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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  October 26, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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breaking news at 6:00 a.m. police are looking for a luxury car that took off after a hit and run. the clues they hope will lead them to the driver. developing news up in canada. a whale watch sinks with dozens on board. the tragic developments from overnight. plus, from the jets to the dolphins, it's back to work for the pats. new england now preparing for a quick turn around. good morning to you.
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it's monday, october 26. 6:00 a.m. i'm chris mckinnon. i'm bree sison. the pats are are 6-0 -- the pats are 6-0. >> it always feels great waking pats win. >> fantastic win by the pats yesterday and a nice stretch of weather to start our week off. 45 degrees in boston right now. dew points in the lower 30s. northwest wind about 10 miles per hour in the city right now. there are a lot of 30s on the map, particularly the suburbs north and west of town. 34 worcester. 30 in keene. 40s from taunton to the cape. we're in for a beautiful fall day, albeit on the cooler side. grab the saileds as you head out the door -- shaistleds as you head -- shades as you head out the door. milder on the cape. sunrise at 7:10. lunch time we'll be bright and cool with just a couple of those puffy clouds. 51 degrees. the wind from the north about 5 to 15 miles per hour. and we'll top out around 52, 53
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clear and quiet for the ride home. right around 50. sunset at 5:46. we have another quiet day tomorrow and rain to talk about for the middle part of the week. details on that coming up. let's get you out on the roads. weather and traffic together. an accident south of boston, the backup starting to develop to the north as well. the crash is down in raynham, 24 northbound just before route 44. two lanes are blocked down there now. bumper-to-bumper backups between exits 11 and 13 and the crash causing slowdowns on route 140 northbound. also to the south route 3 northbound now stop and go between union street and the braintree split. the expressway jammed up it granite avenue and columbia road. 95 north hangs up neponset street to 128. 93 southbound crawling. heavy in the woburn and med ffd stretches. just -- medford stretches and just hearing about a crash in
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southbound just -- billerica, route 3 southbound. we begin with breaking news this morning. police investigating a hit and run in saugus. >> we're told the driver of the mercedes took off from the scene. nicole jacobs is live in saugus. nicole, what are the clues the driver left behind? >> reporter: some parts of the vehicle were left behind and police hope that will lead them to some answers in this case, but here along route 1 in saugus, the scene is long cleared but in the 10:00 hour last night, a significant crash happened. i want to show you some video from last night. investigators here on the scene. details are few right now, but here's what we know. according to state police, a pedestrian was hit by a vehicle that did not stop. we're told the victim was transported from the scene with life threatening injuries. we're told unconscious and not breathing. at this point authorities believe they are looking for a red mercedes-benz that will
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they say some parts of that vehicle were left behind here at the scene. i did speak to someone at the state police barracks a short time ago. they have not located that vehicle. they're still looking for it and certainly they hope anyone with information will contact them. we're live in saugus, nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. >> thank you very much for the update this morning. we're also following a developing story in canada. a whale watching boat sinks killing five people on board. it happened off vancouver island in british, columbia. this is new video just into our newsroom. 27 people were on board the boat when the captain issue add mayday -- issued a mayday call. 21 passengers were rescued. one person is still missing this morning. crews spent the night searching the water. right now investigators are trying to figure out what caused a home in if taunton to explode. the home on christine lane was almost instantly engulfed in flames. fire crews say this might have been a gas explosion.
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neighbors say that woman had been on an upper floor but somehow managed to get out. >> came running out and saw the owner who had just run out of the house frantic and then coming running down the street screaming for help. i recognized her. we called 911 and assisted her. itself house went up in flames and really in a matter of three minutes and then within 40 minutes the roof caved in. >> crews say it's a miracle no one with us hurt. they checked the rest of the street to make sure it was safe. 6:05 on your monday morning. a former boston police dispatcher is accused of killing her uncle. she's expected in court this morning. 36-year-old yvonne lewis was arrested in peabody hours after 49-year-old clive francis was shot in the head outside the family's hyde park home saturday night. a motive for the murder is still unknown. >> it's a total shock, an understatement.
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he was very playful. he was loving. he was tender, kind, true. >> lewis worked for boston police for nine years as a communications equipment operator before resigning in 2012. three men are due in court today accused of making meth inside a burlington hotel. police arrested the three men friday night at the son necessary take -- sonesta es suites after a tip from one of the employees. one of the suspects was seen wearing an ankle bracelet and acting suspicious. they found a large amount of meth inside the hotel room and plastic bags for covering the smoke detectors. massachusetts leaders will take part on the package for the opioid addiction crisis. governor baker and senator ed markey are expected to attend. the package will be held at the edward m. kennedy institute and moderated by wbz political analyst jon keller. the discussion will focus on efforts to fight the state's growing opioid overdose problem. donald trump takes his
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holding an event in atkinson in about an hour. the latest cbs poll shows trump with a commanding lead in new hampshire. that same poll shows trump now tied with dr. ben carson in iowa. speaking of carson, the retired neuro surgeon is talking about his position on abortion. >> do you want to see roe vs. wade overturned? >> ultimately i would see it. >> that means all abortions illegal or is there still an exception you would have? >> i'm a reasonable person and if people can come up with a reasonable explanation of why they would like to kill a baby, i'll listen. >> you heard him allude to it. carson would be willing to make an exception on abortion only for the health and safety of the mother, but he called thatten extraordinary, rare situation. the remaining three democrats in the presidential race held a pep rally in iowa over the weekend. the latest poll numbers show
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ahead of bernie sanders in the state. the patriots jet right back to work this morning. next up the miami dolphins on thursday night football giving the pats little time to celebrate sunday's win over the new york jets. all the action happened right here on wbz. down 20-16 in the 4th quarter. a crucial 3rd and 6, touchdown new england. that put the pats up 23-20. pats would get the ball back. brady reads the blitz. pats beat the jets 30-23. the patriots are now 6-0 on the season. >> typical hard fought game against new york and it's always good to come out on top. got a long way to go here. short turn around. get ready in a hurry now for miami. it's good to get a win. the players did a good job playing through this week after a couple tough road games. they laid it out there today
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i'm proud of the way they played. >> great job by danny as well. the pats will howe the miami dolphins thursday night at gillette stadium right here on wbz. patriots game day starts things off at 7:00. tom brady's biggest fans caught the jets game at gillette. gisele bundchen posted this picture of her and her son ben cheering on number 12. she captured the photo "yeah, hashtag gopats." coming up on wbz this morning, vice president joe biden's first tv interview about the difficult decision not to run for the white house. >> including what he's saying about his political future. >> plus, the meeting at the white house today to discuss the growing number of tests being taken at school and what the president wants to do about it. >> trading in cars and public transportation. bostonians finding a new way to get to work. >> beautiful ride to work this morning.
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it comes up at 7:10 this morning from start to finish rising through the 40s and lower 50s by later on today. we'll talk about when some rain arrives later on this week. a live look over the city of boston, though. a nice start, a cool start but a quiet start. stay with us.
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more people in boston are getting to work on bicycles according to a new report in "the boston globe." the u.s. seen tuesday bureau survey shows the number of bike commuters tripled in the past decade. an estimated 8100 people pedal themselves to work last year. >> we don't like getting stuck >> there you go. everywhere. >> a little more bike friendly every day. winter? that's my question. the winter. not so bad today. a live look outside at the boston harbor. thank you to rick, one of our favorite photographers, one of our four favorite morning
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photographers getting that shot for us. danielle niles standing by with our forecast. good morning. i think that was a tugboat, a lobster boat fisherman heading out. cool temperatures today and tomorrow running in the lower to middle 50s. at least the sun will be shining. a quiet start to the week but rain develops on wednesday. most likely in the afternoon. it will become steady and at times heavy wednesday evening and night and it will last into early on thursday. thursday morning most likely. obviously we'll watch the exact timing but it does look like we'll get breaks of sunshine out by thursday afternoon and temperatures will top out around 70. no weather issues for halloween. we should be in the 40s for trick or treaters with partly cloudy skies. just have to make sure you're dressed appropriately for that. but nothing extremely cold or extremely mild. 45 in boston right now. 42 in taunton. we're in the 30s nashua to worcester. a lot of the suburbs are in the 30s. a chilly start in jaffrey and keene only at 30. 39 in lawrence and beverly
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right now we're 42 in taunton but only 36 in norwood. 40s when you get to the south coast and the cape and the islands as well. the mild spot is 50 right now on nantucket. otherwise skies clear. we're in for a lot of sunshine today. no weather related issues. you encounter clouds to the mid- atlantic, high thin ones and rain from the tennessee valley to the gulf coast states where the flash flood rips through portions of louisiana, mississippi, alabama, all with the remnant moisture of what was hurricane patricia. eventually this weather will work in our direction. not now, though. high pressure is building in for today and again tomorrow. tomorrow will be a little milder just by a few degrees. mid-50s for highs. we get wispy clouds moving in late in the day tomorrow. wednesday morning a dry start. high pressure slipping off the coast. the wind is going to start to get gusty wednesday afternoon out of the southeast. wednesday afternoon the rain arrives from west to east as well. becomes steady and at times heavy. wednesday evening's commute is going to be a bit of a mess.
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notice behind the low we get breaks of sunshine so i think it moves through pretty quickly thursday morning, pushes out of here and a leftover shower thursday afternoon. in the meantime today 50, 55 for most of us. 53 in the city of boston. right around 50 on the cape. tonight clear skies, calm wind. by wait the full hunter's moon also a super moon. great viewing for. it will be a frosty start tomorrow morning. upper 20s to lower 30s. 37 in boston. highs tomorrow similar to today. we'll bump it up by a couple of degrees. middle to upper 50s for most of us. accu-weather seven-day forecast wednesday rain moves in in the afternoon. temperatures in the upper 50s. thursday morning rain moves out of here. some breaks. 70 thursday afternoon. then another sunny and quiet end to the week. the weekend is looking good. increasing clouds on sunday. on sunday. what is your favorite
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grapes. we inflated -- my mom inflated purple balloons and put her in a clear bag. it was really funny. >> i was always a hairy kid so werewolf. saved a lot of money that way. no. boston. backups to the south now. the crash is up in billerica. route 3 southbound just after trebl cove roads. backup. 93 southbound you're crawling in the andover stretch between river road andss dascum road. to the south we go if the clicker will allow me. a little slippery today. we have a disabled truck, 128 northbound in needham. it's just before highland avenue in the active breakdown lane so watch out for that. other trouble spot is route 3 north. that's heavy and slow from chris and bree? >> if you think the werewolf
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was scary, you should see chris as a ghost. >> oh. >> show that one off. >> all right. >> that's a great costume. 6:18 your monday morning. we're learning more about vice. joe biden's decision not to enter the race for president. >> in his first television interview since the announcement, the v.p. told norah o'donnell on "60 minutes" in the end he wasn't emotionally up to t. >> is it you think you couldn't win or that you didn't want to run? >> couldn't win. i'll be very blunt. >> reporter: part of the reason vice. joe biden says he couldn't win is that his heart was never going to be fully involved in what would have been his third run for the white house. >> it just takes time. and until you get there, you know it's not an appropriate thing to throw your -- by the way, you can't run for president unless you throw your entire being into it. >> reporter: the vice president's son beau died last may after a long battle with brain cancer.
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that, you know, beau on his death bed said dad, you've got to run and there was sort of this hollywood moment. nothing like that ever ever happened. >> reporter: biden says this was a decision he agonized over daily. his wife, he says, was pushing him to run. >> i think i was dispoinltzed. i thought -- disappointed. i thought joe would be a great president. >> reporter: in the end biden feels he made the right call. >> any parent listening who's lost a child knows you can't -- it doesn't follow schedules of primaries and caucuses and contributors and the like. it just -- and everybody grieves at a different pace. >> biden also told "60 minutes" he will never run for political office again. britain's prince harry is coming to america this week. kensington palace announcing the prince will be in washington, d.c. on wednesday. first lady michele obama and jill biden will join the prince at a virginia military base to women.
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an event to promote the games which will be coming to orlando next year. the invict tuesday games are a paraolympic style. a study found students on average spend 20 to 25 hours a year taking standardized tests. that doesn't include the time to prep for those exams. education secretary around any duncan will hold a meeting in the oval office to discuss ways to reduce testing time in connection with the study president obama called for capping standardized tests at 2% of classroom time. >> interesting. that's a conversation that's been going on for a while. concerning numbers for anyone set to undergo surgery. >> ahead the new study out of boston that's taking a closer look at medication mistakes. >> also ahead, the woman accused in a deadly crash at a homecoming parade makes her first court appearance today.
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lawyers for the woman accused of a deadly crash at a homecoming par rid in oklahoma are in-- parade in oklahoma are insisting she wasn't drunk but may suffer from a mental illness. police arheed adacia chambers but are still waiting for the results after blood test to see if she was driving under the influence when she crashed into a crowd at oklahoma state university. four people were killed, including a 2-year-old. dozens more were injured. the woman is expected in court today on second-degree murder charges. texas is starting to dry out from days of rain, but parts of louisiana are now seeing significant flooding from what's left of hurricane patricia. more than 20 inches of rain has fallen in some parts of texas since friday. flash flooding in houston led to the closure of some of the
6:22 am
downtown highway exits. crews are finding cars submerged on roads and raw sewage has flooded some roadways. some good news, though. a whan who was swept -- a man who was swept into a flooded drainage ditch was found okay. his dog was found as well. a last-minute agreement stop as strike at general motors. more than 50,000 employees were set to walk off the job this reached. the united auto workers union this new contract. whole foods recalling some packaged foods and san witches that may be -- sandwiches that may be contaminated. it involves curry chicken salad and sandwiches and deli pasta salad sold in stories it october 18 and the 22nd. some samples have tested positive for listeria which can cause serious infecks with people with weak -- infections with people with weakened immune systems. if you have any of those products, shoe discard them. whole foods will refund the
6:23 am
general hospital says medication mistakes during surgeries are more common than predicted. the globe reports researchers in the anesthesiology department observed surgeries and found that errors were much higher than previously reported. out of almost 300 surgeries, three mistakes were considered life threatening. women in labor are told to avoid eating but a new study says food could actually be a good thing for moms to be. doctors say it's because both the mom and the baby will have more energy. the concern has been food could cause complications if a woman needs to have a c-section but researchers found improvements in anesthesia make that much less of a concern now. so eat up, ladies. >> there you go. much more in our next half- hour, including the community that moved up halloween for a very good reason. >> what jimmy fallon has to say about an injury he suffered in cambridge over the weekend. >> plus, an update on this damaging drive at canton dunkin' donuts.
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every single day, more than 8,000 men and women are working together to create a stronger, smarter, more resilient system, so the 3 1/2 million people we serve have the energy they need. we serve new england. and energy brings us
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a luxury car voffed in a hit and run. the driver -- involved in a hit and run. the driver police are searching for right now. i brought him to children's hospital because that's where i felt he should be. >> no regrets. we're hearing from the mother who sparked an amber alert as she heads back to court this morning. no, your eyes are not deceiving you. why you might see more of these colorful pumpkins when you take your kids trick or treating. we'll tell you about it. good monday morning you to. it's 6:30. i'm chris mckin ton. i'm bree sison. we're we're to fall back already. halloween. looks like it's quiet. temperatures in the 40s which
6:27 am
is great news and a nice start this morning. we're looking over the harbor right now. we have a quiet start with the day. boats coming in right now. rick grabbing this shot. the boston harbor cruises right now as they're leaving dock or coming back to the dock. i'm assuming they're probably leaving but maybe they're just going for a spin on a quiet morning. 45 degrees in boston right now. it's 42 in taunton. 40s on the cape and islands. 39 in lawrence right now. mid-30s from worcester back up to nashua. 30 in keene right now. skies mostly clear. wear in for a lot of sunshine today. the only thing you have to worry about is the solar glare. grab the shades as you head out this morning. bright sunshine. sunrise coming up at 7:10. so 40 minutes from now. mostly sunny and cool, 51 degrees. north breeze 5 to 15 miles per hour. we'll be quiet and clear into your evening commute as well. sun sets at 5:46. i'm timing out rain for wednesday. i'm let you know when it arrives coming back. how is it looking? we have accidents north and south of the city and lots of
6:28 am
backups as well. let's go to sky 4 first. in raynham. it's 24 southbound. 44. traffic is not moving between exits 11 and 13 as a multicar crash is down there with injuries. obviously we'll keep an eye on that one. also to the south as we pop up the south map now, we have a broken down truck on 128 in needham on the northbound side just before highland avenue. that's in the active breakdown lane. the backup is to route 135. and then finally to the north, a crash up in billerica. route 3 southbound after treble cove road. the bumper-to-bumper backup there is to 495. we have breaking news we want to tell you about right now. we are following this as it comes into the newsroom at this very moment. we're talking about a 7.7 magnitude earthquake, this one could be felt in the afghanistan area as well as pakistan, as far away as india.
6:29 am
this is just coming into the newsroom right now. there are reports of homes that collapsed. office buildings collapsed. as we told you, we're going to be following this one as it comes into the newsroom. we'll continue updating you. again 7.7 magnitude earthquake in afghanistan. >> northern pakistan reports some trembling, all sorts of stuff going on there. also breaking news in new england, this time in saugus. police are investigating a hit- and-run crash. >> the driver of that mercedes took off from the scene. nicole jacobs is live in saugus on how police are trying to track down this driver. good morning, nicole. >> reporter: good morning to you, chris. good morning, bree. the scene here on route 1 in saugus has long cleared. you can see traffic is flowing just as normal but a significant crash happened here last night in the 10:00 hour. i want to get right to some video of the active scene last night where investigators were here trying to piece everything that happened. details are very far and few between right now.
6:30 am
pedestrian was hit by a vehicle that did not stop. that victim was transported from the scene to the hospital with life threatening injuries. authorities believe they are looking for a red mercedes-benz that will have some damage to it because they say some parts of that vehicle were left behind here at the scene. according to state police this morning, we're told they have not found that vehicle yet. they're still looking for that vehicle. anyone with information is certainly urged to contact police. we're live in saugus, nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. >> thank you. two people are recovering this morning following this crash into a dunkin' donuts store. the car smashed right into the front of the tore? canton. the driver and an employee inside the shop were rushed to the hospital. the woman driving didn't know what happened. >> she was obviously stunned not quite aware of what just happened. she had to be extricated from
6:31 am
the hospital and the employee as well was quite stunned. obviously he's working one minute and being struck by debris the next. >> police say the store wasn't very busy at the time. both the driver and the employee are expected to be okay. it 16:35 on your monday -- is 6:35 on your monday morning. a dorchester man due in court charged with assault in the fenway neighborhood. boston police say a woman was attacked and thrown to the ground near park drive early yesterday morning as the suspect attempted to steal her purse. when the victim fought back, police say the attacker slashed her with a knife. police arrested the suspect, 53- year-old wayne barber sever blocks away. the woman is expected to be okay. today a mother will be in court to defend herself against accusations she ignored doctor's orders and put her son in danger. tiffany cherry triggered an amber alert when she drove her infant to boston children's hospital but tiffany says she
6:32 am
has no regrets. >> everything in me told me tiffany, go. get your baby to boston children's hospital. >> reporter: against medical advice tiffany cherry didn't take her 2-month-old baby quavai to the nearest trauma center. instead she drove four and a half hours away to a hospital she trusted. >> he was found to have issues with his esophagus and low blood. so the severe dee hydration came from a nurse -- dehydration came from a nurse practitioner who didn't know what she was looking at. >> reporter: quavai is still in the hospital and the mother no longer has custody. she was arrested when she got to boston. now out on bond she insists an amber alert for quavai was unwarranted. >> i think the pennsylvania authorities jumped the gun. >> reporter: she says she's protective of her kids because in 2009.
6:33 am
children back in her arms. >> it hurts. it hurts. >> reporter: today's hearing is a chance for cherry to regain the custody of her children. she still faces to charges of child endangerment in pennsylvania. a marshfield mother is due in court today accused of driving drurch and crashing her car -- drunk and crashing the car on the cape with her 6-year- old daughter on the car. yarmouth police got word she may have been driving drunk. minutes later a car struck a pole on route 28 and caught fire. bystanders helped the 6-year- old out of the car. she did suffer minor injuries. police arheed the mother before the -- arrested the mother before the fire got out of hand. structural engineers are trying to decide if this commercial building here in medford needs to be torn down after the roof partially collapsed. a large section of the roof caved in with debris falling inside. the building once housed a dry cleaner but it's now vacant. unclaimed property included
6:34 am
valuable jewelry and high end valuable jewelry and high end watches about to be put up for auction by the state. the items are from a abandoned safe deposit boxes that have gone unclaimed for years of the. they'll be on display at the statehouse ahead of saturday's auction on e-bay. general fund. halloween came early for a boy in new hampshire who is going to miss trick or treating because of medical treatments. 10-year-old levi whitcomb had a brain tumor removed earlier this year and has to start chemotherapy tomorrow. so they decided to move up halloween by a week so he can get his trick or treat started. my #-year-old son is learn -- my 8-year-old son is allergic peanuts. after trick or treat, he has to ask the person handing out candy if any of it is nut free. you'd be surprised at the
6:35 am
number that don't. this year many are supporting a growing cause to support kids with allergy. next week don't be surprised if you sea teal colored pumpkins on the steps of many homes. this is a signal to children with allergies that instead of candy, that household may be offering non-food alternatives like glow sticks or coloring books or toys. allergists say 6% to 8% young children have food allergies. among the most common are nuts, eggs and milk, typical ingredients of halloween candy. the centers for disease control estimates food allergies among children have increased 50% in the last 1 years. organizers of the teal pumpkin project hope this makes the scary holiday more inclusive and less frightening for some children out there. so let's check out some of the reaction coming in on the teal pumpkin story. marie wrote on our facebook page, where do you get these pumpkins? i'd love to give out toys instead of candy as it isn't
6:36 am
you make them yourself, marie. you paint them yourself. but jennifer posted, parents went through the candy once we got home. that was our allergy check. a number of ways to comment, website, twitter, facebook. love to hear from you. >> thanks so much. jimmy fallon recovering from another injury. it happened during a night of celebration in cambridge. the tonight show host was in town on saturday to receive a humor award from the harvard lampoon. fallon hurt his hand when he turned around and tripped over a woman who was kneeling down. you see him there falling. this comes just four months after fallon needed emergency surgery to save one of his fingers on another hand. hand. here's a picture he put out on instagram. nothing a few band aids couldn't fix. a little time at mass general and some band aids. >> how does he keep falling and injuring his fingers? i don't know. jimmy, come on. >> get it together.
6:37 am
just ahead, a check of your day's top stories. >> including a former boston police dispatcher who is due in court today accused of killing her uncle. we're expected to learn more about the motive. >> plus a taunton neighborhood rocked by a home explosion. the search for a cause and what crews are doing to make sure other homes are safe. good morning, danielle. >> good morning, chris. we're checking in with weather watcher as we always do this time. a lot of reports coming in. great to see them and chilly temperatures right now. it's 29 degrees says doug in tewksbury. a lot of temperatures in the 30s and even 40s. arnold says 41 hanover. 32 in hopkinton says eric and lower 40s here in plymouth says denise. we're coming into the 50s today. quiet again tomorrow and then rain on the way. i'll let you know when it arrives coming up. stay with us. ck at dunkin'. pick up your favorite pumpkin-flavored baked treats and beverages, like the new pumpkin macchiato
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that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. cat lovers, listen up. the internet cat video festival returns to boston. the festival comes to the berkley performance center on thursday for the second year in a row. the event showcases a collection of amusing and adorable cat clips. people voted on-line for their favorites and the winners will be honored at the festival. will grumpy cat be there? that's important. that's a good grumpy cat impression. you guys at home, you missed it because you're watch-- >> the music was what was getting me. >> but the grumpy cat?
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danielle, we're ready to boogie on this monday morning. >> it's chilly. that will help you boogie. it's cold, running in the 30s right now. you can barely see but 28 in keene. so a wide range of temperatures. a lot of 30s and 40s in between. we're 50 on nantucket. 45 in the city of boston right now. yes, kids, you need the fall jacket, the sweat shirt. bundle up argument bit this morning. we'll call it 40 on average. sunrise coming up at 7:10. bright and cool, 52 degrees. school. mostly sunny skies. you do encounter clouds through the mid-atlantic and then you run into moisture. rain in the tennessee valley coast states. leftover moisture from what was hurricane patricia. so this is going to impact us by the time we get to the middle part of the week. for now high pressure is building in providing us with a great day today. 50 for 55 for highs. heading into the day tomorrow, a light wind, milder, seasonal, in the mid-50s with sunshine and wispy clouds. wednesday morning those clouds
6:42 am
thicken. high pressure slips off to our east but the wednesday morning commute will be dry. notice rain knocking on our doorstep. we'll fill in wednesday afternoon and become sceddier and heavier -- steadier and heavier during the evening hours. your afternoon and evening will be impacted with areas of rain that will linger into wednesday night and early on thursday morning. by. we'll drag in mild air, kick the rain out of here thursday morning and get breaks of sunshine with an afternoon shower on thursday. in fact, the temperatures will be up around 70 on thursday afternoon. meantime today lower to middle 50s will do it but a nice one. a northerly wind. only about 5 to 15 miles per hour. 50 to 55 for the monadnock region. 56 in taunton. upper 40s to lower 50s on the cape. tonight clear, chilly, a little bit of ay night tonight. 37 -- bit after frosty night tonight. 37. the hunters moon you could
6:43 am
it's also a super moon so it will appear bigger and brighter and it's full officially at 8:05 tomorrow morning. nice, clear skies for that. sunshine and wispy clouds tomorrow will move in till later on in the day. another nice fall afternoon. temperatures in the mid-50s. wednesday rain arrives in the afternoon. we'll probably end up with 1 to 2 inches of rain widespread across the region. maybe a little bit more so we'll watch that. we could use a good soaking rain. it's out of here thursday morning. 70 degrees in the afternoon. we should be dry for the pats. could be an isolated shower still left around. temperatures in the 60s. quiet to end the week and a good looking weekend. halloween temperatures will be in the 40s by trick or treating time. increasing clouds sunday. we fall back, don't forget, 2:00 a.m. on sunday morning. traffic and weather together. looks busy. we have an update on that situation in raynham. we'll start with sky eye 4 first. 24 northbound had been closed before route 44 because of a multicar accident down there.
6:44 am
the right lane is still blocked. let's pop up the map now and you'll see there's a bumper-to- bumper backup between exits 11 and 13 down there. also causing a mess on nearby 140. a backup there between stevens street and route 24. chris and bree? >> thank you very much. 6:48 right now. our top stories on this monday morning, a whale watching boat sinks killing five people in canada. >> it happened off vancouver island in british, columbia. 27 people were on board the boat when the captain issued a mayday call. 21 of those passengers were rescued. one person is still missing. crews spent the night searching the water. police in saugus are searching for a driver who hit a person and then took off. the victim was hit around 10:00 last night on route 1 southbound and taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. investigators are searching for the red mercedes that has some damage to it. parts of the car were left at the scene. a former boston police
6:45 am
her uncle is expected in court this morning. 36-year-old yvonne lewis was arrested in peabody hours after 49-year-old clive francis was shot in the head scout side the family's hyde park home saturday night. a motive for the murder is still a mystery. take a look at this video, investigators trying to figure out what caused this home in taunton to explode. the home on christine lane was almost instantly engulfed in flames yesterday. fire crews believe the blast may have been a gas explosion. a woman who lives in the house escaped just in time. nobody was hurt. crews checked the rest of the area to make sure it was safe. still to come, matt damon does it again. >> his new movie "the martian" makes a big move. and two box office bombs. >> "supergirl" flies on television sets tonight. we have a preview. >> four things you might want
6:46 am
it's up to you
6:47 am
for the girl scout meeting. for the soccer team. for the girl scout meeting. how many meetings are you stop & shop just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
6:48 am
6:52. tonight. >> supergirl is forced to leave a planet, grows up with a foster family and uses her earth. it has plenty of girl power but supergirl will abrole model for for everyone. you can watch it right here on wbz starting tonight at 9:00. justin bieber was the big winner last night at the 2015 mtv european awards show in milan. he took home five awards including best male performer. matt damon sold out of this world adventure back at the top of the box office. "the martian" regained the number one spot. it took in more than $15 million in ticket sales.
6:49 am
"goosebumps" came in second with $14.5 million. not a good week for new releases. the new "steve jobs" opened in seventh place and "rock the kasbah" as well as "gem & the holograms" had -- "jem & the holograms" had the worst. this morning. >> we're watching the tragedy off the canadian case and fishermen search for survivors. we go inside boeing and how it keeps the world flying. that and more. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. >> we will be watching. up next, we have smartphones and watches but how about a new coffee mug that's getting the upgrade, too.
6:50 am
good news for coffee lovers out there. when you make a cup of joe in the morning, there's a way to keep it hot on the go. >> a new smart mug. you can set the temperature with a dial. whatever you want to put inside
6:51 am
of it will stay warm. it should be available next april and cost $129. >> a long time to wait. next april? >> we'll be heading into summer. >> right. >> if you have a good mug, though, doesn't it stay warm? >> but it will keep it warp. you know how even with your good mug it gets cold after an hour. >> i know. >> it's a chilly start this morning. we'll get some frost again overnight tonight and into tomorrow. a little cooler. 50s. rain arrives wednesday lasting to thursday morning. >> thank you very much. cbs this morning is next here on wbz. we'll see you back here for an
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