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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 21, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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professor at umass medical school and he is now facing serious charges. >> if you go from the nucleus. >> reporter: cooper is accused of faking a cell phone picture of a female student in a ladies' room stall on campus just over a month and a half ago. according to the police report, she described knuckles and a cell phone camera lens pointing down in her direction. she believed the click she heard was that of a phone taking a picture. she asked him what he was dog and he stated that he had, quote, walked into the wrong bathroom. the doctor didn't answer his door last night but the court documents say the alleged victim pulled up her shorts and chased cooper down after the incident. the doctor allegedly saying you have no idea who i am and if you did, you wouldn't be doing this. in a handwritten statement, the doctor says the woman grabbed him and made remarks with racial overtones. he also says when he walked into the ladies' room, he was distracted checking e-mails and texts. the investigators say he did willingly go to the campus police department and speak
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with officers. authority also now check his cell phone and exam it for any photos. according to the medical school, dr. coop ser on paid administrative leave. he has a court date set for mid december. in worcester, jim smith, wbz news. tonight the police in new york are questioning the man accused of shooting and killing one of their officers. detectives are trying to go through what happened step by step with the suspect howard. the investigators say the career criminal killed the officer holder. that officer was chasing him after shots -- reports of shots fired and a bike robbery in harlem. holder has more than 20 prior arrests and served five years in jail, actually we're talking there about the suspect, not about officer holder. tuft tonight. he is accused of selling weapons and ammunition to an under cover federal agent. the police say the 29-year-old jon miller met the act t a motel and sold the shotgun and an assault rifle and more than
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3,000 rounds of ammunition. also tonight, the fire investigators look ing into a deadly blaze in new hampshire. the firefighters arrived. they say the entire first floor was engulfed. the crews found the victim, a 51-year-old woman na second floor bedroom. two others in the house suffered burns as smoke inhappennation. lisa? >> david, tonight an i team investigation. a boston university student killed in a fire in the apartment she was renting with friends two years later the city officials admit there are still gaps in the laws meant to keep college students safe. now for the first time that b.u. student's mother is speaking out. the eye team has her emotional story. >> reporter: it is what any proud mother does, show off pictures of their child. optimism in the cap and gown graduation. just weeks before that ceremony, her alston apartment went up in flames. she was living on the top floor in a makeshift room that didn't
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have a proper exit. binland couldn't escape the smoke and fire northwesterly the morning april,2013, she died, so did a part of her mother. >> my heart is broken that day. >> reporter: this is her first interview. >> i'm upset every day. i know -- don't want the see people. >> she doesn't want other parents to experience the same thing that she experienced? >> reporter: are students safer today? you can see the house here has been rebuilt and one resident tells us the exits are now up to code. but that is just one building. the eye team wanted to know what has been done to make sure that all off-campus housing safe. >> i don't have the sense that all that much in the we of lessons have been learned. rough ears albert serra is a boston attorney representing the family in a civil suit. >> the fire alarm system was inadequate. >> reporter: charges the landlord is fighting. still a civil suit is the family's only recourse.
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>> we just could not in fairness bring charges. >> reporter: the district attorney says the cases involving old housing and crowded conditions don't meet the threshold for manslaughter. he supports a bill to create a criminal negligent statute. >> reporter: the technical rule in boston is only four under grads in an apartment. do you think that is a rule take is usually followed? >> no. i really don't. i know a lot of people in the alston area who have like eight people per house. >> reporter: overcrowding, that is another concern. >> it started with four and then it became five and then six. >> reporter: the former counselor wrote no more than four regulation in 2008 but to his knowledge, so citations have ever been issued. he is now, wooing with -- working with the city to change that. >> today in order to assess that on someone, you have to take them to court and it is very couple weresome. >> every year i went to
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parents' weekend. >> reporter: she cherishes the memory of her only daughter. it is all she has left. that and the hope that boston will one day be safe for all students. for the eye team, wbz news. toyota announcing a huge recall today. 6.5million vehicles worldwide. the problem here is the power window switches. they can short circuit and actually catch fire. the recall affecting more than a half dozen 2005 to 2010 models, including the core the highlander. the dealers will inspect the grease. you get more recall details on our web site history on a field in watertown. >> the raiders have not lost a field hockey game in six and a half years and tonight the official -- they officially america! we're live in watertown with a lee am? >> reporter: lisa, we were a bit worried that we might have jinxed them by doing this story
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yesterday, but they put all of those worries to rest about two minutes into this game. in fact, within the first three minutes, they had scored about three goals. they were like a machine. they were up 6-0 at the half. they took the pedal of of it in the second half. they ended up winning by six. they have now gone 2,404 days without a loss. try to wrap your head around that. thigh have gone 154 games, and that is a new national high school record. >> it is just so special, so proud. all of the hard work that all of my coaches and players have put through this, and once you're a watertown player, you're always a watertown player. >> it is unreal. we're proud of everybody. >> all of the teams. >> the past six years. >> it is unreal. >> so exciting. >> we're all really proud of each other.
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>> and that they are truly remarkable. and this game was some revenge as well. in the 1990s watertown had a similar streak going. they had won 77 games in a row that streak was bone by melrose. who did they play here today? melrose. melrose did not get a single shot on goal. lisa and david, they are truly a machine and now they have to look ahead they have one more regular season game and then they go to the playoffs and they try to win their seventh straight state championship. it is unbelievable. >> what is the secret there? did you notice anything when you were scouting? >> they have a program that the kids enter when they're pretty young so they train them from the time they're young to be good field hockey programs but really citgo lesion, team work. all of the former field hockey players showed up from the last six or seven years and they came out and took a team 'photo so for years and year this is program has beendom nantd and they just keep dog it. >> great story. congratulations! wow.
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queen with a great kick. >> the unforgettable night for a high school senior. >> plus, a special tribute for a young boy what has gone far too soon. how this bench could help battle bullying at his school. stroller. the secrets it holds that could make parents' dreams come true. with high temperatures that were run flag the upper 50s to lower 60s. this is pretty much average for this time of the year. 66, eric says, and 61 in titchburg. attleboro jumped up to 68 today. we're warming up into the 70s tomorrow, but then there are some big changes after that. we'll talk all about it.
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"hey! you gotta get fios!" well, fios is a 100 percent so you can get 100% out of all your devices. so whatever speed you need, fios and wi-fi available, from 50 to 500 mbps. but the main reason to get fios? we're rated number 1 in customer satisfaction. ultimately, that's why. get 50 meg fios internet, tv & phone starting at $79.99 a month. last chance, offer ends november 7th. get out of the past. get fios. this will make you smile on the wbz feed a moment in red sox history 40 years ago today. >> it was game six, the 1975 world series.
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the 12th inning, carlton fisk hits the ball down the left- field line and then, of course, the famous shot. fisk jumping up and down waving his arms trying to will that ball fair and, of course, it is as it hits the foul pole above the green monster. the sox win the game 7-6. they force a game seven and that's where the story ends because we're not going to talk about what happened the very next night. >> freeze it! parents know small kids need lat of big stuff. >> it is amazing and a strop tore the car can pick up so much room so this could be a solution. this is a pocket stroller on display at the abc kids expo in las vegas. it folds down to about a square foot. push in the wheels, fold over the top and then collapse it down. the baby product experts say it is the world's most come pant folded stroller. where was that when my son was the size that would fit in there? >> we have the double stroller at home. folding that thing -- first of all, you almost always lose a
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the car is impossible. >> and for two. it is a perfect nighttimes two for a girl in alabama. >> she the homecoming queen and a football hero. check out jody. she was crowned queen during friday's big homecoming game. and then a few minutes later she went on to successfully kick the extra point after a touchdown in her team's victory. that's what you call a pretty good night. >> wow. yes that is one for the books. athletes already in great shape are pushing their limits for opening night. after the break, a sneak peek. the boston ballet dancers rise to the challenge and force me
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this is a first of its kind test of endurance.
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tomorrow night's in ballet's opening season, the dancer also take them on a journey of a lifetime. their performance is extraordinarily physical. >> as i found out, even dancers in incredible shape are doing extra work-outs to get ready. in the build-up to opening night, this is the grit behind the grace. >> and it is really very rewarding. >> athletes pushing their already toned bodies. >> i do a lot of stretching, a lot of stretching that i was not doing before. >> and building endurance for the third symphony, a performance unlike anything boston ballet has ever cone before. >> it is climbing mount everest. they are emotionally and physically exhausted. >> the creative director says the dancers must be in top physical shape. the lead men dance all by five minutes of the hour and 45- minute performance with no intermission. >> how hard is that for the lead dancer ? >> it is -- they die. i mean --
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>> what has been the hardest pa part of these work-out ? >> the stamina. >> oh every day on top of the dancing, the stretching and core work, lasha hits the pool. >> this is really a test? >> it is. it is super athletic. >> they work out before, between and after rehearsals. >> running this ballet two, three, four time as day, and that would be like the patriots playing four super bowls in a row. >> which means it is also a championship caliber work-out for this physical therapist. >> our job is also very, very physical, so we're putting our whole body into helping their body recover. >> for palo, it is all about strength, endurance and not getting hurt. >> and that is very easy for you when you're tired to use the wrong muscles and that is very dangerous. >> now you're really going to show me up. >> and the pill lateddities instreakiture showed me exercises for strength. >> and so your spine stases
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rounded up to the ceiling. >> impressive and very humbling. >> so that is your starting position, lisa? >> that wasn't the whole exercise? >> no. >> no question they were in great shape to begin with, but making a performance so challenging seem effortless turn on preparation and testing personal limits under a spotlight. >> and i'll tell you, the dancer also be different human beings afterhaving danced this ballet. >> and they hope lit have a similar effect on the audience. boston ballet is only the fourth company in the world to present this performance and the first in north america. 1. so physical. >> man, is that going to be hard where are the women? >> wthey're not in the first movement. a that is all men, 30 to 35 minutes, they're lifting each other, so 150, 180-pounds guys being lifted and the women come after the rest. >> they'll be sleeping for a week after that performance. >> they will have deserved it. >> thank you. so how are we doing here?
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i feel like we're dog all right. >> it feels nice. we were around the average today and tomorrow will be about 10 degrees above. it will be in the 70s. so more like may and september. >> the average is in the 60s? >> well, today it has cooled off because of the wind coming in off of the ocean. it has been split this month. we had a start to the month that was cooler and the brief warm-up in between. it is up and down in the temperature department. today's high, 61 degrees. so pretty much on the mark. the average again, 60 degrees no where near the record, of course. 82 degrees set back in 1920. but we will be above average tomorrow. high temperature in the 70s. so the difference is we have had a front come. in notice it is cooler in northeastern massachusetts. 56 in lawrence, but it is 65 in taunton. so that front is stalling right over us right now and lit
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front during the day tomorrow. a lot of clouds in place a couple of sprinkles here, western new hampshire also in southern vermont, so we may get a spritz or two. not a big deal. and there are some rain and snow showers back across st. james bay and eastern canada, but that is all going to lift to the north so we will be mostly dry through the remainder of the evening, overnight tonight. there is that front stalling out. notice on the other side of it, low 70s from new york city to d.c. to columbus, ohio. 79 in nashville right now. look at this. 85. 85 degrees right now in st. louis. so there's a lot of warmth out ahead of this don't. we're get special a little piece of it during the day tomorrow. let's time things out hour by hour a lot of clouds around overnight tonight a touch of a patchy fog may develop as we head towards the predawn tomorrow as well that is a sign of some of the warmer air trying to push in. tomorrow morningno issues for your commute. notice a stray shower can't be ruled out tomorrow, midday early afternoon. but it will be just that. there's one l two that show up
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on the map. isolated risk. and then it is during the evening hours, a few spotty shower also be possible as the front comes through. generally between 6:00 and 9:00 p.m. it may last a little longer until about 10:00 p.m. and clearing skies and the cooler air comes in after that for thursday night and friday. so mostly cloudy overnight tonight, the coolest suburbs dip back into the mid to upper 40s. we'll be about 52 at logan airport. sunrise a minute later. 7:05. the fall jacket, the long sleeves. you can get away with short sleeves and maybe shorts tomorrow. look at that, 68 degrees by the end of school. just an isolated risk of a shower. i don't think you need the umbrella for it. bedford to nashua, 73 in fitchburg. worcester tomorrow should be around 70. the thing is the wind is going to be a little gusty. 30, 35-mile-per-hour miles per hour so you'll notice the wind tomorrow. it is that warmer wind direction that drags in the warm air.
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65 to 70 on the cape. look at that. the bottom drops out friday. it is about 20 degrees colder. 50 to 55 for most of us and then the weekend, we stay a little bit on the cooler side. at least for saturday starting with sunday and ending with some clouds. a few showers right now. the timing looks like it looks like the beginning of the day. the showers should be passing. you guys, i want to introduce you to my latest friends from st. francis school. these are the fourth graders and we had a blast today. they were so well behaved. i had to take it a couple of times. i'm giving you permission to yell in class. we shut the down and they had great questions. it is always nice going back. >> and they had to have been so happy. and you might be able to wear shorts tomorrow! >> exactly. plan how you gresh, and they were happy about that, too.
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>> what a kick forthem to know you're from there. >> i didn't go to school there and that is the church i went to, too. >> really nice. >> thank you, danielle ?oo. you're welcome. the legacy of a young weymouth boy is living on thanks to a new addition at the town schools there. i want to show you the buddy bench at the thomas hamilton primary school. it is there for student whose feel lonely. they sit ton bench and other students are enen-- then encouraged to ask to play. the idea came about after colin maroney passed away at the age of 13. that's when his mother found out that he had been a friend to those who were bullied. >> when colin passed, i wanted to do something that -- in his memory that he would -- that would honor him and it was part of him, who he was. and colin, that's who colin was. he'd be the first person to go to the buddy bench and say, hey, come with me. >> what a sweet, sweet thing. the benches are now in all elementary schools there. and colin's mother says she has received requests from
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want to do the same thing. outstanding idea. >> what comfort for so many kids. a role reversal at a pop loor massachusetts resort. >> how the ceos rewarded the employees. coming up new at 6:00, a juvenile with a hatchet breaks into a planned parenthood clinic. the damage left behind. plus, joe biden's very public struggle with his son's death and how that has affected his decision about whether to run for president. and while everyone else is going back to the future, we're going back to the past a look at what everyone was buzzing
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woman: i'm here to engineer my future. man: i'm here for my students. man: to work with a best-selling author. woman: and a nobel prize winner. man: here because everyone deserves clean water. man: here for the cool research. woman: i'm here to shape the future of nursing. man: because the oceans matter to us all. man: i'm there to explore the frontier of knowledge.
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. gentleman armed with buckets of soap and plenty oh of water, the ceo and other top executives hand washed 400 employees' cars. it is their way of saying thank you after the resort was named friendliest within the national great wolf chain. >> much more news ahead. the news at 6:00 starts right now. >> staying on the sidelines. joe biden decides not to run for president. >> unfortunately i believe we're out of time. >> his emotional announcement and voters decide did he make the right move? >> a taste of spring in the air tomorrow and then our temperatures take a nose dive. what that means for our weekend and a rook ahead to the patriots' forecast on sunday. and it is an historic house. it is in beautiful shape. >> and it is on sale for less
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than $30,000. >> the reason why it is such a bargain. joe biden bows out. the vice president announces he will not make a run for the white house. he had openly struggled with the decision over the last few months after the death of his oldest son. >> today in the rose garden with his wife and the president by his side, biden said that his family was emotionally ready for a race, but said simply it is too late. >> there's no timetable for this process. the timetable does not care about things like filing deadlines and debates and primaries and caucuses, but i also know that i could do this if -- i couldn't do this if the family wasn't ready. the good news is the family has
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reached that point.
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