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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 24, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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at 11, a former boston police dispatcher under arrest for killing her uncle. >> the mom at the center of an amber alert telling her side of the story and why she says she brought the baby to boston and it got her arrested. rain is on the way but will that's bull your sunday? the ravens are facing their toughest so far. live on the channel for studios in boston, wbz at 11 starts right now. we have developing news from hyde park tonight. a relative is the shooter. good evening everyone, i am kate merrill. >> police arrested lavonne do is
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police dispatcher took tim smith is live at hard part -- hyde park. >> reporter: that is what boston police are telling us here tonight, there are still many unanswered questions. the biggest question, why was the suspect -- why would the suspect murder her uncle. >> boston police remained on guard outside saturday night. earlier in the day. investigators telling wbz news in the head and he later died. >> we have a male in his 40s chauffeuring -- suffering from it looks like it is clearly domestic in nature. >> frantic family members rushed to the home looking for answers from police. all day long, investigators
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look for the suspect. the 36- year-old. early saturday evening, she was arrested. lewis worked for boston police for nine years as a communications equipment operator before resigning in 2012. a source describing her as a problem employee. >> we consider her armed and dangerous. >> before the arrest, police launched a statewide search. they told neighbors to take cover. >> [ indiscernible ] one of them yelled to stay inside so we went inside and try to stay safe. >> as we mentioned, boston police are still standing guard at the murder scene. they are expected to be here all night long. for now, the identity of the victim has not been released. the suspect is due in court on
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wbz news . we are tracking patricia tonight which has weakened into a tropical storm but the remnants of the once powerful hurricanes combined with another powerful system to dump floodwaters in texas. washing out real trains -- rail there is some rain in our forecast tonight as we take a live look at gillette stadium. will it be clear by game time? here is barry burbank with an answer. >> reporter: i don't think there will be in the rain falling. i don't think this guy will be clear but i think it will be all dried out. that rain continues to fall in texas around the houston area. some places have had 10 to 20 inches of rain over the last two or three days. the remnants of patricia are certainly moving along and may intensify tomorrow morning. that rain will start to search northeast. we will see some of that rain
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coming around our region wednesday afternoon and wednesday evening at the first rain is coming in in the morning. it is not amounting to all that much. very little rain around boston but you can see there are showers to the west. some places get the showers north and west of boston. not too much rain. it will be turning partly sunny for the game tomorrow afternoon and i will have details on that in my seven-day forecast coming up. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a small plane to crash minutes after takeoff. a small single engine plane crashed into some trees on the airport ground. the pilot was the only person on board. a construction worker nearby saw the plane go down. >> i just saw a plane crash. >> it looks like it was right above the trees. it went up a little bit and then spun over like almost upside down and went straight down.
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>> the victim has been identified as gary weller of putnam connecticut. >> a mom triggered an amber alert and is speaking out tonight. she was arrested when she arrived in massachusetts. she tells paul burton she was doing what was best for her son . >> i would do anything for my children, to get my son the best care and i would do it again. >> driving her sick son to boston sparking an amber alert and landing her in jail. >> everything in me told me to go. get your baby to boston children's hospital. >> it all started when tiffany was told by a nurse practitioner that he was severely dehydrated and must be admitted to an emergency room for care. >> i was not comfortable with the standard of care my child was receiving.
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>> he was having issues with his esophagus and low blood. so severe dehydration came from maine -- came from a nurse practitioner who looked at my son for 10 seconds and did not have a clue at what she was looking at. >> i think the pennsylvania authorities pretty much jumped the gun. >> she posted bill last week but she no longer has custody of her children. she has already suffered a devastating loss when her first child was stillborn saying she is extra protective of her kids . >> it hurt. it hurts. >> fortunately, he is feeling much better and is currently at boston's children hospital. now, she just wants her son's back into her arms. >> they are my life. i deserve them back and they deserve me. they deserve their mommy.
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>> she is due back in court next monday. a mother under arrest accused of driving drunk after a crash on the cake with her six-year-old daughter in the car at the time. police tell us she may have been driving drunk. minutes later, a car caught fire. bystanders pulled the six-year- old out of the car and she suffered minor injuries. a teenage driver escapes a crash that turn his truck into a fireball overnight on great marsh road. sources on the team -- on the scene telling wbz no word on whether that person will face criminal charges. >> and abrupt and unexpected opening at a sporting goods store this morning on salem street. a car crash through. a 44-year-old woman was behind the wheel and had only had her license for a month.
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oklahoma. a homecoming turned tragic when an accused drug driver plowed into a crowd killing three people and a toddler. >> a crash into a motorcycle and then a crowd of spectators >> would good kind of peer a little screaming and it sounded like a vehicle accelerated. luckily, this car hit a big more people. >> at least four people were killed. dozens more were injured. somewhere airlifted to tulsa and oklahoma city. probably one of the most wholesome, happy events in the country and to have it fouled tragedy. >> stillwater chambers is in
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the influence. authorities don't know if it was an accident or intentional. >> we treat these as any homicide investigation. >> the homecoming game was played as scheduled just a few hours after the incident at the stadium flags flying half staff in a moment of silence in honor of the victims. brian webb, cbs news. campaign 16 now. we are exactly 100 days from the iowa caucuses. >> they are doing their best to stoke enthusiasm for the campaign. >> hillary clinton with her husband. she says attacks by republicans have only made her stronger. the american people over the last six weeks have learned a lot about hillary. what she is for, why she is running and
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what kind of president she will be. and if they want saturday night live, they know she is a pretty good bartender. >> and pop star, katie. campaigned today wearing a red whitened blue outfit with an american flag cape. she is a big supporter of hillary clinton and her son were our is the thing at many campaign events. >> there is a change. the latest poll has been carson leading with 28% of the vote. that is a jump of 28% since the last both -- poll. that poll. the gop presidential candidate will attend a finance meeting tomorrow convene by his father, george hw bush. former president george bush
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will also be there. the high-powered meeting will assess where the candidacy stands in the face of large scale cutbacks. >> a challenge tomorrow for the patriots who take on a newly energized jets team at gillette. >> dan roche joins us now. four and one. ever since the -- the patriots have dominated winning 12 of the first place will be online to gillette to face the patriots. last year, they gave them all they could handle. potential long came running the chris jones got a hand on it and the pats got the victory. it seems like it always comes down to a big play late when these two teams do battle. >> the top-rated pass defense in the league so that touch you how well they are covering guys.
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turnovers. whether that is knocking the ball out for intercepting bawls. revis is having a big year with those two stats. a lot of playmakers. and you've just got to be conscious of where you are throwing the ball. they got guys with football skills. >> every team is good. they got a bunch of great athletes and they are well coached. they play hard against us. and we know that. we will be ready to match the intensity come sunday expect dubya b.c. is the only place you need to be. we have you covered -- wbz is the place to be . we have you covered. thanks a lot. time is running out for an important clue about the cargo ship that went down during the hurricane. >> coming up next, a vital piece of equipment crews are
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through the streets of cambridge. we will tell you about the harvard on her book a sneak attack and how the most famous man in massachusetts pulled off a surprise for candy
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time is running out in the hunt from -- for the black box of the missing ship that disappeared during hurricane joaquin. the batteries are fully expected to last for another few days. crews are searching a 100 mile area for that data recorder. two of the crew members graduated from mass maritime. >> hollywood is mourning the passing of a legendary actress. maureen o'hara died today of natural causes. the irish born actor starred in films with leading men such as james stewart, henry fonda and john wayne. she passed away in her home in boise idaho at the age of 95. >> kindness and peace flag project.
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university to honor martin richard who was killed in the marathon bombing. are in's parents both attended the states university. >> a man wearing a mask walked in but it turns out it was just a quarterback sneak. tom brady. he walks through the store and thieves 18 of candy in the unreal candy section. the pitch man for the candy company only uses real ingredients. the best part, he left a signed autograph and 50 tends -- tends -- >> they are lucky that no one tackled the intruder. >> that is how i am doing everything in life. >> injured displaying candy in a store. there are some headlines right there.
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to gillette. >> i think it is not going to be scary times at all. in fact, the weather should be getting better as we go through the afternoon. the rain should be out of here and right now, it is overcast and the temperatures are in the lower 50s. down to gillette, we are looking at some pretty decent weather coming up although most of that rain is going to be happening north and west of boston. thanks to larry murray who got that beautiful fall colors down there. lovely colors. and there are still beautiful way up north but we are still getting some great colors here. you might want to take a check of that tomorrow afternoon when the sun comes out. in boston. that is 10 below what we would normally expect for this date. october 24. 80 back in 1900s. so we are looking at a rather
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on the chilly side. lower 50s on the south coast. temperatures have been inching up a little bit during the evening going up to a degree in some locations. 80s out in the west coast. los angeles to phoenix. new orleans or orlando. not all that code just yet but there is more cold air building in canada and we will have some chilly air coming down in the first part of the week. or is the front that is coming to give us the showers. the rain which continues to fall. relentless rain in texas. this rain looks a little impressive across the new york and pennsylvania but by the time it gets to boston, it is going to fall apart. temperatures in the upper 40s and lower 50s. it will not change all night long and tomorrow, up to 60 or 63. it looks like at the pats game, if you want to do some
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couple of showers. in the afternoon, close to kickoff time, partly cloudy and mostly cloudy. -- partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. 62 is your high with the sun poking through the clouds. the showers are coming from the north and the west with most showers and weakening as they move southeastward. so not that much rain from southeastern massachusetts up toward the mass pike. and just an isolated shower in the afternoon. the sun should come out and be nice. and it clears lot -- it clears i completely tomorrow night. we will see temperatures going up into the range of it to 2 to 54 for your highs -- 52-54 for we have temperatures going back to the upper 50s. will have that for you in a
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most part on tuesday. come back to me and we will tell you that on when say, it will be cloudy with showers on wednesday afternoon your those showers should be out of here in time for us to have the next game on thursday night. thursday night football right here. >> i would like you to explain that water vapor map. >> later on. no time right now. the patriots are facing one of the toughest defensive teams right now -- tomorrow in foxboro . >> the weapon that could be
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it evening, everyone. you will never hear belichick complain about anything. especially if it is something that's why he did not say anything about the patriots having a bye in week four. but you can see how having it later in the season would be more beneficial. injuries continue to pile up. already ruled out for tomorrow's game. eight others listed as questionable. but there is a possible good news ahead. man roster today meaning he something he has been itching
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>> when you come here on monday and watch the game and you see tom throwing the ball, it is just like, he's thrown it eight or nine times. but i was happy's -- i was happy to see other guys around. it was bill's decision. he wanted me back to 100% before him back on the field. >> the other side of the ball, the secondary was the major? coming into the season. evan has been his usual stellar self. he has been with steve burton for a one-on-one that you can see tomorrow morning and talk about what it is like to take on those jets. >> when we go there, it is never an easy game. we are going to get their best shot and they are going to get our best shot. the jets versus the patriots. i think that is the easiest way
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to explain it. i don't care if we are two or three or five or six. it doesn't matter. we are expecting a big game, a good game. >> we have you covered. coming up tomorrow at 1130, kickoff is at one followed by our post game show. jeff smith pressured here and loses the ball. it is picked up by a 300 pound defensive lineman. the lid person going to tackle him will be his teammates in the end zone. eagles down 14 to nothing but they did not give up here special teams makes a huge play. scooped up by elijah robinson. he will take it in. 14-7. at that point. 3rd quarter. jim smith will take it in himself but he gets hit hard right there. he will not return. trailing by three at this point but that was as close as they
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the game. the eagles lose another close one. 17-14. hosting princeton today and this one was close. into the second quarter. throwing back across the field. >> the second half and it was all princeton. 437 yards to score. andrew fisher who had 10 catches and 190 yards in his touchdown. scoring the final 35 points in tigers. winning. 8 to 10 lead over toledo today at gillette stadium. a 50 yard run for the score and things are looking great. but the rockets dominate from that point on. to do one-35 when.
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the winter classic. it should be an awesome sight to see. 70,000 fans. watching one of the greatest rivalries in all of sports on new year's day. returning to action against arizona. two players to get their roster ready for wednesday's opener at the garden. that's it for now the extent thank you. jimmy fallon -- that is it for now. thank you.
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here is a little bit of the tonight show in cambridge today. >> jimmy fallon hosted that program parading in the holland square with a wreath on his head. he was given the l moore award for excellence in humor and crown the emperor of comedy your >> for the seventh time, that award has been bestowed. >> that is very regal. >> barry riggle. >> let's look at your seven day right now. we have lower 60s tomorrow.
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morning. that is in time for the next pats game on thursday night. >> that is all for now and we thank you for watching. good night. we thought we' d be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines
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