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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 13, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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comes the not so easy job of shutting it down. >> we will take the appropriate actions to ensure that the plant is safe. >> reporter: build in 1972, pilgrim provides energy for about 600,000 homes. 10 percent of the state's power needs. of its 600 low, 190 live right near plymouth. when shut down the spent nuclear fuel will stay on site indefinitely. >> we thought it was going to be removed, but we have the spent fuel on site now in containers. >> reporter: things are still up in the air, but the plan is so shut it down by 2019. if question is whether or not to -- the question is whether or not to keep it running at 100 percent until then. >> safety will be a top priority in the shut down proximate and throughout the decollision -- process, and throughout the decommissioning process.
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>> reporter: and 2019 is the target date. could be sooner or later. and then there's the issue of the spent fuel that will likely be here for decades. bill shields, wbz news. and our team coverage continues now with more on the impact, and how this could effect our electric bills. >> that's the big question. there are three big ways we could be effected by pilgrim's closing. first, more pollution. the governor says it will cost the state a carbon free source of energy, and we could also see a power shortage when understand gets high. it doesn't provide much of the state's energy, just 10 percent, but that could be enough. and the power we do get will cost more. >> we're concerned that it's closure may heed to higher doctor lead to higher costs -- lead to higher costs, higher power bill, and in new england we have some of the highest
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-- places of anywhere in the country. >> but they say we'll benefit in the long run. >> thanks, and stay with us as we track thousand shut down effected the future of our power supply. and a medford police detective who was video taped right here threatening a driver is going to retire instead of going through the disciplinary hearing. in july the detective was recorded threatening to shoot a driver who he thought drove the wrong way. he was off duty at the time, and it wasn't his first run in. he was recorded a few years ago right here taunting a man who was recorded his brother's arrest. well, a teen charged with killing his teacher may not be competent to stand trial. a judge stopping jury selection in the trial because his lawyer is worried his mental state is
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deciding if the case can tonight. aaron hernandez's double murder trial will be delayed. prosecution and defense both asked the judge to postpone jury location that was supposed to start december 1st. it's now scheduled for january 19th. getting out of bed sure wasn't easy today. the morning was off to a gloomy and rainy start, bought after lunch the clouds lifted and we started to see sun. eric fisher is here with the forecast, and how are things going to look this week? >> well, the weather calmed down today, and through the week, but here are the rain total, cape cod, inch and a half to two inches, caused some flash flooding to kick off the day, but now the rests of the showers moving through. a cold front will move through and take away the humidity. the sun came out, and it actually felt hot today. drier and cooler air moving in
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from the west. gradually clearing out tonight. upper 40s to low 50s, and mild, not a world we'll use last toward the end of -- a lot toward the end of the week. comfortable day tomorrow, and then the coldest air of the season this weekend. even snow flakes in new england. talk about that in a few minutes. thanks the word you're not supposed to say. there are new details in the murder of a man, the defense says he wasn't murdered, he died trying to escape from the people who were robbing him. here's more. >> reporter: it's a growing list. two more people charged in connection of the brutal killer of a man, robert mckenna who's body was found inside his home almost a month ago.
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the prosecution says three people killed him. >> the defendant stated it's not what you think, it was an accident, he did it to himself falling through the picture window. the defendant then made a slicing motion with his hand and pointed to his left arm indicating to the witness where the injury has been sustained. >> reporter: police also say the girlfriend concealed evidence. >> she's being charged currently with accessory after the fact for evading police, and not giving police information. >> reporter: meanwhile the investigation presses on. the chief of police says this is a case he really wants to totally solve. investigators are looking for another person they believe was also in the house that night. >> collecting everyday, interviewing people -- evidence, interviewing people, three under arrest now, and we have verved room for one more
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>> reporter: one was held on $50,000 cash bail. jim smith. a medical examiner claims that the middle sex district attorney's office bullied him after he reversed his findings in the death of a six month old boy. in 2010 jeffery martin was charged with murder saying his son died from violent shake, but the charges were dropped after defense experts found a genetic defense could have caused the death, and the examiner changed it to undetermined because the district attorney pressured him to stick to the initial finding. >> >. the integrity of the system, making sure people don't get unjustly accused of a crime, or they're vindicated when they should be depends on the medical examiner being truly independent. >> is that what we need to doo in serious cases? yes. no one -- to do in serious
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no one make's decision without a second opinion. >> he says they make judgments based on the evidence, and when new information becomes available they take it into consideration. and a piece of scrap metal flew off a truck and into a car's windshield just missing the driver on route 1. a 48- year-old woman was heading to the airport when the metal fell off the tractor trailer this morning. the truck never stopped. state police are still trying to find it. the woman continued to the airport and did make her flight. coming up, they're sharing their wealth even though they're not really wealthy. the couple giving away half of what they make each and every year. baseball playoffs filled with thrills, and the red sox totally left out. when we can expect them back in the post-season. and teams coming to town, and why a local team making its
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i see myself in every one of the students that i have. i know that it's my responsibility to do for them what i would want someone to do for me. helping the community is important to me because i live in this community, so when i'm 80, 90 years old, looking back, reflecting on my life, i want to be able to say that i did something awesome for somebody, i helped people, you know, i helped change my community, i helped enhance someone's life. i want those to be my memories. my name is stephen and i have
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a couple is giving away a lot of money they make to charity. >> jeff and julia earned more than $256,000 last year, but donated half. 128,000 to charity. so how are they doing it? paul burton sat down with them to find out. >> we have more than what we need, and there are a lot of people who don't, so we just share what can. >> reporter: jeff and his wife are as humble as they are generous. >> we're shooting for over $100,000 this year. >> reporter: they're not extremely wealthy by american standards. he's a software engineer, and she's a 30-year-old mom working
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last year they earned about $250,000 and gave half of it away. >> we feel like we're doing fine. >> reporter: they have one daughter and one on the way. their bunt is extremely tight. >> we -- budget is extremely tight. >> we try to prioritize, and let the rest of it go. >> reporter: most of their giving is to third world country, focussings on dopping word health -- focusing on developing world health. >> we try to find where our money can do the most good. >> reporter: they agree it comes with sacrifices, they don't go out to fancy restaurant, own a flat screen tv, or own a car. they save what they can, and give the rest away. >> it gives us satisfaction to know that we're doing something more with money than buying a big screen tv. >> reporter: they hope they inspire others to give, including their daughter.
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importance of giving to other people. >> reporter: she's got mom and dad to keep her together. paul burton. >> great moment. >> what every little kid says what you have to share. no, no! and the foliage just started the pop. >> i know, really coming out, and when we have sunshine just stellar. >> >. yes, and the weekend's weather was so perfect. saw so many pictures on social media, every enjoying the sunshine, the peak conditions have arrived. western massachusetts. came on really quickly this year. it was held off by the warm weather, but once it got cold
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central and northern new hampshire, maine, and great color locally. i'm concerned over the weekend that a lot of northern new england condition, the leafs will start pall -- levers will start falling in a hurry. mild weather. well up into the 60, great sunset in progress, sending in some photos. cooler air is just off toward the west, that will slowly start to move in over the course of this week. >> a cold front will push through overnight, start to dry us out. the humidity will fall out of the air, and heavy rain from this morning is scooting across the border into canada. all we have left are a couple of showers. couple of rain drops, but only a drop or two, and they'll move out. we start to see clearing sky, and pretty mild tonight, and tomorrow morning not a bad start. 50s. clouds slowly clearing out overnight, and then tomorrow start windshield brilliant sunshine. if you want to get outside the
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first half of the day is best half of the day. clouds tend to fill in from lunchtime through the afternoon, and then clear skies tomorrow night. sun rise at 6:55. we'll race into the 60s at lunchtime, and then breezy out of the west/southwest, and then cooler and grayer the second half of the day. can't rule out an isolated shower across the higher terrains tomorrow afternoon. coolest across the highest electricity administration, and -- elevation, and eastern massachusetts to the cape, upper 60, so comfortable s. thursday less cloud cover, so a northeast day to be outside. friday we're watching. a cold front moves in, bringing a few showers, and also deliver the coldest air so far this season. in fact you may need the winter
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jacket by the time sunday rolls around, and we could see some up slope know nice and hots, not locally -- snow flake, not locally, but just a sign of the dramatically changing times. here's your full seven-day. saturday looks like a chance for rain showers, temperatures in the low 50s. by sunday we stay in the 40s, plus wind, and a wide-spread freeze possible sunday night. the times are changing. >> feel it coming. thank you so much. >> let's talk sports. the patriots on the top of our mind this week. >> looks like they'll get a chance to play the colts. they're off today, but tomorrow they get ready take on the colts. now the outside world is calling this the tv 12 revenge tour, but inside the locker room it's just another game b. sure to washing -- be sure to walk patriots all access where you get all the behind the
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scenes stuff, and check out the pats locker room after the win. [ cheering ] >> good job today, way to come down and take care of business. compliment ride sharing game, got -- complementing game. all right, guy, you stepped up big tonight. everybody contributed. we have a big week coming up. got to have everybody ready to go. a tough game. a lot of preparation to do. good job, great job of taking care of business. we had a good week, okay, good work. nice job. [ applause ]
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>> okay, starting your sunday with the patriots game in prime time, and then the 5th quarter show. and this year it's the the falcons and the saints. we move on to the baseball playoffs. they're in full swing, and feels like the red sox season ended months ago. the sox president met with the media today, and everybody wanted to know when are the sox getting back to the post- season? >> whereon exactly how -- i don't know exactly how close we are, but i think we have a chance to be competitive next year. a lot depends on the continued growth of our young players. some of the vets coming back and staying healthy, and the situation where we improve the club. >> and tomorrow they'll try to
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season taking on the colorado avalanche. the celtics also practiced today. play the nets in brooklyn tomorrow. turner will make his pre-season debut. he's been out with a strained knee. >> >. he'll be excited to play. evan likes basketball, and if there was a game at the y tomorrow, and he wasn't in the nba he'd probably find it. >> cubs winning right now 4-2. if they win chicago will party to the weekend. >> all right, thank you. the cbs evening news coming up at 6:30, and scott has a preview. >> greet to be with you in boston. tonight is the democrats debate debut in las vegas. will hillary clinton be able to put a dent in the surging
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new hampshire? that story and the rest of the world news coming up in about ten minutes. >> >. all right, thanks so much, and next a church with a vision for a new home in this
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leadership isn't given. it's earned. realized. accomplished. fulfilled. won. leadership isn't given.
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it's an everyonety building in a -- empty build were in a perfect -- building in a perfect spot for a brands new church some think, but the town is saying look somewhere else, and soon they may be fighting in court. the next level charm want toss build a new home, but it's a commercial district, and the town says it would prefer a business that pays taxes on that site. >> we want to be a blessing to the community, we want to be able to be somewhere where we're wanted, but at the same time that's a balance of being able to not have your rights
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>> the church is now appealing the zoning board ruling. if they lose they may be going to court. a 911 dispatcher who was suspended for hanging up on spanish speaking callers is suing her boss and the mayor of lawrence. she says releasing the call in question to the media invaded her privacy. she's suing the police chief and the mayor. she was suspended for 30 it is a without pay. it's her third suspension for mishandling calls in the last year. still to come the regatta is ready. >> what makes this team of rowers so special, and why
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people want change, they want reform, they want to see something done, but just carping about it and whining about it and making speeches about it doesn't get it done. nobody has shaken up the system more than i have. i've always been unorthodox in this and against the grain. but you know what? i know how to get it done. new day independent media committee, inc. is responsible for the content
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coming up at 10:00 on my tv 38, the first democratic debate. the biggest moment, and warnings of a major shortage of air traffic controllers that
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could mean significant delays and potentially pose a danger in our skies. that's all coming up on the 10. >> and we'll be watching. tonight at 11:00. a wolf in sheep's clothing, a man caught on camera wearing a priests robes in a local churn, but what happened next is harming people. >> and state police will be doing more than just patrolling the regatta. >> they'll have a team in the event on saturday event. the state police say the troopers don't expect to win, but hope to lay a solid foundation for the future. >> they're in great shape, and it's going to be become a thing. other police departments want to get in on it. >> they expect to win [ laughter ] >> show them your badge.
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>> and looking at the weekend seeing some chilly temperatures. >> it's going to be brisk on the water. it seems like clockwork every year the weather starts to change with the head of the charles. we're looking at 40s for highs sunday, plus wind, so big changes coming. >> enjoy the nice warm temperatures this week, and that might be it! >> yes, we had a beautiful weekend, and now start to think about what lies ahead. >> thank you, we'll be back here at 11:00 o'clock.
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