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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 25, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. a house leveled by a powerful explosion. what investigators believe touched it off. >> i hope i leave office as a suspected figure. >> we know he's not running what the future holds for joe biden when he leaves office. >> when soaking rain returns in the forecast. patriots survive the jets an keep their perfect season going. developing news in taunton. investigators are searching for the cause of an explosion that obliterate aid home earlier that single family house was completely engulfed in flames. the entire neighborhood could
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feel the power of this blast. good evening i'm jim armstrong. >> i'm kate merrill. the woman inside did escape in time. investigators are searching for the cause of that explosion. jim smith is live in taunton tonight with the story. reporter: this is being investigated as a possible gas explosion but the issue is the cause. what exactly went wrong. let me slow you the wreckage here. this is absolutely incredible. there's basically nothing left of this house yet the woman who lived here somehow escaped with her life. >> reports of the ground shaking explosion and on fire. reporter: a house destroyed and totally engulfed in flames. it was late afternoon when suddenly there was a huge explosion. neighbor paul saltalamacchia took this incredible video around the same time he saw a woman living inside the house scramble to safety. >> came running out saw the owner who had just run out of the house frantic come room down the street screaming for help.
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i recognized her. we called 911 and assisted her. the house went up in flames and really a matter of 3 minutes, and then within 40 minutes the roof caved in it was really amazing. reporter: amazing is a good for it. much of the home on christine lane was totally incinerateed yet nobody was hurt. the neighbors say the woman inside had been on an upper floor but able to get out just in time. >> she was hitting on the wall behind us and she was worried about the gas being on. reporter: fire crews remained on the scene through the nature. gas crews were digging deep checking lines and also checking the rest of the street. now a home is in ruins but everybody realizes it could have been so much worse. >> upon our arrive there's nobody inside. >> everybody's safe. >> everybody's safe. >> is that a minor miracle when you look at this structure. >> sure. reporter: once again, a gas
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malfunction or possibly some type of leak is definitely a strong possibility. but there is more work to be done so you can expect investigators to very likely be back here at the scene again on monday. live in taunton jim smith wbz news. >> jim thank you. breaking news out of canada. at least 3 people are dead in vancouver after a whale watching boat sang sang in the water sank. turning to sports we had to hold our breath for a moment this afternoon but the patriots were able to withstand a big challenge from the jets winning at home 30-23. >> they do not have long to savor this victory. here's sports director steve burton. reporter: it wasn't pretty but they got it done. the patriots came into today's game with a perfect 5-0 record on the heels yes the jets at 4- 1. with first place on the line
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turn to tom brady and of course he delivered. down 0-16 in the 4th quarter. danny amendola on a crucial 3rd and 6 from the 8 touchdown new england 23-20 lead. they get the ball back and they continue to take it right to the jets. throwing on almost every down brady finds wide open rob gronkowski. paths took the jets 30-23. >> it took us a while i thought we played better as the game went on. we got a good turn out from our defense to start. it wasn't great execution from us for most of the game then in the 4th quarter a few different things and made some more plays. so, it was good to win. >> indeed it was. with the game on thursday that means special edition of patriots all access this wednesday on wbz at 7:00. we'll look back at today's win over the jets. coming up in sports final at 11:30 we'll break down the game with patriots captain devin mc
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core difficult will join me in the studio look ahead to the miami dolphins on thursday night. >> all right steve thank you. meanwhile gisele bundchen was at gillette cheering on the pats and her favorite quarterback. she captioned the photo with yeah, #go pats. this dramatic sunset capped off a classic fall new england day. the question how is the week shaping up ahead. here's meteorologist pamela gardner with the answer. classic fall. temperatures right now though staying very mild. actually tomorrow's highs will be similar to what we're experiencing right now. temps continue to fall overnight under that clear sky. 52 in boss on 52 norwood. worcester 47 degrees still in the mid 50s on the cape and islands falling into the upper 30s many of the suburbs reaching the low 30s in low-
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might see some patchy frost. but otherwise it's going to be windy enough we won't have widespread frost. forecast before school 35 degrees with heavy coat and after school looking very comfortable fall ish, 52 degrees long sleeves necessary. we have more sunshine on the way , but also a good soaking rain for midweek. i'll have the hour by hour timing in just a bit. >> thank you. a dorchester man is under arrest after an armed assault in the fenway neighborhood of boston. boston police tell us a woman was attacked and thrown to the ground near park drive as the suspect attempted to steal her purse. when the victim fought back that's when police say the attacker slashed her with a knife. police wrestled the suspect to the ground and arrested himself blocks away. the woman we're told suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. a frightening afternoon at a dunkin' donuts in canton when
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the crash happened at the dunkin' donuts washington washington and church streets. the police the woman who was driving telling they sent wasn't sure what happened. >> she was obviously stunned. not quite away what had just happened. she had to be extricated from the vehicle and transported to the hospital and the employee as well was quite stunned. obviously he's working one minute and being struck by debris the next. >> police tell us the store wasn't busy at the time or else this accident could have been a whole lot worse both the driver and the employee are expected to be okay. former boston police dispatcher is under arrest her family stunned after she's accused of murdering her own uncle in hyde park. paul burton shows us the family is trying to understand why this happened. >> it's a total shock. reporter: the family of clyde francis is devastate touchdown 49-year-old was fatally shot by his niece 36-year-old yvonne
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>> he would give you the shirt off his back. reporter: on sunday boston police remained on guard odds the home. after yvonne allegedly shot her uncle in the head she fled the scene in a car. lewis worked for boston police 9 years as communications equipment operators before resigning in 2012. the motive behind the shooting remains a mystery. >> i never seen any sign of violence. >> they need their privacy to get together and be able to come to grips with there because it's an awful loss. reporter: clyde was rushed to brigham hospital where he was pronounced dead. >> he was loving, tender, kind, true. reporter: relatives read a statement from the family. >> we are grieving for beloved son, brother and father. a life lost forever and family ever changed with tragic incident. >> they need prayers.
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those who believe in god please pray for them irk lewis is due in court on monday. paul postma wbz news. the pennsylvania mother at the center of an amber alert will face a judge tomorrow but tonight tiffany cherry says she simply did not trust her local hospital. >> i brought him to boston because boston children's is where i felt he needed to be. >> cherry was arrested after bringing her 2 month old son to children's hospital. she knew her some would get excellent care here in boston. police in providence are searching for a hit-and-run driver who seriously injured a firefighter. police say 27-year-old matthew gal lab was off duty when a car swerved right into his pickup truck. firefighters were shocked to learn the victim was one of their own. >> we're glad he got through surgery that his internal injuries have been taken care of up to this point. but it's still unsettling just goes to show you how fragile
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>> gallant is a fourth generation providence firefighter. his condition has been upgraded from critical to serious. >> a dramatic rescue at sea. >> when a life jacket floated by a fisherman thought it was empty. coming up what they found instead. also a look inside that special forces raid that cost an american soldier his life. vice-president joe biden talking about the decision not to run for the white house in 2016. hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall with a new hot or iced
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hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall with a new hot or iced
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. a simply remarkable rescue of an 18 month old baby at sea captured on video. turkish fishermen were searching for survivors after a boat carrying migrants capsized they came across a floating life jacket when they looked inside they found a baby boy they stripped off the vest and tried to clear his lungs of water. it worked. the little boy survived and was taken to a local hospital. >> unbelievable. new video has been released of the raid on an isis compound if iraq where a u.s. soldier was killed. u.s. special forces kurdish fighters stormed a campaign on thursday to free 70 hostages the raid was the first time u.s. forces directly engaged isis militants on the ground in iraq and critics have raised questions about the u.s. role in iraq u.s. officials said decisions were made quickly because they believed time was
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running out. >> we knew the hostages would soon be murdered. we knew this because we saw freshly dug graves. >> army master sergeant joshua wheeler was killed during that raid he died from small arms fire during the operation. the 39-year-old was returned to dover air force base yesterday. he wasn't emotionally up to it that's what vice- president joe biden told 60 minutes tonight. >> in his first television interview joe biden said he was not done grieving over the death of his son. >> is it that you think you couldn't win or that you didn't want to run? >> couldn't win. i'll be very blunt. reporter: part of the reason vice-president joe biden says he couldn't win is that his heart was never going to be fully involved in what would have been his third run for the white house. >> it just takes time, and until you get there you know
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to throw -- by the way you can't run for president unless you throw your entire being about into it. reporter: the vice-president's son beau died last may after a long battle with brain cancer. >> some people have written beau on his death bed said dad you got to run there was this hollywood moment. nothing like that ever ever happened. reporter: i said this was a decision he ago knifed over daily. his wife he says was pushing him to run. >> i think i was disappointed. i mean i thought joe would be a great president. reporter: in the end biden says he feels like he made the right call. >> any parent listening lost a child knows that you can't -- it doesn't follow schedules of primaries and caucuses and contributors and the like. and everybody grieves at a different pace. >> biden also told 60 minutes he will never again run for political office. dr. joe biden will first lady michelle obama welcoming prince harry to america.
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he will visit a military base in virginia and meet with wounded servicemen and women. he will also attend an event to promote the invictus games. they are a paralympic style veterans. tonight show host jimmy fallon was rushed tomas general hospital last night hours after accepting an award at the harvard lampoon in cambridge. people magazine is reporting that fallon fell when he abruptly turned around and tripped over a woman who was kneeling down nearby. fallon has also been sporting a bandage on a different finger he nearly severed during an accident last june. our foliage season is starting to quickly end about 10 minutes this year. then it will be gone. >> it's happening so fast though. enjoy the color while you can. we still have another week or two. at least here in boston and the cape maybe. >> look at this this is
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amazing. >> there is still brilliant color found out there. plenty of great weatherment this picture from glen i appreciate the photo here from kingston, new hampshire a sugar maple brilliant color there. and brilliant color all across new england right now even boston as i was driving along czar road driver it's gorgeous but some of those trees starting to lose their leaves that's a little frightening as we go into the next season. but we still have plenty of fall to get through. pretty close to at peak or past peak especially in the southern part of new hampshire here. moderate color right around boston and low color still reported on the cape and islands. lakes and mountains forecast if you happen to be headed to the north having the day off monday or tuesday we have tons of sunshine for you perfect temperatures 45 degrees monday, tuesday's high 48 to the north. boston we're down to 52 degrees. but it is very mild out there. we had highs today in the lower 60s.
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cold front has moved through. wind direction indicating that and the drier air in place northwest breeze still 15 miles per hour. keep the wind around. all night tonight. temps have clicked into the 40s. 49 degrees in nashua. 49 degrees lawrence. 5 # in chatham. overnight low 38. partial clearing in the suburbs expected to hit the lower 30s easily getting some frost if you're in those low-lying areas if you're blocked from that northwest wind. for the rest of us it just stays a little too windy and we'll be a touch too warm for any of that widespread frost. hour by hour forecast for boston 41 degrees by 6:00 a.m. 50 degrees by 4:00 p.m. a great warm up tons of sunshine light breeze tomorrow can't ask for anything better to start the work week. highs in the low to mid 50s across the board. upper 40s farther to the north and west. tomorrow mostly sunny. light breeze from the north 53. hour by hour forecast show you the big particular tour through tonight coach off the shore that's what moved through
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earlier today. the remnants of hurricane patricia affecting our friends look the gulf coast and it's kind of sitting there for the next 24 hours, 48 hours. creating very heavy rainfall and also some severe weather and even tornado warnings down there in louisiana at this time. but as that system continues to track to the north and east we don't expect severe weather from it but we do expect some heavy showers and widespread downpours as we get into wednesday. we have a couple of days before this moves in. but by wednesday it's looking like 1 to 2 inches of rain accumulation widespread with isolated spots getting 3 inches of rain. we need the showers. so that is a good thing. here's that 7-day forecast couple of dry days monday, tuesday, wednesday 58, thursday chose to 70 degrees. couple of spotty showers left over. back to the 50s as we head into halloween trick-or-treating. looks like temperatures will be in the lower 40s for saturday night. >> pretty chilly. >> yeah.
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>> coats over the costumes. >> not much time for the patriots to savor their victory against the jets. >> next in sports getting ready for the dolphins coming to gillette on thursday many
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. patriots on a roll we like it. >> a nail-biter in foxborough. steve burton joins us. today was tense. >> it was tense but you know what they just do it of. >> i was nervous. >> tom brady put it best it wasn't how they do it up but they will take the win. the pats beat the jets in foxboro 30-23. brady threw for 355 yards two touchdowns he was also the pats leading rusher four carries 15 yards. it was that kind of day. it was the first time in his career he led the team in rushing probably the last time too. here was his lock run of the day 3rd and 10 from the 13. picks up 11 yards that sets up this. brady again on fourth down from the 1. up and over and in. quarterback squeak for the score. when it mattered most it was his arm that made the
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>> takes the snap fires to the end zone. touchdown patriots. am endollar a with a catch. danny amendola touchdown new england. >> yes indeed paths had a 23- 20 lead finishing touch. brady reads the jets split dumps it to wide open rob gronkowski. how do you not cover him? he walks in the end zone all alone untouched. game set match. it wasn't easy. the pats remain perfect on the season with 30-23 win over the jets. >> typical hard fought game against new york it's always good to come out on top we've got a long way to go short turn around. get ready in a hurry for miami. good to get a win here today. players did a good job playing through this week after a couple of tough road games they laid it out there today when they had to. proud of the way they played.
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>> next up for the pats another tough test this one against the resurgent miami dolphins thursday night jimmy stadium pate rots start 7:00. dolphins took on the texans today and absolutely crushed them u. ryan tannehill with 4 half alone. this one to landry jones who does most of the work cutting back taking in from 50 yards. winning 44-26. should be a fun one thursday from gillette. get this deading eastern conference champs will be the fifth seed open up the postseason on wednesday night with dc united. . >> pig fight on thursday. >> jam pack. >> a 10-year-old scheduled for are important medical care
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procedure on halloween. >> how an entire neighborhood made sure he didn't miss out on
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. halloween came a bit early today for a new hampshire boy who was going to miss trick-or- treating because of medical treatment. >> 10-year-old levi whitt come had a brain tumor removed he needs to undergo chemotherapy this week but his neighborhood decided to move the calendar up and today levi was treated and not tricked. >> you might see some unusual looking pumpkins.
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some families will be putting out teal colored pumpkins to show they are offering noncandy treats as alternative. kid who have food allergies can take part without worrying about peanuts milk or soy. >> matches my house much better. .
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. >> work week begins again tomorrow. >> yes can't believe it. it's already here monday. but at least we'll have plenty of sunshine and comfortable temperatures for you. >> sounds good.
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>> that's going to do it for us tonight. don't forget sports final coming up next. >> big show coming up next. have a great night everybody. pumpkin excitement is back at dunkin'. pick up your favorite pumpkin-flavored baked treats and beverages, like the new pumpkin macchiato
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