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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 23, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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said he wanted totalk to her. >> reporter: police say the frightened 11-year-old was able to get away and he took off. parents say it reminds them about talking safety with their children. >> never be by yourself. always have a code word and be aware. >> i teach my son to go straight home. don't talk to nobody he don't know and all of that. >> reporter: school officials alerted parents to the ongoing investigation. police were making several rounds through the neighborhood near lantern lane especially at dismissal time. the encounter, a cause for concern. >> clearly, the boundaries were stepped over in terms of you don't put your hands on anyone in particular, and again, based on her age and in that area, there's no reason why it shouldn't have happened. >> reporter: in this case, the young girl wasn't physically harmed, but parents say they keep a close watch. >> very, very close. she wants to walk. i say, no, i want to pick you up.
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don't walk because sometimes i soo he strangers walking around. -- sometimes i see strangers walking around. >> reporter: in this case, the girl says the man was older with gray hair and also wearing a baseball hat with the letters b.&r. on it. they don't think this is related to an investigation under way in quincy where a man in a car approached two middle schoolgirls yesterday afternoon. they believe the descriptions are much different. reporting live from randolph, i'm beth germano, wbz news. lisa? >> thank you, beth. also breaking tonight, a historic hurricane is about to make landfall in mexico. it is the biggest ever record in the western hemisphere. >> those warning sirens have been going off now for hours as this monster storm spins closer. hurricane patricia has the potential to be catastrophic.
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hurricane patricia is expected to make landfall at 8:00 our time. >> the winds gusting over 200 miles per hour. we have team coverage tonight of this breaking story. we begin with chief meteorologist eric fisher. eric? >> reporter: we've been watching this one and unbelievable last night it went from a tropical storm to a category 5 hurricane in 24 hours and becoming the strongest one ever recorded in the western hemisphere. we call that happened intensification. here you see tonight, we have been seeing it weaken over the last few hours. all told, it it's still a category 5 and an extremely dangerous storm. you see the eye filling in as it works towards the coastline when you look at the records, the pressure this afternoon at peak intensity down to 879 milibars, 200 mile-per-hour sustained winds. at one point, it was gusting at 247 miles per hour. strongest there in the atlantic basin or the eastern pacific basin. if you look at pressure overall, only one storm has
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been able to record. that was typhoon tip in 1879. the latest advisory just came in. sustained winds at 180 miles per hour. really not going to make a big difference in terms of impact. you are still at the top of the scale for how strong a hurricane can be. it should go right between two cities. port ha vallarta -- puerta vallarta is a big city. it's a pretty compact storm but where that center goes through, it will be complete devastation. as we head through this weekend, we are watching it. as it comes into the gulf of mexico, it could bring rain. david? >> appreciate it, eric. thank you. as this superstorm quickly strengthened, people were racing to make last-minute escapes. >> people who chose to stay behind are doing everything
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they can to protect themselves paula? >> reporter: lisa, as eric just said, the hurricane is said to make landfall at the coast, hotels, resorts and local people are evacuating. as eric mentioned it took only one day to ramp up from a tropical storm to a category 5 hurricane. a view from outer space is enough to see why patricia's the largest, strongest hurricane ever recorded. meteorologists monitor the cyclone as it intensified from a tropical storm to a category hours. the potential for patricia to cause massive death and destruction is prompting thousands among mexico's pacific coast to flee, the airport in the popular city is closed until further notice. while planes are being diverted around the monster storm, first lieutenant lisa frelich and her reconnaissance crew fly right into it.
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coaster. your stomach. >> reporter: she says the storm yet. >> at each pass, we did three passes and each one we did, it stronger. >> meteorologists predict it could dump as much as 20 inches of rain causing flooding and triggering mudslides. what's left should drift north into the southern region of the u.s. where parts of the lone star state are already under flash flood watches. so meteorologists say el nino is partly to blame here, fueling the hurricane. paula ebben, david, lisa, back to you. >> thanks, paula. we'll keep a close eye on the storm particularly tonight and the areas hardest hit. you can look for updates on air and online at tonight, boston police are searching for a gunman behind a murder in brighton. shots fired shortly before midnight last night.
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a 30-year-old man was killed. witnesses say this all happened right in front of his girlfriend and his baby. >> i am in shock. i just can't believe this is happening around here. to hear something like this, it really does make things really too close to home. >> tonight, police are telling us they are using surveillance video from the area with the hopes of identifying the shooter. the teenager who was stabbed yesterday at the jackson square orange line station has died. he has not yet been identified but did pass away early this morning. that dorchester teenager arrested in the incident is set to face a judge today. new surveillance video of a brazen robber in a new hampshire mcdonald's. police say this shirtless man walked into the concord restaurant carrying a rifle. he pointed that gun at a worker, demanded money and threatened to kill the employees. >> this is a very brazen crime. the restaurant was still open with customers in the restaurant.
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members and employees in the restaurant. this is the use of a rifle or shotgun is really unusual. >> this man may have taken off in a dark colored older model ford taurus. he was wearing tan shorts and had a mask over his face. a truck got stuck over a bridge and you can see the front of the truck made it through, the cab, but the back was jammed under the bridge carrying the t tracks. this was right near the west roxbury t station. investigators at logan are focusing on a selfie. the employee climbed onto the wing of the american airlines 737 to snap a shot of himself. this employee has clearance to on the plane. somebody saw what happened and called massport police. the plane is fine. tonight, the us attorney's office has subpoenaed draftkings. this is according to "the globe" which says the subpoena is seeking information about whether a draftkings employee
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had inside information that may have helped to win $350,000 in the contest for the competing site fan dual. draftkings which is based in boston, has not commented. red sox manager john farrell is talking for the first time about the news that makes him and red sox nation so remission. he says he's getting support from unlikely places. >> letters from die hard yankee fans who were very clear to say about how much they didn't like the red sox but in the letter wished you well in getting back from the treatment and beating the cancer to see you back on >> reporter: farrell has been middle of august. that's when he was diagnosed with nonhodgkin's lymphoma. the red sox say he will be back as manager next year. >> that's something that's so nice to see. it didn't look like it when the schedule first came out.
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>> dan is here with more on how our team's getting ready. >> many thought the pats' last two games might be the toughest test of the first half at dallas and indianapolis. the patriots passed both tests but now get a pop quiz along the way here. this sunday, the 4-1 jets was first place in the afc east on the line. the pats had the final practice of the week as they get set for the first home game since september 27th. bill belichick knows this game will be much tougher than that one mainly because of one guy. yeah, chris ivory. the jets are 4-0 in games the runningback has played. it's important that everyone on the d get a hand on this die. >> the less space they have to run in the more you can gang tackle them and get more defensive players to them. the better off you are, obviously, it's always the case. but ivory does a good job. in's fast and he's got good speed and can get the ball outside.
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he is a very powerful downhill runner. he makes dies miss, too. he's not all just power. good speed, good quickness and good vision, too. >> for more, check out patriots all access coming up at 7:00 right here on wbz. bill belichick takes a look back at the fake pump play last sunday and much, much more. then on sunday, wbz has you covered from start to finish. kickoff is at 1:00 followed immediately by the fifth quarter post game show. on the injury front, o- lineman marcus cannon and linebacker rufus johnson have already been ruled out for sunday. tonight we're getting a closer look at the softer side of patriots star julian edleman. >> in an upcoming interview, the wide receiver talked about everything from his religious faith to his bromance with brady and impressions of brady and belichick are spot on.
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take a look. >> tom, he goes up, what are we doing? come on, guys, let's go! >> give me a little bit of bill belichick. >> you mean to tell me you can't make a wide route throw? we have people in foxboro high school that can do that. [ laughter ] >> he is really good. that is what both of those men would say, right? >> i love julian edleman. i know a lot of the players aren't really allowed to show their personality but he somehow always pulls it off. >> i think he stays right in that zone where he's allowed to be but very entertaining. you can watch more on our web site, there's flooding that leads to big trouble. >> we'll tell you what happened here. >> plus, terrifying moments in a school gymnasium when a student suddenly collapses and the coincidence that turned a witness into a rescuer. >> and remember this?
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boston says it now has a plan so that we won't be watching the snow melt late into the
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i want to show you some dramatic moments that we've
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the day. a massive water main break cleans new york. a truck dangling off the maryland. we begin with the massive water main break that flooded the streets of queens new york. >> it actually forced evacuations of dozens of buildings and a busy subway line had to shut down. work crews apparently ruptured the pipe. at one point, it looked like a 10 foot geyser. now to maryland where a truck was left dangling over the bay bridge. rescue crews raced to the scene and we're happy to tell that you the driver was able to be rescued. in france this is one of the deadliest crashes in decades. 43 people were killed when a bus in southern france collided
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head on with a truck. many of the retired passengers on that bus were trapped when it exploded in flames. >> authorities say that eight people were able to get off the bus, thanks in part, to the driver. the cause of the crash, though, still under investigation. following breaking news tonight. we talked about it a moment ago. a monster storm, category 5 hurricane patricia, the strongest ever recorded in the western hemisphere set to make landfall on the western side of mexico. evacuations are under way right now. airports are closed and people are trying to move inland. this storm will eventually cross into the mountains where flash flooding and landslides, we're told are likely. >> obviously a huge vacation spot for so many people. a lot of them are trapped. they couldn't get out in time. >> eric, any way you slice it, this is going to be a terrible storm in mexico starting in about three hours. >> when you look at a storm like this, which intensifies so
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quickly it take as way the lead time that you can get here on the east coast. you can talk about it four or five days in advance. but this one, it became so intense so fast last night. there's no sugar coating a storm. 190 mile-per-hour sustained winds with higher gusts. we talked about its place in history. it's one of the strongest we've ever seen on earth. why does it become so strong? winds are not really disrupting the circulation but also record high water temperatures. not only very warm water but deep warm water. hurricanes. pockets here last night got so fahrenheit. that's plenty of fuel. as we track this off, it's very rough terrain. rapidly. by the time you head towards sunday, you might see another low reform in the gulf of mexico. this is something we'll watch that could bring severe weather across the states.
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a tropical storm moisture brings us our real next chance for rainfall which will be wednesday night into thursday. so we'll be watching for many reasons where patricia goes. here it will be a chilly friday evening. a few pockets in the upper 20s. most of us are going to be in the low to mid-30s. islands. we'll get a little more cloud 40 degrees. the main weather planner is this system arriving on sunday morning with meager impact for us here. i'm not talking major rainfall. so looking at the timing, some of the clouds, again, continuing across the cape and islands. we'll see more in the way of coastal clouds throughout the day and tomorrow. not quite as bright skies. the farther west you go, the more you can start the weekend. clouds will be thickening everywhere. by sunday morning, scattered showers that amounts to less than a quarter inch of rain for us. by the time we head toward lunch, the front is moving offshore where we'll see
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so low impact for us. so saturday, variable clouds, cool temps. should feel better outside. saturday night, the clouds thicken up and we'll hold in the 40s because of those clouds. on sunday, we're looking at that chance for a morning shower. then it gets brighter and we'll reach temperatures in the low 60s in the afternoon which will feel great in the afternoon. the patriots are taking on the jets. temperatures are warm. chance of that shower in the morning. for all of the tailgaters heading out there early, you might want to have the rain gear. it should be raining as we head into the game itself. in terms of fall foliage, if you have a road trip planned, keep it close. we're past peak now. it's raking season. a lot of leaves are coming on down, but some of the best color is right here in southern new england. if you are still heading north, looks like upper 40s tomorrow. slight chance of a shower late tomorrow evening and then sunday into the low 50s. a fairly peaceful weekend just watching that thin front move
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here's the full accuweather seven-day. temps in the 50s. then we watch patricia and the moisture from the storm should start to reach us wednesday into thursday, and david and lisa, that should be a good thing. we could use a good soaking rainfall. >> as long as it's not halloween night. >> right. we should be able to get it out of the way on halloween. >> the kids wear the warm costumes. cheering on the patriots while making a difference. >> coming up at 5:30, we'll take you to a local school where students are taking the patriots pride to a whole new level. >> plus, a rare disease with a symptom that can still easily be misdiagnosed. a local doctor who is one of only a few experts in that field. >> coming up new at 6:00, a play house only a little boy could dream up. >> the tower so we'll have an observation post on top of it. >> a cancer patient's dream come true thanks to some hard
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a utah vice president is being called a hero for saving a child's life. middle school student exiler nelson collapsed during gym class. you'll see the teacher and students rushing to his side. that vice principal had just gone through cpr training days
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>> at that time, adrenaline kicks in, and you just do what you've been trained to do. >> i feel like i get a second chance. >> skyler was rushed to the hospital. doctors discovered that he had a genetic heart defect and now scheduled to get a pace-maker defibrillator in his chest. boy, how many stories have we done where people learn cpr and almost immediately they are using it. >> yep. it is a devastating, affecting children. >> even with a very distinct symptom it can be misdiagnosed delaying crucial treatment. here is the story of a very young patient in boston. >> she was the perfect, happy little girl. >> reporter: she hit all of her walking. changedp. >> city stood up in the crib -- she stood up in the crib vomiting. >> reporter: pediatricians couldn't figure out what was wrong and then eden stopped
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walking. >> she was so sick and we didn't know if she would survive. >> we just didn't know what was wrong with her. >> reporter: finally, the wild eye movements were noticed and she was diagnosed with a rare disorder o.m. s. pediatric knew rollists are one of only a few experts on the disease in the country. >> we think that it is an auto immune disease that affects a particular part of the brain called the cerebellum. >> reporter: children typically show symptoms between 12 months to 4 years old. the symptoms cloud include the rapid eye movement, sleep balance. it's not fatal but if left untreated, it can lead to cognitive impairment. >> it's a serious disease. it is generally a chronic condition and has relapses. >> reporter: a chronic condition that eden is now
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injection every other day. >> she's amazing. >> she's a fighter. >> show me how you dance. >> reporter: now 4 years old, eden is back on her feet, dancing, running, and spreading awareness about the disease. >> she wants to take on the world, and she doesn't let anything stop her. >> reporter: it's estimated 200 children across the country have this disease. more research is needed to truly understand o.m.s. to define new and more effective treatments. dr. mallika mar cal, wbz news. >> great work by that doctor. >> right. a fall tradition rolling on in its brand new home. >> still ahead, how organizers of this year's pumpkin festival plans to prevent what they had in the past. >> now accused of sabotage. how police say this man tried to derail his former league's season. >> what's the mbta doing to
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