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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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and we have breaking news at 11:00, a 16-year-old arrested, accused of making threats to, quote, shoot up a high school. the police believe he may have been planning an attack for some time. >> tonight we're learning more about how police stopped him. we're live with the breaking defails. katie? >> reporter: the police arrested the teen for, as you mentioned, threatening to shoot up the school and for also what they found at his house, and they were told to stop any potential violence because a student spoke up. >> a little nerve-racking. >> reporter: the parent as the high school are uneasy. this afternoon they received a notice that the police arrested a student for threatening the school. >> nervous, but you never know. >> reporter: on monday, a girl reported she was afraid her
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friend might do something vie lend and harm himself. over the past month, the police say the student had made comments on social media postings references past school shootings. this time he said he was going to shoot up the school the next day. >> at this point it was something critical that she actually thought was serious enough that could possibly happen. >> the officers searched the boy's parents' homes. in one they found tactical gear, gott clothing and fake weapons and they also found live ammunition and the officers are unsure how the teen got the bullets. >> we don't believe at any point there was an imminent danger to somebody at the school. this girl possibly saved that child's life. >> reporter: the officers arrested the boy sunday night. since he was in custody they wait food r the police to finish the investigation before notifying parents. this parent took it as reminder to talk to his two teen. >> always know where you're going and always be aware of what is going on around you.
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not been in school since monday. he is currently undergoing a mental evaluation and he faces three charges, including threatening to commit murder. wbz news. thank you. the house freedom caucus says it will support congressman paul ryan for house speaker, all but guaranteeing now that he'll get that job. ryan said last night he would only run if all major republican groups support him. this is the same group that bane tore resign. we're follow twog developing stories tonight. first, a woman pinned around train at the haymarket t. station and rushed to the hospital. shall weiss conscious, but there is no word yet on how badly she is injured. the orange line service is suspended between north station and back bay. the t. officials are urging the passengers to use the green line? that area and the shuttle buss are running. also developing, new trouble in the big dig tunnel system.
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officials say there is a wide spread problem with cracked construction nuts. the crews are now inspecting 100,000 of them. they hold up the lights take weigh at least 100 pounds and the officials say they're not in danger of falling. they insist they know that because they actually had someone hang off one of the lights and it stayed in place. tonight the stunned parents are reacting after a cheerleading instructor is charged with raping a young girl he was coaching. we're live at the gym where he worked. ken? >> reporter: the truth is tonight that not many parent whose brought their daughters here wanted to talk about the incident or the coach who is quoted in the police report as telling his young victim that no matter how things turned out, he wouldn't regret his action. well, he might feel differently tonight in jail. as some young cheerleader wanna bees araved for their gym session tonight, some moms were just learning the news. >> shock, surprise. and obviously you're concerned for your child's safety. >> reporter: they're talking about the arrest of the 26-year-
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old nick johnson, a coach at the full house all-stars cheerleading gym on charges he sexually assaulted a 14-year- old girl who trained here. >> i just try not to make any judgments until i have all of the pieces, which i don't have. >> reporter: the police say it began with texts between the pair and the teen admits sending her coach a topless photo, but the prosecutors say it escalated when johnson secretly drove the girl here to his brockton apartment where a sexual encounter. some parents won't be back. are you going to keep your oh daughter coming here? >> i don't think so. not anymore. >> reporter: but many parents either stayed silent or defended the gym, which fired arrest. no employees would talk to us. >> i leave her there often for hours under their supervision heartedly. >> reporter: even though the victim says she told only one friend, it was her parent whose went to police. as moms delivered their little cheerleaders to practice
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tonight, some hope their youngsters own good judgment would defend them. >> i don't know all of the details of the story but i'm just hoping that she is going to make the right decisions. >> reporter: on the day police first questioned johnson about the assault, they say he drove his pick-up truck off the road and then spent several days in the hospital. when he got out, he was arrested and arraigned. his bail set at $50,000 cash. life in west bridgewater tonight, ken mcleod, wbz news. thank you. a father is being held on $200,000 cash bail. randall lynch pleading not guilty to charges he beat and starved his 7-year-old son. in july jack was found unresponsive weighing only 38 pounds. tonight he remains in a long- term care facility. lynch will be back in court next month. speeding drivers are taking a toll that puts toll booth employees an other drivers in danger. and tonight we're there for the new effort to make them slow down. our kate merit is -- kate
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merrill is out with state troopers and they say this could save lives. >> reporter: lisa, that's why the dept of transportation and state police are doing something about it. the speed limit here at the toll on the pike is 15 miles per hour, but all you have to do is watch, people more than double that, and that is a real safety concern for the toll workers in the booth. it is not the sight any driver wants to see, but if you use the mass pike, there is a crack down going on right now. >> he said he caught me at 25 and the limit is 15. >> reporter: massachusetts state police and the department of transportation are on a mission. to slow down. speed trap. they say this is a campaign to save lives from police to signs, the message is everywhere. >> the danger is do the toll collector whose are watching in between at certain times. >> reporter: in the memory of the toll worker who was killed this summer as he worked the tolls in auburn, they are trying to remind drivers that
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the speed limit here at this toll booth at the airport is 15 miles per hour, but what they're finding is most people here go at least 30. >> i didn't realize it was 15, and that's a little crazy slow. >> reporter: most drivers admit to us they don't really think of toll speed and safety. >> i didn't even know there was a speeding limit going through there, so oh technically i guess i agree with the campaign because people should know and it is ignorance that might have gotten somebody killed. >> reporter: that's why the troopers are here flagging down dozens of drivers, not to make money, they say, but to make an impression. >> people are pretty positive. they just don't realize it is 15. so when we do tell them that, they're a little surprised. just pay attention to the posted signs and just have a little conversation with them. you can see the signs are posted a the toll booth pont warning people to slow down. the problem, of course, the easy pass lanes. those are the ones that people
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get going fast. troopers have hundreded issues of citations, tickets and warnings, and in most cases they're going easy ton drivers because they simply want to get the message across. kate merrill, wbz news. thank you. tonight the state gaming commission says lit take a look at whether the state should be making new laws for fantasy sports web sites like boston- based draft kings and fan deal, and they are studying the issue and will make recommendations to lawmakers as well. she also told me that draft kings hiring her former boss and prison seesor martha coakley doesn't change a thing in the case. is it at all awkward to have side? >> not at all. not at all. we haven't spoken about this. we won't speak about this. my focus is on the company and the company's conduct and that's what we're reviewing. that's what we're learning more about. >> heely told me state ethics
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phone call from coakley as she is now a consultant. joe biden says he will not run for president, but he will keep working for the country. >> while i will not be a candidate,ly not be silenced. jon keller is here with a look at the reason yes he won't run. jon? >> reporter: he ran unsuccessfully twice before, but he knew how tough a task it could be. alanguage with coming to grips with the death of his son and the low guess call challenges of a late start, and he hinted at another reason for his decision, disgust at what our political culture has become. >> unfortunately i believe we're out of time, the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. >> reporter: and with that an end to months of speculation and to a potential challenge hilly clinton preferred the avoid. she praised bid inn a written statement echoed by her daughter chelsea during a visit to cambridge. >> reporter: i know that his
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record of service will only continue in the future. >> four more years of this kind of pitch battle may be more than this country can take. we have to change it. >> reporter: but is biden's parting plea realistic? >> it is clear -- he is clearly a great guy and served with distinction. >> reporter: jeb bush was gracious but others were not. gindl tweeted they are left with a socialist or a candidate under fbi investigation and the gop front runner said i would rather run against hillary because her railroad is so bad. >> i don't think you should look at republicans as our enemies. >> reporter: but for the candidates who remain in the race, bitter partisanship is a given. >> i obviously have strong disagreements with the republicans on every issue. >> i am as mad as hell and i'm not going to take this anymore! >> reporter: and 40 years after the movie network captured public anger and aleation, our polarized political culture has
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don't just finish last, they don't even enter. and that toxic environment likely be on display tomorrow when clinton testifies before a house committee investigating her handling of the benghazi fiasco. i suspect whatever regret biden feels about taking a pass on this campaign may fade as the ugliness of it continues to unfold. lisa? >> we'll cover that hearing tomorrow, jon. thank you. biden says he ran out of time to launch a campaign and that brings us to our number of the night, 111. it is 111 days until the new hampshire voter goss to the polls in the nation's first presidential primary. tomorrow mark twos years since danvers' high school teacher colleen ritzer were murdered. her friends and family are hoping you can help honor her memory with an act of kindness tomorrow. and jennifer burger of and over and riser were friends since kindergarten. she is calling for random acts of kindness throughout the day. she says it will help those who were close to her get through a very tough day.
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>> if we can bring a little bit of good out in a bad day, then the world is a little better place. >> reporter: she is asking people to share their abouts of kindness in colleen's honor on facebook and twitter as well. >> no better tribute. a local high school teen making history. >> their huge win that puts them in the record books. >> and you can really hear the engines purr. the discovery one woman made in her car. and lisa, the temperatures tomorrow up around 70, so feeling more like may or early september, and then we take a nose dive! what that means for our weekend, and, of course, a look ahead to the pats and jets on sunday. dr. marshall with the drastic price spike for epipens. what is driving costs through
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the field hockey team has a lot to celebrate. the raiders haven't lost a game in an incredible six and a half years. and they became the winningest team in all of america. [ cheering ] >> reporter: if there had been any doubt, the raiders quickly erased it with a goal and another one, and so on. it was 3-0 within the first 10 minutes, 6-0 at the half. [ cheering ] >> reporter: and that led to a celebration 2,404 days in the making, 154 straight wins, a new national record. >> congratulations! >> reporter: the coach donohue has been a constant here for 30 years and she called generations of players down to the field to celebrate. >> it is very, very nice for them to be there for these girls.
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to know how have they done it all these years with all of these different player ? >> hard work. of the game. it allowed them wednesday the now eclipse the former record jersey. do you want to go down with the new jersey team as well? >> oh, yeah. awesome game. >> reporter: and barring that, what is next for these girl ? they have one more regular season game, and then they head into the playoffs. it is ingle elimination. they will be seeking their seventh straight state title. there david and lisa? >> something tells me they're going to get it, too. thank you. do you think there is any >> incredible. great day, too. all you need is that and the video with the girls wearing their tank tops. it was warm enough for that. >> seriously. we hit 71 in taunton. 61 in boston. the average is 60, so it actually ended up being a little bit of an above average day today. we were cooler in northeastern
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warmth across the nation. 86 for high today in st. louis. little rock, dallas as well. 79 in nashville. now, we won't get that warm. we were 78 in philly. we will come in the low 70s for many of us during the day. right now it is 55. we have only cooled back a bit. it has been creeping up with the moisture coming in off the ocean. notice it doesn't really matter where you go from southern maine back to the south coast, we're generally in the lower to middle 50s now because of the clouds that are out there and a couple of showers too. they're generally to our north. i can't rule out an isolated sprinkle. western massachusetts, and in the berkshires. overall, though, it is going to be a mostly dry next 24 hours showers, though. this front came through is stalling and it is going to tomorrow. so where does that put us? on the warmer side that's why we come into the 70s. breaks of sunshine come out. new york.
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these will slide east. i don't even think it is worth having the umbrella tomorrow. you can pop the hood up briefly. it is not going to sley you down for your evening commute. behind it the wind shifts around, we drag in that chilly air mass for friday. you'll notice the difference. we'll be about 20 degrees cooler. the weekend starts off on a good note. sunshine to start. increasing clouds, but there will be the high, thin, whys'y ones. filtered sunshine by saturday evening. as we head into sunday. as we head into sunday.(.ecl) that's when the next front comes in with another round of scattered showers. gillette stadium here. pats and jets. sun and clouds. there will be a risk for a shower and as that front comes in, obviously the timing is chris call here, but it does not look like a wash-out by any means. maybe towards tailgating and the beginning part of the game. the temperature around 60 degrees. the wind is going to shift out of the northwest at 10 to 18 miles per hour.
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the wind is gradually subsiding. upper 40s in the coolest suburbs. tomorrow it is a fall jacket kind of morning, but if your kids fight you every morning, they can get away with it. look at that. 68 to the lower 70s by the end of school tomorrow. in fact, a lot of communities end up right around 70 degrees. an above average day for sure. a lot of clouds around and peeks of sunshine here and there. lower 70s from the south shore, a middle to upper 70s. by friday, we're about 20 degrees cooler. back up to normal on sunday with a couple of the showers coming in. and that is the start of next week. no big heavy rainstorms. the next chaps of showers comes in on wednesday. >> thank you. and for the millions of people with allergies, and epipen can really be a lifesaver. >> it is a simple device that suddenly became more expensive even for those with insurance. we take a look at why the price
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of something so critical has gone up so much. every bite dillon frazier takes needs to be watched closely. the 9-year-old has severe food eller ghees. >> if we didn't have an epipen with us and he had a reaction, it could be deathly for him. >> reporter: and a strategic plan to make sure an epipen is always near dillon. >> backpack, classroom, the cafeteria, i carry one. my husband carries one. we have one in our sports bag. >> reporter: the epipens are an ingentable form of a drug which can quickly reverse an alargic reaction. it is a must. how expensive has it been? >> it has gone up significantly turnover past u few years. >> reporter: a twin pack has gone from around $60 to more than $400 over the past 10 years. >> and the bigger issue across most medications in general now. >> reporter: the professor todd brown teaches at the northeastern school of pharmacy. >> pharmaceutical companies have really changed the way
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they price medications. it used to be related to the impact of the medication and now it is really changed to essentially how much they can get for a medication. >> reporter: this is only happening in the united states. those same epipen which is cost about $400 here go for about $85 in france. >> it doesn't make any sense. there is no federal regulation on how high drug price cans go. >> we have prohibited the government from negotiating prices with drug producers by law, which is a crazy thing to have done. >> having this item is absolutely critical. >> reporter: and he works in the emergency room and he is concerned some families may be forced to cut back. >> these event cans progress at a very rapid pace, sometimes as quickly as 20 minutes. under those circumstances, having an epipen would be absolutely life saving. >> reporter: she is lucky her insurance cover as majority of the cost but her co-pays are
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>> i had friend who had to pay $1,000 for all of the epipens. >> and pay she will because the stakes are that high. there marshall, wbz news. >> in a statement, the neverrer of epipens tells us it has given free epipens to more than 60,000 schools and it gives families that qualify financial help paying for device. for more information on how to get that help, you go to our web site, patrice burgeon is celebrating a big first. >> and steve burton has the details coming up next in
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welcome back, everybody. patrice burgeon and his wife welcomed their first child in the world, a little boy and after spending quality time with his newborn son, he left for wand he was in the lineup against the flyers at the garden. burgeon got to work right away. it was 2-2 after one. second period, short-handed, but on the break, loui eriksson and it is a short-handed goal and it is 3-2 bruins. they're looking pretty good. and later in the period, jimmy hays skates into the zone. somehow it gets past steve mayson putting the bruins up 4- 2. they are up two goals and
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and on the left side and he beats tuukka rask. and that ties the game at 4-4 and we're headed to overtime. in the extra session, hooking giving the flyers the power play and then they convert. and when claude giroux blasts the one timer and that is it. philly wins anytime overtime 5- 46789 and the b's fall to 0-4 at home at the garden. yikes. and the patriots were back on the practice field gearing up for sunday's match-up against the jets. and the good news, they are cleared for a limited basis. and tom brady and the offense will have their hands full against the new york defense. the jets v.p. given up the fewest points in the league. and they're aggressive against the pes and brady knows the offense better take care of the football. >> and lead the league in turnovers, so if they're getting the ball off of offenses, whether that is knocking the ball out or intercepting balls, and having
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a big year with those two stats. there are a lot of play makers and you just have to be conscious of where you're throwing the ball. you can't throw it up for grabs because they have guys with great ball skies. >> for a vie preview, check out patriots' all access here on wbz. as for sunday, we have you covered from start to finish beginning with the "patriots' game day" at 11:30. it may be followed by the fifth quarter post-game show. wbz is also your home for thursday night football. tomorrow night the niners, they host the seahawks. baseball playoffs, alcs, game five and they are looking to finish off the jays a tnd jays had other plansmented and he belts the solo homer putting toronto on top 1-0. and move to the bottom of the sixth. now 2-0. bases loaded for troy tulowitzki and he unloads them driving one deep into the gap in left center for the bases clearing double making it 5-0 blue jays. they go on to win it, however, k.c.
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still own as 2-2 series lead that's sports for now. we'll be back right after this. stay with us. closed captioning is brought to you by xfinity. experience the flavor of fall with a new hot or iced
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