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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  October 22, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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right now at 6:00 a.m., a high school threat thwarted. a student under arrest and what police say they found in his home. >> new developments overnight in a university rape investigation and why police closed the case. >> and new problems in the big dig tunnels. the inspections under way. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: good morning. it is 6:00 a.m. it's great to have you with us on this thursday, october 22nd. i'm catherine hauser. >> -- i'm kathryn hauser.
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>> i'm bree sison in for chris mckinnon. pamela guard is in for danielle nilesp. >> good morning, ladies. yes, the fog is an issue in some spot p visibility has been upgraded to half a mile. east falmouth, actually clear skies. very, very spotty with the fog. can't stress that enough. all of a stud you'll run into that wall of fog. temperatures in the 50s out there mild start 55 degrees in boston but on our way to warm temperatures. under a partly sunny sky, the wind picks up, too. the fog sticks around until the wind picks up at 10:00 a.m. and gusts from the south. current radar picture shows scattered showers along the north and west of us. the front moves through later this evening. coming up, i'll have the hour by hour timing, if we can see
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fall-like temperatures in a bit. robi? yesterday we had a ton of accidents. we don't have any yet this morning but have plenty of tough commutes. from the south, here's a live look over the expressway. the northbound side jammed from east milton square to 128. route 3 north is sluggish from route 18 to the split. from the north, 93 southbound bumper to bumper in the methuen stretch. then you hang up again from woburn to the leverett connector. route 3 south stop and go in the lowell stretch between 495 and trouble cove road. a high school student arrested and charged with threatening to shoot up his school. that 16-year-old is undergoing a mental health evaluation this morning. >> police believe the plan was in the works for some time. susie steimle has a closer look at this investigation. susie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kathryn and bree.
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multiple warning signs both via text message and social media. the student had said he wanted to hurt his fellow classmates. police also say that the friend of his who turned him in may have saved his life. >> at this point, it was something critical that she actually thought was serious enough to report that could possibly happen. >> reporter: police are commending a young girl for coming forward and turning in her 16-year-old friend threatening to shoot up the high school. >> we'd rather investigate 100 false complaints than miss the one real complaint. >> reporter: on monday, a student aren'ted that her friend might do something harmful and harm himself. the police found ammunition, tactical gear and fake weapons. >> we don't believe at any point there was an imminent danker to somebody at the
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school. the girl possibly saved the child's life. >> reporter: parents say it is a wake-up call for them. >> always know where you are going and keep your eyes open. on around you. >> reporter: the young man did yesterday. he is currently undergoing a mental health evaluation and expected to be back in court later this month. live in methuen, susie steimle, wbz this morning. new this mother, a rape investigation at bridge water state university is now closed. police tell us the report was unfounded. an 18-year-old freshman told police she was sexually assaulted while walking on campus monday night. police released a sketch of the suspect. university police say the student won't be charged. orange line service is back to normal this morning after a woman fell onto the tracks and was pinned under a train at the hay market t station last night. the mbta tells us the woman was
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conscious and alert. she was taken to the hospital. there is no word on her condition this morning. there's some new trouble in the big dig tunnel system. a big problem with the hardware lights. nicole jacobs is live with nicole? >> reporter: bree, mass d.o.t. officials say there's no imminent danger in any of the big dig tunnels. this electronic mar key letting everybody know tunnel light maintenance is ahead. they say this is all in relation to light fixtures in the tunnels. officials are making it very clear, none of the lights are in jeopardy of falling which is what happened back in 2011. in september of this year, state inspectors actually found one single crack in a construction nut and decided they would take a closer look at all of the light fixtures and tunnels. the department already has a policy of inspecting every
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two years, but at that single finding in september, crews went on to discover 878 construction nuts that need to be replaced just in the ted williams tunnel alone and in the interstate 90 or 93 tunnels, 50 construction nuts are set to be replaced. taking a live look here just outside of the ted williams tunnel where light maintenance is expected to take place here soon, there is no idea just yet how much this will cost, but we do know the inspections are set to be complete in november. we're live in boston, nicole jacobs, wbz news this morning. it's 6:06 right now. speaking of the roads, you'll see extra speed traps today if your commute takes you on toll roads like the mass pike, the state police and mass d.o.t. are kicking off a campaign to get drivers to slow down. it's an effort to save lives after a kohl worker was killed in auburn. police pulled over dozens of
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drivers to give them a warning at the tolls by the airport. >> the danger is to the toll collectors who are walking in between them at certain times. also, people try to change lanes real quick and there's a lot of collisions that happen that way as someone's trying to grab a ticket. >> the speed limit is 50 miles per hour. most people go twice -- the speed is 15 miles per hour. most people go twice that. paul ryan is one step closer to becoming the next speaker of the house. the freedom caucus says they will support him. this is the same group that called on house speaker bayneer to resign. paul ryan said he would only run if all major groups support him. hillary clinton will testify before a house
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attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. the u.s. ambassador and that he other americans died including winchester native glenn dougherty. republicans will be trying to see what the former secretary of state knew about security issues and when. many democrats see it as a witch hunt, trying to take down the potential presidential nominee. vice president joe biden won't be running for president. he says he believes there wasn't enough time for him to stage a winning campaign. biden says it took him and his family a while to decide if they had the emotional energy to run following the death of his son bo in may. biden did not endorse any announcement yesterday. today, governor baker will meet with law enforcement leaders to discuss new numbers that show the drug overdose crisis is getting worse. the department of public health is adding up last year's numbers. they believe 1,256 people died from overdoses in 2014.
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months of this year already year. governor baker proposed a plan to attack the accused crisis legislature. he's calling for doctors to limit the pain medication they prescribed. they want medical professionals to commit patients for 72 hours of treatment without a court order. today mark two's years since colleen ritzer was her friends and family are hoping that you can honor her memory with an act of kindness today. jennifer berger and ritzer have been friends since kindergarten. she is calling for random acts of kindness all day and says it will help those who were close to her get through the day. berger is asking people to share their acts of kindness in colleen's honor on facebook and twitter. coming up, a cheerleading
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>> he is accused of raping one of his own students. what concerned parents have to say about his arrest. >> also ahead, sesame street introduces a new character. how the show's creators hope julia will help spread awareness. >> if you are addicted to cheese, it may not be your fault. why researchers say the dairy food is so addictive. pamela? >> this morning, we have areas of patchy fog but mild temperatures as you head off to the bus stop. after school, we get very warm and windy. who could see 70s this afternoon and who will see 50s tomorrow coming up in the seven-
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i am show excited about this. i know kathryn is, too. make way for more eknowies. april -- emojis. apple sent out this update that includes this update, by the way that is only to get 150 new emojis onto your phone. monkey. weather one, tornado. >> there's a new tornado, right. they have the live long and prosper, the hang 10 and for those of you who are a little sassy, they've got your favorite bird in the finger
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shape. >> yeah, there's that. it gets the point across sometimes, you know some. >> tornado one, though, pamela. i was trying to do the update on my phone. >> bree's like look at all of these emojis i have. >> oh, pamela, i am going to start sending you tornadoes all day long. [ laughter ] >> sound goods. nothing like that in our weather. it's going to be windy and warm. there's a chance for rain. i'll get to that in a second. we did have school talks going on this week. one of them from danielle. she's been filling in all evening. that's why i'm in for her this morning. her hometown is the fourth graders had there. we all have school visits set up through this spring.
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brewster. visibility reduced in spots as you head out the door. dense fog reported from new bedford to falmouth. worcester down to half a mile or less. four miles now in boston. the wind is starting to pick up ever so slightly. winds for now between oh, let's say 2 and 7 miles per hour coming from the south. the wind speed will increase by 10:00 a.m., helping to mix out any of that fog that has settled in between 10, 20 miles per hour from the south- southwest and then by this afternoon. this evening, 4:00 p.m. wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour at times. overnight tonight and into your more thanking from tomorrow. drier air funnels in and eventually some school temps.
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sunshine. late today, partly sunny skies. by noon, though, 66 degrees in boston. upper 60s along the cape and islands. overnight, gradual clearing, 44 through. front. it's still to our north and west, and it's starting to pick slightly. hour by hour, we'll continue to keep the rain out of the forecast for us here in boston until late this afternoon and early part of this evening, and then not everyone will see the rain, but the showers will be in the forecast. very isolated in nature through this evening. friday 53 and feeling like fall as you head into the weekend, highs in the 50s. traffic and weather together. robi? >> just hearing about our first accident of the morning. this one is south of boston. the crash is down in dedham, 128 southbound at 109. the left lane is blocked there.
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also to the south, the expressway jammed furnace brook parkway to columbia road. route 3 north sluggish hingham up to the split. route 1 southbound has two heavy pockets right now. the stretch you are looking at between main street and route 99 and up in peabody. 93 southbound is bumper to bumper in the methuen stretch. then you are heavy and slow from woburn to boston. we are just now hearing about a crash into boston just before storrow drive. next hit. ladies? it is 6:17. new this morning, m.i.t. is taking criticism for its decision not to take its money out of fossil fuels. the university plans to create eight new centers to focus on sustainable sources like solar
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it wants to work with the companies to develop alternatives. tomorrow, umass dartmouth will build a 76,000 square foot facility at the former naval reserve center in new bedford. it will expand the marine science program. new england fisherman say that the newest threat to their livelihood is the cost of monitoring the industry at sea. right now, the federal government pays for trained workers to go out and stick to federally mandated catch limits. now that funding is about to run out, noaa says fishermen themselves should be paying the monitoring costs about $800 per trip. the legacy of a young weymouth boy lives on thanks to a new addition at town schools. this is the buddy bench at the thomas hamilton primary school. it's there for students who feel lonely. they sit on the bench and other students are encouraged to come
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over and ask them to play. the idea came about after colin maroney passed away. that's when his mother pound out he had been a friend no those who were bullied. >> when colin passed, i wanted to do something in his memory that would honor him. it was part of who he was. that's who colin was. he'd be the first person to go to the buddy bench and say, hey, come with me. >> reporter: very sweet. the benches are at all weymouth. colin's mother has received requests from all over ther is. scesny street is understanding a condition being diagnosed more and more. meet julia, the newest sesame street character. elmo notices julia plays differently than others but encourages his friends to be understanding. 1 in 68 kids is on the autism spectrum. on the healthwatch, knee
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replacement surgery may not be the best option for patients with bad arthritis. the study finds it does lead to pain relief but has nor risk. the study suggests less drastic approaches like physical therapy and nonsurgic ale treatment can -- nonsurgical treatment. cheese may be as addictive as some drugs. researchers say a compound in processed cheese mimics the effects that morphine has on your brain. food is also calorie rich and fatty. the kind of food evolution has made humans crave. experts say you don't have to avoid cheese altogether but stick to an ounce or less per day. hard to do. >> i love cheese. i don't love processed cheese, though. that's the thing. i was like yes, i get it but they were saying specific to processed. start making your resolutions for 2016 now.
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pan mass challenge that hopes to kick off your year and kick cancer. >> and the teen vandalizing a planned parenthood office. the unlikely weapon police say he used to cause a lot of damage. who's toughest on spending? fox news did the a s and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year. right to rise usa
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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa
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vice president joe biden announced yesterday he will not run for president. one reason he gave was the state of american politics. this morning, our jon keller takes a closer look at how divided our two major parties are. >> reporter: good morning. did you notice canada elected a new prime minister this week. his name is justin trudeau, and he ran on something he calls positive politics. down here in the states, inquiring minds want to know, what on earth is that? let's be honest, politics here and in canada has always been a sharp elbowed affair and always will be.
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around when i was growing up in the 1960s and '07s that makes what's going on now more tame. if it seems politics have deteriorated in the last 15 years or so, join the club. vice president biden called the "divisive partisan politics that is ripping this country apart mean spirited and petty. i don't think we should look at republicans as our enemies "said biden, a ref tense to recent remarks by hillary clinton. but most agree with hillary and bernie sanders who announced "having strong zig agreements with republicans on every issue." what are the odds? the republicans are just as bad if not worse. both parties have their hyper partisanship and ideological
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media outlets and special interest groups for whom compromise is a swear word. some pols do pay lip service but don't mean it because their constituents don't seem to want it. in that sense, we appear to be getting the representation we deserve. talk back to me about this at or via twitter@keller@large. we'll hear from the local high school athletes who made history last night. >> the medical procedure about to be broadcast. does it go too far? that's our "daily talker."
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right now at 6:30, a cheerleading coach under arrest, accused of raping one of his students. >> a teenager accused in a plot to attack his school. what police say they uncovered in his home. >> cycling for a cause. the new event from the pan mass challenge that aims to start 2016 off with $1 million for cancer research and care. hey, welcome back, everybody. it is 6:30. i'm bree sison in for chris mckinnon. it's mild out there. i feel like we're not going to have temperatures like this. >> it feels like the end, right? >> almost. i hope not. >> it feels kind of nice out there. >> it does. mild temperatures in the 50s for most. we have areas of fog, too,
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reducing visibility and light fog with the mass pike and boston in the background. the building is a little fuzzy right now. the light fog is reducing visibility to 4 miles or less. new bedford reporting 3 miles or less. temperatures in the 50s, close to 60 degrees for 55 in boston and for the day planner, very version comfortable. the wind will pick up hoping to get rid of the fog but also temperatures. this is ahead of the cold front sitting just to the north and west of us. in the hour by hour forecast, you can see we keep it partly sunny for you. warm conditions, upper 70s. lower 70s for a lot of folks. by 5:00, then the rain starts to approach the area. i'll have the hour by hour timing for tonight and let you know when we'll return to fall robi? >> reporter: keeping an eye on
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two accidents south of boston right now. canton. 95 northbound just before 128. we're seeing stop and go backup already to coney street. dedham. then route 109, the left lane is blocked there. then in boston, on the leverett connector inbound to the left of your screen there, that's causing a backup on the connector right now. bree, kathryn? a high school student charged with threatening to shoot up his high school. >> that 16-year-old is undergoing a mental health evaluation this morning. susie steimle has a closer look at that investigation. susie? >> reporter: good morning, bree and kathryn. that 16-year-old methuen high school student is in custody charged with threatening to murder his classmates. it was actually a text message to a friend that got him turned in. a female student on monday went to police saying she was worried he might harm himself or others as he said in the
6:28 am
text message that he wanted to shoot up the school. he'd also expressed his admiration for previous school shootings on social media. when police went to his house, they found tactical gear, fake guns and am mission but no real -- and ammunition but no real guns. they are crediting the girl with saving his life. >> it wasn't what the kid sid or what we found, but that we had a brave young child who came forward which we know how hard it is. >> reporter: this young man did have a brief court appearance yesterday after this mental health evaluation is complete, he's due to be back in court in a month. susie steimle, wbz this morning. it's 6:33 right now. a cheerleading coach is charged with raping a young girl that he was coaching this morning. he's under arrest. nick johnson has already been
6:29 am
fired from his job at the full house all stars cheerleading gym in west bridgewater. he's facing charges of aggravated child rape, enticement of a minor and posing a child in a state of nudity. his victim, police say, was 14 years old, a girl he trained at the gym. >> reporter: are you going to keep your daughter coming here? >> i don't think so. not anymore. >> reporter: i leave her there often for hours under their supervision and interest them wholeheartedly. >> he allegedly took the 14- year-old to his brockton apartment where the assault allegedly happened. according to the police report, he said he would not regret his actions no matter what happened next. randall lintz pleaded not guilty to charges that he beat and starved his 7-year-old son. in july, jack was pound unresponsive and weighed only
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in other news this morning, the big dig is back in the news over a new problem. this time it has to do with the hardware that holds up light in the tunnels. good morning, nicole. >> good morning to you, catherine. out of an abendance of caution, they are fixing these construction nuts in the big dig tunnels. all morning long, we've seen the electronic marquee letting you know tunnel light fixtures are ahead. none of the lights are in jeopardy of falling which is exactly what happened in 2011. in september of this year, state inspectors found one single crack in a construction nut and decided they would take a closer look at all of the light fixtures and tunnels. the department has a policy of
6:31 am
inspecting every component every two years. inspectors have gone on to discover earl 878 construction nuts to be replaced in the ted williams tunnel and 50 combined in the 90 and 93 tunnels. taking a look at the ted williams is unclear what they will cost but inspections are set to be competely november. morning. nicole jacobs, wbz news. a planned parenthood office vandalize and a teen is under arrest. it happened yesterday morning. the office was so badly damaged it remains closed. detectives are on the other handing whether this is linked
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spray painted earlier this month. the pan mass challenge -- oh, over there, it's open for registration. trainer david bergeron inflicts a punishing training session on indoor cycling enthusiasts like elena. >> it's only you on the bike. >> reporter: just a few bikes over is george foreman iii. yes, he is the grandson of george foreman and owns the gym. george iii is about to volunteer the club in south boston for a good cause. >> certain things we were bred to do in my household. one was box, eat food, name each other the same thing. fight cancer, that's the one thing my dad did openly. >> reporter: he heard david every summer. together, they'll host a new take on the pmc by moving it inside. >> everybody just commit for one hour, we can raise a
6:33 am
million bucks in a day. in many ways that's unheard of, especially doing something that people find fun. >> reporter: they need 2,000 people to kick off 2016 by raising money for dana farber cancer institute. she's ready to ride for those who fought cancer but herself. >> it's a great way to get younger people involved. i would love to do the p mc, but i think for now, this is a great introduction. >> tell everybody when we're doing so we're not the only ones doing it. >> the resolution is january 2nd and 3rd at the club by george foreman iii. the goal is for every rider to raise 500. 2,000 riders times 500 bucks, you have your million. >> done and done. up should, too.
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new meaning to the term reality tv. live television. robi's here to preak it down. >> reporter: what could possibly go wrong? the producers are the same people who brought you "the real housewives of new jersey." okay then. television history will be made when national agree graphic brings you brain surgery live. more than a dozen tv cameras room. the patient, greg, suffers from severe tremors caused by parkinson's disease. he will be awake the whole time and wants to encourage others to undergo the same surgery. medical ethicists are outraged. one from johns hopkins calls it a circus and claims the operating team will be distracted by the cameras. the producers claim they are taking their cues from the doctors and can terminate the live show at any moment as long
6:35 am
as it's not during a commercial break. marie on facebook writes in "what will they do if the patient flat lines on live tv?" good question, marie. laurie says "it will be better than any broadcasts that contain a kardashian or a jenner. interesting." you can comment on our talker, web site. bree, kathryn some. >> i have a similar thought about what if something goes wrong, you know what i mean? he sounds like he's willing to do it, though. it is a trittic ail day for hillary clinton up next. >> she will be in the hot seat answering questions about the benghazi attack. >> slow down. the new campaign that has police targeting speeders. pamela? >> time to take a look at weather watcher reports. we have 50s. mostly cloudy skies and also some light fog. dense fog in other locations
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that lets you choose a time for us to call you. so instead of waiting on hold, we'll call you when things are just as wonderful... [phone rings] but a little less crazy. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. this morning, police are trying to find the owner of a cat. you can see him down there. >> yes. >> he was found in ashland. >> the kitty may have used one of his nine lives when he took a ride in the woman's car. she was driving for about five
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miles and said i think there's a cat in my engine. the cat was just inches away from the engine, which gets really hot as it runs. i keep thinking of the phrase, you know, let that engine purr. it's in poor taste but the cat's okay. there you go. pamela is here with a look at our forecast this morning. it's a little warm out there, all things considered. >> yea, october 22nd. >> warming into the 70s. we're all looking forward to that brief warm-up before a return to fall. visibility's starting off a little low in some spots. although the numbers are better than where we were, say, a couple of hours ago. boston up to 4 miles now. half a mile or less in nashua. one and three quarters of a mile lawrence. half a mile or less in new bedford. the wind is starting to pick up ever so slightly. we expect improving conditions,
6:40 am
over the next couple of hours. the wind is subtle at this time put it does become over 10:00 a.m. over the south and southwest. that will bring us the warm temperatures. 4:00 p.m. winds gusting at 40 miles per hour at times. notice as we continue overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. the wind direction changes. friday morning, the wind coming from the northwest. that means cooler, drier air will settle in for the rest of the week into this weekend. for now, we can enjoy the mild temps. keene 48. that's the cool spot for now. falmouth 54. hour by hour, we continue to warm into the 60s by 1:00. 70, though, 3:00. we don't stop there. high of 72 when it's all said and done in boston. new bedford 70. more 70s in a lot of spots. partly sunny skies, but it's that southerly wind helping to warm us really.
6:41 am
after a cold front moves through, that cold front sitting just to the north and west of us bringing in a few showers in vermont into new hampshire as well but the north and western parts of new england here. the crown of maine debting a little bit of warmth. nothing of concern moving in and notice no heavy showers yet until we get past that evening commute, past 6:30. late tonight and by the time that front passes boston. by midnight, most of the showers off the coast. although the cape and islands, thunder. really hit or miss with the showers. weekend forecast all around. pretty good. mostly dry until sunday. both days. saturday. saturday 04, sunday at. week.
6:42 am
traffic and weather together, robi. >> pamela, keeping an eye on three separate crashes all south of boston right now. the latest one is down in attleboro. let's pop up the map right here. you can see we're just starting now. earlier. one in canton just before 128. that's stop and go backup and not too far away in dedham at route 109. the left lane is blocked there. bree, kathryn? it is 6:47 now. our top stories this morning. police say claims of a rape at bridgewater state are unfounded. >> a freshman claims she was sexually assaulted monday night walking toward the campus center. now university police say the case is closed but the student is not facing charges. police in methuen say
6:43 am
signs that a classmate was plotting an attack. investigators found tactical gear, ammunition and state weapons in one of the homes. hillary clinton will testify on capitol hill about the deadly attack in ben gauze day, libya. republicans call the inquiry a fact-finding mission, however, democrats say it's nothing more than a witch hunt designed to make clinton look bad in her run for president. the state police and mass d.o.t. are kicking off a campaign to slow you down in toll plazas. a worker was killed this summer some auburn. the speed limits are 15 miles per hour but drivers routinely go twice as fast. one team has punched their
6:44 am
night. >> patrice bergeron's big day. you may be surprised to hear he was on the ice after what happened in the morning.
6:45 am
good morning once again. welcome back. working in the news, you get a lot of newspapers in our newsroom. yesterday was "back to the future" day and usa today had a lot of fun with that with this issue. >> they have knocked it out of
6:46 am
>> there is the old school one and then they have martin mcfly, jr. arrested for theft and then up in the corner on the other side if i reverse my series in five. they got that wrong there. just funny, clever things. >> at the bottom if i could move it over, it says public >> yeah. >> so that's their fake "back to the future" page and the real usa today. i like that. >> they have a funny sense of humor. >> the cubs versus mets series was good, but they got it wrong. the mets swept the cubs advancing to the world series for the first time since 2000. go, mets. once again, daniel murphy homered for the sixth straight postseason game.
6:47 am
murphy was named mvp of the series. guys. same old story. the championship drought will now reach 108 years. the next opponent is still to be determined. sorry about the elimination there last night. they beat the kansas city royals in game five 7-1. they still lead 3 games to 2. game six is back in kansas city tomorrow night. it was an exciting die for bruins star patrice bergeron. he and his wife welcomed their baby into the world. then he went right back into the lineup last night scoring a goal in the first period. the bs would fall in overtime losing 5-4 in overtime. congratulations to them, the new baby. what's coming up at 7:00 on "cbs this morning"? >> good morning, charlie rose. >> good morning, kathryn and
6:48 am
bree. ahead on "cbs this morning," nancy cordes is on k. capitol hill with what to expect from the hillary clinton testimony on the benghazi testimony. and tracy's new interview to change how we live with animals. the news is back in the morning at 7:00.
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dear fellow citizen, i get that it' s hard to say no when your kids want toys, because you' re saving for shoes. and shoes. and shoes. but i can help you figure out how to save a little with one deposit checking. so ask me, i can help you avoid fees. sincerely, elizabeth trackler.
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history is made in watertown. the high school field hockey team has a lot to celebrate. the raiders broke a national record by winning 154 games in a row. >> amazing. they are now the winningest team in america. the team shut out melrose last night, 6-0. in fact, speak scored three goals in the first ten minutes. head coach eileen donahue invited generations of watertown players down to the field to celebrate this historic streak. >> once you are a watertown player, you are always a watertown player. so touching to see all of the people come here in support of this. >> the scoreboard lit up with the 154 record after the game.
6:51 am
the watertown raiders are now seeking their seventh straight state title. >> nice job, ladies. i love this story. >> what a great team. >> keep the winning streak going. >> girl power. >> that's right. >> girl day. >> i know, look at this. >> nice, bright colors going. >> beautiful day ahead, 70 degrees. then showers later this evening, cooler about i friday. >> "cbs this morning" is right here on wbz. we'll have an update in 25
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