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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  October 14, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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breaking news right now at 4:30. shots fires on a massachusetts highway. a car targeted. what state police are telling us about the investigation. >> a crime inside of a church. surveillance cameras catching a man acting inappropriately and the fallout and effort to track him down this morning. >> former nba star lamar odom rushed to the hospital. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- good morning. i apologize. i had like a frog in my throat
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right out of the gate. >> yeah. >> i'm chris mckinnon. >> it might be a sign of the times and change of season, danielle. >> we hear sniffling and coughing behind the scenes. we're trying to hold off all of the illnesses. start. temperatures are running in the 50s and 60s. it won't be as warm in a couple of days. 55 in nashua. lower 50s at bedford. it is 60 at logan right now. middle to upper 50s from marshfield to plymouth. lower 60s from the vineyard to nantucket right now. skies cleared out overnight as well. there are a few scattered clouds left on the cape and additional clouds to our west that will build back in as we head through the day today. a bright and cool start. enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. building clouds with an
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isolated sprinkle or passing shower as we head into the ride home. temperature 63 for the ride home. i'll let you know the coldest air of the season and how long it sticks around coming up in a few. it's just about 4:3 right now. state police searching for the gunman who shot at a car on 495 in wrentham. someone fired several shots at the car near exit 15 late last night. the driver's okay. state police say the shooting does not appear to be random. wbz has a crew on the scene. we're going to bring you a live report starting at 5:00. we're also following a developing story right now. former nba star lamar odom rushed to a las vegas hospital after he was found unresponsive in a brothel in nevada. there are reports that odom is in critical condition and has not regained consciousness. he has had substance abuse
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he and his ex-wife chloe kardashian finalized their divorce this summer. surveillance video catches a man dressing up in a priest's robe and acting inappropriately. take a good look at this. the video is from two weeks ago, but it was just released. it shows a man wandering inside of the church around 3:00 in the morning. police say the man who's in his 20s then performed an inappropriate act on the altar. church members are horrified. >> the church is a living being with us. it's an important property. it's part of, you know, our sunday liturgies, but it's more than that, it's part of our community. it has an emotional effect on everybody. >> police say the church reviewed the surveillance video only because another man broke in earlier and stole money and just happened to see the incident. police are warning nearby businesses and schools to lock up.
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off the job while police investigate a domestic violence claim that he strangled and threatened someone. greater lowell technical high school has put 57-year-old james page on administrative leave and banned him from campus. over to campaign 2016 now. democrats have held their first presidential debate. the parties lesser known candidates got face time. bree is here to break down the big moments. >> reporter: hey. they had a big opportunity to introduce themselves to the greater american public but most of the debate did turn to secretary clinton and senator sanders. if you are watch debates for a boxing match, this one was pretty tame. >> enough of the e-mails! let's talk about the real issues. >> reporter: hillary clinton remains composed and did land strategic strikes on opponents.
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>> senator sanders did vote five times against the brady bill. >> reporter: bernie sanders took on capitalism. >> i consider myself part of the casino capitalist process by which so few have so much and so many have so little. no, i don't. >> reporter: martin o'malley highlighted his work on behalf of minorities. >> if we were burying white, young, poor men in these numbers, we would be marching in the streets and there would be a different reaction. black lives matter, and we have a lot of work to do. >> reporter: lincoln chafee fought back criticism of flip- flopping. >> i have not changed on the issues. >> reporter: jim webb pushed his foreign policies and military credentials. >> our greatest day-to-day threat is cybercrime. our greatest operational threat is resolving situations in the middle east. >> reporter: overall, the candidates were far less divided. they have different ideas for
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achieving the same goals. cnn did keep a sixth podium ready but vice president biden has yet to enter the race. kathryn, back to you. >> thank you very much, bree. donald trump who watched the democratic debate called it a little sad. trump announced he would be hosting "saturday night live" next month. he hosted once before, and it was more than a decade ago. a medford detective caught on dash cam video telling a driver he would shoot him in the head has now resigned. katie brace reports, the decision comes just days before his disciplinary hearing. cop. your head. >> reporter: the man in the white shirt is a cop who aggressively approached the man recording the video. >> you're lucky i'm a cop because i'd be beating the [ bleep ] out of you right now. >> reporter: we spoke to the incident.
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>> it's nerve-racking when someone's like, hey, i'm going to shoot you. >> reporter: his video went viral. the department immediately placed lebert on disciplinary leave. today he decided to step down. we went to lebert's home and no one answered the door. we looked into his past and learned this is not his first time under the microscope. three years ago, he underwent counselor for this exchange. >> what you should do is take him up on the railroad tracks and tell him to lay down. >> reporter: the video recorded over the summer was troubling. the city has put lebert on administrative leave without pay. that disciplinary hearing is now canceled. in medford, katie brace, wbz news this morning. the teenager who is accused of killing his math teacher will undergo a mental
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he's been unresponsive during two previous attempts. his lawyer raised concerns about whether he was competent to stand trial so jury selection has been stopped. there is a delay in aaron hernandez's next murder trial. prosecutors and defense attorneys asked the judge to postpone jury selection. december 1st. now it's set for mid-january. hernandez is charged with killing two men in the south end in 2012. he's already serving a life sentence for the murder of odin lloyd. last night, students and parents war loued to speak during the public comments sections upset about the teach who're got a termination notice after someone overheard him swearing at a group of students after school. >> i don't think he should be fired for saying a swear
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because let's face it, every middle schooler swears. >> more than 170 students have filed a petition to save chen's job. it is just about 4:39 on your wednesday morning. coming up on wbz this morning, protecting local communities from extreme weather. >> the new steps the state is now taking to shore up seawalls from aging dams. >> massachusetts' only nuclear power plant goes out of business and how this may impact your wallet. stuff. special performance from new
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welcome back at 4:42. jay-z's headed to court today and the new perk for starbuck's fans. >> plus, the markets will be eyeing key numbers today. jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange with today's money watch. hey, jill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris and kathryn. maybe the fed won't be raising rates this year after all. the federal reserve officer said he doesn't think the economy's strong enough yet for a rate hike. fed chair janet yellen said she thinks rates should be raised by the end of the year.
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this morning, the government will be releasing numbers about retail sails that -- sales that's important before the start of the holiday shopping season. and the big banks will report their earnings from the past quarter. rapper jay-z is expected to testify in a copyright infringement song for "big pipin'." jay-z says he secured the rights. soon you can get your frappucino without ever leaving the office. starbucks is testing coffee delivery. for now it's only available for people who work in the empire state building. starbucks says delivery is the biggest customer request. chris, kathryn? >> we need that. we need that! >> we need late night or early
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it, delivery. >> you, too, jill. you've got to get in on this. >> i have a keurig that churns at all hours here on the floor of the stock exchange. i'm with you, i need my coffee. >> fancy, fancy in new york city. >> a keurig is fancy some. >> it's more fancy than we have. >> have a good one. we'll see you in about an hour. >> coffee is key. >> always, yeah. stuck in my head now because of that story. we'll be in the upper 60s today. each day we'll get a little cooler especially as we head into the weekend. 60 degrees in boston right now. dew point's in the upper 50s. the wind out of the west 10 miles per hour right now. that wind is going to stay out of the west-southwest at times during the day today. we under the 50s, though in the suburbs. 52 in keene.
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59 falmouth to chatham right now. so it's not as cold as it's been let's say the past few mornings. most of us are running 2 to 8 the skies cleared out. overnight, we've got a couple of scattered clouds north and west of boston. those clouds will build back in during the day today. there's a cold front back to the west. there's not a lot of moisture with it, but there may be a couple of building clouds and a stray sprinkle later on this afternoon. much colder to the north and west as well. that's the reinforcing cool air that comes in, in installments the next few days. enjoy the sunshine this morning. heading in to the day tomorrow will be a little cooler. lower 60s for highs. actually normal for this time of year, but a lot of sunshine in the forecast as well. here comes the next front on friday. so friday morning starts dry, but the clouds build in, and it will be some brief, passing showers friday afternoon and evening, that will linger into
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your evening commute and behind it, cold air will stream in as we head into the upcoming weekend. meantime today, 66 in boston will do it. we hit 72 yesterday. most communities 65 to 70. a touch cooler worcester hills, southwest new hampshire. again, enjoy the sunshine this through midday. 47 downtown. a few suburbs may dip into the tomorrow will be average for this time of the year. most communities top out in the lower 60s. pay couple of upper 50s here across the worcester hills. accuweather seven-day forecast, a passing shower is the leading edge of the cold air. so saturday mid-50s. sunday, high temperatures will be in the upper 40s. it will be blustery, too, with a gusty wind. temperatures will only be around 50 to start next week. there may be a little bit of frost, you guys, sunday into
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monday, and even a hard freeze. homeowners along the coast are seeing a flood of relief. nine communities will now share $10 million in grants and low interest loans to make repairs to seawalls, dams, and levies and prevent flooding during severe weather. that includes $3 million to shore up the scituate seawall. >> as we continue to deal with rising sea levels and all of the other issues that come with it, we expect we'll need to be deeply involved with our colleagues and local government to not just fix what people have that breaks but to do what we need to do to adapt to the changing environment. >> the water will be here. storms are going to come and go. you take that as part of living down on the shore. >> scituate plans to raise the seawall by 2 feet and build a special structure that will dissipate waves so that they can't knock the wall over. the pilgrim nuclear power plant is shutting down.
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people who live near it. >> bree is back here now with a closer look on what the decision means for the jobs and environment. >> reporter: operations at the 43-year-old facility in plymouth will phase out by 2019 because its operators say the plant is no longer financially viable. 650 people will eventually lose their jobs, though it's not clear if the plant will run at 100% until it's shut down. pilgrim has been controversial since it opened in 1972, especially for those living nearby who were concerned about its safety. pilgrim is the only nuclear plant in the state and powers 600,000 homes. a combination of low oil and gas prices and costly repairs doomed the plant's future. as for the impact of this more pollution. governor baker points out that pilgrim's closure will cost the state a carbon-free source of energy.
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we could also see a power shortage when demand gets high. pilgrim only provides 10% of the state's power, but that could be enough. energy analysts say the power we do get will cost more. >> we're concerned that its closure may lead to higher costs, higher prices, and higher power bills. of course in new england, we already have some of the highest power prices anywhere in the country. >> reporter: another issue at play here is real estate. residents near the plant had been complaining for years that it drags down property values. if the nuclear waste remains stored there permanently, homeowners might not get any relief from that, either. catherine? >> thank you, bree. a different show for boston's own new kids on the block. [music] >> there they are, the boy band
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stuff" at the mass eye and ear sensation gala. joey mcintyre served as honor airy chair to honor his son reese who was born with severe hearing loss. that was my very first concert, new kids on the block. the best. >> do you think they have those moves totally down by now? >> please, yeah. i'll bet they can do it in their sleep. >> i had the side ponytail back in the day. >> we'll have to dig up that picture on the break. ahead, the aunt who sued her young nephew over an injury and how the jury ruled on this one. >> two more arrests in a marshfield murder, the charges they are facing and what those
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just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. checking our top stories on this wednesday morning. state police are searching for the person who shot at a car on 495. those shots were fired just before 11:00 last night. investigators think the shooting was not random and that the driver was not hurt, they tell us. wbz has a crew out on the scene. susie steimle has a report out. it's hoped that someone will recognize this man seen dancing around at the st. serbian church early morning last month and later police say he performed an inappropriate
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have been warned to lock their doorsp. two more suspects facing charges in connection with the murder of a marshfield man and the lawyers claim the victim died by accident. michael and his girlfriend faced a judge. prosecutors say he is an attorney but helped rob and kill robert mckenna. his girlfriend is accused of concealing evidence to cover up the crime. the defense team says the death was an accident but prosecutors say the defendant seemed to confess later with a witness. >> it's not what you think. it was an accident. he did it to himself by falling through the picture window. the defendant then made a slicing motion with his hand and pointing to his left arm indicating to the witness where the injury had been sustained. >> police are still searching for a fourth suspect. last month, investigators arrested another man whose dna, they say, was found at the murder scene.
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solitary confinement in prison will be the subject of debate today in massachusetts. prisoners rights advocates say massachusetts has some of the strictest policies in the country. they will encourage corrections officials to track in published records its the use of solitary confinement. joseph ward pleaded not guilty in court yesterday. witnesses say the off-duty firefighter got impatient with the man in front of him who apparently took too long to order his food. the surveillance shows ward following the man outside and repeatedly punching the man in the face. the ten-year veteran is on administrative leave. a connecticut woman who sued her 12-year-old nephew over a hug got no sympathy from the jury in court. jennifer o'connell claims when the boy was 8, he jumped into
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her arms at his birthday party, knocked her over and broke her wrist. she says he acted unreasonably and sued for $127,000. the jury said he wasn't liable for the injuries. >> we want you to weigh in on this one, of course, as our "daily talker" coming up. imagine giving away half of your salary every year. >> a local couple is doing it, and they are hoping to inspire
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a somerville couple hopes to inspire others to be in need. >> every year, they donate half of their salary to charity. they donated nearly $130,000 last year. he is a software engineer and she works two part-time jobs. they say most of the money they donate goes to people in third world countries. >> we have more than we need and there are a lot of people who don't. so we like to sort of share what we can. >> we try to prioritize the things that are very meaningful to us and let the rest of it go and live below our means. >> it's a mace where we save money. >> -- it's a place where we save money. >> the couple hopes their generosity will set an example for their children as well. >> wow. imagine if a lot of people did that, i just think of the difference that can be made. >> if you can do it, absolutely. your top stories, traffic
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and weather are straight ahd.
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