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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 9, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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nearly a thousand people inside here all lined up to get a look at some cars they wanted to put a bid on. the sound of the collision sent them running and some uncertain of what had just happened. >> get a toe truck! >> reporter: it was pandemonium as cell phone video shows this bmwsuv crashed into a cinder block wall, which collapsed. hundreds of people scattering when the driver somehow lost control. >> a car just was bulldozing on people. him. >> he was dazed and confused complaining about scratches and bumps and stuff like that. he was responsive. he was okay. >> reporter: a car auction was under way in framingham where police say a 78-year-old contracted driver passing by
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suddenly lurched forward in the crowd. >> the crowd was speeding 30, 40 miles per hour. every second i was waiting for him to stop. >> it was a big explosion when he went through the wall. it was smoke every dids where. >> reporter: what was the reaction inside some. >> people were screaming for everybody to get you the. >> reporter: larry prue was one of eight people struck when several people were hit in the path of the car. >> as i spun around to see what was going on, i got hit. i don't know if people hit me everything happened so fast. >> reporter: how did the driver cause such a freak accident. >> it seems like he was confused and hit the gas by accident instead of hitting the brake. it went downhill from there. >> reporter: that is certainly police. fortunately, none of the injuries is serious, though the driver pinned beneath the boston hospital. right now, it's unclear if there will be any charges. police believe at this point, it is a horrible accident. reporting live from framingham,
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i'm beth germano, wbz news. david, lisa? >> we've seen at least three crashes similar to today's in just the past few months, and we didn't have to look hard to find them. coming up at 6:00, jon keller takes a look at why lawmakers aren't doing more to make sure elderly drivers are still okay lisa? our eye is behind the storm. there is a lot to look at. rain is all over the area and the wet weather is expected to last several hours. we want to give you a live look 93. we talk about this being one of the busiest days on the road compounded with the weather. this is just north of the city where the traffic is crawling. >> the good news here is that once the rain is gone, we're actually in for a great weekend. >> looking forward to that. meteorologist barry burr bank has our first look at the friday at forecast. barry? >> everyone's traveling and getting ready to go away for the holiday weekend. it is a problem balls the rain is heavy in spots.
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see some of the heavy rain. it's pretty much aligned right along the mass pike right into boston, cambridge, and showers are moving right along. it rains hard then stops. then it rains again and stops. kind of 0p and on. we'll go westward to natick out through framingham as you saw in the live reports. rain to the north and starting to get them south of boston as well. in fact, the heaviest rain is over southeastern portions of pennsylvania where some severe weather is going on right now with severe thunderstorms most of the wind now is over southeastern massachusetts. when the cold front comes through later on, the wind will be gusting and shifting. don't let the rain discourage you. it will be a beautiful weekend. >> sun and clouds warming up on
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look at that, columbus day 76 degrees. really nice weather coming up this weekend. more coming up in a few minutes. david? >> looks good. barry, thank you. the friday before columbus day traditionally one of the busiest days on massachusetts roadways. you can see by all of the cameras, the rain is not helping the commute home. i want to give you a look first at the right-hand side, the shoulder. this is the pike. screen is eastbound not good and the westbound side is not great, either. the view on the zakim is all jammed up. if you really want to see the story, look at this. the time-saver traffic map, not good. if you are heading out tonight, certainly pack your patience. >> you can keep track of the storms any time, anywhere cbs is the place to go. the weather app is free.
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just search cbs boston. murder for hire. an everett man is accused of trying to hire himself out as a hitman. he made his pitch to an undercover fbi agent. tonight in worcester. julie? >> reporter: lisa, leaf berks has been before a judge before. he is allegedly accused of doing just about anything for a handsome payout. federal agents raided two apartments within a few hours. fbi agents were in and out of this triple decker taking pictures and evidence at the joseph burks. the 51-year-old whose crimes date back to the late '80s is federally charged with murder be a hitman. in recorded conversations with an undercover agent in march, burk said he needed money and allegedly asked the agent if he
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in court paperwork, his exact intentions are clarified. "just killing them. so you might know somebody who wants to get rid of a husband. i'll do that all day long for a price. all day long. not a problem." the undercover agent identified a target in manhattan and over the course of several months, federal authorities allege burk conspired to kill the nan his new york office. -- the map in his new york office. burk allegedly had the weapons and disguises in place. the reported payout? close to $100,000. >> if cop victimmed, he faces up to ten years in federal prison. julie loncich, wbz news. >> thank you, julie. 3 years after a south boston grandmother was murdered, her family finally has some sense of justice.
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house, stole several items and stabbed her. she died in her son's arms. she lived long enough to give a description of the killer. police say he knew the family and fingerprints linked him to the crime. one person shot and killed at texas southern university in houston. the campus went on lockdown as police searched for the gunman who shot two people at a student housing complex. tonight we know there is a suspect in custody. there was another shooting near that same complex earlier this the day. investigators don't know if the crimes are connected. meantime a similar scene at an arizona college. early morning gunfire on campus. tonight, one student is dead, three others are hurt. paula ebben is here with a closer look. paula? >> reporter: it was just before 1:30 pacific time. flagstaff police rushed to the northern arizona university campus. they say a fight between two student groups ended with a
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freshman pulling out a handgun. investigators left evidence markers out. an early manning shooting left one student dead, three others with gunshot wounds. police say it started with a confrontation between two groups of students. >> the confrontation turned physical. one of our students, steven jones 18 years old, produced a handgun and shot four of our other students. >> reporter: the victim was identified as colin brown, a native of annapolis maryland. the instagram account of steven jones shows him wearing an nau sweatshirt and posing with several guns. jones gave up his gun when police arrived at the scene. >> he stopped his action with his handgun. everything calmed down as our officer arrived, and he was able to take him into custody. >> reporter: students were notified of the incident via college's text messaging system. >> so it says reported shooting in mountain view hall. situation stabilized and shooter is in custody. details to follow.
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know? perspective and it's shocking. >> reporter: no word on what sparked that argument. including the shooting in texas, this was the third shooting on a college campus in a week. today, president obama's in oregon visiting roseburg. last week, a student there shot and killed a student and a teacher at umpqua community college. carbon monday knox size overcame two workers. one passed out, the other was disoriented but lucid enough to run for help. teachers called 911. when crews arrived, they found the co level so high that it with a have been deadly in minutes. >> i'm glad they are being careful and canceling school. >> if the detectors weren't installed and in place, bad things could have happened in the school.
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expected to recover. all of the rooms are now safe. they've been tested. we're told that every boiler in monday night. after what seemed like a long bye week for fans, the patriots are ready to get back on the field. >> tom brady is on a roll. the team will keep the momentum going. levan reid is here tonight. what do you think? >> why did it take so long some. >> because we had to watch those terrible games. was? it seemed forever. it was crazy. here's the formula for what many people call america's team. you win out of the blue and everybody loves you, but then you have continued success and no one can stand you. dallas and new england fit that mold and the pats will continue haterade.
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they want to stay undefeated and get the victory but for some of the players, taking on dallas is like taking on their childhood. >> the cowboys, you know, they're the cowboys. you know, again, from the '90s when i was a kid, you know, all of the great teams that they had, i can remember, you know, being more of a cowboys fan when i was a kid because the bears at the time weren't doing so well in chicago. football team. very good organization. the last 20 years. >> reporter: 20 years from now, we'll hear those same sentiments about the patriots and the difference will be tom coach. the spread is eight. this is something we've got going on with a lot of the guys in the office. the next two games, the
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>> for points. over/under is 90. we think they can score a hundred on the colts. >> thank you, levan. >> be sure to catch patriots all access completely unbiased, right, levan? >> totally unbiased. >> tonight at 7:00 here on wbz for all of the behind the scenes stuff you can't get anywhere else. of course start patriots game day at 11:30. kicking off right here on wbz followed by the fifth quarter post game show on my tv 38. how often do you think the mass pike doesn't move fast enough? things happened quickly this morning when a man helped deliver his baby on the side of the road. after the man's 911 call, state police started sweeting. this was about 6:30. they put out the word the couple needed help. natick fire and emergency crews were the very first to arrive, but by then, the couple had a baby girl. troopers sent out congratulations next.
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be stressful. >> the car probably needs a detail. >> maybe. >> possibly. get a great car, speaking of, at a great place. >> coming up, where excitement for a one-day event is taking off. >> plus, i'veer is under fire with the new lawsuit that says customers are driving right into danger. >> a police officer is in trouble after getting caught napping in his cruiser. then -- >> i have it all ready for you. >> she worked the night shift serving coffee to college kids for years. see how her customers are making her lifelong dream come
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riding into trouble? uber is facing a federal lawsuit from two women who claim the company isn't doing enough to protect customers. one of those women lives right here in boston. >> as nicole jacobs shows us, both women say uber drivers sexually assaulted them and that the company should be held responsible. >> reporter: the presence of i'veer in the baystate has brought about much controversy from taxi driver disputed to alleged criminal activity. >> uber is a very popular mode of transportation, particularly for the younger generation. >> reporter: that popularity
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now reveals itself in a federal lawsuit filed in northern california. two plaintiffs are named. jane doe number 1, a resident of boston and jane doe number 2, a resident of south carolina. both allege neglect and fraud citing instances where they were allegedly sexually assaulted by uber drivers. >> our intention in boston is to put regulations on and do background checks and safety checks. it certainly is consistent with what's being said. >> reporter: back in february, jane doe number 1 said she and three friends held uber in the north end. that young woman the last in the group in the vehicle claims she was indecently touched by the 36-year-old driver. he was arrested and charged. in the 52-page complaint, attorneys list uber changes. among them, tamper-proof video cameras and the ability to request a female driver and thorough background checks. boston mayor marty walsh sees the need for improvements he says will ultimately benefit drivers and customers.
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>> we need the legislature and government to act on it. >> reporter: in boston, nicole jacobs, wbz news. here we are on the verge of the holiday weekend. if you look outside, i think oh, boy, we're in for it, but we'll turn around. >> what's behind door number 2? >> we're out of this and the whole rest of the weekend should be just fantastic. it is going to be pouring from time to time in the next two or three hours or so as the front approaches from the west. so we'll deal with that. that's fouling up the traffic as a lot of people are trying to get out of town and again out for the long holiday weekend. right now it's 64 in boston. you might have felled the higher humidity with dew point out at 61. feeling humid out there. not truly tropical but not a dry air mass for sure. southwest wind has tamed down a little bit from what it was earlier when it was gusting to 20 to 40 miles per hour in boston. by 9:00, the showers will be gone. 63 midnight down about 60, partly cloudy to a few scattered clouds.
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by 4:00 a.m., it's down almost 50. maybe down in the upper 40s and 50 and boston by sunrise. these are the current numbers right now in the0s. 50s across northern new england and chilly up there all day long with rain falling much of the day. here's where the warm air moves up into southern new england. we'll get a chunk of the chill coming up tomorrow and warm up after ha that. let's take a look at the radar. we can see showers are all over the place. it's not a solid shield of rain. closing in around boston, we've got local downpours. logan airport had heavy downpours just a few minutes ago. going south, we hit scattered showers in middleborough, plymouth, duxbury, again changeable fluid situation. off to the west, we've got that heavy rain in parts in western new england as well.
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lightning in connecticut right now and severe weather in southeastern pennsylvania. i don't think you have to worry about anything is everybody veer here, except downpours in a few locations. the wind is brisk over southeastern massachusetts. the wind is going to change direction. know it's coming up from the south here as we get into the evening hours. that's the cold front coming through. the wind shifts to the northwest, and when it does, we have gusts at 15 to 30 miles per hour. we may hear the wind howling a little bit and still brisk northwest at 15 to 25 or so with a hue fier gusts. at 3:00 it's down to 10, 15 miles per hour. so low temperatures tonight will be generally in the 40s off to the north and west and lower 50s down towards the cape and the islands. highs today in the 60s. upper 50s off to the north and west. so it should be a crisp, fall day as this band of rain moves southeastward this evening and it will be long gone. it will be clearing up tonight.
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mountains. we get a little bit of high, thin cloudiness coming through on sunday morning. here's my seven-day forecast. days. it is cooler tomorrow, but the be blowing. 68 on sunday. how about 76 for columbus day. that is way above average, and then it looks like it's still warm on tuesday. weekend coming up. david, lisa? >> we love it. thanks, barry. lexus just created a car that would fit right in at a soap box derby made entirely of cardboard and actually runs. right now, the car is on display at the home innovation show in great britain. it is a sedan made of 1700 sheets of corrugated cardboard. there's an electric motor and steering wheel, so somebody at least in theory could drive it right out of the room. >> it would be great on a rainy night to watch it melt around you.
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>> coming up next, the local hospital saying, no thanks if you can't kick the habit. >> plus, if you could change one thing about your commute what would it be? up next, a new commuter wish list reveals your top picks. >> coming up new at 6:00 -- how old is too old to drive? after another crash involving an elderly driver today, our jon keller takes a closer look at the problem and why crash after crash nothing seems to
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from now open, one local hospital says it's not hiring anyone who's a smoker. umass memorial hospital in marlboro says applicants will have to take a drug test that along with illegal substances will be looking for nicotine. current employees who smoke are encouraged to quit but we're told their jobs are safe. bostonians are looking for key improvements. >> based on interviews with more than 6,000 people, a group known as go boston 2030, they want every house in boston to be 10 minutes or less from a t bus route, hub way station and car share location. they also want to see the t run on time at least 90% of the time. dude, where's my car? maybe it's at logan. next week, massport will auction off 90 cars that have been abandoned there for at least a year.
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they tried to contact the owners but never heard back. so if you need a new car, head off to logan a week from tomorrow. >> 90 cars abandoned in the last year? >> you know, you can't find it, you just give up and go home. >> oh, well, it must have just walked away. bill cosby under oath. >> still ahead, the comedian faces big questions in a big deposition. >> and training for the baa half marathon straight through chemotherapy. the new beginning at the marathon finish line. >> today, an officer is in trouble over this picture. why was he fast asleep with a pillow in his cruiser? >> and as we go to break, here's a live look outside at some unfortunately miserable conditions on the pike westbound. very slow and very wet.
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now at 5:30 on this friday on the roadways.
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