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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 22, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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breaking news now at 5:30. there's been a stabbing near the jacksonville t station and the victim is in critical condition and is a teenager. >> also tonight a man accused of killing and abusing dogs has more animals on his property. animal control is now investigatingp. these are contentious hearings. hillary clinton is answering questions right now on capitol hill about the terrorist attack in benghazi that claimed the lives of four americans,
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now at 5:30, big problems for the big dig. the nuts that hold up the tunnel lights are cracking, and now workers are trying to figure out how many are actually broken. >> what they do know is that there are nearly a thousand of the nuts in the tunnels that have to be swapped out. >> the tunnels are safe. the lighting structures are safe. to be perfectly honest with you, if we felt for a second that anything would become dislodged and fall to the roadway, we would have closed the tunnel. >> reporter: state highway chief insists these lights would not fall despite the fact that 900 of the nuts holding them up are cracked or compromisedp. >> at no time was anything in jeopardy of falling. there is a redundant system for the lights. >> reporter: about a month ago during a routine inspection, workers found one of the nuts was cracked so the d.o.t. ordered more inspections with a
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focus on these. small piece. the design worked. >> reporter: a few years lack, lights came crashing down. he still doesn't know exactly what caused the nuts to crack, though, he suspects human error in the installation. mark. though, it will be paid for out of the regular maintenance budget. then there's this other big driver concern. >> i'm suspects we'll have more tie-ups because they'll have to >> the d.o.t. plans to do the work with regularly scheduled overnight lane closures. inspectors plan to look at all of the work within the next month and replace the problem fasteners that could take up to six months. lowell firefighters saved a man from the pawtucket canal. last night, this homeless man tripped and fell over the wall into the water.
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was clinging to a tarp. rescue workers launched a boat in order to bring them to shore. he is now in the hospital. new england fishermen say bottom line. a mandated expense the federal government is about to stop paying. right now, the government pays commercial fishermen to make sure they stick to the catch limits, but the funding for the program runs out december 1st. it's about $800 a trip and the government says fishermen should pick up the tab. the seventh church fire in the st. louis area in the past two weeks. the police chief says someone used an accelerant to light the doors on fire. tonight federal investigators are trying to figure out if all of these fires are connected. also new tonight, new details about the extent of the problems takata air bags caused. u.s. safety regulators say eight people are about killed. 98 others hurt when the air bag
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inflators exploded. the issues forced a dozen auto- makers to recall more than 19 million vehicles. and mazda just announced plans to recall more than a million older cars and minivans in the us. the ignition switch could overheat and catch fire. the recall covers seven vehicles dating back to 1990. here are some on the screen. to get more details, go to two months after ronald mcdonald vanished from a western mass home, the 3 foot statue is right back where it belongs. it disappeared in august and in the end, the savior attorneyed out to be a mcdonald's employee. he found it next to a trash bin outside of a health club. when he learned it had been stolen, he needly turned it in to police. a 5-year-old is showing hingham police officers just how much they mean to him. last week, luke was hit by a car. >> he's now in a wheelchair recovering from a broken ankle. he's making sure the officers
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that help him know how appreciated they are. >> reporter: when he's not using a wheelchair, 5-year-old luke hansen just crawls around. it's almost easier. a broken ankle won't stop him, but he really doesn't like to talk about the accident or the ambulance ride. did you go in an ambulance? >> yeah. >> reporter: what was that like? was it scary or fun? >> it was fun but scary. >> reporter: the ambulance? >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: yeah. last friday, a driver ignored luke, his brother and father and blew through the crossing hitting luke. police were right there and a cop named bob comforted 5-year- old luke until emts arrived. so these two little boys wanted to thank police and emts and made some cards. 8-year-old ben will never forget that moment at the crosswalk. >> i was trying to picture what i saw when it happened. >> reporter: you may be thinking, okay, so the boys
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made them thank you cards, very nice, but it means a lot to first responders. >> that means more to the average officer than a commendation. those are the things that we like that we bring home and share with our families and among the department here. that's really special. >> reporter: what was the police officer doing, just talking to you? >> no, he took off my shoe and he saw the injury. >> reporter: luke's cast is coming off in about three weeks, right? >> about three weeks. >> reporter: as for the card that they made for police and emts that'll last forever. in hingham, i'm bill shields, wbz news. >> just an honest gesture that they can treasure. >> something tells me those boys talk more when the cameras are not around. a simple mistake that one state agency is blushing over. >> plus, cycling for a cause. the new event for the pan mass challenge looking to raise a
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>> it is the gift of safety. police officers choose presents over tickets for a family in need. >> checking with the weather watchers this afternoon. we've had a gusty wind, which helped boost our temperatures into the 70s. frank with 72 for a high today. 74 says eric in hopkinton. we've got a lot of 70s here on the map. the big changes tomorrow will be about 20 degrees cooler. lets you know how long the
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on the bz feed tonight. a typo in a press release has a company seeing red. >> the release declaring october cybersecurity awareness substituted 617 for 817 for the spokesman's phone number and anyone who called the number wound up on the other end of a free and fun party line
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>> that's not the line i meant to call. >> wrong! here are some new options if you express yourself with pictures rather than words. >> to give you a look at some of them, you can now choose things like ail ping-pong paddle, a burrito, a happy face with jazz hands or even a unicorn. if you use them altogether, that means you've had the best night ever. >> boom. >> i like using the pictures for some reason. >> yeah? >> i don't know why. >> it's because we're talking about it more maybe? >> i at one time thought they were silly. >> throw them in randomly. that and the jazz hands. a couple of random acts of kindness from police officers. >> they bought a family gifts that could save their children's lives, car seats. they pulled a car over and then saw three kids with no car seats. instead of writing tickets,
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bought the three pink car seats for the 1-year-old, 3-year-old and 5-year-old daughters. >> car seats sore expensive. great job by the officersp. the price of life-saving epi pens is surging. what's behind this troubling trend? >> wbz is the place to be for thursday night football tonight. the matchup on the coast. kickoff's at 8:25 then stay tuned after the game. stay up late with us for the
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well, it looks like the price of saving a life is skyrocketing. millions of people with allergies carry epi pens just
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has suddenly become a whole lot more expensive, even for people with insurance. >> tonight dr. mallika marshall takes a look at why something so simple has increased so much. >> reporter: every bite dylan frazier takes needs to be watched closely. the 9-year-old has severe food allergiesp. >> if we didn't have an epi pen with us and he had a reaction, it could be deathly for him. >> reporter: christian frazier has a plan to make sure the epi pen is always near dylan. >> backpack, calf tier why i carry one. my husband carries one. we have one in our sports bags. >> reporter: epi pens are an injectable form of epinephrine. they are an absolute must nor allergy patients. how essential have they come for you? >> it has significantly gone up i've noticed. >> an epi pen between pack has
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>> it is a bigger issue across now. >> professor tom brown teaches in the pharmacy. >> pharmaceuticals are priced differently. they used to be related to the impact of the medication and now it's really changed to essentially how much they can >> reporter: this is only happening in the united states. those same epi pens which cost about $400 peer go for about $85 in france. >> it doesn't make any sense. >> congressman tap juan know this. >> we have prohibited it from changing by law. >> having this is critical. >> reporter: dr. mark works in the emergency room. he's concerned some families may be forced to cut back. >> these events could progress in a very rapid pace, sometimes as quickly as 20 minutes.
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having an epi pen could be life saving. >> reporter: kristin is lucky her insurance covers the majority of her costs. the co-pays aren't cheap and she wore is about the future. >> i had a friend who had to pay $1,000 to have all of the epi pen she's wanted. >> reporter: and pay she will because the stakes are that high. dr. mallika marshall, wbz news. >> the manufacturer says it's distributed free epi pens to more than 60,000 schools and families that qualify can get help paying for the device. you can get more information on our web site, what an incredible day it was in the 70s. sounds like things are about to go downhill. i noticed suddenly a lot of leaves are falling off the leaves. >> that's right. the crunch, crunch, crunch when you walk, my son says that means it's almost halloween. >> this is kind of the last weekend to soak in the colors because we've seen leaf drop number one. number two, we'll be out raking leaves. number three, we're past peak
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in some hours. get out and enjoy it for sure. the cooler air is making a comeback. 50s for highs. tomorrow and on saturday. the best chance of any weekend shower comes in with a cold front during the first half of sunday. i'd say especially on sunday morning to midday. that's when we'll see scattered showers push through. again, last weekend for widespread peak foliage. we'll talk a little more about that in a second. windous gusty ahead of the front over 20 miles per hour, providence, plymouth, hyannis 30 mile-per-hour gusts right now. out ahead of the front, the temperatures are pulled into the 70s. it's 71 in lawrence after reaching a high of 73. look at keene, new hampshire, only 59. the wind has just started to shift around up front and will continue to slide toward the east here. it's got a couple of showers with it. not all that widespread. some light rain rate now from
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the new hampshire seacoast, plum island, georgetown. a quick light spritz coming and you will be out of here in about ten minutes or so. quick shower coming through the quabbin area and also in the terror row. then out over the cape, a couple of spritzes near the cape cod canal as well with temperatures in the 60s for us. a brief passing shower between metro west. notice what happens, 9:00, 9:30 some pockets of rain. even a couple of downpours in the islands and outer cape. after midnight, the rain leaves nantucket after midnight. we actually get clearing skies and cooler air that works in overnight tonight. the cool air will be with us tomorrow. we will have mostly sunny skies. so a beautiful fall day. just a little on the chilly side, especially compared to today. saturday morning we start with sunshine. the wind off the ocean brings
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are likely to develop on saturday. they will be stubborn. we may end up with a mostly cloudy day saturday, but saturday will be a dry day. sunday early in the morning around the showers, a few more possible in the afternoon, but then clearing comes in after that late in the day as drier air works into the region and another shot of cool air as well. passing clouds tonight. some of the cooler spots may dip into the upper 30s. most of it, though, 40 to 45 degrees. tomorrow fall jacket, 42 7:06 sunrise tomorrow. long sleeves probably because 70s. 50 degrees for the end of school, bright and cool. it actually turns into a below average day right around portsmouth and 52 in fitch. upper 40s in the monadnock region. most of us 50 to 55. accuweather seven-day, low 50s on saturday.
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cooler to end the week to start next week, i should say, in the 50s again. it looks like wednesday into thursday you guys, next chance of rain. it looks like it could be a pretty significant rainfall. we could use it, but that's why i'm saying the foliage, too that could be a wind-swept rain that brings in the rain next thursday. >> they are cutting into our leaf peeping. >> exactly. the pan mass challenge is adding an indoor event this winter and registration is now open. >> to ring in a new year, the resolution. bree sison shows us young fitness fans are signing up to help. >> in a dark room that should be soothing, trainer david bergeron inflicts a punishing training session on indoor cycling enthusiasts like elena. >> it's just you so you only have to focus on you. >> reporter: george ii.
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is about to volunteer the club in south boasten boston for a big cause. >> certain things we were bred to do in my household. one was box, eat food, name each other the same thing. [ laughter ] >> and cancer, that's the only thing my dad openly ever donated money to openly. >> reporter: supporting cancer care and research came naturally when he heard david rides in the pan mass challenge every summer. together, they'll host a new take on the pmc by moving it inside. >> if everybody just commits for one hour, we can raise a million bucks in a day, and many ways that's unheard of, especially doing something that people find fun. >> reporter: they need 2,000 people like elena to kick off 2016 by raising money nor dana farber cancer institute. she's ready to ride not only to honor several loved ones who fought cancer but also for herself. >> it's a great way to get younger people involved. i know i would love to work up to doing the pmc but i think for now, the resolution is a great stepping stone. >> reporter: george hopes to inspire other health clubs to
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>> tell everybody what we're ones doing it. >> reporter: here's the deal. the resolution is january 2nd and 3rd. you can sign of upline, you only have the bike for an hour and if each rider raises $500 that will be $1 million for dana farber cancer institute. bree sison, wbz news. a local woman knew there was a problem with her car when her engine wasn't just purring it was meowing. she drove five miles before she discovered there was a cat under the hood. it's hard to see here but the cat was just inches from the engine. they were able to get that cat out of there safely. the cat's in good shape. police are trying to find the owner. it's in a local shelter right now as they track down the owner. i'm assuming the cat was outside and thought it was colder than he'd like and wanted to get in somewhere warm. it is a piece of history that is out of this world.
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>> straight ahead, details on boston. >> then coming up next at 6:00, breaking news, a stabbing at a busy mbta station. a huge announcement from the health. >> and a wbz exclusive. a dog trainer charged with animal abuse and ordered to stay away from animals. we found dogs on his property about it.
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a stellar piece to hit the auction block. astronaut dave scott wore this watch walking on the moon during the apollo 15 mission. nasa gave all of the restaurants omega watches. he then changed to his own personal pulova watch for his -- bulova watch for his third and final moon walk. the news at 6:00 starts right now. >> a wbz exclusive. a former dog trainer accused of killing two animals and ordered to surrender all of his dogs. what we found in his home now has animal control involved. >> hillary clinton questioned by congress. >> i have been racking my brain about what more could have been done or should have been done. >> her emotional testimony about the terrorist attack in benghazi. >> a 12-year-old with a better resume than most adults and the lessen he brought to a room
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llc (800) 775-7838 e-mail: first at 6:00, it's a wbz exclusive tonight. a man accused of killing two dogs ignoring a judge's order. >> jason gentry is out on bail and isn't allowed to own any dogs but we saw one and heard another inside. christina? >> reporter: well, paula, police have known about these dogs. in fact, these police records show seven different calls coming in about barking complaints from neighbors at the home of jason gentry, but police say they did not know that he's not even allowed to have dogs. a dog in the backyard, signs on of jason gentry. awaiting trial on a list of
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