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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 23, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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captioning funded by cbs good it is friday, october 23rd, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." hillary clinton faces a marathon interrogation on the deadly benghazi attack. we ask the house committee chairman whether he learned anything new. >> flash flooding threatens millions in the south and torrential down pours threaten millions. bradley cooper and seinna miller are back in the kitchen. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener."
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your world in 90 seconds. >> i don't know whether that is funny. >> i'm sorry. a little note of levity at 7:15. >> reporter: how come no one has been held accountable? >> privately, your story was much differently privately than publicly. >> i've lost more sleep than you all together. >> what did you learn today? >> i don't know if she testified today as she has previous times she has testified. >> one person hurt and others went to the hospital and investigators say it started at a dice game at university of memphis. >> south of france, 42 people killed if a bus crash. the bus slammed into a city near bordeaux. >> secret service embarrassment. two secret service officers were caught sleeping. >> american killed in an operation to rescue dozens of hostages.
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iraq since 2011. >> this is part of the larger effort against isil. >> it is official. paul ryan is running for speaker of the house. ryan is expected to get the support necessary. >> these didn't need a cup of joe to wake up. a bus crashing through a window. >> austin, texas, these two ducks escaped their pen yesterday. >> he is launching it. down for lockett in the end zone. it's caught for the touchdown. seahawks improve to 3-4. >> all that matters. >> a motorcyclist riding down the road when she discovers a kitten right in the middle of a busy street! >> oh, my god! >> on "cbs this morning." the chinese communist party has bland golf, gluttony, excessive drinking and adultery. if you guys don't want american tourists, just say so! announcer: this portion of "cbs
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let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." hillary clinton's testimony to the house-elect committee on benghazi promised to be a marathon, and it was. committee members questioned the former secretary of state all day and much of the evening about the deadly 2012 attacks. >> some democratic members are now suggesting that they may quit the committee, saying the hearing proved this investigation is political. nancy cordes covered the hearing night. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: norah, this is one ever seen! in between. we added it up and clinton was asked more than 300 questions about benghazi, about her e-mails, and about her leadership. pattern. pattern to changing your story. >> reporter: if anything, the
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the hearing stretched into the night. >> no one ever recommended closing the post in benghazi. >> no one recommended closing but you had two ambassadors that made several, several requests and here is basically what happened to their requests. they were torn up. >> well, that is just not true, congressman. >> oh, madam secretary! they didn't get through! it didn't help them! >> reporter: indiana republican susan brooks grilled clinton about her communication with chris stevens, the ambassador killed in the attack. >> did you ever personally speak to him after you swore him in in may? >> i believe -- >> yes or no, please. >> yes, i believe i did and i -- >> when was that? >> i don't recall. >> we have no record that you had any conversations with the ambassador after you swore him in and before he died and you were his boss! >> i was the boss of ambassadors in 270 countries. >> reporter: clinton worked throughout to keep a calm
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>> i did not sleep all night. we were doing. >> what time did you learn that sean smith had died? >> that was earlier in the evening. >> that was before you left? >> yes. >> co. then what about ambassador stevens? >> it was before i left. >> reporter: the endurance test didn't sit well with democrats. >> i don't know how you're doing, but i'm exhausted. >> i don't know what we want from you! do we want to dad ger you over and over again until you get tired and we got the gotcha moment that he is talking about? we are better than that! >> at the end, even committee chair trey gowdy struled to ggled to explain what had been gained. what are the new things you learned today? >> ah. i think some of jimmy jordan's questioning -- well, when you say "new today," we knew some of that already. we knew about the e-mails. in terms of her testimony? >> reporter: uh-huh. >> i don't know that she testified that much differently
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today than she has previous times she has testified, so i'd have to go back and look at the transcript. >> reporter: and that is after a hearing that was longer than all of the other hearings that this committee has held put together. those hearings had multiple witnesses. though, in fairness, this committee hasn't held many hearings because it cancelled also ones it was supposed to hold with other officials over the past nine months. >> thank you, natali del conte. at one point, jim jordan accused hillary clinton of starting a false narrative with her first public statement to the attack. her statement issued on the night of the benghazi attack -- >> at 10:08, on the night of the attack, you released this statement. some have sought to justify the vicious behavior as a response to inflammatory material posted on the internet. at 10:08, was no evidence. at 10:08, before the attack is
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at 10:08, when tyrone woods and glenn doherty are on the annex fighting for their lives the department blames a video. here is what you said. at 11:00 that night, approximately one hour after you told the american people of the video, you said to your family, two officers were killed today in benghazi by an al qaeda-like group. you tell -- you tell the american people one thing. you tell your family an entirely different story. >> clinton responded that it was hard to know at that time exactly what had happened. >> foon host and cbs news political director john dickerson is with us this morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> where do we go from here? >> the nothing new, let's tu that in context. there have been seven previous hearings. there has been a lot of conversation so a lot of repeated conversation in this testimony about those underlining questions of what happened that night and what is
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her responsibility for that. where it goes from here, she may have said nothing new, according to the chairman, but that doesn't mean what she said in her omissions might be a problem as he puts out his report later. he has at least 20 more witnesses to go so this is not the last word from the committee. >> what do you think is the larger political impact about how hillary clinton conducted herself and how the republicans conducted themselves. >> for her the people say there was no bombshell moment. the key question here is if the person who is asking to be president and put in crisis moments failed in a crisis here and a judgment the voters have to make and always a question the underlining at the center of benghazi. was that more illuminated yesterday? not any more than perhaps it was before. so as a political matter, it's a question was there going to be a new bombshell to come out of this, that hasn't happened. >> if there was failure of judgment, what would it have been?
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ambassador, asked for more security. why wasn't it dealt with and when they knew it was a flaming department did not deal with at the state department and who is on the hook for that? that is the central question here. if you're evaluating her behavior for her presidency, whether that was more greatly illuminated by this committee hearing doesn't really matter. that is the question at the center of this controversy. >> there did seem to be an attempt of gotcha moment at one point when congressman jordan said you told the american people one thing and your family another. the bite we just ran. will that turn into anything, do you think? >> by the issue of the chairman of the committee that is a secondary point. the central point why did this happen? what congressman jordan was going after was the question how it was spun afterwards. his argument was you knew it was terrorists that were involved and therefore it wasn't a spontaneous attack, why does that matter? politically, if it's a planned terrorist attack they were asleep at the switch. if it was spontaneous, who could stop such a thing? the argument from hillary
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clinton there were conflicting reports who they thought the group was that was responsible and the things i said privately in e-mails and phone calls turned out not to be true later. this is, of course, separate and apart from the whole susan rice issue which is the spinning that was done about the story on the sunday shows that weekend with -- and hillary clinton wasn't involved in that directly. >> do you think republicans look bad in this committee hearing? >> i think at moments, they didn't look great. i mean, it was a long day. there were times where if you turned on and you thought, what does this have to do with the central question? that was the challenge for a committee that even republicans have said has a partisan leaning. >> john, on behalf of all of us, thank you for watching through the 11th hour. on this sunday on "face the nation," john talks about added ad schiff and devin nunez and chris christie. >> paul ryan is locked up this morning the support he demanded
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the former vice presidential candidate officially entered the speaker's race last night after the last of three main him. ryan told lawmakers in a letter, quote, i believe we are ready to move forward as a one, united team. and i am ready and eager to be our speaker. the house will vote on the speakership next week. >> there you go. this morning, a storm bearing down on mexico is the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere. hurricane patricia is examined to make landfall this weekend. the dangerous category five storm could deliver up to 20 inches of rain. a satellite image shows its massive size. experts compare the power to a typhoon that killed more than 6,000 people in the philippines in 2012. people in texas face more severe weather. a violent storm system is moving
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part of the state and flash flood warnings are across much of texas. omar villarreal is in texas with more. >> reporter: good morning. water is already starting to pool in low lying areas like this one. and more rain is on the way. frrks warn that the flooding in this area could become dangerous. overnight, pounding rain stung central and western texas. a it's flooding streets and leaving cars submerged and drivers stranded. >> pretty much i was driving, and i got stuck. gps don't know that there is going to be water log in the middle areas. >> it's floating. there goes a double-wide. gone! >> reporter: in rankin, storm waters were rushing away this mobile home.
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inches of rain fell and roads turned into waterways and causing multiple accidents. the violent storm knocked out power to more than 2,000 people in midland and swallowed up this ambulance in owe dessaodessa. swift water rescues. the flood is only beginning in this part of texas. other parts of texas could see a foot of rain in the next few days and additional moisture from hurricane patricia is feeling this deadly storm. a tour bus and a truck killed 42 people, both vehicles burst into flames. the accident happened near a village outside bordeaux in france. mark phillips is in london with why so many people were killed. mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the busload of elderly tourists had set out on a day trip and
7:14 am
region france into the pyrenees in the south. it got involved on a head-on collision with a truck people say is a dangerous bend in a two-lane highway. both vehicles apparently caught fire and most of the bus passengers were trapped inside and explains the high death toll. those who survived seemed to have gotten out when the driver, who also survived, managed to open the door. he is reported to have said the truck was on the side. his side of the road and that he couldn't avoid it. the tragedy on this scale brought france's foreign and interior ministers to the scene along with the emergency vehicles. the french president holland on a visit to greece called the accident an immense tragedy and nation. an investigation is expected to be launch rb the first american in isis died in northern iraq to free prisoners who were facing execution.
7:15 am
combat death in iraq since 2011. margaret brennan is at the pentagon with new details of this deadly mission. margaret, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the raid was led by kurdish commandos with help from elite u.s. special operators including delta force commandos. it was the first time in the fight against isis that american soldiers were confirmed to be on the battlefield in iraq. the raid was launched after u.s. intelligence spotted isis fighters digging mass graves inside a prison compound in northern iraq. isis had planned a large-scale execution following their just hours before the killing was to begin, five american helicopters with 30 u.s. special operations forces and iraqi kurdish commandos landed inside the heavily guarded isis prison. the troops stormed the compound and in an exchange of gunfire, fighters. the american servicemen were
7:16 am
the first u.s. casualty since the fight nens i against is sis began. it was the first time that a rescue mission. - in recent months they captured a number of their fighters but surprisingly none were among the freed hostages. most were local iraqi villagers. the raid, itself, raised question about president obama's vow not to put u.s. soldiers back into combat in iraq but pentagon spokesperson peter cook said the special operations forces were only assisting the kurdish fighters. >> in that support role, they are allowed to defend themselves and also defend partner forces and to protect against the loss of innocent life. >> reporter: now the americans were not supposed to engage in the assault, but that changed after isis pinned down the kurdish commandos in a very heavy firefight.
7:17 am
the u.s. serviceman was killed after he intervened to help. >> margaret, thank you so much. in our next half hour, we are going to go inside the air war against isis. "60 minutes" are the first to show the military command center that is running the fight. twhaef story ahead. this morning, the secret service face another embarrassment as the government audit reveals two officers were found sleeping on the job. at least one of them was assigned to protect the white house. jeff pegues is at a secret service checkpoint at the white house with concern the agency is overworking employees. >> reporter: the two secret service officers found sleeping on the job back in august. yeah, one of them was assigned to guard the white house complex. this is a revelation that was made during an audit by the department of homeland security which overseas the secret service. in an lert from roth to clancy, federal auditors say they
7:18 am
at their posts on august 11th, 2015. they cite the staffing and scheduling as contributing to officer fatigue. noting one of the officers worked almost 60 hours of overtime over a two-week period that included president obama's trip to kenya in july. ronald kessler has written extensively about the secret service. >> it condones lackness and retaliation against agents who tell the truth. >> reporter: they argued the officers had sufficient days off prior to the incident. but the agency did say there is no excuse for the officers' misconduct and that both have been disciplined. >> everybody out right now. go back. >> reporter: the audit stems from a previous secret service blunder when a fence jumper got
7:19 am
it also plagues a 2012 prostitution scandal in columbia and a pair of agents likely to be intoxicated who crashed through a white house security barrier in march. one of the officers who was disciplined acknowledged taking cold medicine prior to his shift. clancy was brought in to improve staffing and training. they are known as porch pirates. ahead, the growing crime wave that is striking across front doors across the country and how a new app could meteorologist pamela guard. hour by hour forecast will show mostly clear skies all afternoon. a few clouds passing through. other than that, no rain today. leave the umbrella at home but sunglasses. for the day planner, not much of a change with the day.
7:20 am
upper 40s and lower 50s for highs. the wind stays brisk from the northwest gusting up to 25. weekend ahead, saturday 54, sunday 60. even in death, dr. martin luther king jr. faces a fight in the south. >> we are live at a land mark. why they think a king memorial does not belong there.
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arches. ahead where mcdonald's shares
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are soaring. on monday, the biggest flame-maker in the world turns 100. an inside look at boeing's massive fact good morning. it is 7:26. i'm bree sison. we'll have an update on your updated forecast. >> we have a completely different air mass in place. temperatures will not warm up at all today. actually, temperatures will be in the 50s and 40s. we will have tons of sunshine, a brisk northwest wind coming in all afternoon as well. and it looks like when we get into the weekend, saturday into sunday, temperatures will be in the 50s sunday around 60 degrees with a chance for rain sunday as well. traffic and weather together, robi. >> crash crashes south and west of boston right now, pamela. to the south, an accident in rockland, route 3 northbound
7:27 am
before 228 seeing stop and go backup to route 53. out in the worcester area, we have a crash on 290 eastbound at route 122. that's pozner square. the backup is to college square. bree? top stories now. police are checking surveillance video for clues in the murder of a boston man overnight. the shooting happened off western avenue at the intersection of tellford street and justinian way. midnight. police say the 30-year-old wounds. no arrests have been made. we'll be back with another
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scary moment when a large chunk of mountain broke off and fell away. you do not want to be here. the big piece of the rock started to crumble on the way down and exploded when it hit the ground. the rock was considered unstable. it had been under close watch because of an avalanche a year ago. the instability was detected last week. as bad as that looks, nobody was hurt and they got everybody out. scary stuff. welcome back to "cbs this morning." first and only on cbs, "60 minutes" cameras only on cbs --
7:30 am
pause, "60 minutes" cameras, pause. david martin shows us what it takes to launch a single air strike. these are stealing packages right outside our front door. how to stop porch pirates before the holiday rush. time to show you this morning's headlines. "the seattle times" reports on amazon stock surging after the company announced a surprise profit. it pushed the net worth of amazon and founder jeff bezos boof above 55 billion. mcdonald's announced its first quarterly improvement in comparable u.s. sales in two years. earnings jumped 23% in the third quarter. mcdonald's stock hit an all-time - high.
7:31 am
>> in august, a pharmaceutical bought the rights to more than the 60-year-old drug daraprim and it boosted its% to $750 for one pill. last month the ceo told cbs news that the drug was unprofitable. the dallas morning news reports texas investigators want thousands of documents from planned parenthood in the state. the investigation was ordered after anti-abortion activists released undercover videos in which planned parenthood employees. it addresses all due within 24 hours. it follows the state's efforts earlier this week to remove planned parenthood from texas medicaid program. planned parenthood says it has
7:32 am
the philadelphia inquirer. the prize is offered by civic foundation amid dwindling turnout over the past decade. on november 3rd, one polling station in the city will be chosen at random. the first voter who walks out after casting a ballot will be given the 10,000 dollar check. we reported earlier on the death of an american commando in a raid to free isis hostages. it shows how the violence in the war is rising. sunday, "60 minutes" gets a rare look inside a crucial overseas military hub. david martin is in washington with a preview. david, good morning. i was over at "60 minutes" the other day. everybody was talking how incredible your reporting is and looking forward to it. what did you learn? >> reporter: we went there earlier this month inside the command center which runs the air war against isis. it's located in a bunker-like building in the middle of a giant air base in the persian
7:33 am
ground zero for an air campaign costing $10 million a day. the b-1 is carrying 17 1/2 tons of bombs and 170,000 pounds of jet fuel. it strains to get airborne in the reduced lift of 100-degree heat. it will take nearly three hours to reach the target with two area refuelings along the way. >> mr. martin, welcome to the combat operation floor. >> reporter: yeah. lieutenant colonel david hayworth takes us into the command center to watch as the b-1 and all of the other aircraft carry out the day's attack plan against isis. >> it doesn't have a window but a nice view. a good look at the arabian gulf. >> reporter: the air war has been going on 14 months, but this is the first time news cameras have been allowed into its nerve center. >> the weapon of choice here is information. because the more information we have both about the enemy the better able we are to make decisions.
7:34 am
>> reporter: on one wall the giant map showing the location of every plane. green are american and allied aircraft. the blue are commercial aircraft. on another, a video feed from an unmanned drone. one of dozens orbiting over iraq and syria. we make our way around the floor to a spot in the center called the crow's nest. >> you are standing at, right now, the nexus. this is the center of the air campaign against isil. >> reporter: "60 minutes" is here to follow that b-1 bomber on its journey. >> how much of an effort does it take to mount a strike like that? >> just that one airplane, scheduling wise, about a three-day process and some of those charts we have looked at for, you know, days and weeks and sometimes months. >> reporter: the u.s. is dropping between 60 and 70 bombs every day on targets in iraq and syria. general brown says each day
7:35 am
defeating isis but he couldn't tell us how many more steps it will take. >> thank you, david. sunday on "60 minutes," see what kind of damage those missions can do to isis. sunday, don't miss it here on cbs. twelve tons of marijuana were seized after the discovery of one of the most sophisticated drug tunnels ever. the 2,400 connected tijuana to america. agents arrested 22 people yesterday on stings on both sides of the border. new controversy this morning over old southern symbols and how to honor dr. martin luther king jr. a plan to celebrate king involved building a tribute in the same area where about 4
7:36 am
america's biggest shrine to the confederacy. >> reporter: when this confederate tribute was first carved a century ago, this was home turf to the ku klux klan in its heyday. past and present now collide in a debate about what this monument's future took be. stone mountain is a confederate mt. rushmore. three heroes of the old south stand 90 feet tall and 190 feet wide. timothy pilgrim. >> this memorial honors the 900,000 confederate soldiers that went off to fight to protect their families, their homes, and country. >> reporter: a georgia state authority plans to put a tribute
7:37 am
of stone mountain. specifically and symbolically a freedom bell of racial reconciliation. something dr. king dreamed of in his "i have a dream" speech for this georgia community, among others. >> let freedom ring from stone mountain of georgia. >> reporter: opposition was instant. georgia law mandates this park be maintained as a confederate memorial. >> to put a monument on top of a existing monument is unlawful, disrespectful, and inappropriate. >> reporter: the confederate crowd found unusual allies. the local naacp was also opposed, along with charles steele. >> it's something that was a past of our history and need to be buried in history. >> reporter: steele leads the southern leadership conference. the civil rights group dr. king founded. you want to add to it? you don't want to take it away? >> we want to blast it, paint
7:38 am
over it. whatever it takes. >> reporter: many surviving members of dr. king's inner the bell. >> the mountain belong to the people of this state and to the people of this nation. why not? >> reporter: in his legendary speech, dr. king spoke of out of the mountain of despair. >> a stone of hope. >> reporter: stone mountain remains a symbol for both, depending who you talk to. the freedom bell proposal needs one more vote by the state authority board which should happen the end of the year. georgia's governor has already approved the idea. meanwhile, gayle, a confederate flag group of supporters plans to rally here again next month. >> a very interesting controversy. thank you, mark strassmann. >> it's one that everybody should read about and follow because it helps to re-learn history.
7:39 am
>> i can see both sides point of views there. coming up next, the videos that reveal the growing crime wave that is very close to home. if you're heading out the door, we understand you have stuff to do. we invite you to set your dvr so you can watch "cbs this morning" any time you feel like it. we will be right back. whatever you're doing, plan well and enjoy life... or, as we say at unitedhealthcare insurance company, go long. how you plan is up to you. take healthcare. make sure you're covered
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you know that i wish i had jesse's girl >> these are the thieves who sneak onto your property and steal the packages left on the doorstep. mireya villarreal says it's a crime that could be getting worse during the holiday season. >> reporter: rick was expecting u.p.s. to leave two packages on his porch but instead home surveillance video shows a vehicle pulling up in a u-haul and stealing his stuff in seconds. happening. he was in a hurry to get the box
7:44 am
and follow the u.p.s. to another location. >> reporter: police raided the alleged thieves' apartment. inside, they found hundreds of packages police believe were stolen and would have been resold. they were doing this for a very long time then? >> correct. it was just piles of stuff everywhere. >> reporter: porch piracy is happening across the country. in pittsburgh, a woman pushing a toddler in a stroller swiped packages from inside a screen door and, in chicago, a neighbor intermediate this interaction on his cell phone after he saw a man taking packages from a front porch. >> why you picking them up? >> delivering. >> you're not delivering. you went and picked them up! >> reporter: law enforcement says the problem is growing at an alarming rate as shopping habits are changing. according to the national retail federation, consumers say almost half of their shopping will be online this holiday season, with free shipping and shipping point. when we are talking about an
7:45 am
increase in this crime, how big of an increase is this? >> i would say it's an increase that i see or the cause that i get is about 50% more items being stolen than it was last >> reporter: developers in san solution. a new app called doorman that will hold your packages in a warehouse and then deliver them to your home. >> hello. >> reporter: when you're home. >> the whole idea of the company is, you know, be able to schedule packages on your schedule so we deliver from 6:00 p.m. to midnight seven days a week. >> reporter: as for rick deckman, he still got his packages. but from the police. for "cbs this morning," mireya villarreal, los angeles. >> re we reached out to u.p.s. they say customers can request alternate drop-off locations such as a back porch or maybe your garage or an app that sends you a text when the delivery is
7:46 am
are. walk to your house and take your stuff and walk off. >> this is a good story. >> the app is a good thing. another good use of an app. dad to the rescue! a father/son parachute jump turns scary when it spins control. ahead, the sky-high save caught i'm meteorologist pamela gardner. tons of sunshine this crisp, fall friday for you. temperatures will be in the upper 40s and lower 50s. notice no rain pushing your way in the hour by hour forecast. a few passing clouds and a brisk northwest wind. 4:00. for the weekend, we stay dry saturday close to clouds. spotty brief showers and otherwise partly sunny. announcer: this portion of "cbs cigna.
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7:51 am
man is able to reach back and deploy his parachute and fly to safety. always do it in pairs. >> can you imagine how frightening it was for both of them and then they got it together. good. bradley cooper and sienna miller will be here in studio 57. take a look at their movie "burnt." and equal pay for mem women in hollywood. that's ahead. girl you got me so good i can't sleep at night d a different kind of medicine that lowers blood sugar. rimagine what it would be like to love your numbers. discover once-daily invokana . it's the #1 prescribed in the newest class p of medicines that work with the kidneys to lower a1c. rinvokana is used along with diet and exercise tto significantly lower blood sugar t in adults with
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7:55 am
hey, good morning. it is 7:56. i'm bree sison. we've got an update after pamela's accuweather forecast. >> good morning. cooler, drier air definitely in place. 47 degrees on our way to a high only 50 degrees. we cool off just a bit this afternoon thanks to the brisk northwest wind. tons of sunshine. 70 forecast, 54 saturday. 60 sunday with a brief shower. traffic and weather together, robi? >> we have an accident west of town. the crash is at 180 southbound at the sumner tunnel. the backup is to bennington street.
7:56 am
then we have a crash route 2 eastbound after 128. bumper to bumper backed up to crosby's corner. bree? our top story now, the anonymous tipster who raised questions about one of the jurors in the aaron hernandez trial will be questioned in court today after hernandez was questioned after killing odin lloyd. the tipster said one of the jurors was linked to a double murder in boston even though it was not supposed to be mentioned in court. prosecutors questioned the tipster's credibility. thanks for being with us. coming up on "cbs this morning," a conversation with legendary gloria stein um in court.
7:57 am
it is friday, october 23rd, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead, including a key moment hearing. committee members argue over the influence of one of her your world in 90 seconds. we begin this morning with a your world in 90 seconds. >> this is one of the longest hearings i've ever seen. breaks. >> good morning. good afternoon. >> are you all serving breakfast, congressman? >> she may have said nothing new, according to the chairman, but that doesn't mean what she
7:58 am
not be a problem. >> flood threat is only beginning here in this part of texas. other parts of texas could see a foot of rain. >> storm bearing down on mexico is the strongest hurricane ever recorded in mexico. >> the first time in the fight against isis that american soldiers were confirmed to be on the battlefield. >> the two secret service officers found sleeping on the job one of them was assigned to guard the white house complex. the latest arson targeting churches in st. louis is previous from the different fires because it is a predominantly white church. >> white church doesn't count out arson? >> maybe somebody who is stressed in nair life their life. >> it's a stressful time. all of their baseball bats are losing and shows just got cancelled. announcer: this portion of "cbs
7:59 am
liberty mutual insurance. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. hillary clinton is spending her morning with her democratic presidential rivals in an event in washington. it comes less than 12 hours after a marathon testimony to the house select committee on ben gasses yip. the former secretary of state faced more than 300 questions. the hearing lasted 11 hours with only a couple of breaks. >> hillary clinton kept her cool but committee members got heated at times, especially over her e-mails with sidney blumenthal who is a long time friend and former adviser to bill clinton. he testified to the committee in june behind closed doors about his ties to the clintons and his business interests in libya. >> libyan people had their needs responded to directly by you in four minutes and there is no
8:00 am
ever even making it to your inbox. >> he did not raise security with me. he raised security with the security professionals. now i know that's not the answer you want to hear, because it's being asked in many different ways by committee members. but those are the facts, mr. chairman. >> you make a point of saying, i turned over everything. >> all my work-related e-mails. >> how do you know that? >> we turned over every work-related e-mail. in fact, as somebody referred to earlier, we turned over too many. >> we just heard e-mail after e-mail after e-mail about libya and benghazi that sidney blumenthal sent to the secretary of state. i don't care if he carried it by morris code or carrier pigeons. the fact he sent it was irrelevant. what is relevant he was sending information to the secretary of state. i'll be happy to but you need to make sure the entire record is correct. >> that is exactly what i want to do!
8:01 am
>> well, then go ahead. >> i move that we put into the record the entire transcript of sidney blumenthal. we are going to release the e-mails, then let's do the transcript. that way the world can see it. >> release the transcript. you selectively released his e-mails the only witness you have done that for. you're asking why are we only asking for his transcript? >> i'll ask the gentleman from california please be do a better job of characterizing. these are secretary clinton's e-mails. i tell you what, if you think you've heard about sidney blumenthal so far, wait until the next round. >> follow-up on questions about the night of the attack and decisions made done. who else was at your home? were you alone? >> i was alone the whole night. >> yes, the whole night! ha, ha, ha! >> i don't know why that is finney.
8:02 am
a little note of levity at 7:5. >> why not just tell the court i turned over everything? >> you know how lawyers are. they use more words than perhaps they need. >> trust me, i know that, and they charge you for every one of them. >> i'm well aware of that, mr. chairman. and the clock is ticking. >> well, one more. one more and i'll -- and i'll pay mr. kejed's fee ndall's fee for the last question. >> i don't know if you want to that. >> $1,500 per hour. >> you don't. interesting watching hillary clinton's face watching the committee members. she seemed to think i'm going in my happy place and let them have a conversation. what was your takeaway? >> reporter: i think there was a clear strategy that she was going to try to stay calm, no matter what was being thrown at her. democrats feel that the republicans were trying to provoke her into a moment that
8:03 am
rest of the campaign. republicans say that this whole hearing is proof that she was the chief proponent of the libya hand-picked ambassador the security that he asked for and you heard her say that those security requests never came on to her, they went to others in the state department. >> nancy, where is this sidney blumenthal transcripts and all of that going? >> reporter: well, democrats say that because of all the e-mails that sidney blumenthal has sent hillary clinton are now in the public record, that republicans should make the transcript of as well. give him a chance to explain why he was sending clinton all of these e-mails. republicans have made a big deal of the fact that most of the e-mails she has gotten on benghazi came from him. she argues that is because all of the other business she did was in person in briefings and
8:04 am
in meetings and in the situation room. >> nancy, thank you so much. this morning, a super pac raising money to support donald trump is shutting down. the make america great again super pac faced connections to his trump campaign. trump says he doesn't support super pacs and he has criticized other candidates, including hillary clinton and jeb bush for money into their campaign. the man who runs make america great told cbs news mr. trump pac. to erase any doubt, i'm closing my super pac. >> on thursday, trump apologized, not for his own actions but those of a campaign intern after a new poll. the survey found rival ben field in iowa. that is the first time trump has not been in first place. there since he entered the race. trump's twitter account then retweeted a message from a fan mocking iowa voters. the tweet said, too much
8:05 am
monsanto in the corn creates issues in the brain. the retweet quickly got a reaction on twitter so trump deleted it saying the young intern that did a retweet apologized. a utah teen is alive this morning thanks to the fast response of a well-trained vice principal. the surveillance camera captured the scene inside a gym. 14-year-old skyler nelson was warming up with his classmates when he suddenly fell to the floor. he gasped for air and then he just stopped breathing. that is when the vice principal eric price jumped into action and providing cpr. turns out he had taken a refresher course just ten days before. skyler was born with a heart defect and said he had never had any problems. in fact, the nine grader passed a physical just weeks ago. >> thank you very much and i'm grateful, and god bless you. >> god bless him is right. >> a reminder. it's good to have teachers who are trained in cpr. >> who know what to do and act
8:06 am
quickly. they co-starred in "american sniper." less than a year later they are together again. we are talking about bradley cooper and sienna miller. they are showing us how they bringing lifelong passions to the movie announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by liberty mutual insurance. see car insurance in a whole new
8:07 am
feminist activist and writer gloria steinem returns to studio 57. we will look at her new book exploring a lifetime of hitting the road and taking a stand. plus the end of an era of "playboy." that is next on "cbs this morning." gloria you're always on the run now a bff. even your smile.
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we have been much too law abide ing and too docile for so long so i think that period is over, so i only want to remind you and me tonight that what we are talking about is a
8:12 am
>> gloria steinem became the face of the women's rights evolution. in 1972, she cofounded "ms" magazine the publication for women and by women. she championed reproductive rights and equal opportunities in the workplace. her first book in more than 20 years is called "my life on the road." she explores crisscrossing the country and talking with everyone from civil rights leaders to students. welcome back. >> thank you. >> what is interesting about this is as you have said, i travel because i still have hope and energy and i get that from travel. >> absolutely. i mean, if i stayed in one spot and just read the news, i would feel profoundly differently and more discouraged. but it's so important to go out there and on the road state of mind and be present with all
8:13 am
five senses, you know? you can only empathize if you're >> absolutely. >> gloria, you talk about in two decades of being on the road, gloria. traveling. >> yes. >> yes! >> i tried to be a little more balanced after that. >> i know. >> and that is part my discovery, i think, which is that home and the road are equally important and maybe that is the way we evolved as human beings, because we were always following the weather or following animals, you know, with our years and our group. so there's something -- you know, there is something in our selves that makes us want to travel. >> what was interesting to read childhood. that you talk a lot about your about. you lived in a trailer. time. >> yes.
8:14 am
and denial about that myself, that it was only after i started a book about being on the road that i realized, wait a minute, maybe this had something to do with my childhood in a trailer. >> you called your father a gypsy father. he had something to do with my love of traveling. you followed your father with the nice male lovers you had in >> absolutely. >> why? >> well, because it's your father. you know, the person closest to you is kind and funny and cares about you as a unique individually and cares about your talents and so on. you know those men exist. you know? and -- >> yes, we do! >> yes! and if you've had quite the contrary, someone distant or cruel or even violent, you know, you see women continuing to work that out, trying to get a cold distant guy to love them.
8:15 am
>> it informs your expectations. >> your experience, absolutely. life, you've been pretty good when it comes to men in your you've only had a xup clunkers. let's talk about that. >> i'm not going there. >> no, i get you. you describe at one point it's like a ryan o'neal and tatum o'neal. you don't drive today. it shapes who you are today. >> the "paper moon" he picked me up from san francisco and we went across country together and he had been buying and selling antique jewelry, so he would get me to wear it to go into a shop and, you know, the people would think that maybe we were a down on our luck, you know, pair. >> yeah. >> and buy it. now it took me years to realize, we were down on our luck pair! but he made a game out of it. he made it an adventure.
8:16 am
issues at stake. merle streep who stars in the new movie "suffragette." you sow emily in that pick there. she doesn't consider herself a feminist. >> i think she said she is a feminist and humanist. the feminist you believe in people rather than god and she may have been saying both things. but the word feminism has been turned into a bad word by rush limbaugh. if you go to the dictionary, it's who believe in the quality equality of men and women. >> is pay equity the most important issue on women's agendas? >> i don't think so. it's very important and also incidentally would be the
8:17 am
biggest economic stimulus this country could ever, ever have. but what is tied, i think, for first place is, first of all, violence against women. because there is so much worldwide, whether it's sexualized violence and more time or domestic violence like here, or, you know -- i mean, there's so many. >> good to have you on the round table. >> you're in the circle. >> yes, i'm in the circle but i have to say one more thing. because there is so much violence, for the first time that we know of, there are now fewer females on earth than males. so, you know, we really need to look at this and understand that when a country is violent against females is the biggest militarily violent too. it needs to be part of our foreign policy. >> gloria steinem, as always, you leave us something to think about as we go to break. life on the road is the name of her book and goes on sale on tuesday. did this woman just snip out
8:18 am
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who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. dear fellow citizen, i get that it' s hard to say no when your kids want toys, because you' re saving for shoes. and shoes. and shoes. but i can help you figure out how to save a little with one deposit checking. so ask me, i can help you avoid fees. elizabeth trackler.
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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. is responsible for the content of this message. hey! look who it is! right here! >> and gloria steinem. say hello! >> come here! come here, here, here! >> okay, your movie is called "burnt." not just burnt things in the kitchen.
8:22 am
>> it's a double-edged sword. >> yeah. >> i like it. >> we are good morning. it's 8:25 right now. i'm kathryn hauser. happy friday, pamela. >> happenry friday to you. -- happy friday to you. we have cool temperatures feeling like fall with temperatures in the 40s and 50s. we'll hold in the upper 40s and lower 50s for highs today. a brisk northwest wind. saturday 54, sunday 60 with a brief, spotty shower. traffic and weather together. >> reporter: we have three accidents on a morning that's been filled with them. on the expressway, a crash at freeport street, the left lane is blocked there. north of the city, we have an
8:23 am
accident at 128 southbound near washington street. the backup is at 129. on the mass pike eastbound, a crash in allston just before the allston brighton tolls, that backup is in newton corners. police are checking surveillance video for clues in the murder of a boston man overnight. the shooting happened off of western avenue in brighton at the intersection of tellford street and justinian way a little before midnight. police say the 30-year-old victim had multiple gunshot wounds. so far, no arrests have been made. the us attorney's office has subpoenaed the fantasy sports site draftkings according to "the globe" that says the subpoena is seeking information about whether a draftkings employee had inside information that may have helped him win $350,000 in a contest on competing site fan duel. draftkings hasn't comments.
8:24 am
in the latest problem with the big dig tunnel. hardware may have been overtightened when they were installed. 900 were compromised and crews are inspecting each one individually. coming up on "cbs this morning," actor bradley cooper on his new movie and latest project. we'll see you here in 30
8:25 am
every single day, more than 8,000 men and women are working together to create a stronger, smarter, more resilient system, so the 3 1/2 million people we serve have the energy they need. we serve new england. and energy brings us together. ever new england.
8:26 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, oscar nominee bradley cooper and sienna miller brought a real flavor to the movie "burnt." guess where they are this very second? there they are! hi there! chris slick is also in our toyota green room. together how they work together in the kitchen. say hi, chris slick. why they made "american sniper" a personal mission. thas head. time to show you this morning's headlines. the clarion ledger reports on five students arrested on
8:27 am
assault. it happened earlier this month. the victim suffered multiple injuries including a concussion and ruptured eardrum. "the washington post" on creating the perfect password. researchers at usc say it should be a randomly generated poem. for example, a fatal liars criticized and therapeutic silver ware. researchers making cracking these passwords would take around 5 million years. "time" reports adele fans can watch the video for her newest single called "hello." i want it now! i want this song!
8:28 am
adele's upcoming album is due to raef november 20th released november 20th. if anybody can get this for me earlier, i will give you my e-mail. "the wall street journal" reports magazine is parting ways with its editor-in chief. she arrived at maxim over six months ago to appeal to a more older and more affluent readers. earlier this year she appeared on "cbs this morning" to talk about the redesign. maxim cut photo spreads of provocatively dressed women and focused on fashion and even put a male on the cover but the changes didn't change on and sales plunged. the power of smell and how it's helping researchers better understand parkinson's disease. joanne noticed her husband's scent became musky. years before he showed symptoms but it wasn't until she noticed the same odor on others with
8:29 am
gift could be used for science. >> this scent. this is the right moment. i stood up and said, why are we not using the smell? i can smell it in this room all around me. >> wow. edinburgh university tested her sense of smell by using t-shirts worn by six people with parkinson's and six without. joy got 11 out of the 12 right! the one she got wrong? that person was diagnosed with parkinson's eight months later. now others are coming forward believing that they share her skill. >> remarkable. >> wow! that deserves more looking at. >> i think so too. oscar nominee bradley cooper and sienna miller are reuniting. the duo starred" american sniper." miller co-starred as his wife. their new movie is "burnt." a chef is looking to resurrect his career and that is the
8:30 am
chef. tell me. >> at its best, saying love. >> adam jones is now one of the best and most interesting places in london to come and eat. like? >> i don't want my restaurant to eat. we should be dealing in culinary when is the last time you had an orgasm that was interesting? >> maybe never, ever, let me never, ever discuss food with you in public. >> we are pleased to welcome bradley and sienn. >> thank you. >> let's begin by talking about culinary orgasms. >> how do you get one of those? those are great lines. >> i have them all the time. >> you do? >> i do. i love food so much. >> this is making love with food, is that what it is? >> for the enjoyment of it. not making love with it.
8:31 am
how are you? have you -- no. >> when you do make food, you should make it with love and many people who are aficionados with food says you can tell when a chef loves their work and loves what they are doing. >> i think that functions for everything, doesn't it? >> absolutely true. >> you can taste the love in food. >> my grandfather used to make the best sandwiches. you know what i'm talking about, onion and mozzarella? >> onion and mozzarella? >> he must have been good if he made something like that good. >> we know where culinary orgasm comes from because onion makes everything better and cheese. unlikable. he was such a bad boy and he clearly has a lot of issues. as the movie progresses you can seal another side to him. what was it like for you to play that kind of character? i know it's acting, i get it,
8:32 am
but so different from how we see you or seen you. >> i found him to be tremendously complex. >> yeah. >> he got to go through a lot of different emotional levels with him. the fact i got to do it with sienna miller is an incredible cast and international cast. the world itself. a peek behind the curtain of that level of cooking and what the pressure is and the attention to detail and the fact that we all did it but, you know, there is no sort of cooking doubles. we are doing all of the cooking. >> you're shucking those oysters? >> and she is making the pasta and she actually made pasta during the scene. it's one thing to act in a scene but having to make pasta in a scene. >> the thing about this, it's such a human story. it's a real character and i kind of love how on hollywood it is in that sense. this is -- this is the reality to a man battle is his demons and trying to overcome and it's an honest look at that which i think is so refreshing. >> and to the love story. the relationship between helene and adam also. >> a compliment to you that -- >> marcus.
8:33 am
>> marcus said when it was over, he could hire anybody, if he could, he would hire you in the kitchen. ta-dah. >> i'm actually thinking of a career change. i could always do that. i love cooking. very good point. joke. no. i love cooking and i always have cooked. i love to make food and family around the table. but i couldn't cook to this degree. it was wonderful to be taught -- >> bradley speaks french in this film? >> he does. at any opportunity, bradley does. it's so good. >> here is some french. doing this evening? [ speaking in foreign language ] >> not a damn thing! bradley cooper, whatever it is, not a damn thing! >> she is alert and available! >> you got it! alert. that's the key! bradley. no. but bradley knows i'm smitten with him.
8:34 am
you two have a very intense kitchen scene that i won't give away but it was so intense. i woped wonder when the camera cut, you say that is good, was it a difficult moment after that? >> it was a really unpleasant thing to go through and we know each other so well and worked consistently a long time, so we can kind of get very real. i don't think we spoke for the rest of the day. we needed to give each other our space. >> we gave a hug after it. >> we hugged after it and then we needed a little bit of time. >> i think you needed the time. >> that's right. >> i was more like following you around, is everything okay? >> do you still like me? you went from "american sniper." >> it was brutal. it was brutal. >> it was very brutal. >> at the same time, you're happy because that is what you're doing. you're trying to create these imaginary circumstances and live within them and have an honest moment, and that really was a pivotal scene in the movie. >> yes. >> when you know each other well enough, you respect that things are complicated and difficult and unpleasant to go through.
8:35 am
it does affect you, of course, it does. >> many scenes but that scene alone is worth the price of admission. >> no way we could have done it without having done "american sniper" before. >> we have more on where you're
8:36 am
8:37 am
rrg we are back with bradley cooper and sienna miller who co-star in the movie "burnt." gayle pointed out part of the promotion says never underestimate a man with everything to lose on. this was a guy with everything to lose? >> i mean, he had lost everything and then there is more to lose. yeah. when we meet him, he basically is a self-imposed pennant because he is trying to get everything back. >> he is a #hot mess. you were the one chucking those oysters. that was really you? >> that was the first day at work. if you're ever going to cut your hand. we went through it in about ten seconds and there were eight bags left to shuck. >> you might be said to be a man with everything to gain. i mean, this must be the best
8:38 am
>> i think that is probably treu, treu true, temporarily, yeah. >> you are living in paris and new york and los angeles. you seem to have a lot of offers to do different things. "elephant man" was a huge success. where do you project your life? >> nobel prize. >> i never had a plan ever. i never have a five-year plan. i just want to stay healthy basically. i also know this isn't going to last so as long as i'm here i'm going to enjoy every day and shame on me if i don't. >> you've been making news because you've been speaking about the disparity of pay between men and women and you said you would discuss it with your co-star and you walked off because your co-star was making e ing less than you. >> more than me.
8:39 am
>> i meant more than you. why did you decide to speak out, >>. >> never a position of speaking out. it was a response to jennifer lawrence op-ed piece and i was asked to respond to it. in our business you aware of people's salary if they come into a movie and they ask you to give up your salary which happens a lot because it's hard to get a movie made these days. that is the way movie makizing right now. this is an issue that is -- those figures you were showing before is unbelievable. the disparity is even more, has increased. why not just have transparency in the beginning? why not? and then -- because so the conversation started. such a taboo thing to talk about what one makes in every possession profession but if that clears up inequality, why not do it? >> do you think it's getting
8:40 am
better? >> i didn't think we would be sitting around the table talking like we are now and i think it's a huge step forward. it has to come from the value we place in yours. i've walked into situations and felt less than. i'm not really sure why. to be honest, it took -- the way that made me feel to really be aware. >> you really wanted to do that play. i remember that. >> i'm desperate. it was something i was very passionate about but i was to be paid than less than half of what the other person was and you're doing the same job every day and same value in many ways? >> it sends a powerful message. >> congratulations on the movie. i love a chef myself. married to one. bradley cooper and sienna miller, thank you so much.
8:41 am
8:42 am
for the girl scout meeting. okay. for the soccer team. for the girl scout meeting. how many meetings are you having? stop & shop just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
8:43 am
that does it for us.
8:44 am
as we leave you, let's take a look back at the week that was. have a great weekend. >> no one ever recommended closing the post. >> you had two ambassadors that made several requests. >> here is basically what happened to their requests. >> i don't know what we want from you. >> what is the most important new things you learned today? >> i don't know that she testified that much differently today than she has previous times she's testified. >> i believe we are out of time. the time necessary to mount a winning campaign. >> jeb said we were safe. but the world trade center came down. that's not safe. >> mr. trump talks about things as though he is still on "the apprentice." >> the. >> it was assad's first known trip out of syria. >> another stabbing in the west bank this morning. he simply is entering the
8:45 am
>> he was approached by a plain clothes police officer. >> if he needed a shirt, he would give you his shirt. >> it shouldn't make us keyboard killers. >> he has trouble with the snap! the ball is free! >> as football, we make errors and we move on. >> i own one pair of underwear. that's it! some of these billionaires, they got three, four pairs! >> god, i wish i could be a heavyweight for a weekend. >> good thing they can't talk! >> do you miss morning tv for yourself? >> do i what? i'm sorry. >> am i going to get my kid new shoes and a new backpack for school or save the money? i'm going to buy my kids the new shoes. >> maybe if you take care of your kid really well, they will allow you to move back in with them because you're going to have to move back in with them! >> oh! >> what time is it?
8:46 am
>> as a linebacker, what did you want the quarterback to be thinking when ray lewis was scrimmage? >> not a good night of sleep. >> john, i can't think of another author, except one other that i've read of their books. >> who is the other one? >> all that. >> we should be dealing in culinary orgasms. >> culinary orgasms? >> what is that? i need to get one of those. >> i have them all the time. >> and all that matters. >> good ole belly rub. >> do you miss it the way people miss you? >> i'm surrounded by manure, man! what could be better than that! green acres is the place for me >> on "cbs this morning." >> would you like to say hi to chris slick? >> happy birthday to my ex-intern chris slick! >> now we know you learned something. >> thank you, bradley. here is some french.
8:47 am
you doing this evening? [ speaking in foreign language ] >> not a damn thing! yeah yeah woman: i'm here
8:48 am
man: i'm here for my students. man: to work with a best-selling author. woman: and a nobel prize winner. man: here because everyone deserves clean water. man: here for the cool research. the future of nursing. matter to us all. the frontier of knowledge. -man: here for the commonwealth. -woman: and the common good.
8:49 am
good morning, it is 8:55. we'll check top stories right after the forecast. good morning, pamela. >> good morning. we have warmer temperatures and a air moss in place. 40s out -- air mass in place. temperatures will fall a couple of degrees this afternoon and back up to 50s by 4:00 and a brisk northwest wind. the weekend in your seven-day forecast here, saturday 54 sunday a chance for a brief spotty shower and 60. traffic and weather together, robi. >> let's take a final look at the worst rides out there right now. the mass pike eastbound is not getting easier. the eastbound side crawling
8:50 am
from the allston brighton tolls back to weston. the crash at 128 northbound at route 28 is backed from winter street to waltham. to the southeast expressway, still a problem jammed from furnace brook parkway up to columbia road. kathryn? >> thank you very much. the anonymous tipster who raised questions about one of the jurors in the aaron hernandez trial will be questioned in court today. after hernandez was convicted of killing odin lloyd, the tipster says one of the jurors knew hernandez was linked to a double murder in boston even though it was not supposed to be mentioned in court. prosecutors questioned the tipster's credibility. a man already accused of killing two dogs is still keeping animals on his property. jason gentry of salem is awaiting trial on animal abuse charges. he is accused of running an illegal kennel. prosecutors say he hung two dogs until they died and then dumped their bodies at a gas station in revere.
8:51 am
he's not allowed to have any animals on his property. there was more barking coming from inside of the home. big changes coming to boston's seaport district. a chestnut hill development company has brought the last remaining parcel of open land in the district for $359 million. it's one of the priciest land deals ever in boston. the complex will have offices, housing, and shops. they are hoping to break ground in two years or less. our next news is today at noon.
8:52 am
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