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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 14, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> beth romano is live in south boston what has been a very emotional day for that family. reporter: very powerful statements from the family in court today recalling the strong woman she was as she tried to fight off her killer timothy kostka who had broken into her apartment knowing there was valuable fishing equipment inside and he needed drug money. hugs of relief for the family of barbara coyne after enduring a gut wrenching trial abandon seeing her killer sent to prison for life. >> what the monster has ripped from me and my family to let it consume me or allow it to strengthen me. reporter: timothy kostka stayed stone faced through impact statements from the family who wanted to remember the 67-year-old as idea voted mother and grandmother not the murder victim found in a pool of blood by her son. >> she had enough sense to get
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fingernails to do her part so he could never harm another family again. reporter: prosecutors say in april of 2012 kostka was looking for a quick heroin fix when he broke into coyne's south boston home and was discovered by her looking through jewelry boxes that's when he stabbed her repeatedly as she tried to fight back. >> i know that if you just asked her she would have helped you. she did that for everybody. reporter: the case focus through attention on the opiate epidemic gripping the south boston neighborhood and beyond. the district attorney says kostka's desperation remains a frightening prospect. >> i'm very worried interest the fact that there will be more timothy kostka's out there who have one single goal in mind is to steal other people's money break into their homes. reporter: as for the lottery tickets he stole prosecutors say he got $152 to buy more heroin. barbara coyne's family says life in prison is not enough
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reporting live from south boston beth germano wbz news. >> beth thank you. breaking news this south bridge a teacher is under arrest charged with sending obscene pictures to a student at the high school. police say joseph zuniga sent naked pictures of himself to a 17-year-old student. he has now been fired and will be arraigned tomorrow. an elderly woman trying to parallel park hit and killed a man in plymouth. the man was bending down to pick up a leaf let when the street. he was pinned against another car. police say the victim was a 62- year-old man from minnesota. this point. tonight justice is on hold question. does this teenager understand that he's on trial for murder? the court is supposed to be picking a jury to decide whether phillip chism is guilty or not of murdering his teacher
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tim smith jim smith is live with the story. reporter: david his behavior has changed but tonight but an act. the courtroom. we got a disturbing look into his mind. when court began there were somebody missing, the defendant himself. phillip chism letting course officers know he wasn't coming out. >> if he's refusing to come out , then he's wavering his presence. >> categorizes as mild by noncompliant. reporter: instead he stayed in a back room listening while a psychologist described a bizarre 75 minute meeting with the accused who said he hears voices and wishes someone would shoot him. >> i have asked him if he was talking to me and i didn't hear anything he said he wasn't talking to me that he was talking the somebody else. when i asked who the somebodyes was, he said he doesn't want me
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to tell you. reporter: chism now 16 was 14 and a freshman at danvers high when police say he followed his math teacher colleen ritzer into a bathroom where they say he raped and murdered her. prosecutors say chism is faking his strange behavior. >> everything that has happened for the last 24 hours is not real it's fake. >> his coping skills are not average. they are below average. he's also reported that he is hearing voices, and he's recorded a lack of present understanding about the trial. reporter: so the key issue now competency to stabbed trial. about this. they will all be back in court again tomorrow morning jim smith wbz news. jim thank you very much. and turning our attention midweek here to the weather now. you've got to enjoy the next couple of mild days because the cold is coming.
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coat for the weekend. chief meteorologist eric fisher joins us now we hate to start thinking about that eric. >> it seems like it's a little bit early but it's been a great fall and we're certainly going to be talking about not record breaking cold but shock to the system. a gradual change. yesterday we were in the 70s. 4 to 9 degrees cooler compared to this time yesterday. we'll get a little cooler still tomorrow. though 'tis that trend is on the down slope low 60s tomorrow near 60 on friday. 50s on saturday. cold air is sunday into monday where many towns won't leave the 40s. we have 48 in boston. the disturbance quiet weather conditions for us. ten we're going to track that coldest air and should bring a widespread frost perhaps a killing freeze sunday night into monday which means the end of the growing season but was a good one we'll talk about that and rainfall mix inside with those changes in a little while. eric thanks so much. a man who was just charged with a 24-year-old murder case told
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blackouts around the time of the killing. james wit could you ski was arraign in the 1992 murder of lena bruce. she was a tufts university graduate the first black woman to earn an engineering degree from that school. her murder was a mystery until last year. prosecutors say wit could you ski's dna was put into a data base that led investigators to tie him to bruce's murder. tonight it is a department on the defense. firefighters sailing they did everything they could to safer a charlton winery earn though the owners there disagreed. after that fire in august destroyed the orchards. the owner said the firefighters took too long that they wasted time by truck national guard water. the telegram gazette reporting the fire department finished his own investigation they arrived within 8 minutes. a pond on the property was too low at the time. parishioners who have been fighting for more than a decade to save their church are trying to figure out tonight if they have another who've to make. that's because today the
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state's highest court ruled that the parishioners of st. francisca bring any ski wait are in fact trespassing at this point. for more than 10 years the parishioners have been holding aville i will to stop the archdiocese from selling off the church. they will make a formal statement tomorrow morning. the true test of winter is still ahead. but the computer rail is getting better at getting places on time. trains arrived at their destination on time nearly 92% of the time in the month of september. the state says that's the best september performance in 9 years. however the company that runs the commuter rail says falling leaves will make tracks slippery in the next few weeks forcing trains to slow down. coming up at 6:00 trouble for tom brady and the patriots big piece of brady's protection is sidelined for the season. ready to go to the highest bidder. foster parents for oysters. you heard me right.
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. foster parents for oysters. rather unusual plan to restore the oyster population. the popular delicacy has been on the decline for years. >> now some scientists at the university of new l are trying to save the oysters and the tame tail. when the i don't seeers shells are cleared from the tables they don't go into the garbage. robert's main grill is recycling the shells. >> some of the servers busy restaurant having to separate things is not that thrilling. reporter: the shells go from the restaurant to this u n h lab scientists put them in tanks with microscopic larvae which attach to them. foster parents come if the baby
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foster parents watch over them and track their growth. >> they get a big kick out of it. most people don't know what an oyster looks like when it's not in the half shell waiting to be eaten. reporter: the reeves were built to be a place where oysters can grow which helps more than just seafood lovers. >> in addition for food to humans other creatures as well they are great at water filtration they stabilize the sediments and provide habitat for many other species,. >> the scientists and nature conservancy have reached more than 120,000 oysters and restored 18 acres of reaves. so an amazing project. >> fascinating. >> although it's the type of thing you're a foster parent then eat your young. >> if you get the cocktail sauce. >> i think it's the oyster fest this weekend. >> yes this weekend beautiful up there. you see those huge bins of
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highways they are shells everywhere. >> i think it's going to be dense in that population. it will be a cool one hitting out toward cape cod. 63 degrees in boston dew point much lower than yesterday a west wind instead of a south wind bringing down humidity levels. just fab last across the northeast. mt. washington kill he 28 degrees 6,000 feet in elevation. cooler drier air to the west. this whole week is about a slow filtration of the cooler drier air each day. that jaring changes all at one. the clouds popped up will be breaking apart this evening. no big storms in the eastern united states. peaceful weather continues for the next 24 hours. temperatures will be cooler tonight than last night. fall back through the 40s wouldn't be surprised couple normally colder spots see upper 30s by tomorrow morning more typical for this time of the year. terms of cloud cover we'll be seeing clear skies overnight. tomorrow another beautiful day. just a couple more degrees cooler. lots of sunshine so it will feel just find out doors.
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some clouds will start to filter in tomorrow night. by friday morning the next cold front approaches. this one not quite as potent as last friday's front so we'll be looking at scattered source good day to have a rain jacket handy variable weather. as the wind picks it up it will bring in the chill. sunrise 6:57 and tons of blue skies. great weather to be working outside. maybe do a little bit of the yard work getting ready for the changing seasons mostly sunny at lunch of time as we look toward the evening sunset is at 6:03 the clouds starting to increase a bit. going for high near 62 in boston as well as rockport bedford at 64 degrees. fitchburg 63. worcester into the upper 50s. these fronts continue to march their way in the air is excessively little cooler behind each one. we've bringing temps down through 40s. next front on friday with showers gets us cool blue for saturday little bit below average. the next front moves through on saturday with more rain showers
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colors and barney means cold for us we're glad it's not january because we would be talking about a very, very cold airmass. as it stands add of the charles weekend 50s on saturday across the region. scattered showers a gusty wind that will make it feel cooler than those 50s. on sunday partly sunny skies. still some strong northwesterly wind gusts chilly air and most towns should stay in the 40s all day long. terms of sunday night we'll guilty i don't remember coldest readings and maybe a shot at the freezing mark in boston. tough to do in the city. you've got the urban heat island effect plus you got measurements at logan airport. usually the average first freezing temperature would be november 4th. earliest on record is october 5th. we're not talking about all that unusual the in terms of a moving its way in. most towns have not seen a frost yet. monday the 19th most areas average their first frost. it will be well behind schedule we've had a pretty nice fall warm fall too. in terms of fall foliage. peak conditions much of
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northern new england beware this weekend with the cold air a lot of the leaves in northern new england will be coming down. here's your accuweather 7-day. after we get through the cold on monday morning a chilly afternoon then a warm up it's about a 2 and-a-half day cold stretch looks like david and paula we'll be into the 70s by the end of next week. >> help us get through those chilly days. thanks so much. we know patriot coach bill belichick a pretty busy man. >> apparently too busy to go shopping. >> recently has anyone pulled you aside in the grocery store energy. >> i haven't been to the grocery store in a couple of years. >> somehow i don't see him clipping coupons. >> people would be walking up to him all the time how many are you going to beat the colts by. >> we had one cope didn't want to shop for groceries.
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that's case when it comes to this. as the patriots they gear up for the grudge match with the colts the injury bug has struck struck in a big way. the patriots have put nate sold err on ir. multiple reports say it's a torn right bicep. injured helped happened in late in the first half sunday against dallas. trying to block tyrone crawford you can see his arm bent in a awkward way he whines winces and grabs. the hightower rib injury he was at practice. >> as far as mark on cannon he was able to jump in there play most of the game. as for this game i wish the patriots would drop their guard and tell us how they really feel about playing the inn indiana colts but tom brady and the bunch they are in cliche' mode but there are still some guys trying to ramp it up. today at the podium tom brady
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basically faced one question many different ways. does this game mean more than others. >> i said yesterday you really put a lot into it. every week no matter who you're playing because all these games are important all of them are hard to win all have good players. >> how about is there any extra motivation going into this game? >> i think you just try to approach each week as a professional and you give it your all. you do the best you can do and hopefully it leads to positive outcomes wet matters which is on game day. >> answers were the same and they were safe. as much as tom is the main focus to any contest the comes have had problems in the past stopping the running game. legarrette blount has feet feasted on number 4. >> doing the part doing the things coaches tell me to do i'm going to continue to do that. we're going to concentrate they got a different team. they got a lot of good players. >> now it could be dion lewis's turn. >> whatever it takes to win. whatever the coaches feel it
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plan is that's what we go with. >>' wii talk about the last three games the patriots running game has had 11 touchdowns against the colts. i know this is a lot about tom brady but tom brady doing this. hand the ball off. that could be a lot of it too. >> are you expecting a below blowout. >> i don't expect a blowout. is 20 points a blowout? >> it's a blowout. >> we got promos coming be sure to watch patriots all access friday night at 7:00 on wbz for behind the scenes stuff you cannot see anywhere. start your sunday patriots game day 11:30. paths and colts play in prime time. after the game wbz for the fifth quarter postgame show. plus this week on thursday night football here we go. 5-0 falcons face the saints down on the bayou. >> sad news to report former patriots offensive lineman sam
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we texas and toronto knotted up at 2:00. astros royals they go at it tonight. you bruins in the mile high city of denver they take on colorado think. that's sports for now. >> steve thanks. the cbs evening news is coming up next at 6:30. >> scott pelley joins us live from morning with a preview. good evening. >> good evening david paula great to be with you in boston one of the most beautiful places in america. this time of year is martha's vineyard. we will go there tonight on the broadcast and look ate couple of people who were only delivering the daily newspaper but now they have 15,000 followers because of the remarkable images of the vineyard that they have captured. we'll have that and the rest of the world news all coming up for you on the cbs evening news in 10 minutes. >> nothing like it 0 in october. we'll see you in a few. it sounds like a good idea getting rid of waste at the statehouse. when you hear the plan you may
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. streamlining the statehouse lawmakers have an idea that may have you shaking your head. soon the state may create a board whose mix will be to decide whether we have too many boards. the legislature may create a special ma'am to review all the commissions and boards and decide which ones we don't need. >> if you left your car at logan airport a while back you probably should go get it. they are about to sell 90 cars have been abandoned in the parking garages and the lots. some have been sitting this since 2009. they consider a car abandoned after only 3 months although they waited a year this case before they decided to put them all up for auction. it's going to be held this saturday morning come with cash. >> s bear hunting season is about to start and for the first time it will be legal to hunt bear statewide. hunters used to be restricted to west of 495.
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but the bear population is growing and becoming bolder. so the state is expanding the hunt thaning zone of you still need a permit it opens on for 2nd. you may be able to hit the slopes during your leaf keeping. >> ski resort ready to open for the season.
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. coming up at 10:00. mayor marty walsh will join us to talk about charter schools whether or not we should legalize marijuana. a wild bear on the loose in a mall some are angry about what the police did next. all of that coming up on the 10. >> liam thank you. tonight at 11:00 taxpayers just like you helping to pay the rent for people in public how long. the i-team found some of those people are making significant figure sales. the loophole at that time wasting your money and keeping some people from get a home. this sounds like it's coming too soon. season on monday. >> ski resort in maine tested
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its snow making equipment a few weeks ago. it says if the weather cooperates it will open the upper portion of one of its trails monday morning. so this would be the earliest opening in 20 years eric what do you think? >> i think it's great marking. >> really good call. but also be very cold well brother freezing this weekend it will snow there this weekend it showed several times already this month in more than maine it's not like it's been so warm they can't do this. >> . > th know snow at the top you're coming down you hit grass. >> i don't know. s walk down. >> thanks for watching. >> we'll you back here for the wbz news at 11:00.
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