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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 20, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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good breaking news at 5:30 a judge just upheld 0 lab labrie felony conviction. a former prep school student will have to register as a sex offender. in august a jury found him guilty of using a computer to lure a 13-year-old girl to have sex. bridgewater state university on alert an 1-year- old student claiming a man who looks like this assaulted her on campus last night. the two had been communicating through a social media app called kick. >> there will be a second autopsy on the remains of bella bond defense attorneys asked for and got permission for this independent autopsy. they are representing the little girl's mother and bella's mother 's boyfriend.
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the little girl's death. first autopsy could not determine how she died. >> a wild case of road rage. this man right here arrested accused of threatening another driver with a hatchet. the victim tells wbz the man was driving erratically on route 118. >> but he says he has no clue what set the guy off. bill shields has the story. reporter: you know obviously this could have ended really badly it's bad enough as it is, but this all started about 7:00 this morning on route 118. there was some tailgating going on and then the suspect managed to at this intersection pull in front of his intended victim. that's when the hatchet came out. >> the victim stated he was driving north and a blue jeep was driving behind him. reporter: 34-year-old brian art was so consumed with road rage he forced the other driver to a stop then he pulled out a
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>> he approached the driver's window of the vehicle the driver of the first car put his window up locked the doors. he was threatened by the first individual with the hatchet. reporter: it was 7:00 a.m. on route 118. the car in front of brian art was going too slow. it snow balled the there and the victim called 911 after art forced him to a stop. >> i have a jeep behind me driving extremely aggressive i let him pass me. when we stopped at the stop sign he came after me with a hatchet. reporter: police say brian art never struck the driver or the car with the hatchet but still. >> i spoke to the victim who wrote a written statement he stated he felt threatened as soon as the operator exited his vehicle holding a hatchet. the individual kept screaming and flailing the hatchet in the air. reporter: the victim of the attack says it was a jury he moment. >> what didn't go through my
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mind. i was literally just flabbergasted u. would literally hear about this stuff happening youty this doesn't happen in my town this doesn't happen to me. it was like -- i didn't know what to do at first. i picked up my phone. i'm going to put my window up and call 911. reporter: don fisher says he doesn't know what precipitated he wasn't going particularly slow on the road. when the other driver pulled up right on him he sped up and he doesn't know what happened from there. as for the hatchet. police still haven't found it. bill shields wbz news. >> bill thank you. the westport man charged with driving drunk killing a grandmother will stay in jail. prosecutors say friday night robert hanson was driving 85 miles an hour on 195 with an open bottle of tequila in his suv when he slammed into geraldine correia's car. she died at the hospital. a berry woman is behind
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for the 9th time. investigators say sunday sunday fight deborah adams mixed herself a drink and drove to the store. her blood alcohol level was nearly 3 times the legal limit. new details about a gun that were discovered in a pits field middle school. the da saying the weapon found in a locker was actually fully loaded good news no one was hurt. the student who brought to that gun to school is facing charges. prosecutors charged 23- year-old joseph zuniga to use facebook messenger to send nude photos of himself to a 17-year- old at the school. he did meade not guilty. they are answering parents questions tonight about that case. new violence in the in middle east. a palestinian man stabbed an israeli soldier in the west bank. israeli security forces shot and killed that man. isis militants are using social media to support palestinian attacks.
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also developing tonight church leader in missouri are stepping up security. in the past 12 days arson efforts have hit 6 churches in st. louis. all those fires started right at the front door. nobody was inside at the time there is growing tern that if these fires continue someone will get hurt. tonight khloe kardashian is breaking her silence about her estranged husband lamar odom who over dozed last week. she thanks her family friends stand and hospital staff writing without the outpouring of love and endless prayers and string i was given from my loved ones it would have been difficult to endure. odom was discovered unconscious at a nevada brothel. he has since been transferred from a las vegas hospital to cedars-sinai in los angeles. we is set to be improving there are several reports out there tonight his kidneys are failing and he may indeed need a transplant. tonight an i-team
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students safe in off campus housing. reporter: every single year thousands of student move out of dorms and into off campus apartments they often finds themselves in old buildings in over crowded units. several years ago a boston university student named bin lynn lee was killed when her apartment went up if flames. you will hear from her heartbroken mother for the first time. and the i-team found out what's really changed since this promising student lost her life in a building that didn't have proper exits. >> in certain cases where landlords are completely taking advantage of a supply, demand opportunity in a way that's against the law or flaunting the law we have to push back. >> there are proposals on the table to make student housing safer. we'll have details on those and also hear from students about rentals are like today. >> you hope there is some changes after that horrible fire.
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brighton area. >> important story thank you laura. campaign 2016 right now tonight there is one less democrat in the race as jim web is out. but not completely. his announcement comes as the vice-president joe biden takes some shots at the party frontrunner hillary clinton. >> vice-president joe biden is not officially running for president but you might not know it. after he spent tuesday morning testing himself as a world right handyman. >> we got two great secretary of state, but when i go they know i am speaking for the president. reporter: biden also drew distinctions between himself and hillary clinton. he took a swipe at her comments from last week's debate that enemy. republican friends. i don't think my chief enemy is the republican party. reporter: presidential
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while dropping out of the democratic race. now he's considering running as an independent. >> americans are disgusted by all this talk of republicans and democrats calling each other the enemy instead of reaching out across the table and actually finding ways to work together. reporter: webb's exit may be a good opening for biden to slip into the contest. but a new wall street journal poll offers littling encouragement as he decides what to do. just 30% of democratic primary voters said they would like to see biden run with 38% saying he should not. cbs news the white house. from handcuffs to the white house. >> why the texas clock kid says his arrest changed his life for the better. >> plus beer drinkers duped. how you can get fade for a misleading label on one brew. the force is strong with star wars fans and how the patriot are getting in on the checking in with weather watch
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temperatures running in the 60s. i've noticed general theme from weather watchers today. 63 degrees says frank in foxboro. very light sprinkle but nice day overall and i've seen a lot of comments like that. jennifer 63 degrees. great fall day. it's going to be cooler tomorrow then we're warming things back up i'll have the details in your forecast next. ready to head out when others head home. at eversource, we prepare for ugly weather all year long. upgrading technology, managing vegetation, improving how we get information to you, because we know you're counting on us. we're ready for winter, and we want to make sure you're ready, too. visit to learn more and sign up for storm updates.
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. b z feed 13 million views in less than 24 hours. >> maybe you viewed it too. the long awaited official full trailer of the new star wars film is a huge hit. tickets to the december film went on sale immediately after the trailer aired during monday
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demand was so high that state like fan dang 0 actually crashed. the patriots are having a little fun with the star wars frenzy maybe you saw this. julian adleman put this picture up on his facebook page calling it star paths. gronkowski is chewbacca. >> i'm trying to look closely everyone who's on there. >> belichick -- >> you have to have malcolm butler on there. i like they do fun things like that. it's kind of cool. a woman just pranked her patriots loving groom with a very special wedding cake. >> the bride is a huge giants fan but poke a little fun at deflate gate. tom brady wearing a white dress high-heels. the groom had a good sense of had you important and apparently dug right in. >> do you know what i say? get rid of her. >> your cake would not look like that. >> i know it's early only been a couple of hours but it's not working out. >> she might be a really great fan.
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>> have trouble decide lag you should dress up like. >> a 3-year-old california girl may give you some inspiration every day this month willow lee is showing off a new look everything from the orange is the new black's read to inspector gadget. will-'s best friend cooper has gotten in on the future. will-'s mom is a photographer thousands of people are following her own instagram. of course i'm kidding about the divorce right. everyone knows i'm kidding. straight ahead fighting west nile from a wheelchair. this local man's message and
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for the girl scout meeting... ok! for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! stop & shop just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
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. a healthy man in his 40s is
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and his message could save your life. his battle all start with a mosquito bite. >> now he's partially paralyzed battling west nile virus. ken macleod cloud has his story. >> didn't have the strength to move. reporter: from the confines of a wheelchair for his wobblely legs stiff torso and feeble arms. mark nae nae nard talks about the partial paralysis. >> we've been bitten by mosquitoes all of our lifts. reporter: he thinks it happened during an august cook out at his moms place in jersey. >> i say a week later i started feeling achy, he was sent home after his first visit to the er a but was back to stay when he couldn't stand 24 hours later and was soon confirmed as massachusetts first west nile victim of the summer. for the vast majority of healthy people west nile virus amounts to nothing more than a nasty cold. for mark it triggered a neuro nightmare two months in opts
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and rehab centers. a bit are you of tests haven't shed much light on why the virus tortured his spinal cord. >> that really kind of hurt me when i realized i wasn't, i'm getting worse not better. reporter: co-workers and clients have started a gofundme campaign to help cover mounting medical bills for the 41-year- old printer and photographer. >> it's clear i got a lot of support at least something to get started with anyway. that makes me feel real good. reporter: he hopes folks will take mosquito precautions more seriously than he did using repellant and covering exposed skin after dark. >> i don't know what i'll do when i see a mosquito next time. reporter: the road to walking might span two years. >> i've kind of grasped the idea. reporter: walking again is mark's primary goal and he says there's no room for self pity with the help of his wife he grinds away at rehab just getting back to 80% he says would be a huge win.
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in the satellite center ken macleod wbz news. >> ken thank you such a scary thing hopefully we're close to getting rid of the mosquitoes. >> when we get a hard frost they should die out. >> yesterday morning we were this 10 in in the 10s and 20s. we'll be up around 70 by the time we get to thursday. we're all looking forward to it. a mainly dry stretch ahead. there are a couple of showers and sprinkles around today that will be the case as we head into the day tomorrow and later on thursday, but no major weather makers here. 70 breast possible on thursday in fact i think some communities will come into the lower 70s. so well above average. mild and breezy and then turning colder to end the week. leaf drop is starting up north. we've lost a lot of leaves and it has been delayed obviously north of new england typically tends to peak at the end of september. so it's been delayed by a couple of wicks and there's
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snow like you saw last half hour some of the peaks of northern new england natural snow is out. not thinking about that right now. temperatures 65 in boston a lot very comfortable. the dew point is running in the upper 30s at logan airport. wind out of the west sustained at 14 miles per hour gusting at times over 20. the wind was quite active through the day today and will gradually subside as we head throughout the evening hours. temperatures you notice hour by hour gradually cruising back through the lower '60s. 50s by 10:00 p.m. a lot of clouds around into the other night period but not that cold. the clouds tend to act like a blanket keep our temperatures up just a little bit. most of us will only drop back around 50 as we head throughout the overnight tonight. other than that had a couple of stray sprinkles there's a front over northern new england in the canadian border. there's clouds not a ton of moisture with it but that front will sag southward as we head into overnight tonight. so i can't rule out the chance
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border in southern new hampshire maybe new hampshire seacoast essex county after midnight tonight. it would be brief in passing. few sprinkles in western massachusetts tomorrow morning but just like today a lot of clouds around but we will get breaks of sunshine that come out. biggest difference tomorrow will be the onshore winds. that will keep the coastline cooler. map thursday morning a lot of clouds around but we will get breaks of sunshine that's when we go up around 70 degrees thursday afternoon. late in the day some showers, generally widely scattered maybe isolated as we head into thursday afternoon and evening that's the leading edge of the cooler air that comes in thursday night and into friday. so that was the hour by hour for the next couple of days not a whole lot of shower ago at this time. overnight tonight 50s, 40s in suburbs. kids need that fall jacket. sweatshirt the long sleeves sunrise coming up at 7:04 tomorrow morning we'll be around 50 degrees. could be worse. 58 breaks the sunshine by the end of school.
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high temperatures tomorrow will be coolest at the coast 56 in boston upper 50s bedford nashua. when you get away from the ocean influence i'd side of 60 with varying amounts of clouds and sunshine tomorrow mid-60s in taunton. thursday we bump it back up to 70. the wind on thursday going to be a little active. gusts between 0 and 40 miles per hour. friday sunshine beautiful day but only in the mid 50s. we have been looking pretty good. saturday is the pic right now. sunday will be a couple of showers around not a washout but we'll be dodging a too raindrops. >> thank you. >> this just in less than 24 hours after he met the president a texas boy arrested for bringing a homemade clock middle east. the washington post reports ahmed mohamed and his family will go to cutter. the 14-year-old took president obama up on his invitation to visit the white house for astronomy night. >> the teenager says he has no regrets.
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>> i'm glad that this happened to me because i get to spread my word out to the people and tell them that it's not religious but it's by your heart do judge a person by your heart. >> happened left the school after the clock incident received several offers to attend different schools all over the world. if you drink beck's beer you can get cash because of. a judge approved a 20 million- dollar settlement over misleading packaging. anheuser-busch bought the company a fire years ago the beer is made in st. louis. customers sued saying the packaging makes it look like the beer is still brewed in germany and they were unfairly charged higher import prices. so this seems like the best thing not only do you get to money. >> and it's made in the u.s. one neglected animal. >> what it took to nurse her bank to health. coming up at 6:00 a
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husband and wife who both battle breast cancer hers was caught early his wasn't. the message they want every man to hear and what they want to change in the fight against this disease. do you recognize anyone in this picture? the man on a mission to find those kids from this vintage sports illustrated cover taken
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. >> a horse fearly served to
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we told but that back in april. the 30-year-old had been surrendered to then's farm after the record breaking winter we had. she has gained more than 300 pounds which means she's healthy and happy. already new forever owners will be picking her up tomorrow they will have a beautiful horse. the news at 6:00 starts right now. . >> a campus alert a shrink student attacked by a man she met on an app. >> bonnie and clyde 2015. the couple from quincy tied to bank robberies up and down the east coast. >> up and down in terms of our temperature turning cooler tomorrow. when we make another run at # 0 and how long the warm air will stick around. and she knew what to look for. >> i've been getting yearly mammograms since i'm 40. >> he didn't. >> i wasn't concerned about it at all but then it hung around. >> husband and wife both
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and their message to save lives. first at 6:00 we have developing story tonight a college student sexually assaulted near a campus parking garage and that student met the man through a social networking app. >> bridgewater state university is sending out a campus alert and they are searching for that attacker. jim smith is live in bridgewater tonight. reporter: campus police here at bridgewater state university working very hard on this case, and the university itself also working to get the message out to each and every student. but unfortunately tonight this suspect is still on the loose. >> it's creepy walking on campus alone at night. reporter: bridgewater state campus on alert students on edge after word that an 18-year- old woman studying here was sexually assaulted monday night. >> i'm actually not surprised because there's been a lot of
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incidents happening on campus.
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