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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  October 23, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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breaking news right now. at 6:00, the search for a shooter this morning. >> an odd story at logan airport. a worker under investigation for taking a selfie in a questionable long. >> and the case against aaron hernandez back in court today. the tipster facing questions. captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e-mail: good morning. it is 6:00 right now. also friday. happy friday to you, october 23rd. i'm kathryn hauser. >> i'm bree sison filling in for chris mckinnon. >> it is a great morning out there.
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temperatures comparable to the last couple of mornings, but much. we have a brisk northwest breeze keeping temperatures on the cooler side all day plus keeping dry air in place. down to 38 degrees in norwood. 51 degrees hyannis and 44 as worcester. you'll ante light jacket and you'll want to keep it. there. a few clouds fartherrest to the north but abundant sunshine through the lunch hour and drive home. the brisk and northwest wind will gather some strength up to 25 miles per hour at times today. staying cool for saturday then your weekend outlook, we're tracking rain chances for sunday. i'll have the latest hour by hour timing on that and the latest on hurricane patricia in just a bit. pamela, we've got a couple of issues going on west and south of boston right now. an accident out in weston on
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we're seeing a stop and go backup between the tolls and state police barracks. and 128 and needham, objects on the roadway making cars swerve near great plain avenue. total traffic network says a bunch of wooden 2 by 4s fell off of a truck there. we begin with breaking news now. a murder investigation is under way in brighton. >> we're told the victim is a man. nicole jacobs is live on the scene with more. good morning, nicole. >> good morning, kathryn. good morning, bree. authorities are looking for the suspect responsible for the shooting and using surveillance video to help them with clues. if i step aside, you can see exactly where this happened on tellford street. i want to get you right to the video of police canvassing the area investigating. they arrived just before midnight to find a 30-year-old man dead of multiple gunshot wounds. this is an area near a mcdonald's restaurant, a
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shopping center where there is a star grocery store and of course a couple of apartment complexes. so it has the potential of being a busy, active location but with very little information to go on right now, police are still searching for that shooter. >> at this point in time, we don't have a description. we don't have much to go on at this point in time. we're checking cameras at this point in time. >> reporter: tyking a live look at the gazebo area, the man found dead shot in the street here. i can tell you police believe that the man took off running through the parking lot. they have not been able to find him, but again, they are ruing the surveillance video to help them with this investigation, but they'd also like anyone with any other information to them a call. more breaking news now. another shooting on a college campus.
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others injured at tennessee state university in nashville. investigators say it appears to have started as a dispute over a dice game in an outdoor courtyard. the two injured are students. they are expected to survive. also breaking news. at least 42 people are dead at a bus crash in france. many more are seriously hurt. the bus collided with a truck in wine country. of france. officials say the death toll is high because the bus caught fire. the bus was carrying mostly elderly tourists. the cause is under investigation. now to a developing story. a contractor at logan airport under investigation for apparently taking a selfie while standing on the wing of a plane. susie steimle is live at logan with the details. can't make it up, susie. >> reporter: that's true. this is a strange one. how far would you go to take a selfie? a contracted worker took it pretty far.
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climbed onto the wing of a 737 last nature to take a picture of themselves, and now the plane has been temporarily taken out of service. this is a contracted worker who had a badge and were allowed to be accessing the tarmac. so it's not someone who wasn't supposed to be there. there weren't any delays because the plane was supposed to be in for the night. maintenance is currently taking a look at it to see if climbing up on the wing caused any damage to the plane. i did check in with state police about this. they say the worker is not facing any legal charges because of this decision. it's also unclear if it was worth it, how good this picture was. it hasn't been posted anywhere on social media. susie steimle, wbz this morning. >> all right, susie. thank you. an anonymous tipster who raised questions about one of the jurors in the aaron hernandez trial will be
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after hernandez was convicted of killing odin lloyd, the tipster said the juror knew about another murder hernandez was accused of. 6:06 right now. a 15-year-old boy is facing charges for bringing a loaded gun to school. police say a student at tech boston academy in dorr chest her a handgun in his backpack yesterday. officers say when he tried to take him into custody, he ran. police found a bullet in the chamber. the teen told police he forgot the gun was in his bag. right now, police are looking for the suspect who stabbed a 17-year-old at an orange line t station. threatening. police think the suspect may also be 17. the jackson square t stop was shut down as police
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hillary clinton resumes her campaign after testifying yesterday. during a hearing on the attack at the u.s. consulate in benghazi, tempers flared and at times boiled over. >> what do you have to accomplish today. >> hillary clinton on capitol hill turned into a test of endurance and patience. republicans accused the former secretary of state of ignoring requests from the late ambassador christopher stevens for more security in benghazi. >> did you ever personally speak to him after you swore him in, in may, yes or no, please some. >> we have diplomatic facilities in war zones. we have am bass bores that we send to places that have been time. >> reporter: democrats continue to say the investigation into the 2012 attack is an attempt to ruin clinton's run for president but it is the families of the four killed in the attack, including
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ultimate jury. dougherty's sister says clinton's testimony and hearing itself have offered little context. >> as expected, a lot of the real answers that we're looking for were kind of brushed off or not answered in the detail that we would like. >> dougherty's family has to this point refused to criticize night glenn died. his mother tells "the globe" she did not watch the hearing and that she sees the house investigating benghazi and politically motivated. lincoln chafee says he'll make an announcement. he didn't wind many fans following his first debate performance. he's been struggling in the polls and has had trouble raising money. wisconsin congressman paul ryan has declared his candidacy for house speaker. ryan made the announcement last night after all three
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republican groups lined up to support him. the house is set to choose the next speaker next week. the u.s. attorney's office has sent subpoenas to draftkings according to "the globe," which says the subpoena's seeking information about whether a draftkings employee had inside information that may have helped him win $350,000 in a contest on competing site fan duel. draftkings has not commented. human error is suspected in the latest problem with the big dig. as we told you yesterday, the nuts holding up tunnel lights are cracking. they may have been overtightened when they were installed. despite the problem, the state highway chief says the tunnels are safe. >> the tunnels are safe. the lighting structures are safe. to be perfectly honest with you, if we felt for a second that anything would become this dislodged and fall to the roadway, we would have closed the tunnel. >> the costs will be paid out
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the work will be done during overnight hours. it will take about six months to complete. still to come, a wbz exclusive. >> a money accused of killing and abusing dogs has been banned from having any animals, but we found him violating a judge's order. >> and his post-congress life is one of a mental health warrior even when it meant spilling family secrets. the new honor patrick kennedy receives today in boston. >> plus, red sox commentator jerry remy reacting to news about his role with the team next year. pamela? >> we have paul foliage to update you on. it looks like we're past peak england now. outside of 495 and areas to the north and west of there, we're getting close to peak conditions and almost close to past peak as well. coming up this weekend, slim chance for rain. i'll have the hour by hour timing. here's a live look at columbus park where our photographer is out on scene. stay with us.
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it is 6:13 on your friday. a cockatoo who flew the coop is morning. >> dino has been flying free making a lot of noise and
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snacking on historic homes in brookline since july. rescue teams and volunteers caught the cagey cockatoo. >> cute bird. >> time to go home, though. >> it's getting cold. too cold for dino. >> enjoy the summerp. >> had a little vacation, freedom. >> stretched his wings. >> this is the custom house. don't freak out. the clock is not at the right time right now. it's actually 6:14. >> and a delay. >> yeah. if you look at the clock, you'll be late. clock. >> looking at the forecast, good morning. >> i want to start off before you get to the forecast with a quick shoutout from the little corner schoolhouse in brookline. friends of the weather team here. good morning to you guys as you head out the door. jacket. temperatures are on the cool side and at least we keep it dry here in new england. picture here.
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this is a big deal because this particular storm, this hurricane is the strongest ever in the eastern pacific with the lowest pressure and strongest wind speeds. this will affect our friends in puerta vallarta, unfortunately. we'll keep you up to date on any damage that comes out of this. unfortunately, we can't avoid it because it is such a strong storm. hurricane pa trace yak the latest shows max wind speeds of 200 miles per hour. pressure, 880 milibars. that's super low. moving north to northwest at 12 miles per hour as we put the track on it. we expect it to make landfall adds a category 5 but then weakening considerably thanks to the high terrain, mountains and friction of the land there. temperatures here back home in the 50s and 40s. we have a completely different air mass in place compared to
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yesterday. yesterday was a little humid, windy, and warm. not the case for today. we'll keep the wind in there from the northwest. we pick back up to 50 degrees at 3:00 p.m. it should be at this time of year and everyone will be well below normal. everyone experiencing tons of sunshine. overnight tonight, clearing, cold. areas of patchy frost and 38 degrees here in the city of boston but suburbs down into the upper 20s and 30s. weekend forecast starting off with the chilly temperatures saturday but then warming to 54 degrees. sunday 60 degrees. a chance for a brief shower. hour by hour forecast as we head into saturday. cool and dry. high pressure in control. notice those clouds will hang around the coastline. hour by hour, we head into sunday morning, 8:30 in the morning, cold front approaches.
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tailgate, you might be dodging a few rain drops here. this is extremely light rain that will be hit or miss. after we get to the kickoff, 1:00 p.m. it looks like it's going to be drying out, partly sunny skies and temperatures pretty mild. 60 degrees. when we get to the end of next week, it's a warm-up thursday, too. traffic and weather together, robi. >> reporter: that accident on the mass pike is causing problems now. the crash is on the eastbound side out in weston just after the state police barracks. the stop and go backup is to route 30. to the south, the bumper to bumper rides include the expressway between adams street and columbia road and 128 southbound from route 37 to the split. from the north, 93 southbound hangs up in the woburn stretch. route 3 south, you are stop and go between 495 and 129. bree, kathryn?
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6:17 right now. now to a wbz exclusive, a man already accused of killing two dogs is still keeping animals on its property. jason gentry of salem is awaiting trial on animal abuse charges. he is accused of running an illegal kennel. investigators say he hung two dogs until they died and dumped in revere. as part of a court order, he's not to have any animals on his property, but one dog was found in his backyard, and there was more barking coming from inside of the home. >> when i spoke to his girlfriend, she told me that she's caring for the dogs and that he has no contact. that. >> salem's animal control officers say police have visited the home for barking complaints, but says the court never told them gentry could not have ans. today, one of the most admired mental health
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facilities in the country will honor former congressman patrick kennedy. kennedy made headlines recently for speaking up about his famous family and struggles with mental illness and addiction. before leaving congress, he was instrumental for passing health care coverage for mental health and addiction. today, mclean will present him with the highest honor at their annual dinner. jerry remy will be back in the broad booth next year. he will work at least 100 games. on twitter, he said that the news keeps him doing what he loves. there was speculation with his counterpart's depart cheer, remy would be leaving as well. and great news for red sox general manager john farrell. his cancer in remission. farrell was diagnosed with nonhodgkin's lymphoma. tests on wednesday confirmed that his cancer in remission. sox president of baseball
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operations dave dombrowski said they all look forward to having farrell back as their manager. farrell said "i am extremely thankle for the outpouring of support throughout this process. i look forward to getting back to work and bringing another championship back to boston." >> good for him. we wish him all the best. >> absolutely. still to come, a barber shop robber on the run. the crime caught on camera. >> the efforts to track down valuable sports memorabilia stolen in saugusp. >> plus, the controversial ceo who jacked up a drug price now
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for the girl scout meeting. for the soccer team.
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how many meetings are you stop & shop just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
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welcome back. an american service member killed freeing hostages that isis was planning to execute. u.s. special operations troops and iraqi forces raided a compound in northern iraq yesterday. they freed 70 hostages.
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becomes the first u.s. combat death in iraq since the year ago. it is 6:23 right now. hillary clinton testifies again on the benghazi attack. yesterday's hearing brought up questions about how much the state department knew and when. >> this morning, our jon keller takes a closer look at if americans care if the government lies to them. >> reporter: good morning. i won't pretend that i sat there and watched the entirety of yesterday's endless congressional hearing on benghazi featuring former secretary of state hillary clinton. there's only so much hyper partisanship i can stand. from what i did see, i seriously doubt that anyone who wasn't already a clinton lover or hater will have their minds changed by what went on. there is something important to be learned, and that's the answer to the question, how much do you value being told the truth by your government? well, before yesterday the record was clear.
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the state department continued to put out a bogus self-serving explanation of what motivated the slaughter of our people in benghazi well after they knew the truth. it wasn't an angry public video. it was an attack by an organized terrorist group. then secretary clinton and her colleagues felt compelled to mislead us about this because it was seven weeks before the presidential election and they were afraid it might hurt politically, end of story. clinton's effort to deny that yesterday was just plain lame. so was this the first time the secretary of state has substituted spin for truth on hardly. i seem to recall colin powell doing it on the evidence of iraq. that fact doesn't make it right, but do undecided voters really care or do they assume politicians do?
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success will help provide an answer to that one. your thoughts on this are welcome via e-mail at keller on or on twitter on keller at large. are you sending your kids to school off this morning? a new survey you may be interested to hearing about. >> new charges and the pricey new land deal. >> as we go to break, here are four things you might want to
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. breaking news right now at 6:30. a man murdered in brighton. his killer has not been caught. >> also breaking, a fiery bus
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crash in the south of france. dozens are killed, many tourists. >> and a crime caught on camera. the prized possession stolen from a talkis barber shop -- saugus barber shop and the efforts to get them back. good morning, welcome back. i'm bree sison filling in for chris mckinnon. >> feels pretty good. weather-wise, we'll feel good temperatures. >> we're in the 40s and 50s and it's definitely a different air mass in place. >> look at that sunrise. >> fantastic weather this morning, yes. >> here's a live look from photographer pat and the sun is just about to pop over the horizon. a couple of clouds in the background but beautiful color there in the sky. fantastic weather, cool temperatures.
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44 degrees worcester. islands. we had a cold front that moved through yesterday. that's taking all of the rain chances with it. we'll have the clear skies in place. a few clouds. just very thin, high-level clouds farther to the north. tons of sunshine all afternoon. the drive home 50 and a brisk northwest wind gusting up to 25 much like fall. staying cool as we head into the first part of the weekend, but we have a chance for showers as we head into sunday. i'll have the hour by hour timing of that. update on hurricane patricia in robi? >> reporter: we have an update on the crash out on the mass pike in weston. let's go to skyeye4 right now. you can see how bad the traffic jam is. the accident's on the eastbound police barracks. the left lane is blocked there. the bumper to bumper backup, which you are looking at right now with all of those headlights is a big one.
6:29 am
it stretches from the brakes all the way back -- vets from the barracks all the way back to route 9. breaking news we're following in brighton for you. a man found murdered right in the middle of a busy street. >> police are searching for that killer. nicole jacobs is live on the scene with what police are telling us. nicole? >> bree, they haven't found the suspect but they are using surveillance video to help them in the endeavor. this is where it happened near the gazebo hair. i can tell you police arrived here to find that 30-year-old man with gunshot wind app wounds. certainly there is room to be a busy location but very little information to go on, police are still searching for the shooter. they believe he ran through a
6:30 am
they also say that it's too early for them to have any type of suspect description. so again, they are looking at the surveillance video to help them with that. again, back here live, this is right in the area of tellford street. certainly in the area as well of western avenue where police believe that suspects may have run. they're searching for any information that could help them find the person responsible. anyone with information is urged to give police a call. we're live in brighton this morning. nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. >> thank you very much. more breaking news. another shooting on a college campus. one person killed, two others injured at tennessee state university in nashville. investigators say it appears to have started as a dispute over a dice game in an outdoor courtyard. the victim did not go to the school, however, the two injured are students. they are expected to survive. also breaking, at least 42
6:31 am
people dead in a bus crash in france. many more are seriously hurt. the bus collided in wine country. officials say the death toll is high because the bus caught fire. the bus was carrying mostly elderly tourists. the cause is now under investigation. now, we turn to a developing story at logan airport. a contractor is under investigation for taking a selfie while standing on the wing of a plane. susie steimle is live at logan with details. susie? >> reporter: good morning, bree. you can file this one under what were they thinking? the swiss board employee climbed onto the wing of a 737 all for a selfie, and they had to take that plane temporarily out of service. all of this happened last night at logan airport, and we do know it was a contracted employee, so they were allowed to be on the tarmac. it was somebody with permission, not somebody who wasn't supposed to be down there. that's good news as far as safety concerns go. this did not cause any delays. the plane was in for the night, so they are taking a look at
6:32 am
maintenance is trying to make sure that there wasn't any damage done to the plane having somebody climb onto the wing of it before they send the plane back out. we did talk to state police this morning. no charges are pending in this case, and it doesn't look like, at this point, we will be able to see that selfie that the person took up on the wing of that plane. media. attention than they've already got for this selfie attempt on the wing of the plane. we're live at logan airport, morning. jerseys signed by some of boston's greatest athletes were saugus. the crime was all caught on camera. late wednesday night a thief came in through the back door, ripped out one of the surveillance cameras, but another camera caught him stealing all of the framed sports memorabilia from the walls including jerseys signed by tom brady, paul pierce, and bruins legend johnnie busic.
6:33 am
bare before, so it's a sickening feeling that there's people out there that don't care about others. >> employees say it's clear from the surveillance video the thief knew what was in the shop and how to get it. two brookline firefighters separate incidents. the brookline board of selectmen voted earlier this week to terminate joseph ward. he's charged with attacking a man at a taco restaurant. witnesses told police ward attacked a homeless man because he believed the man took too long to place his order. ward was not on duty at the time. also fired, injury may joseph who was arrested on dui charges earlier this month following a crash in newton. cigarettes now being blamed for a deadly fire in chicopee. the state fire marshal says the improper disposal of a cigarette sparked a fire that killed an 87-year-old woman and her 60-year-old son on sunday. three other adults escaped the home.
6:34 am
quarantined at the height of the ebola scare is suing the state of new jersey. kasey hickok says state officials violated her civil rights when she returned from west africa last year. she was forced to stay in a tent outside a hospital even though she had no ebola symptoms. she's seeking at least $250,000 in damages. in money watch this morning, an update on a drug pricing controversy. a ceo bought rights to daraprim in august raising the price from $13.50 to $750 a pill. now he's being undercut. a specialty drug-maker says it will be selling $1 doses of the drug that treats a rare infection that strikes pregnant women and cancer patients. mcdonald cease seeing a super sized stock surge. shares were up more than 8% yesterday. that's the biggest daily increase in seven years. mcdonald's restaurant sales
6:35 am
improvements to its menu and its corporate image. 13 museums worldwide will be receiving new money for information. the mfa will get a grant to preverve two paintings in the collection. this is what boston seaport district could eventually look like a decade or so from now. according to "the globe," a chestnut hill development company bought the last remaining parcel of open land in the district for $359 million. it is one of the priciest land deals ever in boston. a complex of offices, housing and shops are planned for the site. the ws development is hoping to break ground in two years or less. a typo in a press release has workers at the massachusetts department of administration and finance seeing red. the release declaring october cybersecurity awareness month substituted 617 for 857 in the
6:36 am
spokesman's phone number. so anyone who called it wound up in the other end of a "free and fun party line" advertising adult hot line. that must have been awkward conversations. >> you can say that again. my goodness. >> oops. what would you say if you were asked to describe your high school experience in three words? >> a massive study of teens in the u.s. asked that question. it's our "daily talker." robi is here with the results. >> reporter: by massive, we mean 22,000 high schoolers across the u.s. funded by a charity started by lady gaga. students filled out an online questionnaire that featured the question "how do you currently feel in school?" eight of the top ten responses were negative. here's the top three. "tired" was the top response. 39% of the kids said that. stressed came in second at 29%, and bored was the number three
6:37 am
answer by 26% of the students. by contrast, only 22% of the kids vote they were happy and only 4.7% claim they were excited about their high school experience. a researcher from yale who led the study said it's hard for kids to concentrate and do well in school if their brain is having a stressed response. he says parents and educators should be alarmed by the finding. one way to change that, he says, is to make learning more engaging and interesting. so we asked what you thought about this one. a lot of people are commenting. let's take a look at them now. a viewer writes "tired, stressed and bored teachers produce tired, stressed, and bored students." joe on facebook says, "tired? student's fault. stressed? bored? teacher's fault." comment, we'd love to hear from you.
6:38 am
against aaron hernandez is back in court today. >> the woman being questioned and why the hearing is closed to the public. >> and the question of whether a draftkings employee had pamela? >> reporter: time to check out more weather watcher reports. we have cool temperatures across the board and some there. everyone's reporting a mostly clear sky. venus, jupiter and mars visible in the skies, too. this beautiful look here. we have 45 according to around in hanover. degrees. coming up in a bit, the weekend forecast and the latest in hurricane patricia in the
6:39 am
looks like watching snow melt will not be a popular pastime next year. the city says they won't build a giant snow pile like last year. instead, they will spread out the snow. remember that snow pile that just got nasty. look at that. what could you find in there, right? well, it melted in the middle of july, so it took a while to get it to melt.
6:40 am
so we won't be dealing with that. >> now we'll have three smaller ones. this is making a headline and just a massive hurricane turning up near mexico. breaking records. monster storm. it strengthened and officially is now the strongest ever hemisphere. soak that in for a second. the strongest ever in the western hemisphere including here. first category 5 to make potentially in mexico. this could happen later today as a category 5. records date the pacific. hurricane patricia, here are miles per hour. hour. pressure extremely low, 880 milibars moving to the north- northwest at 12 miles per hour.
6:41 am
expect it to make landfall as a cat 5 later today and this afternoon. tonight it weakens to a tropical storm very quickly. it runs into the mountain and rough terrain there. all of a sudden, it gets to an extra tropical low later on as it moves toward texas and enhancing their rainfall potential. so southern texas and oklahoma under a flash flood watch this weekend. busy weather world for us and we'll continue to keep track of it this weekend. current temperatures for us, 44 worcester. we have cooler temperatures in place, and we have air in place. only warming to 50 degrees as we click back up to 50 degrees later this afternoon. low 50s, upper 40s for the
6:42 am
highs today thanks to the brisk northwest breeze. saturday 54, sunday 60 degrees. sunday we have a chance for a brief shower or two prior to the patriots game kickoff at gillette stadium. as you are out tailgating, you'll have the early risk. hour by hour forecast cool with an area of high pressure for saturday, but sunday, again, between 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., the best chance for a brief isolated shower. seven-day forecast 50s the next couple of days. up to 60 sunday. then we get try again monday, tuesday with highs back in the 50s and lots of sun. the mass pike is the worst accident. the eastbound side. to the south we go, 24 northbound jammed from avon up to 128. the expressway crawls from furnace brook to columbia road.
6:43 am
stop and go medford to boston, route 3 south you are bumper to bumper between 495 and trouble cove. kathryn, bree? it is 6:48 just about. our top stories this morning. police are checking surveillance video for clues in the murder of a boston man overnight. the shooting happened off of western avenue and brighton at the intersection of tellford street and justinian way. police say the victim had multiple gunshot wounds. the anonymous tipster who raised questions about one. jurors in the aaron hernandez trial will be questioned in court today. after hernandez is convicted of killing odin lloyd, the tipster said one of the jurors knew hernandez was linked to a double murder in boston even though it was not supposed to be mentioned in court. prosecutors have questioned the tipster's credibility.
6:44 am
ed draftkings which says the subpoena is seeking information on insider information that may have helped an employee win $350,000 on a competing site fan duel. under investigation for taking a selfie on the wing of a plane last night. the plane a 737 owned by american airlines. he time. the jet is out of service. state police say the worker with ill not face charges. the patriots have a rare fumble off the field. >> just ahead, a tweet about this jets play from 2012 that has people talking. >> plus, the world series hasn't even started but it's already making history.
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welcome back. celtics and knicks preseason basketball game last night. on fire early scoring 15 points. more cuss smart has seven points and nine assists. the cs win it 99-85. wrapping up the preseason manchester, new hampshire. action. you can call this a throwback thursday fumble. >> an official patriots tweet was sent out then deleted. the tweets show the infamous fumble by the jets with the caption "this seems relevant" hashtag #throwback thursday. as you know, the teams play on sunday. the team did not comment on the tweet. >> sending a little message
6:48 am
wbz is the only fleiss see the game. we'll get you started sunday with patriots game day at 11:30. pats and jets kick off at 1:00 followed by the fifth quarter postgame show. as pamela calls them, the evil jets. we found out earlier there are certain teams she calls evil. the new york mets are in the first world series in 15 years. >> how about that? fans are shelling out big bucks to catch a home game, too. tickets for the mets' three home games are already selling for around $1700 each. that would make mets tickets series history. the mets haven't won a world series since 1986. >> that is a lot of money. >> waiting for a long time for that. >> that's true. time for a closer look at what's coming up at 7:00 on "cbs this morning." >> let's check in with nora o'donnell. good morning. >> good morning. ahead her on "cbs this
6:49 am
hour marathon on capitol hill. nancy cordes asks the benghazi chair whether he learned anything now from her testimony. >> and bradley cooper and sienna miller right here in studio 57.
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funny to talk about this week -- plenty to talk about this week. >> it's friday. you know what that means. it's time for the week that was. >> joe biden announces he will not run for president. >> the patriots scoring a prime time win on the road. >> plays gone wrong. >> the raiders broke a national record. you reported on this by winning 154 games in a row. >> did you see that yesterday? there were some flakes flying across massachusetts. >> did you hold on to at least a pair of shorts maybe? i am. >> three lowell police officers attacked while questioning a suspect. >> facing charges in connection with this weekend's amber alert. >> there's new trouble in the big dig tunnel. >> mass dot officials say there's no imminent danger. and the amount of thought the town put into this tribute is amazing. >> she prepared for her first steps on a new leg. >> may the force opinion with you and may your parents never charge you rent. >> if you are a fan of the movie "back to the future," today is your day.
6:53 am
>> martin mcfly arrested for theft, and public more gullible than ever. >> what about biff? loved biff. biff's the bully. not a bad day today. >> no, a little different. not as warm as yesterday and we still have a wind out there, although, coming from the northwest, making it feel downright brisk. 52 the high temps, lots of sunshine and beautiful start to the weekend. sunday 60 and a couple of brief showers. >> all right. happy friday, everybody. >> go, pats. >> "cbs this morning" is next on wbz. we'll have another update in
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