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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 23, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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. searching for a shooter, the murder investigation unfolding in a busy section in boston. and the strongest hurricane ever recorded is barreling towards mexico at noon, we'll have wonderful weekends here in new england, a bright but cool afternoon today, how can that will last and when we'll see some rain coming up. a man accused of killing animals banned from having any pets, but has that really stopped him, it is a wbz exclusive. live from the channel 4 studios in boston. wbz news at noon starts right now. this noon, we have our eye
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on the storm. the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere. this is hurricane patricia. the category 5 is churning up winds near 200 miles per hour. it is heading for mexico pacific coast, evacuations already underway including the viarta. thank you for being here, this storm is so powerful it could lift cars, even destroy homes. pamela gardner is tracking it all for you, this is an unprecedented storm. major storm on record since record began in the part of the pacific in 1949 that's when it first began. this is a huge storm monstrous in size, this continues in the
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northerly track. there's porte viarta. a hurricane in the eastern pacific, comparing it to other storms, wilma was one time number one, patricia exceeded that record at this time. so it is very strong, 200 miles per hour max wind speeds, the gusts 200 miles per hour with the pressure of 880-millibars, that's extremely low moving tot north at 9-mile per hour. puts it as a category 5 as it makes landfall later today late this afternoon early part of this evening downgrading very quickly between tonight and saturday morning to a tropical storm satellite and then as low pressure system by late saturday and unfortunately that's going to help to enhance rainfall for southern texas. we'll continue to keep track of it and keep you posted throughout the weekend. temperatures here, 50s, 40s, we have a fantastic forecast as we head into the weakened. some cool temperatures, breezy
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picture will show clouds in the western and northern parts of new england, a fantastic afternoon. 50 degrees for the high temperature, a brisk northwest wind. coming up i'm tracking rain for the weekend i'll have the hour by hour timing in just a bit. thank you very much. we want to tell you about some breaking news a scary morning in connecticuit. every single school in the town of fairfield is in lock down because of a series of lock down after some of the schools started getting phone calls threatening some kind of violence. >> our children are safe in the town of fairfield, however we recognize and truly understand there are thousands of parents right now who are very scared. their children. we're trying to reunite you as children. >> the school district is now preparing to dismiss students
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early while police try to find the source of those threats. in boston this noon police are searching for the person who shot and killed a man in brighten. the victim's girlfriend and baby may have witnessed the crime nicole jacobs joins us with the latest on this murder information, good afternoon nicole. >> good afternoon to you, catherine. that murder happened right near the gazebo area with victim found dead in the street. at this hour investigators continue the search for the suspect. the cries of those grieving heard in the streets of brighton after a call of shots fired thursday night. discovered a male, 30 years of age, with gunshot wounds. >> he was dead when authorities arrived. witnesses heard the aftermath telling wbz off camera, a woman's boyfriend was murdered and her baby was right there with them. >> i'm in shock.
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>> all happened in the area of tellford street yards fromwestern avenue. >> still looking for that individual. >> i believe we have video from that. with daylight, residents here process the tragedy. >> to hear something like this, it really does make things really too close to home. >> hoping police find whoever is responsible. >> anyone with information is urged to contact boston police. live in brighton, wbz news. thank you very much. developing this noon the teen stabbed yesterday at jackson square, the orange line station has died. he has not yet been identified but did pass away early this morning. the doorchester teen is expected to face a judge today.
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charges for bring ago loaded gun to school. police say he had a handgun in his backpack yesterday. officers say when they tried to take him into custody he ran and struggled with officers injuring one of them police say they found a bullet in the chamber of the gun police told police he forget the gun was in his bag. this afternoon, the anonymous tip ster who raised questions about one of thejurors in the aaron hernandez trial will be questioned in court after he was convicted of killing odom lloyd, one knew about another double murder that hernandez was facing charges in. prosecutors questioned the tipster's credibility saying she wrote explicit letters to him jill. a massive water break made a mess of a queens neighborhood.
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the waist of firefighters. the geyser water shot out of the ground, several streets in the area are closed down. more breaking news to tell you about a truck hanging off the edge of the bay bridge in maryland. close call here, a seafood company hit the wall nearly going over the edge. the driver amazingly was able to escape. after much thought, i have decided to end my campaign for the president today. democrat candidate, you hear it, making it official. he is out of the race for president. the former rhode island governor has been struggling in the polls and has had trouble raising money. meanwhile, republican congressman paul ryan has declared his candidacy for house speaker, lawmaker made the announcement last night after all three house republican groups lined up to support him. ryan would succeed speaker john boehner who is resigning the house is expected to choose the
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an investigation is underway at logan airport all stems from a selfie. susie explains. >> reporter: a contracted worker at boston logan airport tried to take a selfie and instead, started an investigation. this all happened thursday night this man went down to the tarmac which he did have clearance to do, he climbed on the wing of a 737 and take a picture of himself. somebody saw this, reported it to mass airport police who escorted him off the property and took his security badge. they took the plane in to take a look at it, make sure nothing was wrong, found out there were no issues so it took off as regularly scheduled at 9:40 friday morning that man is not facing any charges. at logan airport, wbz news. developing right now, one person dead, two others injured after another shooting on a college campus. this one happened at tennessee
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state university in nashville investigators say it appears to have started as a dispute over a dice game in an outdoor courtyard the victim did not go to the school, the two injures are students. they are expected to survive. new at noon, concord new hampshire police are looking for this man who robbed a mcdonald's, police say the man walked in carrying a rifle pointed a gun at a worker demanding money and threatened to kill the employees. >> very brazen crime the restaurant was still open, there were still customers in the restaurant, multiple staff members, employees in the restaurant, so this is the use of a rifle or shotgun is certainly unusual. police say the man had taken off in a dark colored older ford taurus, last seen wearing tan shorts and a mask over his eyes. breaking news we want to
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founded staples died. thomas passed away this morning at his home in chestnut hill. battling gastric cancer for years, today the company is worth more than $8 billion. he was 66 years old. now to a wbz exclusive we found out a man accused of killing two dogs is still keeping animals on his property. jason gentry of salem is awaiting trial on animal abuse charges, he is accused of running an illegal kennel. saying he hung two dogsing they died and dumped their bodies at this gas station in raveer. he is not allowed to have any animals on this property but one dog was found in his backyard and there was more barking coming from inside the home. when i spoke to his girlfriend she told me he is caring for the dogs and he has
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no contact. >> salem animal control officers say they visited the home for barking complaints but never told them that gentry could not have animals, the officer says he has to get clarification on the judge's order as of now the dogs are still there. are you ready for winter? the plan for the city when it comes to those massive mountains of snow. saving a life, a boy collapses in the middle of
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. today france is dealing with one of its deadliest road crash ins decades, 43 people were killed when a bus carrying retirees crashed into a truck in the southwest wine region,
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the bus ignited into a fireball. 8 people were able to get off the bus but others were trapped by flames. new jersey police are searching for the tractor trailer involved in this crash. a school bus and the truck collided you can see the entire front of the bus totally destroyed. luckily there were no kids on board at the time, the driver had to be removed by rescue crews the tractor trailer took off. human error may have caused the latest problem for the big dig, we told you about this yesterday. the nuts holding the tunnel lights are cracking the hardware may have been over tightnd when they were installed more than 900 are compromised crews are going light by light to inspect and fix them. the state highway chief says the tunnels are safe. the tunnels are safe the lighting structures are safe, to be perfectly honest with you, for a second that anything could become dislodged we would have closed the tunnel.
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the cost will be paid out of the regular maintenance budget the work will be done by the over night hours and take about six months to complete. we might want to think about it but winter is on its way. and boston is preparing once again for snow. by finding more snow farms according to the mayor's office last year there were at least 11 areas where the city dumped excess snow from the streets right now they are trying to secure those sites and add more for this winter. i don't want to think about the snow. but you know what, you have to plan ahead right, it is all about planning when it comes to keeping city safe. better to be safe than sorry. like a trip down memory lane. it is sill fall, we have foliage out there, beautiful color heading to the north now spreading to the south. i can see it slowly starting to move down. actually getting close, there it is, for us here in boston compared to year's past and on the cape and islands the
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little bit behind in year's past, here it is. pink already in the higher elevations there, northern parts of new england we get near to almost that peek right around 490 areas to the north and west of there boston, low color still reported the cape and the islands gorgeous weather for the weekend to do some leaf peeping in the lakes and mountains, for tomorrow chance of a late day shower mainly dry, sunday 53 degrees very fallish perfect hiking weather for you. boston 50 degrees you under a clear sky, even though the wind is strong from the northwest at 18 miles per hour. it does feel cooler in some other locations here where temperatures are in the 40s had some reports of lower 40s for the feel around worcester. 44 degrees, 51, and that brisk northwest wind will remain in place for today keeping temperatures rather low.
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for today comparing things to this time yesterday running 17 degrees cooler in boston if you're just about to head out the door for the day, make sure you have a heavier coat maybe an extra layer compared to yesterday definitely not t- shirt weather maybe for some, i know some of our photographers will still wear shorts and a t- shirt on a day like today. 50 degrees for the day planner today that high temp by 4:00 mostly sunny skies 7 p.m. falling back into the lower 40s. highs today 50s upper 40s you get the idea over night tonight clouds, especially along the cape and islands 36 degrees with slightly cooler temperatures expected in the suburb, chance for patchy frost and low lying areas as well saturday afternoon 54 degrees, coastal clouds, sunday 60 chance for a brief shower, just in time for the patriot's forecast but it looks like most of the rain will stay out of the stadium by kickoff time. we'll be out of here. early shower risk for the tailgaters and breaks of sun by game time 60 degrees light breeze mixed in after the pats
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win, looking nice and dry too. hour by hour forecast for the next 24, 48 hours here high pressure in control for today for tomorrow, and then the clouds increase on the cape and islands this all ahead of our next system. this is a cold front sweeping through for sunday morning 7:30, heading off to foxboro for the tailgate a few showers to dodge but by 1:30 p.m. right after kickoff we're dry, we actually have mostly clear skies for the rest of your sunday. 7 day forecast, 54 for saturday, 60, sunday, 53 a little bit of a warm up another round of rain by next thursday, catherine? thank you very much. the pats are gearing up for a rivalry weekend but yesterday, they had a bit of a throw back thursday fumble. an official patriots tweet was sent out then deleted. it shows the infamous fumble with the catch in this theme's relevant hash throw back thursday, the pats and jets will play on sunday and the team did not comment on the tweet.
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place to see the game we'll get you started at 11:30, pats and jets kickoff at 1:00 followed by the fifth quarter post game show. the big project coming to one boston neighborhood that could forever alter the area's favorite look.
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utah vice principal is being haled a hero after saving a student's life. video shows middle school student skyler nelson collapsed during gym class his eyes rolled in the back of his head and he was gasping for breath, teachers and students rushed to his side. the principal went through cpr training days before and sprung into action. the time the adrenaline to do. >> i feel like i got a second chance. >> skyler was rushedded to the hospital where doctors discovered he had a heart defect. he is scheduled to get a defiblater in his chest and will be just fine. according to restaurant business magazine, the stake
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$78 if you're wondering the top restaurant was tau asian bistro. and seaport neighborhood has been sold. this could soon be home to the proposed office housing project, saying they paid $359 million for the land. one of the priciest deals ever in boston. they hope to break ground in two years or less. to the moon and back this out of this world price paid for a watch that's gone where not many other watches have gone before. pamela? time to check out the weather watcher reports we have dry conditions, windy conditions too, 49 degrees, partly sunnyskies, lots of white caps out in the bay, wind and conditions an issue for wildfire potential that's an enhanced risk for today we keep it dry for quite some time in
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. coming up at 5:00, it is a rare disease with a very distinct symptom that can be
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misdiagnosed the local doctor who is only one of few experts in the field on the wbz news at 5:00. the watch that was worn on the moon, we told you about this yesterday, it hit the auction block in boston last night get this, sold for drum roll, $1.6 million. by the way, the reason he wore this one because the other one broke so he had to rely on his own personal watch. kind of neat, right? that's a lot of money. >> that's an expensive watch. quite a conversation piece. does it work? >> this was on the moon. right? >> i would too. oh, boy. it is kind of nice, cooler, good fall weather, 52 degrees, the sun, saturday, 54 a chance for rain on sunday. >> go pats we'll be watching,
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