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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 16, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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and it will be cold in the second half of this weekend. so out here along the charles, tonight it's fantastic. all of the teams getting in the practice. many of them are focusing on the forecast. after today, we have comfortable conditions, but the colder air is slowly moving its way in. it's colder air farther off toward the north and west. it's all of this progression of colder air that we've been talking about all week. buffalo sitting at 38 degrees. and that's a taste of what's to come. a few fall into the upper 30s in the suburbs. then we look toward the weekend. there's a freeze watch now in effect for much of the area for tomorrow night and into sunday morning. you notice it doesn't fill in everywhere. you look into northern county.
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it doesn't mean you'll be any warmer. it just means the growing season is done. a lot of 20s and then it gets colder still by monday. so we'll take a look at the full weekend forecast. the coldest of the cold and when we warm back up coming up in a little while. you can keep track of the drop in temperatures any time, anywhere. it is free in the apple and android app stores. a wild crash caught on camera. two cars collide, sending one worcester store. it is amazing no one was hurt, but the suspects took off. our susie steimle has the story. >> reporter: it isn't quite business as usual, but they are open for business. before you go gawking at the mess on the floor, take a look at how it got here. this was kirsch liquors 11
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hours before. >> i walked through the front door and saw a complete disaster. >> two cars collided before 1:00 a.m. friday sending one through the store front. almost as impressive as the video is the fact that no one was hurt. there are security cameras at every corner of the store so it was the alarm system that woke up the owner bob who could see the whole accident on his phone. >> i see a car in my store, so i got up and got down here. a. it's just an ungodley mess. >> reporter: lucky for bob, he has a dedicated cohort ready to come help. >> we don't mess around. he calls, we help. >> reporter: mike doesn't even work for him, but he came to clean up anyway. >> he's a great guy, and i'd do anything for him. >> reporter: police haven't made any arrests, and the driver $cooperate. from the tapes, it appears someone ran a red light, but it's unclear who.
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with the exception of the store the car crashed into, alcohol isn't presumed to be a factor. in worcester, susie steimle, wbz news. breaking news on former nba star lamar odom. a representative says he has regained consciousness, is breathing on his own and is speaking tonight. the nba and reality star had been in a coma since earlier this week at a las vegas hospital when he was found unconscious at a nevada brothel. his estranged wife chloe kardashian is said to be by his side. her family released a statement that reads "as a family, we've decided to hold off on publishing content across our apps while we continue to support and pray for lamar. thank you for your kindness and your understanding during this difficult time." breaking news out of houston, texas tonight, where emergency crews raced to rescue six people trapped under all of this scaffolding. look at that. the huge, metal structure reaching seven stories tall collapsed this afternoon, burr
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rig six workers and most of a city block. rescued. they are okay. that collapse. four people under arrest then a collapse. brockton police showing the driver going right through a fence, jumped a curb and landed right in front of a home on washington street. officers found a fourth guy hiding in the backyard. all were in court today. the prosecution's now asking for their own doctor to perform a psychiatric evaluation on phillip chism. yesterday, he was sent to the recovery hospital for observation putting his trial on hold for up to 20 days. is he accused of killing his danvers high schoolteacher colleen ritzer in 2014. the state department of health has announced a ninth human case of west nile virus here in the state. the latest case is a woman from suffolk county in her 30s.
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tonight, the main warden service believe human remains found in reddington township are those of a hiker who has years. crews have been searching for her after she vanished while trail. a positive identification could take weeks, but items are by her. a violent confrontation as you see a rhode island school resource officer slamming a high school student down to the ground. that student is a 14-year-old who goes to tollman high school in pawtucket. tonight's elaine quijano has a closer look at the claims that the officer used excessive force. >> reporter: amateur video shows the resource officer grabbing and throwing 14-year- old tyler to the ground. >> oh, no, you can't do that! >> reporter: police say tyler was threatening to fight
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another student and was throwing punches at a wall, something he denies. >> i was just angry. i just hit my fist on the pench and that's it. >> reporter: earlier, the officer seen handcuffing tyler's older brother evander who says he was only trying to calm things down. >> i got in front of him and allegedly held his hand down to get off my brother. i got his hand down. from there, he sprayed me all in my eyes. >> are while evander was being arrested, tyler approached the officer. tyler says he was just standing there. >> i already got pepper sprayed. i didn't know what to do. then all of a sudden, he grabs me by my neck and slams me. >> reporter: hundreds of students protested the incident on thursday claiming police used excessive force. >> if you want to protest, stay on the sidewalk. >> reporter: police say they were threatened and used pepper
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eight juveniles and adults were arrested. pawtucket's mayor met with a handful of concerned students at city hall and is calling for an investigation. >> as bad as it looks, there's always more to the story. that's what we have to investigate. >> that was elaine quijano reporting. the american civil liberties union is calling on the city and school department to investigate the response there. breaking news coming in from arlington. police just releasing surveillance pictures. the winchester savings bank was held up about 1:30 this afternoon. police describing the suspect only as a black male around 5' 9'' in his 20s. schools in the area sheltered in place as police conducted an active search this afternoon. to a developing story in the middle east where it has been another violent day in the west bank. both israelis and palestinians have contempted the fire bombing of a tomb considered sacred in june.
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that tomb itself was not damaged. the attack comes as israel banned young muslim men from worshiping at a mosque in jerusalem. civilians have been urged to carry their own weapons saying illegally armed citizens have a part to play. and in bethlehem, israelis pushed back palestinian protesters after a string of stabbing attacks against jews. a palestinian posed as a news cameraman before stabbing a soldier. that attacker was shot and killed. a stunning video of the devastation left behind by both flash flooding and the fast- moving mudslides that you can see here. tonight, major roadways remain closed. some buried in 5 feet of mud. cbs's chris martinez has the latest developments from one of the areas hardest hit. >> reporter: cruise are scrambling to clear mud from interstate 5 north of los angeles. a portion of the highway
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typically congested with traffic is nearly empty. geologists and other experts are inspecting the roads to ensure the interstate is safe. >> 911! help! >> reporter: a violent storm triggered flash floods thursday that transformed busy streets into a river of mud. >> are we stuck yet? >> we're stuck. >> reporter: firefighters rescued dozens of people trapped in their cars and homes. >> i've been out here 24 years now, and i've never seen this much water in 24 years. you can't tell how fast or safe it is. >> reporter: that includes down this road where crews are using bulldozers to dig up cars and trucks out of the mud. for miles. trayvon fair was forced to sleep in his car. >> i was using my gps and thought i could get through. here i am stuck again. >> reporter: interstate 5 and other highways are expected to
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reopen today, but the aer is bracing for another flash flood watch. chris martinez, cbs news. >> you know, we complain about snow around here, but how do you deal with that? >> how do you move 5 feet of mud? >> i don't know. >> the patriots are getting set to face the colts. >> plus, how one indianapolis bakery is hoping to cash in on bitter colts fans. the sweet treats that target tom brady. >> plus, bird's the word in brookline where a cockatoo is on the loose and it's ruffling some fathers. >> then at 5:30, a mother inspired by the growing memorial for baby bella bonds doing what she's doing to help other children while honoring
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right now, a bird hunt is under way in brookline for this cockatoo who is driving some people crazy. the bird has been on the loose since july, and it's been terrorizing the neighborhood ever since. >> people say he's loud and destructive. he's even done damage to the home where robert kennedy was born. christina hager has the story.
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not because he dines on corn, but because of this cockatoo's strange noises. if he looks at home in the trees overlooking brookline, don't buy the act. the escaped bird not only doesn't belong here, he's eating away at a bit of local history, gnawing on the home where robert kennedy was born. >> he's sort of splintered the shingles off and did extensive damage to the corner. >> searching for a place where he could nest. while we're sympathetic, it isn't really what we had in mind for the house. >> reporter: while dino reeks havoc, one woman is piening for him. >> i'll do anything for him to get back. >> reporter: shauna gazes out the window of the apartment building where dino flew out of his cage. even though it isn't hard to find him, getting your hands
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>> i stood there under an hour trying to entice him down. >> reporter: bird experts tried to entice him down because of the approaching cold weather. >> i wouldn't be able to livnoing that my bird is out there. >> reporter: every breeze that ruffles dino's feathers, a reminder what's a cockatoo like that doing in a place like this? >> my heart's breaking for shauna. >> and they said under 50 degrees? we'll be well below that. >> maybe the brookline fire department could go up with a hook and ladder. i don't know. >> i have to cough. >> you cough. eric, let's talk about this. we're in for a cold weekend. as we were saying, people have got to bundle up, and especially if they are going where you are right now, the
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lots of people are going to be along the charles, and they will be cold. >> reporter: you are talking thousands upon thousands of people will come out and get the beautiful october weather that always changes a little when the head of the charles comes to town. it always seems like we're talking about a storm or the cold starting to weekend. it's a sea of humanity with tons of teams out here getting in some practice. you can see them from all across the country. it's an interesting culture. if you've never come down to check out the event, just to see all of the team and equipment that rolls through the town. to think, the head of the charles is a huge event this is what a lot of the teams are doing every weekend. a lot of fit people walking near the river and rowing, of course, up and downstream. weather is always a factor when outdoor sport. a lot of the teams are waking up before the crack of dawn. cold is the biggest story and wind is another. and clouds. most of the day will be dry.
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winds north-northwesterly. if you are rowing up the charles, basically, that is a head wind. there are twists and turns. sunday is the cold day in the 40s plus the wind yet again. it will be choppiest in the charles river basin, which is out by b. u. we've got one cold front shifting off shore. tomorrow, another cold front, that one that's out across parts of the great lakes. that one moves through and brings with it a chance for spotty showers and an even colder air mass for sunday and monday. so for tonight it will be appetizer cold. we're back into the 40s with the immediate coastline. as we head into the day tomorrow, we're warming into the low and middle 50s. in central massachusetts, especially with an elevation and in the monadnock region, we're talking highs in the 40s tomorrow. certainly chill in the air. in terms of showers, they are few and far between. there could be a little ocean effect rain shower activity on the cape and nantucket late saturday evening and into sunday morning. now, when you wake up on sunday, certainly there will be
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some towns below the freezing mark already. especially west of boston. it will stay in the 40s all day long, barely even getting above 40 in worcester. sunday night, likely our coldest night and perhaps going to the freezing mark in the city. now, the city's interesting because it's usually the warmest spots. it's just more buildings from in the urban heat island. plus it's on the water. on average it's november 4th, so it's certainly earlier than your typical freezing temperature. we're forecasting that 32 in the city, right on the dot. as soon as you get outside in boston, low to mid-20s. i wouldn't be shocked in we completely clear out. we could see a couple of towns in the teens come wednesday morning. in terms of your fall foliage, it's gore just every dids where especially across vermont, new berkshires. there will be some leaf drop as we head into next week because keep that in mind. i think our days are numbered
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as we go north. a few showers tomorrow and snowflakes will be mixed in with that. highs in the 40s. colder in the higher elevations and staying in the 30s on sunday. looks like a coating to 3 inches for the higher elevation spots. killington and sunday river are planning on opening up on monday. so wax up the skis. you'll have an opportunity to start next week. there's your full accuweather seven-day. after a cold monday, we warm back up. so this is more of a coming attraction and not a feature presentation. things will be much more comfortable as we head toward the middle of the week. back out here live at the head of organized chaos. if you haven't done it, i would highly recommend i try every afternoon. bundle up, but to watch all of these teams and all of the emotion, it's like harry potter rooting for your team out there. everyone's got the banners and
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shouting out for your favorites . aaron, thank you so much. -- eric, thank you so much. we'll see new a bit. the day fleet gate wounds are still raw. dan roche is here with a preview. >> reporter: paula, it will be an emotional night for tom brady and company when they step onto the field that alerted the nfl to what turned into deflate gate. the pats will be short-handed as cornerback terrell is out with an injury as is solder. the patriots will carry on with the next man up. this week, that will extend over to the next man over philosophy thanks to the versatile role belichick keeps hammering into his players. >> marcus played right tackle for over half the year, you know, two years ago when sebastien was injured.
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he's worked at both tackled. nate has played on both sides. so i mean, we're fortunate to have those type of players. it's not always the case at that position. >> reporter: and of course, protecting tom brady, the biggest job for the pats' o- line. he was hit eight times and sacked five times last week. they have to do a better job than last week. david? meantime, one bakery in indy is having fun selling deflate gate themed goodies like this deflated football. who can forget this courtroom deflate gate hearings. now you can have it on a cookie. you can see the cracked screen and all in cookie form. paula, i heard that they tried to make an andrew luck cookie, but it crumbled under the slightest bit of pressure.
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they might want to make a little hasselbeck, right? >> i need this for all of my jokes. still to come, more controversy surrounding presidential candidate donald trump special treatment he's now demanding and why he's in the baystate tonight. >> also ahead, honoring her late father at one of his favorite places. >> a daughter brings her fight against cancer to fenway park. >> coming up new at 6:00, a somerville man's hunt for answers after the pan am flight 103 bombing that killed his brother. >> we had a small team and a list of names. we started knocking on doors. >> his search that took decades and how he identified the suspects the fbi couldn't find. >> ultimately, i came to focus on one guy who is a bit of a
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vowing to be bold and to be bald. a local woman who wants to help fight cancer brought her campaign to fenway park. >> it's all in honor of her late father. our nicole jacobs has the story. >> reporter: tell me about your dad. >> my dad was my best friend. >> that's where the story begins. >> everything he did he did with love and care. he's the best dad i could ever ask for. >> reporter: a daughter a dad and the place they loved, fenway park. >> 2003 i was able to go to my first game with him. it was the coolest thing in the world.
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>> at that point it was no turning back for susie. >> are you sure about that? >> reporter: she was 12 but the memories are so piercing. >> i am tearing up. >> reporter: it would also be the year she could receive some of the worst news she could ever hear. her father was diagnosed with lung cancer. >> it took a while to process it. >> reporter: susie's father albert did what fathers do. >> he was so strong about it and just, like, played it off like oh, cancer, no big deal. >> reporter: he brought it back to baseball. that thing that always connected them. that was during at the time 2004 world series run and the strength of the team that's down and out and came back with full swinging, full force. >> reporter: on this day in all of fenway park's glory, there is a reason for susie's ball cap. >> i am showing the world that i am in full support of those
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who are fighting every, single day for their fight with cancer. >> reporter: cancer might have made her father bald, but he made her bold. at fenway park, nicole jacobs, wbz news. >> sweet daughter. >> it's a powerful tribute, too. she was wearing it, i know, through this morning through the end of the night. you know, people will ask you why you are doing it during the day. it is a good way to spread the message. tonight, a problem with those apple sauce pouches that are popular with kids. >> still ahead, the big recall parents need to know about. >> plus, new trouble for fantasy sports web sites.
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