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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news at 11 starts now. and we have breaking news here at 11, long lines tonight in logan, a computer system goes down that checks passenger names against the terror watch list. causing a major backup. >> kate merrill has the details. >> reporter: lisa, we got late word from u.s. customs saying the system is back up. take a look at this. we got video shortly after the first passengers were finally let through customs after manual screening took place. here is what we know. customs experienced a temporary
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outage at airports of entry and the across the country it was an outage of the security screening meaning they had to manually match the terror watch names. and in the meantime there were long lines including at logan. i spoke with passengers once they finally got through that very long wait. >> they said it was a nationwide computer glitch and we all had to wait. >> so how did you get through? what did you do? >> they finally let everyone fill out a form and get through. this affected everyone flying into the u.s. including big poppy. he had to wait to get through again. it took 90 minutes for the folks at logan to get through manually and we are told tonight by u.s. customs there was never any security threat and they do not believe they had a malicious intent but
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back to normal here at logan airport and live. kate merrill. wbz news. the f.b.i. and the justice department now investigating draft kings. they want to know if they broke the law. the wall street journal says they are talking to customers about their experience. draft kings and fan dual under scrutiny after a last action lawsuit. developing news, 21-year- old south bridge teacher out on bail tonight. accused of sending obscene pictures to a student. fired him. tomorrow morning. katie has the latest. >> reporter: justin is charged of sending naked pictures of himself and he thought there was no problem with that. >> justin can you let us know.
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shirt over his head. >> did you realize that you shouldn't send pictures to him. >> he sent naked pictures to himself to a student. >> kind of weird. i guess you send things like that you shouldn't work here. >> he sent the same photos to the students. last fall when he was a substitute teacher and in august. a school resource officer heard rumors and contacted police and they interviewed him. >> he didn't think there was anything wrong because the student was 17. >> he has english as a second language and the student was a classmate and they did meet in church. danigo friended him on facebook and send it on messenger. >> from the waist down and full body. >> and a letter went out to parent that expressed concern and the teacher's aid.
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>> i am trusting these people. so, therefore, you know, what can you do? >> they like others are unsure of what to think. he did little to clarify. >> what would you like the school to know? >> and the community will have a public meeting october 20th to address concerns. damingo appears tomorrow morning and police say this is his 22nd birthday. reporting live in south bridge, katie break. the 911 calls made from a brothel where former omar rodden was found unconscious and still fighting for his life. >> there is blood coming out of his mouth. >> the 911 call from the brothel discovered lamar oweddem unconscious.
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spent the last three days at the bottle and did cocaine and taking an herbal form of viagra. >> at 6:00 this morning he was fine. >> when iodemia arrived doctors med flighted him to a hospital in las vegas. >> they thought he might not make it and they were going to air flight him to las vegas. but he didn't fit in the helicopter. >> the 6'10" had to be driven 60 miles by ambulance. oweddem was a former nba star and married to chloe car kassian and they were in the
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leaves kar das yum makes medical decision. the reverend jackson visited signs of responsiveness. his teacher faking mental issues to stall his murder trial and that is what prosecutors think. in court a psychologist described a bizarre meeting with phillip chism where he claimed he was hearing voices shoot him. chism refused to enter the courtroom today and his competency hearing continues tomorrow. an exploding gas line fire in midfield frightened neighbors. they heard the explosion was got out. brian calf was live in midfield where we can see the crews working. >> reporter: 7 hours later a very active sign here behind me. residents around here reported hearing that loud hissing noise of the gas leak and something ignited. what did you think when you saw the flames that high?
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>> i was shocked and the firefighters were all so close, you couldn't feel the heated but you could see it rolling off in waves. it was crazy. >> high school senior emily pierce was playing feel hockey when she and her teammates heard the rupture. >> it was a loud sound. >> the students left the field and the game was postponed. >> how far away are you right here? >> 75 yards. >> and returning home with her dad, emily saw the geyser bursting. >> and it melted some of the power lines and the same thing the police chief saw. >> it is impressive and concerning. i didn't see anything like that before. >> the first responders evacuated homes and closed the road and at the end of the night no injuries or damaged property. >> it went as well as it could go. >> i was scared that my house
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>> it happened in front of she heard the hissing. >> the firemen were banging on my door and they said get out erupted. >> yes. >> what did it sound like. rumbling. >> back live it is a late night. crews are currently going door to door to restore service and dozens of other homeowners, minor inconvenience and it could have been worse. live in medfield, brian calf. >> a severe case of animal cruelty. a woman and her estranged husband ban arrested after two dogs were found and a house infested with flees. >> a 17-year-old relative has been summoned to court. >> heart-wrenching statements
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barbara coin was found by her son three years ago and prosecutors had dna under her fingernails convicted her kiss ter and tim costa was sentenced to life in prison. coin's family remembered the 67- year-old retired nurse as a of looing mother and again. >> her blood is in my vains and the anger of what i experienced will never go away, the wounds will never heal. >> it is the little thing i miss the most like going down to the house in the morning and sitting with her and having coffee and talking. and i come to realize it wasn't the coffee because god knows it wasn't the best coffee in the world. but it was the best part of my day. prosecutors say costa a
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heroin addict was looking for a quick fix when he broke in the home. the state's high court shut it down. the latest ruling in a long battle, this one declares parishioner is a trespasser but doesn't set a guideline for them to leave. the parishioners have been in here since the archdioceses announced it was closing it 11 years ago. a lesson that school nurses hope they will never have to use. school nurses learn to save a life in the event after school shooting. what is that, you are sick of candidates clogging up the forum? you and me.
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as taxpayers we pay for public housing but the i-team found some of the tenants making 6 figure salaries. a loophole that prevents that from happening and people that really need it prevents them from getting it. nurses learning techniques met for the battlefield. >> a sign of the times. >> and as kate merrill says that it could save lives. >> for these elementary school nurses one lesson they never wanted to learn. >> we are the only medical person in the building and people are looking to us to do something. >> jane thornton and her friend mary kay dillon have been
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nurses for years but the first time a trauma surgeon has given them skills out of the or. >> it is scary and i was saying it is like i can use this tourniquet and can you tell me how do i think? >> they are learning how to use a tourniquet on their students if there is ever a school shooting. >> never would i have thought it would be a skill set that we would have to impart to teachers. the man instructing them is dr. king, a man that ran the boston marathon in 2013 and went to the hospital room to help after the bombing. this is his personal mission. i am in the business of trying to save people lives and i can't be there but teachers are. >> for the first time, the nurses are learning battlefield techniques, the rash of school
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>> to think it could be one of my students, it is -- that's the only word i can come up with terrifying. >> they have faith that they will never have to use it. kate merrill, wbz news. skiers could be hitting the slope. if the weather cooperates the resort can only one of the trails on monday. days. it will be barely freezing and snow will be coming. evening. down to 46 in wooster and 46 inking and boston at 55 degrees and another tranquil night and clouds clearing out. we got a great thursday on tap. you will want a jacket in the
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door and sunrise at 57 and in the afternoon another chamber of commerce. low 60s and probably long sun. high temperatures, a couple of degrees cooler and lower 60s terrain of central hampshire. we skip ahead to friday and after sunshine, clouds will start to increase and starting to thicken up on thursday night and friday this next cold front will move through and that will bring with it scattered showers and a changeable weather day, in and out of the clouds and a few showers and not all day rain. and the winds start to pick up. the one front through with the cooler air and that next front on friday and getting progressively colder and the next front arrives on saturday with a few more showers to start the weekend and that's the one that brings in the cold that is going to be here for
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sunday and monday as temperatures will be running below average. it seems like it is your weekend and the weather shifts. in the 50s on saturday and showers and not a terrible day but certainly a little cooler towards downtown boston. sunday a gusty northwest wind november. sunday night widespread temperatures in the 20s and a killing freeze to much of the area and arriving late versus average. so we have had a pretty nice tail end of the season after that cold start and enough moisture to get upslope snowflakes. believe it or not this is the auto road in mouth washington. still beautiful leaves in mid- october but i think they are not too long for this world. here is your seven-day forecast.
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and monday we start to warm up and dave and lisa getting a warning shot of colder days ahead. taxpayers subsidizing rent for people making 6 figure salaries. >> public housing leaders know it is happening but they don't think it is a problem. >> like thousands of other low income residents angela knows how tough it is to find an affordable place to live. >> the wait list for some of these programs are ten years long. >> to qualify, you can only make a certain amount of money. >> so the dorchester mom was surprised when we showed her others making well above the limits. >> it is disgusting because there are individuals that are really struggling. >> at orchard gardens one income.
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in mission hill, five different families bring in 6 figures. >> it is not fair. >> but nobody is telling them to pack up and leave. in this scathing report the inspector general revealed more than 25,000 families across the country are now overincome. >> why should people making that much money continue to live in taxpayer subsidized helping. >> they are supporting the taxpayers by paying the rents. >> lydia of the boston housing authority said overincome residents pay the highest amounts when the federal funds are strapped and while high income families make up a small percentage of the housing administration administrators bleak they seconds as good role models. >> we don't want our residence population is low income and no working families. >> the eye team reviewed public housing records and found eye popping amounts and tenants
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bedford. >> the highest earning family makes $200,000 per year and that family of six bringing in four different salaries all month. >> people with excess income shouldn't be in subsidized housing. >> this congressman doesn't believe they should get kicked out immediately. >> i would argue that they would get a reasonable time frame and say good for you, it worked, move on. >> and open up a spot for someone else. >> i mean the system that they have is definitely flawed and it needs to be readjusted. >> some housing authorities are waiting for federal guidance on when they should evict overincome residents and others in boston are rewriting a new policy. >> good story, ryan. public housing in massachusetts brings us to the normal tonight, there are approximately 90,000 units of state and federally assisted
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housing in our state. still ahead. trouble for tom brady, the key player sidelined. and the call that had fans
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the patriots, we got good and bad news. first the good news. the bad news. nath solder has been placed on injured reserve and done after tearing his right bicep after sunday's win in dallas. tyrone crawford crunched his arm and backup marcus cannon finished the game and a good chance he will take over the position. meanwhile tom brady on the practice field getting ready for sunday's show down with the colts in indy. brady was asked numerous times if this game meant more to him after the deflategame. there was this response. >> like i said i'm always pretty motivated regardless of the opponent and the team of the week and preseason game or regular season game. they are all important because there is so few of those that
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life so i don't take them for granted. for more of the match-up check out all access friday night at 7 and on sunday, w bz has you covered starting with game day 11, following the game. the falcons face the saints. the bruins in colorado looking for their first win and jonas gus tough son and they get on the board. kevin miller, top shelf and later in the period it is jimmy hays scoring the first score making it 2-0 and it is 4-0 in the 2nd period. >> to basketball. brooklyn facing the mets.
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and chauncey finished with 19 points and the rookie rj hunter quick release and he finished with 11 points and four steals and winning 101-105. baseball playoffs, alds, rays and rangers. watch this, after the 8th, russell martin throws back to the mound and bounces off choo's back and in the field, ador takes off and scores and after consultation the run counted and the blue jays were furious and the call was correct. bottom of the 7th, jose batista has a shot in the left and gets 60 and check out this, jays win it 6-3. and they will face kc
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>> and that is the sports for now, we will be right back. you by xfinity bring youing on any screen. tonight's patriots update
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you by dunkin donuts. last night's first democratic presidential debate. maybe it is time to weaved out some of the candidate clutter. decluttering everybody is doing it. sparked by the best selling book the life changing magic of tidying up.
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now that we have seen cattle call debates from both of the parties maybe it is time to bring clarity and focus. for instance former rhode island center line con chafffey is drawing zero percent. >> you voted for the very first one. >> my daddied in office and i was appointed. >> are you saying you didn't know. >> i just arrived to the senate. >> rand paul should not be on the stage. >> and there is plenty of rule for declutterring in the republican poll where five candidates have not shown any support and the serious contenders need space to breathe. >> a lot of the candidates are selling books and when is this a publicity stunt. >> a great question and a number of the serious
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number is looking to heighten the profile or an ego trip. i know it is hard to believe.
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