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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  October 13, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> the news at 5:00 starts right now. developing overnight a s.w.a.t. team stores a local condo complex. >> a firefighter is in some serious trouble. what police say got him into that trouble. >> the democrats debting ready to take on each other in a debate. >> and details for a public hearing are set for this morning. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e-mail: >> good tuesday morning to you. i'm chris mckinnon. >> i'm kathryn hauser. glad to have you with us. it's been really nice weather- wise. i don't want to let go of the gorgeous weather, danielle, but we have changes to talk about. >> we do. each day will get a little cooler, but we've been piled. we're in the lower 60s from
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plymouth back down to the cape, coolest north and west of town where the skies are cleared. look at what's coming, though. to our south, areas of rain that have been moving up from south to north here. so there is a wave of low pressure that will go by. so pockets of rain will fill in near. the wettest period will be for your morning commute. patchy fog out there this morning is locally dense. we have quarter mile visibility with falmouth, which is something to be aware of. otherwise, areas of rain, downpours, south coast and cape especially. breaks of sun do come out by lunchtime. 66. so an above average day. we should top out in the lower 70s. breezy and mild, sunset at 6:06. just an isolated shower that will come through this evening. the cooler air does come in. i'll let you know when the temperatures get chilly for highs coming up. good morning, robi. >> good morning, danielle.
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expected for this time of the morning. only one problem showing up down at braintree. a reported object on the roadway. no reports of any lane closures there. chris, kathryn? developing this morning some really tense moments in a local neighborhood. s.w.a.t. teams used a flash grenade to get inside this condo in bellingham. a man who reportedly stabbed another man was inside and refused to come out last night. several condos nearby were evacuated. police did arrest the man. police didn't say, though, how bad the victim's injuries were. developing, two firefighters have died, two others hurt in this massive building fire in kansas city. the two firefighters actually carried two people out of that building before they were killed. part of the roof collapsed on firefighters there. crews continued to battle the flames overnight.
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investigators still don't know how that fire startedp. we're getting a closer look at the brookline firefighter accused of attacking a man at a restaurant. investigators say that he was angry that the other man was just taking too long to make his order. >> this morning, that firefighter is off the job. nicole jacobs is live in brookline with the latest. good morning, nicole. you, chris. it was here on the sidewalk in the presence of witnesses and surveillance video, none of firefighter from allegedly attacking a customer. outside of this brookline anna's taquerias, surveillance video captured the assault now under investigation. it was sunday night after a slow-moving line inside spilled over to violence. >> it seems out of the ordinary that something like that would happen. >> reporter: joseph ward was allegedly behind the attack. a photo of him from the boston
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side, alleging he called the victim a homeless expletive and threw food and bottlessal him and punched him multiple times until a witness yelled stop money. >> a position doesn't define someone's character. >> reporter: ward was arrested for the assault many say he could have and should have avoided. that victim was taken to the hospital for an evaluation. town officials say the firefighter is on administrative leave this morning. nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. it's 5:04 right now and the democrats' turn in the spotlight after two republican presidential debates. tonight's candidates for the democratic nomination will debate policies and qualifications. good morning, bree. >> good morning, chris. this debate will be radically different than the republican debates we've seen so far. not only because most of the candidates are on the polar opposite of the political spectrum but also because
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there's only half as many candidates as the republican field so democrats have more time to talk and potentially break out of the pack. on stage tonight are hillary clinton, bernie sanders, lincoln chafey, former governor of maryland martin o'malley and jim webb. hillary clinton is already in vegas, making an unscheduled stop joining a union rally, a crowd of mostly latino workers. in the back drop, trump's international hotel. bernie sanders spoke to a no labels crowd in new hampshire. he says he is not doing mock debates in preparation. still the big story line is can any of the other three break out of the pack? o'malley might be the closest match to bernie sanders' record. lincoln chafee is only a recent
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convert to the party. he's been a liberal republican and independent for most of his career both in the senate and as governor. webb is a former secretary of the navy who positions himself as the anti-career politician. will vice president joe biden show up for the cnn debate? if he does, that will dominate the headlines tomorrow. kathryn, back to you. jeb bush is in new hampshire this week. today he's giving a speech on repealing and replacing obama care. in manchester, he released details on plans that increases tax credits to let consumers buy coverage. no word on how many people could be left without insurance. the former florida governor is expected to release more details before heading to town halls in keene and lebanon. hundreds are expected at the statehouse for a public hearing on several education bills. many have too do with charter schools.
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at these bills. good morning, susie. >> reporter: good morning, chris. parents, teachers and students expected to descend on the education committee to talk about charter schools. charlie baker is expected to have a conversation about that before the committee this morning. governor baker would be supporting a bill that would create more in the next year or so. there are currently 80 operating in the state of massachusetts. baker is a long time supporter of this type of education, and more parents each year are fighting to get them into the privately operated and publicly funded institutions. more than 37,000 students are
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currently on waiting lists for charter schools for this school year. critics say this would create a two-tiered education system. they are expected to begin debating this and a dozen other bills this morning. we're live on beacon hill, susie steimle, wbz news this morning. it is 5:08 right now on your tuesday morning. this morning, grief counselors will be on hand at a dedham school. a 16-year-old athlete dies 30 minutes after this picture was taken. she collapsed on the field and never got back up. doctors say she had a passionive brain hemorrhage and there was not much -- had a massive brain hemorrhage, and there was not much else they could do. >> i just keep thinking she will come bounding through the back door and say this is a terrible joke. it was probably something she
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knew about it, and there was no way to detect it. fortunately it was quick and she didn't suffer too much. >> a memorial of rubber duckies, her favorite, is growing on the field there. in honor of their teammate and friend they will never forget. her funeral is set for thursday. we know a new hampshire woman missing for weeks was a murder victim. police found the body of sue hutchison inside the wall of her home. police searched the site against after family members discovered a strange odor there. investigators believe her roommate killed her. he committed suicide last week in a motel. and the trial continues for chism, who is accused of killing his teacher. is he being tried as an adult.
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extradition charges. he fled ireland and has been living in wellesley. drum ran anglo irish bank, which had collapsed and been bailed out by the irish government triggering a nationwide meltdown there. a bitter rivalry set to play out. >> coming up, the patriots indy. steve burton has the sports coming up next. >> and the surprising thing you can do that may improve your health for diabetics. >> it's going to be a bit of a wet start. by the afternoon, it feels like late summer. 70s again, humid with breaks of sunshine and big temperature changes on the way.
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welcome back. we've seen a lot of sharks here. this is in california. this is off the famed alcatraz area. they didn't put their feet in the water, needless to say. >> i feel like every week there was a shark video or shark sighting all summer. >> you know what? conservation. >> true. sharks have got to eat.
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>> let's get a check of the weather. >> how's it going, danielle? >> did you like yesterday? >> oh, it was so nice. we? yesterday. >> today, the afternoon will be okay, but this morning, there are areas of wet weather. so the kids need the umbrella or at least the rain coat. take a look at this picture. barry burbank visited these kids, you guys last week. this is east kingston, new hampshire. third, fourth, and fifth graders. they were the winners of the 2013 elementary school of excellence in new hampshire. can you see barry in there, by the way? it's like, where's barry kind of like where's waldo? he had a blast at this school there and had so much fun. thanks to the kids for having a great time with barry. meantime, the southern new breaks.
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very light, 3 miles per hour. look at the rain i'm tracking to our south. there are a couple of rumbles of thunder here, too, so a lot of this will be moving south to north. light showers have already filled in from fall river to new bedford and stretching up along 495. the downpours will continue to work northward. so it's mainly southeastern massachusetts that gets into these this morning. it is a little wave of low pressure that will go by. that's what brings the wet period this morning. back to the west, a cold front, couple of showers with it. we may get an evening shower that comes in by later on today. so between now and mid-morning, look at the areas of rain that fills in. i do think areas of rain reached boston, reached worcester as well through the mid to late morning. by the afternoon, look at that, the sun breaks out. it will be a little humid, mild in the lower 70s, and notice your evening drive will feature no rain there.
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a few of the showers may come in during the late evening. tomorrow morning, we start with sunshine. thursday looks like a beautiful day. it turns cooler each day step by step as we head through the next several. then there's some chilly air notice, yes some snow across canada. that's a sign of how chilly the air is. temperatures today. low to mid-70s. tonight we drop back into the 50s and some 40s. tomorrow, not bad, mid to upper 60s. accuweather seven-day, cooler. scattered showers friday. a look at that on sunday. highs only in the upper 40s. traffic and weather together. >> wouldn't that be great if
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days and the weather was going to -- >> i'm working on that. still one issue out there, danielle, we're dealing with this morning. it's south of boston down at bray tree. a reported object in the roadway there. total traffic network tells me it's possibly some glass, maybe a window that's in the right lane down there. hopefully we got that cleared up soon. chris, kathryn? it's 5:17 right now. the pats are gearing up to take on the colds this week. >> the bs had a tough night against the tampa bay lightning. steve burton has your morning sports. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. dallas is done. this is not a good week to be an end yea fan. with all of the deflate gate drama, they may have something special for indy. when tom brady scored sunday, his spike set it off. he was fired up. how fired up do you think the pats will be next sunday night?
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they say it's just another game. >> we were just taking it game by game. >> really, this is just another game on the schedule. so for us, it's the same prepare well. >> it's the most important game to us because it's the next game and we're all excited to get up there and play. >> reporter: meanwhile, colts' quarterback andrew luck missed the last two games because of a shoulder injury. will he miss sunday's game against the pats? >> i really hope not. i really, really hope not. >> be sure to watch patriots all access friday on wbz for all of the behind the scenes stuff you can't see anywhere else. pats are in indy. after the game, turn over to wbz for the fifth quarter post game show. this week's thursday night football, the 5-0 falcons battle the saints.
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bruins and lightning day game. the bs lose it, 6-3. they start the season 0-3 for the first time since 1999, losing all three games at home. >> defense in sports is coming back. it used to be our strength opinion right now it's our weakness. >> guys want to do the right things, but they're making mistakes. >> reporter: that's sports for now. i'm steve burton. guys, back to you. >> i think that says it all. a glass of red wine may help people with diabetes. drinking a glass a day may help people with type 2 diabetes. new local research shows cancer survivors don't eat as well as people with no history of cancer. researchers at tufts say on average, cancer survivors eat less fiber and more empty
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risk for a variety of health problems and eating right could help prevent or delay any other health issues. from blushing bride to a hero. >> listen to this. wints after sarah ray and her husband exchanged vows, she found out her father and grandparents were in a bad accident so she rushed to the scene still wearing her wedding dress. she and her new husband are paramedics and knew they could help. brian's father was okay built her grand marriage was injured. >> she was upset that she had ruined my day. i told her that is wasn't my fault. i was just making shauer my family was okay. i just happened to be in a wedding dress. >> reporter: her mother took the pictures at the scene saying they show her daughter's true character. >> helping people out first. >> doing the right thing. a newborn given a second chance at life.
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defied the odds to survive a devastating diagnosis. >> jon keller take as closer look at the candidates' performance at the no labels event in new hampshire. you're watching wbz news this morning.
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welcome back. com commies is -- compromise is becoming a dirty word in politics. >> reporter: the forum put together by no labels, a bipartisan group wants to replace the acid flowing through our political discourse with something more productive. on one side, you had the philosophy of the organizers that what's wrong with our politics is "the hyper partisan viewpoint that leaves far too many of our leaders and silt zens to completely dismiss, ignore, or question the motives of people from the other party." on the other side, you had one of the guest speakers, donald trump, who either didn't know or didn't care what no labels stands for.
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according to politico, trump served up his trademark school yard style references to president obama and the challengers instead of challenging the content of the recent interview on "60 minutes." he said president obama bombed. he tried to talk over a young woman in the crowd and claimed laughably that he only insults other candidates after they've been "nasty to him." it escapes me how any of that improves our political culture. he's succeeding so far by exploiting resentiment and venom, not diffusing it. senator lindhty graham a past target of trump ridicule told supporters that trump's ideas with are gibberish, quited snide label at an event devoted to avoiding them.
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them at or view via twitter@keller at large. cot merger between emc and dell spell layoffs? the probability and how much executives could make if they are let go. >> a newborn fighting for her life and the parents who wouldn't give up on their baby girl. danielle? >> trooping areas of rain. temperatures oh, my goodness, there's a fly that's that big. you probably didn't see it. why does this always happen to me? cooler air is on the way. we're coming back as i try to kill that fly.
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right now at 5:30, a firefighter under arrest, and the fight that police say landed him in trouble. >> the fight over minimum wage in the commonwealth. the workers who are looking for a raise this morning at the statehouse. >> and the newborn where a lot of living to do. the baby given the second
5:26 am
girl. good morning. it's just about 5:30 right now. welcome back. i'm kathryn hauser. >> we had the attack of the fly ash here. >> before we headed to break, danielle had an encounter with a huge fly. >> it was a moment where it literally hit my forehead. >> we didn't know what was going on. >> i hit the deck and i swatted it away. >> good luck with the forecast. >> it's over there. i will head this way to do the forecast. all right, all right! kids at the bus stop, 57 degrees on average this morning. i do think you may need the umbrella in a lot of spots this morning. end of school 72 degrees. mild and breezy with sunshine breaking out as well.
5:27 am
there are 40s on the map where we had mostly cloudy skies. 46 in orange and lower 60s from plymouth back down to the cape. tracking rain, too. a little wave of low pressure. rain, downpours and rumbles of thunder are approaching block island. this rain is going to advance in from south to north. so between now and 7:00 a.m., it will buzz back down to the cape. i think rain will spread from worcester to providence as well. lunchtime, upper 60s. lee 70s by -- low 70s by 4:00 p.m. it looks like any clouds will stay in place by the evening. an isolated shower has temperatures cruising back into the 50s. i have cooler air in the forecast. robi? starting to see our first big backup north and south of the city.
5:28 am
up in andover it's slowing downtown 495 and 133. let's take a look at the south. braintree. split. we have that debris on the roadway possibly glass just before the split. chris and kathryn? it is 5:32 right now. checking our top stories. an offduty firefighter is charged with assault and battery after beating up a man. witnesses say he punched a man multiple times and kicked him on the side. police arrested ward after they street. today, parents, teachers, and students are expected to crowd the statehouse. it will be at a public hearing for education-related bills.
5:29 am
create a moratorium. this comes just days after the state would add up to a dozen each year. also today a minimum wage rally at the statehouse. >> hundreds are expected to argue for a $15 an hour minimum wage for fast food workers, and retail employees. susie steimle, it is a big check today. chris and kathryn. should minimum wage be raised as one of the big questions that's going to be debated at the statehouse and a group that believes it should be is going to rally on the statehouse steps at 11:30 this morning. currently, minimum wage in massachusetts is $9 an hour. it will be going up to $11 an hour by 2017, but this group says that's not enough. they want to see minimum wage raised to $15 an hour. there have been recent
5:30 am
successes in other cities. san francisco, new york, and los angeles all raised minimum wage recently. that's giving people in massachusetts hope that it will happen here as well. the proposal would raise wages for fast food workers, retail employees and home care workers. so they will start with a rally steps. then they will take it to committee debate at 1:00 inside of the statehouse. they will march on mcdonald's from the statehouse steps to mcdonald's at 2:30 this afternoon. so a very busy date of spirited debate ahead on beacon hill. institution susie steimle, wbz this morning. >> thank you very much for the update this morning. this morning, thousands of people in massachusetts are now wondering what's next following ever. dell is buying hopkinton-based emc. the deal is worth $67 billion
5:31 am
more into businesses like data storage. about 10,000 people in the area worried. >> this is really bringing together dell and emc. we're going to create a new enterprise systems business. it's going to be headquarters here in massachusetts. that was the big question all of the employees had. >> the deal probably won't be done until next may at the earliest. if the merger is approved, emc's executives could lose their jobs. don't worry about that if the roles are diminished. the top six could walk away with more than $167 million in cash and equity. the ceo could be eligible for $8.5 million in cash and 30 million in equity. this is a story that will warm your heart. the parents of a baby girl are
5:32 am
>> they were told repeatedly their baby girl couldn't survive a brain tumor. >> reporter: 2-month-old abigail jones' journey in this world has not been easy. in the womb, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor that florida doctors said would kill her. they sent the infant home for hospice care. as they waited for abigail to eventually die, her parents noticed she wasn't getting any worse so they got a second opinion. doctors decided there was not enough evidence to conclude abigail's braun tumor was inoperable. they found the masses what not malignant. >> she is a miracle. i mean, she's missing a large bit of the left side of her brain and should have deficits. she should have problems with functions.
5:33 am
she should not be a normal baby, but she is. >> we always prayed for abigail to be healed, and however that works out, and god's still going to get the glory for it. >> so sweet. the jones, who live in florida, made funeral arrangements for abigail. now they don't need them. they are planning for a life with her that will still include down's syndrome, but a life they are happy to have. >> you think about what that couple as a family has been going through and to have this news. >> it chokes you up. >> and you can see the joy. amid all of the controversyp getting a boost. >> the positive sign this watch. >> plus, preps under way this morning with democrats gearing up for the big first debate. danielle? >> weather watchers waking up with us this morning.
5:34 am
temperatures running in the 40s and 50s. david whitman says 56 degrees in holbrooke. you can almost spell or feel that the rain is approaching. we're timing the rain today hour by hour and talking about the cooler air on the way when
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two pager beer-makers merged overnight. >> jill wagner is live at the
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>> good morning, chris and kathryn. six times the charge. an heiser busch -- anheuser- busch and miller have been talking for months. big beer companies have been seeing slumping sales as consumers are looking at craft beers. bloomberg says draftkings and fan duels had their biggest weekend yet even after the allegations of insider information. >> and checking off items on their list, 8% will wait until christmas eve. if you are looking to get your coffee fix for free this
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download the app. the cashier will scan it. >> something's up with that. >> coffee, beer, sports, betting in theory. i have all of the bases covered. >> holiday shopping, too. >> my list is growing. >> thank you very much. >> why does iced coffee always cost more? >> i don't know. >> it's watered down. all of your top stories, traffic and weather are coming up. >> including a s.w.a.t. team coming up. the incident prompting a major response. >> and heading up north to see the foliage? no problem in you can't get there. they can send them to youp. >> experts used to say kids
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the guy who brought you, he's now
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>> you can buy the fall leaves straight from vermont. an assortment of 40 sells for $50. they come in a vacuum sealed ziploc bag. the couple says if you leave them inside that bag, the color will last longer. they've already received several orders from the west coast. >> people really are buying leaves. >> yeah. >> okay. >> it's a different thing but you can walk out your backyard. >> i give them credit. >> hey, if they want to come down and rake our yards to use them to sell, that's cool. we need a check of the weather. there are changes, danielle, going on today. >> yes, changes. a wet start this morning. afternoon will turn out. look at the radar. areas of rain, downpours and even thunderstorms approaching the south coast. it's just light rain right now that's come out of providence, rhode island, stretching
5:43 am
lakeville and a couple of showers from plymouth back down near sandwich. to our south, you'll notice the vineyard is still there. there are rumbles of thunder. the motion will come about somewhere near woods hole and buzzards bay. have the wet weather gear as you head out the door in eastern massachusetts. pressure. this is going to come by this morning. behind it, we get breaks of sunshine. in. this is a coal front that will usher in relatively cooler air tomorrow. between now and mid-morning, yes, pockets of rain particularly from the south shore to the cape. scattered showers here, route 2 corridor. by lunchtime, that rain is shipping off the coastline. so actually, we see a nice afternoon. it will be a little humid. almost a feel like late summer with highs topping out in the low 70s. notice by 5:00 p.m.
5:44 am
there is a chance of a shower that doesn't come until 9:00, 10:00 this evening as the front comes through. behind it, clearing skies tonight, sunshine tomorrow. building clouds, though, tomorrow afternoon. i can't rule out an isolated sprinkle or shower tomorrow. most of us won't see it. on thursday, a beautiful day, but it will be cooler. highs only top out in the0s and then there's the series of cold fronts in canada that will usher in chilly, fall air as we head into the end of the week and start of the weekend as well. if you like the mild temperatures, 70 to 74 for afternoon. upper 60s in the cape against pockets of rain and mostly dry afternoon. tonight we drop into the 50s and upper 40s. home won't be as mild but still an above average day with highs topping out in the upper 60s. cooler but bright on thursday only in the upper 50s with scattered showers to end the week. mid-50s on saturday and when chilly air moves in, we'll top out in the upper 50s for highs
5:45 am
on sunday. bright right around 50s to start next week. a couple of problems south of town are messing up this tuesday morning commute. the latest is a crash in randolph. just before 128, the center lane blocked there, traffic is already backed up to harrison boulevard. it's still in the roadway blocking part of the split. route 3 north is now stop and go between weymouth and the split. checking the north, just one reported problem 93 southbound in the andover stretch between river road and 125. chris and kathryn? the democrats set to face off in their first debate. >> also, a s.w.a.t. team is called to one local neighborhood overnight. here are your top stories on this tuesday morning. >> reporter: good morning, i'm nicole jacobs live in brookline where a firefighter is on administrative leave after an alleged assault right outside of this anna's taqueria. it happened sunday.
5:46 am
offduty firefighter joseph ward allegedly took issue with the man who was causing the line to move slowly. that tension spilled over outside where court documents allege ward through food and bottles at the man and punched him repeatedly. ward was arrested and charged, and again, we're told he is on administrative leave. that victim was treated at the hospital. we're live in brookline, nicole jacobs, wbz news. s.w.a.t. team members are using a flash again nature to get inside of a condo in bellingham. a man who reportedly stabbed another man was inside and wouldn't come out last night. several condos nearby were evacuated as well. police were able to arrest the man but wouldn't say how bad the injuries are. democrats in the first presidential debate with their candidates. hillary clinton, bernie
5:47 am
sanders, lincoln chafee, martin o'malley and jim webb will be part of the debate. coming up, we break down how the cnn debate will be radically different from the republican contest and whose stock could go up if they turn in a good performance. right now, actor randy wayde and his wife are behind bars both held on $500,000 bail for skipping out of the u.s. five years ago after being charged with vandalism in california. the couple was detained friday night trying to re-enter the u.s. from canada. switching gears now to our "daily talker." it's 5:51 on your tuesday morning. how much is too much screen time for kids? >> doctors are set to revisit how much time they think that kids should spend in front of the tv or in front of electronic devices. hey, robi. >> reporter: they used to be called tv guidelines for kids, but now that's outdated. babies are picking up ipads while they are still in diapers. experts believe they have to change their opinion on when
5:48 am
it's too young for screen time. for the first time in 15 years, the american academy of pediatrics reconsidering its digital exposure guidelines for children. the academy admits that policies must evolve or become obsolete. a.a.p. used to recommend that children under the age of 2 look at no screens and kids older than that be limited to two hours a day. that was in 2011 before ipads became popular with apps, especially designed to teach kids. listen to this. 30% of children in the u.s. play with some kind of mobile trained. 75% of teens had cell phones, which they used constantly. out. meantime, the academy recommends making sure there's meanty of time for nondigittal activity. so as you predicted, a lot of people are weighing in on this one. some are calling themselves "caring parents" on our web is it says "how about we give them
5:49 am
them do things like going outside to play?" marie writes "i definitely limit nighttime use by requiring all electronics are not allowed in the bedroom." there are a number of ways you can comment. is our web site. our twitter matsch, facebook page, we'd love to hear from you. >> always interesting. >> i feel like my 8-month-old already wants to grab my cell phone, my husband's cell phone. >> i wonder just because it's there all of the time. >> yeah. it's like, 8 months already? no. >> go outside, come on. especially in this weather. >> true. a big honor on the ice. >> a paralyzed former b.u. hockey player honored by the bruins. we'll have that story coming
5:50 am
in honor on the garden last night, travis roy dropping the puck 20 years after a devastating accident during a hockey game. roy played in his very first game for bu in 1995. >> 11 seconds into the game, a lit left him paralyzed. he has since written a book and worked as a college hockey analyst and motivational speaker. they signed him to a one-day
5:51 am
denation to charity that helps with spinal cord injuries. it marks exactly 20 years since his injury. all of the money raised will go to the foundation as well. >> what an inspiration to face that accident and do something really great. >> and then to sign him was a nice sign. keep it here to wbz. your top stories are straight ahead.
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