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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 16, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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. right now at noon, a stunning crash caught on camera, a car slamming into a worcester store crashing through the window, then those inside take off. we have the video you have to see. we had some bad thunderstorms in some locations this morning but they are on out of here we're looking forward to really chilly weather this weekend. and facing off with the colts, and without a key player why that's not bothering coach belichick. wbz news at noon starts right now. right now at noon, the sun
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after we have some severe weather earlier today. this is a live look over the city right now, there was hail and lightning in some parts but right now, taking a live look over the charles river things are very calm. a welcome site on a friday. the thing is, this weekend thousands of fans will be hitting the water for the head of the charles, they'll face big changes weather wise. i'm catherine hauser. i'm chris mckennon. hi, everybody, we have some severe weather this morning over in the cape, hard to imagine that was going on when most of us saw just a few sprinkles of very light showers, but that's where the action was going on right there as you can see quite a bit of lightning, gusty winds, 60 miles per hour, all that action is offshore now, so we're seeing improvement going on here with just some clouds here and there, you can see there
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showers, we're seeing sunshine, breaks with the clouds, we're going to see a decent amount of sunshine this afternoon, just remote risk of additional shower in a fewspots they should be mainly over the hills, this is what happened for rainfall a couple spots got real heavy downpours here on parts of the cape that's a done deal, we have temperatures mostly in the 50s, probably going up just a tad more a little bit more that we have the sunshine. here is your weekend forecast look how chilly it is going to be mid-50s tomorrow, and then upper 40s for highs on sunday with quite a lot of wind as well. we have details in just a few minutes. a wild crash caught on camera, a car smashing right into a store this is the unbelievable video from inside a worcester liqueur store. what's more amazing no one was hurt. susie reports. it is business as usual,
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but they are open for business, before you go gawking at the mess on the floor, take a look at how it got here. this was kirs liqueurs a mere 11 hours before it opened. when i got here walked right through the front door, saw a complete disaster. two cars collided just before 1 a.m. friday sending one through the store front. almost as impressive as this video is the fact no one was hurt. there are security cameras at every corner of the store. so it was actually the alarm system that woke up bob kirsh, he could see the whole accident on his phone. i see a car in my store. i got up and got down here and i mean, it was just an ungodly mess. lucky for bob, he has a dedicated cohort ready to come help. you don't mess around, calls me at work. he doesn't even work for
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kirsh but came to clean up anyway. he is a great guy, i'd do anything for him. police haven't made any arrest, and the drivers did cooperate from the tapes it appears someone ran the red light, but it is unclear who, alcohol presumed to be a factor. in worcester, susie news. new at non, two people are in custody, following a shotting at the forest hills tea station, this happened right in the middle of rush hour started as a whole argument between two rivalling groups luckily nobody was hurt. service was delayed during the police investigation but everything is back to normal now. police are looking for this man take a good look who they believe may be a serial rapist. the attacks date back to 2013, police say the man is in his 20s, about 6 feet tall, seen driving a dark colored sports car police hope the release of this sketch someone may
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recognize him. today an 18-year-old is in the hospital after falling from a mission him roof deck we're told the male victim fell three stories and landed on the sidewalk off hillside street shortly after midnight. he suffered serious injuries but it is not believed to be life threatening injuries. right now it is unclear what caused him to fall. four people facing charges this noon after an early morning car chase and crash. where a driver jumped a curb smashing through a fence, officers arrested three people and found a fourth suspect in the near by yard. and the last practice before they pack up and head to indianapolis. sunday night they face off the colts in a rematch of the afc championship game which as you remember this game started the whole deflate gate scandal. tom brady and company will be without a big name on sunday, nate solder is out for the rest of the season but coach
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belichick says planning makes it possible for the team not to skip a beat. really important on your football team, to have depth at every position, really, you never know when you're going to need it but you know when you're going to need it. game day at 11:30, the pats and the colts play in prime time. after the game turn to the fifth quarter post game show. take a look at these intense flames fire over taking the home on pressscott street. injuries. in everett police need your help tracking down an arsonist, fire yesterday morning. may have been an attempt to burn down that house, no one was hurt but if you have any give them a call. we have breaking news this noon, a tragic discovery in maine.
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remains have been found in reddington township believe they are of hiker who vanished in july of 2013. authorities say the remains will be tested so a positive identification may take a few weeks. today rhode island police are investigating a confrontation between an officer and a teenager. now the video shows the school resource officer slamming a 14- year-old to the ground. police say the student was threatening to fight another student and throwing punches to the hall, sparked tension in the community. there is always more to have the story that's what we have to investigate. hundreds of students protested the incident in pawtucket on thursday, police say they were threatened and had to use pepper spray to control the crowds, 8 students and two adults were arrested. the lowell police officer caught sleeping his cruiser
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resigned. the city manager said quote, it is unfortunate that a nice honorable young man such as this has to resign. but made a mistake and had to pay for it. his actions were unacceptable and not tolerated by the police department or the city of lowell. campaign 2016, donald trump is coming to massachusetts tonight. the republican front runner will be in the bay state for a campaign rally, trump will speak at the elementary school this evening. doors open at 5:00 we're told the group plans to protest that even. on the democrat side,hillary clinton is in new hampshire, will attend a meet and greet. vice president joe biden will make a decision soon about whether he is going to run for president, that's according to one of biden's top political advisers, he sent to staffers saying the vice president will need their help if he does decide to jump into the race.
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sports sites draft kings and fandual, nevada ordered the sites to be shut down, determined that betting on fantasy sports like this is not a game of skill but gambling and they need a license to do it. this is the latest problem for the popular websites after it was revealed that employees were allowed to place bets on rivalling sites leaving to millions in winning. still ahead at noon, ab off duty police officer to the rescue saving a hockey player's life and this isn't the first time he's been called a hero. drivers stranded in mud slides, this noon, the rush is onto reopen a major highway. and prince william opening up with a rare and emotional tribute to his mother, what he is saying about the late princess diana that's coming up
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. welcome back, a life saving play.
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arlington officer was off duty at the time enjoying a came of hockey, when one of histeammates collapsed on the ice, the officer checks for a pulse but didn't feel one, he started cpr then used a defiblater to shock his friend back to life but says he is know hero. police and firefighters are drawn to this job because they want to help people. if there was another cop or firefighter at the rink i guarantee they would have done the same thing. officer hogan has been credited with at least two other heroic acts in 2013 he pulled a woman from a car after a deadly tanker explosion, and just weeks earlier, he rescued burning home. check out this dramatic video in southern california, were fast-moving mud slides closed some of the areas busiest roads stranding hundreds of cars and trapping
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carter evans has the latest. help! violent thunderstorms, torrential rains fell 4 to 6- inch per hour, floodingstreets and powerful mud slides leaving drivers helpless. are we stuck wet? we're stuck. this area is devastated right now. california's state 5 became a river of mud burying cars and leaving hundreds of drivers stranded firefighters rescued people trapped in their vehicles and in homes swallowed up by the mud. traffic came to a complete stop. mud just started pouring down the mountain down the road and just kind of engulfed everything. oh my gosh. run for your life! thousands of cars and trucks were backed up for miles. i've been out here for 24 years now, and i've never seen this much water in 24 years you
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really can't tell how it is. say hundreds of cars had to be dugout and towed away now the clean up is underway, carter evans, cbs news, california. wow. what a scene there. that's unbelievable to see that. the cars just like swept away! quite the clean up too. could be more coming up el nino setting up. they can't get a break, the drought and everything else. other. anyway for us we had some extreme weather in some locations this morning, were those severe storms we're looking at extreme foliage, this is really awesome, the colors came on up dramatically here this season after looking like they were going to be late with the dry and hot weather we had in august and first part of september the foliage wasn't going to be that great this year all of a sudden with perhaps some of the rain and the colder night setting in the combination of the two bringing out these foliage colors
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are places where it is muted and tarnish color already passed peek no some of the higher elevations way up north which would expect this time of the year, after all it is the weekend after columbus day weekend so we're looking at temperatures which are right in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees, maybe going up just a little bit higher this afternoon, one front went by this morning we have yet another front that's going to be coming through tomorrow that will produce clouds from time to time maybe a shower or two, especially in the northern mountains. the cold air is going to be released from canada it is going to be a real cold blast here, it isn't going to be long lasting there is going to be a change that will be warming up next week, here we are right in the cold, right coming from central canada, there is no way out of this at all. so this afternoon, we've got quite a bit of sunshine in many locations right now after the severe weather which happened over parts of cape cod this morning in just a few light showers elsewhere. this afternoon, some building clouds here and there, but just
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tomorrow we'll have a lot of the clouds across northern and west new england see some building here as well as the day goes along watch the time stamp here, with rain and snow showers across the higher elevations of northern and western new england, that other front will come down through probably some time tomorrow afternoon and produce a brief shower and clear out tomorrow night and be colder tomorrow night sunday will be nice and sunny, probably building clouds during the afternoon, lows tonight mid-40s around boston towards the cape, upper 30s to the north and west of the city, high temperatures tomorrow should be around the middle 50s. so it is down a little bit from today which will be around 60 to 62 this afternoon or so, so mid-50s tomorrow, then by monday morning, not sunday morning but by monday morning this is going to be the coldest morning where boston will be ever so close to that 32 degree mark all the suburbs with the hard freeze boston drops to 32 tomorrow morning that will be
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last freezing temperature in october, october 31st back in 1988. yes there will be snowflakes falling across the northern mountains this weekend not a huge amount but looks like some snow will be falling as far as the head of the charles, bundle up for that one this weekend the great head looks like a brief shower may happen tomorrow but probably rain free mixture of shine and clouds and high temperatures around 48. here we go. we got lower 60s this afternoon, mid-50s tomorrow. upper 40s on sunday, very cold start monday morning with a hard freeze in many spots up to the upper 40s maybe 50 in a few spots monday afternoon and go back to the 60s as you can see by the middle part of the week. at least we're not talking about going right into winter right away. it is that time of year, picking the perfect apple and if you can't make it out to theorchards there are delicious options. today's tip of the day is washington red delicious apples
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you know a few years ago there was only a few apple you had the red, the gold, the granny smith, maybe a couple other ones right now you've got dozens of variety and the washington red delicious just isn't as popular as it was before. but i love them. they are crisp, they are delicious, and they look beautiful nice and red. when you buy them at the market make sure they have that red color all the way around, nice and shiny, very important. free from the skin whatsoever, should be firm to the touch when you bring them home, i always talk about this, they look beautiful in the bowl on the counter table top, store them in the refrigerator, washington red delicious, i remember years ago when i was a kid i was so excited when they came in, the new red delicious are in! it is going to be a great apple season. always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy, beautiful. apple picking is on the to do list this weekend.
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it will be chilly too. sick. a revealing look how your co-workers act in the most outrageous excuses not to show up to work. here is a look what's hot
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. we've all been there, sometimes you just need a mental health day from work. . a new survey shows more are taking advantage of the surveys, a report says 38% of employees said they called in sick when they were feeling just fine. the survey revealed outrageous excuses one person said the universe was telling him to take the day off. another employee claimed he broke his arm reaching to grab a falling sandwich. one claimed his grandmother poisoned him with her home cooked ham. but beaware one and five employer fired an employer for calling sick.
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one excuse could be a hang over, the cdc says binge drinking cost $249 billion in 2010 that accounts for the $77 billion in loss productivity and $29 billion for treating health related problems, wow. prince william is opening up about the loss of his mother, princess diana. in a rare interview the prince spoke about an event championed by princess diana. what my mother recognized back then which i understand now is grief is the most painful experience that any child or parent can endure. the charity helps children devastated by the loss of a parent williams said becoming a father of two makes him appreciate the organization that much more. seems like such a nice guy, good speaker too. a not so scary situation insalen.
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. welcome back, a massachusetts family is trying to track down a so-called good witch on the north shore. here is the thing, a woman, her kids and grandchildren got together for a pizza dinner tuesday night in salem. the first time in three years
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they could all be together when it came time to pay the bill, a woman named robin who had been dining alone paid their $100 tab. she wrote simply enjoy salem. they left the thank you note at the restaurant hoping robin would see it. the good witch. such a popular place to go this time of year. >> for sure. halloween? it is. if you are going to do anything, bundle up. absolutely, the wind will the coldest on sunday, probably the same only monday as well. chilly times coming today is okay lower 60s we've had the showers go by mix of clouds and sun this afternoon, mix of clouds and sun tomorrow maybe a brief shower the next cold front comes in to produce the going for anything outside always a great thing in boston, going to be chilly there too bundle up this weekend. thank you very much, that
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sure to join us at 5:00, we'll see you tomorrow morning at
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