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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 26, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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. breaking news at 5:30 the quincy husband and wife suspect inside a series of bonnie and clyde style robberies are now in custody. pennsylvania state police arrested them after a high speed chase. investigators say they robbed several banks up and down the east coast. >> also breaking we have just learned that an 8 month old boy is on life support after this head-on crash in oxford. the 31-year-old woman who was driving the car slammed into a cement truck. she was killed. a 2-year-old boy was also seriously hurt. investigators have just recovered the red mercedes believed to have been involved in a deadly hit-and-run this morning in saugus. a fork man was killed trying to cross route 1. so far although they have the car no arrest. at 5:30 a boston family standing strong. relatives supporting each other after police say a former police dispatcher shot and killed her uncle.
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trying to calm that woman down. >> the last thing he apparently said was the name of his 11-year-old son. lauren leamanczyk was in court. reporter: the widow of clyde francis walked into court ready to face a beloved niece now accused of murder. >> my heart is broken and all i can do is just look at her and think about the times when we were around her and just wonder what inspired her to snap. reporter: tracy francis and nearly 3 dozen relatives gasped when yvonne lewis powered for her arraignment hunched over and distraught. she fired a gun three times striking clyde francis in the head once. he had been called to this hyde park home by lewis's parents because she was out of control. her family thought francisco calm her down. >> they were very, very close. this is why i do not understand what happened. reporter: after the shooting prosecutors say lewis took off in her uncle's car while
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francis' 11-year-old son walked upstairs and found him shot. >> last words was his son name. >> the fact that my son had to witness that it was just so horrifying. reporter: if family members were looking for answers about the crime they found few at the courthouse. lewis' lawyer court appointed sky visit said she was incoherent and talking to her sell. the judge ordered a mental health evaluation. family members said lewis had been acting strangely since moving back to boston from atlanta. but they left court determined not to let this tear the family apart. >> i have to forgive her. this is what god would want me to do. reporter: tracy francis says what her us the ultimate family man would want too. a scene from crocodile dundee played out inside a new hampshire convenience store. a man demanded cash.
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store owner with a 3-inch long knife. keep that in mind because she says he wasn't expecting what happened next. >> i kind of laughed at him and then i grabbed mine and i saw him and he thought twice and i went and i said and he ran. >> could i see it. >> sure. >> so that's what she had and he had a 3-inch five which is why he goes running. the man took off without getting one single penny. a teen is facing charges accused of driving more than twice the speed limit. vermont state police they pulled benjamin ross man over on saturday night he was doing 108 in a 50 miles per hour zone. troopers actually took him into custody and had his car towed. >> a developing story now police in british columbia, canada are searching for one more person after a deadly whale watching accident. five people were killed when their boat capsized and sank
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are trying to figure out how a whale watching boat capsized people onboard. local fisher man tried to help as the survivors were ferried to shore late sunday. >> the coast guard asked us to circle around the area to see if we could find any more survivors or bodies float national guard the water. reporter: some were treated on hospital. the five who died are all from the united kingdom. community is in shock. >> it will be days, weeks if not months before we learn exactly what happened and we may never know exactly. reporter: the will he vie thank 2 may have been in a rocky area. the weather was described as calm and sunny at the time of the accident. >> today is a day of coming together supporting the survivors, the crew, the company, the whale watching industry, all of the search and involved, everybody who was on scene.
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station which owns the ship released a statement saying our hearts go out to the families, friends and loved ones of everyone involved. this isn't the first fatal accident on that whale watching company's record back in 1998 one its boats capsized sending all four people into the water. the operator and passenger at that time were killed. we have an i-team investigation keeping your cell phone ipad charged out and about can be a charge. dangerous. it's going to affect a lot of people. >> we've all been there you got the phone, the laptop you're trying to find a charge always low on batteries you can't find the outlet. a lot of people are turning to devices just like this. our phones, laptops are charged portable battery packs can be an easy solution. the i-team discovered hundreds frightening problems. >> i turned around and my flames.
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the problems some of these devices are causing and tell you why airline officials are now concerned about how they are packed on planes that's coming up tonight at 11:00. >> i'll be watching for sure. so many people have those testify been so popular. >> pretty crazy video and photos the damage they are causing. >> thank you. and do you have a story for the i-team send an e-mail to or call 617779 tips. >> david it is the end of the era at the university of mississippi the school no longer flies the state flag because it includes the confederate symbol the student senate and/or groups passed a resolution to remove the flag the chancellor agreed. mississippi has been flying that flag since 1894. >> more people are getting to work on bicycles u.s. census buehrle found number of commuters on bikes has tripled
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over the past 10 years. 8100 pedal tell meselves to work last year. if you're still driving you're paying less than to do that. gas prices in massachusetts dropped another 2 cents over the week. now at 2:07 a gallon. the agency expects the national average to drop below 2 bucks a gallon by the end of the year. right now prices are at the lowest level since february. >> one halloween add is getting a lot of attention for all the right reasons. >> coming up next the photo that is bounds to make you smile. >> plus allowing women to eat while they are in labor. the rules may be changing and we're going to explain why. >> a wookie cuffed . why police arrested chew backer. >> colder air working its way in check in with weather watchers network. head over to james morgan barry at 47 degrees. low dew point humidity. how cold we get tonight coming up. er all year long. upgrading technology, managing vegetation,
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because we know you're counting on us. we're ready for winter, and we want to make sure you're ready, too. visit to learn more and sign up for storm updates. and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter.
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. halloween costume ad a lot of people think is right on targeting. >> the ad from target features a girl with braces and on crutches. >> one mom pictured facebook normalizeing children are priceless her post has been shared more than 5,000 times. >> we need to see more of that. >> exactly a reflection of our worlds and a nice one too. >> . >> chewbacca charged and taken into custody. >> it was a man dressed as a wookie don't worry. >> it wasn't a wookie. >> no it wasn't the real thing. >> police arrested a guy violating election rules. the candidate he was supporting by the way is none other than darth vader. a man in the vader outfit an campaigning on behalf of something called the internet party of the ukraine for years.
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>> take down the woke. apparently some woke police officers tonight look that was really bad. to experience the little things for the very first time. >> things like rain. this is shelby a 13 week old bulldog that seems fascinated by the randomly dropping liquid from the sky. you can see her got a little confusion she's curious you know she's thinking who is frisking me. this dog doing anything would be adorable. >> reminds me when we got our puppy first time we took her outside water happening. >> straight ahead it's a birth simulator unlike anything else. it's a new robot preparing doctors for every scenario. >> remember wbz is your official patriots station. don't miss our live one hour all access special it airs wednesday at 7:00. them on thursday our coverage starts at 5:00 followed by pate
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kick off patriots 8:25. watch patriots fifth quarter on my tv 38 or stay tuned for the wbz news at 11:00 after the game. andrew: the one thing about soccer that i like the most is when i put my uniform on,
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the ages leave all of us. we simply become kids again. i think all of us play for that very reason. it makes us the child we once were. the years just glide away, and i'm back to where i was. you are that little andy guy who used to be down in me, and i get to be that person all over again. my name is andrew,
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. >> preventing hunger pains while in the throws of labor pain. a new study finds food may actually be a good thing for women about to give birth. >> this runs counter to everything so far. >> it makes sense. >> women have been adviceed not to eat or drinking anything going through labor. she might regurgitate inhale food liquid into her stomach
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according to a study take almost never happens thanks to entrapment this anesthesia. being able to eat and drink will give both the mom and baby more energy during a stressful time. and that could actually improve outcomes. now of course healthcare providers need training to deliver toes babies. we got a closer look at the latest generation of a robot that goes by the name of victoria. >> this is victoria she's a realistic life like birthing simulator. we got a look at the annual meeting of emergency physicians in boston. >> she will deliver a baby. she will speak during that delivery. >> she's connected to feelings heartbeat and contraction mop force. her heart and blood pressure are being monitored all in realtime. >> that's beneficial for
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healthcare providers they get to practice these difficult challenging deliveries on a simulator before they have to do it on a real life patient. reporter: the simulator is prom able it could be a routine birth a breach, even a c- section. >> she comes with 49 preset scenarios. reporter: teacher can customize those. >> students will have to respond to those patients complexities. >> congratulations. reporter: then the moment of truth. but the training doesn't end here this program show the baby turning blue so the trainee has to act. >> they are so sophisticated they will actually respond the treatment. reporter: the price tag $62,500. >> we're improving outcomes. >> mass general has a victoria and several other boston area institutions have actually earlier versions of this so- called birth simulator.
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>> sledly. i wish hi to practice on. i'm not an obgyn. >> we have congratulations in order. i know you don't like to tooth your own horn. >> this was really nice i was honored with the 2015 phillip s. wientraub media award american society of anesthesiologist story we recorded about brigham and women's family centered c-sections. it was a fun piece we did last year. i'm really proud of it. >> you are such a grit doctor we're so glad to have you with us. >> i appreciate that. >> david. >> good job mal car. awesome. lisa thank you. it appears to be happy hour on the comet lovejoy team of international scientists tracking the comet discovered it's spewing alcohol a lot of it into space. every second the come he is releasing the same amount of alcohol in about 500 bottles of wine.
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it's releasing a simple sugar as well as 21 organic molecules it may show how for the comets may have been to life on earth. science usually goes over my head but scoring about organisms that may have dropped here way back when that may have started life. >> there's got to be a connection to a patriots tailgate too. >> a mazeing technology look into something lick take. >> it is incredible. >> i love science. >> wine is not so bad. >> changes coming for us after this gorgeous weather your wits run down for this upon quiet and cool tonight and tomorrow of wind swept rain arrives on wednesday it. beneficial rainfall we certainly feed it. most of the active weather heads on before halloween. great news trick-or-treating plans. halloween parties looks like a
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we've got temperatures in the upper 30s. low 50s inland certainly with career skies calming winds dry air in place. >> growing season is over for most of the area. frost advisories are out for tonight. if you have those plants that do not like to see a frost annual gardens you might want to cover them up. most towns into the tos overnight. cape very close to the 32- degree reading. tomorrow more sunshine high thin cloudiness but otherwise quiet day generally the middle 50s for high temps. want to focus on the storm we're watching heading into wednesday. this is the remnants from what was hurricane patricia. a lot of tropical moisture this will be lifting up the coastline. rain totals 10 to 20 inches. anywhere from norms parts of mississippi reaching back into texas. we. we do want to see some of that rain. the timing is actually a good thing for us wednesday the
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clouds will begin to thicken up during the morning. most of the showers starts to break out during the afternoon. most of the heavier rainfall that starts to pick up in the evening overnight. that timing may work in our favor we get a soaking rainfall during the overnight hours. lingering into thursday morning before it tapers off headed toward midday. winds will be felt impact on commutes. wednesday performing fine. wednesday evening late things could start to slow down linger into thursday morning's drive. by thursday afternoon things are looking much quieter for us in the weather department. terms of rain totals a computer model but it gives an idea widespread 1 to 2 inches of rain isolated together is up to 3 inches of rain not enough to cause flooding for us except for some areas on the streets. some of those urban flooding spots you see very heavy rain. a lot of wind come along with this as we head toward wednesday evening starts to pick up out of the south southeast. widespread gusts 25 to 35 miles per hour. but i think toward the south coast the cape we could be
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talking 35 as much as 50 miles per hour a lot of leaves coming down raking season will begin there could be a few scattered power outages because of that. we look toward the patriots stray shower for the tailgate we're starting to dry off temps way into the 60s in the afternoon falling to the 50s. it shouldn't be a big impact on the game. at the end of the week high an saturday. temps will be in the 50s by day falling through the 40s trick- or-treating timing. clear skies light up all the jack-o-lanterns have a good halloween night without any interference from weather. we fall back. so when you finish your trick- or-treating set the clocks back an hour enjoann extra hour of sleep. >> i always wonder how take works with kids. out do you get them to sleep an extra hour. >> that is your territory. >> we get an extra hour's sleep.
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jimmy fallon may want to start insuring his hands if saturday he was in cambridge receiving a humor award from the harvard lamb poop upon he turned around tripped like this an hurt his hand so badly he had to go tomas general. fallon later in a picture on instagram said nothing that a few band aids couldn't fix. needed emergency surgery to save one of his fingers on his other hand after a different fall, but apparently he fell either on a glass or had a glass in his hand at the time. >> tonight super girl one of the most anticipated shows of the season makes its debut on wbz. >> you want to save the trip go find me a hero. >> these the girl forced to leave planet crip ton she grew up with a foster family as an adult decides to use her abilities to protect the earth. super girl premieres at 8:30 after a new episode of the big
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episode of scorpion followed by wbz news at 11:00. you smile. >> it's so true when we come back the unique event cats coming to boss top. then next at 6:00. we're following three breaking stories tonight a husband and busted. a break in a deadly hit-and- run. and a baby on life support, a woman dead after this devastating crash. what state police have learned about how this happened. plus putting an n b ta project into fast forward. the work that could have taken
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cat lofters the sir net cat video is an event showcasing collection of funny, adorable cat clips. it will be at the berkeley performance center on thursday the best part of this is people actually voted online for the winners. i could watch those over and over. >> much more news ahead. the news at 6:00 starts right now. >> a husband and wife from quincy tied to bank robberies all over the east coast caught. >> a terrible crash. the accident on a stretch of road the state knows is dangerous. remnants of patricia much needed rain but also some strong winds. right back to work for the
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up with the dolphins could be a battle. . a heartbreaking tragedy tonight. a sturbridge woman dead in a crash 8 month old baby is on life support after a collision with a cement mixer state police say for some reason the woman crossed over the volume and drove right into the path of that cement truck. >> a two-year-old boy also in the car was also seriously hurt. paul burton is live tonight in oxford. reporter: paula this is just a devastating story really hard to magic tell you work crews got done finished up cleaning up this part of route 2. it's been closed down all day due to the deadly car crash. witnesses who live around here say they heard that crash and they knew as soon as they came outside this one was horrifying to witness.
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>> just heard a screech.
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