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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  October 22, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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right now at 5:00, a teen arrested, charged with plotting to shoot up the school and why police believe he's been planning this for some time. >> and a rape investigation closed. police say the report was unfounded. we'll tell you about the details we're learning this morning. >> and new problems for the big dig tunnel. the inspection's now under way. >> today marks two years since a teacher was murdered at her school. what her friends are asking others to do to honor her memory. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: it's 5:00 a.m. great to have you here. i'm kathryn hauser. >> i'm bree sison. be careful with those high beams out there this morning. it is foggy. >> yeah, and it's widespread, too. visibility is not so great at
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so that might be playing a role into this as well. hey, pamela. >> reporter: hey there. the deal is, the visibility continues to change from place to place. that particular camera view doesn't look as bad. as you can see downtown, logan reporting a quarter of a mile or less. i'll be here to keep you posted for the next couple of hours. we'll get you through that drive and on your way out the door. zero for falmouth. very, very dense fog there, and temperatures are in the 50s. we don't have much of a wind this morning, and the fog has been allowed to settle. once we get past the later part of the morning, the fog will start to dissipate as the wind picks up speed. wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour by that lunch hour for the south. that southerly wind warming us to the upper 60s and lower 70s. later this evening, we have a chance for rain, and the drive home could be soggy for some. current radar pictures shows the rain well to the north and west of us. coming up in the forecast,
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big change is on the way. robi? >> a little bit of a foggy commute for some of you out there, but no reported accidents or slowdowns so far. take a live look at the expressway. you don't want to put your high right there. ing see very foggy conditions. heavy volume braintree to boston right now, but moving along on the expressway heading into the city. let's check the north map. 93 southbound busy but no backups. route 1 looks busy coming up from peabody. bree, kathryn? it's 502 right -- 5:02 right now. a high schooler charged for threat being to shoot up his school. >> susie steimle has a closer look at the investigation. susie? >> reporter: good morning, bree and kathryn. police say the student
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both social media and via text message that he wanted to harm his classmates. they also say the student who turned him in may have saved his life. >> at this point, it was something critical that she actually thought was serious enough to report that could possibly happen. >> reporter: police are commending a young girl for coming forward and turning in her 16-year-old friend for threatening to shoot up the high school. they are encouraging more students to come in if they hear threats of violence. >> we'd rather investigate 100 missed complaints than miss the one real complaint. >> reporter: she reported that she felt he might harm himself and students. no actual weapons were found but fake guns and tactical gear and real ammunition were found. >> we don't believe at any point there was an imminent danker to anybody at the school. >> reporter: parents say it is
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a wake-up call for them to check in with their own kids. >> always know where you are going, keep your eyes open, and always be aware of what's going on around you. >> reporter: this young man is due back in court in a month. we're live in methuen, susie steimle, wbz this morning. a rape investigation at bridgewater state university is closed. police tell us the report was unfounded. an 18-year-old freshman told police she was sexually assaulted while walking on campus monday night. she said she met the person on a social networking app. police even released a sketch university police say the student will not be charged. a cheerleading coach is charged with raping a young girl he was coaching. arrest. 26-year-old nick johnson has already been fired from his job at the full house all stars cheerleading gym in west bridgewater. he's facing charges of aggravated rape of a child,
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posing a child in a state of nudity. his victim, police say, was a 14-year-old girl, who he trained at the gym. >> reporter: are you going to keep your daughter coming here? >> i don't think so. >> not anymore. >> the people in charge of the facility, i leave her here often for hours under their supervision, and i trust them wholeheartedly. >> reporter: johnson reportedly took the 14-year-old to his brockton apartment where the assault allegedly happened. according to a police report, johnson told them he would not regret his actions no matter what happened next. >> orange line service is back to normal after a woman was pinned under a train. the woman was conscious and alert. she was taken to the hospital. there is no word on her condition this morningp. there is new trouble in the big dig tunnel system. officials say there was a widespread problem with cracked construction nuts, which hold up lights. nicole jacobs is live with more. nicole?
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>> reporter: bree, mass d.o.t. officials say there is no imminent danger with regards to the tunnels in massachusetts. i want to give you a closer look right now at some of the work that's planning on being done right now with regards to the light maintenance. they are replacing some construction nuts and say replacing them is out of an abundance of caution. this all has to do with light fixtures in the tunnel, though, officials are making it very clear, none of the lights are in jeopardy of falling, which is exactly what happened back in 2011. in september of this year, state inspectors actually found one single crack in a construction nut and decided they would take a closer look at all of the light fixtures and tunnels. the department already has a policy of inspecting every component of the tunnels every two years. after the single find in september, crews went on to
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that need to be replaced in the ted williams tunnel. the interstate 90 and 93 tunnels, 50 construction nuts are set to be replaced. again, taking another live look at the ted williams tunnel in boston, i can tell you that there is no idea exactly how much it will cost to replace these construction nuts, but we do know inspections are expected to be complete in november. we're live in boston, nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. >> thank you very much. it's 5:07 right now. you'll see extra speed traps today if your commute takes you on toll roads like the mass pike. d.o.t. are kicking off a campaign to get you to slow down. it's an effort to get to you killed. police pulled over dozens of drivers to give them warnings at the tolls by the airport and wbz was there. >> the danger is to the toll collectors who are walking in between them at certain times. also, people try to change
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coming into the toll plaza or somebody's stopped trying to grab a ticket, a lot of collisions happen that way. >> the speed limit through any toll plaza is 15 miles per hour. there are signs just about everywhere. still, state police tell us most people go twice as fast, which is what they are trying to change. today, governor baker will meet with law enforcement members to discuss the proposed opioid numbers. the drug overdose crisis is getting worse. the department is still adding up numbers from last year, but they believe they will end up with 1,256 deaths from 2015. governor acre proposed a -- governor baker proposed a plan that must be passed by the legislature. should the state make new
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laws for fantasy sports sites? attorney general maura healey tells wbz she's studying the issue and will make recommendations to lawmakers. she also says draftkings hiring her former boss and predecessor martha coakley does not change a thing. >> reporter: is it at all awkward to havier predecessor on the other side? -- to have your predecessor on the other side? >> not at all. we haven't spoken at all. >> reporter: hailey says state ethics laws prevent her from taking a phone conversation from coakley as a consultant for draftkings. today mark two's years since -- marks two years since danvers high schoolteacher colleen ritzer was killed. berger and ritzer were friends since kindergarten. she's calling for random acts
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of kindness all day. >> if we can bring a little bit of good out in a bad day, the world is a better place. >> reporter: berger is asking people to share their acts of kindness on facebook and twitter. coming up, joe biden out of the race for the white house. >> why he says he doesn't want to run. >> plus, jon keller looks at what biden's decision says about the state of american politics. >> plus, hillary clinton heading to capitol hill today and why she's set to testify before congress. pamela? >> a foggy morning out there, especially at the bus stop, too. be careful as you head around the corners as you head to work or to school. you'll need the light jacket. temperatures in the 50s. how warm exactly we'll get and how long we stay warm coming up
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welcome back. here's your chance to own a piece of the mbta history. the green line trolleys from the 1970s are up for auction. they were removed from government center as crews were building a new station. the t decided the murals won't work in the updated station so they are going to the highest bidder. >> i think it will make a lot of money. >> i'll bet you boston lovers and people who collect boston
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>> sure, why not? >> it's like lovers of the mbta. >> it's hard to find those. it's a foggy start for many of us out there, danielle. >> yeah. we always go to schools and do weather talk. i want to show you video. danielle niles is not only filling in at night, but she managed to get in a school visit. this is danielle's hometown, by the way. awesome. looks like they are having a good time. we'll continue to show you more videos like this as we go to different schools throughout the entire school year. we're actually booked up through spring already. we get a lot of requests, but we love it. visibility this morning is low in many locations. as you are out driving,
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then -- will get to zero then clear out so be aware. down to a quarter now in nantucket. wind speeds are not very strong and that's why we've allowed the fog to settle. the wind will increase throughout the morning hours. 10:00 a.m., the wind starts to get up there between 10, 20 miles per hour in most spots and wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour throughout the course of the afternoon. that south-southwest wind is a good thing for us because we'll have warm temperatures. friday morning, still a strong breeze but notice it's indicating something is moving our way. we have a cold front moving in. i'll get to that hour by hour timing to show you if we'll see any rain from that in just a bit.
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up in the 50s. we don't stop there. 72. that high in boston and right locations. overnight tonight, gradual clearing, 44 degrees. current radar pictures show the spotty showers and a line of a in our direction. here. notice we'll have partly sunny rain chance. then afternoon all the way through the evening commute, spotty showers. the best chance for rain will be in the cape and islands. after midnight, we become dry and cool. back to fall for friday. 53 degrees. tons of sunshine for saturday, too. typical fall day, too. patriots at home and of course we have a chance for rain, but that may be an advantage for us, i think. monday into tuesday 50s. then wednesday 58. traffic and weather together, robi. >> you like the rain for the patriots?
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>> why not? >> i don't like that for a passing game, though. >> i don't like it for tailgating. >> yeah. there's the priority right there. excellent. right. bring a tent, absolutely. thank you, pamela. it could be a foggy ride out there. look at the mass pike live right now. that camera view is all fogged up just a half hour ago. looking clear right now no reported problems on the pike eastbound. route 3 looks good coming out of hingham. 24 north and 95 north so for, trouble free. we'll head to campaign 2016 now. joe biden announces he will not run for president. he says he and his family need to mourn the death of his son bo. biden says he has no regrets and still hopes to shape the future of america.
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not running was the state of american politics. jon keller takes a closer look at how divided our two parties are. >> reporter: good morning. did you notice canada elected a new prime minister this week. his name is justin trudeau and positive politics. down here in the states, inquiring minds want to know, what on earth is that? let's be honest, politics here and in canada has always been a sharp elbow affair and always will be. they talk about voter anger these days, but there was plenty of anger around when i was growing up in the 1960s and '70s that makes what's happening now seem tame. if it seems to you that our politics has noticeably deteriorated in the last 15 years or so, join the club. vice president biden made note of that in his announcement yesterday that he won't be running calling the "divisive
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spirited and petty. i don't think we should look at said biden. a reference to recent remarks by hillary clinton. clinton and bernie sanders boasted yesterday of having "strong disagreements with republicans on every issue." every issue? what are the odds. both parties have anywhere hyper partisanship and ideological rigidity whipped up by special interest groups for word. some pols do pay lip service to positive politics but don't mean it because their constituents don't seem to want it. in that sense, we appear to be deserve. talk back to me about this at or via twitter at keller at large.
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guaranteed to be the next house speaker. he said he would only run if all republican groups supported him. hillary clinton is called to testify before congress on the deadly bombing in benghazi. they want to see what the former secretary of state knew. many democrats call it a witch hunt to take down her presidential campaign. up next, the pats getting ready for their game. >> how are they preparing? >> plus, bergeron takes the ice for the bruins after
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welcome back. the pats gearing up to take on a division rival. >> and the bruins are still looking to get their first win at the garden. here's steve burton with your morning sports. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. patrice bergeron and his wife
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welcomed a little boy in name zach. after spending quality time with his newborn son, he got right to work. in the first, he assisted on this first score of the year for collins. batting home his fourth of the season. second period we go, bs short- handed. on the break, erickson with the shot. in for the short-handed goal. later this the period, jimmy -- later in the period, jimmy hayes and somehow gets past steve mason putting the bruins up, 4-2. move to the third, now 4-3 when he streaks in off the left side, beats tuukka rask. we're headed to overtime. in the extra session, ryan got called for hooking, giving the
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the bs fall to 0-4 at home at the garden. patriots, tom brady and the offense will have their hands full against the jets defense. the jets have given up the fewest points in the league. brady knows the offense better take care of the football. >> they are getting the ball off offensive, whether that's knocking the ball off in fumbles or intercepting balls. you know, reavis is having a big year with those two stats. it it's a lot of play-makers, so you've just got to be conscious where you are throwing the ball. they've got guys with great ball skills. >> reporter: for a preview of the pats and jets, check out patriots all action set right here on wbz. as for sunday, yeah, we've got you covered from start to finish beginning with patriots game day at 11:00. wbz is also your home for thursday night football. tonight, the niners host the
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that, my friends, is sports for now. i'm steve burton. have a great day, everybody. still to come in our next half hour, new problems for the big dig tunnels. the ininspections now under way. >> start making your resolutions for 2016. up next, the new event for the pan mass challenge that hopes to kick off your year and to kick cancer. >> later, a historic tv special that brings new meaning to the term reality television and the surgery being broadcast live for millions to see. mild and breezy ahead of rain and big changes. a return to fall for friday. i'll have the numbers and
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right now at 5:30. a teen arrested charged with plotting to shoot up his school. why police believe he's been planning this for some time. >> new trouble in the big dig tunnel system. the widespread problem crews
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are inspecting right now. >> cycling for a cause. the new event in the pan mass challenge that aims to start 2016 with $1 million for cancer research and care. it is 5:30. great to have you with us. i'm kathryn houser. >> not that bad to get up early. >> no, not too bad. temperatures. >> it felt a little humid. >> yeah, a little muggy. >> that's why we have some dense fog out there. light fog showing up on this particular camera view. boston in the background there. you can see it's a little hazy. some dense fog reported in many other locations. fog continues to change.
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to one mile. that's quite an improvement from earlier. we were a quarter mile or less at logan. worcester, a quarter mile or less. quarter mile or less from falmouth to nantucket. the numbers will continue to change. 50s for everyone to start off your morning. 54 boston. 57 in plymouth. yes, it feels a little muggy out there. we have warmer air in place before a cold front moves through. there's the cold front producing some showers. for us, a lot of the showers will dry up as we head our way. hour by hour, you can see the temperatures go into the 60s and close to 70 degrees by later today. 5:00 p.m. still not looking like any heavy showers but more rain on the way later this evening. then big changes for tomorrow. we'll go through how wool keel get for friday in just a bit -- how cool we'll get for friday in just a moment. how are the roads?
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>> reporter: here's a live look over 93 in somerville. no reported backups. slow on the emergency tune stretch. checking the south map. furnace brook to granite avenue. 128 southbound sluggish between logan express and the split. bree, kathryn? checking our top stories at 5:32 right now. a 16-year-old methuen boy is under arrest, accused of making threats to shoot up his high school. officers say they acted on a tip and searched the teen's home. they found tactical gear, fake weapons, live ammunition and got the clothing. the teen is undergoing a mental health evaluation. he's due back in court next month. new problems in the big dig tunnels. officials say they are dealing with cracked construction equipment. crews are inspecting more than 100,000 construction nuts. those nuts hold up lights in
5:27 am
least 100 pounds apiece. it's unclear how much it will cost to replace them. a new hampshire teen is arrested after allegedly ransacking a planned parenthood facility. he used a hatch tote destroy computer -- hatchet to destroy computers, plumbing, and other fixtures. it was so heavily damaged, it still remains closed. investigators are investigating whether the word murderer that was written on the building is related. and mcas english high school was withheld because of anomalies. no evidence caused them to toss out the scores. english high students posted strong gains after years of chronically underperforming. the legacy of a young weymouth boy is living on. check it out, this is the buddy bench.
5:28 am
they sit on the bench, and other students are encouraged to come over and asked to play. the idea came about after colin maroney passed away. his mother found out colin had been a friend to those who were bullied. >> when colin passed, i wanted to do something in his memory that would honor him and was part of him, who he was. colin, that's who colin was. he'd be the first person to go to the buddy bench and say, hey, come with me. >> so sweet. the benches are now at all elementary schools in weymouth. colin's mother says she's testified requests from districts all over the area. great idea. >> such a yah nique way to honored his -- such a unique way to honor his memory. the pan mass challenge is taking the bike-a-thon indoors which is the new event which is now open for registration. >> january 2nd, they will launch the revolution,
5:29 am
it's the young fitness fans who are signing up to help. in a dark room that should be cycling training. >> it's great to focus on you. it's why you and your bike. you don't have to worry about any others. and george foreman iii yes, is george for mann's grandson and owns the jim. >> certain things we had to do in our household, box, eat food, and name each other the same thing. that's the only thing my dad ever done was openly donate to cancer. >> he heard david rides in the pan mass challenge every summer. necessity will move it inside. >> everybody can commit for one
5:30 am
bucks in a -- we can raise a million bucks in a day. >> reporter: they need 2,000 people. dana's ready to ride for several who fought cancer but also for herself. >> it's a great way to get young people involved. i think this resolution is a great stepping stone. >> tell everybody what about we're doing so we're not the only one. >> the resolution is january 2nd and 3rd at the club by george foreman iii. all you have to do is bike for an hour and raise as much money as you can. >> i love that. >> i want to do it now. >> 2,000 riders is what they need. sign up. some all right. i like that. still ahead, overcharged by u.p.s.
5:31 am
massachusetts is part of a new service. >> youtube launching a subscription service and how much it will cost you to go ad free. >> we have lots of folks up and at 'em. 50 many locations here. one report i want to mention, east falmouth reporting that there's actually no fog. fog, density, visibility is an issue but temperatures are comfortable. pembroke has 54, mary ann from east falmouth has 52 degrees. if you want to become a weather
5:32 am
welcome back. domino's showing off a yah nique delivery car. >> and u.p.s. settles allegations of overcharging its customers. hannah daniels has the report. >> reporter: u.p.s. willen shelling out money for false delivery claims. the package delivery giant settled after it overcharged state and local governments by faking arrival times. a former u.p.s. employee exposed the scam. others like washington d.c., new york and chicago. youtube introduced an advertisement free subscription service. subscribers can see everything on youtube but without the ads. they have the ability to save anything they want for offline viewing. you can sign up for youtube red beginning october 28th. domino's pizzas are
5:33 am
unveiling hot new cars literally. the second largest pizza companies will roll out its pizza mobile equipped with an oven. they can hold up to 80 pizzas with a temperature of 140 degrees. domino's is testing 100 vehicles and plan to bring the cars to 25 cities including boston. kathryn and bree. >> all of my wildest dreams come true. everyone wanted a hover board but i wanted a pizza mobile. >> it probably smells delicious. >> thanks, hannah. coming up, a check of the traffic and weather and a look at the day's top storiesp. >> plus, bad news if you are a cubs fan and why the world year. >> plus, a wild ride. a surprising find under the robi some. >> this is the age of reality tv where everything broadcast is live so why not brain surgery?
5:34 am
it's happening this weekend. the producers say it's educational. critics call it a circus.
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also try listerine(r) floss... formerly reach(r) floss. you can call this a very curious cat. a cat in ashland may have used one of its nine lives when it took a ride in a woman's car.
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>> the woman drove five miles before hearing it under the hood. the cat is just inches from the engine, which is really hot when it gets running. >> right. >> so animal control did manage to get the kitty out safely. police are trying to track down its owner. >> i can't imagine the moment when you are driving, is that meowing? >> is the radio on something weird? what's going on? we need a check of the forecast with pamela, and how's the foliage? look at that. >> great color and the maps continue to change as we go through these next few days. past peak now reported in northern parts of maine in new hampshire and higher elevations in vermont near or at peak for the rest of the areas in red. moderate color all around boston. low color on the cape to the south coast. we'll continue to have great weather for this weekend.
5:38 am
to the north, chance for a passing shower. sunday 53 and slightly more mild but perfect weather to go hiking and enjoy the color. visibility this morning, a little gray out there because we have low visibility and lots of fog reported. one mile or less in boston. a quarter of a mile or less worcester to nantucket. now those numbers continue to change. we'll keep you posted. the wind is very calm at this time in most locations or just a light breeze. that fog will remain thick for the next couple of hours until about 10:00 a.m. the wind speeds pick up and increase the fog. it will be a breezy day. so you'll need to hang on to your hats. >> gusts up to 30 miles per hour coming from the south- southwest. the wind direction is playing a big factor in our temperatures. we warm from the 50s this morning, 54 degrees into the 60s and eventually some lower 70s. hour by hour forecast just to
5:39 am
posten 60 degrees by 10:00 a.m. partly sunny skies, plenty of dry opportunities this afternoon to enjoy the warmth while you can. 60s on the cape and islands. very comfortable there. 74 norwood and 70 degrees in worcester. lows tonight back in the 40s and upper 30s there to the north and west. for friends in new hampshire, up to vermont as well because of a cold front. here's the current radar picture. we have slick spots in the extreme clouds there. the cold front is bringing in the day. partly sunmy. sunny. some showers may break apart. after 5:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m. later this evening, that's the best chance to get an isolated shower and maybe a thunderstorm islands. overnight, clearing conditions. we get a little cooler for the end of the week.
5:40 am
the seven-day forecast, 53 for friday. saturday 54, sunday 59 degrees with another chance for scattered showers. traffic and weather together, robi. >> plenty of backups on this sometimes foggy thursday morning commute. from the north, let's take a live look at 93 in somerville. the southbound side is a lot of bumper to bumper pockets. mystic ave. to the leverett connector and the woburn stretch. checking the south, toughest rides include the expressway. route 3 north is a struggle union street to the split and 24 north looks like it's hanging up between brockton and avon. some new trouble in the big dig tunnel system plus a teen accused of making threats against a high school. here are your top stories this thursday morning. >> reporter: good morning. i'm susie steimle live outside methuen high school where a student has been placed many are arrest for threatening to
5:41 am
murder his classmates with a friend of his saying he sent her a text message and social media has been saying he had plans to shoot up the high school. when the police searched the two homes the child had opinion staying at, they found fake guns and ammunition but no real weapons. coming up, parents say this is a wake-up call for them and what they are talking to their students about. susie steimle, wbz news this morning. a hardwick father being held on $200,000 cash bail this morning. randall lintz pled guilty to beating and starving his son. he will be back in court next month. good morning. i'm nicole williams outside the ted williams building.
5:42 am
the inspection has revealed a need for repairs. you can see this is flashing tunnel needs maintenance after cracked construction nuts for a light fixture was discovered in september. they looked closer and found 878 construction nuts to be replaced in the ted williams tunnel. mass dot says these are preventive and out of an abundance of caution they say public safety is not in jeopardy. live in boston, nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. officials in new york charged a man accused of killing a police officer. tyrone howard is charged with first degree murder and robbery. investigators say the career criminal killed officer randolph holder thursday night -- tuesday night, rather, in harlem. howard has more than 20 prior arrests and served five years in jail. president obama is taking steps to help fight the drug crisis in america. >> the president traveled to west virginia, the state with the highest rate of overdose
5:43 am
deaths in the country. among the steps the president is taking, ordering federal health care providers to undergo training for prescribing opioids. wikileaks releasing threats from john brennan's personal e-mail account including a draft of his security clearance application which contains his wife's social security number. a hacker, who claims to be a high school student, broke into the director's account to protest american foreign policy. >> the new york mets sweep the chicago cubs. daniel murphy coming up big, there it is. the home run for the sixth straight post season game. the mets advance for the first time since 2000. as for the curbs, the championship will reach 108 years. it is 5:51 right now on your thursday, time for your "daily talker." it brings new meaning to the
5:44 am
term reality tv. live television. robi is here to explain. >> reporter: bree, what could possibly go wrong? the producers of the live brain surgery are the same people wives. live. more than a dozen tv cameras will crowd into an operating room at a cleveland hospital. the patient suffers from severe tremors caused by parkinson's disease. he will be awake the whole time and hopes the broadcast will encourage other parkinson's patients to undergo it. others are outraged. one surgeon from johns hopkins calls it a circuit, absurd and claims the operating team will be distracted by the cameras. the show's producers say the doctors can terminate the live show at any time as long as they squeeze those commercials
5:45 am
in there, i'm sure. artie says "having had two brain surgeries myself, i will watch. it will be nice to see it from the other side." good luck to you there, artie. another viewer writes "with all that is on tv nowadays, this seems like little more than a blip on the radar. dripping holes in people's skulls doesn't do much -- drilling holes in people's skulls doesn't do much for me." we'll read more coming up at 6:00. bree, kathryn. >> i have to laugh. one of our producers saying earlier for her it was a no- brainer decision. still to come, watertown in the record books. we'll tell you about the big
5:46 am
people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with
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history is made in watertown. the high school field hockey team has a lot to celebrate. >> yes, they do. >> they broke a national record by winning 154 games in a row. >> they are now the winningest team in america. the team shut out melrose last night scoring three goals in the fist ten minutes. it's been -- first ten minutes. it's been six and a half years since the team lost a game. previous generations were invited to watch the streak.
5:48 am
player, you are always a watertown player. it's touching to see so many people come support them. >> way to go, ladies! the scoreboard lit up with 154. that's the record. they are seeking their seventh straight state title. >> some of these girls were 11 years old when their team last lost a game. >> do you ever get tired of winning? no. >> sure don't. keep it right here. your top stories are straight ahead. here's a live look.
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