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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 14, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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s. breaking news at 5:30 a gasoline fire if immediate field a viewer sent in this video showing the flames at the intersection of south and phillips street. construction crews apparently hit the gasoline that situation forced immediate field high school to cancel all its after pretty dramatic picture but nobody was hurt. breaking tonight a south bridge teacher is under arrest and in police custody. that 21-year-old is accused of sending inappropriate photos to some of his students. >> joseph zuniga turned himself into police this afternoon. katie brace is live at the south written police department. reporter: joseph zuniga is at the police station as he waits as to be bailed out. he is charged with sending
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naked photos of himself to a 17- year-old student. now here is what he looks like. he's 21 years old. he will be 22 years old tomorrow , and he is charged with seconding two batches of naked photos to the student. the first last year when he was a substitute teacher. august. he allegedly sent these 10 photos via facebook messenger. he was friends with the students on facebook. they had apparently known each other from church a few verse back. parents received this text message today alerting them to the situation. the school resource officer had heard are you importance and contacted police yesterday and they investigated yesterday as well. students and parents we spoke to are understandably concerned. >> they are young, they are kind of close in age and i'm sure they are attracted to our children. yeah i would say that is a concern. >> he shouldn't work here. reporter: the school
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there is a community meeting for parents and police officers and the school district coming up on october 20th. he turned himself in around noon today. he is currently here as i mentioned and scheduled to be in court tomorrow morning. reporting live in south bridge katie brace wbz news. developing story volkswagen admits 2016 diesel models have software designed to fool emission tests. the former ceo add pigs that is the company cheated this order to pass the emissions tests. today for the first time we're hearing from the local woman spearheading a class action lawsuit against volkswagen. >> volkswagen. reporter: ann brand croft loved the way the diesel engine purred when she got her
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>> it won green carve the year in 2009 i believe. reporter: now every turn of the key is a reminder of the pollute ants it spews. >> we're a one car family. we take public transportation as much as we can. we consider the way we use resources. so felt like a real be trail. reporter: the be trail is spelled out in a letter she got from vw which admittedly put a defeat device on the diesel models. it turns out bank croft's car may put out pollutants at 40 times the legal limit. she's a lead plaintiff in the class action lawsuit. >> we're in a position where the vehicle we've been driving has been polluting more. reporter: vw has disclosed to u.s. regulators it play not just be older models affected. the same software used to trigger that defeat device may
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be in the 2016 diesel models. this car. >> don't buy it. don't go anywhere near it. late. bancroft had hoped federal probes would lead to an immediate fix the longer she waits the more she worries about her carbon footprint over stepping its bounds. a nightmare of a ride with no end in sight. >> don't buy it. reporter: kristina haeger, wbz news. >> thousands of 2016 beetles gaults certain passats are being quarantined. volkswagen is the subject of a criminal investigation and may face billions of dollars in fines. david the family of a sailor presumed drowned on the cargo ship el faro filed a $100 million lawsuit. the freighter was east of the bahamas when it sunk during hurricane joaquin. all 33 people are believed to have drowned including half dozen sailors with ties to new england the lawsuit claims the
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ship's operand captain were negligent when they sent the ship into dangerous weather. police are hoping surveillance video will help them catch a jewel thief. the guy came into a local jewelry shop asked the clerk for a catalogue. as soon as the clerk left the sales floor he went to a display case and grabbed 7 bracelet worth more than $2,500. if you know anything about this individual you're asked to please call police. sky eye over head-on crash in middleton this morning. emergency crews rushing to the scene on route 114 where a pickup truck and a box truck collided. the pick up then spun out and hit a tractor-trailer. rescue workers used the jazz of life to free the pick up driver he's in the hospital tonight with serious injuries. the box truck driver was also hurt. a nurse is facing charges she stole painkillers from patients. cindy martin worked at queen ann's nursing home until june. that's when prosecutors say officials discovered the drugs were missing. they say martin stole the
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painkillers replaced them with tylenol water or mouthwash. federal investigators are looking into this deadly plane crash at a florida mobile home park. it was about 5:30 last night the small plane slammed into one home right near west palm beach and the crash was caught on camera. a nearby surveillance camera recorded the final moments of the flight. something obviously wrong as the plane went down at an angle seconds later black smoke rose from the scene. >> i heard the motor sound really bad then it came boom it fell on top of the house. reporter: domingo was outside of his mobile home when the plane crashed into it. photos from witnesses show the immediate aftermath flames shooting into the area. 21-year-old daughter was in her room at the time. >> the door opened and i was screaming. i went outside and i couldn't do anything else. reporter: a college student who was active in her church was killed. the pilot of the plane killed as well. no one else was onboard the plane.
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>> the fire that followed the plane crash actually spread to a second home and took hours to put out. the mobile home park by the way is 3 miles away from the airport there. david tonight an i-team investigation. taxpayers we are subsidizing the rent for people who make 6 figure incomes. families are living in public housing and some are making more than a hundred thousand dollars a year. now you only qualify for these housing units if you earn less than a certain amount of money. but the i-team found once someone's salary starts to grow there is no safeguard in place to move that person out of public housing and into the private market. and there are thousands of people on a waiting list for those limited spots. >> it's just really disgusting because there true i are individuals who are really struggling. >> why should people making that much money continue to live in taxpayer subsidized housing. >> coming up at 11:00 i-team
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a big spinach recall dole spin afternoon sold in 15 states may be contaminated with salmonella. the spinach salad had april joy by date o. 15th. upc code ending with 976. you can see the number. no reports of anyone actually getting sick. we'll have more recall details on our web site the u.s. supreme court is considering raising your electric bill just is looking at a federal ram that pays people who useless electricity during peak hours. the program is designed to promote green energy and reduce the risk of blackouts. but utility companies say it keeps them from being able to charge higher prices during peak hours. maybe she isn't the worst person on the planet. >> why the woman who sued her 12-year-old nephew may not have had a choice. >> that's tom brady right there. are you ready for a new look. the typically bout toned up number 12 is talking off the cuff. >> uninvited wedding guest
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stealing the bride's thunder
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woman: i'm here to engineer my future. man: i'm here for my students. man: to work with a best-selling author. woman: and a nobel prize winner. man: here because everyone deserves clean water. man: here for the cool research. woman: i'm here to shape the future of nursing. man: because the oceans matter to us all. man: i'm there to explore the frontier of knowledge. -man: here for the commonwealth. -woman: and the common good.
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. she is a three-year-old girl just crowned queen. >> homecoming queen. >> she's recovering from open heart surgery. a high school football team in denver met her earlier this year. volunteering to help landscape her backyard. when homecoming came around they decided the preschooler would be the perfect queen. the team calls her their muse saying they are fighting spirit is what inspires them on the field. and i love that she's got the dress take basically matches the uniforms. >> you see the mom's big smile nice for her whole family. the president has a lot of titles. >> president of the united states commander-in-chief maybe wedding crasher too. the president was golfs at torrey pines near san diego when he decided to check out the watch he found a wedding
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he starts shaking hands talking to the guests that was enough to bring out the bride and groom early. they have plenty of photos as a souvenir. why not. >> pretty cool thing. >> exactly sort of spontaneous you don't see much of this unannounced with the president. >> as long as he doesn't start eating the food. >> that's where you draw the line. send him a bill. typically tom brady is all business but he was pretty relaxed in this interview. >> the patriots quarterback sat down with yahoo talked about some very special fan web sites. >> do you know about the web site dedicate to the evolution of tom brady's hair. >> never seen that. >> i like this hairstyle. >> that was a bad picture it didn't quite look like that. no it wasn't halloween. >> the second closest thing to halloween going to the kentucky derby. >> do you look back at any of these and miss the hair do you miss long air? qi think i'm going back to solong hair. >> really. >> brady also talked about how he really enjoyed the few
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acting roles he has had and relationship with gisele calling the super model his best friend in the entire world. which is kind of nice. we've seen some headlines over the past couple of months sort of said that maybe they weren't getting along so well but that's nice to hear. and that one picture that hair wasn't great. >> it's great to see him so relaxed i feel pore months the pressure has been out deflate gator the games to talk about hair maybe not such a bad thing. >> you know what long hair short hair he'll do okay. >> he'll be fine. >> no boiling this egg a fabulous faberge on sale here in massachusetts and what you have to spend to own this incredible work of art. >> check in weather watchers network wednesday another fine day. good amount of sunshine. check in with peter in cambridge at 64 degrees. uploaded a photo get ready forehead of the chars. charles river here in boss on we'll take a look at the
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. it is rebirth of one of the most name us and revered names in jewelry faberge. it's back for the first time in nearly a hundred years. >> right now the unique creation is for sale in boston? reporter: the man with the elegant suit and white gloves is from faberge. >> incredibly exciting. reporter: he comes to dorfman jewelers bearing a piece of art both rare and exquisite. >> we've been waiting for this for 99 years. reporter: the faberge egg first crafted for rush april czars hasn't been made since 1917. but now there are four. the four seasons. this one is spring. >> there are over 5600
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diamonds in this, and 136 car 136 car ats of emeralds the set is a shade under $3 million. this piece is for $740,000. reporter: little too expensive? there's a whole line of faberge jewelry too. the pieces range in price from $1,700 for a small pendant to a hundred thousand dollars for the peacock watch. >> what's exciting is to see one of the most revered names in jewelry which went dark with the russian revolution come back with quality and brilliance and design and style that can't be matched anywhere in the world. >> door of pans is the only shop displaying the agency. they are optimistic they will fine a buyer. emeraldss are my birth stone. >> matches your dress. we can't buy it for you. >> would fuss for our anchor team. it would be nice. >> we could share it yes. >> speaking of colors how
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about the trees really starting to -p pop out there the heat delayed everything but now all a sudden everything is at once from northern new england to southern new england look at this picture live shot picture in foxborough tonight great late evening sky there. the sun starting to go down some color and really been a beautiful stretch for us. can't complain too much about the weather over the past few months just one of many brilliant foliage shots we've seen over the last week. take a look at october started out chilly it's been a pretty typical month of october. many towns have not picked up a frost sitting at 66 degrees in boston norwood. 61 in chatham cooler with elevation. 57 degrees in worcester this evening all told it was another nice day some clouds filling in now the sun is setting the clouds will dissipate. it's quiet across the eastern united states not much active weather for us over the next 24 hours. tonight had been cooler than last night drier air in place. we'll fall back through the 40s.
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wouldn't be surprised to see a couple of towns reach the upper 30s by tomorrow morning. a crisp start to the day. in terms of clouds as they dissipate tonight most will stay away through the day tomorrow. we'll have a lot of sunshine for our thursday good one dobb outdoor if you're working out outside just perfect october weather. as we head toward tomorrow evening increase in cloudiness we'll continue to thicken up friday night. the cold front tomorrow not terribly organized but it will bring scattered showers throughout the day. the winds start to pick up behind the front during the afternoon out of the northwest and that's going to bring in the colder air. in the short term tomorrow again no complaints. sobriety but chilly start. sunrise couple minutes before 7:00 a.m. mostly sunny and seasonal at midday with light west southwesterly breeze. as we head toward the evening clouds starting to move in sunset at 6:03 but no concerns for us. these temperatures are pretty much right on target for this time of the year. again staying in the 50s higher
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elevations into central massachusetts. this is all a series of fronts moving through we had one last night got rid of the humidity cooled us off. another one tonight bringing in slightly cooler air. another front on friday the one that brings showers. that brings in some more significant chill to start the weekend. and then the last front comes through on saturday brings a few more showers and that one brings in the core of the coldest air which will be here for sunday and monday. it's about 2 to 2.5 days worth of cold. we're going to warm up quickly next week this isn't a total pattern change you'll definitely notice it. saturday's high staying in the 50s. should be scattered showers around and a gusty wind which will make it feel cooler. sunday a drier day but again we've got winds 20 to 30 miles per hour. temperatures will stay in the 40s then as winds start to die down sunday night that's when we'll get our coldest temperatures. there could be some snowflakes over the course of this weekend. mostly up slope snowfall. those winds start to work their way up the western facing slopes start to channel of that moisture squeeze out some flakes.
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intact sunday river is opening on monday. if you want to ski in new england you can head to maine. foliage continues to yes sir couple of ski areas checking this. leaves won't last too much longer this week might be the last one for northern new england cold will be brief. coldest temperatures there on monday morning another cold nature on monday night. tuesday, wednesday thursday we'll be warming right back up. schoolyard shout out. ap science class at brookline high school had a chance to go out talk to the students. you know what a lot of enthusiasm for high schoolers. sometimes a little too cool for school they are into weather asks some great questions and ask where tv was going. which i thought was something you don't get a lot. >> did you say you have no idea. >> it's like a forecast. it's a wish and a prayer sometimes. >> that's right. thank you eric. >> shortage of air traffic controllers could increase the number of flight delays.
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the group's union says towers are consistently understaffed. the claim the faa isn't hiring enough people to remace those who are retiring. shut downs budget cuts force them to close the training academy for 9 months. attorneys for the woman who sued her 12-year-old never if you say connecticut law make her dot. yesterday a jury rejected jennifer come $127,000 lawsuit. she says she broke her wrist when her new if you jumped into her arms at his 12th birthday party. the insurance company offered her one dollar she had no choice but to sue to pay her medical bills. >> feeling any better about her? >> not much. >> get an energy boost from your p b and j. >> coming up in you new at 6:00 making the statehouse more efficient. and the plan that will make you wonder is thisst best way? plus looking for a cheap car, check logan airport.
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and has the compute commuter rail turned the corner in some encouraging news about the n b
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. peanut butter lovers get a jolt. two friends from new england created a peanut butter infused with caffeine. one tablespoon of steamed caffeinated peanut butterrer is equal to a cup of coffee.
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organic a gave nectar. you can also buy it online. looks very good. >> much more still ahead the news at 6:00 starts right now. lashing out at a killer. >> he no longer exists. >> the family of a south boston graduates delivering a strong message to her murderer. >> losing faith why parishioners who president a deck trade trying to save their church may be out of openings. >> another nice day but cooling off each day this week coldest air of the season still on tract or this weekend. the question that made bill belichick admit this. >> i've been to i haven't been to the grocery store in a couple of years. breaking news first at 6:00. a gasoline fire in immediate field tonight. construction crew accidentally hit the line at the
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intersection of south and phillips streets. no one was hurt. that's the good news here. the flames were intense until the gas supply could finally be shut down. we have the view from sky eye over the spot about an hour ago. you can see still smoke coming out of the site. by the way, immediate field high school is near the scene and all afternoon and evening activities had to be canceled there because of this. >> at 6:00 locked away. a man who murdered a grandmother for lottery tickets headed to prison for the rest of his life and the bravery of the woman he killed is one of the reasons that justice was done. >> 3 years ago on marathon monday barbara coyne caught timothy kostka rifling through her apartment as he beat letter she got his dna unher fingernails and she gave her son a good description as she died. today her family wanted to focus on her life not her death. >> i feel grateful for what i have been given which is amazing grandmother second mother and best friend.
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>> beth romano is live in
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