south with the live look over the expressway. the expressway northbound hangs up between east milton square and savin hill. route 3 northbound looks like it's heavy from weymouth up to the split. developing this morning, three people stabbed at a convenience store in boston. >> police telling us this was a botched armed robbery. susie steimle is live for us in west roxbury. you just caught up with one of the victims. >> reporter: i did, kathryn. i caught up with the owner a while ago. fortunately, he has been discharged from the hospital and says he's doing okay and pointed to his arm where he received stab wounds.
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he says he and his co-worker, who's also stabbed, should be okay. if you look at the store front, it's all quiet, still blocked off with crime scene tape. the whole block is still blocked off with crime scene tape at this point in time. all of this taking place just before 9:30. police say that a suspect walked into the store with his dog, and then got into some kind of a fight with the owner, left, came back and the owner and co-worker were able to fight-off and only sustained nonlife-threatening injuries. here's how police described it. >> the suspect came in prior to the incident. there were words about bringing the dog into the store. he left. the suspect returned back with
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counter and attempted to rob the store owner. >> reporter: that suspect will be facing multiple charges. as for the owner, he says he's trying to move on to life as normal and getting his business back up and running. he plans to open the store at 8:00 this morning. susie steimle, wbz this morning. a massive fire is out at a plant, but environmental crews are monitoring the air quality because of what used to be inside of the plant. the fire started at the jar mack corporation around 6:00 last night. it houses woods and before that, it housed a chemical plant. >> the initial problem with getting water on the fire, we're drafting water out of the pond just down the road from us as well as the dam.
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get the resources in place and set up. >> reporter: so far, air is testing at safe levels so they do not believe residents under danger. officials aren't saying if the fire is suspicious, but they are asking anyone with information to contact the hot line. the coast guard has called off the search for the missing ship that went down during hurricane joaquin. there was an emotional vigil last night. [music] >> reporter: family and friends gathering to honor jeff mathias and keith griffin and the 31 other crew members presumed lost at sea. his family says the father of three was a great dad and great husband. >> it's heartbreaking. it really is heartbreaking. the little one that's 3 will never remember his father.
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hand. >> the ship's data recorder is water. it has a pattry life of 30 days after it hits the water. rescue crews are fighting time and nature amid severe flooding in south carolina. helicopters dropped bags full of sand and rocks in an effort to hold back water in the columbia canal. parts of the canal has already collapsed which means the water supply is in jeopardy. at least 17 people have died from flooding in south carolina and the cleanup bill has been estimated at more than $1 billion. spouse tick chas spray painted in dedham and now police are asking for your help finding out who put them there. five of the nazi symbols were found. one was located near the endicott commuter station. anyone with information should call dedham police. jury selection continues
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math teacher. phillip chism was 14 when prosecutors say he raped and murdered 24-year-old colleen ritzer at danvers high school. nearly half of the prospective jurors were excused yesterday. he's being tried as an adult. whitey bulger's long time girlfriend will be back in boston on october 19 to face criminal contempt charges. kathryn greg still refused to answer who else helped bulger avoid capture for 16 years. she is in a federal prison and has served three years of an eight year sentence. this new charge could add time to the prison sentence. a high school football player suspended and could face charges for videotaping a teammate in the locker room. good morning, nicole. >> reporter: good morning to you, kathryn. nearly everyone has a cell
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phone nowadays taking pictures, shooting video and some cases sharing that material. it's that act that has an entire football team benched. a controversy at winthrop high school is brewing, leaving many with questions surrounding the varsity football team. >> we will not tolerate nor condone this type of behavior. we feel at this time it's best for to us suspend this activity going forward this weekend. >> reporter: suspended after a player is accused of allegedly videotaping a teammate in the locker room. sources told wbz that player has also been suspended. >> i think you have to be careful pretty much what you do no matter where it is, you know, even if you are in a locker room or something. >> reporter: it's believed the video may have been disseminated although no charges or arrests have been made. winthrop fleece also are involved. >> the police department work diligently in a cooperative manner to make sure that people take responsibility for their actions and know that there are
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prices to pay. >> reporter: still, so many question marks. the future of the varsity football program is one of them. so far, the friday night football game against gloucester has been canceled. again, no charges have been filed, no arrests have been made, but exactly how the remainder of the season will shake out is still unclear. nicole jacobs, wbz news this morning. massachusetts' attorney general says she is not looking to shut down popular sports fantasy sites but is looking to protect the public. boston-based draftkings' business practices follows reports about insider information that may put average players at a competitive disadvantage. healy did say there is no criminal investigation into that. many former residents have struggled to find new housing after this bridge was closed and later demolished.
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new market area of boston but today's globe reports that many of the 700 former residents are back on the streets. the city has yet to replace many recovery and detox beds. city offered a former morgue and south end gym as temporary housing. still ahead a rhode island man kicked out of a hospital over pizza. >> coming up, the rule he violated and why the man's family is now concerned for his life. >> a nanny accused of stealing big bucks from a local family. wait until you hear what investigators say she spent all of that money on. >> and counting sheep and the back story on the woolly visitors hanging out in the hub. >> look at this hour by hour forecast. it will be cool today rising to around 60 by midday. we've got showers on the way for tomorrow. i'll time those out hour by hour when we come back.
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the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with the one you deserve. . you may see something unusual on the walter. >> these are built entirely
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they are both on their own private floating dock with a tribute to the former world trade in the four point area. >> very cool. >> you are thinking what are the sheep doing out there? is t.'s not real. bee need a check on the weather. >> i have a feeling this will make you jealous, but i met so many kids yesterday. this is my first school visit of the year and i had so much fun. we talked all about the weather. we keen came up. i had so much fun. kids, as you are heading out to school this morning, across the board in dracut and across the rest of massachusetts, we're at that time of the year where you may be able to get away with the long sleeves, possibly shortsleeves by the end of the
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a lot of sunshine in the forecast. 40s and 50s on the map. look at the satellite and radar. you go back to the west and then you run into rainfall. this is our next weather-maker for tomorrow. no problems on the bus stop. your commute home will be fine. cooler than yesterday by 10 degrees. tonight the clouds increase. tomorrow morning, a dry start again. there may be peeks of sunshine still left over but the clouds fill in quickly here. showers arrive west to east late morning to midday, at least in eastern central massachusetts. the exception is the southeast part of the state. we wait until mid-afternoon for some of these showers to arrive. i said have the umbrella with you, but you may have the coat with the hood to pop up, too,
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because the wind will be quite gusty tomorrow. evening commute with downpours around and after midnight, clearing comes in. saturday morning, that sets us up for an awesome holiday weekend. in the meantime, forecast wind gusts tomorrow. look at this. it's going to be windy. gusts between 20 and 40 miles per hour tomorrow afternoon out of the south-southwest. after being in the lows, the wind won't be an issue today. similar to this morning, 51 in boston but tomorrow again with that win drags in higher air. the next several days come in generally in the afternoon and evening. the holiday weekend looking great, cool on saturday. mid-60s on sunday. low 70s for columbus day and a couple of showers possible
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middle part of next week. danielle, we have skyeye4 over a bad accident over the city. the accident is up in lynnfieldp in's sky eye now route 1 southbound. total traffic network just told me five cars are now involved. there was a left lane closure. it looks like we have a left and right lane closure as some are off to the left and right. the stop and go backup right now to route 95. to the south we go, the expressway north crawls from east savin hill. route 3 north, you are heavy to the split. 24 northbound looks jammed already from brockton to 128. chris, kathryn? >> we'll check in with you for an update on the crash. an 800 pound man getting treatment to lose weight has been kicked out of the rhode island hospital for violating a care plan. the violation, getting a pizza delivered to his hospital.
6:17 am
he's been living in his dad's suv. for nearly three months, he's been undergoing treatment and losing weight. after ordering the pizza, the hospital said he had to leave. >> it's an addiction and a disease. i was supposed to get down to 550 to get the gastric by pass. that was the plan. >> steven's father says brig him home will be a death sentence. so he's trying to find a hospital that will take him. the massachusetts house approving a bill designed to crack down on a powerful narcotic often added to hair rain. it targets fentanyl a drug more potent than morphine. the bill would make trafficking the drug punishishable by up to ten years in prison. traffickers can only be charged with manufacturing, dispensing, or possessing fentanyl. doctors will now have a tool to prevent mental illness. with it, you can screen yourself for depression, including six specific
6:18 am
disorders and print your findings out and bring them to a doctor. developers at the kiosk say the device can be set up in a or other areas. a local nanny is charged with stealing almost $300,000 from the family she works for. take a look at the mug shot from a previous arrest. federal prosecutors say fox forged 65 checks over 2 1/2 years, and they believe she spent that money to buy a diamond necklace, luxury watches and trips to the bahamas, aruba and hawaii. 6:19 right now. a new advertising community is turning heads in boston. you may do a double take when you pass one of these billboards, and that's because they are upside down. take a look at that. that's the whole point. advertising campaign. the adds are meant to catch people's attention and show that the company is different. >> there you go. i thought it was a mistake, but now you know, i guess. a wild night in the n.l. wild card playoffs.
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>> ahead, the play that emptied the benches and had one player taking some shots at the gatorade bucket. >> also, a new type of blanket being used at a boston hospital. it is a life saver for some
6:20 am
it is 6:23. you might think the chicago cubs won the world series based upon these pictures. fans lined the streets after their team beat the pirates. the cubbies haven't won a world series since 1908 and there was tension on the field last night. top of the seventh, cubs pitcher who earlier hit two pirates' batters got plunked right there. the benches emptied out and shawn rodriguez was ejected for trying to throw a punch.
6:21 am
takes his anger out on the gatorade buckets there. game one will be a showdown between former red sox pitchers jon lester and john lackey. the ceo of volkswagen's u.s. branch will be in the hot seat to explain why the company cheated on emissions tests for years. michael will face a congressional panel and answer questions about rigging software included in roughly 11 million vehicles. the "new york times" reports horn may have known about the problems earlier than he first admitted. more bad news for volkswagen. the company plans to withdraw emissions certifications for 2016 models raising questions about whether those newer models are involved in the controversy as well. new this morning, fiat chrysler is avoiding the big strike. the car-maker and united autoworkers came to a tentative agreement. cheap flights to europe.
6:22 am
the ceo of low-cost airline norwegian air wants to sell one-way tickets at just $69. to do it, they would fly from small airports with low fees. the proposed destinations would be edinburgh scotland and norway. boston's huntington theater is up for sale. boston university and the huntington theater company announced yesterday that b.u. will put the theater and two buildings next to it up on the market. the new owner must promise to allow the theater company to stay. when you think of a newborn baby, you probably imagine him or her bundled up in blankets, but doctors are using cooling blankets to help infants who are vulnerable. the blankets reduce the body temperature 4 degrees or more which can prevent brain damage if the newborn is not getting enough blood supply to the
6:23 am
>> i think we were just really scared but knew that the medical experts were recommending all of this to happen. so we said, you know, we may as well go with their advice. we're so glad we did. >> the cooling therapy is for babies born at term and the brigham has treated 75 from around the state so far. some brought in from outside hospitals. the treatment is generally safe and babies are sedated to keep them comfortable. >> anything you can do to help your baby. who knew that a blanket could make such a difference? a lot more coming up including the push to add seats on planesp. >> some are comparing this one to bunk bets and what you are saying with robi on the "daily talker." >> and a teen jumping out of a moving car. police say this was no stunt and why they think she was in danger. >> and here are four things you
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. developing right now at 6:30, three people stabbed at a convenience store. why this violence may have started because of a disagreement over a dog. >> amtrak getting back on track following a train derailment in vermont. >> hillary clinton changing her opinion on a new trade deal. how will it impact her campaign? wbz political analyst jon keller weighs in. good morning, it's 6:30. thanks for joining us. i'm chris mckinnon. >> i'm kathryn hauser. happy to have you with us. today's going to be another good one. >> probably like five to ten degrees cooler than yesterday. showers tomorrow and an awesome looking weekend.
6:27 am
>> a holiday weekend, too. >> i know. each day looks fantastic. we'll have a live look over the city of boston and the color starting to sneak over the horizon. jaffrey sitting at 41 degrees this morning. mid to upper 40s fishburg back over to nashua. blue hill observatory back down to marshfield and plymouth. 37 the chilly start in norwood and 50s for most of us in the cape and islands. just a couple of clouds passing by today. that is about it. a light north-northwest breeze. sunny, cool crisp air. we top out probably about 61 to 66 for most of us. the evening drive, no problems. dry, quiet, 59 degrees with the sunset at 6:14. showers coming up.
6:28 am
let's get you on the roads. traffic and weather together. >> the crash in lynnfield still causing big delays. let's go to skyeye4. you can see look at all of those headlights. this is route 1 southbound in lynnfield. five cars were involved. the left lane was closed. multiple wreckers have been on the scene for a little bit. in this last look, two of the cars have been removed. the bumper to bumper backup is still to route 95. chris, kathryn? an update now on a developing story. two of three people stabbed at a boston convenience store are out of the hospital. >> and a third person is in police custody. our susie steimle is live in west roxbury. what is one of the victims telling you this morning? >> reporter: it was quite the night for the store owner. that's who we caught up with just a couple of hours ago. his store was nearly robbed. fortunately, they were not successful. then he as stabbed. one of his co-workers was stabbed.
6:29 am
the robbery suspect was also stabbed. all three of them were taken to the hospital, and what's the first thing this store owner does when he's released? he comes right back to work. came to check on the store here which is all closed up. he closed it up a couple of hours ago. police described it as a very scary scene. they say that the robbery suspect was on the ground in front of the store, bleeding from stab wounds and that the owner was this the street their help. just before 9:30. a man walked into the store with his dog, got into a fight with the owner then left. came back about 30 minutes later with a knife and attempted to rob the store. fortunately, this owner and one of his co-workers were able to fight this man off. here's how police described it. >> preliminarily, he went behind the counter, brandished the knife and made a statement to, like, give me something. himself.
6:30 am
>> reporter: the stabbing suspect is in custody. he received some nonlife- threatening stab wounds himself in that knife fight. as for the store owner, he and his co-worker should be okay and trying to get back to life as normal. they planned to open the store here at 8:00 this morning. live in west roxbury, susie steimle, wbz this morning. chris, kathryn, back to you. a 17-year-old girl jumped from a moving car in connecticut ending what police abduction. take a look at the surveillance video. the whole thing caught on camera. it was released by bridgeport police. you can see someone jumping out of a gray toyota at the top of the screen there. the person gets up and starts running. police say this is a teenaged girl who had been lured into the car then assaulted by a woman in her 40s. so far, no arrests have been made. in the wake of last week's deadly shooting at an oregon college, senate democrats plan to push to expand background
6:31 am
the effort may not go too far. republicans blocked similar legislation back in 2013, just a few months after a gunman killed 20 first graders and six adults in newtown, connecticut. officers in oregon are now describing in detail their standoff with that campus shooter. they say the gunman fired at police and then they fired back at him and hit him one time. that's when the shooter went back into the classroom where he had previously killed nine people and shot himself. president obama visits roseburg tomorrow to meet with survivors and victims' families. today, house republicans will take the first step in picking a new speaker. ballot election. that will produce a nominee. then the full house votes on that candidate on october 29th in an open session. kevin mccarthy of california is considered a leading candidate for the job, though some conservative republicans are backing florida's daniel webster. hillary clinton's facing
6:32 am
criticism after switching her stance on a controversial trade deal. jon keller takes a closer look at how that move will impact her campaign. >> reporter: good morning. when you under the middle of a tough political campaign, one of the worst things that can happen to you is to be labeled something nobody likes, a flip- flopper. perhaps a resourceful politician like hillary clinton can find a way to avoid that fate after yesterday's spectacular flip-flop on the transpacific partnership or tpp trade deal, but i don't see how. there's plenty of damming video of then secretary of state clinton in 2012 claiming tpp "sets the gold standard in trade agreements." her spin yesterday that the deal has somehow changed in ways that undermine her previous support doesn't really hold water. clinton haters will find this move profound confirmation of their conviction that she's without real conviction. a pol on the make interested in
6:33 am
only gaining power. clinton backers will look at this and say, no. she has principles but in order to pursue them from the white house, she has to win over the labor unions and liberals who go elsewhere in the primaries like this. as always, the truth lies somewhere in between. politicians who want to wield their power properly always between principle and compromise. you can look it up. a key reason we have campaigns is they force the people who want the power to listen and react to voters. it is a key element of our political system, when it works. so trash clinton for her flip- flop if you'd like, or praise her for it. understand that what she did is what all politicians have to do to survive and prosper. talk back to me about this at or via
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a winthrop high schooler could face charges for videotaping a teammate in the locker room there. nicole jacobs has a closer look at this controversy. good morning, nicole. >> good morning to you, chris. the school superintendent is making it clear this type of activity is not to be tolerated. in fact, now the entire football team suffers the consequences. he was videotaping a teammate while wees changing clothes in the locker room. it may have been circulated to others around the school. the entire varsity football team has now been benched. wbz sources tell us the player allegedly behind the camera in this instance has also been suspended. no charges have been filed, no arrests have been made, and police have been involved. >> the school department as well as the police department
6:35 am
worked diligently in a cooperative manner to make sure that people take responsibility for their actions and know that there is a price to pay. >> reporter: again, no charges filed. no one arrested at this point. the game scheduled for tomorrow night has been called off. we're live in winthrop, nicole jacobs, wbz news this morning. amtrak vermonter line is back on track today. service returns for the first time since monday's derailment. you may recall two cars slid down an embankment when a rock montpelier. seven people were hurt. it is 6:39 right now. time to check in with our "daily talker." a lot of people already think uncomfortable. >> this new plane design could make it even more so. >> reporter: i'm sure you've been on a jam packed plane where you felt like people were on top of you.
6:36 am
literally be on top of you. a second row of seats above another. airbus filed plans with the european patent office to claim this would more efficiently use the space in the passenger's cabin. passengers would need to use a ladder or staircase to get to their seats. some of the seats would recline to allow passengers to lie down that's okay. by the way, the idea to cram more of us onto planes comes at a time where americans are getting fatter. filing for a patent doesn't necessarily mean they are going to implement this plan. let's see what some of you think about this. would you take a ride on that plane? suzanne says "i'm claustrophobic and could never be in those seats. "marie writes" are the airlines that greedy that they would stuff more people into the same limited space?" the answer, marie, is yes. you can comment on our web
6:37 am
>> i could never sit in a seat like that, could you? >> almost already pretty tall. just ahead, concern in the air following a massive mill fire. >> yeah, the chemicals being monitored in a local community plus the investigation into how that big fire got started. >> and several swastikas discovered in a massachusetts town. how police are trying to track down those responsible. [ printer whirring ] neighborhood health plan just because it costs less. choose it for the thoughtful things, like a welcome call to help with any questions... for the big things, like access to world-class doctors and hospitals... and for the smart things, like printing a temporary membership card to start using your benefits right away. choose it because neighborhood values what you value. call your broker
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and see customer stories
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. >> 12 dancers from the boston ballet created a human sculpture on the road. the dancers were promoting the first performance of the season. they open up on october 22nd. green. spectacular. >> we have showers tomorrow and guys. this will continue here. it is a great time for some leaf peeping, how about it? we've got low color in southern new england. admittedly, it was a late start to the sea opinion, but there are pockets of peak color in northern vermont, northern maine here. moderate bursts of color, too.
6:40 am
a lot of the -- it's highly variable. a lot of swamp color with the pop of color. 39 degrees right now. the shoulder brooks school in concord is 48. 40s and 50s are widespread. temperatures don't rebound quite as much as yesterday. with sunshine, though, it is going to be a beautiful looking day. it will be cooler by 5 to 10 degrees. you go back to the west and we encounter rain pushing now out of minneapolis into northern portions of wisconsin. green bay will be up next. and that is our weather for tomorrow. so no issues today. grab the shades as you head out. solar glare is the only thing you'll have to contend with. tonight, clouds will increase. this is the map at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. south and west of boston especially.
6:41 am
morning because the clouds thicken up shortly. showers arrive west to east late morning midday. scattered showers and even downpours. these showers for us come by mid-afternoon. evening commute still showers around. not everyone will see them. we may end up with a quarter to a half inch of rain. clearing comes in. the sun will be back on saturday. weekend stretch. it is going to be a windy day. the winds shift to come out of the south-southwest. per hour. windy air drags in some of the mild temperatures. so we should be up around 70 tomorrow afternoon. though. worcester.
6:42 am
south shore back down to the cape. temperatures in the lower 60s for us and 65 in taunton. 70 tomorrow with the mild wind. 60, though, on saturday. chilly start in the morning, really nice sunday and monday with a warming trend. low 70s by columbus day. traffic and weather together, robi. >> danielle, we have an update on the multiple car crash up in lynnfield. >> it was a five-car accident. route 1 southbound all of the cars had been moved off to the side blocking part of the right lane right now. the backup is still to 95. also to the north, 93 southbound, the bumper to bumper on on stoneham. the expressway looks jammed from east milton square to savin hill. route 3 northbound you are hung up from weymouth to braintree. chris and kathryn? 6:47 right now. checking our top stories. the oxford fire department is asking anyone with information about a fair to call their arson tip line.
6:43 am
>> the flames broke out last night at a wood refurbishing business at webster road. at one point, the fire department was concerned toxic chemicals that used to be inside have made it unsafe but so far air quality tests have come back safe. police say an honer of this store got into an argument with a man over a dog last night. the man left and returned to rob the store but ended up getting stabbed, as did the worker who tried to intervene. all three are expected to be okay. the suspect was caught and is facing several charges. the coast guard has called off the search for the crew of the cargo ship that went missing during hurricane joaquin. the black box is located 15,000 feet underwater. two men from massachusetts are among the 33 people presumed lost at sea. dedham police did not think that a family was targeted by a series of
6:44 am
insensitive images. someone spray painted at least buildings. police are actively pursuing whomever is responsible. cowboy up. the patriots getting ready to head down to dallas. >> we'll hear from tom brady about why the team is so eager to get back on the field. >> puppy on patrol.
6:45 am
. >> a puppy who became an
6:46 am
is now an adorable k-9 pup in training. you may remember this picture. take a look. a puppy named tuco in a bulletproof vest there. boston police posted an updated picture of tuco yesterday. you can see tuco has grown. he fills out the vest nicely now. is he in his fourth week of training in the department's k- 9 academy. very cute pictures there. tom brady and the patriots getting ready for a sunday showdown with the patriots. the qb and his teammates were back on the practice field. the pats had a wacky season and brady says he's ready for some normalcy. >> we haven't had many normal weeks yet. i think after this week, it starts getting moo a normal feel because we had a lot of long weeks. then we throw the preseason games there and a lot of weird kind of weeks for those. so, so much is getting into kind of a normal flow. it's football season. i think, you know, it's good to kind of be in that. >> it's all right here on wbz
6:47 am
this sunday. we get you started on patriots game day at 11:30 a.m. kickoff is at 4:35 and immediately followed by the fifth quarter post game show. that's over on my tv 38. wbz is also your home for thursday night football. tonight, the texans host the colts' kickoff on wbz at 8:25. >> i love this video. if you miss this. take a look. some mighty mights busted a move in the middle of the football field. kids were invited to run some plays and surprised everybody and started doing the whip, the naenae. the coach planned it ahead of time and the crowd loved it. it's so funny. that's what they wanted to jam to. >> you can see one of the coaches in the background get back to the line. we've got another play to run. >> as soon as the music came on, they were like, wait a minute.
6:48 am
time for a closer look at what's coming up at 7:00. >> good morning, charlie. >> reporter: good morning, chris and kathryn. ahead on "cbs this morning," the new attacks by russian syria and how the rebels may be using american weapons to fire back. and did donald trump's name lead investors to lose thousands? who controls real estate that carries his name? the news is back in the morning. see you at 7:00. coming up next, the young superhero released from the hospital in time to celebrate a
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welcome back. a young hero heads home from franciscan hospital for children. >> woo! >> so that's christian caruso dressed in a spider-man outfit getting a great send offafter 13 months in the hospital. he spent much of that time on a ventilator unable to speak and barely able to move. christian suffered from a rare condition that caused his spinal cord to swell. >> i can't even begin to imagen what this means for him and what he can accomplish. >> it's amazing that a place like this exists, and it's amazing that there are people
6:52 am
>> christian turns 4 and has a new sister who was born while he was in the hospital. we wish that family all the best. >> i get choked up every, single time. >> his dad was also wearing the spider-man shirt. >> all smiles. great attitude. hey, so our weather looks fantastic. we'll be about 5 to 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. scattered showers, it will be milder. windy, too. gusts to 40 miles per hour. a fantastic holiday weekend. mid-70s by columbus day. >> "cbs this morning" is next on wbz. we'll see you in 25 minutes.
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