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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 19, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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. the pennsylvania mother who set off a weekend amber alert faces a massachusetts judge, why she says she took off with her baby. and students on edge a boston university dorm room. near record low temperatures, warmer times are just around the corner. and keeping quiet, girlfriend facing more time behind bars for what she won't tell investigators. live from the channel 4 studios in boston. wbz news at noon starts right now. a live look over the city of boston this noon, feeling the chill out there, we woke up
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to near record low temperatures the coldest air this early in october we've had in decades. mother nature reminding us winter is just around the corner for us, good afternoon for us. great to be with you, with today's cold many of us want to know if we'll have to bundle up all week long. we have a first look at your forecast, all right barry what's the forecast. warmer times are just uponus, we've had two cold nights saturday night and sunday, cold enough tied the record low in worcester at 24 degrees this morning record set back in 1974. not so in boston 31 degrees, nevertheless boston dropped down 31 that's the coldest its been here so early in the season since 199. the last sub freezing
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october 31st halloween in 1988. the coldest was 1831 on october 4th. the latest was on december 6th in 2009. so here is what we have for many low temperatures. norwood down to 17, fitchburg, 21. recovered 42 in boston, still a few upper 30s left for the afternoon we top off around 48 with just some clouds and sunshine. and my accuweather forecast a few minutes away. a quick reminder always get your forecast anytime with the cbs boston weather app and current conditions the forecast, and any weather alerts you might need, it is free in the apple and android app stores search cbs boston. a pennsylvania mother at the center of a weekend amber alert, faces a judge. tiffany is charged with taking off with her severely dehydrated 2 month old son on friday.
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>> she was found at boston children's hospital, the mom says she was just looking for the best care for her little boy, nicole jacobson is live where they just wrapped up. i can tell you, the mother, 37-year-old tiffany cherry, discreetly left court a few moments ago released on a $250 bail which her family was able to post, of course, an outcome they were very pleased with. i want to get you to some video right now, her attorney in court today made a very em passioned employee to -- plea for a mother who had her two month old's best interest in -- there were breast feeding issues and the child lost a little bit of weight after going to an urgent care and decided she would see different doctors she loaded the kids in the car and that's
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a nurse reportedly said the child was severely dehydrated and needed trauma care her attorney said in court a second opinion proved differently the child had blood work done here in boston and is doing fine this morning. we're told cherry was on the phone with her niece the entire 5 hour ride, the courtroom was packed with family support for cherry including that niece who was caring for cherry's 4-year- old child while she rushed to boston children's to get the infant care. everybody has different opinions what's right and not right in her head she believed this was the right thing. she wasn't comfortable with the treatment or the ideas she was being given by the nurse- practitioners and begin with her family being here that's why she came here to the children's hospital. we're told cherry had previously had a stillborn so she was very nervous, very
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scared about the proper care of her children so again, that is why she ended upcoming here to boston i can tell you the prosecutor initially asked for $250,000 bail. the judge dropped that to $250, and the family members were able to post that a short time ago. there are several issues with regards to getting those two children back from now dcs custody, there are a couple outstanding warrants here in the boston area that she will have to take care of before getting those children and then of course, the charge out of pennsylvania. that's the latest from rocksberry, nicole jacobs, wbz news. long time girlfriend catherine greg faces contempt
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she has already serving 8 years for harboring a fugitive. police are searching for asubject of a sexual assault case. happened inside a woman's dorm room that has students worried that the attacker could be a classmate. susie has that story. >> reporter: there is a bit of an edge of air of bu's campus, it isn't because of the freezing temperatures. pippy lived near dormitories where a female student reported by sexually assaulted in her room at 2 a.m. sunday morning. we all know reality that happens to people all the time, but the fact it happened so close to where we live, it is very i don't know scary and humbling. most fear the attacker is also a student at the dorms are difficult to get into. >> it is definitely a scary thing to hear because you don't really know what kind of person this is, are they letting kids in that are like this, you
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weed out kids that would potentially do this. police haven't made any arrests all they know now is a description, a white male medium build around 5' 9" with brown hair wearing a long sleeve shirt and a vest that's according to the female victim. village two dormitory is a very large building so most students we caught up with said they didn't see anything out of the ordinary on saturday night still a lot of young woman say they feel differently walking around campus monday morning. i guess more like safety, locking doors and not trusting, like we're one big community but you can't trust someone which is quite sad. it is a story that takes a sense of security away from students not much more than a month into the school year. on bu's campus, wbz news. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a crash between a bike and a car in austin. at the intersection of harvard avenue and cambridge before 7:00 last night the woman on the bike was taken to women's
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were horrified by what they saw. >> he rolled up on top of the car, the bike literally went off one way, she went on top of the car, it was like really, really bad. so she, you could hear her screaming, i mean, she was just, she is in pain. >> boston police tell us her injuries appear to be nonlife threatening the car did stop at the scene. new at noon, we know a mother and son were killed in a fire, investigators are trying to figure out what started this blaze. firefighters say by the time they arrived sunday, the home on montcome street was fully three people in the home were able to escape. new at noon, searching for a gunman who open fire at an annual zombie theme festival in florida. five others hurt, sent people running into the streets of fort myers, police just released a description of the shooter saying he is a white or
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teens or early 20s, motive not been named. switching gores, gore -- gears the pats getting a big win on the road where the championship where the deflate gate scandal started. tom brady threw three touch downs including this touch down, rob gronkowski, 34-27, 5 and o and here is what coach belichick and tom brady had to say after the game. have a good defense, and they played well. they definitely did some things to challenge us. you know we're going to have to adjust some things going forward thought we all could have done a better job tonight, you know, not very good on third down, you know, thought we left a lot of yards certainly some points out there, have to give the players a lot of credit they played well tonight and we have to find a way to play better we
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people step in, do a real good job for us. one low point of the night matthew slater being helped off the field the special teams aide has an apparent knee injury taken to the locker room has his right knee x-rays no comments from the pats on his injury. wbz is your home for the patriots this sunday taking on the jets in foxboro we'll kick things off, game starts at 1:00 with the fourth quarter post game show on wbz. and draft kings still up and running despite being banned in nevada. last week, nevada gaming control board ordered boston based draft kings to stop operating in the state immediately but this weekend, draft kings allowed players who continue playing. the company says it will allow it straight through tonight's monday night football game the control board said they were aware, and monitoring the situation.
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the bitter battle between two republican candidates getting even more heated. and a flight turned around because of a fight the bizarre cabin chaos that forces the pilot to take action. star wars fans excited for
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. welcome back today, hillary clinton is off the campaign trail. >> she is preparing to testify in front of a house panel on the benghazi attack later this week. the former secretary is slated to testify on thursday, many charged that the hearings are a republican witch hunt aimed at hurting clinton's presidential campaign, the chairman denies that. >> i get there is a presidential campaign going on i told my own republican and colleagues and friends shut up talking about things you don't know about unless you're on the committee you have no idea what we've done, why we've done it what new facts we have found. meanwhile a new clinton attack added spotlighting the benghazi attack.
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would like you to ask why you ignored calls for help and four americans were murdered. four americans were killed including glen dorty, said it is cruel to use her son's death for political purpose. the war of wards, trump is taking on the former president and jeb's brother, george w. bush. trump told fox news the hijackers probably would have never made it if trump was commander and chief. i'm extremely tough on people coming into this country. i believe if i were running things i doubt these people would have been in the country. i don't want jeb bush to say my brother kept us safe. this is just another example of the lack of seriousness, this is a serious
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threats again i think we need a president with a steady hand. all but one of the hijackers entered the country legally with tourist visas. my hands are still cold. really cold. you don't know what to do with the thermostat. you have the heat on, don't have the heat on kind of the weired time. kind of the roller coaster regime. and all though this was kind of wakes you up doesn't it? winter is coming. >> it did sting this weekend no question about it it looks beautiful out there chris and catherine take a look we have basically clear sky, the city looks just fantastic but we still have a chill in the air no question about that and we're going to have the temperatures going up a little bit this afternoon so it is going to be a little bit warmer than it was yesterday afternoon, we had a cold wind out there as well.
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so let's take a look and see what's going on up the summit of mount washington, winter in full force up there, several inch of snow over the weekend this is the sherman adams building on the summit, this might be the intern out there shoveling snow, strong winds and decent amount of snow up there everything is white capped on some of the higher elevations up there the presidential range. 42 in boston, look at this dew point, 15, super dry air, really dry air, northwest wind only 6, that's not too bad, as we go through the afternoon boston hour by hour, showing up another degree between now and 1:00 and maybe up to 46 between 3 and 5:00, we might just might make it up to briefly 47 and 48. then it starts dropping a little bit tonight, isn't going to drop too much tonight, a few places in the suburbs go down to the upper 30s, after we have highs 46, 48 this afternoon we'll be going down not nearly
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places in the teens as we showed you earlier. some of the clouds disappearing watch as the next bank of clouds spilling into northern new england, might see a few of those hopefully they won't thicken up so we can see the international space station at 7:12, appear in the northwest and disappear in the northeastern sky look about 44 degrees up to be able to see that. partly cloudy, milder, upper 30s, below temperatures tonight so it looks like the clouds again thickening up, later tonight, and then we'll have maybe a couple scattered showers mainly up north we'll go through changing amounts of clouds and sunshine and wednesday is going to be the mostly cloudy side with the wind coming in from the ocean, not a strong wind maybe a scattered sprinkle around on wednesday, here is going to come back here certainly we'll do that on wednesday after we have this cold spell this weekend. watch the front come down here,
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it comes down and settles and stops just enough cool air comes in right now looks like we wednesday will be cooler than we thought and the warm air will come back at us on wednesday high temperatures tomorrow will be in the low to middle 60s. that's a nice recovery. here is my seven day accuweather forecast, on wednesday, i've dropped it back a bit because it looks like the cloud cover may be more widespread, 58, the warm sector on thursday, 68 with a few afternoon scattered showers and friday clearing out in the morning and saturday looks cold up to 54 a few showers on sunday, over gilette stadium as they play the 1:00 game down there, that's it, catherine, chris. thank you, barry you were right. roller coaster temperatures out there this weekend. a fight between two southwest passengers forced the plane to turn around and make an emergency landing that flight was going from l.a. to san francisco when two passengers got into what's being called a rapidly escalating physical altercation, according to
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southwest the passengers were not traveling together once the l.a. was person was taken off the flight and questioned. the aviation administration is implementing new rules for drones the faa will now require owners to register the drones with the government so they can be tracked if the aircraft is involved in an accident. its part of the ongoing effort to address the rising number of unauthorized drone sitings near airports in public venues. just ahead this noon amazon going after customers. why the online retail giant is suing more than 1,000 people
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. welcome back, amazon is going after fake reviews. the online retailer suing more than 1,000 reviewers who they say were paid to create 5 star reviews through the site amazon's fake product reviews and suing the reviewers for breach of contract and violating federal consumer law. star wars fans are counting down the hours until monday night football. and that is because the new trailer of the movie will premier tonight during halftime. take a look at this video, this
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is previously released but gives you a taste what you can expect just after the trailer airs tonight, advance tickets sales will happen the force awakens opens december 18th there was such demand for advance tickets in england the online sites for most theater chained crashed. how about that. >> star wars fans. one "ncis" star is going from the east coast to the west coast. this is a major cross over event, michael weatherly will appear on "ncis: los angeles" tonight as special agents, the team is searching for a prisoner who escaped custody on a flight from singapore to l.a. catch all the action right here on wbz tonight make sure you scorpion. keep it here with wbz news at 11:00. straight ahead a wedding goes on. the groom gets cold feet the
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. coming up today at 5:00, a strict warning for pregnant woman about drinking the american academy of pediatrics
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goes on the record to say you shouldn't even have a drop. weighing in today at 5:00. a california family is making the best out of a pretty bad situation. a really bad situation there soon to be son-in-law called off the wedding days before the ceremony instead of having the 35,000 nonrefundable reception go to waste they invited 90 homeless people and their families, the bride's mother says it is good to take heartbreaking situation. the would be bride didn't nonrefundable honeymoon to belize. it is a bummer the whole thing happened. >> they worked it out in a way. all right, it is deceiving out there because you see all the sunshine and like oh, it is okay. it is a beautiful day out in deed but still stings when you head outside for this time of the year, recovery is coming especially tomorrow when we go to 64, how is that? >> thanks, that will do it for
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us today at noon join us at 5:00 we'll see you back here
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