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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 20, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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reporter: and bond giving not even a glance to the cameras. prosecutors say new evidence has been discovered in the case though it will not be released. another matter of interest the autopsy as the first did not reveal the actual cause of baby bella's death. the defense requested an independent autopsy performed and the judge agreed. >> i felt it was important. there's been -- there have been issues in the medical examiner's office but i also wanted my own personal to be able to give me a second opinion. reporter: for first time we saw mccarthy's father and brother at court. they said nothing when leaving, but bella's biological father was among spectators he will continue to appear for the stake of his daughter. >> like i said, this is all out. reporter: the second autopsy request is obviously holding up the burial for baby bella. all attorneys say they are trying to be aspect full and delicate as they can. the deadline for the second
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autopsies november 19th. >> reporter: which is also the date the two defendants are back in court. dorchester nicole jacobs wbz news. also tonight a modern day bonnie and collide couple in robberies. they are accused of hitting banks in florida maryland and western mass. >> they are armed. christina hager spoke with a neighbor who cannot believe spree. reporter: joe and jenny carrier may be getting more desperate as they move along their multi-state crime spree in a stolen buick on core. on the quincy street where they lived with a relative for 3 years one neighbor wanted to remain anonymous. >> i'm shocked. reporter: she says the couple was known for having 7 to 14 dogs which suddenly disappeared
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as pictures of joe carrier began to turn up on police wanted posters. september 28th in ludlow, massachusetts, a robbery at country bank. october 12th in palm coast, florida, a wells fargo bank hilt. and last friday in aberdeen maryland hold up at bank of america. police say jenny carrier stole that car from this dealership where the manager says she worked for a couple of years until she called in sick one day in august never to be seen or heard from again. i spoke with aberdeen police sergeant will rymer on face time. clyde. i'm not going to speculate why they chose our location it's in >> reporter: joe carrier is the stick up man. ty a tip from the public helped them link all the robberies and they hope another tip will stop
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the next one. news. tonight it looks like firefighters in new bedford have an arsonist on their hands two fires that broke out hours apart at the same home. the first time crews were called to the home on nelson flames to the third floor and everyone in the triple decker made it out okay. hours later crews were right another fire. a lowell man accused of attacking police officers is under psychiatric watch. a man called police saying ocasio smashed his van. an officer tried to question him says the suspect threw him down the stairs. two other officers were also heard trying to subdue him. a cape cod man will spend a year and-a-half in jail for stealing more than 100,000 from veterans.
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he was found guilty of swindling funds from the organization and spending it on the home shopping network restaurants and a new boat. turning to weather now what a difference one day made winter yelled, back to fall today. >> yeah, this is actually pretty comfortable. give you a live look outside of the charles gorgeous live shot nice night for a run or walk. what can we expect for the rest of the week? >> meteorologist danielle niles is here. >> up and down for temperatures. but at least the sun came out temperatures up. tomorrow we're going to go back cooler than average. we make a run for 70 degrees again on thursday behind that cooler air comes back in to end the week for the start of the weekend as bell. currently 65 in boston above average feels really nice. gusty westerly wind at times and we'll be in and out of the clouds through the evening hours. around 60 degrees.
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50 overnight tonight. a lot of clouds. 40s in the coolest suburbs. tomorrow upper 50s with breaks of sunshine lower 60s where we do get breaks. there's an isolated threat for a sprinkle. we'll time those out in a couple minutes. eye on education today we're get a first look at the statewide park scores that's the controversial standardized tests that could replace the m cat. paula is here with the details, it's been a two-year experiment. the scores show they score lower on park than the m cat. >> m cast has reached the point of diminished returns. reporter: that's mitchell chester state commissioner of education. he believes it's time to replace the m cast that's been if schools for 18 years. >> m cast 1.0 if you will has
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run it course. reporter: but replace it with what? they have experimented with the more rigorous park for two years. a test designed to be taken on computers. but today they also heard a sobering fact. of about 1800 schools in the state 442 nearly a quarter don't have the technology to give the test. the cost estimate to fix that is as much as $15 million. but chester still likes park. >> park clearly has done a good job. the assessment has been developed is a forward looking a several. it's a next generation assessment. reporter: at their meeting next month the board is expected to vote to decide which test tens of thousands of students will take, and it may not come down to just m cast versus park. they are also talking about a third option now. creating a if you test that builds on the strong points of the artworks but not everyone's onboard with this kind of testing.
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calling the absurd difficult of testing what it is. it's not helping our students it's not helping our schools. reporter: so if the board votes for that third option what they are calling m cast 2.0, it will take some time before that test is developed. meantime they will decide which test the students take in the spring. >> a lot of parents will be watching. draft kings has hired the former massachusetts attorney general martha coakley as the new legal consultant. the boston based company under fire since an employee won 350 grand on the rival site fan duel. nevada has ordered draft kings to get a licensor shut down their operations there. while in massachusetts coakley successor is researching ways to regulate both draft kings and fan duel. the c.i.a. desperately lying trying to find the hacker who broke into the personal e-mail accounts of two national security officials. a high school student claims
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he's behind the attack telling cnn he's motivated about his support for palestine. the student claiming his next target is a major official at the pentagon. officials confirm the account to c.i.a. directory john brennan and jay johnson but to classified information was accessed. the woman you see here who's moved to the back seat of her car was surrounded by rising floodwater. emergency crews raced to save her. they grabbed the woman out of the van pulled her through the water to safely. the woman insists when she a little muddy. and all of a sudden she says the water rushed in and trapped her. oscar pistorius is out of jail he's on house arrest. the former track star behind bars for a year after killing his girlfriend reeva steencamp. the remainder of his sentence will be served on house arrest
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prosecutors asking pistorius to be charged with murder. we're hearing from the colt 's punter of the play ridiculed around the world. >> everyone watched that play asked themselves what in the heck were the colts doing how could that possibly happen? the punter explained what went wrong on an indianapolis radio show. he said the player who normally snaps the ball was hurt earlier in the game. last week in practice the colts added a new detail to the play that wasn't in the play book. so way len didn't know about it. tom brady told dennis callahan the pats were expecting the colts to fake. >> i don't know what they practiceed or what the play was obviously what happened. i know the result of what happened. it benefited us a lot. they were going to be aggressive we knew they were
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going to be aggressive i'm glad our guys stepped up made the play. paths and jets coming up we'll have it for you sunday starting with patriots game day kick off at 1:00 on wbz. postgame show also here on wbz as well. steve thank you. >> might have something to celebrate before then. a local high school team on the verge of making history doing something no other team in the country has ever been able to pull off. plus who should get a mammogram and when should they. guidelines aim to straighten out confusing relations. if you're afraid of flying this may not be what you want
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. breaking right now a bridgewater state student sexually assaulted by a man who she says she met on a popular social media app. >> police cannot other students to know what happened so they can be on alert. jim smith is live this bridgewater with these breaking details. reporter: david and lisa campus police here are working very hard on this case and tonight bridgewater state university is making sure that they get the word out to each
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and every student, but still unfortunately tonight this suspect is still on the loose. >> it's creepy walking on campus alone. reporter: bridgewater state is a campus on alert students on edge after word that an 18-year- old woman studying here was sexually assaulted monday night. >> i usually don't walk alone at night for that reason. i always make sure i have someone with me when i'm walking especially late at night after 10:00. reporter: police are releasing a composite sketch of a suspect described as a while male 5'10" older than typical college age with a deep voice. investigators say the victim was assaulted after she agreed to meet an unknown male in the area of the parking garage. after contacting him on the social network site kick. >> people need to be more aware you don't know exactly who you're talking to on the other end of some of these sites. reporter: a rap was reported on campus last month. in response bridgewater state had set up various educational programs including a rape pre-vehicles self-defense class
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>> i think it's scary. i mean, because i'm a commuter i am always walking here. i have late night classes. so for me like i don't always have somebody to walk with me but i always make sure i have my phone on me. reporter: back here live at bridgewater state the campus police department, as you can see they have increased patrols tonight as they investigate this crime and the university itself also says it's helping the victim helping her to get appropriate services and recover from this brutal attack. live in bridgewater jim smith wbz news. all right jim thank you. new guidelines tonight for mammograms. changing who should get them, and when. for the first time in 12 years the american cancer society has actually updated its guideline. >> this also represents a big change from the traditional school of thought. our dr. marshall takes a closer look. >> i get my mammograms every year on a yearly basis. i've been starting since age 40.
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katrina harris 50-year-old mother of three was told that's society recommended. but no longer. for the first time in 12 years they are changing their guidelines to say women average risk should begin screening at the age of 45. get annual mammograms until 55 and then get them every other year. american cancer society are falling more in line with those of the u.s. preventive services task force. a group of experts that makes recommendations about screening tests. where they still different are women ages 45 to 55. reporter: the task force suggest screening every other year starting at age 50. >> there's probably no one sissies fits all answer to the question of should i have a medical gram. reporter: a primary care physician co-wrote an accompany editorial. >> women in their late 40s early 50s have generally low risk of developing breast
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we have a test mammography not a perfect test. the best evidence suggests that mammography decreases the likelihood of dying from breast cancer by 15%. reporter: which means many women don't actually benefit from having regular mammograms. >> it would be nice if we had a screening test that dropped your risk of dying by ha half or 75%. reporter: until then she says keep talking to your doctor. >> we recognize the limitations of this test and the importance of interacting and helping patients to make this decision our support and advice. reporter: katrina says she has no plans to change her behavior. >> when i do reach 55 i will still annually receive my reporter: for the first time the american cancer society is also recommending against getting an doctor. you can find all this information on our web site cbs eric fisher is off at a long.
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so we are happy to have danielle niles with us. what do you do at a weather convention? >> you learn about all the latest greatest weather technology geek out with your weather friends. >> it's a science convention with all kind of gadgets. >> it's so much fun. >> he's missing out on an awful nice day. >> this morning was a little cool we went into the 60s. it feels nice out there. >> winter is around the corner. >> i always like to remind you of that. from sugar loaf mountain this was tweeted out a couple of hours ago they are ready for winter. look at the mother fates dusting of snow they had yelled. grab this shot pretty scene and of course combined with the foliage in northern new england as well. it's mt. washington is 34 degrees but look at that 66 in boston 66 providence. we're in the lower 60s from plymouth to new bedford. vineyards sitting at 61. so most communities are running 15 to 20 degrees warmer than we were at this time yesterday. look at cleveland pittsburgh,
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indianapolis, cincinnati lower 70s here. so this mild air is going to make a comeback after a cooler day tomorrow. now you may have noticed the winds out there gusty 22 miles per hour in boston. it's now subsided just a little bit on the cape. we had some gust is up around 30, 40 miles per hour even a few isolated gusts higher than that. it's active out there the winds out of the west southwest but it will continue to subside through the evening hours. variable amounts of clouds you get the sunshine that pokes through the clouds fill back in and there have been a couple of sprinkles at least earlier today. now we're mostly dry we're waiting on a cold front that's right along the canadian border right now. this front is going to dive southward overnight tonight. there's not a ton of moisture with it so just like today we may get a sprinkle or two. but what is going to happen tomorrow is the wind's going to shift around so it blows in off the ocean. the we'll be in the 50s. on the other side of this front we'll be in the 60s back through connecticut the interior of massachusetts. a lot of clouds around for wednesday too, and then by
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thursday morning you notice rain showers in northern new england. we may get a passing rain shower. but we punch into the mild air with gusty southwest wind we go 65 to 70 on thursday afternoon. a few communities may come into the low 70s. and then thursday evening here comes that front passing shower possible. generally after the evening commute and it's behind that front the next chilly airmass moves in. we'll have a beautiful looking day on friday but high temperatures won't climb out of the middle 50s for most of us. overnight tonight it's actually going to be fairly mild. 53 in boss on. a lot of clouds around 40s some of the cooler suburbs. gentlemanly 43 one of the coolest spots. high temperatures tomorrow don't get out of the 50s somewhere like boston rockport, bedford 59 tomorrow. but notice when you get away from that ocean wind coming in off the water we should manage 60s from worcester to norwood and taunton. close to 70 in roof ins look at these highs on thursday. 71 degrees in boston. that is going to feel fantastic. we'll be a little bit breezy
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gusts to 40 miles per hour possible thursday afternoon. friday we turn it back down. mid 50s but a lot of sunshine starting the weekend with sunshine then we get some clouds that move in late on satisfaction. sunday scattered showers right around 60 then cooler back into the 50s for the start of next week. >> i think we should keep the patriots score up there too. that should be part of the 7- day. >> i like that idea. >> thanks danielle. if you are afraid to fly you may want to close your fears this one. a quantus plane was landing at sidney airport when this happened. it looks like the plane is struck by lightning as it turns out a close call. the plane was ace safe distance from the lightning bolt which was actually back in the distance behind the plane. too close. >> just land. still to come it is a terrifying case of road rage, one driver pulls out a hatchet. the manny targeted. what set that driver off. >> and they haven't lost in over 2500 days.
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now a local high school sports team is one win away from making history. we have a live report coming up next. . coming up at 6:00, she had breast cancer. >> i was at a routine mammogram. >> he has it too. >> kind of felt a little bit of a lump. >> a husband and wife sharing their struggle and warning
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>> one single win away watertown high school closing in on a national record. >> the raiders have won 153 games in a row if they win tomorrow night they make history. liam martin is live in watertown where we know there's a lot of hometown pride. reporter: there certainly is as well there should be. this streak is truly remarkable. they have gone 2403 days without losing a game that is 6 and-a-half years to give you a little reference and 153 games as you said if they win tomorrow they break the 154 games. they won the state championship this. how. this is not professional sports where you can keep the same want. every year there's a new crop of people coming in. and they just keep on winning despite that. i put this question to the coach and to the captains how do you do it?
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hungry for every practice hungry for every game, being humble and everyone's got to hustle. if you're not on then someone else is going to be right there to replace you. >> we work our hardest. >> you were like 11.5 or so when the streak started. >> it's very surreal. it's weird to think tomorrow could bring everything together. every single girl who's played in this program before like the them too. reporter: i imagine this place is going to be packed tomorrow for the game. you can see the these there cohesion, focus on effort, team there. that coach by the way eileen for 30 years. a little bit of history, in the 1970s this team had a streak as well was more than a hundred games they lost to melrose. melrose broke the streak who do melrose. this place will be packed. we will make sure tomorrow that
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david and lisa, remarkable remarkable coach program and the girls here are unbelievable. >> wish them the best of luck great story. they have to bring aimee ebb of that team in the 70s to say don't do what we did. >> chloe kardashian breaking her silence. >> new information about the former nba star's condition. a summer cook out changed him forever. how you can help a local man's battle to recover from west nile. costume youth ins overload one little girl created out fit taking over the internet. that's amazing. it's amazing. that's amazing! real people are discovering surprising things at chevy. we're sold. it's so pretty. beautiful.
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