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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 21, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, october 21st, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." congressman paul ryan says he's willing to serve as house speaker, but on his own terms. we are on capitol hill with his demand. three students are accused of hacking their high school's computers and changing schedules. we will take you "back to the future" how accurately the film sequel produced history. we begin this morning with a
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the first 'aassad left syria after war broke out four years ago. >> i made a few requests. >> paul ryan willing to serve as speaker of the house. demanding support from all of the unruly factions in the house republican caucus. >> somebody has to have this job. joe biden tells a new role of his role in the bin laden rage. >> biden was against the raid and clinton was for. >> i told him to go by his own instincts. >> a police officer shot in the line of due toy. >> dangerous wet weather is sweeping across the southwest. >> arizona woman is rescued after waters swept her car off the road. >> wednesday, october 21st, 2015! >> back to the future day. showing some of the predictions conferencing.
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this man dancing on his girlfriend's burning home. armed with a butcher knife. >> an incident from denver's international airport. he missed his flight and intent on getting on the plane any way and ramp onto the ramp. >> strike three and the game is over. a dominate game by the kansas city royals up three games to one! >> daniel murphy has homered for the fifth straight postseason game. 5-2 the final, mets. >> martin o'malley breaks out in song on the campaign trail. we got bad blood hey! >> on "cbs this morning." >> wolf blitzer and lincoln chafee. >> why are you doing so poorly in all of the polls. >> you're a loser! >> you don't have any friends!
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let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." the republican deadlock over the next speaker of the house could be about to break. house ways and means committee chairman paul ryan now says he is willing to do the job his way. senior gop leaders have urged the former vice presidential candidate to run. >> now his decision comes nearly a month after sperg john aker john boehner said he is resigning. ryan on sunday's "face the nation" said conditions have to be met before he runs. nancy cordes is on capitol hill with his list of demands. gaens >> reporter: first and foremost, ryan says the house must -- or he won't run. turns the line on hardline conservatives who were hoping to
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>> what i told the members is if you can agree to these questions and i can truly be a unifying figure, then i will gladly serve. >> reporter: ryan laid out his requests first for house republicans and then for the press starting for a call for the gop to start focusing on solutions. >> we need to move from an opposition party to being a proposition party. >> reporter: then he said the house rule book must be changed. >> it needs to include fixes to ensure we do not experience constant leadership challenges and kris crises. i cannot and will not give up my family time. i may not be on the road as often as previous speakers but he pledge to make up for it with pledges. >> after begging the father of three to take the job. applause. i didn't see anyone booing. >> reporter: one candidate in the speaker's race promptly
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>> i'm out and in with paul. >> reporter: ryan's unusual approach is a reflection of his strong leverage as a conservative who has cut deals with democrats he is seen as one the only people who can unite his fractured party after hardliners forced to force out john boehner and doom his replacement kevin mccarthy. >> my greatest worry is the consequence of not stepping up. on sunday having my own kids ask me when the stakes were so high, why didn't you do all you could do? why didn't you stand and fight for my future when you had a chance to do so? >> reporter: ryan says if the entire party doesn't get behind him by friday he will happily stay in the job he has. it puts the hardliners in a situation where they will get blamed if he backs out. ironically, that is exactly what they say they have been wanting from the next speaker, a hardball approach. >> thank you, nancy.
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this morning, vice president joe biden appears to be distancing himself from presidential candidate hillary clinton by highlighting his closeness to president obama. but biden also faces very tough questions after giving a new account of his role in the decision to kill osama bin laden. major garrett is at the white house in a few hours, joe biden will attend the president's daily briefing. something tells us, major, this will come up. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. the joe biden presidential watch is a full-blown distraction for this white house which finds itself in a position to referee a public debate who is more important to the president? a vice president or a former secretary of state. the joe biden presidential tease was on dismay. >> i have now traveled on a million miles as vice president. >> reporter: at a dinner
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honoring walter mondale, a democratic vice president who lost the run for president shi. the optics appear lost on biden generating a debate how important he was to the president. one example? travel overseas. >> john kerry is a great secretary of state. hillary clinton was a great secretary of state. but there are times when only the vice president, if it's known of his relationship with the president, can speak for the united states when the president can't be there. >> reporter: biden attempt to diminish kerry and clinton surprised some in the white house as did his revisionist history on privately advocating that president obama boof approve to capture or kill osama bin laden. >> i told him my opinion but to follow his own instincts. mr. president, my suggestion is
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we have to do two more things-to-to see if he is there. he walked out and said i'll give you my decision. >> reporter: it appears that hillary clinton hillary clinton appeared indecisive though portrayed herself fully on board in "hard choices." and than this recent appearance in south carolina. >> i was the one who recommended to the president that he go ahead and his advisers were split. >> reporter: the white house refused to play fact checker. >> this is not the first time that a significant political event has prompted different participated in it. >> reporter: at that same briefing, earnest described candidate as a candidate but backtracked and said those who mir biden's service but are become ing tongue-tied' a bit fatigued over the vice president's decision making process. >> john heilemann of bloomberg politics is joining us. >> tongue-tied and just feat of
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on the subject of the new york mets which i could talk pretty much all day long. >> we will get to that later. >> okay, good. >> biden. does this controversy play into the decision making process or could it. >> west look. no doubt that joe biden and hillary clinton have spent now the last week basically, shadow boxing from the moment when hillary clinton entered the debate and starting to talk about president obama, how close she was to him and yesterday she rolled out 50 african-american endorsements and a lot of them in south carolina and basically saying you stay out of this race and biden says if i want in this race i'll be in the race. i think the argument is making now is deeply personal and it's not about her or about the debate or anything or the benghazi committee tomorrow. it's gut-check time. >> i'm wondering if he is looking for a reason to go or not to go. >> i think he is looking for reasons to go and not to go. people told me the last few days
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he changes his mind on a daily basis about what he wants to do. i have given up the prediction game when it comes to joe biden. i think if he is in in we will see him at iowa this weekend with the rest of the democratic candidates at a dinner. >> he says one thing publicly president, he says something else privately? could they both be true? >> i know -- on the basis of the reporting that i've done, contemporaneously with this but a couple of years ago people around biden said he would, often in meetings, adopt stances that were not his stance in order to try to tease out disagreements in the room and in order to try to serve as the -- doing a service to the president so that he didn't seem as though -- he was not clear about what he would do. he would go off privately later and express his view. what none of us know is what he said to barack obama in private after that meeting. that is a matter that will never be known except by those two guys. >> any indication that paul ryan won't get the entire backing of
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the party by friday? >> paul ryan is playing this so smart, the idea of best negotiation you ever get into the one you are willing to walk away. he does not want this job which gives hem a lot of power. i'm looking at the drij udge report. there are is somication that the people on the right don't want him. >> cbs will host a democratic presidential debate on november cbs. embattled syrian president assad made a brief visit in russia and met with president putin. mark phillips is in london with more. >> reporter: good morning. well, it was bashar al assad's 23irs known trip out of syria since the war broke out four years ago and kept secret and not announced until it was over
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and a sign of who is running the show on the government's side of the syrian conflict. this was more than a courtesy call. it was a thanks for everything and i mean everything call. with vladimir putin's jets effectively becoming assad's air force the beleaguered syrian leader smiled like he hasn't smiled in years. the russian air campaign's announced intent is to attack isis. but the attacks have largely been outside isis-controlled territories and against other anti-assad forces. some of them supported by the u.s. and the west. the attacks have served to shore up the crumbling syrian regime. they held the syrians for standing up to the military almost on their own. they never have been on their
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own, assad has been supported by the iranians an allies from lebanon and the introduction of russian jet bombers with dubious intent may prolong the war, rather than bring it closer to an end. of course, it brings russian planes into air space the u.s. has been using in its anti-isis campaign. a new u.s./russian memorandum september secret on the demand of the russians have been agreed to certain protocols to keep the russian and u.s. planes apart but washington does not constitute u.s. cooperation or support for russian's military activities in syria. >> our reporters reached out to the white house to see if the united states had any intelligence about assad's trip to moscow but officials declined to comment on whether it was a surprise or whether its strategic importance might be. the vatican is denying a report that pope francis has a
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a story today in a italian newspaper said the pope saw a brain specialist. the report trying to determine if a dark spot on francis' brain could be performed without surgery. the vatican calls it totally unfounded and seriously unresponsible. this morning, the nypd is mourning one of its own killed in the line of duty. randolph holder was shot tuesday east harlem neighbor. the suspect was caught several blocks away with gunshot wounds to his leg. holder was a third generation police officer and his father comforted officers at the hospital. the commissioner says holder is the fourth officer murdered in the city the last 11 months. >> our condolences to his family. police say a black man shot and killed by an officer was hit.
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of sunday's shooting and say the gun was purchased legally by the well-known music circumstances. >> reporter: good morning. police here say not only did jones own that handgun but records show he bought it three days before he was killed. what the same police have not said is how many times the officer fired at jones or whether jones fired at the officer at all. palm beach gardens police officer on duty in plain clothes and unmarked police car told investigators he was confronted by an armed corey jones. >> the handgun was found on the ground outside the vehicle. mr. jones purchased the handgun three days before the officer involved shooting. >> reporter: jones played drums at the bible church of god in boynton beach which banks said his grandson had no criminal
7:16 am
>> he just going to -- he was a lovely grand child. the thing that happened to him, understand. >> reporter: the officer had a clean record after six months at the palm beach gardens police department. he also served on the atlanta's florida beach from 2008 to 2015. in 2013 he received a written reprimand for repeatedly mishandling evidence and paper work and was called derelict in his duty for careless handling of the documented cases. jones a well-known musician in the boynton area was driving home from a job early sunday when his car broke down on a i-95 exit ramp. he called huntsburger who went to the scene and he called roadside assistance for jones and went home. >> he said thank you for helping me out.
7:17 am
>> he taught me about understanding and patience and he was a teacher of those virtues. >> reporter: okay, so the debate here again now is over a body camera. the officer involved was not wearing one. the debate is whether he should and the unmarked police car that he was driving also had no dashboard camera. >> very confusing story. a major shift this morning in screening for breast cancer. for the first time in more than a decade the american cancer society is recommending that most people wait until women wait until 45 to get an annual mammogram and . >> good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: so glad you're here. >> i think. >> reporter: i'm 41 and not had a mammogram. should i still get one? >> absolutely you should. the guidelines are very clear that we should start screening mammograms at age 40 because there is an absolutely clear-cut reduced risk of dying from
7:18 am
age and those recommendations should not change. >> reporter: what is the american cancer society doing? speaking out of both sides of the mouth. on the one hand, they want to reduce what they call harms related biopsies, which are unnecessary biopsies, fearing anxiety. on the other hand, they say that they stick with their mission to save lives and is there only one way to do that and that is to continue with yearly mammograms. >> i read every line of this. they also recommend against manual exams by your doctor. >> exactly. >> which i've always had in every single one of my visits. >> agreed. my question is how -- if they are saying going to mammograms every two years and not examining yourself, how are the cancers going to be found? we will find them at the size of golf balls which is a huge step back from where we have have been. >> why is screening less a good thing? >> it's not a good thing, gayle. it's done with two goals.
7:19 am
i think they should be focusing their efforts elsewhere. mammograms are a test to clearly breast cancer. this is not one place we should be cutting back. >> to be clear, insurance does cover all mammograms every cost starting at age 40? >> it does but, of course, these guidelines and shifts in positions could influence that >> thank you. >> thank you, doctor. three accused high school hackers could face years in prison. ahead how they changed grades dorm, pamela guard. overskies in the hour by hour forecast. a few sprinkles moving from west to east throughout this evening, too. the rain will lift. today 50s overcast skies. seven-day forecast will show you the 70s on thursday.
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announcer: this portion of "cbs toyota. let's go places. explosive allegations this morning in college basketball. >> what louisville legend rick pitino is saying about claims of strippers and exports at a staff member's recommendation.
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he's ready to move on. puntern
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ern er that thaws about the play that made his high school team a name. >> his wife's mission to good wednesday morning to you. i'm chris mckinnon. let's check in with pamela guard with the forecast. >> we have showers moving from west to east. they are very hit or miss. not everyone's experiencing the rain. everyone's experiencing the overcast skies and mild temperatures. the overcast skies around and a couple of showers, too. tomorrow with more rain. robi. >> just about everyone's experiencing bad traffic this morning, pamela. keeping an eye on west spots. wellesley. 128 south on route 9 backed up
7:27 am
up in andover, 495 southbound at 93. traffic there backed up to 110. chris? police in three states hunting for modern day bonnie and clyde from quincy. joe and jenny carrier are wanted for three bank holdups starting in ludlow, then down in florida and maryland. the couple has been traveling in a buick suv stolen from a worked. coming up, the vice president's account of the raid to catch osama bin laden and what that could mean for any potential white house run.
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this morning, a colorado man is apologizing for his movie-like scene trying to catch a flight by sprinting down the tarmac in denver. in august, mark raymar pushed open a security door and bolted for the united jet and destined to get to his high school reunion. instead he got a night in jail and probation and community service. the judge said he seemed like a good guy but screwed up to save one glorious incident. at the reunion, you know what happened to mark? he really wanted to be here. >> i think maybe an old girlfriend he really wanted to see! >> good for him. >> be careful!
7:30 am
>> high school reunions, they are fun! coming up in this half hour, he survived one scandal but could louisville coach rick pitino see his career come to an end? claims of strippers and escorts hired for parties. three accused of hacking school computers. it is time to show you this morning's headlines. seattle times reports on amazon boosting holiday hiring. the move reflects americans changing shopping habits. the online retailer plans to add 100,000 workers. that is a 25% increase from last year. amazon will hire those jobs that it hoped will be fulfillment and sorting centers. holiday jobs are shifting to warehouse as more people shop online. the "los angeles times" reports on tesla stock pulling
7:31 am
car. the news sent tesla motors stock down 6.5% yesterday. "wall street journal" says the u.s. prosecutor in southern new york is investigating the fantasy sports business. he is the federal prosecutor who industry four years ago. now he is investigating whether the daily sports fantasy firms are violating federal gambling statutes. fandual and ds fanduel and draftkings declined to report on this incident. a 4-year-old was shot in a car driving on interstate 40 and her parents were also inside the vehicle but not hurt. police say a car pulled along the family's car and someone started shooting. it is still not clear why. the highway was closed for several hours. the st. louis post dispatch says police stepped up patrols after a wave of possible arson
7:32 am
they happened in african-american neighborhoods. six fires were set over the last two weeks. all of the churches are within five miles of each other and near ferguson, missouri. adrienne diaz is inside one of thot churches those churches in st. louis. >> reporter: this church is one of the hardest hit. flames tore through this entire entrance. the pastor here told us the arsonist likely squirted chemicals through this mail slot so the fire would spread faster. >> we are called today to address what is possibly the most dangerous onslaught that we have experience in many years which is an attack on god's house. >> reporter: with a suspected arsonist still at large, church leaders in and around st. louis urged community members to remain vigilant. >> call the authorities if you
7:33 am
see anything that doesn't look right. >> reporter: since october 8th, six churches in predominantly black neighborhoods have been set on fire. the new life baptist church was so badly damaged, it held services outside on sunday. authorities don't know who sparked the flames or why but they believe the crimes are connected. in each case, an accelerant was used to light the churches on fire. the buildings were all unoccupied at the time of the attacks. >> there is a very alarming pattern to these fires and we don't want them to get out of hand. >> reporter: the churches are not far from ferguson, missouri. an area still reeling from riots that erupted following the shooting death of 18-year-old michael brown by a white police officer. authorities believe whoever is behind the fires may be someone struggling with stress and trying to send a message. but community leaders have their own response. >> this is not over. it's just the beginning.
7:34 am
that the churches, the pastors, the christians are coming together to stand as one. if you burn one, you are burning all of us. >> reporter: to make matters worse, this building has no insurance. but already several organizations have offered to rebuild. later today at another church, community members will gather to show strength in the face of these attacks. >> thanks. louisville basketball coach rick pitino this morning faces tough questions. a former staff member is accused of providing strippers and escorts for players and recruits and this may have been happened four years. >> reporter: good morning. in a recently published book self-described escort katina powell says she was paid 10,000
7:35 am
from 2010 to 2013 to bring women to the party. recruits have confirmed attending these parties. the university is conducting its own review to find out what went on and who knew about it. on the basketball court, the university of louisville cardinals are an offensive powerhouse, reaching the final four three times under legendary head coach rick pitino, but new allegations over wild player coaching staff playing defense. in a new book, katina powell describes parties in the student athlete dorm on campus. she says former director of basketball operationses andre mcgee paid her to provide strippers who would also have sex with players and recruits for money. she sat down with espn's "outside the lines." >> andre would come to me and tell me what recruit the girl wanted. i would tell the girl and she had set his price and i would tell her and he said okay and he
7:36 am
and the recruit would do what they do behind closed doors. >> reporter: pitino denies any knowledge of the misconduct and asking mcgee to set the record straight. >> i can't say what is true and not what is not true. to say i'm his heartened and disappointed would be probably the biggest understatement i've made since i've been a xoch. >> reporter: mcgee who also played for pitino no longer works for the school. his southern scott cox cases he investigation. >> i can tell you all of the evidence we have looked at supports his version of events which is that he never paid her or anyone else to have sex with a player or a recruit. >> reporter: but powell says she has text messages, journal entries, phone records, and wire transfer receipts to back up her claims. she says she asked mcgee if pitino was aware. >> i said, does pitino know about this? he said, he is rick. he knows about everything. >> reporter: this is the second sex scandal pitino has faced during his time as head coach.
7:37 am
six years ago, he admitted to having an affair and later paying for the woman's abortion. >> you can't survive what he survived in coaching and hope to survive another scandal. you can't do it. >> reporter: in a statement to "cbs this morning," the university of louisville says it is withholding comment on any details until the review is concluded. katina powell's attorney said he met with the university's general council yesterday and said it's clear the school is cooperating. >> you get an impressive -- >> nobody is escaping the excrete knee not even pitino. >> the university is doing an investigation itself? >> yes. >> the university of michigan punter who cost his team a game says he'll do better next time.
7:38 am
blake o'neill fumbled the snap in the final seconds on saturday leading to michigan state's game winning touchdown. he spoke to reporters yesterday for the first time since the game. >> i just went into as any other kick and throw it as quickly as i can. obviously, that wasn't but in football you make errors and you move on. obviously, i'd like to take it back, if i could, but that's football. you live and die by your actions on the field. >> o'neill received death threats after the loss but he says michigan fans have given him a lot of support. i say bravo he is talking. i made a mistake and i will do better next time. they are accused of changing grades and schedules for classmates. three teens face possible prison time for bold perspire cyberattacks. if you're heading out, set
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>> i thought i'd offer this up for -- >> better be -- >> for taylor swift. >> taylor is my girl. because baby now we got bad blood you know it used to be bad blood so take a look at what you've done maybe we got bad blood hey >> martin o'malley covering taylor swift and they say martin look that. >> i think it shows he has a sense of humor. politicians are just like us and he likes taylor swift clearly. >> and you do too. >> i do. you do too, norah and charlie. >> i do. we turn to three new york teenagers who face criminal charges over an alleged cyberattack on their school. the students are accused of
7:42 am
hacking into school district computeses on a long island high school east of new york city. anna werner is here with the alleged plot to change grades and students schedules. anna, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie. the initial attack was three months ago and it led investigators to the house of the teen they call the mastermind behind the scheme. it's a story that seems fit for a hollywood screen play but it's no joke that three 17-year-old students are facing seriously time in prison. walking out of a long island courtroom tuesday, 17-year-old daniel sores. police say he was the ringleader behind the brazen cyber attack. his alleged accomplices covered their faces as they were released on their own recognizance. the three teens are accused of hacking into their school's computers and changing students' grades and schedules. >> at this point, we believe daniel changed at least four of his own grades and one of eric's grade.
7:43 am
on his own grade i believe changed from 94 to a perfect score of a hundred. >> reporter: police say soars broke into school after hours and installed a device known as a key log to a school computer. it enabled him to collect log-ins and password credentials while operating remotely from his own. >> it's a piece of hardware you can put on a computer and interfaces with the keyboard and it records every stroke of the keyboard. >> reporter: school officials called police in july after realizing the class schedules of changed without authorization and their investigation led them to soars. investigation to be done and he is maintaining his incidence. >> what are you doing? >> dialing into the school's eminiscent of repercussions repercussions. the three are facing up to four
7:44 am
convicted, soars could see up to 11 years. all three students are facing computer tampering charges. soars is also facing counts of burglary and identity theft. now in a statement, the comack school district is reviewing its network security protocolses to prevent something like this happening again. >> what a story. anna, thank you so much. ahead, a major shake-up in the world of personalized genetic hi there. meteorologist pamela gardner. mild temperatures and a couple of showers mixed into the hour by hour forecast. throughout the lunch hour, we keep the spotty showers moving from west to east. a lot of lower 60s expected throughout the day. 58 for the high temp overall 4:00 p.m. overcast, a few sprinkles in between those spotty showers. seven-day forecast shows 70 degrees for tomorrow with
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southwest of alaska. a sailor to a rig and 20-foot waves tossed the sail around. a man leaps to the rescue boat and he made it safely over the railing and so did the pet cat he had stowed inside his coat. i was busy reading. i couldn't look at the video. do you see him? >> i can't tell what is happening but i'm sure he is okay. check your calendar. today is the day. "back to the future i 1 ii saw it coming or did it? including the cubs playing in the world series. you're watching "cbs this morning." can be like to have shingles. oh, man. a painful, blistering rash. if you had chickenpox, the shingles virus is already inside you. 1 in 3 people will get shingles in their lifetime. after almost 3 weeks, i just really wanted to give it a shot. you know, i' m not feeling it today. talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about a vaccine that can
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hi, good morning to you. it is 7:56 right now. i'm chris mckinnon. hey, pamela. >> hey, chris. we have a few spotty showers moving from west to east and now the showers have spread from the northern half of massachusetts as well dealing with the spotty rain. those rain showers remain in the forecast all afternoon. overcast skies with sprinkles in between the steady showers. thursday, 70. we get cooler by the end of the week. traffic and weather together, robi. the morning commute has been filled with accidents. the latest crash is up in haverhill. 495 southbound just before river street, the shoulder
7:54 am
blacked. the backup is between 93 and the backup. 495 southbound at woburn street with the second caution sign you see there, chris, is driving on the other side of the highway rubber necking. our top story this wednesday morning. police in westford are looking for a missing woman from maine spotted in that town. they say sarah meade was reported missing from brunswick, maine, and traveling with her 5-year-old son. officers don't think she has any ties to westford but if you
7:55 am
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7:57 am
and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. it is wednesday, october 21 21 21st, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. ryan says all of the different wings of the house republican conference must endorse himt or he won't run. >> the white house founds itself in the aggravating position of
7:58 am
who was more important. >> she is basically saying you stay out of this race. bashar al assad's first known trip out of syria after war broke out there four years ago and now a new sign of who is running the show on the syrian conflict. >> not said how many times officer fired at jones or whether jones fired at the officer at all. the pastor told us the arsonist likely squirted chemicals through this mail slot so fire would spread faster. >> a man sprinting down the tarmac in denver desperate to get to his high school reunion. did you hear what happened to mark? he really wanted to be here. >> i thought you were supposed what happened? event. message. if he had been here, he would be great. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by
7:59 am
i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. four weeks of house republican turmoil may be close to an end. gop leaders wanted paul ryan to take over as speaker of the house. the former vice presidential candidate resisted at first, but now says he is ready to do so, but only if is conditions are met and all of the republican factions unite behind him. >> that includes the conservatives who helped push out john boehner and derail kevin mccarthy's bid for speaker. after meeting with members last night, paul ryan says the country is on the wrong path and it's time to work together. >> the people we serve, they do not feel that we are delivering on the job that they hired us to do. we have become the problem. if my colleagues entrust me to be the speaker, i want us to become the solution. >> ryan also said he would not give up time with his family if he becomes speaker. >> i think that is important to
8:00 am
hear him say that. >> that is a very good statement. >> i totally agree with that. vice president joe biden is promoting himself as he decides to whether for a white house promotion. he said john kerry and hillary clinton were great secretary of statess but sometimes the vice president can only speak for the president. he talked about how he supported the raid on bin laden's hideout. he said on tuesday he told president obama to go forward with the raid. >> even republican candidates want to know if joe biden with run for president. we spoke with new jersey governor chris christie and his wife pat at their home. we asked if he expects the vice president to get in. >> we know the vice president a long time because we all went to the university of delaware. he has been at our tailgates at football games and pictures of him holding 2-year-old sarah who
8:01 am
is now 19 and how long we have known the vice president. i know he has always wanted to be president. he has spoken about it and for a guy who always wanted to be president and now he is one step away from it, it's hard for me to imagine he is not doing it. on the other hand, as a father, i know how much he loved beau. and i know that beau was where all of his hopes and dreams for the future resided. and i just don't know, as a father, having lost that son, do it. >> that is what everybody seems to know. other. their families have worked together before. he said i honestly don't know. >> a good interview. >> yeah. there is more to come. syrian president assad is back at home after a visit to moscow.
8:02 am
him for their help in the syrian war. the united states accuses russia of propping up the syrian regime. russia says it is going after isis and other terrorists but many of the targets are outside isis territory. some attacks have groups supported by the united states. prince william and duchess kate appeared tuesday at her first british state banquet. the dinner honored chinese president xi jinping. she sat next to the chinese president. there was a lot of speculation kate would wear a spencer tierra that the late princess diana wore at her wedding. >> i think the third time he has worn a tierra. >> she has been very good in her role, has she not? >> i think so too. and she looks great in
8:03 am
another home run for kate. why it's crucial to take advantage of this announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by liberty mutual. see car insurance in a whole new
8:04 am
the future is here. >> when marty mcfly arrived in 2015 aboard doc brown's dah laurean time machine he had no idea what to expect. i'm vladimir duthiers. coming up, we take a look at "back to the future" predictions. what they got right and what
8:05 am
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give it to me i'm worth it i'm worth it you are worth it. for millions of americans this morning, open enrollment is here. families spends 10,000 plus on medical expenses and millions of families are saving nothing for retirement. this morning's eye on money jill schlesinger is bus. >> it requires a little bit of work to you look back and see what you spent last year on health care. you can't to project what is happening this year. you ask yourself some questions. was me or was i diagnosed with something that is different? do i need to go to a new doctor?
8:10 am
should be in an hmo, a health maintenance organization, or a o. with an hmo, you have one doctor that controls where you go next and ppo you have more flexibility but it's more expensive. you take vto take what is going on in your life and pick the best plan for you. >> i always check, check, check, what whatever i did the year before. that's not very smart. >> well, i know. that is usually what most people do. that is why we are asking you to -- >> most people do. >> it's true. >> it's resistance, right? what is important here is that there are ways to save some money. we have got a lot of large employers introducing new high deductible plans. you have a big deductible, right? you pay less in premiums. they pare that was a health savings account and put money pretax away. this is a great way to limit the
8:11 am
you're young and healthy. flexible spending accounts you can put 2,500 away pretax and people are not doing that and we need to. >> it seems to work for her, hasn't it? that flex spending totally confusing to me. the 401 retirement plan. i pay attention to that. >> most people would say i put up to whatever my company matches. but interesting trend now in corporate america. many companies are saying we are automatically enrolling our employees at 10% rate and to get less than 10% you have to opt out. this is a great thing. if you can afford it. many people can't afford it, but the premise here is if we get you doing it and it's automatic, then you won't opt out, you'll just keep doing it. we love 10%. 18,000 is the limit this year. if you're over 50 you can make a
8:12 am
try to get as much into your retirement plan as possible. >> really good information. >> as always, jill sleg chlesinger, working with the voya team again. how a engineer is trying to put two years of controversy behind her. she is in studio 57 with us. big announcement. there she is. a dna doover next on "cbs this morning" with lovely ann. she said hi. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by voya financial. changing the way you think of
8:13 am
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two years ago, the company 23 and me was used to personalized personalized personalized genetic medicine. to help you reduce your risks from heart disease and breast cancer. the fda sent a letter halting the sales and stop giving customers a health analyst. the fed said this. they said 23 and me won't cooperate. the agency was concerned about
8:17 am
the consequences of inaccurate results. first onment "cbs this morning" the ceo and cofounder is back. good morning, ann. >> good morning. >> good to have you here. >> thanks for having me. >> you were smiling but the fda was very tough on the company. >> yeah. you know, we got a warning letter. we were on the market for about seven years and we have been communicating with the fda. but it was part of what, i think, we have learned is there a way of communicating and we were, obviously, communicating incorrectly. we are super excited we have gone the whole process and now we are the only company back on the market with a direct to the consumer genetic test product. they can learn about their health and now actually without a physician, without a genetic counselor and saliva test at >> what is different this time than the last time? different.
8:18 am
seven years what we learned from all of our customers and completely redesigned the process and incorporating more features about family and a lot more features for ancestry and more limited at this moment with health care information so we are returning back all of the carrier information, things like cystic fibrosis reports and other things you can potentially pass down to children, as well as traits and wellness. >> you previously were restricted from these new tests things like cancer or heart disease. what are other things you can't test for now because of the fda restrictions? >> some of the genetic risk factors, breast cancer, different types of diseases you might get and drug response. but those are all things that we are working with the fda to see can we eventually bring that back to the consumer. >> their concern was what? people wouldn't know how to read the information? if you got back previously and you did this yourself you have 60% likelihood of getting breast cancer they were worried people couldn't process that
8:19 am
information themselves? >> they want u.s. to do the standard testing and comprehensive work. we have seen with our new designed reports we have over 90% user comprehension. any education level, whether they got this as a gift or bought it themselves, can get it and we are seeing over 90% complicated information. >> why is the cutting edge we might expect to be the next five years? >> my hope is one day you walk into your doctor and they say, charlie, based on all of the data we have from your fitbit, all of the other information you have based on your genome and family history, this is what you're at risk for and they have a high confidence of that risk. that you could potentially do things to really actually have a better outcome. >> i don't understand why you can't do that now. >> well, part of it there is not a lot of data and that is one of
8:20 am
that we are enabling the consumers to all come together on this research mission. we have over a million people have done 23 and me. we asked our customers to fill out information about themselves so might be left-handed, right-handed right-handed, prostate cancer, heart disease. >> lifelifestyle? >> lifestyle. >> so the information is based on building a database is the critical factor? >> right. >> we know sharing information, all of this stuff is good. the more we have the more we can protect our health. >> but on the flip side are the privacy concerns. recent reports that law enforcement could request these dna information from 23 and me. what are you saying about how to protect people's privacy on this information? >> one of the reasons why we set this up as a direct to consumer company instead of going through your insurance company we believe this is sensitive information and you should own it. if you're paying for it you own it and you control who you're sharing with it, who you're
8:21 am
we enable you to share but it's entirely within your control. there is protections in place like the genetic information nondiscrimination act where your information, your genetic information cannot be used to discriminate against you by employers or insurance companies. 23 and me as a company we do everything we can to protect your privacy. and we said under subpoenas we would do whatever we can to fight those and you have to enforcement. >> have you received request from law enforcement for people's dna? >> we have never hand the defendant over. in our privacy policy we say for some reason we had to we would notify the individual, assuming it doesn't interfere with -- >> 23 and me is owned by google. what about the larger concern that google will control the dna of tens of thousands, millions of people? >> google is a shareholder. shareholder compared to everybody else we have there.
8:22 am
what they have been helpful with you can think about things like big data and how you analyze. to charlie's question how do we give predictions? we do good morning, it's 8:25 right now. i'm kathryn hauser. we'll check your top stories right after pamela's forecast. good morning, pamela. >> good morning. we have light rain showers moving from west to east and one heavier pocket of rain developing south of fitchburg. also showers moving into the downtown boston area. temperatures will click back into the 50s for the rest of today. overskies, a few sprinkles and warmer with more rain. robi? pamela, lots of slowdowns on this wednesday morning commute. no crashes on the mass pike. the eastbound side is a mess
8:23 am
a big jam up in lowell at woburn street. that bumper to bumper backup will take you about an hour. checking our top stories. a umass medical school professor is charged with taking photos of a female med student in a bathroom stall. the 26-year-old student told police that the cardiologist dr. marcus cooper took off after she caught him taking the picture with a cell phone last month. the school placed the doctor on paid administrative leave. he's due back in court in december. police in three states are hunting for a modern day bonnie and clyde from quincy. they are wanted for bank robberies starting in ludlow and also in maryland and florida. the couple has been traveling in a buick suv believed to be stolen from the quincy dealership with jenny worked. the brookline teacher who
8:24 am
in civil disobedience is getting his job back. students and parents fought to reinstate him and it works. mr. chen will be back in the classroom november 2nd. coming up on "cbs this morning," a look at the future from the past. we'll show you the iconic nikele j. fox movie, how they got it right and where they went wrong. we'll see you in 30 minutes for
8:25 am
music the keurig
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great start. if our calculations are correct, it is now october 21st, 2015. the future has finally arrived. yes, it is different than we all thought. don't worry. it means your future hasn't been written has. no one's has. your future is whatever you make of it. so make it a good one. >> that was back in 1989. that seemed so long ago when that happened! now here we are. that is actor christopher lloyd reprizing his role as doc brown with a message of back to the
8:28 am
today, back to the future part two catches up with reality. vladimir duthiers meads the insiders who turned a motion picture into a crystal ball. >> john grisham is with us. he has a new novel. first, why he says he sometimes has to break bad. that is ahead. "wall street journal" reports on the gender pay gap widening. they increased more than 2% from a year ago. women earned 721 up only 0.8 of a percent and marks the third straight corner that male earnings doubled the rate for women. boo-hoo. >> yes. double hits. >> triple. >> charlie, you're quick! that was good! "the dallas morning news"
8:29 am
has an update on the texas teenager arrested after bringing a homemade clock to school that a teacher thought was bomb. ahmed mohamed and his family are moving to qatar. he will be joining a prestigious young innovator's program in qatar. >> business insider reports on 23-year-old google engineer who lives in a truck in the company's parking lot and saves 90% of his income. he says 128 square-foot truck is better than an expensive apartment that he would hardly ever see. all he really needed was a place to sleep. company perks provide all of the other essentials. i wonder how his dating life is? want to come see me in my truck? it's in a parking lot. >> he said, look, i can save up. >> it's by the shore. >> he can save up for an apartment rather than sort of spending it on rent. >> you could see that? >> yeah.
8:30 am
>> he is thrirty. in 27 years ago, john grisham created five novels for young readers and most on legal thrillers. his balk sold more than 300 million copies. nine game movies starring hollywood's biggest names. >> i went with a firm across the river and met this democrat. >> memphis? >> hey ray, wouldn't it be funny if i went to harvard and you went to jail and we were surrounded by crooks? >> why do you want a lawyer? >> i don't want a lawyer. i hate lawyers! every lawyer i had disgusted me and my mom. i said i need a lawyer! >> want to talk about the brief? >> everyone i've told about the
8:31 am
>> i'll take my chances. >> i set out for my client to receive a fair trial in the south that we are all equal in the eyes of the law. that's not the truth. >> i believe a lawyer should fight for his client and refrain from stealing money and try not to lie. you know, the basics! >> whoever they vote for will be following me. just like in cincinnati and oakland and pittsburgh. gentlemen, trials are too juries. >> john grisham is analyzing juries again with " lawyer." an interview you're seeing first >> good morning. nice to be here. >> tell us who this rogue lawyer is. sebastian? >> his name is sebastian rudd. a radical rogue lawyer who does not have an office, does not have a secretary, he carries a gun. his office is a bullet-proof van
8:32 am
driven by his only friend and bodyguard and paralegal and confidant a guy he got off the murder rap. that is he how practices law. take? >> yeah. he's at war with the police and the prosecutors and the government and big corporations lone gunman. >> a lot of people are out to get him. they said that the title of the book "rogue lawyer." you said at one point you wanted to be a rogue lawyer. i didn't believe that about you. >> i practiced law ten years and i admired the police headquarters who were afraid to take unpopular cases and i didn't have the guts to do that. i was trying to make a living. i never volunteered for a really tough case and some i should have taken and i admire the lawyers who did. >> you say our prisons are packed and streets are filled with drugs. who is winning the war? we have lost our minds. that's not just fiction. >> it's true. it touches on another issue i'd
8:33 am
and that is the mass incarceration, the harsh sentences that we hand out. front page of "the new york times" today, you know, police and prosecutors are questioning the sentences we have passing everybody in jail. house. >> as our prison population ages we realize how expensive this stuff is and people in there 20 to 30 years for nonviolent evens offenses and shouldn't be in there. a conversation for a different time. it's an epidemic. >> number one, i could see the book as a movie. we should talk about your books and movies. sebastian rudd takes the cases he knows are not good and you think those people deserve representation. >> it's tough to take that position, gayle. in our system, i don't care what the crime is. we all pay lip service to the
8:34 am
idea that everybody is entitled to a fair trial and that means a good lawyer. the good lawyers have to come from somewhere. it's up to people like sebastian to represent those people. >> what are his values? likeable. >> he is not worried about morals or values. he is doing his job and he does his job so well if he thinks the cops and prosecutors are cheating he is going to cheat. if they legit mize cheating that makes the book fun. >> i can't think of any other author i've read with incredible books. >> who is the other one? >> british author. >> female. >> but in the movies we just showed, all of the movies that you have made with these books are all -- they are blockbusters. fabulous movies. great iconic movies but there hasn't been a movie with one of your books in ten years. why? >> why is a great question. studio system is so broken and
8:35 am
different than it used to be. used i would write a book and sell it to hollywood, they will start the movie before the book came out. everybody made money. they were big movies and still talking about them. >> netflix we have now and hbo and a lot of places you can get good stuff. >> it's all good stuff. i think rogue would be a better tv series. >> because it's an interesting character? >> i hope it's the first of a this guy. a lot of stories he has to tell and i want to tell through him and explore other issues, things we have talked about, in books to come. but there is a lot of adventures and a lot of episodes with this guy. and i think he's very colorful. >> is he any way like the lawyer from "breaking bad." ." and a television series? >> i started writing this series when i watched "breaking bad." >> better call sal. >> i said better call sal, i told my wife, why didn't i think
8:36 am
of that? >> do you think charlie could call les moonves? >> we talk to less all the time. >> you already know les? >> i know les. cbs did a series years ago so we know les. >> thank you, john. >> my pleasure. >> great to have you here. >> "rogue lawyer" is on sale now. this is the day michael j. fox and christopher lloyd couldn't wait for. >> hey, doc, we better back up. we don't have enough road to get up to 88. >> road? where we are going, we don't >> up next, how accurate this vision of the future turned out
8:37 am
today is a very important day in cinematic history. if you're a ban of "back to the future" movies you know why. 30 years ago, the trilg that gave us marty mcfly and doc brown and the delorean time machine began. today, vladimir duthiers is here's with a time sense of exploration of dreams and reality. vlad, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> reporter: in the original "back to the future" marty doc leave 1985 and travel three decades back to 1955. in the sequel they go 30 years
8:38 am
in future to october 21st, 2015. that is today. so what did they get right and materialize? >> hi. what is going on? >> where are we? >> when are we? >> we are heading toward hill valley, california, at 4:29 p.m. on wednesday, october 21st, 2015! >> 2015? you mean we're in the future? >> when marty mcfly arrived in time machine, he had no idea what to expect. later today, the past prediction for the future will finally become the present. >> reporter: here in cinematic 2015 where flying cars are clogging up the skyways. in the real 2015, it's about self-driving cars.
8:39 am
clear vision for the future. inside this clock talker ower, he wanted 2015 to be recognizable. >> we knew going in, nobody ever successfully predicts the future accurately. can't be done. we want the future to be optimistic future. we want people to say, hey, i want that future and i'd like to live there. >> hey, hey, hey! doc! little girl, little girl. doc, look! i need building. >> hover board. >> a long skateboard. each flying their own personalized board. >> welcome to the cafes where it's always morning in america. >> reporter: visual effects art director john bell designed many of the movie's futuristic elements, including hoverboards and nostalgic cafe 80. >> i'll take something 85% familiar.
8:40 am
color, could be a pattern. if i'm projecting the future, throw something a little 15% twist. [ screaming ] >> reporter: today, companies are still testing how to make a reliable working hover board for the general public. on the real streets of 2015, though, toys like this swagway are the closest we have gotten to gliding around. >> there is a lot of predictions we made. maybe that will come true. that has a good chance. hover boards, no. we never thought. the fact they say life imitates art. kids like you saw back to the future part 2 in the day and say if i can't have a hover board, i'm going to make one. >> let's talk drones. what is this thing? >> they are being used by everybody. >> they are all over the place. we started out thinking this is kind of like this gag technology.
8:41 am
just a joke. little did we know 30 years over the world. >> we are not thinking about we are making an important no, no, no. we are having a good time. >> read my lips! >> reporter: why nobody uses a fax machine for instant communication, in the movie, fingerprint scanners unlock the front door and pay for things like taxis. today, we use biometric technology to open doors and unlock smartphones and authorize digital payments. the mcfly's used a giant flatscreen tv that responds to audio commands and makes video calls. flatscreens around for a while but video recognition. as for face time. there is face time and skype. christake is west coast editor of "vanity fair." do you think the movie can still influence young people today?
8:42 am
>> i think it still holds you up, absolutely. the stuff that they were talking about in '85 to '90 is stuff that is actually our reality now. >> mcfly! i thought i told you to stay in here! >> reporter: as a teenager, it's still very relevant because you're still going through the same things. it doesn't matter if you have an iphone or you can fly around the world. 15-year-olds are feeling the same thing that 15-year-olds were in the '50s. >> wait a minute. cubs win world series! i against miami. >> reporter: the cubs are still world series. and so we wait just a bit longer to see if the movie's ultimate prediction comes true. >> you won't believe this! we have to go back to 1955! >> i don't believe it! >> reporter: why do you think "back to the future" remains so popular? >> it's the humanity of "back to
8:43 am
the future." the movie says you have some control over your own defendant me -- destiny. the things you do today can have an effect in your future. >> reporter: to the future, to the past, and back to the future, we are all caught up and what do we have to look forward to? to be continued. to celebrate the movie, a 30th anniversary dvd is out and the trilogy is being re-released in theaters nationwide. you guys looked shock. >> how do you make it go? i know all of the cool kids have them. >> go back. >> see if i can get on here. >> 4, 3, 2. >> you're watching "cbs this morning."
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good morning. it's 8:55 right now. i'm kathryn hauser. i'll check your top stories in a moment. you may need the rain gear out there, pamela. >> i think so. one pocket of heavier rain is pushing through concord and even into the boston area. wet roads out there as you head out. we keep the rain chance all afternoon. overcast skies and sprinkles in between. warmer day thursday and back to fall friday and saturday. robi? >> there's been a ton of accidents out there this morning and tough rides going on right now. to the north, 128 southbound is a crawl from lynnfield to waltham.
8:49 am
to the south, route 3 has been a struggle all morning. finally, the mass pike east is inching along and basically jammed from the weston barracks to the allston brighton tolls. checking top stories now. police in westford looking for the missing woman from maine spotted in their town. they say sarah meade was reported missing from brunswick, maine, and is son. officers don't think she has nigh ties to westford but her blue volvo was seen last night on power road. call police. massachusetts is protect animals. the registry would give pet shop owners, shelters and breeders access to people with breeders to animal cruelty. it would give those in the industry a way to make sure that pets go to responsible homes. in sudbury. a spouse tick cha was found --
8:50 am
swastika was found in a boy's bathroom. police don't believe it was made for a specific student but will meet with a group of students to discuss the seriousness of hateful speech. our next newscast is coming up on wbz news at noon. you can check news 24/7 right on our web site,
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