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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 23, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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live from the channel 4 studios in boston, wbz news at 11:00 starts right now. tonight, the power of hurricane patricia, the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere is making land fall in mexico. it is now a category 4 storm
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packing heavy rain and winds of up to 130 miles per hour. it is pounding communities and resorts on mexico's west coast. we're going to be checking in with chief meteorologist eric fisher in just a moment. two students arrested for threatening to shoot up their school. >> police just talked about these arrests a few minutes ago. jim is live in methuen with the breaking details. >> reporter: the chief of police tells us it is all happening very, very quickly. we just talked to him a few minutes ago. around 1:30 this afternoon, a student at the 10y middle school contacted police to say a friend told him hey, i like you, don't come back to this school on monday, i'm going to shoot the place up.
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that student apparently 14 years old telling the tipster. police took the information from the student who tipped them off, went immediately to the homes, arrested the 14 year old and the 13 year old on suspicion they were going to essentially shoot up the entire school. a search of their homes revealed neither weapons nor ammunition. >> could he have actually completed the tasks based on the search warrants we had? no, he didn't have the items he needed. but we're not going to tolerate any type of statement. >> reporter: here's what's troubling. police think this could be a copy cat of a situation that happened here in methuen on monday. that's when a 16 year old boy at methuen high school told a classmate he was planning shoot up that school. that student also came forward to tell police what was going on. that student was arrested
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subject to a mental evaluation. a search of his parent's home did turn up ammunition as well as weapons. without bail tonight. the 13 year old was released tonight into the custody of one of his parents. the point that police and the mayor here want to make is how proud they are of the students who came forward. they say they trained these kids from the beginning of their school age years here to come forward if they hear anything or see anything that is suspicious. the chief and the mayor are saying it takes a lot of courage for these kids to come forward but they're thankful students are doing just that. our other big story tonight is hurricane patricia bearing down on mexico right now. >> this storm is already weakening, but it certainly is still a threat.
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it could effect us here in new england. >> it looks like it will arrive here into next week. here are the stats on land fall this evening. 55 west northwest of manzanillo -- between manzanillo and puerto vallarta. the winds at land fall, 116 miles per hour. comparable to hurricane andrew. the first cat 5 land fall in north america since [ indiscernible ] 130 mile-per- hour winds now. that makes it a category 4 storm. it's expected to weaken very quickly. it's encountering rugged terrain here in mexico. wasn't the worst case scenario, but there will be widespread destruction around the center of the storm. here's a look at the track moving forward it. encounters the mountains.
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it will bring a lot of heavy rainfall. by tomorrow evening, a remnant low. pretty much gone by the end of the day tomorrow. as we take a look at the overall rainfall, if tracks its way to the gulf coast. it could reorganize a bit in the gulf coast this weekend. we'll talk about our weekend which will be off to a cold start coming up in a few. residents and tourists were told to get out, but with the airport closed in puerto vallarta, that made leaving very difficult. others were boarding up windows and preparing to try to ride out this storm. paula is following the latest developmentings tonight. >> reporter: right now, reports of widespread flooding and land slides. residents are bracing for 15- inches of rain over the next 24 hours and up to 30 foot waves along the coast.
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roared ashore at 6:15 p.m. local time. as a rare and dangerous category 5 storm. it packed 165 mile-an-hour winds as it made land fall. forecasters say patricia's heavy winds and rains are expected to trigger flash floods and mud slides before the storm dissipates over the mountains. earlier police warned people to had time. tourists evacuated hotels. >> came to this convention center and they said it's not a safe place, so we're going to the technical center. >> reporter: the storm is expected to affect the southwestern u.s. before it sizzles. forecasters say some parts of texas can expect a foot of rain. the red cross was able to set
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made land fall. paula evan, wbz news. 9 is how many category 5 storms have formed worldwide this year, the second most on record. wbz on the air and online will bring you updates throughout the weekend. a woman is speaking out about the man who tried to grab her at harvard university. that attacker still on the loose tonight. the woman says she was walking her new puppy just before 4:00 this morning when she got a strange feeling. she saw a minivan pull up in front of her apartment on the cambridge summerville line. >> i listened to my instinct and turned as fast as i could and walked as fast as i could to my apartment building. >> when he turned around, she saw the man slamming his body she is okay.
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police are searching for a man who tried to abduct an 11 year old girl in ran dolph. the man grabbed her arm and told here he wanted to talk to her. she took off running and he ran away. police have added patrols there as a precaution. i looked up and here's a guy with a black mask and a hoody on. it was bingo night and it was terrifying. two masked men robbing an 87 year old volunteer getting away with the prize money. ken. >> reporter: david, this knights of columbus haul was empty tonight, but last night around supper time, it was filled with bingo players. that's when two thugs forced their way through that back door and confronted the man holding the cash box. as he got on his radio this afternoon, 87 year old tom
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you see, tom was in charge of the cash box at bingo last night when two guys wearing masks and gloves burst into the knights of columbus hall. >> to me, he looked like he was giant. >> reporter: several dozen elderly bingo players watched in disbelief as they made off with their jackpot. >> he grabbed the money box and i reached for it. and then second thoughts. >> the best thing to do is cooperate. >> reporter: leominster police say this grandfather made the right choice. >> just give them the money, let them go and try to remember as much as you can about them. >> my heart was going 100 miles per hour. and it took a good hour before it settled down. >> reporter: it was tom duffy who first started bingo here back in 1975.
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40 years without a hitch until last night. still it might be the most memorable game of his life. >> it sure was. >> there is no surveillance video in here and the thieves fled in a black pick up truck. the knights use bingo profits ventures. tonight, the mayor himself is helping to make them whole. lisa. campaign 2016 tonight, jeb bush is shaking up his campaign, cutting pay for staff members and cutting travel expenses. he says it will allow him to put money into trying to win the nomination in new hampshire and other states. the former rhode island governor struggled to raise monand he he is far behind hillary clinton and bernie sanders in the polls.
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sports complex down on the cape named in honor of a hero. gerald decanto was killed in the 9/11 attacks. >> jim smith has the story from sandwich. >> reporter: friday night football in sandwich, but this wasn't just any game. >> oh, say can you see >> reporter: on this night, a brand-new stadium was dedicated, named in honor of a fallen son who died while on duty in the 9/11 attack at the pentagon. >> this is a bitter sweet event. >> reporter: he was a star athlete at sandwich high in the 70s. >> he was very proud of his accomplishments in the navy, but just as proud of his accomplishments as a blue
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so i couldn't think of a better tribute to jerry. >> reporter: his naval academy classmates came from all over to be here. >> jerry was my best friend. he was the brother i never had and there isn't a day that goes by that i don't think about him. >> reporter: his mother was presented with a u.s. flag and a section of limestone from the pentagon itself. >> still miss him every day. i know his spirit is with us and i think he would be very pleased with this. >> reporter: now, for years to come, athletes here in sandwich will be taking the field at a stadium named in honor of their own. in sandwich, jim smith, wbz news. coming up, one of the busiest cities in the world comes to a screeching halt. >> the threat of a flood in new
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york city. >> bizarre robbery at a restaurant. >> it is cold out there tonight. a few rain showers in the forecast. we'll let you know if it will kick out before kickoff on sunday. dear fellow citizen, your home is your castle. but sometimes the castle needs a new roof or kitchen.
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this 10 foot geyser shooting out of the ground in new york city flooded streets and forced evacuations. wcbs is reporting a construction crew may have accidentally cut a pipe in queens and that caused this huge water main break. roads are back open again. inspectors are on site tonight just in case there are problems with gas or electricity. a shirtless robber walked
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into a mcdonald's in new hampshire armed with a rifle. he demanded the money. he threatened to kill the employees before taking off possibly in a dark-colored older model ford taurus. >> we have our eye on that huge hurricane patricia. check out the image we have here of the storm. this was taken from the international space station. the eye in the center of the screen is very, very obvious. and you're saying this isn't a particularly big storm as far as the size of it. >> when you think about sandy, very large storm in terms of the wind field. there was typhoon kif. .p. pressure at 879. that's good enough for -- you have to say on record. you can't say ever.
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but it is right up there. the top of basically the limits of what these storms can reach. i mentioned typhoon kif. that was 1979. it's a cat 5 storm. 165 miles per hour winds. keep those folks in mexico in your thoughts tonight. certainly between manzanillo and puerto vallarta, a lot of damage. it will be gone. by tomorrow evening, it's a remnant low. for our weather, it is cold out there. 29 in orange. norwood down to the 40s. mid-30s in downtown boston. chilly start to our weekend. tomorrow staying cool, the low 50s, but much less wind than today. we are tracking a system off to our west. cold front heading through chicago heading to detroit.
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that's going to bring us a little bit of rainfall. the clouds will be persistent in eastern massachusetts through tomorrow. clouds continue to thicken up tomorrow night and we'll track the rain showers for sunday morning. right when you wake up, looking at less than a quarter inch of total rainfall. by the time we head tomorrow afternoon -- not too much wind, just a lighter on shore flow. we'll stay in the 40s on saturday night. then the showers around for sunday morning. a brighter afternoon all told by october standards. mid-60s for the afternoon. low 50s and the chance for those showers, a sprinkle by 1:00 and then just breezy, mild with increasing sun during the game itself.
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if you're thinking of taking pictures of foliage this weekend, stay local. and how about the future of patricia? we can see the moisture reaching into texas. that rainfall is going to be a big problem for them as we enter this weekend and the start of next week. eventually it arrives here wednesday into thursday. that's our next chance for any significant type of rainfall. monday and tuesday are dry. they're in the 50s. wednesday afternoon into thursday we could see beneficial rain from patricia. which it will not be in any shape like it is tonight when it gets here. tonight there's growing concern about food safety and a change that could put people at risk. >> we're talking about food that's home grown. we'll still be traveling halfway around the world to come back to your table. >> we produce our own chicken on the farm.
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process in dart mouth, it doesn't get any fresher or safer than that. >> we feel a simplified food system is the easiest for a consumer to understand. >> reporter: but now chicken could take a lot of steps before ending up on your grill. that's because the u.s. department of agriculture has just agreed to let large chicken manufacturers send birds slaughtered here to china for processing. >> the reason for this is to outsource the same reason companies of all sorts are trying to outsource to china. >> reporter: the the average wage for a poultry processor is $11 an hour. in china, it's just $2. here's the thing. this unusual arrangement with meat and china has a lot of people worried.
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>> the chinese food safety system is in no way equivalent to ours. >> reporter: will be handled in the same way it would here, adding all products will undergo reinspection in u.s. ports of entry. >> i don't have confidence in the capacity of port inspection to identify all of the potential issues that could exist within the product. >> reporter: jeff coal is troubled products won't be labeled as processed in china. >> i just hope that food safety doesn't become an issue. >> reporter: as of now, only processed chicken like nuggets and buffalo wings will fall under the plan. but there's concern it will soon apply to all chicken. >> with any meat there are concerns about safe handling. any time you increase the number of handlers there's
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good evening everyone. a day after we all learned john farrell's cancer was in remission, he spoke to the media. >> i talked with tito every single day. every single day i will tell you we shared a text and i can't thank him enough for the support he showed. we can go on and on. letters from die-hard yankee fans who were very clear to say how much they didn't like the red sox, but in the letter they wished you well in getting back from the treatment and beating the cancer to see you back on
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bruins in brooklyn new york against the islanders. david pasternack. the bruins in the lead. spooner gets one off the skate of an islander defense man. this time the bruins close it out. a 5-2 lead. they win it 5-3. nice bounce back win after wednesday's loss to the fliers. brad stevens drew this one up. gets the ball to jay crowder. any way you can. ends up in jay's hands. he drains it from far away. 81-65. finished their preseason at 6 and 1. these teams play the season opener wednesday night at the garden. johnson and [ indiscernible
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jets have a new coach. todd bowls has -- >> he's taken his players and put them in positions where they can be productive and utilized them, you know, in an efficient way. and that puts in consideration a lot of different players, a lot of teams, a lot systems, and that's characteristic of what they've shown. >> kickoff at 1:00. that will be followed by our
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i know i remember the
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tape as it exploded over russia back in 2014. one bigger will streak past earth on halloween night. >> it wasn't even on anyone's radar. that got john thinking about other big events that caught us all by surprise. >> they're calling it a trick or treat surprise. halloween's asteroid fly by. while the experts say it poses no threat to earth, you gotta wonder how did something that big escape detection until recently? you could ask the same question about gas prices. who knew global oil spries would boom and demand would slump? if you did, chances are you are now very rich. if you had malcolm butler
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your assistance with my team is requested. could this be a blow dried asteroid headed for dc? and braces have become an unexpected tween fashion trend. the asteroid will miss us by three hundred thousand miles. maybe we should learn from all this life doesn't always lend itself to easy forecasting. just ask eric fisher, right eric?
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so we're going to wake up tomorrow and see pretty dramatic pictures out of weakening. >> rain will be a bigger
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problem this weekend over the


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