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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  October 17, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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. a state trooper is in the hospital, his cruiser hit by a tractor trailer while he worked a construction detail. we have cold weather, a freeze warning across much of the region tonight. and how that could keep everybody safe after a health alert. from the channel 4 studios in boston. this is wbz this morning. good morning everybody, we do begin with breaking news this morning an amber alert for a 2 month old baby has been called off. the infant is at children's
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his mother is in police custody, 36-year-old tiffany cherry fled the state of pennsylvania with her infant son instead of taking him to the hospital to be treated for severe dehydration. police initially thought they might be he woulded, the infant is now at children's hospital. thanks for being with us this morning, your other big story is the weather, a frost and big change from what we've been seeing, we have a look at your forecast. on this saturday morning you've had mild weather recently, we're going to have cold stuff this weekend and already cold in some pockets 31 in norwood, we have cold places and milder locations, and downtown boston, 48 at logan airport. a freeze warning is up for tonight 1 a.m. to 9 a.m. tomorrow much of the region, freeze warning on up here all though it will be freezing cold
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they've had a killing frost in many of these locations be down in the 20s to near 30 degrees, even a freeze watch up on cape cod. we have varying amounts of clouds and southern new england, we'll have a changeable sky my forecast calling for temperatures going up to about 54. there might be an isolated brief shower off to the north and west of boston, sunny times, and cloudier period and colder tomorrow, highs only 46. my acuweather forecast, just a few minutes. we do begin with breaking news, a massachusetts state trooper has been injured in a late night collision the trooper was at a construction detail on the pike when the suv cruiser was sitting inside was hit by a truck happened around 10:00 near exit 17 in newton center. the trooper is being treated at mass general, no word on the extent of his injuries no information about the truck driver is being released but we'll continue to follow this
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any details that become available. breaking news, a man was hit by a commuter rail train, the da's office is investigating the red line was seening major delays because of the investigation and had to replace regular train service with shuttle buses briefly. and in a developing story in manchester by the sea were some dents are waiting for water service, part of a water main broke down shutting off water to most of the town. crews worked all night to get it restored and had customers, but didn't help the business owners who were forced to close temporarily. >> we did have 260 reservations today and tonight, ouch. we opened today at noontime within 5 minutes we could see the water out that window gushing in the air we knew right then and there it was going to be a good day. there was no damage to any of the buildings, the town will
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spend millions to upgrade the antiquated system. this morning a frightening new threat to members of our military, a 20-year-old hacker is under arrest accused of stealing personal information of u.s. military members and giving it to isis. he was detained saying he stole names addresses and photographs of more than 1300 service members. isis posted that information on a kill list urging loan wolf attacks. they are wanting to bring him back to the united states to face charges. wbz exclusive, a local international headlines, determined to track down the people who bombed pan am flight 103 killing his older brother. there are now 2 new suspects in the 1988 bombing thanks to that somerville man. jim armstrong has a look what
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it took to find him. he is traveling twice. the passion for unraveling this mystery is personal. his older brother david dies in the bombing of pan am flight 103 and grew up knowing many of the people responsible were going free. that was a frustrating and maybe intolerable situation for a lot of families just so happens my work over the years veered in the direction of journalism. he took the first of several investigative trips to libya to do what his predecessors did or didn't. his frontline series, identifies two men the years of work connected to the bombing both were already in custody, a intelligence chief and this man, masud, the man believes he built and detonated the bomb
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103. sarah phillips was one of the many americans on that plane the college student from newton was headed home for abroad. tonight her mother told wbz, ken's research has made a tremendous difference in this case, i'm thrilled, she said through tears, keeping his brother in his life the same way we try to keep sarah in ours, new u.s. and scottish investigators are looking just where dornstein has pointed. i believe this -- i'm hoping they can finish. >> also told us he believes his brother would appreciate the work that he has done in his name. in the satellite center, jim armstrong, wbz. a judge has rejected a request by prosecutors to have their own psychologist exam a teenager accused of killing his teacher, now under going a 20 damontal evaluation after he made disturbing and suicidal statements to a court
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prosecutors say chism is faking it to stop his murder trial going forward. jury selection is on hold, he was just 14 when police say he stabbed a math teacher calling him at the high school and dumped her body in the woods. the freeze this weekend should wipe out the mosquitoes for good that's a good thing because a ninth person tested positive for west nile virus, the patient is a woman in her 30s, did not have to go to the hospital, though. a rhode island police investigation over some controversial video as you can see, the school resource officer handcuffed one student and throws another right to the ground. what you don't see according to police is that the one thrown to the ground had been pushing the officer, the two students are brothers one of whom being arrested for screaming obscenities about another student. as bad as it looks or concerning as it looks there is
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hundreds of students protested, claiming police used excessive force, police say they were threatened and had to use pepper spray to help control the crowds. 8 students and two adults were arrested. it is 5:07 coming up this morning reports the dow jones was breached what the hackers may have been looking for. and meteorologist pamela gardner, cowboys up, goes in search of another scare. barry? good morning everybody, it is that cold morning out there let's check the wbz weather watchers i'm happy to say a lot of them get up early, let's see what's going up new hampshire, it's 38 degrees partly cloudy the dew point is 36, colors here are here at the coast, very beautiful, saying have a terrific day but it is going to be a cool one and tomorrow will be even colder. i'll have that forecast in just a few minutes, meantime always
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angie. if that sounds a little creepy you can set angie to turn around and face the wall when it sees you've arrived home. in san francisco, cbs news. 5:13. look who is here. how about that? back together again after reunited. bringing back chilly weather. sorry to say that i am. >> how did you like the summer? perfect. absolutely perfect. about the hot weather. you didn't complain at all. september. i love the summer. it was great. the fall has been beautiful how about the foliage, really, really beautiful. really wasn't going to be great so all that late.
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all of a sudden, boom. sorry about that. anyway hi everybody, quite a range from some of the locations in the valleys, some of the airports in the low lying spots down in the lower 30s, to the upper 40s in downtown boston at logan airport, range of temperature and looks like it is going to be a cold weekend for sure, it will be warming up today to the low and middle 50s and not much wind around we have a freeze warning for tonight, the national weather service has expanded the freeze warning across much of the region, areas that don't have the blue shade, these locations or the growing season pretty much been over much of these locations, it is definitely going to be over as we get deeper into the weekend with this cold weather coming, even a freeze watch into the cape, think the wind there. as far as cloud cover, across northern new england, mostly cloudy across the northern
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mountains, just a few limited breaks of sunshine, while the greatest amount of sunshine will be here in south eastern new england, a few patches of clouds going by from time to time in the middle sort of a mix a changeable sky of clouds, been showers up off to the north, and even some snow you can see the blue shading and white shading indicating snow showers, some of the higher elevations will pick up some snow as we go through the next 48 hours so as we go through tonight, pretty much clearing up and becoming cold out there freezing conditions later tonight as the winds drop inland, still be a breeze along the coast, and nice and sunny to start, but we'll have clouds showing up by early to mid-afternoon and becoming partly to mostly cloudy late in the afternoon, by tomorrow morning down to 36 in boston, many of the suburbs, 25 to 30. and only rises up to 45 to 46 for a high tomorrow except near
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that's pretty cold for this time of year. 32 in boston, very close to the freezing mark while most will be down into the 20s, freezing cold monday morning, for our snow goes this weekend there could be a little bit of northern mountains, so we'll look at some of the weekend events coming up let's first look at the accuweather forecast for the next seven days and it is going to be cold, cold, cold. 54 today. 46 tomorrow, like a 48 on monday after a frozing cold start. milder on tuesday with a southwest breeze and wednesday and thursday low into the middle 60s, showers thursday and cold shot on friday. boo! >> i'm just cold thinking about it there. speaking of boo. all month pamela gardner has been visiting halloween events.
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>> it is terrifying from what i can hear, i brought my buddy cross along with me. so chris, what can we expect. >> you were going to have an absolute blast. we have five haunted houses a haunted laser maze, rides, attractions roller coasters, the whole 9 yards. >> pretty early in the night. >> we just opened a little bit ago. we have a great crowd people are having a blast, we have characters around awesome. what's new this year versus the year's past. we've added two brand new haunts, i hope you're ready for it, i think so. as well as a pirate themed haunt so we have those two new haunts looking forward to a great time. i don't know if i should thank you or be angry with you,
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we go in, so let's go. ahh! you're going! okay. that was terrifying because many times i thought i was safe, someone else would come up, and had more in that haunted house than i ever had before. okay. that looks, that one guy, get out of here! that was really funny. >> so terrified she couldn't show up to work this morning. still shaking in her bed. and pamela will be doing more on haunted adventures coming up in our next hour,
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. the fbi is investigating a report that the dow jones was hacked for trading tips dow jones officials are denying the claims but say they are still
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looking into it. on friday, bloomburg report breach. lamar odom is awake and unconscious. a family spokesperson says odom said hello to family members and gave a thumbed up friday morning odom's aunt and estranged wife are thanking understanding the family says they'll not be focusing on updates focusing on recovery. a travel company is the ultimate halloween scare, air bnb is running a contest to sleep within the tunnels of the paris catacombs on halloween. that sounds fun. the remains of up to 6 million -- reentered during the 18th
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over night sleep, comes outfitted with a bed, a dressing cable and area. and last time the pats face the colts, before they had something to be angry about coming up, indianapolis takes his best shot with cookies. who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced.
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right to rise usa
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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa content of this message. . welcome back, this is a live look at a very quiet gilette stadium quiet because the pats are in indianapolis for the ultimate grudge match. every pats fan knows it was the colts that picked off the deflate gate controversy, in indianapolis, having a little fun with that offering deflate gate cake. cookies with that courtroom sketch of tom brady and a smashed cell phone cookie, they claim their profits have inflated over deflate gate.
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much more news, straight ahead in our next half hour, hillary clinton rides a big boost from the debate only to face personal attacked from the republican front runner. also ahead an out of control car slammed into a store we'll
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. welcome to the perfect lineup of fantasy football going strong. tree -- really struggled against the pats this year. i also like larry fitzgerald. with the offense, he is going to kill it in pittsburgh. this isn't fantasy as usual, this is draft kings. welcome to the big time. just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with the one you deserve.
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this is wbz this morning. hello everybody, it is 5:30 in the morning can you believe it is this early? are you up already? we're glad you are, i'm carry connelly. it is always nice. so good to see you as well. how are things good? >> i know. >> it was beautiful. now we have to look forward to, forward. let's not get crazy. we have temperatures in the 40s for the most part, we have 48 degrees in boston, and we've got 30, though, in norwood, where the wind dropped off in some of the valley spots and low-lying locations, it is expect. this is just the beginning it will get colder through the weekend, the temperatures will go up today we have a freeze warning up for tonight, even a
5:28 am
probably won't get quite that cold, cold enough, no shaded in the area up here, we have an end to the growing season up in this part of new england where we've had cold weather, definitely a freeze warning here, tonight into the growing season unfortunately, tough to see that come to the end as we get deeper and deeper into the fall season. well today we've got the showers moving across parts of new england, the radar is showing right there, this thunder and lightning off the coast, thunder and lightning going on there, as we have heavier showers moving across southern portions of maine, meantime around the southern prank of that, patch of clouds coming through, temperatures going up to 54, might be an isolated shower, tomorrow 46 with gusty breeze is going to be cold going up, the activities today, we have to bundle up because the winds will be blowing at times and will be especially cold tomorrow. how about the week ahead? i'll see you in a few minutes.
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we look at our top stories an amber alert for a 2 month old baby is called off the infant is at children's hospital and his mother is in police custody, state police say 36-year-old tiffany cherry fled pennsylvania with her infant son instead of taking him to the hospital to be treated for severe dehydration. police initially thought they might be headed for wallfam. cherry was arrested in boston. a massachusetts state trooper injured in a late night collision, his cruiser hit by a truck in construction site on the pipe last night happened around 10:00 near exit 17 in newton center, being treated at mass general. some people are waking up without water after a water main break in manchester by the sea part of a 100-year-old water main broke shutting off water to most of the town crews worked all night to get it restored there are 3 quarters of customers have water. there is a new clue in arlington bank robbery, police
5:30 am
have released this sketch of the man they say held up the winchester savings bank around 1:30. police say he showed a gun and demand cash. to campaign, 2016, the front runner is in our backyard. hillary clinton tried to jump to the top of the new hampshire polls and donald trump trying to turn the blue state of massachusetts head. jim smith got closer to both campaigns. we caught up with donald trump before the speech got a chance to ask him why go to massachusetts a democrat state if there ever was one. take massachusetts. >> i think we can you see the crowd, 2,000 people standing outside, we have 3 rooms that are packed a lot of democrats up here. >> i know. i love the people up here. once inside he continued
5:31 am
i love massachusetts, i love, why do they always say that a republican can't win massachusetts? i think we can. then he took aim a 9 a possible rival if he makes a possible -- hillary clinton who made an event on friday. we have 2,000 people people. that's not good. as for ms. clinton, she banged the drum for democrats in general why she is better bet. >> after the election bill says it is so much worse than they told us, the deficit is so much higher the debt has quadrupled in the pryer 12 years. no accident that donald trump held this event in kingsboro after they held this event in two past elections, also not far from new hampshire.
5:32 am
hillary clinton and bernie sanders are nearly deadlocked in new hampshire, a university boston globe poll puts clinton at 37% to sanders 35%. may have turned things around earlier this week half the voters questioned in this poll say she won the debate. 50% say vice president joe biden should not enter the race at this point. well after a month on the run three men have been arrested for killing a man in a mission him parking lot lewis was shot in the head in the middle of the day about a month ago behind astop and shop. prosecutors say that he and a friend were there when someone shot him. also tried to get away but the suspect caught up with him. check out this wild video a car crashing into the liqueur store in worcester, happened late thursday night, collided
5:33 am
kirsh liqueur, sent one of the cars into the store, fortunately no one was hurt, but a long night for the employees to get the store cleaned up in time. it was just an ungodly mess. what you see now, this is like heaven compared to the way it looks when i get down here, open at 9:00, we will be open at 9:00. going to take care of my customers. that's the attitude, if the crash wasn't bad enough, some people took advantage, ran into the store and stole cartons of cigarettes. that's crazy. a group of uber drivers is trying to organize a strike today and tomorrow, a group calling itself uber freedom wants drivers to avoid calls on the app they say services like uber and lift are cheating drivers, saying they are demanding an increase in fairs
5:34 am
option of tipping drivers. in the past, leave for indianapolis today, the fans are expecting the kind of blow out that is nothing to do with deflated footballs, we've got sports on deck, barry! we've got cold weather moving in on deck, good morning everybody, we have the frost, a freeze warning coming up for tonight issued by the national weather service, it will be mighty cold, highs today should be in the low to middle 50s that leaves us to the trivia this hour we'll see what it is which factor is least important in the formation of frost is it the temperatures, dew point, winds, cloud cover, the answer to that and the rest of my accuweather forecast i'll see
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. well good morning everybody, we begin with some injury news as we gear up for tomorrow night's patriots game against the colts terrell brown questionable. the practice field once again yesterday in foxboro, leave for tomorrow night. the pats have beaten the colts
5:38 am
six straight times with many expecting a win in this deflate game revenge but you never know. and after missing with a shoulder injury andrew luck listed as questionable, and a full participant on friday. backup is head into the two wins, appeared comfortable taking over the reigns but now the case both quarterbacks with the undefeated patriots come to town friday night. you need to out execute them in my mind, if you pick one thing, that's the thing, they are real physical, are real tough, are real smart. at the end of the day there will be a ball in the air, tight man coverage someone has to make a play. it is the next thing, it is a very good team undefeated coming into town, certainly is a history between us and them but also a new year and you know, you have to take care of business at home.
5:39 am
against the patriots for andrew, o and 4 with six touch downs and picks but a completion under 550 and those four games, the colts have been beaten by an average score of 47 to 18. don't forget to start your sunday, patriot's game, and after the game, tune right here to wbz for our fifth quarter post game show. baseball, sam kennedy officially taking over add red sox president as parents stopping by the office, the 42- year-old candidate, been coo since 2009 takes over for larry cutting back the workload asked what he'd like to accomplish, having the best fan experience in fenway but the sox remain activity in the community and help connect the next generation of fans to the game as for priority number one. >> winning baseball games in october, that's why we are here, that's the central mission of the red sox front office, every employee understands that. staying with baseball, game
5:40 am
one of the alcs last night between the royals and blue jays in kansas city, salvador perez, and went onto win game one 5-0 the nl cs begins tonight. the pre-season action in madison square garden against the knicks, 13 points the lead to celtics, evan turner with a strong game at 11, suffered their first loss, 101-95 the final. bruins back in action tonight, in arizona to take on the coyotes. meanwhile college hockey, 6-0. in college football today, bc visits clemson, clem state and harvard at lafayette. have a great day everybody. all right thank you so much. barry is here to tell us about our saturday. do you really want to hear about it? not all that bad, just a little
5:41 am
going to feel pretty chilly and feel more like, don't give me that look. i'm not ready to be cold yet. you see that snarl she just did? very angry over it. it is what it is, i'm with you. let's see what's happening right now look at the numbers in boston. 48 degrees, that's quite a face. 38 degrees, 30 in norwood. even in cape cod, have a couple e-mails from folks down there said turn up the heat please it is too cold, it is october 17th after all, though, so we actually have to expect some chilly weather by now we'll have temperatures that are going to be below average over the weekend a freeze warning is up by the national weather service tonight, so protect those plants if you are out, have some still out there because it looks like the end of the growing season is coming up. right now, we've got thunderstorms off the main coast, lightning up there, and looks like that's interesting that's going to be going down eastern maine, not get any of that around here, we have
5:42 am
here, got some rain and snow showers across northern mountains today, watch the time stamp we'll go through spells when the sun will come out nice and bright with the deep blue sky, patches of clouds all of a sudden the big patch goes by, a few minutes and gets sunny again and clears out tonight that's the way it will be throughout the day. most of the showers will be across northern new england, starting out tomorrow nice and sunny clear in the morning then streets of clouds going by in the afternoon with that gusty wind and it will feel definitely on the chilly side tomorrow, especially starting out in the suburbs when it will be down to 20s. highs for tomorrow will be around 47 degrees in 46 to 48 around boston, that's the way it should be and looks like we're in for highs today will be in the low to middle 50s around here, but it will be definitely turning chillier. we'll look at low temperatures coming up by tomorrow morning 36 in boston, upper 30s near 40
5:43 am
north and west of boston down in the 20s to near 30 degrees and looks like those highs tomorrow will be mostly in the mid-40s around 46 maybe as high as 50 in cape cod on monday morning up to down to 32 in boston, getting very close to the freezing point at logan airport which is quite unusual to have it so cold so early. 20s in sue, and especially across the mountains northern maine, the head of the charles, you have to bundle up for that as we have a high temperature about 54 degrees with a shower most likely way off to the north and west, i don't think a shower will interfere with a great head of the charles here in boston. and we'll have highs around 46 coming up for tomorrow. get the weekend the oyster fest tomorrow and sunday when it is going to be 56 today and about 50 on sunday, we'll have more weekend events to talk about
5:44 am
when we come up in the next couple of hours here, here is what we have look at the numbers, 54 today, and 40s for a couple days 46 tomorrow, 48 on monday, it will be freezing cold start on monday morning when you head out to the bus stop go to school, to work monday morning is really going to be cold, but then nice warm up for that look forward to the middle part of next week, going above average but next couple days or so going to be quite a bit below average. there you go. another cold shot here next friday a few showers along about thursday otherwise not much rain in the forecast. all right. let's do some trivia. which factor is least important in the formation of frost, is it the temperature, is it the it the cloud cover. >> i'm going with c, wind. >> cloud cover, all factors, but the cloud cover is the
5:45 am
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sometimes i carry my keys between my knuckles. sometimes you have no choice but to walk alone. i try my best not to be out late in boston, especially because you hear the stories all the time. a free app is offering some protection when you're all by yourself. this is the companion app. users enter their destination, and contact friends or family to virtually walk with them. then both contacts are able to see that person's progress, and whether they have the app or not. that companion can then watch in realtime as the person's gps position popped up on the screen. if the user starts running,don't make it to the destination, their emergency contact is notified. also an i feel nervous button to text your emergency contact or a link to call police directly. take too long to get home, this alert will sound and ask if you're still okay. you need to have somebody
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you're going, this is a great app for that. ed davis says it is great to see technology to deep you safe or pinpoint your location, that shouldn't be your only plan. remember like any piece of technology, there could be bugs. you could accomplish that same thing with a telephone conversation, but to be quite honest with you, the combination of both is probably a good way to go. these two freshman would rather stick together at night but agree the app is better than going it alone. whether it is an app, phone call or walking with a friend, ed davis tells us this is all about planning ahead. paying attention to your own personal safety is something that can save your life. paula evans, wbz news. great idea. the head of the charles regatta, a teen you'll want to
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. welcome back, thousands of elite athletes will hit the water with the head of the charles regatta. the four men on the state police rowing team haven't rowed in two decades, the
5:52 am
just a few weeks, but they say, they are feeling ready to go. the first ever team from the massachusetts state police to race in the head of the charles, it is an honor they can't believe is happening. a dream, absolute dream. i come up in lexington and just watching all the boats and couldn't come through, never thought i'd be able to row in the head of the charles. they are encouraging other law enforcement to join in next year for a friendly competition. that looks like fun. top stories in an update on your accuweather forecast, we're glad you're waking up with us on this saturday
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a state trooper is in the hospital. his cruiser was hit by a tractor-trailer while he worked a construction detail. >> we have a cold weekend coming. the national weather service has issued a freeze warning throughout most of the evening. >> the cold temps may be a
5:56 am
blessing and how the weather
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