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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 19, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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temperatures this morning but you can't keep us down get ready for a rebound. more normal temperatures are about to return. could even see 70 degrees. >> that goes to show this really has been a wild ride we talk about canadian air win speeds. danielle what's going on here? >> we've had almost equal days of cold and warmer days for the months of october but this was a really cold shot of air both at the surface and aloft that came in. today obviously goes down in the books as a colder than average day. we were pretty much on the mark for the months so far cooler than average but today is going to sway that even more it's 47 degrees in boston right now. we should be up around 60 for the afternoon. so, cooler than average of 4 taunton lower 40s on the cape skies mostly clear clouds coming over the border in northern vermont. these clouds will sink southward during the evening. mostly cloudy much milder though 42 degrees tomorrow morning's drive not as cold. we'll be around 42.
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into the upper 30s. sunrise coming up at 7:03. stray shower tomorrow 60s right on mark for this time of the year. southwest breeze will be a little active 10 to 20 miles per hour. styloids of clouds around. we'll time out the showers hour by hour in a couple of minutes. >> danielle thank you. at 5:30 b u students on alert after a violent assault inside a dorm room. even scarier police think this was a completely random attack. >> tonight students are concerned that the person responsible may be a classmate. jim smith is live in boston with the new developments on this. david, everybody here at b u obviously very upset about all of this. a tee mail student in what is described as a very secure dorm somehow sexually assaulted and tonight police try to track down the suspect. >> we're going to be sure to lock our door all the time. reporter: anxious times at b u a campus on edge after a female student at the high-rise
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student dorm reported being sexually assaulted in her own room by a man she didn't know of it happened after 2:00 a.m. sunday. >> it's scary. it's important to feel safe in the dorms. when we get notice for an attack obviously no one feels very safe. reporter: there's now word that b u police have received several tips and working to dorm residents tell me they think that suspect is a fellow student because it's so hard to through security. >> the security team at least since i've been here have been pretty stout. think time anyone comes in they sign in everything like that it must have been like a student which kind of weird. reporter: b u is an urban campus and assaults and robberies are not unheard of in this neighborhood. but an attack inside a dorm that has students really upset. >> so the fact it happened there was kind of crazy because that seems like one of the more secure buildings in the entire campus. like when you hear something happening in allston on a friday night it makes sense
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because everyone -- it's kind of a crazy area to be in. but the fact it happened in a dorm is kind of shocking. reporter: police do have several clause tonight including surveillance video of everybody going and out of that dorm. they are going over that video right now. but a few minutes ago i checked with campus police. no arrests just yet. but we'll stay on this story. smith wbz news. >> very unsettling thank you. a candlelight v is underway for a woman killed over the summer in chinatown. in early july she was walking when a man pushed her to the ground. a production assistant on the ghostbusters movie set saw the assault and helped police identifying do you think. tonight's memorial upheld.
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foley. isis terrorists killed foley last year. he graduated from markett and yesterday would have been his 42nd birthday. a navy vessel is searching for the lost cargo ship the el faro. it sank with 33 people onboard. the u.s. naval ship apache left virginia with special search equipment it should reach that site on wednesday. police say a rockland couple broke into a home then went on a shopping spree. we have a picture of some of the stolen cash. before noon on friday the pair burglarized the home on plane street. police tracked them down at a nearby target where they left with several bags. investigators say on top of the purchases the couple had about $3,300 hidden on them. officials with oceanographic institution say hackers may have been accessing
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the cyber attack tried to steal trade secrets from the lab's research activity but there's no evidence that any classified information was actually compromised. now the lab did shut down its network and asked all employees to reset their passwords. we have a developing story tonight israeli security forces on high alert for more attacks after a deadly shooting rampage. israel's prime minister is calling for calm. new secure posts in palestinian neighborhoods of east jerusalem after another deadly weekend. cell phone video captured the chaos as an arab israeli opened fire at a crowded bus station killing an israeli soldier. surveil age footage so people running for cover. fish say they shot and killed the attacker who had snatched the soldier's gun. other amateur video shows an angry mob kicking a man thought to be a second attacker.
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turned out to be a migrant from north africa. >> private security guard shot terrorist. reporter: security at bus stations like this one at jerusalem police are allowed to search people but it's unclear if that will prevent an tack like the one sunday. >> government does nothing to palestinians. reporter: the unrest erupted in jerusalem a month ago after speculation israel was plotting to take over the mosque. secretary of state john kerry says israel needs to be clear on who controls the hilltop site sacred to jews and muslims. >> we want to see calm restored and we want to see violence stopped. reporter: he will meet with israeli and palestinian leaders later this week. cbs news jerusalem. back in this country some drone owners will soon be flying under new rules. the federal aviation
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them to register their aircraft with the government. toys will be exempted and so will small drones but every month the faa says it gets about a hundred reports from pilots who say they have seen drones flying too close to planes and airports. gas prices in massachusetts are down again. aaa says the price has dropped 2 cents now averaging 2.09 a gallon. 17 cents less than the national average. grammy award-winning singer is about to make a big return. >> we have a first listen to the latest from adele. plus a 6-day school week and extra year before high school? we're going to introduce you to a one of a kind program giving become all-star students. the force is back. why star wars lovers will turn
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amazon is going after people who are selling fake product reviews. >> the online retailer filed a lawsuit against more than a thousand people. the people advertise their services writing fake reviews for as little as $5 each on the web site now amazon says the writers violate terms of service and are now suing for breach of contract. have you ever noticed when you read the reviews some of them seem phony. >> they are too glowing too generic. >> now know. >> the new star wars film doesn't open for another two months but already the next waiver of star wars fever maybe you feel it is taking hold. >> apparently we feel it in our audio booth. tickets go on sale tonight after the new trailer for the movie airs during monday night football. the studio just released this new poster you saw star wars episode 7 force awakens you can see hans solo and princess leia featured prominently as well as several new characters i wish i
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was into star wars as much as other people. i'm really not that into it but it would be fun. >> it would be great. it would make it easy to buy christmas gifts. >> that's right. >> well, this weekend first star wars jet liner took off. it made its debut flying from japan to vancouver. some of the film's most popular characters. i'm sure that was supposed to go with the video. but you saw it. viral video tonight of a little boy insisting he did not even dunk in a treat. >> the writing will move the pictures. check out the evidence that was clearly all over his face. >> hey jack, did you eat a cupcake? >> no. >> you didn't eat a cupcake? >> no. >> are you sure you didn't eat a cupcake j no. >> i thought you maybe had a cupcake. >> no. >> no? definitely not. >> no. >> not like in the last couple of minutes? >> no. >> no cupcake for jack. >> no. >> oh, okay.
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video on youtube saying they were giving out free blue cupcakes if honor of the new york giants not sure if my little boy managed to eat one. >> he just got the food coloring. >> seinfeld constanza would say it's not a lie if you believe it. somehow jack believes he didn't eat a cupcake. >> straight ahead eddie murphy's first stand up in nearly 30 years and his first target, bill cosby. checking in with weather watchers this afternoon a lot of reports coming in and it's some chilly temperatures on the map here. 43 degrees says greg in pittsburgh lot of sunshine though so that's a nice little feature. sent in this beautiful picture of the foliage in fitchburg on a nice country road. we'll take a look at the foliage map when we come back and time out some showers for the next couple of days hour by hour.
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parents it's a college deal for you if your son or daughter goes to northeastern you can do at the at a discount. >> they plan to launch the lifetime learning membership program this coming spring. parents and siblings of northeastern grads get a 25% break on tuition cost in any of the graduate programs. beacon academy in boston is adding a year of intense learning between 8th and 9th grade. >> students say it's tough it's demanding but they know it will change layer lives. reporter: confidence and faith
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is the reason beacon academy was found. this privately funed program chooses 20 boston students before high school the goal scholarship to an elite private school. >> i wasn't red for high school academic or emotionally. reporter: these students hit the books 6 days a week. jose went through the 14 month program last year. >> it was like -- you were always speaking raising your hands thinking hard of each individual problem and it felt really good. reporter: it's not only about academic rigor. >> it continues to be the most life. reporter: inspiring the kids also means introducing opportunities they have never experienced like skiing. rowing or trips to march is that's vineyard. >> it's that sort of exposure that's the secret sauce, that's the kind of -- those are the kinds of keys to the castle
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that gets you comfortable when you enter 9th grade with the sons an daughters of suburban kids orchids of privilege. reporter: one of the many keys these students can use to unlock a bright future. >> to my mind it's a combination of the adults raising the standard and >> being surrounded by a community of people who want to achieve the same things as you and do the same things as you it's really awesome because everybody participates and they hard warming. reporter: students are selected through a nomination proceedings and each family is responsible for a small portion of the tuition. but it pays off. beacon academy has produced 185 graduates who have earned $38 million purely in academic scholarships. if you have an eye on education story mail us at eye on education at or send me a tweet at paula evans, wbz. >> great story thank you paula. >> that next ski trip could be
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coming up before too long. >> did i read one telephone ski resorts opened this morning. >> yes sunday river. there was a line. for me just a little too early . >> adirondack chairs and coating of snow the the leaves in the background. we're at peak in a lot of northern western central new england you'll find peak colors in southern new england some of the suburbs you get into some green patches then you get a burst of peak color we're really kind of accelerating the color in southern new england because of these chilly mornings we typically have our peak at the end of october here.
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this morning we tied the record low temperature in worcester of 24 degrees. that was set back in 1974. it was a chilly start 31 degrees in boston didn't hit the record but it was certainly cold and now this afternoon we've only risen into the 40s. so it does feel more like the end of november. 47 degrees at logan airport. the dew point is in the teens. the air is extremely dry get some of that static clinic southwest breeze 14 miles per hour. that wind will actually help us out boost our temperatures back up during the day tomorrow. low 40s in worcester. 42 degrees in chatham. the skies have been clear with a beautiful looking day just on the chillier side. you zoom into the north we've got rain and snow showers coming in to northern vermont. we'll get a couple of inches in the mountains of maine this evening and tonight. the clouds will be on the increase over the next several hours. overnight they will be with us. tomorrow morning too. this is the map at 8:00 a.m. lots of clouds around gusty southwest breeze tomorrow i
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can't rule out a passing sprinkle or a brief shower the hampshire. this front comes in tuesday night into wednesday. it shifts the wind around we get the wind to come in off the ocean it will be cooler after being in the mid-60s tomorrow afternoon. again an isolated shower can't week. and thursday here comes a cold front ahead of it. southwest wind warms us up we go 65 to 70 thursday afternoon and the clouds will increase couple of evening showers that sweep through from west to east and cool us back off to end the week. tonight not actually all that bad. 40s and some upper 30s where we were in the teens this morning. high temperatures tomorrow come back up into the mid-60s. lower 60s in worcester. southwest wind little gusty tomorrow. temperatures for us will be the low to mid-60s as well. wind advisory in fact has been
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posted for 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. per hour. accuweather 7-day forecast go up and down temperature wise we had today. should be up close to 70 thursday. cooler to start the weekend you guys and paths on sunday we're always looking ahead aren't we. couple of showers possible but no big weather makers or storms. thank you danielle. >> appreciate it. eddie murphy received the nation's top prize for humor. while accepting the mark twain prize last night he couldn't help but joke about former mark twain award winner bill cosby. >> bill has one of these. did you make bill give his back? he should do one show when he talks crazy (bleep).
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some of the people who feel that i should give back my (bleep). >> he did five minutes of stands up which was huge because he hadn't done that in 28 years. pittsburg steelers will air the entire ceremony sometime next month. >> adele fans you're long wait for new music is ending. this ad ran during the x factor on british television. >> . >> the zippinger never appears on the screen just the words you see on the black backgrounds. adele won 6 grammys for her 2011 album 21. her next album expected to be titled 25. >> sounds pretty good. >> her voice sounds amaze. >> for the first three seconds i thought she was ripping off lionel ritchie. >> she wouldn't do that. >> partying on the called off
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>> how the would be bride's family turned the day of heartache into a celebration. coming up at 6:00. a crash troops a driver in his truck and a nurse runs in to help. now that driver wants to know who was the mystery woman. plus the twitter impersonator poking fun at boston traffic and why he's making city hall angry. and a marathon survivor gives back. another gift to amputee and how
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. >> this is a jilted bride making the best out of a bad situation. the groom called off the wednesday wedding a week before the big day but the $35,000 nonrefundable reception in california didn't go to waste. instead the bride's family invited about 90 homeless people and their families to dinner. the bride did not attend but she and her mom plan to go on the nonreunder able own moon to belize and in the process made a lot of other people happy. we have much more still ahead the news at 6:00 starts now. temperatures in the 40s. a chilly day today but i'm tracking a warm up when we'll be up near 70 and timeline of showers. coming to her defense. >> in her head she really believed that this was the right thing. >> why a mother drove for hours to get her son to children's hospital triggering an amber alert. >> searching for his angel.
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who helped him in a serious car crash. well welcome to the wild weather ride a week that will have us shivering sweating and baffled about how to dress. >> sounds like a crazy week. >> some of us stared off in the '20s the morning tomorrow we'll be in the 60s of danielle niles our special guest she's tracking it all. >> hey guys great to be with you tonight. yes what a frigid start. we were in the teens in a couple of spots nor woods at 17 degrees. >> logan airport dropped to 31 degrees. this is the earliest 32-degree reading since 1979 the last subfreezing temperature in october since okay 31st 19 # 8. now we've rebounded but it's still been a chilly day it's only 46 in boston after hitting a high of 48.
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45 in lawrence.
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