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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 20, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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baby bella's accused killers back in court. how a vandalism call turns vie lepts for three police officers. a wind advisory on cape cod and the islands. warm weather wind directions. temperatures in to the 60s. back in court, the two people charged in the death of bella, once again, facing a judge.
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and her boyfriend, have appeared in court on this heart breaking case. >> today's hearing was quick, lasting only five minutes. nicole jacobs is live in dorchester. >> reporter: the take away from the poseedings is that the cause of death, the actual unknown. because of that, the defense team has requested another autopsy, an independent autopsy to be performed. just over a month since the baby was identified as bella bond, the inin coapt innocent 2 year old little girl, murdered by michael mc carthy and covered up by her mother.
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clean shaven look. bond, giving not even a grans to the cameras, new evidence has been discovered in the case, it won't be released. another meater of interest, the autopsy. the defense requested an independent autopsy performed and the judge agreed. >> i felt it was important. there have been issues in the medical examiner's office. i wanted to give me a second opinion. >> reporter: for the first time we saw mc carthy's father and brother at court. they said nothing, but the biological father, was among spectators and says he will continue to appear for the sake of his daughter. >> this is all justice for bella from here on out. >> reporter: the request for this second autopsy is holding
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attorneys are trying to be as respectful and delicate as they can. the deadline for a second autopsy is november 19th, the next time both defendants will appear in court. thank you very much. also new, police in several states are looking for a massachusetts couple accused of robbing banks up and down the east coast. this is joseph and jenny carrier. joseph from quincy. they hit a bank last month. they hit banked in maryland and florida, they are driving a buick, the family members say the couple is traveling with 7 dogs. officers attacked a vandalism suspect goes on a rampage accused of throwing an officer down a flight of stairs and attempting to burn others. the man was arrested but not bf
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>> reporter: this was by all accounts, a wild attack last night on both police and neighbors. we are waiting for the arraignment of the suspect, hay facing multiple charges. >> it was crazy, it was crazy. >> reporter: that's how neighbors described the scene on concord street monday between jesus and police. acosyou crashed a driver's side window. he called police. when an officer arrived at the apartment, he was pushed down the stairs three times. the officer started spitting up blood and called for back up. >> the third time he shut the door and told the cop to stay out of his house. within minutes the police force was down here.
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>> reporter: the other officers reported being assaulted, toos one had a cigarette put out on him,, they arrested him and all three officers were threatening injuries. >> this is quiet, mostly older people. >> reporter: he is meeting with a doctor before his arraignment, that's what the caught clerk tells us is the hold up. it should be starting momentarily otherwise. thank you very much. boston based fantasy sports site draft kings is calling in a big name for advice. former attorney general martha coakley will serve as a legal consultant. draft kings has been under fire since an employee won 350,000 dollars on fan dual. in nevada draft kings was told to get a gambling license or shutdown operations. they are looking to regulate
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draft kings and fan dual. things are warming up after a cold day yesterday. a little taste of winter. >> there are clouds. unlike the last few days, it's getting warmer. >> hoping we continue on this seasonable stretch here. >> looks nice for the next 2-3 days before we have a shot of cold air. 62 degrees logan airport. 60 outside the studio. looking at the mild air coming up, coming up on southwest wind. cooler to the north, cloudy all morning, the southwest wind continues to blow. some places not much to the northwest, windiest, southeast massachusetts as you can sees that's where the national weather vis has a wind advisory up for potential gusts of 35-45 miles per hour this afternoon. it's going to be gusty down there. we have a bank of clouds, settling southward since last
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from it. a few showers to akron, boston and to the north. a chance of a shower this afternoon. how is it going to change? ly give you the forecast, see you in a few minutes. >> a suspicious fire in new bedford. authorities trying to figure out how this started. firefighters responded to the home on nelson twice last night. the first time it was for attempted arson, the flames were contained to the third floor. hours later, crews were back on the scene fighting a second fire that broke out inside the same home. there will be a community meeting following the arrest of a south bridge teacher, joseph is on bail charged with sending nude pictures to a 17 year old high school student through facebook. he pledded not guilty. law enforcement -- he pleaded not guilty. law enforcement will be on hand at the meeting to answer questions.
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a court magistrate will decide if the superintendent will face criminal charges for home. hide was trying to see if the student lived there. the chief says hide's action and entering. our eye on education now, today we are getting our first look at statewide park stores. this is the standardized thea's could replace the m cat. all grade levels of students who took part, 60% met expectations on the english portion of the exam. in math, 52% met expectations. the numbers are lower than ends cast results. education officials say it's unfair to make a direct comparison because the standards are different. the education board will vote whether to stick with m cast or switch to park or develop entirely new standardized tests. a life changing gift from
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hillary cullen became the first recipient of a prosthetic leg. hillary lost her leg due to complications. two years after the decision she got a second chance to walk in heels. >> i feel very tall. i feel good about myself and confident and really glad and grateful. >> it makes me feel good to see you are smiling so much. >> you night remember, heather abbott made headlines when she received a leg they that allowed her to walk in heels. a new poll shows the top two republican candidates neck in neck. the journal nbc numbers show donald trump with 25% support.
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ben carson and 22%. and rubio with 13%. carson and trump want protection from the secret service but won't receive it until jay johnson con assaults with five ' senior members of congress. jim web expected to drop out of the race. the sno said he is considering running as an independent. he is expected to make an announcement at 1:00 this afternoon. the brand new recommendations and what it could mean about when and how often you get a mammogram. >> a timely visit to the white house.
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breaking news, a campus alert at bridge water state university, according to a message sent to students, a female student was sexually assaulted last night on campus after agreeing the meet a man she had been communicating with through social network on line. police are investigating the report. we will keep you posted as the
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the texas teenager arrested for bringing a home made clock to school gets a special trip to the white house. >> you may remember him, he got a personal invitation from the president to attend the astronomy night. the teacher thought the clock looked like a bomb. he was arrested and suspended incident. >> i'm trying to get a message of how you shouldn't judge a person, you should judge them by the heart. >> executives rallied to his cause and president obama took to twitter to invite him to the white house last night. he got a chance to speak with the president, one on one, for a brief period. oscar pistorius is out of jail, but under house arrest. the star got out of prison last night, he served 10 months of his 5- year manslaughter sentence for the shooting death of his girlfriends reba steincamp and will serve the
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arrest. >> odom is in a los angeles hospital after being air lifted from las vegas. he was found unconscious at a nevada brothel. doctors say he has a long road ahead. on the health watch this noon, for the first time in 12 yearses the american cancer society is releasing new recommendations about breast cancer screenings, the cancer society now says women at average risk should screen at the age of 45, that's five years later than previous guidelines. women should get annual mammograms until age 55. adding to the confusion, another task force recommends screening at the age of 50. >> there is probably no one side fits all answer to the question of should i have a mammogram. women in their late 40s and 50 #-s, have a generally relatively low risk of developing breast cancer and a
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low risk of dying of breast cancer but it's not zero. we have a test mammography which is not a perfect test. women at average risk, if there is a history of breast cancer, your doctor will likely want you to start screenings sooner. it gets confusing. >> we need to get our attention to the weather now. you won't feel the change. it's gloomy. >> some places the sun is out bright. south of the mass pike. it's warming up, the warmth is getting in to boston now. there are lots of clouds. it is gloomy in places. you are right. some area, north and west, cloudy all morning and sprinkles and showers, temperatures are lower there. that's what we have. checking it out for you, take a
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lots of color moon mountain. cloudiness and sunshine up there this morning as well. close to a tiny bit past peep. vibrant in spots. seem quite late this year. 62, back down in boston. dew points 36. the air is nice and dry. southwest wind continues to blow. as we mentioned earlier, the windsiest weather, southeast mass, cape cod and the islands. going up to 64. 2:00 or 3:00, starting to settle back a little bit. in the 50s this evening. it's going to be a mild night. not a cold front going through and making it cold like we had over the weekend, and couple of nights ago, 62 boston now. 60s southeast mass, look up here, there is a chunk of chill. more cold air building, coming
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down immediately, coming down eventually, arriving first thing friday morning. a front coming down, it's not going to slam us and come through quickly. it's going to come down stall in the air , the cold air will stay in canada for the time being. a couple of showers around. see the sunshine, south of the mass pike, mixed with clouds, a few showers left over, perhaps the area north of boston, pretty much not amounting to much of anything. sun breaking out to the north. where does it set up, that's the key to our forecast. it looks like for the most part it's going to be in southern new england. as we see us go through the night and tomorrow, we are in the cloud bang, tomorrow morning, scattered showers with the front, stalled out across extreme southern new england in the band of clouds. some areas will see sun breaking through from time to time, looks like thursday, a chance of sun breaking through before the real cold front comes down with showers late thursday.
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down for tonight, in to tomorrow, stalls out, 1:00 tomorrow afternoon, stalling there, sunny in map and cooler, on the -- in maine and cooler. this is going to move back, back to the north, a shot of warm air on thursday, before the front comes down the real meaningful front comes in thursday night, late thursday, few showers, a thunderstorm, look what happens to temperatures, 70 70 thursday. the first part of the weekend will be cold. showers sunday morning, looks like the timing suggests, because it's a little bit in advance. it could be drying out and afternoon. i'm sure you heard of red and green grapes. the fresh grocer takes a look at the different varieties of fruit. >> today is a day, a late variety black seedless grapes
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these grapes are loaded with flavor, lots of sugar. seedless and delicious when you buy them, the darker the better all the way around. this time of years the late varieties, a little bit smaller, during the summertime, they are lammer, these have just as much sugar in a small grape. make sure the stem is nice and green. always store them in the refrigerator rs never on the counter. they are like number 3s its the green seedless. they are not the most popular but i like them. eat fresh and stay healthy. they are crunchy. >> i leave them on the counter. i will eat them if they are out. >> put them in the fridge. >> good to know. the preview to the new star
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wars movie breaks the internet. more on how the force was too strong with fans wanting to get
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we are getting to see the fist trailer for star wars. the trailer for the force awakens premiered during monday night football includes familiar faces and new ones. advance ticket sales opened last night as well. the huge number of star wars enthusiasts trying to snag the tickets brought down sites including fan dango. fans aren't the only ones excited. daisy posted her reaction to the trailer on he instagram page -- her instagram page. >> brought her to tears. this is hilarious. julian is also a fan he posted
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showing, a slightly altered version of the movie poster. >> belichick is like the i feel emperor from the super bowl to presidential politic, why one patriot is being mentioned by a white house hopeful. let's take a check with the weather watch, see what is going on. lower 60s in areas near and south of boston, lexington, checked in, 56 and light rain ending there. the sun is starting to come out a little bit and starting to warm up quickly with all the wind. join our weather watching team,
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jeb bush running for president and plays fantasy football. >> he is a big fan of ron -- >> he helped beat family
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