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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 26, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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. breaking news at noon, a terrible accident in oxford what we're learning about the wreck that will have a busy road shut down for hours. and searching for a hit-and- run driver, the deadly moment along route one, the car police are looking for. plus a house up in flames what we've just learned about the cause and this explosion, danielle. fantastic fall weather out there, just a few clouds in the cape i'm tracking some rain i'll let you know when it arrives. live from the channel 4 studios in boston. wbz news at noon starts right now. we begin right now with that breaking news, a deadly
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over the scene on route 20 right near the charleston line. two people were killed in this crash, involving two cars and a cement mixer, one car and a truck collided and another car hit another vehicle, route 20 is expected to be closed in both directions for several more hours. a carver school on lock down, a teacher spotted someone unusual inside the school, the emergency response was activated and the kids were kept in buses outside their classrooms as a precaution police used dogs to search the school but didn't find anything inside students were allowed back into the building. right now at noon searching for the driver involved in a deadly hit-and-run on route 1, after a man left a restaurant on a busy road, nicole police still haven't found that driver but there were clues left behind at the scene.
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police it was a red vehicle that hit the man and continued on and evidence left at the scene red mercedes-benz, once police haven't found. on route one in saugus, a tragedy along the highway. police confirm a pedestrian was hit and killed here, investigators spent hours on the scene searching for clues, clues that would lead them to the driver they say never stopped. police have identified the victim as a 33-year-old man from new york, while they worked to notify his family they also work to find the driver who for now, has gotten away in a redmercedes-benz one they believe is damaged because of the crash. mangled parts of the vehicle left behind confirm that. as the traffic is now back do normal, the investigation into
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this deadly chain of events continues. and police, again, continue to look for that red mercedes- benz, anyone with information as to the whereabouts of that vehicle is urged to contact police. we're live in saugus, wbz news. thank you very much for the update this noon. a former boston police dispatcher accused of killing her uncle is set to face a judge in the next hour. 36-year-old luis was arrested police say she shot her uncle 49-year-old clive francis in the head outside the family's hide park home on saturday night killing him. a motive for the murder is still a mystery. >> it is a total shock, is an under statement. he was very playful, he was loving, he was tender, true. >> worked as a communications equipment operator before resigning in 2012. no word on why she stepped away from her post. a doorchester man facing
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charges this noon for an armed assault in the fenway neighbor. saying he attacked a woman trying to steal her nurse. officers say the woman fought back that's when barber slashed the woman with a knife. barber was arrested a few blocks away the victim is expected to be okay. new at noon we learned a senior was killed in a late night crash, alex was driving on summit street in peabody when he crashed into a pole. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. two people are recovering after a car slammed into a canton dunkin' donuts you can see the damage in front of the store luckily the store was not busy at the time the driver and an employee inside the shop were rushed to the hospital but both are expected to be okay. police say the woman who was driving says she doesn't know what happened. >> also new a bridgewater state student being held without bail
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facing charges for a sex assault on campus there, police say they were arrested saturday after another student reported the assault. he was then arrested a second time on sunday and charged with witness intimidation, sandi is due in court today. the sun is out there and we're enjoying this beautiful fall day. take a live look over the city of boston right now, a few clouds lingering over head, but hey we're wondering if this weather is going to stick around you can see pops of color. >> so nice, seeing those pops here and there, chris, southern new england some are passed peek here in southern new england, plenty of color to enjoy you'll to enjoy it. upper 40s in worcester, barely a cloud in the sky, just a couple clouds over the cape and islands, the clouds tomorrow will be the ones coming in
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upper 40s, 30s over night tonight, frosty and chilly night 27 to 34 in the suburbs, 50s again tomorrow will be a few degrees above where we will be today again some of cirrus clouds will increase in the afternoon. here is the rain we're tracking the remanent moisture what was strong powerful hurricane patricia, the left over moisture now impacting the gulf coast states all the way from alabama through mississippi in the tennessee valley this rain arrives on wednesday. chris, i'll take you through the hour by hour time line let you know what to expect coming up in a few. thank you very much danielle. appreciate it. fire officials say this house explosion here in tonton. authorities say the homeowner was trying to make a repair on her gas water heater but removed a gas shut off valve escaped just in time. >> came running out and saw the owner who has just run out of the house frantic and came running down the street
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i recognize her, we called 911 and assisted her the house went up the flames in really a matter of three minutes, and then within 40 minutes the roof caved in. crews say it is a miracle no one was hurt, they spent last night digging up lines and also checking rest of the street to make sure the area is safe. developing right now, nearly 200 people killed in a massive earthquake in south asia. buildings from afghanistan to india shook during the 7.5 magnitude earthquake. now among the dead, 12 schoolgirls who were trampled to death as they rushed to escape swaying afghanistan buildings. this noon investigators are looking into a deadly whale watching accident off the coast of british columbia canada. five people were killed when the boat capsized and sank, don
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us what went wrong. >> canadian coast guard crews search for people missing after a whale watching boat sank off the coast of vancouver island. >> we're doing our best to account for everybody, we have great resources out there this is what we do. shows the moment it slips into the sea near the town after making a may day call witnesses say there was no time to put on life jackets before the boat capsized, 27 people were on board. >> the numbers are going down very, very nicely. the numbers of survivers are going up. >> smaller boats helped ferry survivors to the shore, why it is unclear what caused the accident alek one of the first on the scene suspects the three- deck cruiser was sideswiped by a wave. this time of year we have quite big surges happening out on waters i through this is what happened.
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watching is one of the largest in the company's fleet. the company went through another deadly accident in 1998 when one of their vessels capsized during an excursion killing the boat's captain and a german tourist. don champion, cbs news. donald trump got his day started early with a stop in new hampshire, held a town hall where he went after presidential hopefuls take a listen. >> going to talk about other things like bush, like carson, like hillary, oh, hillary. oh i can't take another hillary, hillary. >> trump has a stronghold in new hampshire the latest cbs poll shows the former reality star has a commanding lead ahead of ben carson. the patriots jetting right back to work, next up the miami dolphins here on wbz, gives the
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the jets all the action here on wbz down 20-16 in the fourth there, danny on the crucial third and six touch down for new england that puts the pats up 23-20. brady leading this blitz beautifully, wide open, pats steal the deal beat the jets 23- 3. now 6 and 0 on the season. >> typical hard fought game against new york, and always good to come out on top. been a long way to go here short turn around, get ready in a hurry now for miami, players did a good job playing through this week for a couple tough road games and they laid it out there today when they had to, proud of the way they played. the pats will host the miami dolphins thursday night at gilette stadium you can see the game on wbz we'll be live at morning. this morning, meat with a
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side of danger the troubling new report about your diet and your health. also ahead an early halloween why one community decided to mark the holiday a week early. partying too hard how one late night host wound up in the hospital after a stop in
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. this portion of wbz news is brought to you by the museum of fine arts. on the health watch this noon, processed meats like hot dogs and bacon could increase your cancer risk. a study from the world health organization designates processed meats as a carcinogenic, all causing colon cancer with red meat as the contributing factor. the public health recommendations limit the amount of meat in your diet. whole foods recalling packaged foods and sandwiches that may be contaminated the recall involves bulk and packaged chicken salad and sandwiches along with classic deli packages, some samples have tested positive for listeria no illnesses have been reported but if you have any of
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these items disregard the product whole foods will refund the price with receipt. and when it comes to giving eating. but a new study says food could be a good thing for moms to be, doctors say it gives mom and baby more energy in the end, the concern has been food could cause complications if a woman needed to have a c-section but researchers found that improvements in anesthesia make now. new details at a texas begins to dry out from record rain fall take a look at this flooding 20 inches of rain fell in some parts of texas since friday, flash flooding led toclosures of some of the downtown highway exits crews are finding cars submerged on roads you can see right there on the video, raw sewage flooded some roadways good news a man who was swept into a flooded drainage ditch has been found safe his dog was also found alive and well.
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good thing we don't have to deal with any of that here. that was a major storm. >> that was patricia impacting the gulf coast, will eventually impact us in almost a weekend form but not until wednesday, across the south. for us, nice. the sun is shining it is a little cooler no more 60s like we had yesterday temperatures 51 in boston, the dew point in the 30s the air is dry and comfortable the wind is out of right now, logan airport. we're 47 ins worcester, 46, over the next couple hours 54 in taunton, 50s on the cape, that's only the spot we have a couple clouds wind coming from the north, we've had a couple gusts over 15 miles per hour. otherwise you have to go all the way back to kentucky, tennessee, to encounter a little bit of light rain and steadier with the areas of downpours a little stream of
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moisture coming in off the gulf we have flood warnings that are in effect for portions of the gulf coast of mississippi and alabama all of that moisture again the remanents of what was hurricane patricia eventually will play a role in our weather. not for now high pressure nosing its way in here quiet through the rest of the day today clear skies tonight sunshine tomorrow morning it will be a frosty start high pressure slips off the coastline later tomorrow so we may get some of those high thin clouds that increase late in the day tomorrow otherwise it is a really nice fall day again wednesday look at this, 8 a.m., starting dry. but the clouds are going to thicken up quickly, high pressure slides east, the rain moves in, probably around midday to early afternoon on wednesday so the morning drive will be fine but the evening commute will likely feature areas of rain some downpours in there urban street flooding may be a potential wednesday evening, and the rain will continue to fall steadily and at times heavily wednesday
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morning the good news is this storm is progressive. so thursday morning we get left over pockets of rain for the early portions of commute we ship the rain out of here left over showers the sun breaks out and temperatures come up around 70 on thursday afternoon. rainfall totals keep in mind this is an estimate the blues ind blues indicate half an inch, inch and a half, heavy down pours around for the commute may mean pockets of flooding typical spots low lying areas big ponding of water on the roadways what does it mean for our game day forecast? quick turn around for the pats looking pretty good the rain kicks out of here early, 68, maybe a sprinkle around that's the actual cold front coming in kickoff 62 degrees, breezy and mild falling into the 50s, cooling off towards the end of the game with the west southwest breeze, it will be a little bit active about 10 to 25 miles per hour. 37 in boston, upper 20s in some
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start but clear skies good for viewing the hunters moon tonight, also a super moon, so it will appear brighter and larger the full moon is officially at 8:05. tomorrow morning 35 degrees, before school it is going to be a chilly start, 54 with a few whispy clouds, the sun will be high temperatures, pretty uniform in the middle to upper 50s for most of us worcester hills, southwest new hampshire, keeping the islands as well. saturday rain moves in lingers into early thursday, the sun breaks out friday turning cooler again but plenty of sunshine halloween is looking good too, chris, temperatures in the 40s for trick or treaters don't forget, it is right? of sleep? >> extra hour of sleep. or treaters. speaking of halloween a touching treat for a new hampshire boy, 10-year-old levi had a brain tumor removed
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earlier this year due to start chemotherapy tomorrow, this weekend his neighborhood decided to move halloween up early so levi could get trick or treating in before he gets his treatments. still ahead can't seem to keep a charge on your phone? one app could be to blame we'll explain how to fix it coming up
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. welcome back have you noticed that your iphone is losing battery like crazy? it could be all because of facebook. the social networked admits its app was draining batteries so the company is fixing it with the new version of the facebook app that you'll have to update. jimmy fallon injured while celebrating in cambridge over the weekend the tonight's show host was in town saturday to receive a humor award from the harvard lampoon, he hurt his hand when he tripped over a woman taken to mass general and treated and released he put this picture out saying nothing fix. this comes four months after he
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needed surgery to save one of his fingers after another fall. his feet. super girl takes to the sky. >> you want to save the trip, go find me a hero. >> plays super girl who was forced to leave plan it cripton grows up with a foster family and uses her super human abilities to protect people on earth, they promise the show will have plenty of girl power but saying super girl will be a role model for everyone. watch it here tonight at 8:30 right after the big bang theory after super girl stay tuned to a scorpion special after that get the day's full wrap of news at 11:00 with lisa and david. coming up next, a car so exclusive there will be just one in the entire world we'll tell you why it is so special straight ahead danielle. checking in with weather watchers, temperatures running
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nice day out there, 48 degrees, sunshine, i just want to show you this picture i'm thoroughly impressed by his goofy jack-o'lantern. we'll take one more sneak peek
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. all right if you want to ride like james bond you'll have to have some deep pockets this is the db10 which was used in the new bond film, the auto maker created 10 of the cars and one will be auctioned off for charity expected to bring in more than $15 million, but here is a hitch to it. okay the db 10 isn't street legal if you get the car you won't be able to drive it. just $15 million, hey. goes to charity. >> yeah it is a good cause. not a bad day. sun shining today, maybe a little cooler no more 60s, we're talking about 50s today again tomorrow couple whispy clouds, and 70s before turning cooler for the end of the week.
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that will do it for us today at noon, be sure to join us at 10:00, we'll see you tomorrow at 4:30. have a great day everyone. ad i could get a little help. (vo) ingrid and robert called anthem blue cross and blue shield and found an affordable new pays for many of the costs now they can focus on other anthem plans help protect you from high medical costs. so call now to find a new plan that's right for you. choose from plans with low monthly premiums and no copays for annual checkups and screenings. we've built stronger partnerships with trusted local doctors and hospitals, to bring you special benefits like... and vision, free access to over 13,000 fitness locations. plus prescription drug coverage. with copays as low as zero dollars at over 68,000 pharmacies. now's the time to switch. the deadline to enroll is december 7th. so call anthem blue cross and blue shield today at 1-844-731-8967. to learn more or to schedule an
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