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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 9, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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and pinning a man beneath. lynn ran to help. >> we were all running. he was responsive and okay. >> reporter: eight people were struck when the driver hit five other cars in his path. larry prue unable to get out of the way fast enough. >> i spun around to see what was going on and i felt getting hit in the back of the legs. i didn't know if it was by people or a car. everything happened so fast. >> the car was speeding about 30, 40 miles per hour. every second i was waiting thinking, he's going to stop. >> reporter: it was only the wall that stopped the driver. witnesses say they never heard the braking sound. >> it was like he was confused and it went downhill from there. >> reporter: that is part of the investigation whether it was a mechanical problem or human error. it's unclear if any charges will be filed. right now, police say it does look like a horrible accident. reporting live from framingham,
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i'm beth germano, wbz news. paula? >> beth, thank you. this is one of four crashes in as many months involving an elderly driver behind the wheel bringing up the very sensitive question, how old is too old to drive? jon keller takes a closer look coming up in a few minutes. breaking right now here at 6:00, two more arrests tonight just announced in the gruesome murder of a marshfield man. >> let's get to christina hager news conference. christina? >> reporter: this goes back to the september 16 murder of robert mckenna, 45-year-old from marshfield who was killed in a bloody struggle in his home here in marshfield. now two more arrests we're going to show you their pictures. michael, an attorney from marshfield who practiced in quincy charged with murder and burglary and his girlfriend lauren khalil also accused and
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police say there was broken glass all over his home after the murder but the weapon is unclear. mckenna said to have had weapons in his home that were stolen during the murder, including two assault rifles. police say they have now in the course of these two arrests, they have confiscated five weapons, four they can trace back to mckenna. here's what the district attorney had to say. >> this case is ongoing. the work is not over and will not be over until every person who is responsible is held accountable for their actions. >> we said it and we meant it. we told them we were coming for them, and we did. >> reporter: and that was another man last week arraigned and charged with murder. no word on a motive.
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mckenna, was known to be a heroin user. police found a marijuana growing operation in his home. there were weapons missing. we know there was a burglary. friends say he spoke about having gem stones. all of this new information and the two new arrests coming from new information police received from a tipster. live in marshfield, christina hager, wbz news. back to you. >> thank you. you can see christina with the umbrella. wet, windy conditions combined with busy roads make it a messy friday evening commute. here's a live look at the expressway with the folks heading southbound. it's gotten a little bit better. the traffic situation is a real nightmare. the red means it's not good. rain, thunderstorms, already slowing things down. >> you add all of that to one
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of the busiest travel days and you have a lot of trouble with the holiday weekend. we want to get right to our meteorologist barry burbank to talk about how long the rain is adding to the traffic situation. >> it isn't going to last that much longer. we've got showers all over the place, so it is a fluid situation that pours and stops and rains again and starts and stops. we have heavier rain around boston and points to the south. out to the west, i want to show you what's going on here. this is monson right here. in monson, they had trees down in one street in monson due to what apparently was stronger winds being brought down by the heavy rainfall. some of the heavier rain areas move on through. some of the stronger winds we brought down. so we're heading to worcester and hopkinton. heavier rain moving eastward. we're on the back edge of this now as you can see.
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so another couple of hours of perhaps heavy duty downpours in places will all come to an end. don't worry about the weekend. it's going to be great. 60 tomorrow and cool and crisp. sunshiny, a few clouds. partly sunny and 68. i'll be back with the weekend forecast. see you in a few minutes. paula? >> thank you. remember you can keep track of storms any time anywhere with the cbs boston weather app. it's free. just search cbs boston. new video of a beacon hill bank robbery. the robbers hit the hingham savings bank and took off. they didn't get far. police caught up with them in charlestown. the robbers apparently changed clothes and julyped into a cab to get away. also tonight, a murder for hire case. an everett man hiring himself out as a hitman. little did he know he was speaking to an undercover fbi agent.
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burk conspired to kill a would- be person for months. he's already a convicted criminal and will be back in court later in the month. all new tonight at 6:00, a social worker in wakefield is now facing human trafficking and child charges. police began investigating 34- year-old rick hall in august when they say he began inappropriately communicating with three 15-year-old girls out of state. hall owns north shore recovery management in reading. his license has been suspended pending the investigation. we have a lot still to come tonight at 6:00 including of uber. one of the cases stemming from in boston. >> plus, left in the lot. what happens to the dozens of cars abandoned at logan? >> plus, drafted by his favorite college basketball team. we are there as a young cancer patient learns he'll become a
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a closer look at a serious driving dilemma. a series of serious accidents involving elderly drivers auction. tonight, we are asking the age old question again, how old is too old to drive? >> jon keller has a look at the extent of the issue and why nothing seems to get done about it. >> reporter: today's horror show is an all too familiar site. this driver ran florida a busy real estate office this summer caused no injuries. two people were hurt in maine when a 93-year-old driver lost control outside a braintree supermarket. >> it was a lot of carnage. it's probably the worst i've seen in a while in a parking lot. >> reporter: this has been going on for years all over the country. federal statistics show drivers over age 65 account for close
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the numbers have been rising as the baby bombers age. it's expected men and women will outlive their driving skills by six to ten years. massachusetts is one of the most lenient states when it comes to regulating senior driver safety, requiring only that they take an eye test when they renew their license. the closest we've come to a crackdown was six years ago when the death of a 4-year-old crossing a stoughton street sparked outrage. >> let's take action now. >> reporter: but no action was taken. why not? at this driver's ed class for seniors we attended a while back a common complaint about tighter elder driving restrictions was heard. with powerful senior advocacy groups putting pressure on to back off, you can count on seeing scenes like this again and again.
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true enough, but beacon hill has enacted a number of restrictions on young drivers in recent years to dell with that while the laws regarding senior drivers remains untouched. this friday evening, we continue to keep a close eye on the traffic situation. take a look at all of those red lights. that's westbound. as david said, it's a little down with the rain complicating things. >> you know it's all of the peepers coming to town for the weekend. this is the big weekend for foliage, but it's not all that great right now. >> we've heard a lot of yellow and dull colors this year. >> yeah. i've been disappointed the last few days, paula. when i drove in to work, i saw tremendous color in spots. so it's all about locations. someplaces it's becoming more vibrant. a lot of places it's on the mulletted side. these are the high temperature days.
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how about that for october 9? about 8 degrees for the average. we've got rain in boston that's been falling with showers passing by. look at the dew point. it's 62 and feels muggy out there right now. not truly tropical, but it's all going to change this evening as a cold front goes by. watch boston as it starts cooling off. it clears out once the showers pass by here. so currently it's 65 to 68 in southern new england. and it's much cooler and drier off to the west with the dew point and air temperatures in the upper 40s and 50s. here's where it's humid here. during the 40s and 30s back here, we get right back to the nice, dry air tomorrow as the cold front comes through tonight with the showers and storms. let's look at the rain that's been falling with heavy duty showers in spots. marshfield and down to plymouth with heavy duty downpours. a couple of clashes of lightning and claps of thunder
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let's look at the west- northwest. this is nasty here. it's coming down in sheets east. the stronger winds aloft may cause scattered wind damage. the cooler, drier air will cool off nicely. watch the time stamp. lows tonight upper 40s to 50 degrees with the air much, much drier late this evening and overnight. highs flirting with 60. so it should be a nice, crisp fall day, and just a few scattered clouds may go by here and there. this weekend will be on the sunny side with a bank of clouds early on sunday morning. most of those will disappear. most of sunday should be nice as well. so again, going up to the lakes and mountains for this weekend should be in the low to middle 50s tomorrow. mid to upper 50s on sunday and
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middle to upper 60s on columbus day. so i think we'll have a great weekend to look at the fall foliage. we'll have temperatures, which ill with be comfortable. 76 on monday, how about that, and still warm on tuesday with a couple of showers. cooler the second half of next week and next weekend will be snow showers in the northern mountains. enjoy the holiday weekend. paula, david? >> thank you so much. even though it is a beautiful weekend, a reminder the weekend is coming. michael sent us this picture of snow blowers lined up outside of a lowe's. in case you are wondering, 73 days away from the official start of winter. >> that might make some appeal think, ooh, i can't get one last year, i may go do that this weekend. >> the hardware store near my house already has a sold sign. two days before football. >> you guys should be ashamed of yourself showing snow right now. what's going on with you two? what is that about? okay, okay. the calendar flipped and this will be a long stretch for the patriots. the bye week is over and sunday
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starts 13 weeks of regular england. you know, coming into the season, there was a lot of talk about who would share the runningback duties with legarrette blount. dion lewis opened eyes by returning for 69 yards. extremely well. the pats have given him a two- year contract extension which belichick says lewis is a coach's dream. >> i think on the field dion's been great. had a really good off-season for us. works hard. he's a well conditioned player. he does a good job of, you know, learning. he's learned a lot of different adjustments. all of the different blitz pickups and so forth in the passing game. he picks things up well and works hard. he's very coachable. just really tries to do what you ask him to do, you know? whatever it is, he just doesn't ask any questions. he just works hard to get it
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right. you love to coach guys like that. >> reporter: coming up at 7:00, patriots all access. remember the best patriots coverage happens right here. we go behind the signs like nobody else. it all gets going on sunday. start your day off with patriots game day at 11:30. the pats and cowboys kick off at 4:25 on wbz followed by the fifth quarter post game show on my tv 38. the bs are trying another bounce-back year after not making the playoffs last season. the hockey season is a marathon not a sprint. this is the opener boston would like to forget. david krejci got the bs on the board fist goal and then from there, it was all winnipeg. three goals in the second and three more in the third. winnipeg snapped a 13-game losing streak in boston beating the bruins last night 6-2.
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wanted and generated a lot of chances definitely would have been nice to come out of that. in the second, we had a few breakdowns and capitalized, which we didn't. that was the story of the game right there. >> jack eichel is on the board. maybe the buffalo sabers need more echols. he was the only one to score for them. by the way, the bruins take on the montreal canadiens tomorrow at 7:00. guys? >> i love to see that from jack eichel. appreciate it levan. thank you. thank you so much. coming up, hoping to drum up business by creating a little buzz around town. the yard sale signs that could
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leadership isn't given. it's earned. realized.
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fulfilled. won. leadership isn't given.
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tonight, we know a boston resident is one of two women suing uber. the women say they were sexually assaulted by uber drivers and their federal lawsuits claim that uber markets itself as a safe transportation option for women. the complaint allegations that the company fails to screen its drivers and accuse uber of neglect and fraud. uber says the two drivers in question no longer drive for them. the accused boston uber driver was arrested and was charged. to logan now where drivers presumably caught a one-way flight because they left behind their jeeps, suvs, and beamers. massport will auction off 95 vehicles abandoned at the airport parking lot. all of the cars will be there for a year. massport tried to call the owners and couldn't reach them. the cash-only auction starts a week from tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. >> it's amazing there are that
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people will do just about their stuff. take a look at the yard sale signs that use controversial figures such as donald trump, the white civil rights activist who claimed she was black and kim davis all to get your attention and get you to come to the yard sale. >> somebody's good at marketing. it's not often you get your yard sale on wbz but they accomplished that. still to come, a 9-year- old drafted by boston college. >> we're going to introduce you to a little boy battling cancer who wants nothing more than to be a part of bc basketball.
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christmas in october. tonight on the wbz news at 10:00 on my tv 38, the reason behind the ever-early push to start holiday shopping. >> tonight at 11:00, chronic
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leading some to overuse drugs like ibuprofen. a local drug company has tried to get rid of your pain. dr. mallika marshall takes a closer look at how it all works. today a 9-year-old boy is now a member of the bc men's basketball teal. >> lexington's quinn andler has been undergoing chemotherapy since he was diagnosed earlier this year money today, the hoops team drafted him because of team impact that pairs up children with health issues and college teams. >> there was no doubt in our mind when we met quinn that he's a b.c. guy. >> it's exciting for quinn to be part of the team. he loves basketball and loves boston college. i think the players have been really kind to quinn. it's exciting to be part of it all. >> he's what we want our players to represent inspirationally, the way he
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>> yeah! >> quinn will attend practices, games, and best of all, get his own locker. past participants say the experience is inspirational and unforgettable. >> looked nervous, not a big smile but as soon as he gets home, he'll say, mom, dad, do you remember when that happened? we'll continue to keep a close eye on the traffic situation. live look at the zakim bridge and it's not as bad as it was a while ago. the right-hand side of the screen, the lights coming at you southbound going into the tunnel not terrible. to your far right are all of the folks heading north. that's not that bad. we were warned it would be a busy travel night. >> there is a little space between some of those cars. >> maybe a foot or two. >> and wet roads. how much longer? >> one to two more hours. the heaviest rain is moving into metro west communities and heading for boston.
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there could be a flash of lightning and a few places could have strong, gusty winds briefly as some of the stronger winds aloft will come down with the rain. then it's out of here and the weekend looks good. >> what do you think, levan, patriots going to win? >> they were like 20. >> you said the spread's 8. >> yeah, i know. they don't know what they're doing. [ laughter ] >> the people in vegas. >> yeah. >> everything's gold. go, patriots. we want to thank you for watching tonight. >> we'll see you back here for the wbz news at 11:00.
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