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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  October 9, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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and reach for the one you deserve. right now at 4:30, two women taking on uber over safety. the ride sharing company is facing a federal lawsuit and one case stems from an alleged assault in boston. >> you knew this was coming. a class action lawsuit just filed against draftkings and fan duels. the shocking allegations from the plaintiffs. >> students taking over a school committee meeting. whose job are they fighting for? captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: good morning.
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we made it. i'm kathryn hauser. >> i'm chris mckinnon. i feel like every friday, kathryn, you set we made it. >> you'll need to grab that umbrella because we've got changes on the way. >> yes. even though it is a dry spot, there are showers by late in the day. temperature right now 56 in boston. just like the past couple of days, there are a couple of upper 30s on the map. clouds have been increasing. we get a little bit of sunshine out there this morning. the rain, you'll notice is well to our north and west. downpours in there, too. this is the disturbance that will head our way later on today. yes, some peeks of sun. your dry morning commute is just fine. temperatures rising through the 60s. notice man chester may get into shower activity by late morning. 2:00, 3:00 p.m., showers outside of 495 back through the merrimack valley.
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scattered showers and downpours pushed through generally 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. notice by the time we get to 9:00, leftover rain in the southeast part of the state, clearing comes in after that. so the rain coat or the umbrella, pop the hood up and be able to stay dry from the showers late in the day. we'll take you out in the holiday weekend coming up. uber is now facing a federal lawsuit. two women, including one in boston are accusing the ride- sharing company of neglect and fraud after they say had he were sexually assaulted by uber drivers. the lawsuit claims the company is misleading women by marketing uber as a safe transportation option and failing to screen drivers. uber says it's removed two drivers in question. this morning, two fantasy sports sites have been named in a class action lawsuit. >> this comes days after boston-based draftkings and fan dual have been accused of insider trading. good morning, bree. >> reporter: good morning,
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guys. the lawsuit filed in manhattan claims it ripped off customers by stacking the odds in favor of employees who were playing on each other's sites. sports gaming does not fall under gambling regulations. instead, it's called a game of skill. those skills paid off big for employees, according to the lawsuit which was brought by a kentucky man. he says draftkings employees won at least $6 million playing on fan duel by using information that was not yet available to the public. earlier this week, the companies banned their employees temporarily from playing on each other's sites. that happened after a draftkings employee won $350,000 on fan duel. the two companies have yet to comment on this class action lawsuit. chris, back to you. >> we'll have another update at 5:00 for you on this one. today, bill cosby will have to testify under oath as part of a lawsuit. it was filed in december of 2014.
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a woman claims cosby forced her to perform a sex act at the playboy mansion in 1974 when she was just 15 years old. the claim set off a string of accusations against the comedian. it remains to be seen if today's deposition will be made public. the united states navy is saking over efforts to find a cargo ship that sank in hurricane joaquin. the el faro disappeared near the bahamas last week. the navy will use sonar and other methods to find the ship. they hope to recover the data recorder to determine why it went down. on wednesday, the coast guard suspended efforts to find survivors, including eight with ties to new england. a new chapter in a war of words in brook line. parents and students lining up to save a peacher's job. the middle schoolteacher was taken off the job after he was heard swearing. over his job.
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>> reporter: a middle schoolteacher couldn't have planned this. >> mr. chen was teaching us the civil rights movement and this is on a smaller scale but something similar. >> he is a real piece of this school, and i think that taking him away would deprive future students. >> reporter: days after picturing, student -- picketing, students and parents wanted to be heard, silently filing into the brookline school committee meeting to explain why their former teacher larry chen should be spared. they listened until they could listen no more. >> larry chen now! >> i can't be more proud of how you've conducted yourselves. you've been respectful. you've been articulate, you've been passionate, but we do have a very, very important meeting we have to conduct. >> reporter: chen received a notice of termination after using the grown-up version of
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in the presence of students after school, but a final decision hasn't been made. >> we're not continuing this dialogue right now. i'm sorry. >> you will bring back larry chen. >> reporter: the public discord will have to wait. as for the teachable moment, parents say this is it. >> they love the subject, love the teacher. that's a great lesson in itself. >> reporter: i did reach out to the outgoing superintendent. he will ultimately make the final decision. i never heard back. by the way, public comment is allowed at the next school committee meeting next tuesday. in brookline, julie loncich, wbz news. boston police searching for two people who stabbed a man outside the park street t station. paramedics rushed one person to the hospital. he is expected to survive. the only description of the suspects is that they are a man and a woman. piles of cash, drugs, and a handgun. police in arlington say these
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items were found in the home of 32-year-old paul santos yesterday after executing a search. the suspected cocaine dealer is due in court this morning. the winner of this year's nobel peace prize will be announced in less than two hours. the nobel committee has given no hint of who it's considering. odds-makers think pope francis, secretary of state john kerry and angela merkel are all on the short list. we'll bring it to you as soon as it happens. a huge surprise on capitol hill. republican congress han kevin mccarthy was about to be elected speaker of the house when he withdrew his name right before the vote. outgoing speaker john boehner who resigned planned to leave on october 30th. now he says he'll stay until the house picks a new leader. presidential hopefuls are spending another weekend in new hampshire, home of the country's first primary. senator rand paul will host a
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then tomorrow, he's in nashua caucus. wing. then new jersey governor chris christie will be in hannicer today for a pancake breakfast. he will hold a town hall for the pancake house, a legendary breakfast spot for locals. that start as the 8:00 this morning. trouble for a potential juror in the trial of the danvers teen accused of murdering his math teacher. the essex county d.a. says juror 39 admitted he had outside information on the case. his son attends the school and he attended at least one vigil for the teacher colleen ritzer. he'd already been dismissed from the case but was still talking about it to other jurors. now he could face charges. jury selection in the case continues. phillip chism is accused of killing ritzer. one couple is looking for a new home after this fire broke out on a boat at captain's cove marina.
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at least 11 boats were damaged. four of them sank. a brewster ambulance crew used a drone to show just how bad the fire was. >> we just sold everything to do this. move on it, and live on it, so all we had left was in there. >> it's overwhelming right now. so now we've got to figure out our next move. >> a friend offered this couple a place to live. as bad as the fire was, amazingly, no one was hurt. boston residents have wish list. based on interviews with more than 6,000 people, a group known as go boston 2030, they want city residents to be 10 minute oz are less from a rail station, key bus or car-share location. they also want to see the mbta on time at least 90% of the time and the elimination of deadly traffic crashes.
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expect a lot of company on the roads today. mass d.o.t. said last year the friday before columbus day weekend was day. that means major gridlock on tunnels. the busiest day for tolls last year, the tuesday before thanksgiving. >> just right now, though, if you were to leave now if you could, smooth sailing. a new tool to help some with high-risk pregnancies. >> and treeing pre-eclampsia.
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. >> welcome back. it's 4:43 on your friday morning. netflix is raising prices, plus facebook is get nag emojis. >> -- getting into emojis. >> jill wagner joins us live with today's money watch. good morning, jill. >> good morning, chris and kathryn. it's the start of earnings season and so far, not so good. the first few companies to report their earnings have missed expectations including gap, especially the banana republic brand.
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made it clear banana republic's clothes don't fit well and aren't flattering enough given the prices. the dow posted its fifth straight day of gains, opening above the 17,000 mark this morning for the first time since august. the dow jumped 138 points yesterday. the nasdaq climbed 19. netflix stock jumped after the company said it is raising the price of its most popular plan from $8.99 to $9.99 for new subscribers. it says it needs to cover the costs for creating its original shows and licensing fees. it isn't exactly a dislike button, but facebook is adding six new buttons next to its "like" button. the new reactions, as they are calling it include love, laughter, happiness, shock, sadness and anger. for now, though, facebook is testing the reactions in ireland and spain. so kathryn, for now, the emojis
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will be for the text messages. >> i have to wait. patience is key, jill. it'll happen. then i'll be able to express my happiness. >> thank you very much. if you didn't know october is down's syndrome awareness month. >> this weekend, the annual buddy walk is an important event for me and my family. my little cousin has down's syndrome so we had the first one 19 years ago when there at it. now 6,000 or so people were there last year. so we're really excited about that. it promotes acceptance and inclusion. everyone is invited to come out on sunday opinion festivities kick off around noontime. you go around the lake. it's a blast. we always have fun every year. >> you emceeing will bring the crowd up. i'm just hoping the weather will cooperate. that's a big piece of it, right? >> all eyes are always on the weather.
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what about sunday? it looks awesome. no matter what you have planned, outdoor plans are good to go. it will be chilly on saturday morning but meantime, chilly 56 in boston right now. the wind is out of the south at 9 miles per hour. wind will become an issue later on today. 42 in nashua right now. upper 30s in keene. most communities running in the 40s and 50s, though, as you head out the door. while the clouds have been on the increase. as the sun comes up, we'll see breaks of sunshine and then the clouds will win out. the clouds come out of rain that's impacting parts of new york right now. this will continue to slide east. notice the first batch mainly going to our north, but we get into the additional showers and downpours that are back to the west. notice by late morning there may be a couple of showers. monadnock region back up through concord, manchester and
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through the midday and early afternoon, it's generally north and west of boston that gets into a chance for a shower or downpour. notice there will be yellows and oranges in here. so a lot of the day will be spent dry and far eastern massachusetts into late afternoon and evening. admittedly, though, some of the downpours that come in there may be brief gusty winds as high as 40 miles per hour. can't rule out a couple of rumbles of thunder that come by generally between 5:00 and 8:00 p.m. leftover rain, drying out 9:00 p.m. boston points north and west. from the south shore to the cape, we get our rain during the evening hours, but it all pushes offshore. overnight, we get clearing, and that sets us up for an absolutely fantastic weekend. notice the wind out of the south-southeast at first. noontime, 30 to 40 mile-per- hour gusts pretty much through the afternoon. so this is at 4:00 p.m. so the umbrellas will blow
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10:00 p.m., the wind shifts around bringing in the drier, crisp air. it will be mild. tomorrow cooler. 58 degrees. that's about it in boston. so crisp, dry air, sunshine out in full force. lookty high temperatures on sunday. upper 60s for most of us and columbus day, 70 to 75 degrees. this is really just a fantastic holiday weekend. monday night, we get showers that linger into tuesday, and that cools us back into the0s, of the week. danielle. there's a new way to treat one of the most common pregnancy complications, pre- eclampsia. >> local doctors are trying out a new method that could help mother and baby. dr. mallika marshall takes a closer look for us. >> she's been so far a very good girl. >> reporter: a good girl indeed, but megan hasn't even met her baby girl yet.
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this mass general kidney doctor says there was one come complication that worried her. >> you have to decide something that has to happen for mom but is not necessarily the best thank for baby. >> reporter: about 200,000 women suffer from pre-eclampsia every year. the only treatment is to deliver the baby, which isn't a big deal if the pregnancy is to term but what if mom is only six or seven months along? >> the more thanked by did i and chances -- more thanked by -- the morbidity and the chances of death are higher. >> reporter: so they showed this new device. >> it lowers the pressure, lowers protein in the urine.
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a few treatments were able to prolong pregnancy. >> reporter: for at least a couple of weeks which say long time in fetal development. >> it makes a real difference in the lives of a lot of families and newborns. >> reporter: while megan is probably out of the woods, she is excited for other moms who could benefit. >> you are doing something that doesn't harm the home and potentially lengthens the pregnancy which is a huge relief for mom. >> reporter: it's been tested on 11 women in europe. they now plan larger studies to demonstrate that it can, in fact, prolong pregnancy. if that's the case, researchers will apply for fda approval to make it more widely available. i'm dr. mallika marshall, wbz this morning. measles. >> ahead, what every parent needs to know when it comes to vaccinating your children. >> plus, a massachusetts hospital with a controversial hiring policy. we'll tell you about it when we
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bleeding gums? you may think it's a result of brushing too hard. it's not. it's a sign of early gum disease...
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listerine(r) can help reverse... early gum disease in just two weeks. listerine(r). power to your mouth ! it's 4:53. checking our top stories on this friday morning. uber is facing a federal lawsuit filed by a woman in boston and a woman in south carolina who say they were sexually assaulted by uber drivers. the lawsuit claims the company is misleading women by marketing uber as a safe transportation option and failing to screen drivers. uber says it has removed the two drivers in question. two popular fantasy sports sites are facing class action suits. a ken condition man allegations employees of draftkings and fan
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duel had an insider advantage when playing on each other's sites. the lawsuit says draftkings employees won at least $6 million playing fan duel and fan duel did not have a comment. draftkings did not get back to us. a worcester school bus driver is off the job following the crash caught on camera. watch as the driver takes control. she loses control, slamming into parked cars. the crash sends her flying out of her seat. this video clearly shows that she did not buckle her seat belt, a violation of federal law. she's been cited and lost both driver's licenses. there were no children on the bus at the time. a passenger arrested at logan airport, and state police suitcase. 100 pounds of marijuana actually sealed in plastic in two checked bags. the state police k-9 helped sniff it out. troopers stopped the california
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he is expected to be arraigned this morning. the anti-vaccine trend could put one in three at risk for measles. researchers say the u.s. could be on the verge of an outbreak. bree is here now with a closer look. >> reporter: good morning. the new study out this week says families who choose not to vaccinate their kids tend to cluster in same community, making an outbreak a much stronger possibility if measles were to be introduced to the communities. the number of americans vaccinated against measles is dropping dangerously close to the level where large outbreaks are more likely. now a discredited study links them to autism the new emory university report says children, especially those under the age of 3 are most at risk. a 2014 measles outbreak at disneyland in california sickened 25 people. parts of the baystate also
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>> we're lucky to live in massachusetts where vaccination rates are generally high. however, there are areas of the state and new england where vaccination rates are slipping, and that really scares me. >> reporter: the spots where vaccinations are at their lowest, western mass, the cape, and martha's vineyard. 4:56 right now on your friday morning. if you smoke, you can't be hired. umass memorial hospital in marlboro is subjecting applicants to a drug test that would look for nicotine as well as illegal drugs. those who test positive for nicotine can't work at the hospital. that policy began last week. current employees will not be affected. looking for a date? >> you'll want to grab this calendar. boston firefighters turning up the heat for a good cause.
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boston firefighters turning up the heat. check it out. showing some skin for a really good cause. >> take a look at this. the 12 firefighters of 2016. we got a stich peek at the calendar launch last night. if you missed the event, the firefighters are planning ten more. you can buy them online for $20 and all proceeds support the boston burn foundation. >> i wonder if they walked around like hey, i'm mr. november or i'm mr. january, right?
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the ladies would enjoy that.
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