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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 20, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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incidents happening on campus. i just feel like students should be more aware about social media. reporter: police are releasing a composite sketch of a suspect described as a male 5'10" older than typical college age with a deep voice. the victim was assaulted after she agreed to meet an unknown male in the area of the parking garage after contacting him on the social network site kick. >> the world we have with the crime everything going on it seems like it's becoming the to hear. >> reporter: a rape reported on campus last month. in response bridgewater state had set up various educational programs including a rape prevention self-defense class which starts this week. >> i usually don't walk alone at night for that reason. i make sure i have someone with me when i'm walking especially late at night after like 10:00 good i try to just get from point a to point b quickly. that's all i can do for myself. reporter: tonight bridgewater campus police have disputed
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increased patrols as they try and solve this case. the university has also reached out to the victim trying to get her appropriate services to help had he ever begin the recovery process from this brutal attack. live on the campus of bridgewater state university jim smith wbz news. jim thank you. breaking news tonight a judge has decided they will not set aside the guilty verdict against a prep school student who's charged with rape. olin was found not guilty of a charge he raped a class maim he was convicted on a charge he used a computer to lure a minor that's a felony charge which will require him to register as a sex offender. he will be sentenced next week. teens as 20s yesterday morning 40s and 50s when woke up today. some of us could see s # 0s before the week is out.
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70-degree mark by thursday. tomorrow we turn cooler than normal after being in the 60s. after reaching 70 we go back down below average into the 50s to end the week and start of the weekend. not bad feels nice especially compared to the chilly air yesterday most of us running 10 to 20 degrees above where we were this time 24 hours ago. 65 in boston right now. 59 worcester lower 60s nashua cape cod upper 50s. lot of clouds today. couple of sprinkles this morning but radarscopes are quiet they should stay that way for the next 24 hours. variable clouds 60 call it on average. sunset happened # minutes ago at 5:55. getting earlier until we turn those clocks back. 50 overnight. mainly cloudy. mid 40s in the coldest suburbs. not that cold maybe a sprinkle or two in northern massachusetts and upper 50s for highs tomorrow. a lot of clouds around again but similar today. we'll get breaks of sunshine and just an isolated shower or two.
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we'll time out that threat hour by hour in a counsel of minutes. thank you danielle. there is new evidence tonight in the murder of bella bond. prosecutors won't say what that evidence is but they revealed that information today as the little girl's mother and the mother's boyfriend returned to court. thomas mccar think looked a lot different his car was cut cleaner neater clothing. rachelle bond used her hair to hide her face from the cameras. bond's attorney says she is struggling with everything that's happened. >> i see her at least once once a week at least half of that time she just talked with her head down at the table an cried. >> at this point the defense and prosecution have agreed to a second autopsy. the first one did not determine how beladied. prosecutors say that mccarthy killed that little girl and that bond helped to dispose of the body and helped to cover up the crime. david tonight a husband and wife from quincy are wanted.
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banks up and down the east coast and they may be traveling joseph and jane carrier are being linked to at least 3 robberies in massachusetts, maryland and florida. kristina haeger has the story. reporter: joe and jenny carrier leaving a trail of wanted posters in the wake of their stolen getaway car a dark- colored buick on core. >> modern day bonnie ad clyde. they are very transient. i'm not going to speculate as to why they chose our location it is in close proximity to interstate 95. reporter: sergeant will rymer from maryland where he says joe carrier implied he had a gun as he glanded cash from a frightened bank teller but it all started in massachusetts. september 28th in ludlow a robbery at country bank. then october 12th in palm coast, florida. a wells fargo bank hit. and last friday aberdeen
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maryland a hold up at bank of america. police say jenny carrier stole that car from this dealership where the manager says she worked for a couple of years until she called in sick one day in august never to be seen or heard from again. back on the quincy street where they lived with a relative for 3 years one neighbor wanted to remain anonymous. >> i don't know they just did nothing. reporter: they did have a lot of pet dogs she says, 7 or more. which police say may be along for the ride whether they like it or not. if that's the case, it seems these outlaws might have a difficult time not standing out. in quincy, christina hager wbz news. >> tonight cape cod man, i going to jail for stealing money that was supposed to help disabled veterans. richard trott helped to run the hyannis chapter of disabled american veterans incorporated
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trot stole more than a hundred thousand dollars according to prosecutors. he transferred money from the charity to his own accounts and to a fake charity in his name. they say some of the money went to buying a new boat. he's going to spend 18 months in jail. mging m is cutting back on its plan for casino in springfield. a few weeks ago mgm scrapped plans for a 25 story tower it's reducing the project by 14%. head of mgm says most of the cuts are behind the scenes facility that is the public would never see. but springfield's mayor is furious that he wasn't told. for the first time we're getting a look at how massachusetts students are doing. taking the park test. it could replace the m cast. they have taken it for two years at a meeting of the board of elementary and secondary education today, they reported that students tended to get lower scores on park, but education officials say that's because the test is more rigorous than the m cast.
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>> park clearly has done a good job the assessment that is been developed is a forward looking a several, it's a next generation assessment. >> so the board will vote next month whether to replace the m cast with the park test or whether to develop a new test that builds on the strength of the other two. that vote is scheduled for november 17th. coming up on wbz news a husband and wife with a powerful message. >> they both have fought breast cancer and his wasn't caught early enough. what they want every man and woman to know as they watch. plus what were they thinking, the punter explains what the colts were trying to do with this trick play against the patriots and how it all went so horribly wrong. >> i thought they were trying to make us laugh. sports illustrated cover taken 25 years ago at fenway the man who's been able to get autographs from tom brady tiger woods and other big greats but
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. >> she battled and beaten breast cancer now her husband has it too. tonight a husband and wife sharing their struggle and hoping to save lives. breast cancer is not something most men worry about but mike and kara want to change a that. >> screening caught kara's cancer very early but mike's cancer was not caught early. >> kind of felt a little bit of a lump just above the nipple on the left side of my chest. reporter: mike says he had just finish jogging when he realized something was wrong something he never imagined breast cancer. >> it moved to stage 4, which means the cap sir has me takes take sized to other organs in the body. reporter: mike like most men had no idea he could get breast cancer. estimated 2300 men are diagnosed with each year and 450 men die from the disease. >> i'm going to die from the cancer so i know that.
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but there's no time frame for it. reporter: his wife kara is a breast cancer survivor together they are battling this disease across. >> i want men to know that they are susceptible to breast cancer it is not just a woman's disease. reporter: they took their fight to the statehouse and were able to get the third week in october designated as male breast cancer awareness week. >> the machine enhave to know it can happen pay attention, try and catch it early. reporter: mike has been receiving treatment at the dana farber cancer institute for the past few years. in honor of wrest cancer awareness week it's important for men to be familiar with family history know your own body and do self collection. >> i want people to get ahead of where i was when he found out. >> we deal with this together, and we would much rather laugh
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it comes and we fight every day. reporter: in boston paul burton wbz news. just today the american cancer society updated itsmm gram screening guidelines for women they now say women at average risk can wait until the mammograms. at the age of 55 women can cut back to every other year. of course you have to talk to anything. >> i bet that someone just watching that husband and wife from home tonight there will be a man out there who never thought twice to check before who will check find something and will be saved. good best of luck. let's talk to danielle about the weather. it turned out to be pretty good pretty cloudy in the beginning. >> still cloudy danielle but it's hopeful to hear # oz later this week. >> 70s absolutely on thursday. once the sun broke out it did take a little bit of time but we managed to come into the '60s. the high in boston is 65 degrees.
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the nation on the whole is pretty warm too. these are the high temperatures. 70s and 80s across a lot of the central united states. we'll be talking an above average day by thursday. high in boston was 65 currently we're 65 degrees with a gusty west wind. 59 in worcester 57 in clean upper 50s cat am and lower 60s in lawrence right now. the wind has been quite gusty all day but just over the last couple of hours it's really started to subside. we had gust is up chose to 40 miles per hour earlier numerous gusts over 20 miles per hour pretty much as strong as it will be the wind will continue to subside through the evening hours. radar scopes are quietment there are clouds around. at times they went out at times the sun poked through. there are additional showers back across new york state. there's a front positioned over northern new england this front tonight. while i can't rule out a stray shower particularly in western and northern massachusetts a
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that move in overnight tonight. tomorrow morning isolated shower otherwise our wednesday are generally dry with a lot of clouds but a cool onshore wind. the coastline tomorrow that wind coming in off the water will keep us in the 50s for highs. 60s across the interior. as we head into the day on thursday we jump up into the warm sector here. thursday afternoon we get some breaks of sunshine that come out it will be breezy on thursday. you're going to notice the wind gusting at times 30 to 40 miles per hour but that southwest wind drives in the mild air. we come into the 70s on thursday afternoon for some of us. late in the day with that front couple of showers, not a big deal. they will be brief and passing generally after the evening drive. and behind it that's when the next chilly airmass comes in. high temperatures on friday will struggle to get out of the lower to middle 50s. so our up and down rise in temperatures continues. cold. the clouds move in that acts like a blanket.
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low temperatures around 50 in boston. mid 40s in the coldest suburbs. high temperatures don't get out of the 50s. boston bedford lawrence upper 50s. same in man charges they are around 60. south shore back to the cape. little milder away from the ocean influence. 60s from taunton providence worcester tomorrow. look at this for thursday up around 70 degrees. it's going to feel nice. lot of clouds around breaks with sunshine and friday it's a beautiful looking day but chilly. mid 50s to end the week as when go up and down the next couple of days. saturday starting with sunshine for our weekend ending with some late clouds. sunday will feature the threat for scattered showers not a washout we turn cooler again as we head into the start of next week. >> report. danielle thank you so much. let's still talk some patriots. >> let's do that because right now the only game in town, i guess we have the bruins steve. we don't want to talk about that. >> that patriots game was so good. >> it was.
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the jets who come to town on surgeon but we're not done with the colts yet their pa this particular attempt at she canary on sunday night. you probably never have seen a more bone headed play than the botched fake punt. open an indianapolis radio show colts punter pat macafee explains why it all went wrong. >> the gunner who became the center all week was clayton gathers. he gets injured in the 2nd quarter. insert give way lab who had never done it before. so give w is a center in a play he never practiced before. last week when he griffis at the other end. he's catching punts. we added something to try to draw them offsides if they don't do their substitution.
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so he has no idea we're going try to draw the guy off sides. colt and something i trying to draw a guy offsides to pick up an easy five yards if not we take the delay of game. his hands aren't supposed to be on my (bleep). i'm supposed to snap it. so this is a 100% miscommunication. >> that did difference between indy and here you would never ever hear a patriot player explain that. still crazy. now we're on to the jets who are 4-1 just a game behind the pats. first place in the afc east is on the line when the two teams go at it on sunday. it will be our first look at dorell reavis joined the jets after winning the super bowl with the bats paths. he had another interception making it 3 picks for the season. >> he's a good teammate and we'll be ready to had a lot of reps against him last year.
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we're excited to play against him. >> be sure to catch patriots all access friday night at 7:00. behind the scene stuff you cannot see anywhere else. we'll have it all for you on sunday starting with patriots game day at 11:00. kick off at 1:00 wbz followed by the fifth quarter postgame show also on b z a as when. blue jays right now kc is leading by a score of 5 to 2. guys back to you. >> there's a reason for the patriot way. you just heard it right there. steve burton thank you. the cbs evening news is coming up next at 6:30. >> scott pelley joins us live from new york with a preview. >> david, paula great to be with you in boston. among the stories in the broadcast tonight by denver u.s. clinton. the vice-president sure sounded like a candidate today as' e tired a shot across the bow of the democratic frontrunner and revised a little bit of his own history. we'll have that and the rest of
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for you on the cbs evening news in about 10 minutes. >> a in look to the n b ta but
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the the n b ta water your help designing its new subway cars. the t has ordinaryed new green orange and red line cars and it wants to give them a new look. so it's put up three designs for each caron line. over the next two weeks users can pick their favorite. you can vote by going to our web site what will matter most to riders is what's inside the n b ta says the cars will have more comfortable seating better lighting and improved heating in february. the first new cars by the way arrive in 2017. >> you know what a good look would be on time. that's the best look there is. new at 6:00 if you got an autograph at fenway park in august of 1990 this is a man in
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new jersey who wants to speak with you. his name is scott smith and he's an autograph collector he's got almost every issue of sports illustrated autographed by whoever is on the cover. but he's trying to find the kids on the cover of this issue to complete his collection which includes more than 19,000 covers dating back to 195 #. >> from muhammad ali hikeal jordan appearing on 50 covers each every u.s. president that's been on the cover swimsuit models. you know anyone you can imagine from mantle to williams to namath. >> we'll show you the cover again are you on it? if so scott smith wants to hear from you. contact us we'll tell you how to reach him and then he'll ask you to autograph his cover. >> as you look at it those two boys on the right are definitely brothers or cousins good luck. >> i bet anything one of their names is sully. >> s.
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>> his college career lasted seconds. >> he is an incredible had an incredible contact.
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. tonight at 11:00 push to keep college students safe off campus. the i-team investigates the dangerous living conditions across our area and how it cost one student her life. for the first time her heartbroken mother is speaking out that's tonight at 11:00. >> 20 years ago today a young hockey player made his debut at boston university's walter brown arena. >> it was a hard check into the boards that ended travis roy's career as a player 11 seconds in. in the two decades since roy has channeled that accident into a career helping others. he's paralyzed from the neck down and he's now an activist to help others with spinal cord injuries. the mayor has declared this to
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be travis roy day in boston to honor his service. >> just an incredible person. >> gets you choked up. >> thanks daniel. >> we'll see you again tonight at 11:00. ership isn't given. it's earned. realized. accomplished. fulfilled. won. leadership isn't given.
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