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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  October 27, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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nothing. >> but police say they are not like everyone else with seven small dogs in toe they hit banks in massachusetts, pennsylvania, delaware and florida. they dubbed the couple a bonnie and collide robbing banks to feed a drug habit. >> the suv they were in was reported stolen from a dealer in quincy where jenny carry
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used to work. chris, back to you. >> bee, thank you very much for the update. police believe they found the car involved in a deadly hit-and-run. but they are still looking for the driver this morning. police say that driver hit a 33- year-old man as he tried to cross route 1 sunday night. the driver took off in a red car, the victim later died at the hospital. police say the victim's from new york but his name helicopter been release glad police are still trying to figure out what caused a woman to this crash happened on route 20 in oxford yesterday morning. the driver of that car died. two little boys were badly hurt, an 8 month old boy is on life support and 2 year old in the hospital. a convenient the masked man barged into down the block convenience in manchester 11:30 sunday night.
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demanded cash, that is when she pulled out her own knife. >> i kind of laughed at him and i grabbed mine. he thought twice and i went and i said yeah, he ran. >> as you can imagine that suspect ran off. anyone with information is asked to call police. it is 4:35, new this morning a potential budget deal on capital hill, this agreement was revealed by house gop leaders overnight that would raise the debt ceiling through march of 2017 and increase domestic and defense spending by $80 million. urging rubble cans to approve this deal before paul ryan is expect to be elected speaker on thursday. accused of dishonest and
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securities regulators alleges that the fidelity allowed 13 unregistered investment visors to use broker platform, one visor made 730 thousand dollars in trade fees over 10 years, fidelity is not charged with cripple until wrong dog, the company says they don't believe they violated laws or regulation. the archives of the former boston mayor, the school will officially make the announcement today, the family is donating a collection of artifacts from the former mayor's 30 years in public service, he retired in 2014, and died just a few months later from cancer. friday marks one year since his death. the collection will be available to anyone interested in learning more about the mayor's work. doctor assisted suicide will be the topic of public
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hearing, the bill life ending drugs to terminally ill patients in massachusetts. a similar bill stalled last year in the statehouse and in 2012 massachusetts voted rejected a similar about lot question. 4:37 right now, a former boston police dispatcher accused of killing her uncle would 36-year-old yvonne lewis appeared hunched over and distraught, she ordered a 20 day mental health. she is accused of killing her uncle much relatives filled the courtroom and say francis was trying to calm her down when he was killed. >> my heart is broken and all i can do is just look at her and think about the times when we were around her and just wonder what inspired her to snap. >> family members say lewis had
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moving back to boston from atlanta earlier this year. unfathomable, that is what the nfl vacate tom the league filed a new brief in its appeal yesterday, they used close to 60 pages to argue that the collective bargaining agreement gave commissioner roger goodell to uphold tom brady's four game suspension, the association must file their response by november 7th, the case will be heard sometime after the regular season ends. speaking of the patriots, let the trash talking in, this is chris mccain, his twitter avatar ready to crush brady, mccain says the picture is from last season and made by a fan who asked him to post it. >> the past will use it as motivation when the two teams meet thursday night at gillette stadium. mccain did did have a good game.
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blocking a punt as well. gronkowski asked brady about it observation. penalty. >> if you want to do that, give us 15 yards that is fine. >> always one to joke there. wbz is your home for thursday night football, we'll start you off at 7:00. followed by the fifth quarter post game show on my tv 30. a school confrontation caught on camera. the investigation now under way over this incident between a school resource officer and a student. plus wal-mart working on a new way to get deliveries to your home quicker. and a major retailer deciding not to open up on black friday, what they want their employees to do instead of going to work,. stay with us you are watching wbz this morning. pumpkin excitement is back at dunkin'. pick up your favorite
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. welcome back, it is 4:42, starbucks is getting the halloween spirit and investors are looking to apple.
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joining us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. >> it isn't just amazon, wal- mart has applied to the faa for permission to test drones for home delivery, curb side pickups and checking warehouse inventory. wal-mart has been testing drones inside. wal-mart -- wall street is waiting for apple to report its latest earnings, investors are looking for sales from the latest iphones an the apple watch. yesterday was dow dropped 23 points. now if you like sweet and spooky, starbucks is out with a halloween frappuciono, that is not blood, that is a drizzle of
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saturday is halloween. so it's like adult trick or treating. >> it looks good to me. >> i'm not a big raspberry fan, it looked cool. >> especially because it's looking like blood. >> it is a little creepy. thank you very much we'll check in with you in an hour. i have to get halloween candy, is he like get the ones that we like. >> keep your fingers crossed no trick or triters. >> we don't get too many. we have to turn our attention to the weather. the super moon. it's a full moon and i think it's the hunter moon, too, is that right? >> good job, you know your moon names, did you look it up? >> you told me about it yesterday. >> see, i don't remember that. >> it looks blue almost. >> it looks like that. it appears bigger and brighter because it's a super
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i believe that was jason bacon grabbing that one for us. conditions in boston is 41 degrees, dewpoints 30s, the wind out of the west at 6 miles per hour, the city tends to hold the warm more so it's 41 at logan airport, look at some of the other readings, 27 in nashville, 28 in so we have dipped, p 32 in man chest, 27 in nashua. 32 in mar shall field, 29 in plymouth, 25 degrees on the vineyard. it's 40 on nantucket, a lot has to do with a little bit of wind, calm wind we can radiate out of those at least warmer temperatures, warmer ail relative of course. we are in for a lot of sunshine, clouds move in later on, not a big deal, it is going to be a nice fall afternoon,
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above where we were yesterday. some light lane pushing back through west virginia, back to virginia and the carolinas as well, that is our ryan that arrives by the time we get to tomorrow. high pressure building overhead, the wind will be lying, that continues overnight tonight. the clouds will be on the increase, so at this time it looks like we are going to see a dry morning commute, notice the rain knocking on our doorstep, does advance in slow, i do think there will be showers early to mid afternoon and steadier rain does arrive by the time we get to the evening commute, downpours across the interior, but the steadiest and heaviest rain comes in after the evening drive into wednesday overnight and lasts into very early on thursday morning, so if you are an early riser on thursday, 5:00 a.m. we are starting to dry out in western massachusetts but numerous downpours will still be around for the early morning rush hour for thursday. so 5:00 a.m.
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spots, by 8:30 it's mostly cloudy with leftover pockets of rain. now the sun breaks out on thursday, we push 70 on thursday afternoon. but another cold front with showers late in the day. if you are going to gillette stadium we are talking about at least the threat for a shower around for tailgating and clear skies come in after that. projected rain fall here, 1-2 inches, locally higher amounts. so, at times between 20-30 miles per hour tomorrow afternoon, it shifts out of the southeast, some of the gusts between 25-35 miles per hour by wednesday evening, and the strong wind will linger into thursday morning. there will be a couple pockets that come down wednesday even and night. 70 on thursday, then we cool back off to end the week. sunshine 40s for the trick or treaters, didn't forget we turn
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>> thank you very much, sandy,. some controversy in south carolina, did this school resource officer go too far, it is a video, the teacher called the officer for help with the student. both the sheriffs office and school officials in columbia say they are looking into what happen, the cell phone video taken by another student shows deputy ben zeal to get up from her desk, when she refuses, he attempts to remove her from the desk, it tipped back wards, he pulls her to the front of the classroom where she is placed in handcuffs, the student spoke exclusively to the cbs affiliate in columbia. >> supposed to be somebody that will protect us, not somebody we feed to be scared of or afraid, it was definitely a scary experience.
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when the girl refused to put away her cell phone and leave the room, after the teacher called the resource officer she was arrested. the sheriffs department says the deputy will not be back at any school spending the results of the investigation. chris back to you.
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