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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 27, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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a new leader of the pack, the big change off to the republican presidentable race. after freezing cold frosty start this morning, big changes on the way with quite a bit of rain as well. plus a couple captured. the bonnie and collide team hitting banks up and down the east coast now going before a judge. breaking news, a brazen daytime robbery takes a very
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dangerous turn, a thief tases two coin store workers. >> police are on the scene. >> reporter: they seem to be fine. a scary situation. police are interviewing those individuals. it happened before 10:00 this morning here at the colognal trading. if you look inside the glass doors, you can see police officers are here on the scene. it appeared to initially just be a normal transaction when two men entered the store. one of the issues police are having right now is that there were no working surveillance cameras inside the store, they are trying to determine if there were cameras outside, you can see this is a strip mall type of situation, they are hoping they can get information from the cameras. we know they are looking for two men, they are described as
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two hispanic men, both in their 20s. that's all the description they have. quite vague. i want you to listen to the chief describe exactly what happened. >> the suspects entered the store, they wanted exchange or sell-off to the store. during the transaction, one of the suspects pulled out a taser, and tased one of the employees, the second employee working in the store heard the noise and came over to assist and he was tased as well. >> reporter: this coin store was also robbed back in march. that, we are told, was an overnight robbery, which is an open investigation at this point, again, investigators are on the scene, interviewing witnesses trying to get whatever information they can as to what happened here and where the suspects maybe. another challenge, right here, out of this shopping center is
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easy access to get out of here quickly. police continue to investigate and hopefully they can find those two men responsible. i should add they do say the store was tarted and no one in the area should be alarmed. nicole jacobs, wbz news. breaking news, we learned from a relative of the victim in the oxford crash, that the 8- month-old baby hurt died. police are still trying to figure out what caused the mother to cross the center lane before crashing in to a cement truck. a 2-year-old boy is hospitalized but expected to survive. a lockdown is lifted and students are safely back in the classroom. this started with a report of a student armed with a knife at a bus stop. the lockdown was a precaution to make sure there were no
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the student was on a bus to wakefield. met by the resource officer where it was discovered the knife. pen brook police are investigating another school threat involving a 12 year old. the student threatened others in the middle school this weekend. the supertentant says no disciplinary action has been taken. there is no on going threat this. modern day bonnie and collide. captured after weeks on the run. the couple is due in a pennsylvania courtroom. joseph and jenny kerry were arrested yesterday after a high speed chase down 95 in philadelphia. they are accused of hitting up banks up and down the east coast. the carriers were in a car stolen from a quincy dealership where jenny worked. their neighbor is surprised by the alleged crime spree.
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>> it i don't know what happened to them. >> the carriers were robbing banks to feed their drug habit. we going to switch over to the weather. lots of sunshine going on. warming us up after a hilly start this morning. >> always nice to see the rebound of temperatures. we got changes also on way. that's tomorrow. enjoy today. barry burbank has a check of the forecast. here is what is going on. we had the cold start this morning, most places down, well in to the 20s with a lot of frost around, freezing cold start. there has been a nice recovery as you can see from the 20s, upper 40s and lower 50s. higher this afternoon in to the low and the middle 50s. sunshine will continue relatively bright. boston is going up around 54,
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by middle part of the evening, under 50 degrees. another chilly night but not as cold as it was last night. here come the clouds, few high thin whispy ones. the rain is coming our way. it's going to impact us. late tomorrow, not for the morning commute, for the afternoon commute. quite a lot of rain. how much rain i expect, when we may have a warm day this week, i will tell you about it in a few minutes. a big change today the campaign 2016. republicans have a new front runner for the nomination. a poll shows donald trump has been bumped from his lead spot. >> reporter: for the first time, dr. ben carson dethroned don trump in the presidential race. carson leads trump and the other candidates in a nationwide poll conducted by
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cbs news and the new york times. trump says carson has to show he can handle the spotlight. >> i have been there for 100 some odd dayss we will see how ben hold up to the scrutiny. ben has a lot of things in his past that we will see. >> reporter: carson climbed to the top with the help of evangelicals. a 9 point spread with tea party members. donald trump lost 12 and 8 points . part of carson's appeal is that he is a political outsider and playing up the credentials in a new ad that takes a shot at the washington elite. if there is a bright spot for trump, more than half of his
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to support him on 80% of carson voters say they can change their minds. >> reporter: there is a potential budget deal in on capitol hill. the tentative agreement revealed overnight, raises the debt ceiling through march 2017 and increases domestic and defense spending by $80 billion over the two years. a vote on the deal could happen tomorrow. in to the newsroom, police and run. lee castorro was hit and killed sunday night. they located the car involved but the search continues for the driver. boston based draft kings facing a lawsuit, this one filed right here in massachusetts, the class action suit filed by a watertown man claims draft kingses and rival fan dual violated federal law by claiming the fantasy league requires skill.
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they allege the game is players. fill delty accused of dishonest and unethical behavior. the regulator and the state unregistered investment providers to use the platform. one made $730,000 in trade fees over 10 years, fidelity is not charged with criminal wrong doing, and the company says they don't believe they violated laws or regulations. let's talk about sports for a moment. patriots on to miami. the team is getting some bulletin board material. chris mccain had this image as his twitter avatar of him crushing brady's helmet. the picture is last season, created by a dolphins fan who asked him to post it. >> it's going to be a big showdown at gillette.
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kings had a good game. patriots tight end has an interesting take on the twitter image. david and leesa, after the game. coming up, turning the tables, a store clerk has a big surprise for a would be robber in new hampshire. going too far, disturbing videos of a student being disciplined by a school resource officer. the busiest shopping day of
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keeping the doors closed on black friday.
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a robber goes after store clerk with his knife.
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it's caught on camera. the masked man barges in to down the block convenience, points a knife at the clerk and demands cash. she pulled out a knife of her own. >> i kind of laughed at him. i grabbed mine. he thought twice. he ran. >> the suspect ran off. didn't take anything. anyone with information is asked to call manchester police. outrageed this noon over the way a south carolina school resource officer handled a student. this cell phone video shows the officer asking the girl to stand up from her deskment when she refuses he tries to pull her from the desk. it falls backwards. the girl is pulled to the front of the classroom and put in handcuffs.
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the student behind the video spoke exclusively to cbs. >> it's supposed to be something that's supposed to protect us. >> classmates say it started when the girl refused to put away her cell phone and leave the room. both the sheriff's office and the school are investigating this. the deputy won't be back in any school in the district until the investigation is over. our eye to education. several new bills are introduced aimed at changing the way massachusetts schools rely on standardized tests. one puts a moratorium on high stakes testing. another would eliminate the graduation requirement of state developed tests like m-cat. third proposal prohibiting schools from denying a diploma because they didn't pass the test. look at this, this is really cool. new video takes us high in the
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michael griffin. capturing the finest. see the trees were changing. weeks ago. the colors are popping. neat to see. >> tough see all the beautiful leaves fall off the trees and go bare. >> we have a lovely color prom the shall be to the blazing colors on the trees, just really gorgeous, many locations, a lot of leaves have come down. hr to come down, a lot of work ahead. raking leaves and acorns the next few weeks. 50 boston. 53 nor wick. its gone up 32 degrees from the morning low.
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boston is at that now 50-degree mark. a dew point at 32. winds light out this. nice afternoon with a bit of high thin clouds starting to show up. in the lower to maybe a few middle 50s, pretty much 52 to 54 should do it for the afternoon most spots in wooster with a breeze starting to pick up from the southeast, and south. not too much wind today. the wind picks up tomorrow afternoon. high pressure off the coast here. that's the reason for the relatively tranquil conditions now. the storm, rem in remanents of what patricia was. linking up with the system, from the midwest, cranking up energy and moisture as well. through the afternoon, watch the time stamp, see the high cloudiness starting to show up. thins out tonight. we will have a chilly night without too much wind. won't be as cold as last night
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tomorrow overcast, could be still a little bit of dim sunshine through the cloud day. no rain for the morning commute or midday, there might be showers by the ends of the afternoon for the afternoon commute. looking at the real rain coming in tomorrow evening, coming down if sheets, at times, really heavy at times lightening up a little bit. showery night coming up, thursday morning, heavy duty showers as well. thursday starts to break up in to sunshine, looks like we have breaks, sending temperatures close to 70 on thursday, the overnight lows tonight mid 40s boston. the suburbs. highs tomorrow should be in the mid to upper 50s. highs on thursday, 70 or better. areas north and west in the lower 70s for thursday. we have rain to deal with, as far as the threat from the upcoming storm, seems like the street flood willing be the main threat when the rain comes
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down hard tomorrow night and low lying locations where the drainage is pouring and places are clogged with leaves. minor coastal splash in the south coast. 25-45 miles per hour winds, low rise of thunderstorms it's not our of the question. impact on the commuting, situation, not much of impact tomorrow morning, more of an impact tomorrow evening and in to thursday morning we could be year. let's look, the temperature, through the next 7 days, mid low to mid 50s this afternoon. upper 50s tomorrow tbs showers start in the afternoon, knee 7 on thursday, should be falling town if to the lower 60s to 0s as we get in to the patriots game thursday night. friday, it looks cold for halloween. there are delicious and hardy addition to any fall
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meal, talking about potatosm the fro gross ser taking a look at one variety that could be the perfect comfort food. taste of the days baby potatos, come out with different names once in a while. these are great. inside they are yellow. like mother nature put butter right in the middle. the mashed potatos are incredible. a little more courser but i love them. storage is very important. lot of times they are sold in nets. you want to make sure the there is no sprouting at all. store them in the refrigerator. don't store them for too long, a week at the most. quickly. baby potatos, i love these, they taste great and great for us.
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big night out. what had the royals hitting the
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wal-mart has applied to faa to test drones for home delivery and curbside pick up. it's been testing the drones inside for months now. now, they wants to test them in and out the real world. black friday might be the busiest shopping day of the year, the doors at outdoor retailer rei will be closed on black friday. they won't open the day after thanksgiving. the company's ceo says, while the rest of the world is fighting it in and out the aisles, we are choosing to opt outside and want you to come with us.
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prince william and his wife were joined by prince harry in london looking very dashing and bond-like, too, with the bow tie. up next, a drink for vampires.
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skipping daily coffee can be scary for some of us. >> starbucks revealed their halloween drink. the vampire inspired frappuccino, frap ula. like dracula. it foes on sale tomorrow. thanks for helping me out. white chocolate sauce, milk, ice, mo ca sauce, whip cream and raspberry syrup. that gives it the red color. i'm not a big raspberry person. >> i'm tempted. i'm tempted.
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