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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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reached that point. unfortunately i believe reear out of time. the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. but while i will not be a cadged date, i will not be silent. i intend to speak out clearly and forcefully to influence as much as i can where we stand as a party and where we need to go as a nation. >> we intend to spend the next 15 monthing fighting for what we have always cared about, what may family has always cared about, with every ounce of -- ounce of our being. i am absolutely certain we are fully capable of accomplishing extraordinary things. >> it is a big story. we have team coverage of the decision of the reaction and we begin with beth germano who is live in the satellite center. beth? >> reporter: the question of whether joe biden would run had consumed democrat force the last few months and now many see a much clearer path for hillary clinton.
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hunger for a joe biden candidacy, but there were many voters still hoping he would enter the race. >> i like joe biden a lot. i thought it would be great if he ran and gave the democrats more choice and gave the country a little more choice. >> reporter: what do you think biden would have brought to the campaign? >> oh, fun. authenticity. >> reporter: more so than hillary? >> at least the perception. >> reporter: until the first democratic debate, the perception in the party was that hillary clinton would not solidify her front runner status creating an opening for the vice president, and a strong debate performance seemed to change that. >> i think that there are enough candidates in the ring already that you don't need another one. >> reporter: many top donors and democratic strategists are already in the clinton camp, and the fear is there would be a messy, grueling primary that would only fracture the democrats. were you concerned that he was going to run and cut into her support? >> a little bit, yeah.
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hillary's, so i'd fear that. >> reporter: leaving hillary clinton now to breathe a sigh of relief. >> and i think more people would vote forbidden than hillary. because of his record. it is a cleaner record. >> so you think he would have jeopardized her candidacy? >> i think so, yeah. definitely. >> reporter: and while joe biden said he would remin a presence, he urged the democratic candidates to defend and run on the record of the obama administration. live in the satellite seasht. i'm beth germano, wbz news. paula? >> thank you. and a new poll just released today showed how much work the vice president had ahead of him if he had entered the race. he finished a distant third in the poll of democrats in new hampshire. so let's bring in our political analyst jon keller now to talk about this. and we know that the country watched as bel biden deliberated about this after the death of his son he was clearly grieving since the spring. how much did that factor into this?
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>> anyone who has lost a loved one know house devastating that can be to an individual, to an entire family, and the situation was complicated by the fact that bowe biden reportedly urged his father to run on his death bed. now, i have interviewed joe bid an couple of times over the years and can testify to the fact that he is one of the warmest, most engaging politicians in the country. so i don't doubted for a second he agonized over these personal factors, but as biden made clear in his statement today, he and his family felt they were up to the campaign. what he didn't say was that the closed window of opportunity he referred to really involved the perception that the clinton campaign was fomenterring and might be in tough enough shape to create a demand for a biden candidacy. but after last week's debate coming on top of improving clinton poll numbers, that perception is gone, and along with it any serious rachial for a biden run. as those poll numbers i think reflected, that was a come down
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new hampshire polling. >> sure. and certainly nor people who support him, a lot to ask of the biden family. >> yes. difficult, running for president is no joke. it is very tacking emotionally and in other ways. >> jon keller, thank you so much. >> john, pulla, thank you. hillary clinton's daughter chelsea nothing but praise for joe biden and his long years of service to the nation. chelsea clinton was in boston today promoting her new children's book. chelsea praised biden for making a decision based on what is best for his family and she clearly supports her mother for president. >> i believe she is working on behah of families, women, mothers, children for longer than i have been alive. i think she really know what is the national government needs to do to support families across our country to be able to make the right choice force themselves and their children. >> tonight on the "cbs evening news" with scott pelly at 6:30, did the g.'s speech include potshots at hillary clinton? that and more in just auto bit. and a cheerleading
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instructor is charged with raping a girl he was coaching. the police say nicholas johnson sexually assaulted a girl who attended the gym where he worked. full house all-stars in west bridgewater. he work there had for a about year. hays now been fired. new at 6:00, the police in new hampshire say a juvenile broke into a planned parenthood clinic and used a hatchet to destroy the place. you can't see the damage from the outside, but the clinic was closed today. the police say the suspect destroys computers, phones, medical equipment and damaged the plumbing as well. earlier this month someone spray painted the word murder on that very same building. the police are not sure tonight if it is connected. the state is trying to take action, but new numbers show the drug overdose cries sees is just getting worse. the department of public health is still adding up the numbers from last year but it now believes we will end up with 1,256 overdose deaths in 2014. as for this year, they only have numbers from the first six months, but they are already
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seeing an increase over last year. the governor has proposed a plan to attack the drug abuse crises, but it has to be passed by the legislature. the gaming commission says it will look next week at whether it should regulate fantasy sports web sites like draft kings and fan duel. the gaming chairman says the commission will discuss the topic at its meeting, though it won't make any decisions. the important sites say they are games of skill, not gambling outlets, but not everyone agrees. the ncaa has now banned draft kings and fan duel from advertising during the march madness tournament. the state has now released english high schools' test scores after withholding them because of, quote, anomalies. they will not say what the anomalies were, but they weren't serious enough to toss out the scores. they posted strong gains. the school has been chronically under performing. coming up, a stunning historic home that you can buy for less than most cars.
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but there is a catch that will scare off most house huntedders. getting ready for rivas. why the patriots think they're well prepared to take on their ex-teammate. and on this "back to the future" day, we're going to go back to the past. the big buzz in boston the day marty mcfly's delonghorn took place. >> and a beautiful sunset going on. mary just sent this picture in from dennis. it is going to feel like spring form and big changes for end of the week and the weekend,
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check out this historic mansion for sale. you will be amazed at how low the price is. it is in manchester, new hampshire and the asking price, well, that is a surprise. >> it is a remarkable place, and as i found out, it is priced to move, literally. the price of this house is unbelievable, guys. it is $29,900, but you have to move it. it can't stay here. >> reporter: that's why the
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price is so low. >> welcome to the george b. chandler home. this is one of the most historically significant homes in the city of manchester. >> reporter: chandler was an extremely rich textile barron who built the house in 1870. his wife gave the queen anne victorian to the diocese of manchester 100 years ago. it has been a residence for bishops and convent, but the church next door can't use the building anymore and wants the land for a parking lot that's why the buyer will have to move the mansion and it is huge. >> there are 30 rooms, approximately 20 bedrooms, approximately six or seven bathrooms. >> reporter: and intry kit and unique woodwork, dramatic stained grass and -- >> this room has probably been used for the last 100 years as you see it, as an in-home chapel. >> reporter: the first estimates for moving the home, $200 00,000 and interest is as big as the building. >> there are people from california to chicago to new
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york to new jersey and they all seem to have one thing in common and that is that they have such a deep love and appreciation history. >> so the hope is that someone local be buy the home and keep anytime manchester, of course. the mansion is assessed at more than $600,000 and the realtor says once it is moved and rehabbed, it could be worth a million dollars. so the cost of moving it could actually bring someone a bargain if they have all of that up front money to do the renovation. maybe a builder, one of the house shows will want to do it. >> $200 to move it. you to have a piece of land but you can probably make out great. where is your pick-up truck? >> i'd love to have an at-home chapel. >> danielle, how strong are you? >> i think that will be a good idea. we'll all be pulling it! so temperatures today actually pretty normal for some of us. we hit 70, though ntaunton this afternoon.
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61 for the high at logan airport. 58 in lawrence. and now we are in the 50s here from wust tore boston. the wind has shifted around. it is the front that came through and that has cooled us off. taunton to providence. the front has stalled right over us. so there are some clouds in place. a nice sunset. a little filtered sunshine out there a couple of sprinkles coming back through the corridor. southern vermont. we may get a sprinkle or two in northern massachusetts. it is not going to bother you all that much. and then this front returns tomorrow as a warm front. so tonight we stay fairly mild, in up ther 40s to low 50s. a little patchy fog develops as well. tomorrow morningno issue for your commute. we punch into some sunshine tomorrow, although i think the cloud also win out overall. with the southwest wind, that drags in the mild air so we come up to the upper 607s to lower 707s for highs tomorrow. lit come with that gusty wind at times to 35 miles per hour. here comes the front late in the day. a couple of spotty showers.
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there's not a ton of moisture with this front. so as it comes by, we could actually use a good soaking rain a passing shower during teaching. behind it, the wind shifts around. high pressure builds in. it looks beautiful, at least bright and sunny on friday. saturday we start with sunshine. we end up with clouds that move in, but a nice fall day overall for saturday. and then the next front doesn't arrive until sunday with a chance for scattered showers so you know what that mean ? gillette stadium. sun and clouds. we may get an early shower risk for tailgating towards the beginning of the game. it depends on the exact timing of the front, but it does not look like a wash-out. the temperature also be up in the 60s. it is going shift around to the northwest later on in the afternoon. about 10 to 18 miles per hour. in the meantime overnight tonight, 53 in boston. middle to upper 40s in some of the cooler suburbs. the kids can get away with the fall jacket tomorrow. you're fighting with your parents every morning. short sleeves, the shorts may
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be okay tomorrow. upper 60s for high temperatures, and we'll top out right around 70 degrees. 65 to 70 on cape cod. look at friday. we drop it by about 20 degrees so 51 for a high on friday. 49 in worcester. most of us running about 50 to 55. at least the sun will be shining on friday. the same goes for saturday, too. a nice fall day. a few scattered showers. monday, a pretty quiet start to next week. beale in the lower 50s. and then wednesday, the next front approaches could bring an isolated shower by the time we get to late in the day on wednesday. david, paula, back to you. >> that is nice tomorrow. and thank you so much. and patriots, rivas, i love to hear about all of this. >> i wasn't expecting to be saying they're playing the 5-1 jets, steve. >> here is the thing, the jets are 4-1. >> there you go. >> and who is playing the numbers game anyway? >> i was wondering why you paused? >> because you're too polite to
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correct me. let's play the numbers game. tom brady's record at home against the jets, 10-2. the pats are nine health official point favorites and looking to go 6-0. the last time they went 6-0, 2007. even though the jets have rivas, the pats are still looking to rule. >> welcome back to the practice field, and we'll see how they progress throughout the week to the game, and it is the pats and the jets. tom brady could not say enough about how good this jets' defense is. >> they have a great secondary, great defensive line. i feel like demaree davis and calvin pace have been like the linebackers there. they never come off the field. >> reporter: the elephant in the room is this will be the return of durrell rivas. she having a great season. the players feel that practicing against him all last year will give them some insight. >> the more reps against a guy you get, the better you know him, the more experience you have. he's a very inquisitive player and hi mys at high level all the time. >> one the guys that sees
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everything on the field. he sees the formations and routes and splits. and anything presnap that can help him get an idea of whether the ball is coming his way or going the other way. >> reporter: the bottom line? the pats have got to protect brady and this ever changing offensive line will need to be at their best. >> sate great front. and it is going to take a 60- minute effort. >> reporter: rex ryan leaving the jets actually took all of the hype out of this game, but it made new york better. talking to the players, the jets have more of a business- like approach and this will be the toughest game for them this season so far. at gillette stadium, wbz sports. thank you very much. be sure to catch "patriots' all somebody sees t." the behind-the-scenes stuff you cannot see anywhere else. and we'll have it all for you on sunday starting with the "patriots' game day." the pats and jets kick off at 1:00 here on wbz followed by "the fifth quarter post-game show" also here on wbz as well. and wbz is your home for thursday night football! tomorrow night the seahawks
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visit the 49ers. and looking for their first win at the edwarden this season when they take on the influence tonight. patrice burgeon and his wife stephanie became first-time parent this is morning. they backed little zach bergeron. and he will play tonight. and even though the b's had a slow start to the season, they have the top ranked power play unit in the league so far scoring b seven goals in 18 tries that is something they struggled with even when they won the stanley cup. >> most of those guys were together last year, too, so there is a little bit of chemistry. but right now i think there's also a lot of confidence, you know, and david has been so good back in. hopefully the power play continues to be a weapon for us. >> and in college football, b.c. visits louisville this saturday. you see that game on my tv 38 at 12:30. and get this, it was 40 years
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and it is the game-winning home run in the 12th inning waving the ball fair as it went off the foul pole to beat the reds 7-6. one of the most memorable images in sports history even though the sox lost game seven. and in the alcs game five now, the blue jays lead the royals 5- 0 north of the border that's sports for now. guys, back to you. steve, thank you. the "cbs evening news" coming up here at 6:30. >> and scott pelley is gin joining us from new york and he has preview. >> good evening. great to be with you in boston. joe said no this morning and there by shook up the race for the nick race. the front runner tomorrow hillary clinton will appear before the benghazi committee at the house and she will have to answer questions about that terrible terrorist attack at the u.s. compound in libya and private e-mails. all of that coming right up ton "cbs evening news" in 10 minutes. >> scott, thank you. coming up next, the future
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is now, so let's go back in time. life in boston when we first
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it is the year 2015? >> october 21,2015. >> as no doubt you heard by now today is "back to 2 future" day. the day marty mcfly traveled to at tend of the original "back to the future" and its sequel and there has been a lot of talk about what the movie got right and what it got wrong. >> but instead of complaining about our lack of hoover boards, we thought it would be fun to go back to the past and see what was big in boston in october of 1985. the big three, of course, at the top of their game, larry bird, kevin mchale, robert parish, about to start a season that would end with the nba title. >> and do you remember the swatch? the man who made that hit was
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he wanted to sell it only in chicago and boston to drive up the demand everywhere else, but it consistent work out. >> and computerland selling big brand names like vector graphic and polymorphic systems. >> that summer was so fun! >> 1985. >> "back to the future" was sort of like "star wars" in the way that everybody loved that movie and everybody saw it. >> by the way, i saw marty mcfly earlier at the dunkin' doughnuts. >> he was ton hoover board. >> where do you think he landed? he needed caffeine. >> up next, mbta memories. >> and your chance to own the art that was part of a million of commutes. closed captioning is brought to you by plymouth rock
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massachusetts attorney general hollywoodly is our in- studio guest tonight on the wbz 10:00 over on my tv 38. everything is on the table and we're taking your questions on
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everything from fantasy sports to the crises. tweet me at wbz and we'll see you then. and tonight at 11:00 for someone with an allergy, an epipen can be the difference of life and death, but the c's of these life-saving krugs are going way up. we take a look at the troubling trend putting some families in danger. well, if you are a lover of mass transit, here is your chance the own a piece of mbta history. >> and who isn't really? >> murals of green line trolleys from the 1970s are up for auction. this is interesting. 19 murals were removed by government center as the crews build a modern new station there in its place, so the t. decided the murals really don't work in the new station so they're up for auction a new porcelain panel with the mural also be put up in their place and you just hear that mbta song, don't you? >> it is cool. >> you have to have the right house for it. >> they can go in a hallway.
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[ and what about your room? >> if you put that in your kitchen, would you food no longer come on time? >> it is really cold in the winter! >> how are we doing? >> 70s tomorrow. it is going to feel like spring. >> i can't wait. >> thank you.
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