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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 15, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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breaking news this noon, a change for plans for the u.s. in afghanistan. what the president just announced about the future of the american dream. a teacher out of a job going before a judge. charged with sending naked pictures to a student. no increase for those receiving social security. wallet. fight. the parishioners refusing to give up. breaking news right now at noon, a significant change in the plan for the american troops in afghanistan.
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keep thousands of u.s. troops there. good afternoon i'm kathy curran. the president just announcing that 5,500 troops will stay in afghanistan until he leaves office in 2017. originally nearly all troops were slated to come home next year. president obama says that the change is needed. >> i'm absolutely confident that it is the right thing to do. not disappointed because my view has always been how do we achieve our goals while minimizing the strain and exposure on our men and women in uniform and make sure we are constantly encouraging and sending a message to afghan people this is their country and they've got to defend it. >> military leaders argue that afghans need assistance and support from the u.s. to beat the resurgence of the taliban. the judge in the case, they want the 16-year-old murder suspect to undergo a psychiatric evaluation to see
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if he is competent stand trial. prosecutors say that he is faking to stall his trial. the jury selection just began last week. the process is on hold. he's charged with the murder and rape of his math teacher. it happened two years ago. a south ridge high school teacher facing a judge. accused of sending nude photos. our nicole jacobs is live in dudley with the latest on this -- on this case. >> that arraignment wrapped up just a couple hours ago. we learned a lot of new information. at this point the police chief says that the student and the teacher met each other a few years ago in church. now we learned that this year 17-year-old student was actually in the teacher's class this year up until he was fired for his alleged actions. and speaking with the chief yesterday, we certainly learned that this teacher allegedly
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sent nude photos to the student and it was all uncovered through the rumor mill at south ridge high school. that teacher is again a teacher at south ridge high school. the student of course admitting that those photos were found and we also heard that the teacher admitted it as well. >> he turned his back to the camera for as long as he could. but when called before the judge, he was exposed. just as the photos he's accused of sending one of his teenage students. according to prosecutors the 22- year-old admitted to sending the batch of nude pictures first when the student was 16 and then again when she was 17 all through facebook messenger. rumors that the resource and reported. >> some of them we could clearly see his face attached the teacher.
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we interviewed the teacher to come to headquarters for questioning. >> the south ridge teacher is said to have custody of his younger brother and sister. celebrating his 23rd birthday today. his parents had no comments as they left the same way they came, avoiding the cameras, but facing the charge. a stay away order for the high school as well. and no social media, also learned a no unsupervised contact with any children under the age of 16 except for the two siblings for which he is the legal guardian. he is due back in court.
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developing this noon, police arrested a person in connection with a threatening note left at stone hill college. last month that no spark evacuation and a myself search of buildings on campus. police say that he will be in court later today. he's been suspended and band from the campus. a brooklyn firefighter facing drunk driving. and the early car saturday morning on the green street. and joseph was released, told not to drink alcohol, due back in court next month. and the group of the parishioners held vigil at the church for more than a decade. >> reporter: well kathryn, it is down to the 11th hour for
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appeal's court upheld that ruling yesterday, saying that they are officially trespassers. and for mercy. and this is the longest history. that it dates back to 2000 for the height of the crisis. this is one of them, but they had stayed here for 11 years, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, fighting to keep the church open. as they would call this the epic center of the abuse crisis as they say at least six priests, they were accused of abusing young victims, but they don't want to be punished. that is why they are begging to
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>> reaching out to sean o'malley. please meet us. >> this is the last church standing in the reconfiguration crisis. that's very hard to say. we want to make sure that it does stand. >> reporter: now legally they can continue this fight as they do intend to fight that appeal's court decision with a petition and they have 14 days to file that. if it comes down to it and the church is closed they will go peacefully. of course hoping that it does not happen. susie steimle, wbz news. >> time to check on our weather. a little different out there yesterday, but still a nice one. take a live look as we are in for some changes though this weekend as we have been talking about it all day. >> i don't want to talk about it yet. just live in the moment. look at how clear and calm. a good check of your forecast looking good for the moment right now. >> i get a sense that you don't
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really like the chilly weather, talking about it all week. we will see some changes about 10 degrees cooler than what we were at this time yesterday. 57 in boston. mid-50 in lawrence. lower 50 in worcester. 61 the mild spot in tauton a beautiful fall day out there just a couple of puffy clouds. they are looking fairly quiet too. 50s through the evenings. sunset coming up at 6:03 with overnight tonight. dropping back to 50 downtown, but that they will dip down to the 40s. the temperatures tomorrow, still manage to come to the low to mid-60s before falling late in the day. you can't rule it out in the morning during their rush hour as they will come out and isolated showers in the afternoon. big changes with the cooler air coming this weekend and you guys, the winter outlook just came out about an hour ago as we'll have more details on what that means for us in new
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>> calling doctors to limit it all. >> the days of people walking out of the dentist office or doctor's office was 30, 60, or 90 days worth of the pain medication that they will need to come to an end. the governor also wants the authority to involuntarily commit someone for treatment if they pose a danger to themselves or others. they will have more than 1,000 overdose deaths in massachusetts. and since 2014. developing this noon, pleading guilty in a federal hush money case according to his lawyer. they're accused of trying to pay to cover up allegations of sexual misconduct just a decade
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for later on this month. disappointing news this noon for millions of people receiving the social security benefits. they say that there will be no cost of living increase next year that you might be wondering that reason with a decline caused by the low gas prices according to the government. the move affects more than 65 million people and only happening three times in their last 40 years. a work crew, they would rupture this gas main in medfield, sending flames shooting in to the air. take a look at the video, showing you the big crater left behind, which happened down in south street around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. crews were able to shut the gas off and repair that break late last night. neighbors say they first heard that had loud hissing sound. >> you couldn't really feel the heat, but you could see it rolling off and the moment that you would see it. that is pretty crazy. not the nearby power lines, but nobody got hurt and no property was damaged.
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but new leaks are still running up the tab, costing them millions to mix. and according to the boston harold more than 16 million gallons of water were pumped out of the tunnel. and the connector in 2013 and 2014. and the herald says that they have pumped out that much water this year alone possibly because of the winter's record snow. spending between $5 million to $7 million a year to fixleaks. computer systems that will check passengers against the terror watch list, it is fixed after going down late last night causing huge delays at logan and airports across the country. passengers, they waited in the long lines while custom agent manually processed international passengers. the u.s. customs, they tell us that there was never any security threat and they don't believe that it was a malicious act. coming up, fantasy sports, they meet the fbi. the new investigations in to the popular fantasy websites.
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plus, lawmakers behaving badly. the shocking move in one parliament. and could your job be killing you? the dangers of stress and who
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they have come under fire after the draft kings employee won $350,000 on the rattling site fan dual. another today another was filed against the popular websites. now at noon, the nba and reality star lamar odom is on life support. he was found unconscious at a nevada house. there are reports that he had cocaine and viagra in hissystems. reverend jesse jackson visited him in the hospital yesterday and says that he is showing signs of responsiveness. oscar pistorius set to get out of jail the next few days after they say that the olympian will move to house arrest on tuesday.
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year finance had for the deadly shoot -- five-year sentence for his deadly shooting. a protest in parliament, they would set off tear gas in the middle of the session, upset over the european unions sponsored deal with syrbia. the second time that tear gas has been used in the chambers in the last two weeks. a ride on education, some new questions about the standardized test that could replace their mcats exam. comparing the mcats to the test known as park finds that they are about the same when it comes to predicting the college readiness. they will vote on whether or not to replace them next month. this is scary on the health watch now. your job could be putting your life at risk. the chinese study says that people with high-stressed jobs are 22% more likely to have a stroke. and jobs with the highest stress levels are those with very little control of working conditions, like waitresses and
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home healthaids. women are more susceptible to stroke than men. check your refrigerator, recalling their bagged spinach because it may be contaminated with salmonella, sold in 15 states, including here in massachusetts and connecticut and so far that there are no reports of anyone getting sick, but if you would like more details, head to our website >> it came out with a preview. >> yes, they will give us the overall preview to lay it out there for you. >> and anything will seem easy compared to last year, don't you think? it is one of those things. for the temperature you guys, keep in mind the color here for the deeper orange and the blues that are the temperature probability with the above average chance.
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that is the case across a lot of the northern tier and west coast of the united states. you would think okay that warmer winter and rainfall events. and that they would call for wetter than normal periods from the desert southwest to the southeastern united states. now, we are in a little bit of that too here. and wetter than normal and a warmer than normal winter to keep that in mind. as we would get shots of the arctic air. coming up the coastline to the equal snow. and as we would head through the winter months, that it is one of the big players of that. you'll be hearing more from our weather team on our exact forecast in the coming weeks for our winter weather specials. stay tuned for that. 57 degrees in boston right now. the dew point in the mid-30s. and it is cooler than yesterday by about 5 to 10 degrees for
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most of us. 54 for keen and taunton, on the mark where we should be for this time of the year. we'll come one a few degrees. bright sunshine though, it is really a beautiful bright fall day. one of those will approach overnight tonight clouds will scattered showers. generally light, but they do come through for your morning commute tomorrow, north and west of boston, which is not a washout by any means. tomorrow by late morning and mid-day a brief afternoon shower. on saturday is a little piece of the energy swinging through. in the mountains, accumulating a couple inches, the green mountains as well. for us a brief passing shower, not a wash out by any means.
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but that will usher in their chilly air mass that comes in on sunday with highs on saturday in the 50s. but on sunday, we will struggle to get out of the upper 40s. keep that in mind the few days now. the overnight lows, widespread 20s. 33 in boston. if we drop to 32 degrees monday morning, that'll be the earliest time you would hit that magical degree mark since 1979. and back in 1988. your accu weather seven day, we'll rebound near 70. >> first it is the winter outlook, then the temperature. thank you very much, danielle. and they are on the ball,
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he's the world record holder, able to do it for five hours, 28 minutes, using the event to raise money for their effective organization. >> balance too. >> we should have a balance off. >> i would not win, no. >> i would win. still ahead, look, no hands. this is how the technology is advancing. what it could mean for you on the road. >> this is a look at our
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a part of dining out will soon change in some places. they are doing things differently. he says that the current tipping system isn't fair to all restaurant workers, like cooks. of course with this they plan to increase prices by 20% or more. >> the electric automaker is
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could help cars change the lanes by themselves. they rely on cameras and sensors. >> how things got wild in the halls of one school thanks to the special visit right there.
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coming up today at 5:00, the hit show homeland criticized itself without knowing it. how artists hid messages. we'll tell you about it. that's a tease for you. >> it is. >> yesterday a black bear wandered in to a montana high school coming through the open garage door and started walking through the hallways. the bear left within a few minutes. i would too. where is the food and the cat? looking for snacks. >> a couple showers around tomorrow, generally light. then the cool air comes in with the 50s on saturday. >> yes, up and down.
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morning at 5:30.
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