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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  October 19, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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." top stories straight ahead. right now at 6:00, bu campus on alert. a student sexually assaulted in her dorm room. and the mother who sparked an amber alert this morning. she's due in court this morning. the charges she's now facing. and the patriots big primetime win. the only thing here, the colts egos were deflated. good morning, it's 6:00. i'm kathryn hauser. >> i'm chris mckinnon. monday, october 19th.
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hope you had a great weekend. enjoyed it, but it feels like winter this morning. want to grab the jacket for sure as you head out the door. >> get the heater on, too. >> did you see that yesterday? there were flakes flying across massachusetts. couldn't believe it. i felt like there were mixed reviews, or maybe a collective, are you kidding me? >> i mean, like the first snowflakes, when they fall in like early december, that's fine with me. but middle of october, i don't know. >> barry burbank is here with a check of the forecast. barry, did you -- were you happy to ski? how did you feel about it? >> at my house, we didn't have a flake of snow falling. there were just scattered rain showers. other folks got to see it. some were really excited to see it. others said it's way too early. we don't want that. it's not going to last and doesn't usually last this time
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of the year. ones in a blue moon we have a storm in early october close to halloween. look at this, cold in the wake of yesterday's scattered snow showers. 32 in boston now. but we've got pockets in the low-lying areas, in the lowlands, where it's out completely. 19 at neward airport this morning. boston down to 31 in the last hour. that's the last time it's gotten down to 32 since 1979 this early. it's a nice, clear start fire high clouds may drift down from southern canada. we may see a few of those this afternoon. so, this morning, bundle up because you need to. it's freezing cold out there. sun rising in an hour. 7:01. bright and sunny at noontime, 42 is the recovery and 48 this afternoon with the sun setting before 6:00 at 5:56, just a
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later this afternoon. and a moderate breeze. not a strong one at that. traffic and weather together, hi, chris. >> hi, barry. thank you very much. an accident on route 93 south. this is near exit 46. taking a live look at the mass pike this morning. no major traffic issues if we can pop up the camera, but traffic building as you head in east towards town. you can see things are moving along pretty smoothly on the pike this morning. >> right on time, right? >> yes. students at boston university on high alert. a female student says she was room. >> and this morning, police are still searching for the attacker. susie steimle is live on campus investigation. good morning, susie. >> reporter: good morning, chris and kathryn. this is not far from the village 2 dormitories where the over the weekend. at this point, police still haven't made any arrests. and all of this happened over
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parents' weekend. a young woman called police around 2:00 a.m. and says a man broke in her dorm room and attacked her. she was able to give a good description of what he looked like. a white male, about 5'9" with a medium build and brown hair. what he last seen in a long sleeve shirt and a vest. because the dormitoryesare tough to get into with security, everyone believes that this is likely a student. >> i'd say more of a student. it's hard to get past the student. i don't think that's the issue. i think it would be someone who lives in the dorms and has access to swipe in. >> kind of scary. >> yeah, very scary. >> disappointment because it's a secured building. that's unacceptable. it's tough. the press much about what happened over the weekend, but
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sent out an alert to every they're informed. we hope to hear more later on today. susie steimle, "wbz this morning." >> thank you, susie. 6:05 now. a mother is due in court this morning, facing charges in connection with this weekend's amber alert involving her infant son. nicole jacobs is live outside of court in roxbury this morning. nicole? >> reporter: chris, from piston, pennsylvania to boston, massachusetts, this mother aparent had a plan that she claims was to get her child the best medical care possible. let's take a look at 37-year- old tiffany cherry. she was arrested after she drove her severely dehydrated child to children's hospital after a doctor in pennsylvania reportedly told her he needed trauma care, but no one knew where cherry was headed when she took off with her child. and an amber alert was issued, detailing the make and model of the car cherry was believed to be driving, along with the
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license plate number. it was a nurse who recognized her name and called it in to police. police documents kate the 37- year-old's mother felt she was getting the run-around from doctors in pennsylvania and that's why she drove her child 5 5 hours here to boston. cherry is facing child endangerment charges out of piston, she also has several open warrants here in massachusetts related to prostitution and driving violations, both span over the course of the last 13 years, but she is expected to be arraigned here in roxbury district court today. and the department of children and families currently has custody of the little boy. we're live in roxbury, nicole jacobs, "wbz this morning." >> thank you, nicole. whitey bulger's long time girlfriend, catherine greig is due in federal court there boston this morning. bree is here now with the new charges greig is facing. good morning, bree. >> reporter: good morning, kathryn.
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greig refusions to tell police if other people helped bulger during his 16 years on the run. they're charging her with contempt. last december, she refused to testify into to a grand jury looking into who may have helped bulger. she's already facing 8 years for conspiracy to harbor a fugitive and identity fraud. her attorney said she has repeatedly been brought back from a federal prison in minnesota to appear before the grand jury in boston, even though she says she has no information and will not testify. greig's first appearance on the new contempt charge will be this afternoon in front of a magistrate judge. we expect them to set a date for a hearing. if convicted, contempt would add years to her sentence. chris, back to you. >> thank you, bree. 6:07 now. a bicyclist hit by a car in alston and this morning, boston police are investigating how this crash happened. it happened at the intersection of harvard and cambridge streets just before 7:00 last night. the woman on the bike was taken
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to brigham and women's hospital. people who witnessed the crash were horrified by what they saw. >> she rolled up on top of the car. she went one way, the bike the other. it was really, really bad. i mean, she ejust -- and you could hear her streaming. she was in pain. >> boston police tell us her injuries appear to be non-life- threatening. the car did stop at the scene. investigators are trying to figure out what caused this deadly house fire in chicopee. firefighters say by the time they arrived at the home on montcomb street, it was fully engulfed in flames yesterday. three people in the home were able to escape. two adults were trapped inside. their identities have not been released. firefighters in newton battled fierce flames at a home on bishop's gate road last night. look at the scene. a lot of flames and smoke here. the fire started in the chimney and spread through the rest of the home. eventually burning through the roof, luckily, though, no one was hurt. and n case you missed it, the pats taking care of
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business in indianapolis last night. beating the colts 34-27. that's the first time the two teams met since last season's afc championship game. of course, that sparked deflate gate. >> a lot of anticipation for this. the patriots say there was a strong message with their play on the field. levan reid breaks it down for us. >> good morning, everybody. last night's game was extremely competentive. the colts had the pats on the ropes and forced tom brady into an interception. the game was competitive for a half. then the pats do what they do. capitalize and don't look back. 7-0. now, tom brady rolling to julian edleman. 12 yards and hauling. julian breaks his pinkie finger he's tough, though. he didn't miss a step. he's not even a hockey player. then in the 3rd, pats down 1
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brady, look at that, e25 yards. he's the second player with 63 touchdowns. the colts take it closer to the end, but the pats beat indianapolis 34-27. they move to 5-0. tom brady had 312 yards, 3 touchdowns and 1 interception. >> they got a good defense and they played well. they definitely did things challenge us. we will have to adjust things going forward. i thought we all to k have done a better job tonight. not very good on 3rd down. i thought we left a lot of yards and points out there. >> the players played well tonight. give them a lot of credit. and they're on their way to play better. we have a few guys banged up, had people step up. they did a good job for us. >> they play the jets next sunday in foxborough.
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the game starts at 1:00 with a post game show right after, all on wbz. going forward, the pats have more injuries to worry about. an ankle, a toe, but the big one, matthew slater was seen after the game on a cart going to the x-ray room to look at his right knee. we will get answers as the week goes on. that's sports this morning. i'm levan reid for wbz sports. it is 6:11 now. a war of words on the campaign trail. >> coming up, back and forth between donald trump and jeb bush and the latest blow. increasing violence in the middle east. the newest attack in israel.
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it may have been chilly, but thousands turned out for the final round of the 51th head of the charles regatta. more than 11,000 athletes from around the world competeth in the event, all bundled up along the river banks. >> look at that. sunshine, too. it was chilly. good for them. >> it would have been nice to be 70 degrees. >> it was nice last year. >> you've got to do what you've got to do. and the cold continues today,
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but it's not going to last forever, right? >> no, it's going out pretty quickly, kathryn. it will move out here because things are changing. we have a nice, clear sky and it is mighty cold this morning. you have to bundle up. there is a breeze out there. near the coast, 10 to 15 miles per hour. inland, it's determine dead calm nows with get closer and closer to sunrise time, which is now after 7:00. 7:01 this morning. these are the current 6:00 a.m. temperatures. and it's 32 in boston, but we've got 19 in neward. there are cold pockets in valley spots with near or some under 20 degrees. otherwise in the mid-20s. some places have frost, some don't, depending on the dew point temperature, the frost point temperature. we have freezing temperatures all over the place, even along the coast. the freeze warning is in effect by the national weather service, put up yesterday. many areas had the freeze yesterday, which put an end to the growing season inland, but along the coast, not this cold until this morning. so, the freeze warning is up until 9:00 this morning.
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rising as we see boston, down to 31 this morning for the earliest it's gotten down to 32 or below since 1979. the last sub-freezing october day was october 31st in 1988. boston, hour by hour, up to 36 by 9:00. in boston, 41 at 11:00. 44 at 1:00 and 46 to 48 by 3:00 to 4:00 this afternoon. we're starting out, again, with temperatures in the 20s, but warming up as we head closer to the ride home this afternoon. so, starting clear with some clouds around cape cod. probably the same down to wellesley. this high, thin cloudiness will drop in. we may see some of that this afternoon, but not too much to interfere with the sun. we will have clouds for tomorrow as the front gets closer to us. say goodbye to the cold as the high goes to the south. you can see it blowing here.
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tomorrow morning, lots of clouds, could be a couple of showers to the north, but probably no rain here. then this front comes down, probably without much fanfare, dropping and giving us light wind on wednesday and clouds along the front, but the front will move back at us. look the seven-day accuweather forecast. today, 48. tomorrow, 64. much milder weather is just around the corner. maybe a few showers on wednesday afternoon, then colder on friday, back to 52. the start of the weekend will be nice. traffic and weather together. hi, kathryn. let's check on the roads. see how the monday commute is coming along. it's stop and go on 93 approaching the braintree split. you can see on the map, heavy volume on the expressway. let's get a live look now. you can see volume building. yes, volume is building and it's slow heading north into town. >> you don't want to see that anyway.
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israel is on high alert this morning despite increased security in the country. there's been another deadly attack. israeli police say a man armed with a gun and a knife opened fire at a bus station. one israeli soldier was killed, five police officers and five civilians were wounded. the attacker was shot and killed. israel blocked off arab neighborhoods in an attempt to curb the violence there. secretary of state john kerry is set to meet with leaders from both sides this week. the iran nuclear deal formally takes effect. the u.s. expects iranians to take months to the seven-nation pact. compliance would provide the country relief from international sanctions. president obama says u.s. national security will benefit from the agreement. james foley, a journalist from new hampshire killed by isis last year is honored by his alma matter. marquette university marked what would have been his 42nd birthday.
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this call it a fitting tribute because foley spent time in captivity praying the rosary. a 5 k race was also held in memory of foley in his hometown of rochester, new hampshire over the weekend. the mother of glen doherty, killed in the benghazi attack, is upset about a new attack ad aimed at former secretary of state hillary clinton. >> dear hillary clinton, i'd like to ask you why you ignored calls for help in benghazi and then four americans were murdered. i'd like to know -- >> doherty, from winchester, was among four americans killed in the u.s. consulate in 2012. his mother says it's crude to use her son's death for a political purpose. on thursday, clinton is scheduled to testify before a house panel investigating the attack. many have charged that the hearings are a republican political witch hunt aimed at hurting clinton's president capital campaign. the committee chairman, though, denies that tha. >> i get that there's a presidential campaign going on.
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colleagues and friends, shut up talking about that you don't know anything about. and unless you're on the committee, you have no idea what we've done, why we've done it and what new facts we have found. >> he says the committee is looking at a batch of clinton's e-mails they just received from the state department. over to campaign 2016, republican frontrunner donald trump says if he was molest 2001, he probably would have been able to prevent the 9/11 attacks. it's the latest war of words between him and jeb bush. trump says the 9/11 hijackers probably never would have made it into the us if he was in charge. >> i'm extremely tough on people coming into this country. i believe that if i were running things, i doubt the families would have -- i doubt the people would have been in the country. i'm not blaming george bush, but i don't want jeb bush to say my brother kept us safe. >> this is an example of of the lack of seriousness and this is a serious time.
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we're under grave threats again and ike we need a president with a steady hand. >> all but one of the 9/11 hijackers entered the u.s. tourist visas. a symbol of peace. >> the ground breaking elf a special garden for a victim and survivors of marathon bombings. and an incredible donation paying it forward from the
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breaking ground a memorial to the victims and survivors of the boston marathon bombings. >> work is under way on the krystle campbell peace garden. bree has more. >> reporter: medford is krystle campbell's hometown. the garden will be aligned with her favorite flower and symbols of the marathon.
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>> hundreds gather in medford for the official groundbreaking of the krystle campbell peace garden. >> on this joyous occasion, it is with a deep sense of respect and admiration that i dedicate this location as the krystle campbell peace garden. >> four doves were released in memory of the four victims of the bombings. around the ceremony, there are sunflowers, krystle's favorite. and a flower that will one day line the garden. >> just gravitate -- it just -- it lifted me up a lot. >> reporter: the garden will also feature five water fountains, four in memory of the lives lost. >> in the middle of these fountains, there will be a fifth fountain, larger than the others, representing the world and our quest for world peace. >> reporter: marathon survivors say the garden symbolizes peace, love and hope. >> he was a great guy and he has a huge heart. i wanted to do something for
6:22 am
all the survivors and four people who lost their lives. it's just an amazing place now. and it's somewhere where everyone can come. >> reporter: the garden will cost about 1.3 $1.3 million to construct and it's located right next to town hall. chris, back to you. >> thank you, bree. 6:26 now. today, the heather abbott foundation will award its first prosthetic 3 a woman from wall pole. the 26-year-old amputate her right leg because of disease. now she's excited to be the first recipient of the prosthetic to let her walk in heels. abbott lost her leg in the marathon bombings and established the charity to fund hillary's new leg. today, the government is taking action on drones. and amazon cracking down on fake reviews. now taking some of the
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. right now, 6:30. students concerned this morning, the sexual assault at a local college campus that has
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police looking for a suspect. the government getting tough on drone owners over concerns about public safety. . and now tricks needed. the patriots beat the colts on the road. the big win may have come with a painful injury. good morning. it is 6:30 on a monday. great to be here with you. i'm kathryn hauser. >> i'm chris mckinnon. barry burbank is in this morning with a check of the very chilly morning. >> yes. >> i just went like that to the thermostat. >> yes, heat is turning on in most homes i'm sure this morning because it is a ch- chilly morning this morning. boston dropped a degree in the last two seconds here.
6:26 am
salem is 28 this morning. and tewksbury is 29. it's mighty cold out there. it's crystal clear except for on the outer bank of cape cod. the rest of the region is clear. high, thin clouds may drop in later today, but here's what's going on this morning as we have the clear, sunny start, the sun isn't up yet, rising at 7:01. the average is 27. the northwest wind is light inland, but breezy on the coast. noontime, up to 42, bright and sunny with a few wispy clouds and high clouds this afternoon and 48. so the warm-up begins today. you will love to see my seven- day accuweather forecast with the mild weather around the corner. traffic and weather together. >> thank you, barry. problems on 93 south. an accident at exit 46. and one at exit #36. that's slowing things down. let's look live now and see how
6:27 am
expressway. typical volume at this time. hiding north, this is a look at the conditions near the gas tank. typical volume for this time. many students are on edge this morning after a woman is sexually assaulted in her dorm room. >> the man who did it is still on the run. susie steimle is live in boston this morning with the latest on the investigation. hi, susie. >> reporter: good morning, kathryn and chris. police haven't made any arrests in the case and from who we've talked to on campus, what we're hearing is because of all the security in the buildings and how difficult the dormitories are to get into, most people believe that this attacker was a fellow student. the call came in around 2:00 a.m. sunday morning from a female student in the village 2 dormitory. she said she was attacked by a man about 5'9", described as a white guy with brown hair and a medium build, last seen in a long sleeve shirt and down vest. she told police she did not know the man, not someone she's ever met before.
6:28 am
a campus wide alert was sent out to all students. and some women that we spoke to said this is going to have them changing their habits. >> i think it's good to start to lock your doors more. people think it's kind of like you can keep your doors unlocked all the time, but it's better to keep them locked so we don't have to run into the issues. >> adding to the scare for students and their families, this is parents weekend. i'm sure a lot of parents were disappointed to hear the news, as well. at this point, police haven't spoken to the media about this. we hope that changes later today to get an update on the status of the investigation. susie steimle, "wbz this morning." >> susie, keep us posted on any new updates this morning. thank you very much. a plymouth man is due in court on oui charges. he drove nearly 20 miles the wrong way on route 3. officers say kevin palmer crashed into a car heading north in bourne on saturday. nobody was hurt in the crash
6:29 am
and palmer kept on going. state police shut down the highway and deployed stop sticks on the road. two tires blew out near the sag more bridge. and a mother, who is infant son, was the subject of morning. nicole jacobs is live with the details. good morning, nicole. >> reporter: good morning, kathryn. from piston, pennsylvania all the way to boston, massachusetts, this mother apparently had a plan that she claims was to get her child the best medical care possible. let's take a look. this is 37-year-old tiffany cherry. she drove her severely dehydrated child to children's hospital in boston. no one knew where cherry was headed when she took off with her child from the hospital in pennsylvania. an amber alert was issued detailing the make and model of the car cherry was believed to be driving, along with the license plate number.
6:30 am
her name and called it in to police at children's hospital. police documents kate the 37- year-old mother felt she was getting the run-around with the doctors in pennsylvania and that's why she drove five hours to boston, massachusetts. she is now facing child endangerment charges out of piston, pennsylvania. she also has several open warrants here in massachusetts. the latest two driving violations and prostitution that spans over a 13-year time period, but she is set to be arraigned here in roxbury at some point today. in the meantime, the department of children and families has custody of that 2-month-old little boy. we're live in roxbury, nicole jacobs, "wbz this morning." . >> thank you, nicole. 6:35 now. today the federal aviation administration is implementing
6:31 am
it is part of the administration's effort to address a rising number of unauthorized drone sightings near airports and public venues. florida police are looking for the person who opened fire festival. one person was killed, five others hurt. the shots sent thousands running through the streets. the organizers posted a statement on facebook saying happened. the navy is bringing in devices to find the wreckage of a ship. it will listen for pings from the black box of that sunken cargo ship. meanwhile, there was a memorial service held in florida for those to remember those lost. a day of rememberance in west roxbury, the massachusetts marine corps. hosted a parade to mark the 40th anniversary of the end of the vietnam war. more than 1300 massachusetts residents lost their lives in
6:32 am
southeast asia. the event serves as a thank you to all branches of the military who served in the vietnam war. and the state's oldest war veteran honored in revere. saul san toro was given a life team achievement award yesterday. the 101-year-old fought in france and german during world war ii. it also included a boxing match to raise money for the wounding warrior project. and governor charlie baker is holding an open house of sorts to outline a plan for utilizing massachusetts's real estate holdings. expected attend. the governor's office says the event will focus on leveraging state real estate through public and private partnerships. . new england end each last night. tom brady through 312 yards, $3,000, including this 25-yard
6:33 am
run. they improved to a 5-0 start on the season. here's what the coach and tom brady had to say after the game. >> they had a good defense and they played well. they definitely did things to challenge us. we will have to adjust some things going forward. we all could have done a better job tonight. we left a lot of yards out there. there. >> i giving the players a lot of credit. they played well tonight. and it's still a way to find a way to play better. we had people bands up and people step up. they did a real good job for us. >> we hope to hear more about matthew slater's injury. he needed help walking off the field with an apparent knee injury. he was carted to the locker room and his right knee was x- rayed. no comment on the injury. and next up, the patriots are back home taking on the jets in foxborough.
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we start off with a patriots game day, next sunday at 11:30 11:30 a.m. the game starts at 1:00 and a post-game show right after the game. and despite being banned in nevada, draft kings accepted entries from users over the weekend. last week, the nevada gaming control board ordered them to quit operating in the state immediately. however, draft kings acknowledge acknowledged the players who already entered games to continue playing through tonight's monday night football. the control board said it is aware of draft king's stance sand monitoring the situation. now to today's daily talker. we're talking about online reviews. >> the online retailer amazon has had enough of fake reviews. they're going after people who reportedly sell fake reviews for products on its web site. the company says more than 1,000 people sold five-star reviews for amazon's policy bans fake product reviews and the company
6:35 am
is now suing the people for breach of contract and forbe violating federal consumer law. do you trust online reviews? should people be held responsible for writing the safe reviews? >> susan on facebook says i use amazon reviews myself in choosing what to buy so i expect them to be honest. liz says i want a list of who is lying about the products and, thank you, amazon for suing them. i depend on amazon reviews. you can comment on our daily talker every day, we love hearing from you. >> that's a bummer. a lot of people rely on resnrewlz yes, i want to see what people think about it. >> are you going for the five stars or the one stars? >> i like to know about both. >> sometimes you like to see why people didn't like something. whitey bulger's girlfriend is back in boston today.
6:36 am
>> coming up, the new charges for catherine greig and what her attorney says about the case. and the force awakesens. this is a big day for all "star wars" fans out there. good morning to you, kathryn. we have a few weather watchers out there, they're chiming in early here. let's see what's happening way out here, 17 degrees in james in sperry, massachusetts. pretty chilly there this morning. up in new hampshire, 32 degrees in michael there this morning. so,a very cold start, but it is going to be warming up, so watch out. i have more good news when you see the accuweather seven-day forecast. i'll see you then and remind you come back. i'll see you when we talk about
6:37 am
6:44 now. chilly temperatures, thousands woke up to help fight autism. this is the 14th annual walk now for autism speaks launched from mansfield yesterday. the event raises money to fund programs for those with autism. and wbz helped host the event. yeah, it was quite chilly, but the turnout was spectacular. >> fantastic, yeah. >> you have to address right for the event. even the sun didn't warm us up much yesterday. atha was the biggest takaway.
6:38 am
about the chilly forecast and a week. >> yeah, more than potential. it's going to happen. i'm preach guaranteeing it- pretty much guaranteeing it, kathryn. 32 in boston. upper teens in the valley locations and most all of us otherwise in the 20s, except we've got milder weather in the outer part of cape cod. this is the first 32 degree day in boston, so early in the season, since 1979, in fact, it 5:00 this morning. the last of the freezing temperature, october 31st, 1988. it's been quite a while since it's been this cold so early in the season. crystal clear this morning. there is a sting in the air this morning. not much wind, a bit of a cold breeze along the coast. and clouds on the outer cape disappearing later today. we will see some of the high, thin clouds from this approaching system spilling into the region this afternoon. that's going to be happening.
6:39 am
through the day. the sunshine will be with us all day long. this afternoon, high, thin clouds pay be seen, but -- may be seen, but not interfearing with the sunshine too much. tonight, a few rain showers or snow showers across northern new england. that's the deal. the reason for the clouds approaching? we have a warm front, saying goodbye to the cold air later today. tonight won't be as chairman and a couple of showers tomorrow morning, about 7:30. a few scattered showers in northern new england with a southwest wind coming up. that will guide the milder air our way. tomorrow will be a totally different day. we have this cold front which will sink south to the area on early wednesday and come to a halt just to the south. becomes stationary. clouds come along the front on wednesday, and high pressure to the north. we have a bit of a sea breeze, but relatively mild, certainly mild compared to today. the storm will go across southern canada and pull the warm air on thursday. so, for this afternoon, we go
6:40 am
to 48. some high, thin clouds, maybe a west breeze at 10 to 15. then for tonight, not nearly as chilly at 42. partly cloudy and much milder. then looking at tomorrow, it's going to be basically a nice day with limited sunshine. mostly cloudy, but 64 degrees. here's the seven-day accuweather forecast. going into tomorrow, we head up to 70s on thursday with a few showers in the afternoon. that will introduce the next chilly air mass for 52 on friday. next weekend looks good, but sunday could have a few showers. saturday will be the pick day of the weekend, but on the cool side. traffic and weather together. >> thank you, barry. checking the roads this morning, lots of slow conditions on 128 right now. stop and go in woo burn and lynnfield. very slow heading south into town. checking the top stories this morning, at 6:47, catherine greig will be in
6:41 am
federal court in boston today on criminal contempt charges. >> she faces contempt charges for refusing to tell police other people helped bulger during his 16 years on the run. in december, she refused to testify in front of a grand jury. she's already serving eight years for harboring a fugitive. sexual assault suspect at boston university. a female student says she was attacked inside her dorm room. the unknown man entered her room around 2:00 sunday morning. the man is described as white and college-aged. the school sent ute letters warning other students. there was an amber alert over the weekend. the mother of the child is deny court this morning. tiffany cherway arrested saturday after bringing her son to children's hospital. she faces child endangerment dmarngz pennsylvania. a doctor told her her son needed trauma care. she left pennsylvania without getting care for her son. coming up, two major league baseball teams fighting
6:42 am
>> the highlights from game 2 of the mets against the cubs. which team is one step closer to the national league title? and a bride dumped a week before her wedding day. the unusual way she used her 35 $35,000 reception. heading to break, four things you might like to know as you head out the door today. who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year. right to rise usa
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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special
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loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. chicago cubs are seeking their first trip to the world series in 70 years, now down 2- 0 in the nlcs. the cubs beat the mets yesterday 4-1. this is his fifth homerun of the post- season. the series now shifts to chicago. game 3 is tomorrow night. if you're a "star wars" fan, listen up. your first look at the trailer for the new movie today. the first full trailer will be aired tonight during the halftime of monday night football. the movie posters will start showing in theater lobies and after the trailer is shown, advance tickets go on sale for episode 7, which opens december
6:45 am
>> i'm ready for that. goosebumps going to the top of the weekend box office. the children's comedy, based on the popular book series and starring jack black took in $23.5 million in the opening weekend. it bumped "the martian" into second place. tom hanks' new film opened in third. a wedding canceled, but the party goes. >> a family choosing to make the best of a bad situation. the groom got cold feet, called off the wedding about a week before. instead of having the 35 $35,000 nonrefundable reception go to waste, the bride's family invited 90 homeless people and their families. they say it's nice to take something good from a heartbreaking situation. the would-be bride didn't go. but she and her mother are going to go on the nonrefundable honeymoon in belize. >> that's a nice thing to do
6:46 am
and thinking out of the box, too. >> take the trip, for sure. especially if it's nonrefundable. time for a closer look at "cbs this morning." >> let's check in with nora o'donnell. >> good morning, chris and kathryn. ahead, the lead lawmaker on the benghazi committee tells colleagues to shut up. how hillary clinton's testimony should shake up the presidential race. and amazon cracks down on fake reviews. we will reveal to you how to spot those. the news is back in the morning. go patriots! >> that's right, nora. thank you very much. coming up, halloween for animal lovers. the new england event letting little princessst and bat-man
6:47 am
for the girl scout meeting... ok! for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! stop & shop just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
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for 72 months on these remaining 2015 chevy vehicles. 1 take a look at this. halloween going to the animals. letting kids trick-or-treat with all the animals. >> and there were kings and princesses, a ghost buster there. looks these costumes, amazing! the kids were encouraged to share bypassing out pumpkins to the animals and they were entertained by ghoulish gaines and creepy craft, but it looks like a good time. >> there was a haunted house there, too. you could hear the kids
6:50 am
>> hey, anybody who was out yesterday, it was good to have a costume with a little weight to it. >> yes. >> the cold will continue throughout the day. and any relief, you will notice a difference in the afternoon, kathryn, from yesterday. we won't have the clouds we had yesterday. not a lot of winds, things are looking up. cbs this morning is next here on wbz.
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