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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  October 21, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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clearly you don't know what i'm talking about. top stories are coming up. >> the news at 5:00 starts right now. >> breaking right now at 5:00, a police officer shot and york city. the loss. plus how police were able to take the suspect into custody. >> a local doctor and professor facing charges, accused of taking pictures of a med student inside of a bathroom. >> a student assaulted in a parking garage on a local campus. the role social media played in that attack. >> and a possible change in leadership on capitol hill. paul ryan's saying he'll run for speaker of the house but has some conditions. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e-mail: good morning to you. it's 5:00. i'm chris mckinnon. >> i'm kathryn hauser. thank you for being with us on this wednesday, october 21st. it feels mild out.
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i don't know how to dress because certain days you need the jacket, certain days you don't. >> right? >> and you won't need it by tomorrow. >> okay. >> crazy, yes. we have an uptick in the temperatures for today but especially for tomorrow with the 70s tomorrow. for today, we have 50s for you. later today it feels 57 degrees. worcester waking up to april degrees and a lot of 50s on the cape and islands as well. this wave of rain will continue to push eastward. a couple of showers on the cape and south shore at this time because of that wave but more of those sprinkles are expected later this afternoon. overskies, 58 degrees. by the time you hit the drive home, warmer temperatures on
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the way tomorrow, 70s and also more rain. then we cool things off by the end of that seven-day. traffic and weather together now. robi? >> it's early but we're already hearing about two accidents both south of boston right now. we're not hearing about any lane closures or delays just yet. the other accident is on the expressway on the northbound side in quincy. reportedly an overturned car street. we're already seeing a backup to furnace brook parkway. chris, kathryn some. >> thank you very much. a new york police officer killed in the line of duty shot in the head while pursuing a suspect. that suspect was then taken to the hospital. >> bree is here with details from an nypd news conference, which took place overnight. >> good morning. 33-year-old randolph holder is the fourth police officer killed in new york within the
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last year. it all started over a bike stolen at gunpoint near a pedestrian footbridge in neighborhood. officer holder polices the city's public housing developments in the area. holder confronted the suspects in a bike theft and shots were fired. a bullet hit officer holder in the head. he had five years of experience and brother and father in guyana who once served as police officers. his fellow officers in new york are asking the public for support. >> we ask you tonight when you all go home and the people out in our neighborhood, before you lay your head down, please say a prayer. say a prayer that that family can get through this terrible emptiness they'll always have. >> other officers did catch up to a suspect several blocks away. that man is at the hospital being treated for a gunshot wound to the head. we'll keep you updated if they release any information about
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chris and kathryn, back to you. a doctor facing charges accused of taking a picture of a woman inside of a bathroom stall. >> this happened at umass medical school where that doctor is an assistant professor. nicole jacobs is live in worcester this morning. this is a very disturbing case. >> it is, chris. it happened on september 1st in an on-campus rest room. we've learned the woman on the other end of this confronted the doctor. that's when he took off. >> in the early '70s -- >> reporter: in the video, the doctor seems to be in his element. umass school. he is accused of an odd crime, old female student. the woman says she was in a bathroom stall.
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she tells police she caught the doctor in the act and he ran off. according to the medical school, dr. cooper is now on paid leave. >> i think he should lose his job and shouldn't be doing what he's doing. >> reporter: police have seized his cell phone as the investigation continues. dr. cooper is expected to be back in court in december. nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. it's 5:05 right now. now to a developing story. police in westford looking for a missing woman from maine spotted in their town. they say sarah meade was reported missing from brunswick, maine and traveling with her 5-year-old son. officers don't think she has any ties to it but her blue volvo was seen and anyone who police. police search for the man who sexually assaulted a student at bridgewater state university. susie steimle is live in bridgewater with reaction from students. good morning, susie.
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>> reporter: good morning, chris. as you know, this is the second sexual assault reported on this campus in as many months. we know that another female student reported being raped inside of her dorm room about a month ago today. this one was different. it was reported monday night. the female student says that she used a social media app called kick to meet a stranger in a parking garage. that's where she says she was attacked. she was able to give police a pretty good description. that's where this composite comes from. she says it was a 5' 10'' white male older looking than college age with a very deep voice. so police are hoping that people will take a good look at that composite and get to them if you see anyone who looks familiar or similar to that drawing. this incident has students on campus worried about using any apps like this to connect with strangers. >> people need to be aware that
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talking to on the other end of some of these sites. >> there's a lot of apps of people doing that now. i don't do it. >> i feel like maybe she shouldn't have met him alone if she's never met him in person. >> reporter: what might be a timely coincidence, the police have a self-defense class already on campus and they are meant to protect women against sexual assaults. we're live in bridgewater, morning. hillary clinton has sanders. this is according to new poll numbers released this morning. the wbur poll finds clinton president joe biden. that's 9%. that's if he decides to run. this poll was conducted and
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clinton and last month's numbers. wisconsin congressman paul ryan says he will run for house speaker after all. there is a catch. he says he will run if he has the endorsement of all of the republican groups including the freedom caucus which drove out boehner and scared mccarthy out of the race. ryan says he wants to unite the house but there's one thing he's not going to do. >> i cannot and will not give up my family time. i may not be on the road as often as previous speakers, but i pledge to try and make up for it with more time communicating our vision, our message. >> the 45-year-old gave his colleagues until friday to express their support. massachusetts attorney general maura healey will not crack down on fantasy sports sites like draftkings because right now there is no state law specifically banning the games. healy says she will continue to review the industry and
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consumer protection issues like fair play and disclosure of risk. a frightening case of road rage in rehoboth. one driver threatening another with a hatchet. brian dighton faced a judge yesterday. he was driving erratically behind a car he thought was going too slowly. the victim sowed the suspect forced him to stop and got out of his car and began swinging a hatchet. >> i was literally flabbergasted. you think this doesn't happen in my town or doesn't happen to me. i didn't know what to do at first. i just picked up my phone. i was like, i will put my bin doe up and call -- window up and call 911. >> police haven't found the hatchet but the man is facing assault charges. a couple says a love of
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peter and his wife were towing their camper down the load way when a -- roadway when a tire came at them. >> i watch what happens when these guys have a tire coming at them and things coming towards them. they never panic. then never turn the wrong way. they kind of keep the steady path through it to see what happens. >> that flying tire slammed into the camper knocking it over and dragging the suv to a stop. carroll and his wife were unhurt. a popular brookline teacher getting his job back. larry chen was fired after swearing in front of a couple of students after school, but students and parents fought to reinstate him, and it worked. mr. chen will be back in the classroom on the 2nd. it is 5:10 right now. coming up, a major shift in breast cancer prevention. >> the new guidelines and the big change for younger women.
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>> it's a battle for first place, and the jets could give the patriots some trouble. steve burton explains in your morning sports. pamela? >> it is a pretty mild start to the day. you'll want that fall jacket as you head out this morning. 50 degrees, a few sprinkles and overcast skies. after school, it gets a little more mild. 58 degrees for the high temperature but still nice and cloudy. more warmth on the way coming up in your seven-day forecast.
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welcome back. your iphone can now help you get around boston and let you know if your train is delayed. >> apple rolled out its new transit feature yesterday morning for ios9 users. the app allows you to see train and bus routes as well as amtrak and ferry information. it also lets users see how long the train is delayed, which will likely come in handy once winter hits. >> handy in general, right, knowing what you are in for, mentally preparing for the day ahead. we need a check of your forecast. it doesn't feel bad out there, pamela. i feel the temperatures are on the rebound here. >> yes, we are. a little bit of a warming trend today and tomorrow.
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you can because the winter countdown is here. 11 days until daylight saving time is here where we fall back. 38 days until the average first snowfall, at least measurable snow. we've already seen snowflakes. over the weekend we saw a little bit of that. 61 days until winter officially begins. it will feel like almost springtime the next couple of days with temperatures rebounding to right around 70 degrees for tomorrow. today we're in the 50s and today we're dealing with a few sprinkles on doppler radar as well as a couple of showers. any shower activity will be primarily this afternoon in your hour by hour forecast. overskies all day long thanks to a stalled out front right over us through 3:00 p.m., 4:30 p.m., we'll keep the rain chance in there. you'll still have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the mild temperatures. overnight tonight, still another cloudy one for us. not much rain but then the showers move in again. cold front sweeps through thursday afternoon, giving us a
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but also the chance for cooler temperatures by the end of this week going into the next weekend. right now, 57 degrees in boston and a calm, calm condition right now. 41 degrees for the dew point temp. anything showing up on radar will be tough to get it to hit the ground with a few sprinkles still. 49 degrees nashua. we're running warmer in all locations compared to this time yesterday. 8 degrees warmer in boston. 13 degrees warmer in worcester. we'll keep temps in the 50s, though, actually falling to 54 degrees in our hour by hour forecast. for the rest of this afternoon, jumping up to 57 for the afternoon high. lower 60s farther to the southeast. 52 degrees in boston with the suburbs easily dipping in the mid and upper 40s. for the weekend forecast, saturday 54. sunday 59. you can see it will be a cooler
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one for us and by sunday, a chance for rain once again. here's the seven-day to break it all down. 70s for tomorrow, breezy, light rain chance. saturday 54 and lots of sunshine. for the first half of the weekend, sunday 59 degrees and a chance for a couple of showers here and there for the patriots' home game. traffic and weather together, robi. it's a quarter past 5:00 and we already have two rollovers out there. that doesn't seem weather related, right? >> a few sprinkles so no. >> two accidents involving overturned vehicles. one crash is on the expressway northbound. down at quincy at adams street the roll joveer is blocking the the split. and the other in in wrentham just after route 1a. that is in the median so we're yet. chris, kathryn?
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on its plan for a casino in plain field. it's reducing the overall size of the project by 14%. the head of m gm says most of the cuts are in behind the scenes facilities that the public would never see and that the changes are to appease local and state historical springfield's mayor is furious that he wasn't told about it. we're getting our first look at how massachusetts students are doing on the park tests. the board of elementary and secondary education met yesterday and reported that students tended to get lower scores on park as opposed to the mcas exam, but education officials say that's because the park test is more rigorous. the board will vote next month on whether to replace the mcas with the park test or develop a new test that builds on the strength of both exams. a big change in breast cancer prevention. the american cancer society updating its mammogram
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the cancer society says women at average risk can wait until 45 to get annual mammograms. at the age of 55, they can cut back to every other year. over to sports now, the pats gearing up to take on a division rival. >> good morning, everyone, the jets come to town on sunday but they are not rex ryan's jets anymore. so far, the coach has the team playing well. the game on sunday is for first new york is 4-1 to start the season and getting plenty of contributions on both sides of the ball. ryan fitzpatrick plays well. reavis has given up the fewest points in the national football league. >> they like to get the ball to the go-to guys. they pound the ball, run the ball, you know, tank a shot or whatever. you have to be prepared and ready for everything. >> they have a bunch of great athletes, too. they are well coached.
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they play hard dependence us and they know that. we'll be ready to match the intensity come sunday. >> yes, they will be ready for a preview with the pats and jets. check out all access on wbz. we have you covered from is it a are the to finish at 11:30. it's immediately followed by the fifth quarter post game show. we're also your home for thursday night football and the niners host the seahawks. i'm steve burton. guys, back to you. >> looking to make it 6-0. >> yeah. let's do it. jon keller questions whether or not the question is finally ready for a knee mail president. >> later at 5:30, they haven't lost in almost 2500 days. now a local high school team is just one win away from making
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welcome back. both democrats and republicans have a female candidate running pore president in 2016. >> jon keller looks at if society is ready for a woman to lead the country. >> reporter: good morning. there's an interesting article in today's globe by barbara lee about women in politics about why we've never had a female president. some of her conclusions make a lot of sense and some don't.
5:23 am
lee writes that women enjoy a so-called virtue advantage that voters see them almost automatically as all honest, but if an ethical question comes up, they are quick to knock them off." that's true. as does her claim that credibility is a double standard. things are changing. notice how carlly fiorina rose in the polls after she scorched donald trump for his crude remarks about her appearance? we may still have our share of sexists and racists, but don't forget that our president's skin color didn't stop him from being elected twice. when lee points to martha coakley's 2010 campaign blunder where she called curt schilling a yankee as an example of an
5:24 am
the fact that the clueless but minor slip was part of a broader pattern of coakley's seeming aloof and disconnect from local culture. no question about it, the deck is still too often stacked against women in politics especially in supposedly progressive massachusetts, put we're getting there. anyone who claims a woman can't win the presidency next year doesn't know what they are talking about. share your opinion on this at keller on via twitter@keller at large. jim webb out of the democratic race for president? that doesn't mean his presidential bid is over. webb says he'll spend the coming weeks of exploring the possibility of running as an independent. he says many of the issues that he cares about are not in line with the democratic party. still ahead, new details
5:25 am
in the murder of painy bella. >> plus, why officials are moving forward with a second autopsy of the little girl. >> a umass doctor in trouble with the law now? what police say he was doing inside of a women's rest room. >> one local high school team is on the verge of doing something no other team in the country has been able to pull off. pamela? >> overskies and mild temperatures. 50s all afternoon with a couple of sprinkles. more showers on the way for tomorrow but also more warmth. i'll have all of the numbers in
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breaking right now at 5:30. a police officer shot and killed in a gun fight in new york city. plus how police were able to take the suspect into custody. >> and a symbol of hate and the message for student . >> on the verge of history. why a game today for one high
5:27 am
typical. good morning. great to have you with us. i'm kathryn hauser. >> i'm chris mckinnon. it's wednesday, october 21st. all. >> no, not at paul. >> a few clouds out there and a couple of sprinkles, too, but temperatures running cooler. a couple of 40s from fitch to orange. worcester 57 and waking up to 57 degrees for our friends in falmouth as well. a couple of showers showing up mainly in southeastern massachusetts here and all along the south coast and all of the showers are burning to the east towards wareham,
5:28 am
carver, et cetera. you can see more showers move into the picture from west to east. most of the day will be temperatures mild in the upper 50s and lower 60s. 70s on the way tomorrow and also more rain. i'll have the hour by hour timing of that and we'll cool off to highs in the 50s in the seven-day. pamela, i was hearing about another accident, the third of the morning south of boston. the latest crash is in bridgewater 24 southbound at route 106. two lanes are blocked. then we had that rollover crash with the car in the median. another flipped over car in the expressway northbound at quincy and adams street light. chris, kathryn? >> busy morning for you, robi. breaking news out of new
5:29 am
york city. a police officer killed in the line of duty overnight. a bullet hit holder in the head. the man they exchanged rounds with was suspected of stealing a bike. his name is not being released but the suspect is being treated in the hospital for a gunshot wound to the head. charged with taking photos of a female med student in a bathroom stall. cardiologist dr. matthew cooper took off, she says after she caught him taking her picture with a cell phone. he's due back in court in december. after the murder of baby bella, prosecutors say they have new evidence in the case but have not revealed the
5:30 am
bella's mother and her boyfriend mccarthy were in court. >> at least once a week and half of that time she just sobs with her head down on the table and just cries. >> the judge also ruled there will be a second autopsy. a new hampshire prep school graduate will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of-lies. owe inla brie's conviction was upheld for using a computer to lure an underage girl for a sexual encounter. an investigation in sudbury after a swastika was found in a school bathroom. police don't believe the hateful cymbal was meant for a -- symbol was meant for a specific student. the ntsb says the captain
5:31 am
of the el faro intended to pass 68 miles away from hurricane joaquin but its last reported position put it 20 miles from the storm's eye while it was taking on water. a retired captain says the rule of thumb is to stay 300 miles from the storm's center. two sailors were mass maritime grads with local ties. the watertown high school field hockey team will try to make history tonight, but a familiar foe is standing in their way. bree is back to explain. good morning, bree. >> reporter: good morning. the field hockey team has not lost a game in 6 1/2 years, 153 games. tonight, the raiders want to break the record and claim their own. the coach donahue is in her 30th year. she says there's no anxiety about tonight's game because she and her team are focused on today's moment.
5:32 am
feel a certain sense of responsibility. >> every, single girl who's played in the past six years, we're representing them, too. it's not just our team but everybody who's played in the streak before. >> reporter: tonight you can expect the big crowd, too. the foe we mentioned is watertown high school. melrose broke watertown's really long streak in the 1970s. chris, i've come up with a solution for you, the melrose hometown guy. just say, go, raiders. >> there you go. good luck to both teams. >> good solution. win-win for the raidersp. for those of white house watched it live and those who have seen it countless on ray legend. >> can you believe it happened 40 years ago, game six, fisk hits the ball off cincinnati down the left field line and the famous shot of this jumping
5:33 am
up and down waving his arm as the ball hits the pole right above the monster. sox win 7-6 and force a game seven. >> stay fair, stay fair! that's awesome. straight ahead, a lego shortage. >> why it may be hard to find the popular toy during the holiday season. >> plus, a new hershey kiss that's twice as big and the extra ingredient it will have in it. >> the weather watcher report this morning, lots of folks up and at 'em. 57 degrees in atle roe according to layer -- attleboro according to larry. almost like summer this morning or is that wishful thinking? happy wednesday. although, tomorrow with highs in the0s, we'll feel -- highs in the 70s, we'll feel fantastic. we'll go through all of the
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who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year. right to rise usa
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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth
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jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. welcome back. a popular toy may be missing from store shelves around christmas. >> good morning, hannah. amazon plans to hire 100,000 santa's helpers, a 25% jump from last year. the online retailer says it will be hiring holiday workers cross the country.
5:37 am
they will add more than 60,000 workers for the season. lego factories are hitting a brick wall when it comes to meeting holiday demand. the largest toy-maker says some kids may not get their hands on legos this holiday season. the danish factories are running at fall suppose chocolate lovers, rejoice. her shy's is bringing you holidays. the company announced it's sharing a new hershey's kiss deluxe. it will be double the standard size and be flecked with krispies. >> that sounds so good. >> maybe if there is a shortage, i can sell some of my old legos from when i was a kid and make money off of it. >> reporter: do you have cool ones some. >> yeah, i think i have the "star wars" ones which may be huge.
5:38 am
those. >> that's rouge. coming up we've got a check of your traffic and weather together. >> plus, the day's top stories including breaking news from new york city. a police officer shot and killed there. the latest on the investigation. >> plus, a student assaulted at a local campus in a parking garage. the search this morning to find the suspect. >> if you ride the mbta, you know they have a lot of priorities, right? what do you think they should be? how about choosing the colors of the train. that's right, that's what they want your help with.
5:39 am
a horse nearly starved to death has been nursed back to health and is ready to go home. >> the 30-year-old was surrendered after a record breaking winter. since then, flora has gained 300 pounds and has become healthy and happy. her now forever owners pick her up today. >> just to see her coat change so much. >> what a horse. good for her. >> yeah. we need to get a check of your forecast on this wednesday. pamela's in for danielle. so far so good todayp. >> yeah. there will be at least one more
5:40 am
red box on there this week. >> yes. we've been tracking below normal temperatures for the entire month of october. so far, we're running just a touch under total for the month of october. 1.1 degrees below normal. as we get to tomorrow, average high is 60 this time of year. today is a judge below it. live -- just a touch below it. the cape, all along buzzards bay and even back to the west here, dighton to taunton, some heavier pockets of showers right around dighton, although no rain is continue fog fall. eventually lifting to the north, giving us the warmer air
5:41 am
for the rest of today, 9:30 this morning, most of the spotty showers around the mass pike and notice the few little showers in the cloud coverage will lift to the north here. that's part of the warm front. for your day tomorrow, we'll warm up a time feeling great and then the cold front sweeps through later thursday evening of rain. it will get much cooler. 57 degrees right now in boston. some 40s farther to the north and to the west. falmouth 59 degrees. a great start to the day and running warmer in all locations compared to this time yesterday. 8 degrees warmer in boston. hour by hour forecast for today, we stay below the average high of 60 degrees all afternoon. 56 degrees for the noon hour. we just sort of hold there thanks to the cloud cover. highs today in some spots, especially to the south in the
5:42 am
lows tonight in the upper 40s and lower 50s. not too bad tonight staying mild for the day tomorrow. fantastic warm weather. 70 degrees, a breeze, light rain off and on throughout the afternoon. not a complete washout, though. friday 53 degrees. full sunshine both days. sunday, the pats are at home here at 59 degrees with a chance for a couple of showers but later in the day looking drier. monday 52. next tuesday 51. feeling like fall. together, robi. >> we have another accident. that's the fourth of the morning so far. two right lanes are blocked. then we had the earlier accident at quincy and adams street on the expressway. now. the earlier rollover at
5:43 am
bridgewater is causing problems. 24 southbound at 106. the bumper to bumper backup is to route 123. chris? it is 5:48 just about right now. tragedy in new york city. here are the top stories on this wednesday morning. >> a new york city police officer killed in the line of duty overnight. 33-year-old randolph holder is the fourth police officer killed in new york within the last year. a bullet hit holder in the head during a shoot-out in the east harlem neighborhood of manhattan. the man's name has not been released but the suspect is being treated for a gunshot wound to the head. police in three states are hunting for a modern day bonnie and clyde from quincy. this is joe and jenny carrier, wanted in three bank holdups over the past three weeks starting in ludlow, florida, and maryland. the couple is traveling in a
5:44 am
from the local dealership in quincy where jenny worked. good morning. i'm nicole jacobs live right outside of umass medical school where an assistant professor and cardiologist is on paid leave this morning. take a look. here's some video of him. dr. marcus cooper is accused of taking a picture of the 26- year-old female medical student while she was in the bathroom stall. the woman told police she actually caught the doctor in the act of taking that photo. he ran off. police have seized the doctor's cell phone and, again, he is on paid leave this morning. dr. cooper is due back in court next month. nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. >> good morning, i'm susie steimle live where police are looking for a suspect in a sexual assault. this one started on social media. a freshman female student says
5:45 am
she met a man that she did not know on an app called kick. agreed to meet him at a parking garage on campus. that's where she says she was attacked. she was able to give police a description that led to this composite sketch. he's described as a white man about 5' 10'' looking older than college age with a deep voice. they are asking police in the community to keep an eye out for anyone who looks similar to this sketch. coming up at 6:00, we'll hear from some students and what they are learning about being careful on social media on this attack. morning. the united states and russian militaries are both fighting isis in syria. yesterday, they came to an agreement on how to prevent sky. it lays out safety protocols issues. however, the agreement does not include sharing of target information. investigators are trying to determine if the orsonist
5:46 am
who set a fire to six black churches in the st. louis area is targeting them for authorities have no suspects now. the area is still reeling from ferguson police officer. no one was inside at the time, but there is growing concern might get hurt. the american league championship series could wrap up today. the kansas city royals dominated the toronto blue jays last night in game four to take a three games to one lead. they can finish off the blue jays later today and advance to the world series for the second straight year. the new york mets can advance to the world series today. danielle murphy with this home run for the record. they can complete the sweep tonight. it is 5:51 right now. time for today's "daily talker."
5:47 am
reigh in on scheduled improvements to subway cars. >> it's probably not what you are thinking. here's robi to explain this one. >> reporter: contribution you could speculate that -- chris, you could speculate that the color most often seen is red like when the train is overcrowded or late. sometime these turn blue by waiting on an icy platform. they want the riders to pick the color for the new trains. there's a polka dotty side or lots of red trim with a little t. you can choose for the green line and orange line, too, or blow it off and instead hope that when the snazzy new trains arrive in the next few years, they will arrive and depart on time and not get stuck in the snow. the state department of transportation says it's "in recognition of how important our customers are."
5:48 am
most t commuters told us, they don't care what the color is, just get the service right first. let's see what'senning said on our social media. david wrote "the color scheme pool is not costing anything and just getting customer input. i agree that looks are less important than function on the new trains." yasmine posted "here we are mid-october and the trains are already experiencing delays and cancellations, yet the mbta is worried about color choice." a number of ways to contribute. still to come, grab your hover boards and a box of popcorn.
5:49 am
all right, listen up, all of you fans of "back to the future." >> today is your day. >> today is the day marty mcfly flies to the future and reports back. the movie is being re-released in theaters and a special edition of the futuristic drink pepsi perfect that was featured $20.15. you are doing.
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you are not a change guy. >> i don't like the jingle. keep it right here on wbz this morning. top stories are straight ahead.
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