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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 20, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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live from the channel 4 in boston. wbz starts now. >> a doctor facing charges accused of taking a photo of a woman inside a bathroom stall. >> the doctor is an associate doctor, kate meryl is live in worcester tonight. >> reporter: lisa, he's off the job tonight. police have his phone. they are searching it now for clues of the crime. >> in the early 1700s. >> doctor marcus cooper is a worcester cardiologist. here he is talk about his research on facts. >> if you go from the nucleus >> this professor is facing serious charges from a 26-year- old med student. >> the cardiologist is accused
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of takeing cell phone pick which are of a female student in the bathroom stall on campus september first. she caught him and he took off. >> that's really bad. that's 26, that's really unprofessional. >> the school tells us when they found out, charges were filed and he was placed on leave. >> we went to his home where neighbors say he live ws his wife and twin boys >> the woman inside told us to leave and threatened to call the police. >> ma'am, is he home. >> now, police have his home as they try to find any evidence that may or may not be on it. >> he should not be doing what he's doing. she should lose his job. >> he was in court today for a hearing. he will be back in court on sunday. we'll learn much more about the case against him which i am
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we have breaking news with congress ryan will run in place of john boehner. >> congressman ryan says he does not want to face a battle to the city. >> he will only run if he has endorsement from all of of the major republican group. ryan says he wants to unite the house respect and that he will gladly serve, but there is one thing he's not willing to do. up my family time. >> i may not be on the road as often as previous makers but i pledge to make up for it. >> he has until friday to express his support for his
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new at 11:00, a be loved brookline teacher is getting his job back. he cursed in front of a school. the superintendent says mr. chen is back on november second. he released a statement tonight that he's excited to get back to work with his awesome students. an investigation is under way after a wasp was found in a boy's bathroom at curse is middle school. police don't believe the symbol meant for any specific students. they're meeting with groups of students to discuss the seriousness of hate speech. >> a camper gets tossed around. one man's love of nascar may have saved him and his wife. jim armstrong is live with their story tonight, jim. >> reporter: david, that couple is headed up to new hampshire late this morning to get this camper winterized. as soon as they pulled on 495,
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>> looked like it was slow motion. >> the tires bearing down and was moving very much a full speed. a tractor trailer lost the tire on 495 north and it was bouncing back at carroll and his wife towing their camper. >> all of a sudden, i had him and i see the tire coming right straight for me and i am trying to make a decision what i want to do. >> carroll and his family take their camper to nascar races. i pay attention and i watch what happens when these guys have tires flying in and things are coming towards us. they never panic or turn the wrong way. they keep a steady pass. >> it knocks it over and stop. everything in the camper is shaken and destroyed but carroll and his wife is unharmed.
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>> reporter: carroll told me he suspects the camper is going to be totaled and tonight he and his wife were already discussing whether or not they feel lucky enough to get another one. jim armstrong, wbz news. police searching a man sexually assaulted a student at bridgewater state university. the victim told police she met the man through the social network app. >> it is definitely crazy and scary and definitely not going to be walking alone by myself. >> that reaction tonight from several female students strolling the dark bridgewater state campus as they die gested the news on campus. >> an 18-year-old woman was sexually assaulted last night
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with a man she's been chatting on kick. >> there is a lot of apps right now but it is not a bad thing. >> i feel like she should not have met him alone. >> this is the predator who lured the victim into a track pounding on her near a campus garage. he's described as a 5' 10" white guy with a deep voice and older than a college kid that he was pretending to be on campus. >> no one should be walking alone as night. >> we saw many coeds following that advice tonight and not all. the yupts has rewarned students about an anonymous hook up reminding a lesson she learned from mom. >> my mom would always taught me don't talk to strangers but now i know you cannot trust anyone online. >> reporter: the unit yuns is
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beginning tomorrow of five consecutive class, wbz news. now, the murder of bell la bond. defensive attorney wants a second audiotapety done. bella's mother, and the boyfriend is both in court today. the mccartney killed the little girl and bond helped him to dispose the body and cover up the crime. prosecutors have new evidence of the case but did not reveal the details yet. post graduate will have to register as a sex o offender for the rest of his life. he's using a computer to learn under age girls. he's found guilty of not guilty. he will be sentenced next week. he was driving erratically on route 118 booipd another car
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the victim told police, forced him to stop and got out of his car and started swing swinging a what chynoweth. hatchet >> i was flabbergasted. and you think oh, this does not happen to me. >> ip diplomat know what i didn't know what to do at first. >> brian arch is facing assault charges. joe and jennie carroll wanted in three bank holdups the past three weeks starting maryland. the couple traveling in abu wick suv believed to be stolen where jennie work until she called in sick in august and never to be seen again. we are hearing from a mother whose daughter is killed from the apartment.
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tonight and how she's working to keep others safe. >> plus, the confusion mammogram tests and we'll work out who should get the test and why. when. >> 60s today but 70s and 80s is not too far away. iwill let you know when the mild air will move in and when will it stick around. for the girl scout meeting... ok! for the soccer team...
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perfect. this is not what i would expect from a chevy at all. get more than you expect for less than you imagined. the 2015 models are going fast. find your tag and get cash back for 15% of the msrp on select 2015 vehicles in stock. or, get 0% financing for 72 months on these remaining 2015 chevy vehicles. breaking news right now from new york city, a police officer shot and wounded in a gunfight in east har lam. that officer is rushed to the hospital. his condition is not known but dozens of officers are lining the hallway at the hospital, holding each other. we'll bring you the latest on wbz tomorrow morning starting at 4:30 a.m.. how valuable is mammograms. tonight for the first time the american cancer society is changing its guideline spelling out who should get mammograms
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and when. we take a closer look. i get mammograms every year on a yearly basis. i have been starting since the age of 40. >> katrina harris is 50 years old and mother of three was told that was what recommended. >> they're changing their guidelines saying women should begin annual check ups at the age of 45 and then get them every other year. >> it is falling in line with those of the u.s. preventive service task force. >> screening tests, women aging from 45 to 55. >> the task force suggesting to screen every other year starting at age 50. >> which guidelines should women follow. >> doctor nancy keitting is as primary care physician at the
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women's hospital. >> women in their late 40s and early 50s have a generally relative lilo risk ly low risk of diagnose with breast cancer. the mes evidence suggesting that mog phi-- >> many women don't benefit from having regular mammograms. >> but, until then doctor your doctor. >> we recognize the importance of this test and the importance of interacting and helping patients to make this decision with our support and advice. >> katrina says she has no plan to change her behavior. >> when i reach age 55, i would annually rereceive my mammograms. >> wbz news. >> treating breast cancer is
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our number of the night. >> roughly 200,000 women will be diagnosed with the disease in the u.s. this year >> for a closer look of our guidelines go to our website on let's talk about the weather now, i was at the hardware store today, you have the regular rakes for leaves and snow, we don't know what to expect at this point. >> either one of those can double. >> we need something. >> absolutely, just grab a couple as you are headed to the hardware store. >> beautiful foilage. >> hopes that is new hampshire loves it with the american flag courtesy of steve and andy with a great shot there. a lot more leaves falling here. it accelerated over the last week. the peek colors were delayed by a couple of weeks with warmer temperatures. 59, speaking of warm, it is
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dew points in the lower 40s. winds is from the southwest and 6 miles per hour. much calmer than it was this afternoon. temperatures are in the 50s for most of us radioith now. it is 60 in taunting. it is mild and keep in mind the average high temperature is right around 60s. we'll cool back for the next several hours. the coldest suburb wills dip in the mid to upper 40s tonight. >> there is a couple of green ballot ons blitz on the radar. it will be isolated this evening and tonight. tomorrow, there are some changes on the way. watch what happens, tlas cold front south ward over night tonight and it will be right over during the day tomorrow. it is the battle between cooler air coming out of canada and west. >> we get clouds and tomorrow. i do think just like today, we'll get peeks of sunshine that managed to come out.
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southern vermont a couple of showers and some isolated showers may sneak into northern massachusetts tomorrow. thursday, we start with clouds in the morning and no issues for your morning commute. the sun breaks out and we go 68 afternoon. now, it will be windy, gusting up to 40 miles per hour at times and late in the day towards the evening, a couple of stray shower, we can use some rainfall. behind it high pressure builds in. as we head into the end of the week and start of the weekend. is nice. 7:04, temperatures around 58 degrees. 58 by the end of school and breaks of sunshine will boost us in the low 60s. let's take you into a little tour around here. boston. >> we hit a high of 66 today. about 10 degrees cooler on average tomorrow.
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most of us either side of 60s and notice the cloud cover though. we'll be in place tomorrow. we'll get some peeks of sunshine here. look at this. how does that look for thursday. 70 degrees and a lot of us around 70s. bright sunshine and a beautiful day on friday. only 54 degrees. saturday starting with some sunshine and some late day clouds moving in and by sunday, we'll get a brief showers. it will be just that and may come through during the past game and it will be quick as it come by. >> david. >> all right, danielle, thank you. a boston university is killed during a fire. city officials are admitting there are still gaps in the laws meant to keep college students safe. >> for the first time that student's mother is speenging out speaking out and the i-team has her emotional story. >> do you want to see it?
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>> showing off pictures of their child. >> weeks before that ceremony, her apartment went up in flames. he was living on the top floor in a room that did not have a proper exit. >> binlin could not escape the fire. she died in 2013. and so did apart of her mother. >> this is quang's first interview. >> i am upset and i don't want to see people >> she does not want other parents to experience the same thing she did. >> you can see the house here at linden street has been rebuilt. the exit is now up to code. >> that's just one building. >> the i-team wanted to know what's been done to make sure all off campus housing is safe. >> i don't have the sense that all that much in the way of
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lessons have been learned. >> albert sarah is as boston civil-- >> charges the landlord is fungiing. still, civil suit is the family only recourse. >> district attorney dan conley says cases involve involving hold housing and crowded conditions don't meet the threshold for man slaughter. >> he supports the build to meet a criminal negligence statue. >> the rule in boston is only four under grads in boston. >> no, i really don't. i know a lot of people in the boston area who has eight people in the house >> over crowding. >> starting with four and then it became five or six. >> mike rosa, no more than four.
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>> he's working on a ticket and fine system to change that. >> today in order to assess that on someone, you have to take them to court and it is very, rummer some. >> rummer some. >> she chair she cherishes the memory of her daughter. >> from the i-team, wbznews. z news. still ahead tonight, the battle for first place. the jets may have given the patriots a little bit of trouble and finally the colts.
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sincerely jose gomez
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back with a life live picture right now. lit up in red tonight in honoring of travis roy. the mayor declared this a travis roy's day. his career as a player ended . since then rory has spent his life helping others with spinal injuries. no, they are usually tight, hard fought games and it could be the same this weekend, let's hope it is not. >> jets, they're coming to town. they are led by the rookie head coach. >> the game on sunday is first
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place in the afc. >> now, new york is 4-1 to start the season and they're getting plenty of controversy. fitzpatrick, he's leading the offense. he's playing well. >> the unit that's giving up the fewest point in the national football league. >> >> they like to get the ball to the go to guys. they pound the ball and run the ball and take a shot of it. you got to be ready for everything. >> they got a bunch of great athletes, too and they are well coached and play hard against us and we know that. we'll be ready to match the intensity, come sunday. >> oh, they'll be ready all right. >> check out wbz, we have you cover from start to finish beginning on sunday beginning with patriots' game day and post-game show.
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meanwhile, we finally having a decent explanation for the colts on sunday night. >> the gunner who became the center all week was clayton gethers, he gets injured in the second quarter and way grif whalanhas never done it before. grif never got the heads up that this is happening because it is not in play book. >> grif had no idea that we are drawing guys outside. >> so colts, anderson is trying to draw the guys off the side and pick up the five yards. grif does, his hands are not supposed to be on mine. [ bleep ], i am supposed to
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>> this is 100% miscommunication. >> oh, we figured it out. >> look there, you have the baseball playoff. casey jumping all over the victory. up at the second, more long ball, this time is alex rios. an inning and two-thirds. the royals going onto win big. 14-2. taking a series leagu to chicago. game three. top of the six, two outs and a runner on third for michael. who strikes out. cespedes scoring for the third and safe. itwas all downhill from there, the cubs.
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>> that's sports for now, we'll
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u. so what do you like better? polka dots or strikes? >> riders say they got other thing s on their mind than color schemes when it comes to our transit system.
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says he likes the polka dot color scheme best. he want to see now winter's team nightmare. >> i hope we vet get a week go by without a major shut down. >> some of the riders we spoke to appreciated being asked with the paint job more than others. all agreed on one thing, pretty trains are not high on their priority list. >> i think it is worth less. >> i mean don't sugar code it. >> i can careless of the color, if you can get me from point a and point b, that's what matters to me. >> i think the train can be purple and i would be fine as long as it it works right >> purple, laugh laugh >> thank you, john, we'll be right back.
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