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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  October 19, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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ia. right now at 4:30, on alert, the student sexually assaulted in a college dorm room. and the mother who sparked an amber alert this morning is facing charges. and the patriots win big in primetime. the only thing deflated here, the colts' egos. it is 4:30 now on your monday. good morning, i'm kathryn hauser. >> i'm chris mckinnon. october 19th, but it feels more like december, mid-january. >> check the calendar, right?
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>> no kidding. it's freezing this morning. snowflakes in some places. look at this video. i was at my parents' house yesterday having sunday dinner down. now? dad. >> i was running errands and everybody was like, you know, it's flurrying out! conversation. it was quite a moment. >> yeah. >> all right. barry? >> it's always the first time of the season that does that. >> shock value. >> sort of excited about it, but not really. >> no! >> mixed emotions about it. but anyway, flurries are gone and we just have cold in the wake of those yesterday flurries. take a look at the numbers there in the 20s. in many of the suburbs right now. 32 at logan airport. that's the first time it hit freezing so early in the season since 1979. how about that? that's an interesting statistic
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right there. we have a clear sky. there are clouds in the outer part of cape cod right now, but we start off this day nice and clear with the freezing cold start and looks like just a few scattered clouds coming up for this afternoon. that is just about it. with a recovery. so, this morning, as you head out for the morning ride, bus stop, getting ready to go to school, going to work, 27, clear, freezing cold start. sunrise at 7:01. admitday for lunch, we're up to 42 with bright skies and a light westerly wind, 5 to 10. the ride home, 48. so, a nice recovery coming up today and not as chilly tonight. more coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you, barry. the patriots taking care of business in indianapolis beating the colts last night, 34-27. >> the patriots sending a strong message with their play on the field. levan reid breaks it down for us.
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last night's game was extremely competitive. the colts hung in there and had the pats on the ropes. the game was competitive for about a half. then the pats do what they do. you make a big mistake, they capitalize and they don't look back. pats and the colts, new england down 7-0 until now. tom brady, rolling, 12 yards and hauling! julian pumped up like that, but he would get the play, look at that. julius is up. he didn't miss a step. he's not even a hockey player. he picked it up in the 3rd. pats up 1 and pull away for good. brady, look at this. 25 yards. he can go to the second play with the touchdown. the colts closer at the end, but the pats win 34-27. they move to 5-0. tom brady
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>> they've got a good defense and they played well. they definitely did things to challenge us. you know, we're going to have to, you know, adjust some things going forward. i thought we could have done a better job tonight. not very good on 3rd down. . >> i give the players a lot of credit. they played well tonight and they found a way to play better. we had people banged up and people stepped in. did a real good job for us. >> they play in the divisional game against the jets next sunday in foxborough. the game starts at 1:00. going forward, the pats about. the big one, matthew slater, he was seen after the game on a cart going to the x-ray room to look at his right knee.
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i'm levan reid for wbz sports. >> thank you, levin. students at boston university are on high alert this morning. a female student says she was room. the student says an unknown man went into her dorm room at student village 2 around 2:00 sunday morning and sexually assaulted her. he then fled the scene. is probably a student and say this is a wake-up call. >> lock the doors more. people think it's kind of like leave your doors unlocked all the time, but it's probably better to keep them locked so we don't have to run into the issues. >> officials sent out alerts telling students to be on the lookout for a college age white male around 5 ael 9" with a medium build and a dark vest. 4:35 now. a mother is under arrest this
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involving an amber alert with her infant son. nicole jacobs is live with more. good morning, nicole. >> reporter: good morning, chris. right off the bat, officials knew the baby was with his mother, but no one knew 37-year- old tiffany cherry was driving her severely dehydrated son to children's hospital and the amber alert was issued detailing the make and model of the car she was believed to be driving along with the license number. it was a nurse who recognized her name and called it in to police. cherry drove her son from pennsylvania up to boston after doctors in pennsylvania said he needed serious trauma care. police -- or documents indicate the 37-year-old mother felt she was getting the run-around from the doctors in pennsylvania and drove him to boston. now she faces child
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endangerment charges and has several open warrants here in massachusetts related to prostitution and driving violations. those span over about 13 years, but she is expected to be arraigned here in roxbury district court today. in the meantime, the department of children and families has custody of that little boy. we're live in roxbury, nicole >> thank you, nicole. 4:37 now. a long time girlfriend, katherine greg, is due in federal court in boston this morning. we now have the new charges she's facing. hi, bree. >> reporter: good morning. she refused to tell police and they're charging her with contempt. she refused to testify to a grand jury about who supplying assisted biologier. she's facing five years for harboring a fugitive and identity fraud.
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crime was living with bollger. he's been brought back to appear before the grand jury in boston. she says she has no information and will not testify. her first appearance of this new contempt charge will be this afternoon in front of a magistrate judge. we expect them to set a date for a hearing. if she's convicted, contempt could add years to her sentence. chris, back to you. >> thank you, bree. a bicyclist hit by a car in boston and this morning, boston police are investigating the crash. it happened alt harvard and cambridge streets just before 7:00 last night. the woman on the bike was taken to the hospital. people who witnessed the crash were horrified by what they saw. >> she rolled up on top of the car of the the bike went up one way, she went on top of the car, so it was like really, really bad. so, i mean, she just -- you could hear her screaming. she's in pain. >> boston police tell us the woman's injuries appear to be
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non-life-threatening. the car did stop at the scene. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a deadly house fire in chicopee. the house was engulfed in flames. you can see the smoke here. three people in the home were able to escape, but two adults were trapped inside. their identities have not been released. firefighters in newton battled these fierce flames at a home on bishop's gate road last night. the fire started in the chimney and spread to the rest of the 21/2 story building, eventually burning through the roof. nobody was hurt there. thanks for staying with us this morning, coming up, a symbol of peace. >> the groundbreaking of a special garden for victims and survivors of marathon bombing. and amazon cracking down on fake reviews, now taking some reviewers to court. and a big day for "star wars" fans. pumpkin excitement is back at dunkin'.
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. greig. first lady michelle obama starting a new initiative this morning. >> and today is the day for "star wars".
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joins us live from the new york stock exchange with today's moneywatch. good morning, hannah. >> reporter: good morning, chris and katherine. china's economy dipped to the lowest point since 2009. the second largest economy in the world fell below 7 percent on monday, hurt by weakening trade and fracture cut interest rates. looking for love on wall street. the parent company of tinder, and okaycupid went public on friday. the company valued the offering at $100 million. match said it generated 888 $888.0 in sales in 2014. first lady michelle obama is unveiling a new phase of her campaign, encouraging students to continue education after high school. will be available for students ages 14 to 19. to get information on college exams, filling out federal financial aid forms and applying to college. and "star wars" fans get their first look at the trailer
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for the new movie, the fourth awakeens today. the first full trailer will be aired tonight during halftime of monday night football. and movie posters will start showing up in theater lobies. after the trailer is shown, advance tickets will go on sale for episode 7 that opens on december 18th. it's like christmas early, chris and catherine. >> the force is strong with you, hannah. i hate to tell you! [ laughter ] . thank you, hannah. we'll check in in about an hour. checking the weather. >> did you notice? >> the pesky little flurries. >> i noticed them. >> i looked at my car thermometer this morning, it said 27 degrees. >> mine had the freeze icon on it. >> my car makes this noise if it gets below freezing, barry. that's not a sound i wanted to hear. it's a bad noise. >> i wouldn't want to hear that, either. >> you have a freezing icon? my car doesn't have that yet [ laughter ] >> anyway, you know, i don't
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even have a thermometer, outside thermometer, which i love. my wife's car has that. when i get that car , i look at that all the time. 32 degrees this morning in boston. the wind northwest at 14. 32 in boston. most other places are all down sub-freezing, a lot of 20s out there, as katherine mentioned, 27 degrees this morning. in boston, it's the first 32 degrees and that made it this morning. that's the earliest since 1979, last freezing temperature in october, october 31st, 1988. so it's kind of cold early, but it isn't going to last all that long. we're having a clear sky out there this morning except on the outer part of cape cod. patches of low clouds coming off the ocean as cold air drifts over the ocean water out there. it's in the 50s or so. this system, they start to drape down, we may see a few clouds later this afternoon, some highs and mid-level type
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clouds, but look through the morning, blaifj sunny, except for the outer part of the cape. a few of these may be seen coming down this afternoon. that is about it. later tonight, more and more of this will come down with rain or snow showers in the northern mountains but we will see more clouds tomorrow. but this front we had produced the snow showers and rain showers yesterday offshore. we won't have as much wind today, a cold breeze this morning, just a bit, and the southwest coming in later today. so that's going to warm us up. even though we're going to be below the average. high temperature today in the upper 40s. 48, 49 degrees, something like that. that's about -- just a little under 15 degrees below the average for this date. then look alt tomorrow's highs, around 63 to 64 degrees. so, we will take that for sure. so we're talking about 62 to 64 for highs tomorrow, clouds and about the same story on wednesday with light wind and then up to 70 on thursday with a few scattered showers in the afternoon.
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then another cold shot for friday and saturday, back to the low and middle 50s. at least the weekend now looks to be rain-free until some time on sunday afternoon. back to you. >> thank you very much. groundbreaking on a memorial to the victims and survivors of the boston marathon bombing. >> work is under way on the crystal candle peace garden in medford. paul burton shows us how it keeps us in boston strong. . >> reporter: in a celebration of life, hundreds gathered behind city hall in medford for the official groundbreaking of the peace garden. >> i dedicate this location as the crystal campbell peace garden. >> reporter: the garden is a memorial of crystal campbell, martin richard, lindsey lou and sean collier, as well as the survivors and first responders of the bottom marathon bombings.
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>> always smiling, wise behind his years, dedicated to a life of sacrifice and service, and lindsey, who came to america hoping that the dream, that with an education, anything is possible. >> reporter: folks carried sunflowers, which was crystal's favorite flower. the garden will be full of them. >> just gratitude. it lifted me up a lot. >> the garden will be surrounded by water fountains. >> in the middle of the fountains, there will be a fifth fountain larger than the otherings, representing the peace. >> reporter: two survivors say love and hope. >> the best revenge we can have against the terrorists and haters of this world is to live our lives to the fullest. the best respect i can pay to those who lost their lives is
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>> it's an amazing place now and somewhere where everyone can come. >> reporter: i'm paul burton, wbz news. and today, donating a leg to a woman in wall pole. she amputated her legs because of complications with a genetic disease. she will be the first recipient of a prosthetic leg that will let her walk in heels. she lost her leg in the marathon bombing and established the funding for hillary's new leg. and draft kings is still doing business in vegas despite being ordered to shut down. and why the mother of a winchester navy seal killed in libya is outraged over a political attack ad.
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krystle. it is 4:52 now. checking our top stories on this monday morning: police are searching for a sexual assault suspect at boston university. a female student says she was attacked inside her own dorm room. the unknown man entered the room around 2:00 sunday morning. the man is described as white and college-age.
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warning students. the patriots beat the colts last night, 34 & 27. tom brady threw for 312 yards and 3 touchdowns, including this td to julian. the patriots are now 5-0 this season. their first 5-0 start since the 2007 season. they're back home sunday against the jets. the mother of a navy seal killed in an attack is upset about a new attack ad aimed at former secretary of state hillary clinton. >> dear hillary clinton, i'd like to ask you why you ignored calls for help in bengazi and then four americans were murdered. i'd like to know why you lied. >> doherty among win chester was morning four americans killed in 2012. the mother says it's crude to use her son's death for political purpose. on thursday, clinton will testify about that attack. many charge that the hearings are a republican political witch hunt aimed at hurting
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clinton's presidential campaign. the committee chairman denies that. >> i get that there's a presidential campaign going on. i have told my own republican colleagues and friends, shut up talking about things that you don't know anything about. and unless you're on the committee, you have no idea what we've done, why we've done it and what new facts we have >> he says the committee is looking at a batch of clinton's e-mails they just received from the state department. a name of rememberance in west roxbury. the massachusetts marine corps. hosted a parade to mark the 40th anniversary of the end of the vietnam war. more than 1300 massachusetts residents lost their lives in southeast asia. the event served as a thank you to all branches of the military who served in the vietnam war. the state's oldest veteran
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what he given the lifetime achievement award at the wonderland entertainment complex yesterday. he's 101 years old and fought in france and german in world war ii. there was also a wrestling and boxing match to raise money for the wounded warrior project. today, an open house of sorts to outline a plan for using boston, massachusetts's real estate holdings. 300 are expected attend the meeting. the event will focus on leveraging state real estate through public and private partnerships. amazon is going after people who reportedly sell fake reviews for products on its web site. the company says more than 1 ,000 people sold 5-star reviews through amazon policy bans fake product reviews. the company is suing the people for breach of contract and violating federal consumer law. despite being banned in nevada, fantasy sports web site draft kings accepted entries
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from users this past weekend. last week, they were ordered to quid operating in the state immediately. however, draft kings acknowledged it allowed players that already entered games to continue playing through tonight's monday night football game. the board says it's aware of this and is monitoring the situation. 4:56 monday morning. the groom gets cold feet. >> that didn't stop one bride. how her family turned heartache
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good for them. he had to have known before that, right? ? >> last-minute cancellations, never good. your top stories, traffic and weather all straight ahead on wbz news this morning. >> the news at 5:00 starts now. 5:00. students at b.u. on alert.
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