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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  October 12, 2015 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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right now at 6:00, a violent crime spree in boston. the surveillance video police hope will lead them to the suspect. campaign 2016 hits the granite state. eight candidates speak at a forum if manchester a day after a new poll is released. and some travel troubles for southwest. the glitch that caused long lines at airports all over the country and the warning from the airline for passengers today. swastikas found painted on a popular bike trail. the search this morning to find
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whoever is responsible. good morning to you. great to have you with us on this monday. i'm kathryn hauser. i'm bree sison filling in for chris mckinnon celebrating columbus day at home this morning. way to go. let's get a check of your forecast with pamela gardner who is in for danielle this morning. >> we have a couple of people sleeping in. >> it's a great day to take off. it's going to be gorgeous. perfect weather. the warming trend continues. today will be the warmest day for quite some time. enjoy it. 52 degrees boston. a mild start us for here. worcester 49 degrees. norwood down to 39 degrees. patchy frost and dew reported in some spots, too. also some light fog becoming rather dense in a couple of locations. new bedford to plymouth visibility down to a quarter mile or less. we'll keep you updated on foggy conditions. temperatures in the 70s. dominant south wind keeping our
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friends along the south coast just a tad cooler. rain timing coming up in your forecast for tomorrow. then we get much cooler. when we'll see highs around 50 in your seven-day forecast. kathryn? >> pamela, thank you very much. let's get a live look at the roads right now. this is the expressway. there is one issue to report, a crash on 128 south. one lane is blocked but for the most part it has been a very holiday. a lot less volume out there. new this morning a convenience store clerk is injured in a stabbing overnight in bedford. police say a suspect walked into this store at the shell gas station off of great road demanding cash and at some point the clerk was stabbed. the clerk suffered minor injuries. the suspect ran off. developing this morning, a shooting after the patriots- cowboys game leads a man -- leaves a man in critical condition. police in arlington, texas, say there was a fight in the parking lot yesterday evening. a man in his 40s was shot in
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the head and rushed to the hospital. a suspect was arrested and is facing several charges. police are investigating what led to the shooting. a spokesperson says the victim and shooter might have been tailgating. just about 6:03 right now. boston police are trying to find a man in connection with a sexual assault in dorchester. take a look. police have released surveillance video of a person of interest who they want to talk to. the assault happened on september 27 odor chester avenue and harbor view street. >> any time you get a situation like that, there's always a very active investigation. there was good footage that was helpful in the apprehension potentially. >> mayor marty walsh there. police are looking into whether the same person was involved in a series of armed robberies on the same day. all four of the rockeries happened in the area of ditson and leroy streets. in each case police told a man with braids and a red shirt threatened to stab them. a travel nightmare for some southwest passengers.
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>> hundreds of flight delays glitch. sue say ste -- susie steimle is good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i do not want to hype this up for people at home because right now is looks like this computer glitch has been taken care of. take a look for yourself. southwest kiosk. people are walking up, printing problems. they're also using their mobile phones as boarding passes with regularity. no problems as far as what we've seen at logan airport. yesterday, though, a completely different story. 450 flights across the country were delayed because of a computer glitch. southwest still doesn't know exactly what went wrong to cause that glitch yesterday but it caused a headache for travelers and a lot of long lines at airports all across the country. so because of that for the past 24 hours, they have been advising their passengers if you can to print your boarding passes at home so you avoid any sort of a hassle today.
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>> there were people sitting down on the floor when we started because they haven't moved in hours. >> about an hour in the express lines. and it hasn't moved in the last 30 minutes. going to be a long day. >> reporter: really for us good news at logan airport this morning. it looks like that glitch has been taken care of. that being said if i were you, i would print my boarding pass at home. my experience at airports always better to be safe than sorry. we're live at logan airport this morning, suesie steimle. wbz this morning. presidential candidates will sit down today at a no labels convention. nicole jacobs has a preview. >> reporter: this is something you don't see very often, especially during the campaign season but today democrats and republicans will gather here in manchester and speak with potential voters on their idea
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of how various political parties can come together. it's called the no labels forrup and we do -- no labels forum and we do expect to hear from presidential hopefuls like donald trump, bernie sanders, chris christie and many others. we're getting a look at new cbs poll numbers that show trump still leading for republicans with 27% followed by ben carson with 21% and hillary clinton leads the democratic numbers 27%. in a "face the nation" poll numbers. statement. 60% of registered voters say trustworthy. that number has gone up since >>it's better than hillary. >> if they think you're a trust you? very important. smart guy. >> reporter: well, in the latest cbs poll numbers, donald
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trump actually has 33% to hillary clinton's 35% when it comes to honesty and trust. i should also add that today's event comes one day before the first democratic debate which is scheduled for tomorrow night. we're live in manchester, nap familiar, nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. >> thanks so much. trump is stirring up trouble over a song he used at a campaign event. >> trump walked out to aerosmith's "dream on." steven tyler asked trump to stop using the song. attorneys for tyler mailed a cease and desist letter to trump saying the candidate does not have permission to use that or any other aerosmith song at a campaign event. tyler's reps were quick to point out, though, that doesn't mean he's opposed to trump's bid. steven tyler is a registered republican. president obama is speaking
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out about the search for a new speaker of the house. he says he hopes whoever gets the job is willing to compromise. the president spoke last night on "60 minutes" telling steve kroft that he and john boehner had a good working relationship. >> he did care about the institution. he recognized that nobody gets a hundred percent in our democracy. i won't say that he and i were ideal partners, but he and i could talk and we could get some things double. >> right now many republicans are rallying around former vice presidential nominee paul ryan to be the next speaker, but ryan says he does not want the job. a community is in mourning following the deadly shooting of an off-duty memphis police officer. 31-year-old terence olridge was shot multiple times yesterday. he was taken to a local hospital where he later died. a suspect is in custody but the investigation is ongoing. olridge is the second memphis police officer shot to death in the last to and a half -- last
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two and a half months. two outside reviews into the shooting death of a black boy by a white cleveland police officer have concluded that the shooting was justified. the reviews were ordered by the prosecutor investigating the death of tamir rice in november of last year. the 12-year-old was holding a pellet gun in his hand. a retired f.b.i. agent and denver prosecutor concluded the patrolman based on emergency calls had reason to believe the boy was a serious threat. it's up to a grand jury to decide if the officer will be charged in the boy's death. police on the cape are trying to find the vandal who painted swastikas on the bike path between brewster and harwich. a member ever the antidefamation league happened to be riding on the trail and snap add picture of the hate -- snapped a picture of the hate symbols. they've already been paifnlted over. two -- painted over. to boats and a dock destroyed yesterday on the little river in mashpee. one boat caught fire.
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and the dockage damaged yet a third boat. no word on what caused that fire there. and two quincy families left homeless following this fire. flames broke out on the second floor of a home on philips street yesterday and spread to the third floor and attic. everybody got out safely but the building is a total loss. investigators are still trying to determine the cause of this deadly fire in franklin. a couple was killed saturday morning when their home exploded and burst into flames as you can see. neighbors say they had just moved from florida into this new condo to be closer to their grandchildren. the condo was heated by poe pain and a gas -- propane and a gas leak is suspected. up next on wbz this morning, new steps to fight the state's opioid crisis. >> the change the governor wants to make so hospitals can treat abusers. >> plus, the path to rollover the cowboys in dallas. we have highlights still ahead. >> making it easier to find a parking spot in boston.
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even days before you head downtown. pamela? >> that's a fantastic idea. this morning temperatures in the 40s or 50s. larry from centreville says it's 51 degrees at his house but everyone experiencing warm temps this afternoon.
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so many people taking advantage of the spectacular weather we've been having. what a stretch? >> it was amazing and a big turnout in wakefield around lake quannapowitt. we know a guy that had something to do with this. chris mckinnon served as the emcee for the event. love it. this year's theme the world is ours. >> it means so much to us. it's our third buddy walk. drew here will be 3 years old this november. and this community has completely 180. this changed our lives for the positive. >> awesome. governor baker declared october down syndrome awareness month in massachusetts. >> chris was saying that 4,000 people participated in the walk this year. the cause that is near and dear
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to his heart. his cousin casey, casey's team walking. chris, we're hoping he's sleeping in this morning. >> he walked so muscle he needed the day -- so much he needed the day off. it's the perfect day to have off because the spectacular today. i have a little bit of everything for those who love warm weather or those who love the cool, crisp fall weather. day forecast. today the warm temperatures to do any leaf peeping and this picture from sarah. she sent this in. color. looks like in that locationer you're getting close to peak. spotty color around boston to the cape and islands. you a the foliage, the leaves turning, this is just behind by a week or two comparing it to past years. lakes and mountains forecast if you are headed to the north, making taking a quick day trip, 69 degrees under full sunshine. awesome weather for any plans you might have today.
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your morning depending on where you liver. keene 39 degrees -- you liver. keene 39 degrees. taunton 46 degrees. as you head out the door you might want a sweater but you won't need it later today. it will be awesome. not as windy as yesterday but still a dominant south wind helping to warm us quickly to 71 degrees. your hour-by-hour forecast by 1:00 here in boston and with the full sunshine also helping to warm us up but we don't stop there. 74 the high temp here. 77 bedford. norwood 77. getting close to 80 degrees and a lot of inland locations on the cape, the islands, either the upper 60s or right around 70 degrees. 76 degrees columbus day. mostly sunny skies and cooler along the south coast because of that south wind. overnight increasing clouds, chance for a late, late night here's the hour-by-hour forecast to time in the rain. today looking great. notice nothing pushing in from 6:00 p.m. still clear but then the clouds
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move in from the southeast giving us also a chance for some spotty showers. maybe a rumble or two with thunder between 5:00 a.m. and noon on the cape or the islands but then after that we have plenty of dry opportunities to get outside and enjoy the 70s again. we're going with another warm day on tuesday. partly sunny through 5:00 p.m. a cold front moves in giving us another round of spotty showers but not a complete washout for here's the seven day. tuesday 73 before the rain pushes through and the cold front cools us off to 65 wednesday. 50s by thursday and friday. 58 saturday and by sunday a high of 50 on the dot. traffic and weather together. thanks so much. >> take a live look from sky eye. 128 in beverly, a crash just past route 1-a. several emergency vehicles you see there on scene. traffic is slowly getting by in the middle lane. it's causing an early backup on 128.
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we'll keep you posted on that one. governor charlie baker is proposing a new step to help the state's opioid crisis. the governor wants to give hospitals the power to treat substance abusers whether they want it or not. the legislation would apply to addicts who pose a danger to themselves or others. the governor believes medical professionals need more tools to fight the opioid crisis. new this morning more notices are going out to homeowners that their insurance companies are dropping coverage. "the boston globe" reports some homeowners who filed big games after last year's winter storms are scrambling to find other insurance. major companies are dropping customers to cut risk and save money. the commonwealth does not have any laws prohibiting companies from doing so. the city of boston might be lacking when it comes to inspecting rental apartments. that's according to the globe as well. the city wanted to inspect 60,000 units by year end to make sure the apartments are
6:17 am
the globe reports, though, only far. the city is now lowering their inspect 44,000. right now. parents, students and teachers are expected to crowd into the statehouse tomorrow for a public hearing on nearly three dozen education-related bills. the majority of the bills are related to charter schools, including proposals to create a moratorium on new charter schools. the hearing comes just days after governor charlie baker unveiled a bill that he said wee let the state add up to a dozen new or expanded charter schools each year. the pats continue their winning ways. in the last three games the patriots scored 121 points and they didn't let up against the cowboys in dallas either. the offense struggled early on but finally got things going in the second quarter. dion lewis gets all the way
6:18 am
which -- 1-year-old line which set up -- 1-yard line which set up tom brady. the indianapolis colts. us the' a rematch of last year's afc championship game. deflategate saga. closely. former president george h.w. bush is recovering nicely. he was at last night's royals game in huston -- houston where he threw out the first pitch. the. was in a wheelchair wearing a neck brace. the 91-year-old is recovering from a broken vertebrae in his back. he recently returned to texas after summerying in maine. i like that, summering. coming up making it easier to find a parking spot in boston. >> new ways to secure a space days before you even head downtown. >> coming up at 6:30, one of boston's oldest theaters going dark.
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just about 6:24. back. the ride sharing service uber is more popular than ever. uber drivers provided by two million rides to massachusetts passengers just in september. that's a new record. the milestone comes at a time when beacon hill is considering how to regulate ride sharing services that have cut into the taxi business. ride sharing services tend to be cheaper as they set their own fares and taxi fares are set by the community they service. on this holiday weekend, the price of gas continues to go in the right direction for drivers. that might soon change, though. over the past two weeks the average price of a gallon has dropped half a cent. that's the smallest drop in the last 17 weeks, but a moderate hike in the cost of crude oil has wholesale prices going up.
6:22 am
the average price for a gallon of gas right now is $2.34. you're going to want to listen to this one. sometimes finding a parking spot as you know in boston, you feel like hitting the lottery when you find one. now there are new ways to secure a space hours or even days before you drive downtown. our chris mckinnon explains. >> reporter: for some describing parking in boston is easy. >> horrific. >> reporter: then there's the more mythical approach. >> parking spots are like unicorns. you hear about them but you don't see too many of them. >> reporter: now if you're looking to secure a spot in a parking garage or parking lot, you can get help from your phone. >> we have a massive amount of availability in the boston area. >> reporter: apps like parkwhiz and spot hero lets you reserve a parking spot days in advance. drivers can book the parking spot right on the app. the app is free but drivers will have to pay for the parking. >> then you'll get a qr code sent to your mobile phone which will be validated at the garage that you will show to the attendant on site.
6:23 am
to the time of your booking. >> reporter: not only can they guarantee parking but sometimes too. >> what we do when we work with our parking partners is we're trying to drive down the cost. >> reporter: but for some worth any price. >> sometimes the stress of trying to find a parking spot is worth the money you pay for the parking. >> reporter: in case you needed a reminder of how bad the parking situation in boston can be, according to a recent survey, boston was named the the country. chris mckinnon, wbz news. >> only number five? >> only number five, right. >> it could be worse. >> we feel like we're number one. >> it does the circling, yeah. >> can't talk about it. early in the morning here. coming up in the next half- hour, we get a check of your traffic and weather together. >> plus, a check of your top stories which includes a big hampshire. we'll tell you about the presidential candidates from both sides. >> the future of one of the air.
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campaign 2016 hits the granite state. eight candidates participating in a conference on the heels of some new poll numbers. travel trouble for southwest airlines. a glitch that caused long lines at airports across the country anded warning from the airline to passengers this morning. one of boston's oldest theaters going dark. the uncertain future for the colonial theater. good morning. welcome back on this monday. i'm bree sison filling in for chris mckinnon. i'm kathryn hauser. enjoy the day. the weather, this great stretch is going to continue on. >> thank goodness. and this afternoon for us. when we're off of work.
6:28 am
it's going to be spectacular. i've already planned the day going apple picking. i've never done it before. my husband doesn't know yet. surprise. >> because he's still sleeping but he'll find out later. a gorgeous sunrise as we take a live look over boston. awesome. a little bit of a haze on the horizon. we had some reports of light fog reducing visibility in some spots. 52 degrees in boston. 49 plymouth. p-town 55 degrees. visibility down in some spots mainly to the north and west, though. keene a quarter mile or less. that's a typical area normally dealing with the fog. but light fog from new bedford to plymouth and falmouth. no big issue at this time and nothing headed our way in your hour-by-hour forecast. today temperatures soar into the 70s for almost everyone staying just a touch cooler on the south coast, the cape and breeze. breeze. 76 degrees for the high.
6:29 am
some rain for tomorrow and then cooler temperatures. if you're a crisp fall-like autumn lover, very quite the forecast for you. traffic and weather together. >> thank you very much. let's give you an update on a situation in beverly. that's where a multicar crash is causing some delays near exit 20 on 128 south just past route 1-a. crews are still there as you can see working to clear the scene. traffic is slowly getting by but that's just in the middle lane. this is causing some early delays so just be prepared for that if this is part of your commute. over to the west let's get a look at the maps. a disabled vehicle slowing at exit 25. other than that no major problems this morning. a travel nightmare for southwest airlines passengers. hundreds of flights delayed because of a computer glitch. susie steimle is live at logan airport with how our morning is
6:30 am
>> reporter: good morning -- susie? >> reporter: good morning. we don't always have good news to report but we do this morning. looks like the computer glitch has been taken care of. take a look for yourself. there are no lines at the ticket counter and it's been consistent like this all morning. people haven't had issues getting their boarding passes or using their mobile phones for their boarding passes. yesterday it was a huge travel hassle all across the country. 450 flights were delayed. there were long lines wrapping around airports all over the country, including boston because of a computer glitch and southwest hasn't explained exactly what went wrong. we just know passengers couldn't use the kiosk or their phones. they were giving out handwritten tickets in certain locations. as you might imagine, there were a lot of frustrated passengers. take a listen. >> that's live. everything is online, the
6:31 am
i'm not happy about it but hopefully they'll fix it up. >> reporter: the suction from southwest airlines for the past 24 hours particularly yesterday but it is extending into today is print your boarding pass at home and arrive two hours early to avoid any sort of hassle. as far as we've seen, there have been no problems at logan this morning. live at logan airport, susie steimle, were bz this morning. presidential hopefuls from both sides of the aisle are heading to new hampshire today. they're going to sit down at a no labels event to try to solve problems and break the gridlock going on in washington. wbz's nicole jacobs is live for us in manchester with a preview of the day's events. good morning, nicole. >> reporter: good morning to you, kathryn. the idea is to come together for the common goal of showing the country what it could look like if political parties were to unite without the divide. and it's called the no labels
6:32 am
we do expect to hear from donald trump, bernie sanders as well as chris christie and many others, of course. this happens as we are also getting a closer look at new cbs poll numbers that show trump still leading the republicans with 27% followed by ben carson with 21% and hillary clinton leading the democratic side with 46% followed by sanders at 27%. i should also add that this comes a day before the first democratic debate. one unknown continues to be, of course, vice president joe biden, he is yet to determine the race. we expect to know that in the coming days but certainly he will not take part in tomorrow's debate. we're live in manchester, new hampshire, nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. president obama is talking about hillary clinton's e-mail scandal.
6:33 am
private e-mail server while she was secretary of state. >> she made a mistake. she's acknowledged it. i do think the way it's been jened up is in part because of politics. i think she would be the first to acknowledge maybe she could have handled the original decision better and the disclosures more quickly. >> the president downplayed the fear of the national security last night on "60 minutes." he also believes clinton was not trying to hide anything but thinks the american people should listen to her and decide for themselves. thousands gather in us tan buhl to mourn -- istanbul to mourn the victims when two explosions shook the capital. funeral prayers were held for the victims. two bombs went off saturday during a peace rally near a train station. the death toll this morning is
6:34 am
others are still in the hospital. turkish authorities say police are investigating four islamic state militants. no one has claimed responsibility. a former irish bank executive arrested over the weekend in massachusetts is facing extradition charges tomorrow. "the boston globe" reports david drum was a powerful chief executive at ireland's anglo airish bank. he left during the financial crisis and fled to boston when ireland started to investigate him. in a new study this morning, a popular drug to treat depression in adults is also safe for children. lithium is commonly prescribed to adults to control mood swings. now researchers are saying it can also treat children with by polar disorder "owe bi-- bipolar disorder. doctors say it's safe for kids between 7 and 17 at least for the short-term. a new link between heart attacks and depression. people who just had a heart attack are three times more likely to suffer from depreg.
6:35 am
that can increase -- depression. that can increase their risk for another heart attack. patients who exercise and quit smoking have a greater chance of improving their depression. 115 years of performances comes to an end to the colonial theater in boston, at least for now. the theater hosted what could be its final performance last night while off broadway enthusiasts vowed to fight the closure. >> reporter: emerson college students file into the colonial theater bought by their school nine years ago for a show what theater buffs say is an iconic building. >> it's like a gem to see a performance in a theater like this. >> it really needs to stay as an icon for the city and for the people. >> reporter: inside a 6:30 performance of "the book of mormon" delighted the crowd but it's the grandeur of the building itself that captures attention. >> the ornateness is just amazing. the architecture is brilliant. it's something that it would be a shame if something happened to it.
6:36 am
>> reporter: for members of a local theater union, there'sle the threat of losing jobs if emerson doesn't keep the colonial operating as a performance venue. the school is discussing plans to repurpose the building as a dining haul and student space. >> there's uncertainty, there's speculation. there's been press about what would happen but we haven't sold anything. >> reporter: online you'll find social media posts opposing a closing but also a petition hoping to persuade especialerson to keep the colonial a true theater. >> in a letter to the community, emmer soon ease -- emerson's president says the school chose not to renew the operational agreement because the colonial is in need of repair. the letter admits the school's plans for the building are fluid and vows to engage the community in planning for the colonial's long-term use. this is the subject of our daily talker today.
6:37 am
a viewer on our website says i am in favor of preservation. the wonderful architecture and historical importance of this building should be recognized and maintained for future generations. amy tells us it should stay a functioning theater not only for the public but also for the students. you can comment on our daily talker using twitter, facebook, or our website and we read them every morning. >> yes, we welcome your thoughts. i didn't realize what a beautiful theater is. just really nice. coming up some travel troubles for southwest airlines. >> the glitch that caused long lines at airports across the country and the warning from the airline for passengers this morning. >> later another school rescinds an honorary doctorate from bill cosby, the latest fallout from sexual assault allegations against the comedian. pamela? >> time to take a look at more of those weather watcher reports. pleasant temperatures across
6:38 am
many locations in the 40s here. 41 in berry. we're on our way to some 70s. all the numbers coming up in your forecast and when we'll
6:39 am
football fields are often filled to capacity at games. this is a much different filling. heavy rain just cascading right down the steps of the high school stadium and then flowed right on to the field. >> fallen leaves covered the storm drains and that left the water to rise and rise fast. crews were out yesterday trying to get the stadium ready for the school's next game. they definitely have their work cut out for them. imagine if they were playing? that's what i kempt thinking. you would need flooding gear. >> and your galoshes. pamela gardner with us here now. they needed that rain. >> they do. unfortunately it came in big bursts. heavy showers and in such a short period of time that it doesn't help. they're in a severe drought there in seattle to extreme
6:40 am
drought in some parts of washington state. for us here at home in new england, we have normally dry conditions in much of the area to moderate drought conditions still to the north and west of boston here and the drought monitor updates every thursday. this does not count -- take into account the rain we actually had friday night. we'll keep you posted on that. updated drought monitor. right now temperatures are very mild. no showers in the forecast. 54 brewster. dennis port 56 degrees according to our weather bug network. we have a clear sky out there. temperatures have fallen into the 40s or 30s in some locations. 52 degrees here in boston. running just a tad warmer compared to this time yesterday. 3 degrees warmer in boston. hour-by-hour forecast we warm quickly thanks to a southerly breeze and full sunshine to 71 degrees by 1:00. 72 degrees 3:00 p.m. we don't stop there. high 74 in boston.
6:41 am
close to 80 degrees farther inland. even around 70 degrees on the cape, the islands, just a touch cooler and areas along the south coast a bit cooler too. overnight tonight increasing clouds. a chance for a few late showers 54 degrees. not everyone will see the rain tonight or tomorrow but here's the latest hour-by-hour timing. hopefully you do get some of those showers because we need the rain. 9:00 a.m. starting here. we couldn't time the rain out any better actually. hopefully you have the day off. it will be perfect for any outdoor plans you might have. this afternoon and this evening still looking dry. no rain pushing in. after midnight tonight a few of the spotty showers roll in from the southeast giving us a chance for maybe a light shower around boston. eastern parts of massachusetts, the cape, the islands and between 7:00 a.m. and noon on cape cod, you guys might hear a rumble of thunder but plenty of dry opportunities as we continue the clock through 5:00 p.m. partly sunny skies. another warm day on tuesday. cold front moves in tuesday
6:42 am
evening into the overnight hours giving us another round of a few spotty showers but then a big cooldown as a result for the next few days. wednesday 65. we go to 58 for thursday. friday 59. chance for evening showers there as well. another cold front into next weekend with sunday's high only 50 degrees. traffic and wester together, bree -- weather together, bree. >> thanks so much. crews are nearly finishing up at the scene of an earlier accident on 128 south in beverly. several cars were involved there. traffic is still backed up to the southbound lanes. a live look at the expressway now. volume building here but no major issues to report. it is 6:47 on your monday morning. checking our top stories now, boston police trying to find a man in connection with a sexual assault in dorchester. >> police released surveillance video of a person of interest they want to talk to.
6:43 am
it happened on september 27 odor chester avenue and harbor view street. they're also looking into whether the person is involved in a series of robberies the same day. eight presidential hopefuls will be in new hampshire today to attend what is being called a no labels problem solver convention. front runners donald trump and bernie sanders are both on the schedule. other candidates said to partake include governor chris christie and senator lindsey graham. it focuses on the no labels movement which we mentioned which is dedicated to breaking the gridlock in washington. one of boston's oldest theaters may have held its last performance. from oklahoma to cabaret, some of the nation's greatest musicals have played the colonial theater. last night was the final performance of "the book of mormon" at the venue. emerson college owns the theater and is considering converting it into a dining hall and student performance space. travel troubles for people flying southwest airlines. the company says a technical issue is forces them -- forcing them to check in passengers manually. that was causing some long
6:44 am
country. their flights. southwest is urging customers to river at least two hours departure times. the good news is it sounds like things are status quo at logan airport this morning. >> getting back to normal. >> yes. comedian bill cosby. >> the latest school revoking an honorary degree amid sexual assault allegations. >> plus, president obama gives advice to can way west -- can way west -- kanye west. his tips if the rapper decides to go into politics.
6:45 am
welcome back. 6:51. bill cosby losing yet another honorary degree. baylor university joins the growing list of schools to rescind an honorary phz a-- ph.d. awarded to the comedian. they gave is to him in 2003. it's the latest setback over sexual allegations. baylor university says the allegations against cosby contradicts its mission and values. the comedian has not been charged with a crime and denies the allegations. first the critics panned it and then the audiences panned "pan." it sold $15.5 million in tickets this weekend. that was good for a third place finish but analysts are calling it one of the most year. hotel transylvania came in
6:46 am
second with more than $20 million in sales. matt damon's "the martians" took in the top spot for another week. >> it's a book too. you knew it was going to become a movie. >> have to check it out. rapper kanye west said he would like to get into politics, perhaps run for president or become the next speaker of the house. >> like it's so easy to do. >> president obama heard about this and decided to give kanye a little advice. >> first of all, you've got to spend a lot of time dealing with some strange characters who behave like they're on a reality tv show. with that. >> i think kanye is cool with that. the president went on to joke about the title of kanye's fifth album and teased that the country may not elect a black guy from the south side of the oval office. >> it would be very interesting
6:47 am
>> stephen colbert did at one point. didn't work out. >> it actually does work out. look at him now. >> he did all right. it's 6:53. time for a closer look at what's coming up at 7:00 on cbs this morning. >> let's check in with gayle king. good morning, gayle. >> ahead on cbs this morning, more from the 60 minutes interview with president obama that you did not see last night. what he has planned for his last 15 months and what seth doane did in north korea to spark a threat he may never be allowed back. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00 straight up. >> thank you, gayle. we'll be watching. still to come, do you have what it takes to work at facebook? the questions all applicants must answer before joining the company. and some of them may surprise you. >> the weather forecast may surprise you today. we're on our way to the 70s. a beautiful columbus day not feeling like calm at all. by the end of your seven day, cooler temperatures.
6:48 am
here's a question for you. do you have what it takes to work at facebook? "time" magazine releasing some of the questions that job applicants have to answer. >> the questions differ if the job you apply for. makes sense. so a candidate for products manager might be asked something like how would you build facebook for blind
6:49 am
but a data scientist would be asked how many big macs does mcdonald's sell each year in the u.s. or if you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be? that would be an interesting job interview. >> i hope when you apply you come with your thinking cap on because-- >> right. creativity is what they're trying to plug into. get outside today, right? >> high 76. awesome. cbs this morning is next right here on wbz.
6:50 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, october 12th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." nationwide frustration for thousands of passengers mysterious technical glitches could force another day of delays for southwest airlines. president obama looks ahead to his final year in office. part of his "60 minutes" interview you didn't see last night. north korea gives western reporters a show. see why seth doane was told he may never be allowed to go back! we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener."
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