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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  October 15, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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going to stand on that for -- >> 5 hours plus some change. news, traffic and weather straight ahead here on wbz this morning. >> the news at 5:00 starts right now. a local teacher heading to court today on his 22nd birthday accused of sending nude photos to one of his students. >> more trouble for draft kings and fan dual. why the fbi and justice department are investigating these fantasy sports sites. >> a computer problem causes massive delays at logan airport. how long it took to fix and what caused the outage. >> partitioners fighting to the state's trespassing. this morning their next move. from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. good morning. it's 5:00.
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beth -- i'm kathryn hauser. >> we've been a voiding the blues on the map for a while and now they're back. >> yesterday wasn't too bad. we were up like 6 0 in the morning. we're 10 to 20 degrees cooler right now. it will be a beautiful afternoon but it's a chilly start. boston has just dipped into the upper 40s. 38 at logan, upper 30s fitchburg to worcester. upper 40s for some of us on the cape after the lower 60s yesterday. it's all thanks to clear skies and a light wind out there as well. no weather-related issues for your morning commute. grab the shades as you head out the door. at lunchtime, 59 degrees, a pretty seasonal day over all. the wind from the west, southwest only about 5 to 10 miles per hour today. in the upper 50s for your ride home. still mostly clear and school. sunset at 6:03. i'm timing out some showers for our friday.
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details on that coming up. let's get you on the roads. hi, roby. danielle, good morning. let's take a live look at the expressway. heavy volume to boston already. no reported back ups. the other major routes from the south looking good. no delays, route 1 south. route 3 south and 49 5 are trouble free. chris and kathryn. >> thank you very much. 5:02 right now. popular fantasy sports websites now getting the attention of the fbi and the justice department. >> bree is here with details on bree. >> reporter: kathryn and chris, the fbi and the justice department want to know if draft the wall street journal reports agents from the boston office are talking to prominent players about their experience on the site. specifically if the site accepted money from states and prohibited.
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dual are under scrutiny with three pending class action insider trader. the new york attorney general asked for fraud. a mid-level content manager at draft kings won $350,000 on fan dual the same week he leaked data. the players interviewed by agents with boston's fbi office said they seemed primarily focused on draft kings. the fbi isn't commenting but the information includes a post by a draft king executive that informed players how to deposit funds in states where it's illegal. >> thank you. good insight there. a now former southbridge teacher will spend his 22nd birthday in court charged with sending obscene photos to one of these students. this is joseph zuniga leaving the police station last night.
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he sent naked photos of himself to a southbridge high. he set a set of 10 photos to that student on first last fall when he was a substitute teacher and then again this august. officers say church. we'll have much more ahead in a live report at 5:30. a former youth hockey coach is due in court on charges he sexual assaulted a young player prosecutors say 61-year-old robert richardson of dorchester began assaulting the boy in 1991 when he was just 13 years old. the victim brought the matter to police last year and richardson was indicted last month. in 2005 richardson was acquitted on similar charges involving another boy whom he met while running a camp at boston university. a computer system that checks air passenger's names against the terror watch list is now back up and running this morning but the outage caused huge delays last night at logan
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and other airports. the system was down for 90 minutes forcing passengers to wait in long lines while custom's agents manually processed passengers. we caught up with passengers after that long delay. >> they said that there was a nationwide computer glitch and we all had to wait. >> how did you get through? >> they finally just let everyone fill out a form and just get through. >> u.s. custom's tells us there was never any security threat and they don't believe it was due to any malicious intent. this morning things are back to normal in medfield but it took crews late into the night to fix this ruptured gas main and to get service back onto residents. the break sent flames shooting into the air. a video shows a big crater left behind. work crews hit the line on south street at phillip around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. neighbors say they first heard a loud hissing noise and then an explosion when some of the gas ignited.
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heat but see it rolling off in waves and see smoke coming out of the ground. >> the flames shot so high they actually melted some of the power lines in the area. utility crews shut the gas off while police and firefighters kept everyone at a safe distance until it was contained. nobody was hurt and there was no property damaged. a competency hearing will continue this morning for the teenager accused of killing his math teacher. now prosecutors are sunlighting that phillip chism is faking mental issues to he's accused of killing colleen ritser in 2014. chism claimed he was hearing voices and wished someone would shoot him. he refused to enter the courtroom. heart wrenching statements from the family of a grandmother
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horn was killed 3 years ago. dna under her fingernails helped convict her killer. daniel costa was sent to prison yesterday. the family remembered her as a loving mother and grandmother. >> i hope she knows how proud i was of her, i am of her. >> her blood is running, alive and thriving in my vains not stained in a window curtain or stored in a darkroom. the anger and trauma will no go away. >> costa was a heroin addict looking for a quick fix when he broke into her home. a severe case of animal a woman and her husband are under arrest. police found two dead dogs and a dog lizard in a filthy house infested with flees last month. steven botolo and nicole botolo was charged with animal cruelty. a 17-year-old relative has been summoned to
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the family of a sailor presumed drowned on the cargo ship el faro is now filing a it was all 33 people on board are believed to have drowned including more than a half dozen sailors with the lawsuit claims the owner and captain were negligent when they weather. it could be the final blow for partitioners who have been fighting for more than a decade to save their church. the state's highest court said they are actually trespassing. susie steimle is live. >> reporter: this is the longest protest in history. church growers have been coming here since 2004 just fighting for the right to pray here. yesterday as you said an appeals court upheld that decision saying they should be evicted from the property.
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today the faithful will continue their fight and hold a press morning. the archdiocese of boston decided to close this assault allegations within the church surfaced. it was part of a reorganization effort back then. the church goers had said for 11 years they shouldn't have to be punished for the actions of priests. since then they have held a 24/7 protest. there's someone on the property right now. the archdiocese did move to evict them in march. that went through in june. they appealed it. now the appeals court is upholding that decision. these church goers are not going to go quietly. they said they will take this to the supreme court if necessary. we're live steve steimle. >> keep us posted on when those partitioners do release a statement. a late night for bruins fans
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as the b's trying to get their first victory of the season taking on colorado. a nice game for one of the newest bruins. dorchester native jimmy hayes, his first goal with boston put the b's up 2-0 right there. hayes had three assists including this nice feed to ryan spooner for the goal. the b's win this one 6-2. it's their first win on the road. >> there you go. do you feel good about that? >> i feel better. 0-3 to start not good . coming up, lamar odom is still fighting for his life after he was found unconscious. >> details about what happened plus jon keller takes a closer look at fame and fortune. >> why some nurses are learning techniques meant for the battlefield. >> when does the cool air arrive? this weekend. 50s on saturday, upper 40s on sunday. it's going to be a nice fall day today.
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we'll time out some showers to end the week tomorrow
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kids may find hospital visits less frightening with the help of a robot. >> meet justin, a very advanced robot. this is making kids smile here in new england. he dances, reads poetry and can
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talk about famous landmarks with kids undergoing treatment at a cancer hospital. he helps reduce a child's stress by 50%. justin is the only robot of its kind in new hampshire. it costs between 10 and $15,000. >> check out those moves. >> great. justice -- grateful justin. maybe we need a little justin in our lives here. >> that would help. we need to get a check of your forecast. danielle, it's going to be a nice day for the most part. >> i feel like the sunrise always gives us that moment like to take a deep breath. the sun will be up and shining. meet my newest friends that i visited yesterday down in rockland, massachusetts. these are the kids at the s and l elementary school. the 4th graders had a blast. they had a ton of energy. we talked about super cells and hurricanes. i think there's some future meteorologists in that crowd. thank you for having me out
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there. the bus stop this morning -- by the way the first time i took that video i was like i think you can do better. i said let's scream into the camera. 44 degrees this morning. before school a lot of sunshine, light jacket, sweatshirt, something. it's fall time. you need something like that. up around 60 with lots of sunshine this afternoon. it's 38 in boston but 49 in worcester, 36 in taunton right now. the upper 30s in lawrence. a chilly start to the day. 38 in bedford, 40s from the south shore back down to the cape. only 40 in plymouth right now. cooler than we were yesterday in the lower 60s. skies mostly clear except for a few clouds on the cape. the outer cape may see the temperatures fall once the clouds move offshore. rain and snow showers, we're getting to that time of year, in eastern canada here with colder air on the move.
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we will get into some of that as we head into the weekend. not us here in southern new england but northern new england will see some snow showers in the mountain. low 60s, a beautiful fall day. temperatures tomorrow in the mid to low 60s as well. here comes the front. it will be breezy tomorrow and just may want to have the umbrella on sand by. -- on standby. a brief shower is possible for your morning commute. most of the day will be spent drive. heading into the day on saturday here comes an area of low pressure. a lot of energy with this thing. saturday morning starts dry but they will be passing. it's not a wash out. they will be mixed with snow showers. could be some accumulating snow along the canadian border as well. highs
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50 over night tonight, 40s in the suburbs. we will see see temperatures back into the 60s tomorrow. only in the 50s on saturday, upper 40s on sunday. a freezing start sunday night into monday morning. could be some widespread frost too. warming trend, we'll be back into the upper 60s by traffic. weather and traffic together. >> usually people put sheets over their plants but should we bring it in? in. a degree or two could make a difference. a frost. inside. thank you, danielle. still quiet out there right now on this thursday morning commute. checking the north southbound moderate volume from med ford into the city but no reported slow downs right now. the other major routes headed down from the north are looking okay. checking the south map real quick, the expressway heavy ups.
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no issues on 23 north or 95 north at this time. >> thank you very much. it's 5:17 right now . former nba star lamar odom remains on life support this morning. the athlete and reality tv star is in a las vegas hospital after he was found unconscious sunday at a nevada brothel. there's reports he may have taken cocaine and an herbal form of viagra. reverend jesse jackson visited him in the hospital and said he shows some signs of responsiveness. odom dealt with his troubled past while living in the limelight. >> jon keller takes a closer look at if fame and fortune are more of a hurt than a blessing. >> everyone will be famous for 15 minutes has come true. it will happen in so many ways.
5:19 am
media will be waiting for your plane when you land. make a you tube video and it might go viral and then everything will be great, right? if that's really what you think consider the sad story of lamar odom, currently fighting for his life in a las vegas hospital after a suspected both. >> the former nba star made millions, won two titles and became a reality avenue star when he married a kardashian. he was a man with problems dating back to a troubled childhood. fame and fortune are no substitute for real love, stable relationships and other things that field the happiness and spiritual grounding can never provide. >> in his last known interview
5:20 am
with tmz he blamed the media for his downfall. y'all discredited me, took my confidence, took everything away from me. next time you find yourself envying someone else's money or celebrity think of lamar odom and think about reconsidering your values. talk back to me if you'd like @kellerwbztv. it's 5:20 right now. up next, preparing for the worse. >> a local doctor teaching nurses at schools techniques for the battlefield. >> the commuter rail seeing its first performance in years. why
5:21 am
elementary school nurses learning techniques meant for the battlefield. >> this is the result of several recent school shootings. bree is back to show us how this training could save lives. hey, bree. >> reporter: chris and kathryn, terrifying yet empowering are the words one school nurse used to describe the training she received from a trauma surgeon at mass general. this surgeon and soldier is taking his lessons from iraq and afghanistan and bringing them to schools. >> that's called pre-tensioning. that's the most important step. >> it's the disturbing thought for these school nurses that they need to know how to tie a turn cat. >> it's scary. can you tell me
5:22 am
face of this? how do i not fall apart, freak out? >> in a conference room they learned trauma skills they don't want to use on the job. >> we're the only medical people in the building and people are looking to us to do something. >> they're learning from dr. david king, the man who ran the boston marathon in 2013 and then went straight to the operating room to help after the bombings. >> i'm in the business of trying to save people's lives. i can't be there at every one of these shootings naturally but teachers are and school nurses are. >> for the first time in the state these school nurses with the boston archdiocese are learning battlefield techniques just in case. >> never would i have thought that it would be a skill set that we would have to impart to teachers. >> reporter: in light of the most recent school shootings the white house held a conference last week calling for the need for nationwide preparedness for hemorrhage control in the event
5:23 am
of a mass traumatic event. bleeding is the number one preventable cause of death due to trauma. back to you. >> bree, thank you very much. it's 5:24 right now . the true test of winter is still ahead but the commuter rail is getting better at getting places on time. trains arrived at their destinations on time nearly 29% of the time in september. the state says that's the best september performance in 9 years. however the company that runs the commuter rail said falling leaves will make the tracks slippery forcing trains to slow down. dole spinnash sold in 15 dates including in massachusetts and connecticut may be contaminated with salmonella. it had an enjoy-by date of october 15th and a upc code ending in 976. we have more details on our website, if you're a peanut butter lover listen up. now you can
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>> two friends from new england created peanut butter infused with caffeine. one tablespoon of it is equal to a cup of coffee. the ingredients are simple, peanuts, salt, nector and natural caffeine. it's on sale in a dozen stores in massachusetts and connecticut but you can also buy it online. still to come in our next half hour, a teacher heading to court this morning. >> the inappropriate images he's accused of sending his students. >> draft kings and fan dual under the microscope. the fbi now getting involved in the investigation into the popular fantasy sports site. >> who will be sitting out for the rest of the year. >> bright sunshine in the forecast made a chilly start this morning but lower 60s by
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right now at 5:30, a local teacher heading to court today on his 22nd birthday accused of sending nude photo to a student . >> more trouble for draft kings and fan dual. why the fbi is investigating the site. >> how police finally linked a man to a decades-old cold case murder. from the channel 4 studios morning. it's 5:30. i'm kath -- i'm kathryn hauser. >> i'm chris mc ckinnon. >> thank you for the pumpkin muffins. over. >> i left a bit of a mess over there. >> you can squish them together while i'm doing the weather to get the last bite in. it does feel like a typical fall morning.
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we were still mild yesterday. we're in the 30s in a lot of spots. 39 in worcester, 38 in finchburg. 50s on cape cod. it's the mild spot. we were in the 60s yesterday. it does make a difference out there. 32 in orange, mostly clear skies. a lot of sunshine during the day today. a chilly sunrise. coming up, light western winds winds. 60s for your lunchtime, most ly sunny beautiful fall day today. we'll still see sunshine. clear, school, quiet for your ride home. we'll take you out through the chilly weekend weather coming up. let's get you on the roads. >> our first accident of the morning south of the city. it's tree split. that's the toughest of spots. the stop and go back up is already to route 37. chris and kathryn.
5:30 am
. more trouble for fantasy sports sites including boston-based draft kings. the fbi and the justice department want to know if the sites accepted money from states where the online betting games are illegal. agents from the boston office are talking to prominent players about their experiences on the sites. draft kings and rival site fan dual are already under the microscope amid questions of insider trader. this morning a possible final blow for partitioners who have been fighting for more than a decade to save their church. the state's highest court ruled yesterday that the partitioners of saint francis cabrini are trespassing. they have been inside the church 24/7 since the archdiocese announced the closure 11 years old. they are expected to respond with a formal statement. now to another top story that we've been following for you, a southbridge teacher
5:31 am
spending his 22nd birthday in he's accused of sending obscene pictures to a student. >> the school district immediately fired him. nicole jacobs is live outside the courthouse in dudley. good morning, nicole. >> reporter: good morning to you. we learned a school resource officer heard rumors about this situation and took it to the police department. this is 22-year-old joseph zuniga. he is accused of sending naked photos of himself to a 17-year-old student. police say the two met each other at church a few years ago, became facebook friends and zuniga allegedly sent upwards of 10 photos on two different occasions to the
5:32 am
>> he didn't think there was anything wrong with it because he was friendly with the student and the stuvent student was 17. -- and the student was 17. >> reporter: the school sent letters out to the parents. zuniga is expected to be arraigned today. nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. a dorchester man is being held without bail charge in a decade's old cold case. authorities say this man, james witcowsky was linked through dna. an elderly woman trying to parallel park hits and kills a man in plymouth. he was bending down when the woman backed into him. he was pinned against another car. the victim was a
5:33 am
no charges have been filed at this point. police hope surveillance video will help them catch a jewel thief. on october 4th this man went into a local jewelry shop and asked the clerk for a catalog. as soon as the clerk left the sales floor the man went to the display case and grabbed 7 bracelets worth more than $2,500. anyone with information is asked to call police. now over to sports. bad news for the pats. a key member of the offense is out for the season. left tackle nate shoulder is out for the year. back up marcus cannon finished the game in dallas and there's a good chance he will take over the position. the pats take on the colts sound night. for more on that match up check out patriots all access tomorrow night at 7:00 on wbz. on sunday
5:34 am
wbz has you covered before and after the game starting with patriots game day at 7:30 and the post-game show immediately wbz is football. tonight the unbeaten falcons head to the bayou to face the new orleans saints. straight ahead, a big drop on wall street. >> why analysts are blaming wal-mart for yesterday's triple digit loss. >> plus, don't have time to pack your kid's lunch? a boston-based start up may have the answer for you. >> you have some weather watchers up already this morning. >> right. this is the most reports we've had in the morning hours. temperatures running in the 30s and 40s. 35 said jenner, 39 in worcester said kathy. a lot of 30s on the map. a chilly start but a not so bad finish. i'm timing out some showers hour by hour for tomorrow coming up. if you want to join the weather watcher net work we would love to have you.
5:35 am
if you're a fan of mcdonald's you're not alone. the brand scored the highest favorability in 2 years. >> that's according to u gov. they site the all day breakfast as the catalyst for this sudden surge. >> i found out so funny when mcdonald's announced they were rolling out the all day breakfast. competitors were like we've been doing this all along. >> got to love the breakfast. >> no, no, we've already been doing that. battle over
5:36 am
tesla showing off a new atoe auto pilot system. >> jill wagner is live with today's report. >> reporter: good morning. wal-mart reported a big miss . they predict sales will fall next year. the company is taking a hit from online retailers like amazon. the other issue with wal-mart is paying workers for money wal-mart's stock plunged by 10% to drag down the rest of the market yesterday. the dow fell 157 points, the nasdaq dropped 13. there's a new auto pilot system from tesla. it looks like it's a game changer. actually, a lane changer. the cars already able to change lanes by themselves using cameras and sensors. analysts say it's an industry first. drivers will also need to keep wheel. if you don't have time to pack your kids lunch smart lunches can help.
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boston-based start up that partners with local schools letting parents select their likes and dislikes. the meals will cost $6 to $7. it's now available if philly, boston, washington dc and chicago . >> i need my own smart lunch sometimes. >> thank you, jill. we'll see you tomorrow. coming up we have a check of your traffic and weather together. >> plus a look at the top stories. >> are you a big tipper? if not you might like this next story, a bunch of restaurants are doing away with gratuities. is this a good idea?
5:38 am
geico motorcycle,
5:39 am
it may seem early to be talking about this but skiers in new england could hit the slopes soon. >> sunday river in maine is testing its snow-making equipment. they said if the weather cooperates the resort will open the upper portion of one trail on monday. that would be the earliest opening in 20 years. it's going to be chilly this weekend. >> uh-huh. >> be prepare ed -- be prepared. >> you guys aren't fans of snow. you know the skiers and
5:40 am
snow borders are loving it. new england may see a little bit of natural snow this weekend. 48 in boston right now. a lot of 30s on the map though. it's much cooler than 24 hours ago. it's 36 in jaffery, upper 30s in nassau, lawrence. lower 40s in marshfield and lower 50s on the outer cape. we're 52 in province down and 53 nantucket. no weather-related issues today. you can see the clear skies on the satellite right now. nothing to worry about on the radar either. you see some rain and snow showers, yes know showers, in eastern canada right now. there's a series of cold fronts that will be pushing through over the next several days. today is fine, sunshine from start to finish. tonight the clouds increase. there may be a shower well north and west of boston into tomorrow morning. the afternoon tomorrow features some sunshine. northern new england will see some scattered rain showers. friday night
5:41 am
we're mainly clear, saturday we start to see clouds increase. this is 7:00 a.m. saturday morning. mostly dry. northern new england sees the blues here. the elevation of the mountain s will see a change over here. you could see an inch or two of accumulation in the summit. for us on saturday, scattered rain showers. they'll be passing so it's not going to rain the entire day. they will push offshore saturday evening leaving sunshine for sunday but temperatures only in the upper 40s. today feeling like normal. 62 boston, lower 6 #0 0s from bedford to nashua. a few upper 50s here. jaffery at 58 and worcester at 58 too. you have to figure starting in the 30s this morning it's not a bad rebound. 60 to 65 plymouth to taunton. clouds do increase over night tonight. we drop back to about 50. the suburbs
5:42 am
breeze 5 to 15 miles per hour. i think our greatest risk is tomorrow morning and then breaks of sunshine come out and temperatures come into the mid 60s. it will be breezy. now foliage tracker, we're get ting to that time of the year when we're starting to see a lot of that peak color. it's near or at peak for a lot of western and northern new england. i don't know about you guys but i'm still seeing some pockets of peak color if you can find them here in southern new england too. you get into a patch it and then more green and then an area of peak color around. a lot of nice color to enjoy across new england this weekend. upper 40s on sunday, a chilly start on monday morning. could be a widespread freeze and frost and then warming up into the 60s for tuesday and wednesday. we'll be near 70. roby has a look at traffic. >> we have a pair of accidents. the latest one 24 nba -- 24 northbound just before route 44 a car rowing a boat is up
5:43 am
seeing a back up to route 140. 93 northbound right at the split at brain tree. stop and go back up until 37. a live look at 93 southbound. got a couple of slow pockets. between 128 and park street a slow spot. >> thank you very much. it's 5:48. so -- a southbridge teacher accused of sending nude photos to student. >> plus, trouble for a fantasy site. popular fantasy sports sites are now getting the attention of the fbi and the justice department. the federal government wants to know if draft kings broke the law. the wall street journal reports agents from the boston office are talking to prominent players about their experiences on the sites. specifically if the site accepted money from states and countries where the games are illegal. coming up at 6:00, a public post that may have set off this investigation.
5:44 am
good morning. i'm nicole jacobs live in dudley. a southbridge high school teacher is expected to be arraigned today after allegedly sending nude photos to a student. this is joseph zuniga. he was arrested yesterday after turning himself into police. when leaving the police station you can see his mother covered his face with a jacket. police say he met that 17-year-old student at church a few years ago. they became facebook friends and zuniga allegedly sent the photos through facebook messager. police say his face is also seen in some of these pictures zuniga is expected to be arraigned here today on this, his 22nd birthday. nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. a nurse is facing charges that she stole painkillers from patients. cindy martin worked at queen ann's nursing home until june. prosecutor say officials discovered drugs were missing.
5:45 am
the painkillers and replaced them with tylenol, water or mouth watch. >> reporter: good morning i'm susie steimle live outside saint francis cabrini church. yesterday they heard from an appeals court saying they were illegally on the property and needed to be evicted. these church goers are not going down without a fight. they will hold a press conference to tell their side of the story at 11:00. coming up in 10 minutes, why think they they're paying for mistakes that priests have made. we're live, susie steimle, wbz this morning. big ratings for the democratic presidential debate. more than 15 million people watched the debate. that's the biggest tv audience ever for a democratic debate. cnn showed it online with usage around
5:46 am
987,000 streams. the gop debate had 23.1 million viewers. a wild game 5 in the alds. in the 7th inning the texas catcher throws a ball back to the pitcher but the ball hits the bat of the toronto hitter and rolls away. batista launches a big homerun. the kansas royals finished off the houston astros last night in game 5 winning 7-2. game one of the american league championship series is tomorrow night in kansas city. today facebook is taking small business in massachusetts to boot camp. it's boost your business event includes a small business panel, networking zone and educational videos. boston is only one of four cities nationwide to host this event.
5:47 am
tipping is the staple of eating out. >> one restaurant wants to make it a thing of the past. here roby to explain. >> reporter: how about 0% for the tip? a growing number of restaurants are considering doing away with gratuity but there's a catch. it was started by daniel meyer who runs 13 restaurants in new york. he said tipping is not fair to all workers like cooks. some servers however could see their hourly wage boosted to $25 an hour in the absence of tips. of course this means restaurants will jack up the food prices to pay for those waiters and waitresses. one new york chef predicts a 20% hike will follow. a spokesperson for the national restaurant association said the lack of tips is going to discourage millions of potential employees from waiting on tables. we asked do you think restaurants should eliminate tipping? do you think this is a good idea? a lot of people don't like to tip.
5:48 am
murray on facebook said the only way tipping could be eliminated is when all employers pay them a decent wage. i'm not holding my breath on that one. christine said on our facebook page, if you don't want to tip stay home. you can shop, cook and clean up after yourselves and your families. christine is probably a server i would think. very passionate there. you can comment on our talker. go our website, twitter page or facebook and let us know what you think about the tipping controversy. chris and kathryn. >> thank you very much . a fabulous egg now for sale in massachusetts. >> why it's historic and what
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there's a new item for sale in one boston jewelry store and it's getting a lot of attention. it's an egg worth $740,000. >> take a look at this thing. it's called the spring egg . you can find it at dorfin jewelers. haze 36 princess cut tormalene's and diamonds. it's one of four eggs called the four seasons. it's the first set made in 99 years. you can buy all four for just $2.9 million.
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it's beautiful but, you know, that's a lot of money. >> what do you do with it though? >> i don't know. it's a great conversation piece . look at how much money i have. >> can you open it up and there is a chocolate egg inside? >> i don't think that's happening. you're funny. keep it right here on wbz this morning. we have a lot more coming up straight ahead.
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