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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 16, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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now at 5:30, we have to get ready for a drastic drop. the cold temperatures are coming. even the thermometer is shaking. there is a freeze watch in effect now. lows in the 20s are likely this since april. >> it can at least enjoy the in. let's head back out to eric who's live in allston along the charles. the conditions are looking a
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>> it's going to get a little bumpy as we head through this weekend. the winds not as strong as it's been. the one time it canceled us for weather back in '96 with winds at 40 miles per hour. it will be certainly chilly and a little bumpy out on that dirty water. take a look at what's going on in the main weather headlines. we'll monitor changes headed our way for the weekend. we've got the colder air continuing to spill in, which means the end of the growing season. it's been a while for most areas. we've got the best out of our gardens that we could. the wide killing freeze will start on sunday morning, but then the coldest will be on monday morning when everyone's back into the 20s. we will start to moderate next week. the freeze watch is out for saturday night into sunday morning. it's that first really cold night with temperatures 26 to 32 with the areas in blue. the growing season has been deemed over in those spots.
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we'll have a full look at the weekend, a couple of showers to dodge and changes headed for while. paula, david, back to you. to campaign 2016 now. the front-runners for the two major parties are in new england tonight. hillary clinton held a town hall meeting at keene state university this afternoon. she's in nashua tonight. republican donald trump is planning a rally at tyngsboro elementary school. the doors open about a half hour ago. and while trump supporters will be on hand to cheer him, there are protesters as well. jim smith is live in tyngsboro tonight. jim? >> reporter: hi, paula. in fact, the protesters are already here in tyngsboro, but so are donald trump supporters. they are here as you might expect in great numbers. the crowd inside like it usually is during these events will no doubt be supportive. outside, there's a small, but
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>> hey hey, ho ho, donald trump has got to go! >> reporter: a predebate standoff in tyngsboro between donald trump supporters here for the appearance of their candidate and anti-trump protesters here to spread their own message. >> donald itemp can't silence women and we do not appreciate his anti-women positions. >> reporter: he says he cherishes women. >> i don't want to be cherished in that way. i'd rather be respected. >> reporter: they are outnumbered tonight by a huge turnout of trump backers. people who say they are behind a candidate who says what he thinks and leads the gop polls right now. >> i think everything that he's telling us is the truth. he's not a politician. he's going to do the right thing. >> i like that he's half democrat. i like that he's half republican. that puts him right in the middle of the road. middle of the country.
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i think he will create jobs. he will close up our borders. >> reporter: that's rhetoric and the political red meat that this crowd has showed up hoping to hear from donald trump. it's no accident that he has selected tyngsboro. he's on friendly ground. the past two presidential general elections, tyngsboro has bucked the national and massachusetts trend, voting on both occasions as the town for the republican candidate. live in tyngsboro, jim smith, wbz news. david? >> it's going to be a lively night there. trump's visit comes as conflict around the world is pushing foreign affairs into the spotlight. tonight, keller at large takes a closer look at the problems that that poses for the trump campaign. >> i do love virginia. >> reporter: the trump express just keeps on rolling, but it seems there's a speed bump emerging in its path. >> you should ask them questions about the detail of the foreign policies our president will confront. you better be able to lead our country on the first day. >> reporter: but trump's
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foreign policy topics raised more questions than they answered. >> we're fighting isis. isis wants to fight syria. why are we fighting isis in syria? let them fight each other and pick up the remnants. >> his policy solutions on the foreign front are gibberish to me. >> reporter: foreign affairs was this man's specialty and he doesn't hide his contempt for trump's foreign policy chops. >> he says we're going to iraq and syria to take their oil. that would create world war iii. mow he says let them fight it out in syria. isil is a direct threat to the homeland. you can't let them fight it out. >> reporter: trump needs to hire smarter advisors and get up to speed on election day. but he'll likely immediate better answers to critics like graham much sooner. >> i don't see a coherent foreign policy from donald trump at all.
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but his foreign policy is a disconnected series of thoughts. >> reporter: under pressure, the media announced today they'll limit the event to two hours and allow opening and closing statements. david, trump's critics are saying, well, sure he wants that, because that means less time for questions and unscripted responses, marley on this topic area that is not his strength. >> which is interesting because his attitude is sort of, ask me anything you want and i'll answer. >> reporter: foreign policy is tricky. i wouldn't want to be up there for two hours or more trying to answer detailed questions about foreign leaders and so forth. luckily for all of us, i am not running for president. i think trump is encountering that this is a complex undertaking and certainly he has excelled at real estate and other venues this is an aspect that he's going to have to get up to speed with because he's competing with people who should run this.
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are running in 2020, just not this year. >> reporter: i wish you hadn't let that out of the bag so soon. men and women who lost their lives in the line of duty were honored in the courtyard at the statehouse. two died in the past year. plymouth patrolman gregory maloney was killed in a motorcycle crash. dennis simmons, boston police officer, injured during a shoot- out with the boston marathon bombers also passed away. >> each and every one of the names represents a hero. continuing to protect our communities. continuing to stand up for the people who need it the most. they fulfilled their promise to serve. to their loved ones, we all send a heart felt thank you. >> this is the 29th annual ceremony to remember fallen officers. there are now 357 names on the memorial. breaking news right now about the popular fantasy sports sites.
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trying to figure out if web sites like fan duel and draftkings are illegal. it comes a day after nevada ordered the sites to be shut down. there fantasy sports sites are not games of skill. they call it gambling and say the operators need a license for that. earlier this month, a draftkings employee won $350,000 on fan duel. both sites face several class action lawsuits. a big recall tonight. go go screens is voluntarily recalling applous after discovering -- apple sauce after discovering mold in some of its products. the company says there's no health risk but admits the apple sauce may look and taste bad. we often pair pizza and beer. >> so why not halloween candy and wine? coming up, how to find the perfect match. >> plus, talk about reliving your childhood.
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now a road reality for adults. >> some restaurant chains stand out from the competition. coming up, the phantom gourmet finds new chains that are worth
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on the bz feed. did you have one of these red and yellow plastic cars as a kid sympathy. >> the big bubble one? >> yeah. >> i know it well. now you can get the grown-up version of it. two brothers in the u.k. created the toytown coupe in their mechanic shop. cozy coupe. this one is a real car. hour. road. the price tag is about $33,000 and seems somewhat pricey. they took a daewoo, a small car and put 100 thundershowers of labor into it to -- 100 hours
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of line into it. >> and you might want a windshield in new england. you pair your wine with your meals so why not pair it over the next couple of weeks with the halloween candy? >> the popular wine app is helping you to do some suggested wine pairing. if if you are having exitles, a mass caught toe. if you love reese's peanut butter cups, david, go for a light or bold red. perhaps some pinot noir. if you love your candy corn, a sparkling wine may be the perfect match. those oaky overtones that you get with candy corn. >> i take the candy corn when i first get it and sniff it first because that's how you know it's best. there's only one thing that goes well with candy corn, the trash can. i'm going to get hate mail now. dan andelman of the
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spots you might want to try. >> reporter: noodles and company has a fast-moving train. from woburn to shrewsbury. >> it is a place to come in and get dishes from all over the world. asian-inspired dishes or mediterranean style dishes. >> reporter: rio at chestnut hill is a relatively small italian chain. >> you see high ceilings, draperies. it's a very open, airy feel. you can still feel that energy. >> reporter: with stores in westwood and natick, smashburger is the latest upscale burger chain to invade the region. >> burger lovers told us that they want true, fresh, crunchy produce. they also used artisan cheeses and we think when you taste our burger, you'll understand why it's on the market. >> reporter: and red stone
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opened in burlington and of course wahlburgers is growing in hingham, lynnfield and fenway. for more food and fun, watch the phantom gourmet saturday and sunday at 10:30 and 11:00 on my tv 38. after the break tonight, clothing, stuffed animals, backpacks all collected in honor of bella bond. how this memorial to this little girl inspired a mother's mission. >> this weekend out on the charles river, shells and skulls. the wind and cold and the full
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night after night, a local mother saw this baby memorial on deer island growing and thought, there has to be a better way to honor the little girl's legacy. that thought grew into the remember bella bond project. >> it is designed to bring much-needed comfort to children going into foster care. beth germano spoke with the quincy woman spearheading this effort. >> reporter: they are essentials for a child and these items of clothing could be a lifeline. >> hopefully we can turn some of their tears in a few smiles. >> reporter: it's a back back drive in the name of bella bond. the little girl who never had a chance in life. donations are now pouring in so they can help foster children in those critical hours when they are removed from a dangerous environment. >> they get a lot of tiny stuff. >> reporter: jennifer ashley a volunteer and foster parent
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herself knows well the need for the emergency supplies. >> sometimes there's nothing there that's clean enough for them to take where they only have what's on their back. we have one little girl who came who's wrapped in a police or fireman blanket where she had on a pair of moldy shorts. >> reporter: police officer ed woo has seen the trauma on a child. when he takes the child out of the home to our station it is a tough transition. having a stuffed animal, coloring books, anything of that nature is fantastic. >> reporter: the women drew inspiration from donations like these left outside bella bonds' dorchester home instead of leaving them here to weather the elements. donation boxes have been set up in several communities. >> that one's ready to go. >> reporter: as the backpacks are assembled, the group is working with the department of distribute them, hoping this bonds' legacy. >> she was robbed of the chance of making an impact on the world. this way somebody can hear her name and not just be sad.
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something these children can call their own. in braintree, beth germano, wbz news. >> what an outstanding idea. if you'd like to donate something to the project, there are more than three dozen dropoff locations in massachusetts and new hampshire. check out our web site,, for more information on where you can find the drop boxes. what a great moment. we started off this moring with a few sprinkles. >> that gave way to this. our chief photographer brian bowley snapped this picture of a rainbow off the back bay. eric, any more rain expected over the weekend? >> reporter: you know, i think there will be a couple of showers here and there. there will be a couple of snowflakes up to the north, but in terms of high impact rain, not expecting that over the next couple of days. wear out along the charles live -- we're out along the charles river. we've been watching the teams. things are getting quieter now. some of the rowers are getting the carbs ready for a day of race as long the water
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weather when it comes to the wind and cold. these teams under it no matter what the weather conditions. if you read that book "boys in the boat" that was so popular, you know all about that. for everyone competing or watching, we're in the mid-50s tomorrow. a brief shower possible. you might want to bring a light rain jacket. winds out of the west- northwest. highs only make it into the mid- 40s. a mix of sun and clouds and again the northwest winds are going to be gusty. current temperatures are in the upper 50s to around 60 with a seasonal october day after the morning showers and storms. tonight, we'll be falling back into the 30s west of boston in the city about 45 degrees. the coldest temp of the season is only 48 in downtown boston. we're getting there day by day. one yet. as we talk about this weekend and a hard freeze, that is later than you would normally expect in a season.
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we've had a good end to our growing season. the gardens have been growing long and strong. this is stage 2, if you will, after a chilly night tonight. it will be in the 20s with the coastal can't. as we head to monday morning, that's when we talk about the coldest of the cold. that's where you say good-bye and that's an annual. if you have the mums, they can last, but the flowers get frostbitten. you'll want to cover them up or bring them inside if you want them to keep going through the month. cooler in the higher elevations. saturday night, it will be frosty. frost on the pumpkins come sunday morning. a gusty wind and november feel, partly sunny skies and highs near 46 degrees from the higher elevations in worcester county up around 40 on sunday. in terms of wind, you notice the west-northwest flow. gusts between 25 to 30 miles per hour.
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pick back up during the day. a lot of events going on. bring a jacket, bundle up. we're chilly on sunday and ocean effect rain showers moved through wellesley. thin big race going on. lots of layers. 36 as that one kicks off. next week, we do warm up. very chilly monday, less wind and moted rating temperatures -- moderating temperatures. this is a preview of things to come. david, paula, back to you. straight ahead, we have an unforgettable family reunion. >> a new england father and son seeing each other for the first time in nearly a year. >> coming up, uber on strike. why some drivers want to shut down. >> and the rookie rowers ready to hit the head of the charles at 6:00. we'll introduce you to the
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you'll want to get tissues ready. this is an emotional reunion between a connecticut navy officer and his son. >> you can see the huge smile on lucas' face as he greets his dad with a hug. he spent nearly a year at sea. the emotion of the moment too much for the little boy to
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tears. man, it's hard when they are at that age. >> it really is. >> you are talking about a huge part of their lives. they change so much in a short period of time. it's nice to see him home safe. we still have much more ahead tonight. >> still ahead, the news at 6:00 starts right now. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: we have breaking news tonight. a water main break in manchester by the sea. this knocked out water to most of the town, however, we have now learned that crews are making significant progress. now it's just the neighborhoods around the scene. we're talking about school and central streets just the area around there that's being affected. residents may notice, though, that the water is brown so run the tap to take care of that. crews are still on the scene trying to fix that gaping hole in the road.
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we are following breaking news in arlington. the suspect is wanted for an armed bank robbery. the winchester savings bank on manchester street was held up this afternoon. they described the suspect as a black male, 5' 9'' in his 20s. schools in that area sheltered in place as police conducted an active search for that man this afternoon. there's no way to avoid it. down in the 20s in some spots over the weekend. >> meantime, we'll see showers and gusty winds. very tough conditions for the head of the charles where chief meteorologist eric fisher is live for us tonight. eric? >> reporter: it's never too easy when it comes to rowing out on the charles. lots of teams out practicing tonight. i've got to say, if you've never come out to witness it, a graceful sport that battles the elements and one meteorologists can appreciate. starting to feel a little chilly out. a nice comfortable afternoon.
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most towns will continue to
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