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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 19, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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45 in lawrence. skies have been mostly clear clouds are advancing across vermont and dive southward during the evening hours. expect a quiet evening lower to middle 40s for many of us overnight it won't be nearly as cold weep dip into the upper 30s. the clouds will increase i can't rule out a stray sprinkle early tomorrow morning. we rebounds mid-60s for high temperatures. a lot of clouds around. limited sunshine and begin gwen a brief shower i'll time those out to get us through the next couple of days. now at 6:00 is she a caring mother or a criminal? a woman charged after triggering an amber alert by driving for hours to get her little boy to children's hospital tina cherry's family
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the best medical care in the world. reporter: >> i'm setting bail s in the amount of $250. reporter: overcome with emotion tear he eyed tiffany cherry breathes a huge sigh of relief as a judge reduces her bail to $250. the 36-year-old sparked an amber alerts on saturday and faces child endangerment charges after she drove her 2 months old boy 300 miles from pennsylvania to boston to seek medical care at boston children's hospital. >> the commonwealth of pennsylvania who has issued a warrant for the defendant's arrest on two felony charges. reporter: this all began in pennsylvania when she was having breast feeding concerns. and her baby had lost weight. a nurse practitioner told tiffany her son needed serious trauma care instead of going to a hospital there she loaded up with her cars drove five hours to boston.
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said the child was in quote good standing, did not suffer any trauma but did need to be admitted for blood work. >> the child was deemed to be severely dehydrated. reporter: tiffany does have a criminal record she left the courtroom today without saying a word. >> her consequences have been paid for we would like to see her be able to get her children back move from pennsylvania to boston because that's what she wants to do come back home. reporter: both of tiffany's children are under dcs custody tiffany plus return to pennsylvania within the next 14 days and answer to her charges there. her son i'm told is resting well here at boston children's hospital and is expected to be okay. in boston paul burton wbz news. catherine greig has been charged with contempt. prosecutors say the woman who kept whitey bulger's secrets for decades is still protecting him even now. ryan cap is live at the federal courthouse with more on this. reporter: david catherine greig flew in from minnesota
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for this appearance she's already sitting this federal prison. now the government wants her to name names but so far she's refused to talk. wearing blue prison clothes in federal court. catherine greig listened to a new criminal accusation refusing to obey a young's order to spill secrets about heroin famous boyfriend whitey bulger. the couple was on the run for 16 years. the south boston gangster a fixture on the fbi's most wanted list. the search ended in 2011 at an apartment in santa monica california where they found cash guns and fake i.d.s. the following year a judge sentenced agreeing to 8 years in prison for her role in helping bulger hide from the feds. >> good to see a judge put the hammer down. reporter: now the government wants to know who else helped the fumingtive say off the radar for so long. >> many, many people realize that this constitutes a bit of overreaching at this point. reporter: her attorney calls the criminal attempt charge the
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threat of more prison time an excessive move. >> it's not a matter she has anything to hide. find out when the case goes to trial she didn't to anything wrong. >> i don't understand the mouth shut. reporter: steven davis whose sister was murdered in 1981 isn't isn't bothered the government is keeping the height on bulger's long time girlfriend. >> feelings haven't changed still makes me sick to my stomach. reporter: she will be due back in courts in november. if it makes it to trial the government stipulates it will last two days. one witness will be called. one of the men charged with helping aaron hernandez murder odin lloyd wants the charges dismissed lawyers for carlos ortiz say that prosecutors haven't shown any evidence that ortiz helped plan or carry out the murder ortiz is schedule to go on trial next june. tonight boston university
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police are chasing down several tips as they try to find the man who assaulted a students in her dorm room. this happened at the high-rise sunday morning. the victim told police a man she did not know came into her room and assaulted her. b u students are worried it happened inside a dorm. >> you can only do so much. it's not like they can have you go through a metal detector. but if you want to be completely safe that's what you need to do. >> the dorm should be the safest place for students it's scary to think that. >> police believe the subject may be another students since he was able to get past securities. >> police in rochester new hampshire investigating the apparent overdose death of a teenager found in a motel room with her mother and her mother's boyfriend 17 years old evangelical leak tammy was found unconscious at the room at rivera motel early saturday morning. her mother's boyfriend called 911 after finding the girl unresponsive. high school officials say drugs
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are a growing problem there. >> we see that in all the news everywhere you see a bigger concern than what we have seen before. we have to be constantly trying to support students in anything that's happening this is a good example of that. she was just 17 years old. grief counselors have been available to students at spaulding high. the superintendent of the maximum by schools may face criminal charges for actually breaking into a student's home. brian hyde was trying to see if that student actually lived in mash me but the police say highlights's actions can be considered breaking and entering and he's applied for criminal charge. a court magistrate will decide whether there is enough to actually charge the superintendent. david a judge has dismissed one of the lawsuits trying to block the casino. this suit was filed by 40 taxpayers who said that the n b ta broke the law when it sold lands to wynn resorts. the judge dismissed the case
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this case is separate from mayor marty walsh's lawsuit trying to stop the casino. for the first time insurance companies now selling coverage here in massachusetts just for uber and lyft drivers. usaa is selling the coverage and it's hoping more insurance companies will join in. baker has proposed a series of rules for ride sharing services which include a requirement that they carry adequate insurance. coming up on wbz news you need a good laugh we'll show you the head scratching play that handed the patriots in win over the colts and the head coach of that stream trying to explain what happened. he's looking for his angel as easton plan search for the nurse who rushed to help when a crash trapped him in his truck. a boston marathon survivor's new mission how
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. >> a frightening moments a stranger who was a nurse helped him and stat man wants to find her to say thanks. bill shields has the story. >> there was a huge sounds of metal against metal. reporter: the crash left him with two shattered differs in his neck. what's bothering lenny stat man right now more than anything is the identity of the woman who helped him. >> she opened the driver's door, and i remember her saying to me, i know what i'm doing, i'm a nurse. from me or something to that effect. are. reporter: it was at this
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intersection at southeast ton between when lenny pulled out on to town try street his truck was broadsideed by another car. today a month later he doesn't remember much. but wasn't to find the woman who crawled into the cab of his truck with gasoline leaking and arrived. >> she put her right arm around my neck and basically immobilized me so that i couldn't move in any other direction, and i believe that saved me from further injury. reporter: now it is in an instance like this someone bright end up getting sued but that is the last thing on his mind. he simply wants to give that nurse a hug. bill shields wbz news. . >> you can see how important it is to him. >> the hope is our story's out there hopefully someone will
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them reunited. >> awfully cold this morning. >> i couldn't believe it when i stepped out on to my front lawn it was crunching with every step. >> frosty absolutely you guys. we had record cold this morning at least tied the record in the city of worcester it was 24 degrees. boston did hit 31. we didn't hit the record cold 28 degrees. suburbs. it's been chilly today high temperature at logan airport 48 degrees. that's average for the end of november. okay. it was close to the record maximum temperature of 45 degrees it is it is the cold est reading since 193 days in april. 40 in chatham. skies are mostly clear our temperatures are falling quickly the next couple of
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hours but won't be nearly as cold as they were this morning international space station visible on the eastern horizon but the international space station will be flying overhead an hour from now. minutes. look to you the north and west with clear skies. hour by hour falling bi-back by a few more degrees notice what happens after midnight we bit. mid 40s as we head into the overnight period and early tomorrow morning at least a logan airport only in the upper 30s coldest suburb pockets. now to our north clouds are already increasing some rape and snow showers coming back in northern vermont mountains of maine pick up a counsel of inches over the next several hours but for us it's an increase in clouds. i can't rule out a sprinkle that could occur early tomorrow morning northern massachusetts a stray shower is possible. notice tomorrow a lot of clouds around. i think we'll see peeks of sunshine here or there
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temperatures with a southwest wind that's typically a warmer wind direction are going to come into the mid-60s for highs tomorrow. front comes in tuesday night into wednesday. it's going to shift the winds around blow in off the ocean. wednesday will be as mild and there will be a lot of clouds around with that front nearby. again an isolated shower but a lot of this week is going to be vent dry a brief shower here or there. by thursday we punch back into the mild air we go 65 to 70 ahead of the cold front. we'll bring a couple of showers increasing clouds late in the day on thursday. dropping back into the upper 30s not nearly as cold tomorrow but the kids still need fall jacket in the morning sunrise coming up at where 03 tomorrow. by the end of school be in the lower 60s with limited sunshine and most of us will top out in the low to mid-60s during the day tomorrow. >> wind advisory it's pretty gusty southwest winds tomorrow. at times.
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from the morning into the afternoon evening. accuweather 7-day forecast up and down in temperatures. mid-60s today upper 50s on wednesday. thursday upper 60s cooler end the week. mid 50s on friday and to start the weekend. no big storms next chance of a couple of showers after that doesn't come in until later on sunday. david paul back to you. >> 60s are going to feel good that patriots game didn't turn out the way we thought open several different levels. >> it was entertaining. but steve i thought that the bust fumble lay against the jets what we saw may have been worse. >> i agree with you. i'm still laughing about this. did we see the dumbest play in nfl history or what. down 6 late in the 3rd quarter the colts try this bizarre trick play on 4th down and no chance of working.
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no chance of working. the colts snap the ball anyway and the rest is history. so what in the heck was head coach chuck pagano thinking. here's his explanation after the game. breakdown. if they lined up and gave us serna linement where you know we didn't have too many men on the field everything was basically covered, then we're just going to take a delay in that situation. but again it's on me an it was a communication breakdown not on those players. >> pagano taking all the blame but not shedding much light on what contactly happened. the colts should have taken the game penalty or called time out instead they snapped it. they snapped it that changed the entire complexion of the game. all julian adleman could say after the game was thanks.
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we got the ball back great field position. we were alert our guys went to where we had to go sands shame on them. >> adleman saying what's on his mind. let's look at one of the best plays you'll ever see. jaime collins leaning over the colts center blocking the extra point attempt late in the 4th quarter. talk about athletic play. the guy ace beast. up and over block what a play. bottom line it was a sweet win against a hated rival. thanks to our friends at patriots all access we had behind the scenes footage from the patriots locker room after the game. >> congratulations, man. we've got a lot of contributions from everybody today. good team win.
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plays on offense big plays in the kicking guam. big fumble recovery fake punt blocked kick everybody contributed here. we got to turn around quick that's the bottom line got to put this behind us get some rest. we need everybody here full strength turn around pretty quick with these jets all right. playing for first place this week we need everybody ready to go. that's a dam goodwin tonight. nice job. >> he's the best. more behind the scenes foot ago check out patriots all access friday night at 7:00. we have you covered patriots game day at 11:00. postgame show. wbz l also your home for thursday night football. seattle seahawks. great stuff as always. two other notes celtics take on the nets tonight preseason newspaper jays welcome the royals to town in game 3 of the al doctors. lot going on. >> steve thank you the cbs
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>> scott pelley is joining us live from new york with a preview. ly scott. >> hey paula, david great to be with you in boston as always. our federal sources are telling us the private e-mail accounts of both the c.i.a. director and the director of home lands security have bipartisan hacked and they are launching a criminal investigation to find the perpetrator we'll have that story and the rest of the world news coming up on the cbs evening news in about 10 minutes. >> we'll be watching scott thank you. next boston's traffic division joins twitter. not really at the fake tweet that had the internet smiling
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ready to head out when others head home.
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. >> someone created a twitter account where they pretend to be from the boston transportation department. >> it looked official enough you see the department's logo and the first tweet asking
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people to say what they love about transportation boston. once you see the following tweets you know something's not right. only professional cyclists should be riding on the streets. all other people on bicycles should drive instead. another one a study is underway to eliminate all sidewalks on mass after. >> there's the morning compute your monday morning traffic report smooth sailing followed by just kidding there's going to be gridlock everywhere and you are all to blame. don't go looking for the account now it has been suspended after the mayor's office placed a phone call to twitter and said got to get rid of it. >> can't be fooling around with city forth still to come a life changing gift for an amputee how it will make one of
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. >> coming up at 10:00 a if you poll is out in the presidential
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for donald trump and one other candidate. tombstone reenactment did not go as planned the stunt turning into a real life duel that's coming up on the 10. >> david thank you. a choser look at the dangers of the west nile virus a healthy map in his 40s who's now fighting for his life and hoping his story will protect you and your family. >> this is just terrific. a marathon bombing survivor giving byback by helping other people who have lost limbs like here. >> hillary cohen received her first prosthetic leg given by the heather abbott foundation. the leg was made to allow cohen to wear high-heels. cohen had her right leg amputated two years ago because of a genetic condition. the abbott foundation helps amputees who can't afford expensive prosthetics. we first told you about this a couple of days ago she said she was so looking forward to wearing the high-heels the confidence that would bring and just a great thing. >> little things make a big difference. boy it's going to feel nice tomorrow.
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it's going to feel down right balmy. >> patriots nation. >> doing great keep wing. >> thanks for watching. >> we'll see you back here for wbz news at 11:00.
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